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Tonathan's kindness to David.



2 And David fald unro Ahimelech 12.3. the prl ft,dThe king hath command-drKl. ed me a bufin.fs, and hath faid unto 8. 46. me, Let no man know any thing off Exo. the bufinefs whereabout Ifend thee, 25.3. and what I have commanded thee Lev. and I have appointed my fervants 24. 9. to fuch and fuch a place.


1 Samuel. David obtaineth kallowed bread. Lev. any thing that day: for he thought, Hencame David to a Nob to Abi 41 Kh II.24. befallen he is imelech the prieft: 1.26. and not clean; furely he is not clean.. was bafraid at the meeting of David, b1 Sa 15. 16. 17 And it came to pafs on the mor and faid unto him, Why art thou 16. 4. and 17. tow, which was the fecond day of the c alone, and no man with thee? 19, 21, moneth, that Davids place was empty: Sa and Saul fald unto Jonathan his fon, Wherefore cometh nor the fon of 15, 20, Jeffe tot meat.neither yesterday nor 23. to day? Prov. 18 And Jonathan answered Saul, 30. 20. David earnftly asked leave of me MI Sa, to go to Beth-lehem: 25. 10. 19 And he faid, Let me go, I pray ans thee,tor our family hath x a facrifice 22.9. in the city, and my brother, he hath Heb. commanded me to be there and now bread. If I have found favor in thine eyes, Mat. let me get away, I pray thee, and fee G11. my brethren: Therefore he cometh V.24. not unto the kings table. 1 Sa. 30 Then Saul's anger was kindled 2.12. again Jonathan, and he faid unto Heb. him,f1hou fon of the perverfe rebelfon of lious woman, do not I know that the fer thou haft chofen the fon or Jeffe to ver thine own confufion, and unto the in re confufion of thy mothers nakednefs bruton. 3 For as long as the fon of Jeffe Mat. liveth upon the ground, thou Thalt 10. 37. not be eltablished, nor thy kingdom: Acts wherefore now fend, and fetch him 4. 19. unto me: for he fhall furely die. Ephef. 31 And Jonathan answered Saul his 6.1. facher,& faid unto him, y wherefore Prov. fhall he be flain? what bath he done? 31.9. 33 And Saul caft a javelin at him John to fmite him,whereby Jonathan knew 7.4. that it was determined of his father v. 17. to day David. xv.19. 34 So Jonathan arofe from the table Heb. in herce anger, and did eat no meat Topass the fecond day of the month over he was grieved for David,becaufe his bim father had done him fhame.


Heb. 35And it came to pass in the morn wefels. Ing that Jonathan went out into the field at the time appointed with Heb. David, and a little lad with him. made it 6 And he faid unto his lad, Run great. find out now the arrows which fal. fhoot And as the lad ran, he shot an 84.13-arrow t beyond him. and 37 And when the lad was come to the 42.1. place of the arrow which Jonathan and had fhor, Jonathan cryed after the lad,. 144. and faid, Is not the arrow beyond 3. 20

thee? Rom. 38 And Jonathan cryed after the lad, 5.1. Make fpeed, hafte,ftay not. And Jo Phil. the




Tai. 39Buey lad knew not any thing:only 11. 6. fonathan and David knew the matter. Acts 46 And Jonathan gave his tartillery 4.32. unto his lad, and faid unto him, Go, Hof. carry them to the city. 2. 13. 411 And as foun as the lad was gone, Num. David arofe out of a place toward the 6. 26. fouth, & fell on his face to ground, Luke and bowed himlelf three times and B.11. they kiffed one another,and wept one Or, with another,until David fexceeded. 41 And Jonathan faid to David, Lord Go in a peace, forafmuch as we have de pit-fworn both of us in the name of the wels LORD, faying, The Lord be between of that me and thee, & between my feed and


thy feed for ever. And he arofe & de-He bave parted: and Jonathan went into the Sworn city joi Voltar both of


U bi sam a. 18 19.

3 Now therefore what is under thine 12.4.7. hand? give me five loaves of bread inf Exo. mine hand, or what there is prefent. 19. 15. 4 And the priest antwered David, 1 Cor.. and faid, There is no common bread 7. 5. under mine hand, but there is hal- Lev.7. lowed bread, ifthe young men have 19. kept themfelvs at leaft ffrom women. Acts

And David anfwered the priest,9. 15. and faid unto him, Of a truth, wo-2 Cor. men have been kept from us about 4.7. thefe three days, lince I came out, Thef. and theg vefiels of the young men are 4. 4. holy, and the bread is in ab manner b Lev.. common, yea, though it were fancti- 24.8. Luke hed this day in the veffel. 6 So the priest i gave him hallowed 6.3.4. bread; for there was no bread there, Exo. but the fhew-bread was taken from 35. 30. before the LORD,to put khot bread k Lev. in the day when it was taken away. 2. S. 7(Now a certain man of the fervants /Prov. of Saul was there that m day,detained 29. 12. before the LORD and his name was m Jer. Doeg,ann Edomite, the chiefeft of 7. 9. the herd-men that belonged to Saul.) Ifai. r.

8 And David faid unto Abime- 15. ech, And is there not here under Tit. 1. thine hand fpear or fword? for I have 16. neither brought my fword, nor my Mar. weapons with me becaufe the kings 15. 8. bufinefs required hafte.



01. Sa.

9 And the grieft faid, The fword off2. tit. Goliath the Philiftine, whom thouf Heb. feweft in the o valley of Elah,behold.migh it is here wrapt in a cloth behind the tieft ephod: if thou wilt take that, take among. is for there is no other fave that Pfal. here.And David faid, There is none 52. 1. like that, give it me 1of And David arofe and fled that 17. 50. day for fear of Saul, and went to 1 Ki. q Achith the king of Gath. 19.3. unto him, Is not this David the king 34. tit. 11 And the fervants of Achifh faid Pfal. of the land? did they not fing one Gen. to another of him in dances, faying, 20. 21. 1 Sa. David his ten thousands?


12 And David laid up thefe words and in his heart, and was ? fore afraid of 29.5. Achifh the king of Gath.


13 And he changed his behaviour 2. 19. before them,and feigned himself mad Pfal. in their hands, and fcrabled on the 34-4. doors of the gate, and let his fpittle Prov. fall down upon his beard. 14ThenfaidAchifh unto his fervants, Gen. Lo,you fee man ist mad:wherefore 26.7. then have ye brought him to me? Or,

29. 25.

15 Have I need of mad men, that foolishe ye have brought this fellow co play of the mad man in my prefence? ThalPlayeth this fellow come into mine houfe? the fou ie. Prov. 29. 25. ~

CHAP. XXII. Companies refert unte. David: a He commendeth hir parent to the king a Pfal. of Moab. 6 Saul complaineth of his 34.1.2. fervants unfaithfulness.


and be DA Avid therefore departed thence, 56. 13. anda efcaped to the cave & Adul-b Jom. David obrainesh of Abimelech hal- lam:andwhen his brethren,and all his 12. 15. lowed bread. 8 He taketh Goli- fathers houfe heard it, they went 2 Sam. aths fwords to He feignesh himself down thither to him.

23. 13. And ci Sam. 16

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die. given him bread, and a fward, and 9 And David knew that Saul fe- bath
Prov. haft enquired of God for him, thar xcretly practifed mifchief against him; beard.
29. 15. he thould rife against me, to lie in and he faid to Abiathat the priest, Sa.
Exod. wait, as at this day. en
Bring hither the ephod.
22. 19.
3. 12, 14 Then Ahimelech anfwered the 10 Then faid David,O LORD God Prov.
king and faid, And who is fe faithful o Ifrael; thy fervant hath † certainly 28. 15.
Eth.3.among all chy fervants as David, heard that Saul feeketh to come to Ell.
which is the kings fon in law, and Keilah,to deftroy y dley for my fake. 3. 6.
Mat. 7 goeth at thy bidding, and is ho- 11 Will the men of Kelab deliver Pfalm
2. 16. nourable in thine houfe? PARA
me up into his hand? will Saul come 44. 22,
Zeph. 15 Did I then begin to enquire of down, as thy fervant hath heard John
God for him? be le far from me: let LORD God of Ifrael, I befeech thee 9.22
Ac's any thing unen, fervants And the
12.1,2. his fervant, nor to all the houfe of He will come down.
Sa. my father: for thy fervant knew 1 Then fald David, Will the men v.
230. nothing of all this, lefs or more. of Kellah deliver me and my men Mat
Heb. 16 And the king fald, Thou shalt into the hand of Saul And the 7-7.
run- +furely die, Ahimelech, thou and z Lurd faid, They will deliver thee up. Heb.
wers. all thy fathers houfe
13 Then David and his men, which out
v.13. 17 And the king fald unco foot- were about m fx hundred, arofe and sp
1 Kin. men chat ftood about him, Turn and departed out ofKeilah,and went whi- I Chr.
21 10 day priests of the LORD:4 because therfoever they could go and it was 14. 10%
their hand alfo is with David,and be told Saul that David was efcaped m 1 São
caufe they knew when he fled and did from Keilah:& he forbate to go forth, 22, 2
not fhew it to me.But the fervants of 14And David abode in the wildernets Jo
Exo. de king would not par forth their in trong holds and remained in a 15. 24
hand to fall upon & priefts of Lord. z mountain in wilderness ofo Ziph: Obad


1.17. Aas

18 And the king fald to Doeg,Tura & Saul fought himpery day but a ver. Zo 419. thou and fall upon the priests. And God delivered him not into his hand. Pfal. 15 And 11. L Rom. Doeg the Edomite turned and he 63.5.6ch upon the pricke god few en Joh. 15.55. Pfal. 54.tit.1 Sam. 274. ko.8.zi.Pfal.az. 10% and 32.7.Pro. 21.30


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Companies refoot) Dayik. Chap.xxij. Keilah refened. Mar. And every one thata din diftrefs, that day fourfcore and nve perfons Pfal. 11. 28. and every one that we in debt,and that did wear da linen ephod. 52.1940 Pfal. every one that a difcontented, ga- 19 And Nob the city of the priests, 4 Exo. 72. 12. thered themfelys unto him, & he be finore he with the edge of the fword, 29. 42. Mat. came af captain over them:and there e both men and women, children and 1 Sam. 16. 23. were w him about four hundred men. fucklings, and oxen, and alles, and 2.29. Heb. 3 And David went thence g to Mizpeh fheep, with the edge of the word. Acts 3. 10. of Muab:and b be faid unto y king of 20 And one of the fons of Ahi-4.28. Jud. Moab,1 Let my father & my mother,1 melech the fon of Ahitub, named Sa. 11.1. Pray thee.come forth, and be w you, Abiathar, efcaped &fled after David. 15.9. bisa. tillil know what God will do for me 21 And Ablathar fhewed David that I Sa. 14474 And he brought them before the Saul had dain the LORDS pricts. 2.32, Rut. 2- King of Moab. David Van hold. I knew it that day when Doeg Edo-Kin. they dwelt w him 22 And David faid unto Abiathar, 33.2 and all 4.17. And the prophetk Gad fald unto mice was there, that he would furely 2.32. fGe⚫ David, Abide not in the hold, de- tell Saulsg I have occafioned the death & Pfal. 47.11. part, and get thee into the m land of of all the perfons of thy fathers houfe.44. 22. Exod. Judah. Then David departed, and 23 Abide thou with me, fear noc: Heb.: 20. 12. came into the foreft of Hareth. for he that feeketh my life feeketh by k2 sa. 6When Saul heard that David t thy life but with me thou fals foul. 24. 11, was difcovered,and the men that were be in fafeguard.

ftuesh Keilah.


1 Chr. with him, ( now Saul abode in Gi-CHAP. XXIII. 21.9 beah under a tree in Ramah, having David enquiring of the LORD, 18-1 7Phil his fpear in his hand, and all his 48. Servants were ftanding about him.) hold, die Philiftins fight against 6 22. f Hen a they told David, faying,Be. I Sa. Pal Then Saul faid unto his fervants 73. 25. that flood about him, Hear now, ye Keilah,& they rob threshing-floors. Joh. m Deu. Benjamites,Will fon ofjefleo give Therefore Davide enquired of the 15.41 82. every one of you fields,and vine LORD, faying, Shall I go and fmite 1 Sa. #1 Sa. yards, and make you all captains of thefe Philifting? And the LORD 22.5. 20: 27. dioufands,and captains of hundreds: faid unto David, Go, and fmite the V. 6. Sa. 8 That all of you have confpired a Philiftins, and fave Kellab. Na Jer 8.11 gainft me,and there none that thew And Davids men faid unto him, 10. 23. 21 Sa, eth me my fon hath made aleague Behold, we be afraid here in Judah: Judg. 18.3. with the fon of Jeffe, and there is d how much more then if we come to 1. 1.

Gen, none of you that is forry for me, or Keilahagainftyarmies of Philiftins? Josh. 4.14. fheweth unto me that my fon hath 94 Then David enquired of the 9. 14. Eze. tirred up my fervant against me, to LORD yet again and the LORD Ezra 22.9.lie in wale, as at this day? anfwered him and faid, Arife, go 8.200

1 Sa. Then anfwered r Dorg the Edo- down to Keilah for 1 will deliver 21. 14.3. mite, (which was fet over the fer- the Philifting into thine hand. verf. Pal. vanes of Saul) and fald,I faw the fonso David and his men went to Kel-23 25. 52.2.4. of Jeffe comingco Nob, to Ahimelechi lah,and fought with the Philifting, & Jud. Jer. of and 6. 39. 9.3. 10 And be enquired of f LORD for them with a great flaughter: to David 1 Sam. 13. him and gave him victuals, and gave faved the inhabitants of Keilah.25.6. Rom. him the fword ofGolfachy Philiftine. 6 And it came to pafs when Abia-f1 Sa. 3.15. Then the king fent to call Ahi thar the fon of Ahimelech ƒ fed to 22, 20. v.9. melech the prieft the fon of Ahirub, David to Keilah, that he came down & Exo. Prov. and all his fathers houfe, the priests with ang ephod in his band.e 28. 30. 1959. that were in Nob: and they came all Pfal. of them to the king. 119. 12 And Saul fald, Hear now thou 69. fon of Abicub: and he answered,Here 715. I am, my lord.Y 21.3.

And it was cold Saul that David Num. was come to Keilah: and Saul faid, 27. 21. God hath delivered him into mine b Exo. hand: for he is thut in by entring 15.9. into a town that hath gares and bars, Exo. 8 And Saul called all the people to- 14. 3.. gether to wat, to go down to Keilah, Heb.


13 And Saul faid unto him, Why Heb. have ye confpired against me thou

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Sunt parfesh Dauid.


Davidspauth Saut v. 17. 15 And David faw, thac Sauf vs como hat Davids bears afmote him, becaufe g. 2 Sa Acts out to feek his life and David was he had cut off Sauls skirts severu 240 10. 7:51. in the wilderness of Ziph in a wood, 6 And he faid unto his men. TheLord and and 16 And Jonathan Sauls fon arafes torbid that Ifhowht do this thing un- 129. 5.39 and went to David into the woods co bmy malter the Lords, anointed to Rom. 1 Sa. and r rengded his hand in Goda ftretch forth mine hand against him, 1217 18.3. 17 And he laid unto him, Fear not feeing her the anbinced of the Lord Sam. and for hand of Saul my father shall not 7 So David tayed his fervants with 20.10. 20. 16. find thee,and thou male beking over thefe words and fufferert: them not Mat #v.14, Ifrael, and 1 fhall be next unto dieeto rife against Saul: bur Saul cofe my5.44. 1 Sam. & that alfo Saul my father/knoweth out of the caves and went on bioway Sa 22.7. 18And they two? made a covenant David alio arofe afterward, and 25 33 Pfal. before the Lord and David abode in went one of the cave, and cryed af Pro 54.3.4. wood, & Jonathan went to his houfe. cet Saul, faying My lord the king, 16, 23, 2 Chr. 19 Then came up the x-Ziphites And when Saul looked behind him, and 2.42. co Saul to Gibeah, faying, Doch nor David, Itooped with his face to the 7. 9. Pfal. David hide himself with us in ftrong earth and bowed himself. The Sa 18.2 holds in wood,in hill of Hachi 9And David faid to Saul Whore-229 71 Sa. Lah,which is ony fouth of y lefhimon fore k heated thou mens words fay I Cor. 26. 1: 10 Naw therefore, Oking.come down Ing, Behold, Dawid fecketh thy hurt? 13.4: tHeb. according to all the defire of thy foul to Belrold, this day thine eyes have Prov. and it to come down, and our part hall be teen how that the LORD had deliver-2-23. becoto deliver him into the kings hand, ed thee to day intoiming hand in the Pfal. meth 21 And Saul fald, Bleffed or y of card and fome bad merkin thee, but of KS LORD for ye have 4 companion on minergespaced then anth faid I will prove Rom. me? nor pite forthomine hand again my 10 m pr 131GO,I pray you, prepare yet, and lord for he is the LORDS anointest Mick now & fee his place where hist haunt Moreover, my father's fee year fee 3.1. Bwho hath feen him there for It is theskirt of thy robe in mine hand:forn Mic. cold me that he dealeth very fabilly in that I cut of the share of thy, robe TELY 3. 12. 23 See therefore and take knowledge and killed the mus know diou and a Sai of all the lurking places where he foes & there is neither mevil nor trang !!.. 23.3. hideth himfelfand come ye again to greffionis: mine hand, and Lhase noe v.2. BP me with the certainty and I will go w finned against dreet yet thou hunteft Sam 26. 20 14.5 you:and it fhall come to pafsif he be my foul, to take it. Heb. In the land, that I will fearch him out 11 Theo LORD judge between me & Ge throughout all thousands of Judah, thee,& the Lord avenge me of thee: 10.9 Ifal 4 And they arofe,and wont to Ziph but mine hand that not be gupon thee. Jud. 8.9110. before Saul: but David and his men 13 As faith the proverb of the an Job wre in the wilderness of e Maons in cienos, Wickedme fs procedeth from 5.19.2 the plain on the fouth of Jefhimon, the wicked: but f mine hand hall ot Rom Joh 15 Saul alfo and his men wentet feek be upon thee. 15.551 him; and they cold Davids wherefore d1 Ch. He came down into a rock,and abode 2012 in the wilderness of Maon: and when 2 Cor. Saul heard that he pursued after Daal 15 The Lord therefore be judge 04: T. 1.86 vid in the wilderness of Maon. aat judge between me andothee and e Gen. 16 And Saul went on this fide of xlvésandy pleat my caule and deli 19:18 22 14 the mountain, and David and his ver me our of thine hand. "Pa Deut. men on that fide of the mountain, 16 Andie came to pafs when Das 9. 16. 3236 and David made halte to got away vid had made an end of fpeaking these prov. Revi for feat of Saul; for Saul and his d words unto Saul, thar Saul faids g. 22. 12. 16 men compaffed David and his men this thy voite, my fon David? and Pfal. Luke round about to take them, Saut life up his voice, and wept. 7.16. 4.29% 17 But there caine a mellenger un 17 And he fald to David, Thou art Exod. Deut. to Saal,faying, Hafte thee,and comes more righteous than 1: for thou haft 21. 13. 2364 for Philiftins have invaded land. 6 rewarded me good; whereas thave/Jeb JV 29 28 Wherefore Saul returned from rewarded thee evil Gen. purfuing after David,& went against 14.7 the Philifting; therefore they called 2 Chr. that place Sela-hanimahlekoth 20. 3. 29 And David went up f from menee & dwelt in trong holds at g En-gedi CHA P. XXIV.



11. 27

PAI. 35.1!

12, 19 14. After whom is the king offrachev. come out? after whom do diou pur-6. 10. fue? after a dead dog, after a ffen. Pfal


2 Sa

SS 18 And thou halt fhewed this day how Rom. that thou haft deale well widme: 12. 19. forafmuch as when the LORD Bad Prov delivered me into thine hands, thoug 7. 4 kittedft me not.poem 619 Fordf a man find his enemy, will.8.. he let him go well away! whereforer Sam. the LORD. reward thee good for the 26.-20. thou haft done unto me e thus day. x2 Ch And now that 24 32 chou fall furely be king and that fal the kingdomof Ifrael fhall be efta43.1. blifhed in dine hand. Mic

David cuts of Sauls skirty pater his life 8 He foeweth thereby his innocency was a151. Areturned afrom following Phili 23. 27. Rius, that it was & told him, faying, Ezek Behold, David is in me wilderness 22.9 of e En-gedl



Then Saul rook three thoufand
7. 3. chofen men our of all Tfrael,and went
Isa dro Teek David and his men upon the
23.29. rocks of the wild goats.


21 Swear now therefore unto me 7. g. by the LORD, that thou wilt not cur Prov off my feed after me and that thou 15% 1. wife nor deltroy my name out of 4 1 Sh my fathers honte.MAIN * 20. 271 22 And Davide fwave unto Sauly and & Mat Saul went home bur. David and his 5.44. menaf gat then up unto the hold. AC Prala #149124 dosa 23: 17. € 258. 2116, 9af. Mar. 10. 16 e te denk non


in efale

Pfal. 3And he came to the fleep coats 38. 12. by the way, where was a caves, and Jed. Saul went in codover his feer: and 3.24+David and his then remained in there Gent fides of the caves 42 TO 4 And the men of David fald unto Ah,Behold day of which Lord 28. 16. faid unto thee, Behold, I will deliver Or thine enemy into tlne hand, that tie thou mayeft do ro him as it fhall feem good unto thee. Then David arofe, & cue of skire of Sauls robe privily. And is canty TO PAIN RENOWA


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20 CHAPA XX Vaug
Samuel dietho so. David provoked ** ↓
by Nabats churtigonefs, intendrah
to deftray him. 32 Abigail padia
with Dufvid

Na Samuela diet, and all the free 4 18
Edison weregadared together and: 26.3.

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Nabal's churlifbnefe.

Char Abigail pajfiuh Davidi Gen. lamented him, &e buried him in his but the & cold noe her husband Habal.b Pro. 50. 11. houfe at Ramah And David argfe,& 20 And it was for the rode on the 14, 16 Jeta went down to wilderness of e Paran, afs that the came down by the covert and 22. 18.1 And there was a man in dMaon,whofe of the hill and behold, David and his Prove pollethons were in Carmel, and the men came down against her, and the Job 10.7. man warf very great,& he had three met them 30: 8 Gen. thoufand sheep and a thousand goats 21 (Now David had fald, Surely in Pfal. 14. 6. & he was thearing his theepinCarmel, vain have I kept all ye this fellom 100 32 4 Jof 3 Now the name of the man was in the wilderness, fo that nothing watProvi 15. 5. Nabals, and the name of his wife A-, milled of all that pertained unto him:17. 13. Pfal. bigalle and the was a woman of good & he hadte required me evil for goods Ruth 17 14 undertanding, and of a beautifull 11 So and more alfo do God untor. 17: and countenance but the man was chur- the enemies of David,if1 leave of a Sim 73-3-4-lith, and evil in his doings, and he that pertain to him by the morning21 16 Mar. was of the houfe of Caleb light, any fpiffeth against the way Kle 5.45.. 4 And David, heard in the wil. And when Abigail faw David, 14 10% Gen.dernefs, Nabal did g fhear his fheep. the hated, and lighted off the afs, and and 39 13. 5. And David fent out ten young fell before David on her face and 21. 27. 2 King

men, and David faid unto the young, bewed her felf to the ground, men, Get you up to Carmel, and gỡ 14And g fell at his feet,& fald,Upon 2:3 bInk.ro-Nabal,and greet hiin in my name: me, my lord,upon me let this iniqui Eccl 10. 5. 6 And thus fhall ye fay to him that ty be, and let thine handmaid, I pray 5. 2. 11 Pet-liveth in prosperity, Peace be both to thee fpeak in thine audience, and Jer thes, and peace be to hthine houfe, hear the words of thine handmalda 5.2. kverf and peace be unto all that thou haft. 15. 21.76 And now I have heard that thou gard this map of Belial, even Nabal: 16.5. 25 Let not my lord,I pray thee, te 2 Sam Rom, bait fhearers:now thy fhepherds which for as his name to is het Nabal & Ki 12. 17 were with us, we hurt them not, his name, and folly is with him: bur 167 14.27. Phil neither was there k ought mlfing thine handmaid faw not young men Deur-in Carmel all the unto them, all the while they were of my lord, whom thou didt fend. 15. 18. 12. 12. 8. Ask thy young men,and they will LORD llyeth, and as thy foul liveth is, a 26 Now therefore, my lord the bhat hew thee wherefore let the young feeing the LORD hath withholder fool, 14:26 men find favor in thine eyes: (for we thee from coming to bed blood, and Eltb. come in a good day) give,I pray thee, from avenging thy felf with chine own 1.22. 2:19 whatfoever com.th to thine hand un- hand:now let thine enemies, and they 2 Ki Neh. 8.10. co chyfervants,and to thy fon David. 9 And when Davids young men MEXO came, they fpake to Nabal according to all thofe words in the name of




David, and ceafed

Gen. 4.10.


10 And Nabal anfwered Davids
fervants, and faid, m Who is David
33:7-and who is the fon of Jelle ? there be
Samany fervants now a days that break
Job away every man n from his matter.
11 Shall 1 then take my bread and
27my water, and my felh 1 have kil-
led for my thearers,and 9 give it unto
Gen. men, whom I know not whence they
21, 25.


feek evil to my lord.be A as Nahal. 2.2. thine handmaid hath brought unto 29 And now this blaffing which Heb.. with my lord, let it even be given unto the blood young men that t follow myLORD. 28I pray thee, forgive the trefpals of thine handmaid for the LORD Ver.33. will certainly make my lord m a fure Rom houfe, because my lord fighteth the 13. 19 battels of the LORD, and evil hath v. 25. aut been found in thee all thy days. fal 29 Yet a man is rifen to pursue thee and to feek thy foul but the foul of a se my lord fhall be bound in bundle 83. 13. of life with the LORD thyGod and the 12 So Davids young men turned fouls of thine enemies, them fhall be 9 Gen. 26. 16. their way, and went again, and came, fling out,as out of middle of a fling 33. It 9. Gal and told him all thofe fayings.. 13 And David fald, unco his men, LORD fhall have done to my lord ac 30And le fhall come to pafs when the Heb. Eccl. Gird you on every man his fword. cording to all the good that he hatt 11.1.2. And they girded on every man his spoken concerning thee, and fhall have my Mac. word and David alfo girded on appointed thee ruler over Ifrael Lords feet 7.6. his fword and there went up after 31 That this fhall bet no grief untoJam. David about four hundred mens and dies, nor offence of heart unto my 4. ro Jud. 9.14 two hundred abode by the ftuff lord, either that thou hafbfhed blood Sad caufelefs, or that my lord hath avenged himself but when the LORD fhal sam. 15. 29 have dealt well with my lord, then y. 16. remember thine handmaid.


12 Ki

5. 15.

6. 10.


7-1 Ses!

14 But one of the young men told
23. 10.Abigail Nabals wife. faying, Behold,
and David fent mellengers out of the wil
24. 6, derness to falure our malker : and he
tver railed on them.
If Bur the men were very good un-Blaffed be the LORD God of Ifrael or Sa
32 And Davide fald to Abigail, 18. 17.
7, 11.
to us and we were not hurt, neither which fene thee this day to meet me: 24 17.
6. 16. miffed we any thing as long as we 33 And bleffed be thy advice, and Pfal.
were converfant with them, when we bleffed be thou whaft kept me this day 116.
45. were in the fields.
avenging my-felf w mine own hand. Mat.
from coming to fhed blund, and from 15.
34 For in very deeds as the LORD ro. 30%


16 They were a wall unto us both
by night and day, all the while we
1. 10. 17 Now. therefore know and confider me back from hurting thee, except
Job. were with them keeping the fheep God of Ifrael liveth, which hath kepty same

Deu.what thou v le do for evil is deter thou hadst hafted, and come to meet Jer 13.13.mined against our matter and against me, furely there had not been left 10. 19. Judg all his houthold for he is fach aon of anto Nabal by the morning4ighoany Heb.. 19:22. Belial, that many cannot fpeak to that piffeth against the walk o 31. 13. 18 Then Abigail z made hake and that which he had brought him, and fing Job: him. 35 So David received of her hand tumb M.rook two hundred loaves and two faid unto her, Go up in peace to thine Rom 5.25. bottles of wine, and five fheap ready houfe: fee Flave hearkned to thy 16.216 Pro. drefed,and five measures of parched voice, and have accepeed thy perfon. Cor. 18. 16.corn and an hundred ciufters of 36 And Abigail came to Nabal: 1.-12. raifons and two hundred cakes of and behold, he held a fealt in his Prov 21. 14.5gs andlaid them on after thoufe, Hke the feaft of a kings and 123 Tuke. 19 And the fard unto her fervants, Gov SIG STARS Nabais MT. 8.1. an before me,bekold,Icome after you: 27.4. 2 Sam. 12.13. and 24.13. Pfile 1440 fo

Luke 16. 19. 1 Sam. 13. 23.

123-3% and

Saal purfurth David.

8. 11. Nabals heart was merry with in him,
Rom. for he was very t drunkentherefore
13. 13. the cold him nothing, lefs or more
Eccl. until the morning light.
202 37 But it came to pafs in the morn
Mat. Ing when the wine was gone out of
7.6. Nabal, and his wif had told him
Y.10, these things, & his heart y died with
11, 21,in him, and he became as a ftone.
38 And it came to pafs about ten
Den, days after, that the LORD more
25. 23.Nabal, that he died.

39. And when David heard that 1521. Nabal was dead, he fald, Blefed be Pro.the LORD, that hath pleaded the 24-18.caufe of my reproach from the hand Pal of Nabal, and hath kept his fervant 53. 10.from evil:for the LORD hath retur41 Ki.ned the wickedness of Nabal a upon 8.44 his own head. And David fent and Pfal. communed with Abigail, b to take 4.7. her to him to wife.

1 Samuel.

David's innocency. 9 And David fald to Abifhai, De- 1 Sa ftroy him not for who can stretch 24.7 forth his hand against the LORDS 1 Sa. anointed, and be guiltlefs? 1 25.35. 10 David faid furthermore, As the Pfal LORD liveth, the LORD fhall fmice 94. I. him, orr his day thali come to die,or Job he hall defcend into battel,&perilh.7. 1. II The LORD forbid that I fhouldand ftretch forth mine hand against the 14.5. LORDSanointed:bye Ipray thee,take Pial. thou now the fpear is at his buifter, 37. 18. and the crufe of water, and let us go. Sa.

33 So David took the fpear and the 3 1 6. crufe of water from Sauls bolfter,and Rom. they at them away, and no man faw 12. 19. it, nor knew it, neither awaked; tor Deut. they were all afleep, becaufet a deep 32 35. cep from the LORD was fallen upon l'ial. them, 49. I. 13 Then David went over to the Luke other fide, and ftood on the top of 1S.7. an hill afar off, (a great space being Rev. between them) 13.8.

14 And David cried to the people, Gen.
and to Abner the fon of Ner, faying, 12. 15.
Anfwereft thou not, Abner? Then ant
Abner anfwered and faid, Who a 221
thou that crieft to the king?
Ent. 6.

Jam. 40 And when the fervants of David
1.13. Were come to Abigail to Carmel, they
En.7. fpake unto her,Lying, David fene us
10. unto thee to cak: thee to him to wife,
Pro. 4 And the arofe, and bowed her felt
31. 10.on her face to the earth,and fald, Be-
Rudholder thine handmaid be a fer-
10. vane cto walh the feet of the fervants
Prov. of my lord.
15.33. 4 And Abigail hafted, and arofe,
Heb. and rode upon an afs,with five dam-
at her felt of hers that went after her;and
fret. The went after the meffengers ofDa-
Jof.vid, and became his wife. David alfo cook Ahinoam of
2 S. Jezreel, and they were alfo both of
3:14. them his wives.
35. 44, Bur Saul had given Michal his
fifal. daughter, Davids wife,toe Phale! the
30. 30.fon of Laith, which was off Gallim.chat was at his bolfter.
I Saul cometh to Hachilah againit
Tarvid. 4 David tayeth Abisbai
from killing Saul, but takethis
Spear and crufe. 13. Day dr pre-
Yeth Abner. 17025

16 And David faid to Abner, Art 1.
not thou a valiant man? and who is Or.
like to thee in Ifrael? Wherefore then when
halt thou not kept thy lord the king? there
for there came one of the people in came
to deftroy the king thy lord.
in one

16 This thing is not good that thou of the haft done as the LORD liveth, yepeople. are worthy to die, becaufe ye havet The not kept your mafter the LORDS a-Jon of nointed nd now fee where the death, kings fpear is and the crufe of water, I Sa. 24. 12. 19 And Saul knew Davids voice. Pfal. and faid, Is this thy voice, my fon 35-7 David? And David faid, It is my x2 Sa. voice, my lord, O king.

24. 1.

18 And he faid, Wherefore doth my and lord thus purfue a.ter his fervant 16. 12 for what have I done? or what evilt Heb. is in mine hand? Tmel


Joh. AN Nd the a Ziphites & came unto Saul to Gibeah,faying, Dothot David Isa. hide himfelt in the hill of Hachilah, 19. Now therefore, Ipray thee; letthe 23. 21, which is before Jelhimon? my lord the king hear the words of eatRom. Then e Saul arofe, and went down his fervant: x if the LORD have ftir.offe315 to the wilderness of Ziph haying red thee up againft me, let him fac-ring, Pfal. three thou land chofen men of Ifrael cept an offering:bur if they be chil-or, be 140. 9.with him, dto feek David in the wil dren of men y curfed be they before will disa. dernefs of Ziph. LORD; for they have driven me out/mel. 247 Hachilah, which is before Jefhimon, tance of the LORD, laying, 3 And Saul pitched in the hill of this day from abiding in the inheri- Gen.3. Pfal Go 21. 15.4 by the way: but David abode in the ferve other gods. Gal. Pfal. wilderness,and he faw thar Saul came 20 Now therefore, let not my blood 5. 12. 112. after him into the wilderness.sparkfall to the earth before the face of the Prov. Mat. 4 David therefore fent our e fpies, LORD:for the king of Ifrael is come 6. 19. 10. 16. and understood that Saul was come out to f ek aa flea,as when one doth Heb. 1 Sain very deed. hune a pareridge in the mountains. clea1450. 5 And David arofe, and came to the place where Saul had pitched and 17.5.David beheld place where Saul lay, Abner the fun of Ner, captain of mis his hoft:& Saul lay in the trench,& of the the people pitched round about him. Carri- 6 Then answered David and fald to Ahimelech the Hittit, & to Abifhai age. 1 the fon of m Zerulah,brotherco Joab, 17. 20. faying, Who will go down with me kjob to Saul to the camp? and Abishai 3. 1. fald, I will go down with thee. So David and Abifhai came to 7Gen. 1016, the people by night, and behold, Saul lay fleeping within the trench, ant 15.-20. and his fpear fuck in the ground at Ch. his bolfters but Abner and the people 2. 16. lay him.

21 Then faid Saul,b1have finned: ving. return,my, fon David, for I will e no Pfal. mor do thee harm, becaufe my foul 42.1.2. was precious in thine eyes this days and behold, I have played the fool, and 84.2. have erred exceedingly. Pfal. 23 And David answered and faid,Be- 120. 5. hold the kings fpar, and let one of Rom. the young men come over & fetch it. 14. 15. 23 The LORD drender to every man #1 Sa. his righteoufnefs, and his faithful- 24. 14. nefs:for the LORD delivered thee in-b 1 Sa to my hand to day but I would not 24. 17. ftretch forth mine hand against the e1 Sa. LORDS anointed.


24 And behold,as thy life was much Nelt. fer by this day in mine eyes; fo let 13. 14. my by in the of the LORD and let him deliver me 10. 11. out of all eribulation.


d. Then faid Abifhalto David, God 7. It hath delivered thine enemy into 1 Th. thine hand this day:now therefore ler 5.2.3. me fmice him, Ipray thee, with the Heb. fpear, ven to the earth at once and but up. I will not fmite him the fecond time.

25, Then Saul faid to David, Blef-16. 1. fed be thou, my fon David, thou fhaltand both do great things and alfo ihale7. 8. Ai prevall. So Davide went on hise 1 Sa. way, 27. Lo

2 Sam. 24.4..




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