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I Say went out both of them, he and Num.

Samuel anointech Sant. 23.3

Nu. prophet, was beforetimecalled a Secr.) 12. 6. To Then fald Saul to his fervant, Amos Well Taid, Come, let us go: fo they 7.12. went unto the city where the man of Ifa.29. God was. 10.

29 Jend as they were going down to Judg. the end of the city, Sámuel faid to 3.20. Saul, Bid the fervane país on before Heb. us (and he paffed on) but f ftand thou as this fill a while, that I may the ther day. the word of God. f Heb. caufe thee to heare. CHAP. X. Saul anointed and confirmed by prediction of three fings. Hi heart is changed, and he prophefesh. TY He is chofen at Mixpeb by for.

II And as they went up the hill and to the city,they found young maldens 30. 10.going out to draw water, and faid Job unto them Is the Seer here? 31. 13. 13 And they answered them, and Ecol. fald, He is behold, he is before you; 4.9/10. make hafte now for he came to day co the city; for there is a Tactifice of Yeaft the people to day in the high place. 1 Sam. 13 Artoon as ye be come into the slcy, ye fhall ftraightway find him, beGen. fare he go up to the high place to 3. $4 eat: for the people will not eat until Ki. he come, becaufe he doth blefs fa- to day, then thou fhalt find two men i Kin. crince, and afterwards they eat that by Rachels fepulchre in the border of 19. 19. Deu. be bidden. Now therefore get you up, Benjamin, at Zelzah and they will Pfal. 8. 10. for about this time ye thall find him. fay unto thee. The affes which thou 2. 12.

Hea Samuel took 4 a vial of oyl, a 1 Sa, and poured ir apon his head,and 16. 13. killed him and fald, Is it not because 2 Kin the LORD hath canointed thee to be 9. 1.3. captain over his dinheritance? Gen.


When thou art departed from me 41. 40.

14 And they went up into the city: wenceft to feek are found and lo thy CIKI. and when they were come into the father hath left the care of the affes, 3.2. ciry,behold, Samuel came out againft and forroweth for you, faying, What Exo. them, for to go up to the high place. thall do for my fon? 19.5. SR. 15 Now the LORD had cold 3 Then halt thou go on forward Gen. 1. Samuel in his ear a day before Saul from thence, and thou fhalt come to 35. 19. Came, faying. the plain of Tabor, and there fhall Lev meet thee three men going up to God 23. 13. to Beth-el, one carrying three kids,8.10. and another carrying three loaves of 1 Sam. bread, and another carrying a bottle 13.23. of wine Heb. 4 And they will falute thee,and give a co thee two loaves of bread, which thou of thale receive of their hands.

16 To morrow about this time I will fend thee a man out of the land of Benjamin, and thou shalt andine him to be captain over my people Ifrael, Tesa. that he may fave my people t out of a. 12. the hand of the Philiftins: for I have looked upon my people,becaufe 11 Sa. their ory is come anto me. String 16.8, 17 Aud when Samuel faw Saul, the 5 After that, thou fhalt come to the V. 10. 12. LORD & Taid unto him, Behold the hill of God, where is the garlfon of 1 Cor. Heb. man whom I pake to thee of this the Philiftins and ir thall come to 1. 10.1 keep fame that reign over my people. Pais when thou art come thither to b1 Co. back 18 Then Saul drew near to Samuel the city,that thou fhale meet † a com- 14.1. orgives in the gate, and fald, Tell me, I pray pany of prophets coming down from The. fram, thee, where the Seers houfe ir.. the high place, with a pfaltery, and a 20. Rom. 19 And Samuel answered Saul, and cabret, and a pipe, and a harp be. Heb. fald i I am the before me them, and they hall & will Neh. unto the high place for ye thall eat6 And the fphric of the † LORD win break 14. 19, with me to day and to morrow I come, upon thee. and thou bált pen will fee thee go, and will rell thee all prophefie with them, and halt be thee. 7 Sa, that is in thine heart. I turned into another man. Acts 8,11) To And as for thine alles that were And let it be when thefe figns are 2. 2. loft three days ago, fet not dry mind come unto thee,that thou do mas oc-ku. on them, for they are found: and cafion fhall ferve thee, for God is 1. 25. on whom is all the defire of Ifraelis x with thee. Mat. it not on thee, and on all thy fathers 8 And thou fhalt go down before 7. 22. Jud. houfe? me to o Gilgal,and behold,I will come 7.10. 20. 46. 49.

16.7. V. 2.

21 And Saul answered, and faid, down unto thee, to offer burnt-offer- 1 Sam. Am not I a Boajamite, of they Imal- Ings, and to facrifice facrifices of 11. 6. Just left of the tribes of Ifrael? and my peace-offerings: q feven days halt Ju 6. 15. family the leaft of all the families of thou carry till I come to thee, and 5.33. a Gen. the tribe of Benjamin wherefore fhew thee what thou fhalt do. n Gen. And it was fo,that when he hall 27, 28,

43.34, then fpeakeft thou fo to me!

bisa. 7.5.

11 And Samuel took Saul, and his turned his back to go from Samuel, oy.1.7. fervant, and brought them into the God gave him another heart: and all 1 Sam. Lev. parlour, and made them a fic in the thofe figns came to pars that day. Ir. 14. 7.32 chiefeft place among them that were To And when they came thither top 1 Sa. 23. bidden, were about thirty perfons. the hill, behold a company of11. 15. 21 Sa. 23 And Samuel faid unto the cook, prophets met him, and the fpirit ofand 30.1. Bring the portion & 1 gave thee, God came upon him, and he prophe- 13.9. of I faid unto thee, Set it by thee. fred among them. 91 Sa




24 And the cook took up the 11 And it came to pafs when all thatis.8. fhoulder, and which was upon ft, knew him before time, faw, that be-ri Sa 10.9. and fet it before Saul and Samael hold, he prophefied among the pro-19. 23. Deu, faid, Behold, that which is left, fer phets, then the people fald one to viso 29. Ir before thee, and eat for unto this another, What to this that is comet Mate 2 Sam. cime hath it been kept for thee, fince unto the fon of Kith Is Saul alfo 13, 55. 1.2. I fald, have invited the people: fo among the prophets? Arts Mar. Saul did eat with Samuel that day 12. And one of the Tame place 4.136% And when they were come antwerdierefore it became a proverb.7.154 10. 27. theirjohn Mark down from die high place into the father? 24. city, Samuri d communed with Saul I Sani alfo among the prophets #Pfal. upon the top of the houfe. 13 And when he had made an end of8.2.0 16 And they arofe early, and it came prophecying,he came to high place. Acts to pafs about the fpring of the day 16. that Samuel called Saul to the top of the house, Taying, Up, that I may 5 23. fend thee away. And Saul arofe, and

Acts 10: 9.


14 And Sauls, uncle fald unro1o. 34 him, and to his fervant, Whither went Jame ye? And he fald, To feck the affes 1.17. and Acts 4. 13. John 3. 3..

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12. and

he fpake, Come, and les us go to the

Sun!'s heart i changed

Chap. maxli. He delivresh Fabel-gitead.
weep and they told him the cklings of Judas
the men of Jabeth,
6 And the g fpirit of God came upon i sams
Sauly when he heard thofe eidings,& 10. 10
hish anger was kindled greatly. bva 240


I Sa. and when we faw that they were no 2.27. where, we came to 9amuel: Prov. 15 And Sauls uncle faid, Tell me, I 29. 11. pray thee,what Samuel fai lungo you. Exod. 16 And Saul faid unto his uncle, 419 He told us plainly the affes were 1 Sa. for nd. But of the matter of the king 8. 22. dom, whereof Samuel fpake, he told Judg. x him not. 11. II. 17 And Samuel called the people ani togethery unto Lord tog Mizgeh; 20% 1.18 And faid unto the children of 21 Sa. Ifrael, Thus faith the LORD God of 11. 15. Ifrael, a I brought up Ifrael out of and Egypt, and delivered you out of the 7.6. band of the Egyptians, and out of Jud. the hand of all kingdoms, and of them that opprefèd you.

And he took a yoke of oxens and Num hewed them in pieces andiene them as Zo throughout all the coafts of Ifrael, by Eaeda the hands of mellengers, faying, 32, 10 Whoever cometh noe forth after Jud Saul and after Samuel, A to hall it be 19. 29. done unto his comentand the fear of Jud. the LORD fell on the people and 21.8. they came out with one confent. Hube

And when he numbred them in as one! Berek, the children of Israel were mans three hundred thousand, and themen Judg of Judah thirty thousand, 15



And they faid unto the meffen. gars that came, Thus fhall ye fay, un to the men of labefh-gilead, To mor row by that time the fun be hot, ye fhall have help. And the mellengers came and fhewed it to the men of Jabeft, and they were glad

19. And ye have this day rejected 68. your God, who himself faved you 61 Sa out of all your adverfties and your S6.7. tribulations and ye have c faid unto Sahim, Nay, but fer a king over us. 8.19. Now therefore prefent your felys be 4 Joffi. fore the LORD by your tribes, and 7. 16. by your thousands. -to Therefore the men offabeth faid, Mic. Samuel had caufed To morrow we will come out unto mv. 2 5. 2. all the tribes of Ifraelf to come near, you, and ye shall do wichins all that Num. the tribe of Benjamin g was taken. feemeth good unto you. 1946. 17 10% 36 21 When he had caufed the tribe of 11 And it was fo on the morrow, Gen. Benjamin to come near by their fa- that Subput people in threet com 22. 14 milies, the family of Macri wastaken, panies,and they came into the midft Heb. Alts and Saul the fun of With was taken; of the hoft in the morning watch beads and when they fought him, he could and flew the Ammonites, until the Judg b not be tound. heacof the day: and it came to party


Joi 7.14.


1.26. Josh.


14 to

16. 22 Therefore they i enquired of the that they which remained were feat Pfak bv.23. LORD further, if the man fhould gored, fo that p two of them were not 101. Jud. yet come thither and the LORD left together. Excd. answered,Bebold, he hath A hid him-12 Andre people faid unto Sa- 14. 241 Sa. felf among the ftuff. amuel, Who is he thatfaid, Shall Saul Joh. 9.21. 23 And they ran and fetched him gereign overus?bring the men,that we 8.9. and thence: and when he ftood among the may put them to death gopajam 15. 17. people,he was higher than any of the 13 And Saul fald, There fhall not 2. 13. Luke people from the fhoulders & upward, a man be put to death this day: for Exod. 14. 11. 24 And Samuel faid to all the peo to day the LORD hath wrought fal 14. 10. 11 sa ple, See ye him m whom the LORD. vation in Ifrael, alasa

91 98€


hath chofen, that there is none like 14 Then faid Samuel to the peo- 10, 27. m-1 Ki. him among all the people? And all ple,Come & let us go to Gilgal,and Luk 13. 11. the people fhouted, and faid, God renew the kingdom there. 19. 27 Deu, fave the king, AFET 15 And all the people went to Gil-r2 Sa gals and there they made Sault king 19. 22. before the LORD in Gilgaliand there/Hof they facrificed facrifices of peace-offer- 4. 15. ings before the LORD and there rsa. Sail and all the men of Ifrael rejoy- 14. 18 ced greatly HAR XII.

17. 18. 25 Then Samuel told the people the
Ezek. manner of the kingdom, and wrote it
45.9. in a book,and laid it up before the
Jud. LORD and Samuel fent all the peo-
20. 12, ple away, every man to his houfe.
Deu. 26 And Saul alfo went home to
13. 13. Gibeah,& there went w him a band of
Chi men, whofe hearts God had touched.
17.5. 27 But the children of 7 Belial faid,
Mat. How fhall this man fave us? and they
2.11. defpifed him, and brought himi g no
ri Ki, prefents: but he held his peace.


Samyelinsegrity. 6 Hereprometh the
peopleof ingratitude 10 He terrifiesh
them with thunder. 20 He come an sa
forteth them in Gods mercy

11. 15 Nd Samuel faid unto all Ifrael bir Sas your 8.20.

1 Nahab his condition to them of voice in all thar ye faid unto me, Num Jabefb-Gilead:4 Saut delivers them, and have made a a king over you, 27. 16. Jud. Hen the 4 6 c2 Les 31. up, and encamped against Jabefh- eth before you: and I am cold, and 1. 14. * Jud. gilead and all the men of b Jabeth gray-headed, and behold my fons are da le 21. 10. faid unto Nahath, c Make a covenant wit you:& I have walked before you 4.6. c Deut. with us, and we will ferve thee. from my child-hood unto this day. ev. f. 23.3. a And Nahath the Ammonite an- 3 Behold,d here I am, witness againte Sam and fwered them, On this condition will I me before the LORD, & before his 24.7. 20.1.3. make a covenant with you,that I may anointed: whofe fox have I taken? Rev. Dan. thruit out all your drighe eyes, and or whofe als have I taken? or whom 14.5. 3.6. lay it for a reproach e upon all Ifracl, have I defrauded? whom have 1 opsy Acts Rev. And the elders of Jabe laid unto pralled or or whole hand have 1 re 20. 33. 13. 17. him, Give us feven days refpice, that ceived any-g bribe to blind mine Th Prov. we may fend meffengers unto all the eyes therewith 8th will restore tryou, 2. 10. 12. 10. coafts of Ifrael: and then it there be 4And they fails, i Thomhaft not dee Bit. no man to fave us we will come out frauded us, not oppreffed us, neither 16. 15. 3.6. to haft thou taken ought of any mans i&cts Sa 4 Then came the mellengers to hand. 2230134 22. 12 . 20. and


f Gibeah of Sauly and told the ridings And he fald unto them, The Dan. in the ears of the people: and all the LORD is witness against you, and 6.4. 10. 26. people lift up their voicess and wept. his anointed is witness this day, ye kaas. cnd And behold, Saul came after the have not found kought in me land. 24. 16, 12. 12. herd out of the field and Saul faid, And they answered, He is winefr TEXO. Judg. What ailash the people diar they 6¶ And Samuel faid unto the peo-4-198 11. 13. Play it is the LORD tharadvancock a

1. Sain. 3r Tv ]


The Iradiers ingratitude.

Ifa. Mofes and Aaron and that brought 1. 13. your fathers up out of the land of M.ch. Egypt.

646 San' facri ferah. 24 Only fear the LORD and ferve him in truth with all your heart: for confider how great things he hath Ezra done for you. 9.13. 25 But if ye fhall fill do wicked- Job ly,ye fhall be confumed,both ye and 34. 19. your king. CHAP. XIII. Sauls felected band. The Phili fines heft. S Saul facrificeth, 11 Sa muel reproveth him. Ault reigned one year, & when tЯ b. he had a over The Ifrael, ofine a Saul chofe him b three thoufandye.r men of Ifrael whereef two thou- bis fand were with Saul in Michmath,and reign in mount Beth-el,and a thousand ing. were with Jonathan in Gibeah of Ben- 1 Sa. Jamin: and the reft of the people he 10, 24. fent every man to his tent. and


3 And]nathan fmote d the garlíon of 11. 15. the Philiftins that was in e Geba, and 4 v. 2. the Philiftins heard of irt and Saul 1 Sam. blew the trumpet throughout all the 15. 26. lan, faying, Let the Hebrews hear.bi Sa. 4 And all Ifrael heard fay,f that Saul 23. 23. had imitcen a garifon of the Phili- cjud. ftins, and that Israel alfo was had in 1. 12. abomination with the Philiftins, and 1 Sa. the people were called together after 7. 13. Saul to Gilgal.

Vince Sa.

And the Philiftins gathered them. 10. 5. felvs together, to fight with Ifrael,fv. 2. ; thirty thousand chariots, and fix thou- Gen. fand horimen, and people as the 22 17. fand which is on fgfea fhore in mule b Joh. titude: and they came up, and pitch- 18. 12. ed in Michmash, caft-ward from Exo. b Beth-aven.

6.3.4 7. Now therefore ftand ftill, that i Ger may reafon with you before the 46. 5. LORD, or all the righteous acts of Exo, the LORD,which he did to you and 1. 8. to your rathers. and 8 When a Jacob was come into E1 13. 14. gypt, and your fathers o, cried unto Exo. LORD, then the LORD fent? Mo es 4. 16.1 and Aaron, which brought forth your out of made 32. 15. dwell in this place. Pral. And when they 9 forgat the LORD 10.4. their God he fuld them into the Jud. hand or fSifera, captain of the hoft 3. 14. O. Hazor, and Into the hand of the Jud. Philiftins, and into the hand of the 4. I. king of Moab, and they fought a Jud. gainst them. 13.10 To And they cried unto the LORD, Jud. and faid, We have finned,becaufe we 8.12. bave forfaken the LORD, and have sa. ferved x Baalim & Afhtaroth:but now 3.4. deliver us out of the hand ofour enemies, and we will ferve thee. of Jud. 11 And the LORD fenty Jerubbaal, 6.32. and Bedan, and Jephthah, and SaSa. muel, and delivered you out of the 5. S. hand of your enemies on every fide, Nu. and ye dwelled fafe. 23. 21. 12 And when ye faw that Nah.fh Hor. the king of the children of Ammon 30. 13. came against you,ye faid unto me, 1 Sa. Nay, but a king fhall reign over 10. 10. us when the LORD your God a was Hof your king. 13.11. 13 Now therefore, behold the ing Matt. whom 6 ye have chofen, and whom 9. S. Ye have defired: and behold, the Joh. LORD hath fet a king over you. 24. 14. 14 If ye will fear the LORD,and Pfal. ferve him, and obey his voice, and 81. 11, not rebel against the commandment 12. of the LORD,then fhall both ye, and Lev. alfo the king that reigneth over you, 26. 15, continue following $ Lord your God, 16. 15 But if ye will not obey the voice Tv. 19. of the LORD, but rebel against the 1 Cor. commandment of the LORD, then X. 22. fhall the hand of the LORD be against 8 And he carried feven days ac- 15. 22 Pro. you, as it was against your fathers. cording to the fet time that Samuel Prov. 26. 1. 16 Now therefore ftand and fee had appointed: but Samuel came not 3.5.6. bJam, f this great thing which the LORD to Gil, and the people were feat- Deut 5.17. 18. 19 Is it not gwheat-harveft to day? 9 And Saul faid, Bring hither am ver Jer. will b call unto the LORD, and he burnt offering to me,and peace-offer-14, 18. 15. 1. fhall fend thunder and rain that ye ings.And mhe offeredy burntoffering. 1 Sam. 11 Sa. may perceive and fee that your wick-To And it came to pafs,that affoon 14. 18. 8. 7. ednets is great,which ye have done as he had made an end of offering the John Ezra in the fight of the LORD, in asking burnt-offering, behold,Samuel came, 4.1.3. 10.9. you a king. and Saul went out to meet him, that Pfal. Exo. 18 So Samuel called unto me he might falute him. 37.7. 14. 21. LORD,and the LORD fent thunder 1 And Samuel faid,What haft Prov. Jer. and rain that day: and all the people thou done? And Saud fald. Becaufe 20. 22. 3.3. greatly feared LORD andSamuel. I faw that the people were fcattered o Jer. Exod. 19. And all the people fald unco Sa- from me, and that thou cameft not 9.3. 34. G. muel, Pray for thy fervants unto the Den. LORD thy God, that we die not: for 6.5. we have added unto all our fins, the Co. evil, to ask us a king. 8.4. 20 And Samuel fald unto the Jer. people, Fear not: (ye have done all 10.8. this wickedness, yet turn not afide Hab. from following the LORD, but ferve 2. 18. the LORD with all your heart: 7 Ezc. 21, And turn ye not afide, for then 20. 9. bould ye go after vain things, which Deus cannot profit, nor deliver, for they 7.7. S. vain) 11 For the LORD will not forfake 21.26. his people for his great Names Mal. fake: because it hath q pleafed the 3.2. LORD to make you his people.

14.1,2 6 When the men of Ifrael faw that H. b. they were in ai ftraitsffor the people trem were diftreffed) then the people did bled hide themfelys in caves,and in thic-after kets,& in rocks, and in high places, him. and in pics ki Sa. And fome of the Hebrews went 10. S. over Jordán to the land of Gad and .11. Gilead: as for Saul, he was yet in Ifai. Gilgal, and all the people † followed 29. 16. him trembling. I Sam.

12. G

will do before your eyes. vetered from him.

within the days appointed,and that 2 Kin. the Philiftins gathered themfelvs to-5.25. gether to Michmath:

PIKI. 12 Theretorep faid I, The Philiftins 12. 26. will come down now upon me ro Gil. 9 Jam, gal, and I have not made fupplica- 1. 14felf therefore, and offered a burnt- 12.7. tion unto the LORD: 91 forced my 2 Sa. offering. Mat. halt done foolishly: thou haft not 1 Kin. 13 And Samuel fald to Saul, Thou 14.4.kept the commandment of the LORD 1. 18. thy God, which he commanded thee: .9. blifhed thy kingdom upon Ifrael 19.3. for now would the LORD have efta- Prov.

155 15

for ever.

J.Cor. 14 But now thy kingdom fhall not 10. 22. him a man after his own heart, and 4, 6. continue: the LORD hath fought Deut. the LORD hath commanded him to Exod.

Cor. 23 Moreover, as for me.God tore 9. 16. bid that I should run againft & Lord, Ecel. in ceafing to pray for you: but I win 12 10.teach you the good & the right way.


be 1. 10.


#1 Sa:n. 16. 6. Pfal.78.70, and 4- 3.

1 Samuel,

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Bonathan's confidence.

be captain over his people, because thou haft not kept thas which the LORD commanded thee. These 15 And Samuel arofe, and gat him up from Gilgal, unto Gibeah or Benjamin: and Saul numbred the people 2. that were pretent with him, s about fix hundred men.

Chap. xlv.

He fimireth the Philining. will difcover our feles unto them. Gen. 9 Alf they fay thus unto us, Tarry24. 14. until we come to you, then we will Judg ftand still in our place, and will not 6, 37 go up unto them. and

To But if they fay thus, Come up7. 11 unto us; then we will go up: for the? Gen. LORD hath delivered them into our24. 14 hand; & this fall be a figa unto us. m Job 11 And both of them difcovered3.. themfelvs unto the garifon of then 1 Sa. Philiftins and the Philiitins faid 27. 43. Behold, Hebrews come forth our of Judg. holes,where they had hid themfelvs. 16. 12And the men of the garifon an- Heb. fvered Jonathan and his armour-11. 34 bearer, and faid, Come up to us, andPfal.

we with fhew you a thing.And Jona-18. 29. than fald unto his armour-beater Sa. Come up after me,for the Lord hath 13. 22 delivered them into hand of Ifrael.nd 13And Jonathan climbed up upon 17. 51. his hands, and upon his feet, and Heb. his armour-bearer after him; and they within fell before Jonathan and his armour-about bearer p flew after him. ball

14 And that firft flaughter which an atte Jonathan and his armour-bearerbeing made,was about twenty men,twithin a yok as it were an half acre of land, which of oxeni a yoke of oxen might plough. of lands 15 And there was trembling in the Pfal. hoft in the field, and among all the 48.5. people: the garifen, and the spoil-Joth ers they alfo trembled,&yearth quak-2. 9. ed:fo it was a very great trembling.Job

16 And the watchmen of Saul in 18. 11. Gibeah of Benjamin looked; andJudg. behold, the multitude melted away,7.22 and they went on beating down on 2 Kiš.. another. 7.375 17 Then faid Saul unto the peo-Heb. ple that were with him, Number now, a treme and fee who is gone from us. And bling when they had numbred, behold, Jo-of God nathan and his armour-bearer were Dan, not there. -5.6. 18And Saul faid unto Ahiah Bring 2 Sam hither the ark of God: (for the ark off. 24. God was at that time with the chil-Lev. dren of Ifrael)

19 And it came to pafs while Saul 37.

16And Saul and Jonathan his fon, and the people that were prefent with dem, abode in Gibeah of Benjamin. But the Philiftins encamped in Michinath.

17 And the foollers came out of Josh. the camp of the Philiftins, in three 18. 23. companies: one company turned un71 Sa. to the way that leadeth co x Ophrah, 9.4 unro the land of y Shual. x Jos. 18 And another company turned 16.3. the way to z Beth-horon: & another and company turned to the way of the 13. 13. berder,that looketh to the valley of 4 Neh. Zeboim toward the wilderness. 17.34 19 Now there was no fmith baki.found throughout all the land of If 24. 14.rael:(for the Philiftins faid,c Left the Jer. Hebrews make them fwords of fpears.) 24. 1. But all the Ifraelites went down Judg. to the Philiftins, to fharpen every *. S. man his fhare & his coulter, and his Zech. ax, and his marrock. 4.6. 21 Yet they had a file for the matSam. cocks, and for the coulters and for 17. 15. the forks, and for the axes, and to Judg. fharpen the goads. 15. 15. 22 So it came to pafs in the day Lud. of bartel, there was neither dfword nor fpear found in the hand of any Sam, of the people that were with Saul and 17. 47. Jonathan : but with Saul and with Jo 1 Cor. nathan his fon was there found. 1. 27. 23 And the parison of thePhilistins 4.7.9. went out to the paffage of Michmath, CHAP. XIV, 2 Ionathan miseth the Philistines gaTifon: 36 Jonathan taken by lor, faved by the people. 47 Sauls ftrength and family. NO Tow it came to pafs upon a day, that Jonathan the fon of Saul faid unto the young man that bare his #1 Sa. armour, 4Come, & let us go over to that on

Philiftins I. I. and Saul Exod. Withdraw 28. 30.

the Pfal. other fide but he b told nor his father, that was in the hoft of the 112, 5. 2 And Saul tarried in the uttermoft went on, and increafed Gen. part of Gibeah under pom. faid unto the priest, 22.3. granate-tree which u in c Migron: thine hand. Th. and the people that were with him 1.19. were about fix hundred men: Judg. 3. And d Ahiah the fon of Ahitub, 13. 25. Ichabods brother, the fon of Phinecifai has, the fon of Eli,the LORDS prieft 10. 28. In Shiloh, wearing an ephod: and . 11. the people knew nor that Jonathan I Sam, was gone. 22.9.

Num. 20 And Saul and all the people that 27. 21. were with him, aflembled themfelvs Joth and they came to the battel: behold 9. 14. every mans fword was against his Sa fellow, and there was a very great13. II. difcomfitute.

V. 24.


4 And between the paffages by dt Sa.which Jonathan fought to go over unto the Philiftins garifon,there was e1 Sa. a fharp rock on the one fide, and ta 4.21. fharp rock on the other fide: and the Exo.name of the one was Bozez, and the 26. 30. name of the other Seneb.

Heb. 5 The forefront of the one was tooth fituate northward over against Michof a mah and the other fouthward over Fock against Gibeah.

21 Moreover, the Hebrews that Judg. were with the Philiftins before that7. 22. time; which went up with them into Chre the camp from the country round 20. 23. about even they alfo tarned to be Sa with the Ifraelites that were with 5. 6. Saul and Jonathan. Pfal. 22 Likewife all the men of Ifrael4 2. which had hid themfelvs in mount Hof. Ephraim, when they heard that the 1.7. Philiftins fed, even they alfo follow. SR. ed hard after them in the battel. 13-15. 23 So the LORD x faved Ifrael that 2 Sa. g1 Sa. 6 And Jonathan faid to the young day; and the y bartel paffed over unto21-2 17.36. man that bare his armor, Come, and Beth-aven. Gal. Ephef. let us go over unto the garifon of 24 And the men of lfrael wer 4. 18. 212. thefe gancircumcifed,bit may be that diftreffed that day for Saul had g ad-Prov. Jud. the LORD will work for us for there jured the people,faying, Curfed be the 11. 9. 7.7. no reftraine to the LORD, to fave man that eateth any food until even-Judg. Joth. by many i or by few. ing,that I may be a avenged on mine 11. 30. 14. 12. And his armour-bearer fald un enemies:fo none of the people taft-Verf 2 Chr. eo him, Do all that is in thine heart ed any food. 39,40 14. 11.turn thee, behold, I am with thee 25 And all they of the land came Heb Dear. according to thy heart, 32. 30. 8 Then fald Jonathan, Behold, we Pfal. will pals over unto the fe men,and we 6. 11. a Rom. 10. 2. mid 3. 8.br.29. 115. 3.Mac.49. 26.





Jonathan tafleth honey.

Exo.to a wood, and there was e honey 2-8 upon the ground.#9 Num. 16 And when the people were come 13. 27. Into the wood, behold, the honey Or dropped but no man put his hand to wood his mouth:for people feared oath. Boney 27 Bus Jonathan heard not when Mitt. his father charged the people with the 3.4 oach wherefore he put forth the 41 Sa, end of the rod that was in his hand, 30 13, and dipt it in an hobey-comb, and Heb put his hand to his mouth, and his adjur- d eyes were enlighrned. Angad-18 Then anfwered one of the people, and fald, Thy father + traiely 1ch charged the people with an oath,fay. but ing, Curfed be the man that eateth any food this day. Andy people were faint. that 29 Then fald Jonathan, My father defeat hath troubled the land: fee, I pray of the you, how mine eyes have been enPhill fighened, becaufe I tafted a little of fins this honey:

not 30 How much more, if haply the great people had eaten freely to day of Joh. the poll of their enemies which they 19. 42. found for had there not been now, a Chr.a much greater laughter among the 11. 10. Philiftins?

1 'Samuel.

Me to refined's than told him,and faid,I didbur tafte a little honey with the end of the rod was in mine hand,and lo,I'muft die. 44 And Saul anfwered, o God do fo, o Ru and more alfo for thou shalt furely 1. 17. P die, Jonathan.


45 And the people faid unto Saul, 38. 24 Shall Jonathan die,who hath wrought 2 Sam this great falvation in Ifrael God 12.5. forbids the LORD liveth,there fhall 1 Sam. not q one hair of his head fall to the 15. S. grounds for he bath wrought with 2 Sa. Go this day. So the people refcued 14. 11. Jonathan, that he died not. Mat. 46 Then Saul went up from follow- 10. 30. Ing the Philiftinse and the Philiftins Lauke went to their own place. 21. 19. 47 So Saul took the kingdom 2 Co over Ifrael,and fought against all his 614 enemies on every fide, against Moab, Rev. and against the children of Ammon, 17, 14%. and again Edom and against the and kings of t Zobah,and againit the Phi- 19. 14 liftins and whitherfoever he rurned 1. himfelf, he a vexed them 13.3.

48 And he gathered an hoft, and 1 Sa, fmote the x Amalekices, and deliver-13.1.1 ed Ifrael out of the hands of them Dan. To fac that spoiled them. $7.27. 49 Now the fons of Saul were Jo-Sa nachan, and y Ifhui, and Melchifhua: 10. fa and the names of his two daughters 2 Ki. were thefe; the name of the firft-born 14, 274 Merab, and the name of the young-x1 Sa er Michal: 15-7 50 And the name of Sauls wife yi sa. was Ahinoam, the daughter of Ahi- 31.2 maaz, and the name of the captain Chr. of his hoft was Abner the fon of Ner, 8. 33. Sauls uncles



51 And Kifh was the father of Saul,and Ner the father of Abner was the fon of Abiel. 52 And there was fore war againftHeb. the Philiftins all the days of Saul : of and when Saul faw any trong man, al or any valiant man, he took him unto him.

Lev. 31 And they fmote the Philiffims 317. that day from Michmah to Aijalon: and the people were very faint. 17. 10. 31 And the people flew upon the Lev. fpoil, and took theep, and oxen 7.27. and calves and flew them on the ground and the people e did eat them 29.26.with the fblood. Deat. 33 Then they told Saul, faying, 12. 16. Behold, the people fin against the 24, Lord in that they eat with the blood. Rom. And he fald Ye have & tranfgreffed: E 2.1. roll a great ftone unto me this day. Mat. 34 And Saul fald, Difperfe your felvs 75. among the people, and fay unto bv.34, them,Bring me hither every man his 35. ox and every man his theep, and Gen. Day them here, and eat and fin nor Br20. againft the LORD in eating with the, Josh blood. And all the people brought 2210. every man his ox with him that night, Sam. and flew them there. 7. 12,

35 And Saul buile an altar unco Heb. the LORD:t the fame was the firit al


târ that he built unto the LORD. 36 And Saul fald, Let us go bebe down after the Philiftins by night, Can 20. & ipoll them until the morning light, ld and let us not leave a man of them. Num, And they fald. Do whatfoever feemeth 21.21. good unto thee. Then faid the priest, Eccl. Let us draw near hither uncoGod. 37 And Saul asked counfel ofGod, Jud, Shall I go down after the Philiftins 3. I wilt thou deliver them into the hand, m4, of Ifrael But he manfwered him nor that day.

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Saul fent to deftroy Amalek. & Saut
Paresh Agag. 32 Samuel killeth


SLORD a fent me to anoint thee to 9: 16
Amuel alfo faid
Thea I
be king over his people, over Ifrael: Sa.
now therefore b hearken thou unco 13.13
the voice of the words of the LORD. Neh

Thus faith the LORD of hofts;.6.11.
I remember that Amalek did toe Gen.
Ifrael, how he e laid wait for him in 49. 26.
way when he came up from Egypt Rev.
3 Now go and fmite Amalek,and 18:5.
utterly deftroy all they have, and Exo
fpare them not,but flay both man and 17,8,
woman,infant and fuckling g ox and Rev.
fheep,camel and afs.
16. 17.
4 And Saul gathered the people Gen.
together, and numbred them in b Te-3.17.
laim, two hundred thousand foot- Rom.
mensand fren thousand men ofJudah, g. 20

5. And Saul came to a city of A-h-joft malek,and laid wait in the kvalley, 18. & And Saul fald unco the/ Kenites, 1 Sa

Sam. 38. And Saul faid, Draw ye near 28. bicher all the f chief of the people and Heb, know and fee wherein this fin hath corners.been this day, Judg 39. For as the LORD liveth, which Lo 2 faveth Ifrael, though it be in Jonathan, 2 Sam, my fon he shall furely die. But there 18.3 was not a man among all the people Go, depart, get you down from 11.8. Pal. that answered him. among the Amalekires, left 1 deftroy Judg $6,9 40. Then fald he unto all Ifrael, you with them for yeo fhewed kind-1.3. Jath. Be ye on one fide, and I and Jonathan, nefs to all the children of Ifrael when Nu 7.12. my fon will be on the other fide. And they came up out of Egypt. So the 24, 214 Heb. the people faid unto Saul, Do what, Kenites departed from among the As/Jud. gine feemeth good unto thee.. malekices. SA116.4 the per- 41 Therefore Saul faid unto the 7 And Saul fimmore the Amalekitesm Gen. R. LORD God of Ifrael, give a perfect from Havilah, until thou comeft to 1. 12 or And Saul and Jonathan were tar Shur, that is over against Egypt Rev... ken but the people efcaped. 8 And he cook, Agag the king of the 18.4. Amalekices alive, and utterly den Nus.: ftroyed all the people with the edge24, 216 of the word. The Q Exo 9 But 19. Je Job 21. 30. Eccl. S. 12. GONE 125, Gen. 25. 19

And Saul faid, Ca lot between me and Jonathan my fon, And Jonathan was taken.

Then Saul faid Jonathan Tell 16. 33. me what thou Bait done. And Jonas


I Sam. S. I I.

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