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129.3 ole that were Pfal laid, W127. RD make the Gen thine houfe26 which two Ge el and do 38, 29 ab, and be if

So the be like the Rid Tamar bare,


which the pal this young 14.4 and bewar ent in auto Luk Der comep-1.f


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Samuel born

1.3. 15 And Hannah

Chap. ils Hannah's thanksgiving. Neh. 13 Now Hannah fhe fake in her They that were-o full, have hired Luke 214 heart only her lips moved, but her out themfelvs for bread, and they 1.53. Rom, voice was not heard: therefore Ell that were hungry, ceafed fo that the Jam. 8. 26. y thought he had been drunken. barren hath p born f.ven,& the hathy.6. PRuch 7Cc. 14 And Eli fald unto her, How long many children, is waxed teeble. 13.7 wilt thou be drunken? put away thy 6 The LORD 9 killeth, and maketh 4.11. Acts wine from thenah anfwered, and fald, grave and bringeth up alive; he bringeth down to the r Dell. 32. 39. Pre. No, my lord, I am a woman of a The LORD maketh poor, and Ezek. 15. 1. forrowful ipirit: I have drunk neither maketh rich he bringeth low, and 32. 11. 7 Pfal. Pfal.wine nor ftrong drink, but have lifteth up. 62. 9.4 poured out my foul before LORD. 8 Heraffeth up the poor out of the130. 2 Deu. 16 Count not thine hand-maid for duft, and lifteth up the begger from Jon. 13. 13.a daughter of b Belial: for out of the the dung-hill to fer them among 2. 3. princes and to make them inherit Att. the throne ofglory for the u pillars 12. 6.. of the earth are the LORDS and Jcb 1.21. he hath fer the world upon them. He will keep the feet of hist Pfal. faints, & the wicked fhall be 3 filent in 113. 7. darknefs for by ftrength fhall no Job man prevail.


Jon abundance of my complaint and grief.
21.33. have I fpoken hitherto.
2 King 17 Then Eli anfwered,and faid,Go ein
5.29. peace:and theGod of Ifrael grant thee
Ecc.thy petition thou haft asked of him.
18 And the fald, Lee thine handmaid
Rum, find grace in thy fight. So the woman
15. 13.went her way, and did eat, and her
Gen. countenance was d no more fad.
24.26. 19 And they rofe up in the
Gen. morning early, & eworfhipped before
the LORD, and returned, and came
Heb. to their houfe to Ramah and Elkanah
after knew Hannah his wife, and the
the ex-LORD remembred her.

36. 11.
10 The adverfaries of the LORD Pale
fhall be a broken to pleces:our of hea-102
ven fhall he thunder upon them: the 25.
LORD fhall judge the ends of the Job
earth, and he thall give ftrength unto 39.5
b his king, and exalt the horn of hisx Pfal.

4. I



20Wherefore it came to pafs, when i And Elkanah went to Ramah to5; 3. tion of the time was come about, after Han- his houfe; and the child did mi-y Jud. days. nah had conceived, that the bare a nifter unto the LORD betore Eli the1.7 that fon, and called his name + Samuel, prieft. E is faying, Because I have asked him of ed him of asked the LORD. of God. 11 And the man Elkanah, and all Exo. bis houfe, went up to offer unto the 33. 17. LORD the yearly facrifice,& his vow. 11 Kl.22 But Hannah h went not up; for the 11. 20, fald unto her husband, I will not go kExo. up until the child be weaned, and 21.6. then I will bring him, that he may ap12 S2. pear before the LORD, and there 7.25. abide kiorever.

21 Sa 12 Now the fons of Eli were fons 17.49. ofd Bellal, they knew not LORD. Pfal. 13 And the priests fcuftom with the 2. 9. people was that when any manb Mat. offered fa.rifice, the priests fervant28. 18. came, while the Hefh was in feething, Pfal. with a flesh-hook or three teeth in2. 2. his hand. 4 Del. 14 And he ftrook it into the pan 13. 13. or kettle, orcauldron, or pot; g all be Tic. flesh-hook brought up, b the prieft 1. 16. cook for himself:fo they did in Shiloh, Rom. unto all Ifraelites that came thither.. 28.

15 Alfo before they burnt the i rat f Rom. the Priests fervant came, and faid to 1. 30. the man that facrificed, Give fleft tog Exo. roft for the grieft, for he will not29, 27.have fodden Refh of thee, but raw. blfa.

Jud. 23 And Elkanah her husband faid
13.4. unto her, Do what feemeth thee
Luke good, tarry until thou have weaned
1.80. Fim, only the LORD eftablish his
Pfl. word:fo the woman abode,and m gave
22. 9. her fon fuck until the weaned him.
4 And when he had weaned
21.7. him,fhen took him up with her, with
Luk. three bullocks, and one ephah of
2.24. flour,and a bottle of wine, & brought
Lev. Him unto the houfe of the LORD in
16. 36. Shiloh: and the child was young.
12 Ti.
25 And they flew a bullock, and
3-15. brought the child to Ell.
Mat. 16 And the faid, Oh my lord, a thy
foul liveth,my lord, I am the woman
Or that stood by thee here, 9 praying
unto the LORD.

16 And if any man faid unto him,56. 11.
Let them not rail to burn the fat pre- Lev.
fently, and then take as much as thy 3.3.4
foul defireth: then he would answer
him, Nay, bur thou fhale give it ma
now and if not,I will take it by force.

17 Wherefore the fin of the young. men was very great k before LORD: Gen for men abhorred the offering of the 10.8. LORD. Mal 18 But Samuel miniftred before 2.8. the LORD, being a child, girded] with a linen m ephod.


whm 17 For this child I prayed; and the
I bave LORD hath given me my petition
obrain- which I asked of him.
ed by 28 Therefore allo I have lent him
petitionto the LORD as long as he liveth,
hall bebe fhall be lent to the LORD. And
retur-he worshipped the LORD there.



19 Moreover his mother made him 29.4.
little coat, and brought it to him 2 Sam
a from year to year when the came up 6. 14.
with her husband to offer the yearlyn 1 Sa
20 And Elio bleffed Elkanah,ando Gen."
his wife, and faid, The LORD give14. 19
of woman for
went unto their own home.
which is lent to the LORD. And they

Hannahs fong. 12 The fin of Elies
fons. 18 Samuels miniftry.

Phil. A heart rejoy eth in the LORD,
Nd Hannah a prayed,and fald, My
Lukemine chern is exalted in the LORD:
F. 46. my mouth is enlarged over mine
Pfal. enemies: because I rejoyce in a thy
92. 10.falvation.

21 And the LORD p vifited Hannah, Gen
fo that the conceived and bare 9 three21. 1.
fons and two daughters and the Eph.
child Samuel grew before y LORD.3.20

Rev. There is fnone holy as the LORD: 22 Now Ell was very old, andr Luke 18. 20.for there is none g befide theemneither heard all that his fons did unto all1.80. Exo.is there any rock like our God. Ifrael, and how they lay with the wo-and 15.2. 3 Talk no more fo exceeding proudly men that affembled at the door of the2.40. Exolet arrogancy come out of your tabernable of the congregation.y 15. 11.mouth: for the LORD God of 3 And he faid unto them, Why do Pfal. knowledge, and by him actions are ye fuch things for 1 hear of your 73.25.weighed. devil dealings by all this people. The m bowes of the mighty men 24 Nay,my fons, for it is no goodz. 9. 70.3. are broken and they that Rumbled report that I hearsye make the Lords Te are girt with 15. Heb.11.34





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• The fin of Eli fons,

1. Samuel.

Samuel called. Nu. 2 one man fin against another That the LORD called Samuel Pfal. 15. 20.he judge fhall Judge him: but if a and he answered, Here am I. 99.6. * Sa. man fin againk the LORD,who fhalls And he ran unto Eli,and fald, Here Heb. 3.14. Intr.at for him? Notwithstanding,am 1, for thou calledft me. And he5.4. Prov. they hearkned not unto the voice o faid, I called not lie down again. f Cor 12. 28 15, 10, their father, y because the LORD And he went and lay down.. 2 Chr. would lay them. 6 And the LORD called yet again, Gal. 1. 25. 16.16 (And the child Samuel grew on, Samuel. And Samuel arofe and went 15. Pro. and was in favor both with the to Ell, and faid, Here am I, for thou 3.4. LORD, and alfo with men). didit call me. And he answered, 1 Luke17 And there came a 4 man of God called not, my fons lie down again. Z.So. untu Ell, and faid unto him, Thus Now Samuel did not yet know and faith the LORD, Did I plainly ap- the LORD, neither was the word of 2.52. pear unto the 6 houfe of my father, the LORD yet revealed unto him. Act. when they were in Egypt in Pha- 8 And the LORD called Samuel Ats 2:47. roahs houfe? again the And he arofe 6: Jud. 28 And did I chufe him out of an and went to Ell, and faid, Here am 1761 San 13.6 the tribes of Ifrael to be my prieft, for thou didit call me. And Eli per-4.2. 2 'et. to offer upon mine altar, to burn ceived that Lord had called child. Amos 1.21. incenfe, to wear an ephod before me? Therefore Eli fain unto Samuels. 6. 1 Tim. and did I give unto the houfe of thy Go, lie down and it fhall be, if he Kl. 6.11. father d all the offerings made by fire call thee, that thou shalt fay, x Speak 21. 12 Exo. of the children of Ifraels LORD, for thy fervant heareth. So Pfal. 6.23.29 Wherefore kick ye at my facri. Samuel went Klay down in his place.119. Nu fice and at mine offering which I to And the LORD came, and flood 120, Jer. 14-7 have commanded in my f habitation, and called as at other times, Samuel, 19.3. 2 Sam, and g honoureft thy fons above me, Samuel. Then Samuel anfwered 7 to make your felvs fat with the Speak, for thy fervant heareth. And the LORD faid to Sa- 2.27.




20, 12


Ltv. chiefeft of all the offerings of Ifrael muel,Behold, I will do a thing in If-Zech. 7.34. my people? Deut. Wherefore the LORD God orael at which both the ears of every 1.6. 32. 15.Ifrael faith, I faid indeed, that thy one that heareth it, halli tingle. and thy 12 In againft 132. fhould walk before me for ever: Bur Ell all things which I have spoken 11 13. now the LORD faith. Be it tar from concerning his houfe when I begins 2.29. m2Ch Lev. me; for them that honoar me,Iwill will alfo make an end. 1 15. honour, and they that defpife me. 13 For I have told him, that I will Exo. thall be lightly efteemed. judge his houfe for ever,for the inl Joel 25.23. 31 Behold, the days come that I will quity which he knoweth: because his 12 Ch. cue of thine arm, and the arm ofons t made themfelys vile, and he H.. 15.2. thy fathers house, that there hafi reftrained them not. втоиз k Co. not be an old man in thine houfe. 14 And therefore I have fworn unto CH 10. 31. 32 And thou half feem an enemy in the houfe of Eli, that the iniquity IPfal. my habitation in all the wealth of Elies houfe fhall not be purged them97. 14. which God hall give Ifrael and with facrifice nor offering for ever felger Job there fhall not be an old man in thine 15 And Samuel lay until the Kip morning, and opened the doors of the 24. PL.I. 33 And the man of thine, whom I houfe of the LORD and Samuel feat 9: reathew Ell the viñon. 37 17-that not a cut off from mine altar bak 16 Then Eli called Samuel and fald Sa 1 Sa.be to confume thine eyes, and to Samuel my fun. And he answered 4.11 grieve thine heart: and all the increafe Here am 1. Ni Sa of thine houfe fhall die in the flower 4.11 of their age..

31.9. houfe or ever.



K34 And this fall be a fign unto 13. 13.thee, that shall com: upon thy two Sa. fons, on Hophni and Phinchas: Pin


And he faid, What is the thing 15. 1.. 1 that the LORD hath faid unto thee? o Dan pray thee hide it not from me 4. 19 God do fo to thee, and more alfo kut if thou hide any thing from me off. 17. 4.11 one day they hall die both of them. all the things that he laid unto thee Pal Acts 35 And I will gratte me up a faith 18 And Samuel told him every 39.9. 3.32 ful prick, that fall co according to whit,and hid nothing from him And hal and he faid, let him do what teemeth him good. 32. And Samuel grew, and the s. 6. HON LORD was with him, and did let Mar none of his words fall tothe ground. 18. 39 30 And all Ifrael from Dan even Jud to Beersheba knew that Samuel was 20.21 established to be a prophet of Lord-2 Sa

23. 5. my mind and I will build him fa sure Choufe, and he fhall walk before mine By 2f anointed for ever.

Heb. 36. And it fhall come to pafs that faith every one that is left in thine houfe, hall come and crouch to him fora boufe pie.e of filver,and a morfel of breads Hai. and fall fay, Put me (I pray thee)in22. 23 to one of the priests office, that I may Kincat a plece of bread. 8.24%

21 And the LORD appeared again 7.21. in Shiloh: for the LORD revealed Joh imfelfro Samuel là ShBol, by the J. h word of the LORD.


N the child Samuel


Piah 2.2, t Pfal. 110. 4, 1 Ki. 2. 27. 1 pradio tada CHAP. IV. The Ifraelites are overcome by the Philiftins. 10 The ark is taken, and as s Blics fent flain. 12 Elies deaths 3.11 Nd the word came to Heb Aunto the LORD 4 Before Ell and Aau Ifraef. Now ffrael went out 4-was Pral, the word ory LORD was precious in gainft the Philiffins to battel, and Jo 74.9. those days there was not open vifion. pitched befide Eben-ezer: and the Amos Anicharge to pals at that times Philifting pitched in b Aphek. Heb 7. 11. when Elias laid down in his places And the Philtins put themfeles the Heb. and his eyes began to wax dim,that in aray against Ifrael: and when they batt broken he could d not feesy mutav joyned battel, e Ifrael was fmiirtonfpred Judg. 3 And ere the lamp of Gode went before the Philiftins: and they few fe 7. 15. out in the temple of the LORD of the army In the field about four out, thousand men Vath 1904 14 donde jo

1 Sa. where the ark of God was sand Samuel 4. 15. was laid down to fleegmurs de Mesag Gen.

45. 10. EX9.27.21, Lev, 24.3. 2 Ch. 13.1

And when the people were come 7.12 Into the camp, the elders. of Ifrael 1 Sat Said 3.1

CHAP, 111,
1 The word of the Lord revealed to

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ed, Here am I

Dagon fallith Lem.faidd Wherefore hath the LORD unto her Fear not, for thou haft LORD called Samuel 3.40, fmitten us to day before the Phili- bornly a fon. But the answered not John Jof. ftins? Let us fetch the e ark of the neither did the regard it. 1) 16 20. unto Eli,and fald, Herees.covenant of the LORD out of Shiloh 31 And the flamed the child Gen calledit me. And heeft. unco us, that when is cometh among Ichabod, faying, The glory is 35. 17 ot lie down again 10 9.14. us, it my fave us out of the hand departed from Ifrael: (because the 18.

and lay

Jer. of our enemies,


and because Heb.

ORD called yet again. 10.4 So the people fent to Shiloh, of her father in law and her husband) fet amuel arofe and vent Sam.that they might bring from thence the 22 And the faid, The glory is not her Here am I, for thou 15. 25.ark of the covenant of the LORD of departed from Ifrael: for the ark Beart And he aufwered, 1 Palm hofts, which dwelleth b berween the of God is taken. odvrges upon Ye On lie down again. 38. cherubims: and the i two fons of Ell, seba sy Pfal. el did not yet know ither was the word of evealed unto him,"


RD caled Samuel me. And be arole

Gen. Huphhi and Phinehas, were there,.77. 2. that is where is the glory. Ital. T. with the ark of the covenant of God. 26. 8. and 73. 61. Hof. 9. 12. Num. 14.9. And when the ark of the cove- 4 v. 15. Phil. 2. 4. Pfal.137.6. Neh. 23. nant came camp, John Exo.all Ifrael khouted with a great fhout, and faid, Here 25. 2.fo that the earth rang again. me. And lipum. 6 And when the Philistins heard had called child39. the noife of the fhout, they faid, What fain unto Samuel Palm meareth the notfe of this great fhout d it fhall be, if bei 99.1. in the camp of the Hebrews? And fhale fay Speak Nu. they understood that the ark of the rvant heareth. 50.15. LORD was come into the camp. down in his plaAm And the Philiftins were afraid, D came, and food 6.3 for they faid, God is come into the ef times. Samute camp. And they fald, Wo unto us amuel anfwerd Exo. for there hath not been fuch a thing ant heareth. 4. 25.her cofores ORD faid to


do a thing in me ears of even

8 Wo unto us: who fhall deliver us out of the hand of thefe mighty Gods: thefe are the Gods that fmote haltingle.Exo.the Egyptians with all the plagues m in pertorm ag 13. 20. the wilderness. I have puke when I begi

9 Be ftrong and quit your felvs tike men, O ye Philifting, that ye be not Jads fervants unto the Hebrews, as they him, that la 13. 1. have been to you: quit your felvs ever,for the in Deut. like men, and tight. ch: becaufe his 28. 47. 10 And the Philiftins fought, and sville, and he 02 ki.Ifrael was fmitten,and they Hed every Dagon, nor any that come into Da-& Exo

12.-16. man into his tent and there was a
2 Sam. very great? flaughters for there fell of
9.23.Ifrael thirty thousand Foot-then.

gons houfe, feread on the threshold
of Dagon in Afhdod unto this day. Arts
6 But the g hand of the LORD was 13. FI.



ve fworn unto the iniquity not be purge Pfal. 11 And the g ark of God ivas taken: heavy upon them of Ashdod, and he' ng for ever. 78.60. and the two fons of Ell, Hophut and ay until ) Ifal Phinehas were r flain. And there ran a man of Bene doors of 10.5.11/ Samuel V.3. jamin our of the army, and came to And when the men of Afhdod k law 6.4.5. fal Shiloh the fame day with his clothes that it as fo they fald, The ark of ue),and a 78. 6t.frentsand with earth upon his head. the God of Ifrael fhall not abide with 78.66

deftroyed them, and more them 15.3.5. with emetods, even Afhdod and the V.29. coafts thereof. bisa.


Plat Job.

e anfwered


Sa. 13 And when he came lo Elifat us: for.his hand is fore upon us 313 2.34. upon a feat by the way fide,watching: and upon Dagon our god is the thigh for bis heart trembled for the ark of 8 They fent therefore, and gathered God, And when the man came into the all the lords of the Philifting unto From me 41 Sa. city and cold it, all the city cried out. them, and faid, m What thall we do kifal mote 2012, 34 And when Eli heard the noife with the ark of the Gud of frack : 26. 11. of the crying, he faid, What meanesh and they answered, Let the ark of the Jers cort me off the nolie of this cumule? And the God of Ifrael be cared about unto 46.25% unto thet man came in hallly and told Eli. Gath. And they carried the ark of the Judg. bim events God of Ifrael about thither. 6.31 him And Jet him do

15 Now Hill was ninety and eight
years old,and his eyes were dim, that
he could not fee,
to And the man fald unco Eli,I d
he that came out of the army, and
to day out of the army. And he
fard, What is there done my fen?


9 And it was fo, that after they had Pro. carried it about the hand of th. 21. 30. LORD was against the city with a fata very great deftruction and he fmotes L the men of the cky both fhall and Am great and they had emeröds in 6.2 their fecret parts.y


27 and tie metenger anfwered and faid,Ifrael is fed before the Philiftins and there bath been also a great Saughter among the people, and thy wo fons alfe, Hophni and Phinehas, are dead and the ark of God is taken. 18 And it came to pafs when he made mention of the ark of God, Sa. that he fell from off the feat backward by the side of yu gare, and his x neck Pfal.brake, and he died: for he was an old me to 26. 6. man, and heavy. And he had judged out 4. Ifrael forty years. 19. And his daughter in law Phi1 and 9. 1.

10 Therefore they fent the ark 17 of God to Ekron; and it came to pals Ams as the ark of God came to Ekron, 21 14 that the Ekronites cryed out faying, Joth. They have brought about the ark of 15. 35% the God of Ifrael to us, to flay us Judge and our people. t ovat

11 50 they fent and gathered and together all the lords of the Philiftins, 33. and faid Send away the ark of the King God of Ifrael, and let le go again to 1.2. own that it not, Jer.151 our people for there was a deadly 201

nd de Kis. nehas.wife was with child pear to be deftruction throughout all the city: Amos

, and the

nd did jer Se ground. Dan even muet

Lord Lodagalay revealed by de

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23. 29.delivered and when he heard the hand of God was very heavy there. Rom. tldings that the ark of God was ta 12And the men that q died nor were Jer 21.33.ken, and that her father in law, and fmitter with the emerods and the 494 Arte Heb. her husband were dead, the bowed cry of thecity went up to heaven.

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hes felf and cravalled for her pains came upon her. Meet arned 20 And about the time of her death, the womics that flood by bera faid


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The ark brought into the house of a Dagon. 3 Dagon falleth down. 15 Na the Philifting took the ark of God, and brought le from b Josh. Eben-Ezer unto & Afhdod. 11. 12. 2 When the Philiftins took the ark Acts 8. 40. of God, they brought it into thre house of Dagon and fet it by eDagon. cjud. 16.23. 3.And when they of Afhdod arcfe early on the morrow, behold, Dagon 1 Exo. was fallen upon his face to the earth, 7.12. Luke before the ark of the LORD and they 10. 18. took Dagon, and fet him in his place elai again. 4 And when they arofe early on the 4-22. morrow morning, behold, Dagon +Heb. only ground, before the ark of the LORD ago and the head of Dagon and both That the palms of his hands were e cut off is the upon the threshold, tonly the stump Joll

ES 21

of Dagon was left to him.

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Therefore neither the priests of 5-15


The Philistins coun fel so fend back
the 41ks 10 They bring it on a new
cart to Beth-fhemesby


The Like feilt back,


And the Philiftins called for the Zech.b priests and the diviners, faying 12.3. What fhall we do to the ark of the Exo. LORD tell us wherewith we fhall 7.1. fend it to his place.

1. Samuel. The Philsning dilempted. Nd the ark of the LORD was in trefpals-offering unto de LORD; for, the countrey of the Philiftins Afhdod one, for Gaza one for Askelon t Heb. Job feven a months. on, for Gath one, for Ekron one. 18 And the golden mice according to Abel. the number of all the cities of the the Philiftins, belonging to the five lords,great both of fenced cities and of country en. villages even unto fy great tone of 50. 11. Abel, whereon they fet down the ark Nu. of the LORD: which one remain. + f erh unto this day, in the field of Jofhua the Beth hemice.



Joh. 19 And he fmore the men of Beth. 3. 4Exod. themefb,because they had 9 looked in- 19. 12. to the ark of the LORD,even he fmote 2 sam. of the people r fifty thousand and threefore and ten men: and the pen Deut. ple lamented, becaufe the LORD had fmitten many of the people with 29. 29. a great laughter. 10 And the men of Beth-fhemesh Rome faid. Who is able toftand before this 12. 3. holy LORD God? and to whom shall Pfal. he go up from us?

Prov. 25. 16.

131. I.

On them



Exo. And they fald, If ye fend away the 23. 15. ark of the God of Ifrael, fend it not and empty: but in t any wife return him 35. 20. a crefpafs-offering, then ye thall be Deur. healed & ir fhall be a known to you, 16. 16. why his hand is not removed from Heb. you. Yen- 4 Then faid they, What shall be the dring trefpafs-offering which we fhall return render to him? They answered, Five golden to binemerods, and five golden mice, ac. v.9. cording to the number of the lords of e Mat. the Philiftins: for tone plague was 7.8. on you all, and on yourlords. Heb. Wherefore ye fhall make images of the your emerods, and Images of your Jame mice that f mar the land, and ye shall 21 And they fene meffengers to Prov. Plague g give glory unto the God of Ifrael: the inhabitants of Kirjath-learim, 11. 31. geradventure he will lighten his faying, The Philiftins have brought 1Pet. hand from off you,& from offb your again the ark of the LORD: come alls and gods, and from off your land. ye down, and fetch it up to you. one. Wherefore then do ye harden your Job heares as the Egyptians and Pharaoh 34. 19. hardned their hearts? when he had Sam. wrought wonderfully among them, 12. 25. did they not let the people go, and fExo. they departed? 8.6. Now therefore make a knew care, Josh and take two which 4.29. there hath come no yoke, and dle the John kine to the cart, and bring their calves 5.24. home from them. Rev 8 And take the ark of the LORD, 16.9 and lay it upon the cart, and put the Sat jewels of gold which ye return him 5.34 for a trespass-offering. In a coffer by Exod. the fide thereof, and fend ic away, 33. 12. that it may go. Nom. 9 And fee, if it goeth up by the way 33.4 of his own coaft to Beth-themeth,then Exo. he hath done us this great evil: but 8.15. If not, then we fhall know that it is Sa not his hand that fmote us; it was 6.5 a chance that hapned to us. Marks to And the men did fo and took 12. two milch-kine; and tied them to Heb. the care and fhut up their calves golden at home. Toefsels 11 And they laid the ark of the LORD upon the care, and the coffer with the mice of gold, and the images of their emerods.


The Ifraelites repens at Mixpeb.
9 Samuel praying the Philifines
are difcomfited.


1 Chr. 14.1.

Nd the men of a Kirjath-jearim 2 Joth. Arame and fetcht up the ark of the 15-814LORD, and brought it into the house of b Abinadab in the hill, and fancti- Pial. fied Eleazar his fon, to keep the ark 78.6. of the LORD. 12 Jer. be sa


And it came to pafs, while the ark abode in Kirjath-jearm, thar the time was long for le was twenty 6.4. years and all the house of Ifracle Lam. lamented after the LORD. 3,424 3 And Samuel ipake unto all Joel the houfe of Ifrael, faying, If ye 2. 12. do d return unto the LORD with all Joh. your hearts, then put away the 24. 14. eftrange gods and Athearoth from Amo among you,and f prepare your hearts 4.13. unto the LORD, & g ferve him only: Deu. and he will deliver you out of the 6.13hand of the Philistins. h Jud. 4 Then the children of Ifrael did 2. 11. put away b Baalim,and Ashtaroth, and ƒ Jud. lerved the LORD only. 20. 1. 5 And Samuel faid, Gather all If-Pfal rael i to Mizpah, and I will pray for 6. 6. you unto the LORD.


6 And they gathered together to 119. Mizpeh,and drew water, & poured 136.

out before the LORD, and falted 7 Dan. on that day, and laid diere, We have 9.3.


11 And the kine took the ftraight Joh. way to the way of Beth-fhemeh tand 35. 10. went along the high way, lowing as and they went, and turned nor afide to 31. 16. the right hand or to the left: and the Heb. Lords of the Philiftins went after ma them unto the border ofBeth-fhemeth, m finned at the LORD, And Sam Pro, Freet 13. And they of Beth-fhemeth were muel n judged the children of Ifrael 29. 14. bry Leaping their m wheat-harveft In the in Mizpeh. Add L went Valley and they lifted up their eyes. going and n fawy ark,& reloyced to fees bowing 14 And the cart came into the field m Lev. of Jofhua a Beth-fhemite, and tood 23. 16.there, where there was a great ftone: Nu and they lave the wood of the cart, 4.520. and offered the kine a burnt-offering v. 15. unto the LORD. Job. 15 And the Levites took down the 35. 10. ark of the LORD and the coffer that und was with it, wherein the jewels of 31. 16. gold were, and put them on the great Nu. tone and the men of Beth-fhemefh 415. offered burnt-offerings, and facrificed Sam. facrifices the fame day unto LORD. 16 And when the five lords of the 4.6.7. 37.4 to And as Samuel was offering up I KI. Philiftins bad feen it, they returned the burnt-offering, the Philtins drew 1 30. so Ekron the fame day. near to battel against Ifrael: but the r Pfal. 17 And there are the golden emerode LORD thundred with a great thune 99.6. for a der Jer. 15. 3/1 Sa, 2. 10. Joh. 10. 10

7And when the Philiftins e heard that 20.4
the children of Ifrael were gathered o Am.
together to Mizpeh, the lords of the 7. 10.
Philiftins went up against Ifrael; and 1 Sam.
when the children of Ifrael heard it, 22. 13.
they were afraid of the Philiftins.
Samuel, Ceafe not to cry unto the H.b.
8 And the children of Ifrael fail to 20.7.
LORD our God for us, he will fave be not
us out of the hand of the Philiftins. flert

9 And Samuel cook a fucking from lamb,& offered ie for a burnt-offer-nsfrom ing wholly unto the LORD and Sa-crying muel cried unto the LORD for Ifraei, Ifal and the LORD heard him,

2 sam. 6. 8. 9. t Jud. 18. 17. Pfalm 38. Jer.7.12.

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A king defired.

Chap. vill. tn. The manner of a king der on that day upon the Philiftins, to be confectionaries, and to be qv.1r Joh, and difcomfited them; and they were cooks, and to be bakers. 10. 10. fmieren before Ifrael. i Sam 14 And he will take your fields, and 22. 7. Z:ch. your vineyards, and your oliveyards, Ora even the beft of them, and give them cour to ghis fervants. tiers.

11 And the men of Ifrael went out 4.6. of Mizpeh and purfued the Philiftins, and fmote them, until they tame under Peth-car.

15 And he will take the tenth of Hebre your feed, and of your vineyards Eu and give to his officers, and to his nuchs. fervants.


12 Then Samuel took a ftone, and
#Joh. fet it between Mizpeh and Shen,and
7.26. called name of itx Eben-ezer, fay
Jud. ing,Hitherto hath $LORD helped us.
if. 19.
13 So the Philiftins were
* Sa. fublued, & they came y no more into
4the coaft of Ifrael and the hand of
J1 Sa the LORD was against the Philistins
10.5. all the days of Samuel.

16 And he will take your men- 27. 366 fervants, and your maid-frvants,and Cor your goodlieff young, men, and your 7.21. affes, and put them co is work. Ifat. 17 He will take the tenth of your 8. 21. fheep, and ye fhall be his fervants. Ifale, 18And ye fhall cry out in that day 1. 15. becaufe of your king hich ye that Prov. have chofen you; and the LORD wit 1.27. not hear you in that day. Job

19 Nevertheless 2 the people 27.9.
refufed to obey y voice of Samuel; Mich..
and they faid,Nay,but we will have 3.4.
a king over us

14 And the cities which the Philiftins
14. 13. had taken from Ifrael were reftored
to Ifrael, from Ekron even unto
Gath, and the coafts thereof did If
rael deliver out of the hands of the
Jud. Philiftins: and there was 3 peace be-
4. 17. tween Ifrael and the Amorites,
Jud. 15 And Samuel judged Ifrael ball
3.6. the days of his life.
Afts 16 And he went from year to year
13.21. In circuit toe Beth-el, and Gilgal,
Jud and Mizpeh and judged Ifrael in at
20. 18. thofe places.
1 Sa.
17 And his return was to d Ramah:
1. 1. for there was his houfe: and there he
Jud. judged Ifrael, and there he built an
31.4 altar unto the LORD.
The Ifraelites ask a king. 6 Samuel
playing, comforted. xo The man
wer of a king.
Nd it came to pafs when Samuel
was old, that he a made his fons
judges over Ifrael.

20 That we alfo may be y like all the 4. 12. nations,and that our king may judge Pfal us, and go out before us, and fight S1. 11. our battels Ifai.

21 And Samuel heard all the words 6. 11. of the people, and he rehearfed them in the cars of the LORD. 66.4. 21 And the LORD faid to Samuel, Jer. 7. Hearken unto their voice and make 13. them a king. And Samuel faid unto Ezek. the men of Ifrael Go ye every man 3. 18. unto his dry. x Jere 44. 16. 7 v. 5•

a Now the name of his firft-born

i Tim.


23 was Joel, and the name of lils fecond, 5.22€ 3 And his fons c walked not in hisways, Ch. but turned afide after dlucre,& ecook 6.23 and

I sam.

Kin. Then all the elders of Ifrael ga.
43thered chemfelvs together, and ame
Lccl. to Samuel unro Ramah
2. 19.



And laid unto film, Behold, thou Jer. are fold,and thy fons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge usb like all the nations.

And he had a fon, whofe name 11. 51.
was Saul; ba choice young man, and ben.
goodly and there was not among 6.2.
the children of Ifrael a goodlier 1 Sam.
perfon than he from his fhoulders 16.6.7.
and upward, he was higher than any CT Sa
of the people.
3And the d afles of Kith,Sauls father, Jer..
were e loft; and Kifh faid to Saul his 9.23.
1on, Takenow one or the fervants with a Job
thee, and arife, go feek the affes. 10, 4.

6 But the thing i difpleafed Samuel,
510 when they faid Give us a king to
15. 21. the LORD.
judge us and Samuel Aprayed unto
Deut. 7 And the LORD faid unto Samuel,
16. 19. Hearken unto voice of the people
Deut. in all that they lay unto thee:for they
3619 have m not rejected thee, but they
Pfal. have tejet da me, that I should not
25.5. reign over them.

4 And he palled through mount er. 16. Ephraim,and paffed through the land Eft. off Shalifha,but they found them not: 6. 1. then they paled through the land off 2 Ki gShallm, and there they were not:and 4.44. fe paled through the land of heg Jch. Benjamites,but they found them not. 4.23.

Sag According to all the works which

1 Kin

7.16 they have done fince the day that Is And when they were come to the br Sa 17. brought them up out of Egypt even land of b Zuph.Saul faid to his fer- 1. T De unto this day, wherewith they have vant was with him, Come & let us iJudg. 74 forfaken me, and ferved other gods: returns left my father leave caring for 13.6. be to do they alfo unto thee. the affes, and take thought for us. 20, 24 9 Now therefore hearken unto their 6 And he said unto him,Eehold now. 13. 1. isa. voice: howbeit, yet proteft folemnly there is in this city i a man of God,& Deut 37 unto them, & fhew them the manner he is an honourable mansall that he 33. 1. Jam. of the king that that reign over them. faith, cometh furely to pafs: now let 1 Th 10 And Samuel cold all the words us go thither: peradventure be can 5.13. Noth. of the LORD unto the people, that thew us our way that we should go. 13.1 asked of him a king. 7 Then faid Saul to his fervant,But 3.20. Hof. 11 And he faid This will be the behold, if we go, w fhall we m bring Zech. the man? for the bread is spent in our 1.5, 6. veffels, and there is not a pref nt to m iki. bring to man of God:what have we? 14.3.

71 São

6.6. manner of king that fhall reign over 1 you:He will take your fons, and ap19 paint them for himself for his Luke charlors and to be his horfmen: 8 And the fervant anfwered Saul 2 Kin. 3914 and fome fhall run before his chariors. again, and faid,Pehold, I have here 4.42.

Bzc. 12 And he will appoint him captains at hand the fourth part of a fhekel of and 46. 18. over thousands, and captains over filver, that will I give to the man of S. 8. 1 Sam-fities, and will fer them to car his God, to tell us our way Judg. 13. ground, and to reap his harveft, and 9f Before time in Ifrael, when a 13. 17. to make bis inftruments of war and man went to enquire of God, Thus and jaftruments of his chariots. T2 he G. 19.

33 And be will take your daughters

theb.there is found in mine hand.Ifa. 58.2 ¿ P61. 2. 22, 11 Gen. 25. 22. Jud, I


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CHAP. IX.. Saul defpairing to find his fathers affes, 18 cometh to Samuel: 19 54, muel entertaineth Saul as the feat. Now there was a man of Benjamin, a 1 Che

whofe name was a

of 3. Abiel, the fon of Zeror the fon of and Bechorath, the fon of Aphiah a Ben- 9.39.

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