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Pauls commendation of himself Chap. xi. xl. His boat beg. Jer. 17 But he that glorieth, let hin 3 Are they minifters ofChrift?!fpeak 9.14. glory in the Lord." 458 as a fool, k I am more in labours & ICO Roma 18 For not he that commendeth more abundant: in Atripes above mea- 15.10. 219.himself is approved, but whome the fure:in prifons more frequent:in Ifai. Lord commendeth.fo Now. I deaths oft. 11 Cor •s. 5. CHAP. XI.



24. Of the Jews five times received 15.31. m forty ftripes fave one. 15 Thrice was beaten with rods, 25.38 once was I e ftoned thrice 1 fuffered Act hipwrack: a night and a day I have 16.22. been in the deep i



iGal. 2.9.


Pauls commendation of himself, and comparison with the other pottles, a Pro Would to God you could bear 27-2. W with me a little in my 4 folly, Hof. and indeed bear with me. 2.19. 2 For I am jealous over you with 16 Inq journeying often, in perils of 14. 19. Gal. godly jealoufie,for I have efpoufed waters, in perils of robbers, in perils PACE. 4.1. you to one husband, that I may pre- by miner own countreymen,in perils 27.41. Gen. fent you as a chaft virgin to Chrift, by heathen, in perils in the city in Rome 314- 3But I fear left by any means, as the perils in the wildernels,in perils in 15.19 Rev. ferpent beguiled Eve through his fea, in perils/among falfe brethren, Act. 172. fubeilty, to your minds fhould be e 27 In wearinefs and painfuln fs,in 14:19. f1 Cor. corrupted from the fimplicity that watchings often, in hanger & Gal. 10.10. is in Chrift. 2167 thirft, in faftings often, in cold & 2.4. Joh. 4 For if fhe thatg cometh,preacheth nakedness. 2.43. banother Jefus whom we have not 18 Befides thofe things that are 11.27. Mat. Preached, or if ye receive another without, that which cometh upon me Col. pirit, which ye have not received, daily, the care of all the churches 5 Gál. or another gofpel which ye have not a9Who is x weak, and I am not weak? xiCore 1.8. accepted, ye might well bear with who is y offended, and Iburn not? 9.22. him. 30 1ft muft needs glory, I will glo-Cor For! fuppofe I was not a whit ry of the things which concern 8-13. I Cor. behind the very chiefeft apoftles.mine infirmities. 15.10. But though I be rude k in fpeech, 31 The God and a Father of our Lord 4 Eph. LICor. ? yet not in knowledze; but we have Jefus Chrift,which is bleed for ever-1.3. 1.25 been throughly made manifelt among more, knoweth that I lie not. A. and. 632 In Damafcus the bgovernor under 9.24 7 Have I committed an offence in Aretas the king, kept thecity of the Act. 16. 25. abafing my felfs that you might be Damafcens with a garifon, desirous 12.3. exalted becaufe I have preached to c to apprehend me: A John mAlt 18.13. you the gospel ofGod freely? 533-And through & a window in a bas- 2.15. 81 robbed other churches, taking ker was Itet down by the wall, and Pfal. #wages of them to do you fervice. efcaped his hands. 34. 19% And when I was prefent with CHAP. XII. and wanted, I was chargeable to no Faut bradesh, mos of revelations, 10. 10. man for that was lacking to me, but of his infirmities. 0.27 the brethren & came from Macedo Heb nia, fupplied,and in all things I have Phi. kept my felf from being burthenfom unto you, and fo will keep myfelf. 11 knew a man bin Chrift above four- & Rom Joh. 10 As the truth of Chrift is in me, teen years ago (whether in body, 8.1. 21.17. no man fhall ftop me of this boating cannot tell or whether out offbody & Cot. Mat in the regions of Achaia. I cannorrell, God knoweth) fuch an 5.27. one caught up to the third heaven. 1 Kl. 17.28. And I knew fuch a man whether 8.27. in the body, or our of the body, Act cannot tell, God knoweth)

you in all things.

2.4.5. 2.Rom.





TT is a nor expedient for me doubt- aves. lefs to glory,I will come to vifions 11, 11. and revelations of the Lord.





3 Wherefore? because I love you
Dan. not God knoweth.
12 But what I do, that I will do,
Pail. may cut off occafion from them
which defire occafion, wherein they
Kin. glory,they may be found even as we.
13.18. 13 For fuch are falfe apoftles, de-
Eph. ceitful workers, transforming them-
4.14. felvs inte the Apoftles of Chrift.
Kom 14And no marvel,for Satan himself is
16. 18. transformed into an angel of light.
# Act 15 Therefore it is no great thing
16. 16. if his minifters alfo be transformed
1 Sam. as minifters of righteoufnels,whofe
28.15. y end thall be according to their
2 Chworks.
116 Hay again Ler noman think me
John a fool,if other wife, yet as a fool are
8.41. ceive me, may boat my felf a little.
Hof. 17 That which I fpeak, ffpeak it a nor.
4.6. after the Lord,buras it were foolish
y Rev. Ly, in this confidence of boafting.
19. 20. 18 Seeing that many glory b after
Mat. the flesh, I will glory alfo.
25.41.19 For ye fuffer fools gladly feeing
zver. ye your felvs care wife.
1.19.20 For yefutters if a man bring you
Cor.into bondage, If a man devouryou,
If a man take of you,if a man f exalt
Phil. himself, if a man finite you on the
3.4. face.
Cor. peak as concerning reproach,
4. 8. as though we had been weak:
Gal. beit, wherein foever any is hold,
5.1. fpeak foolishly, I am buld alfo,

& How he was caught up into dpa- phil. to
radife,& heard unfpeakable words, 21.
it is not lawful for a man to utter. Luk
Offuch an one will I glory; yet 23.43.
of my felf I will not glory, but in Rev.
mine infirmities.
6orthough I would defire to glory, Act.
I fhall not be a fools for I will my the 20.27.
truth.But now Iforbear,left any man Cor.
thould think of me g above that 2.9.
which he feeth me to be, or that he fz Cor.
heareth of mer
7 And left I fhould be b exaltedabove v. 9.
measure through the abundance of & Cor
the revelations, there was given to 3.4.5
met a thorn in the flesh,the meilen- Mat.
ger of Satan tobuffer me left I fhould 23.10.
Se exalted above measure.


b) Chủ 8 For this thing I befought the Lord 32.25. / thrice, that it might depart from v. 2. f'Gen. me. And he faidanto me,m My grace is 32.25. fufficient for thee for my ffrength Mat is made perfect in weakness. Moft 25.41. gladly therefore will rather glory Luke in my infirmities, that the n power 18. 1. m:Cor of Chrift may rett upon me. ro Therefore I take pleafure in in- 15. 13. How-firmities, in reproaches in neceffitics, TP. in perfecutions indiftreffes for Chriffs 1.5. faker for when 17am. am weak, then am ftrong. 11 Pambecome a fool in glorying, Act ye have compelled me, forlouchrto 16.25 have been commended of your:for g 92 Com in othing amehind the very i




Luke 11 Aretheyb Hebrews fo am I are 20.47 they #fraeliteso am I are they the fa Cor feed of Abraham folamI:: 10 34.59 DE MESA 090 2091 god 2Cor. 10. 10. ¿ Phil. 34 5. Gen. 11.96. 74 1413.ad 3.9-14. ¡G÷n.32.280.


Gg. 6


2.7. Mat...

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Paul's boafting:

be established.

1 x 71

c Mae

Galatians. Chap. Obftinate finners threathed. Cor.chiefeft apofties, though Irbe no or three witneffes fhall every word 15.10. thing. and. 12 Truly the figns of an apoftle were 21 cold you before,and foretel you, 3.7. wrought among you in all parience, as if I were prefent the fecond time, 18.15. A&t. in figns, & wonders,& mighty deeds, and being abfent,now I write to them 13 For what is it wherein ye were & heretofore have finned, and to all inferior to other churches, except it other, that if I come again I will nor 42 Cor. I Cor. be thar I my felf was not burthen- fpare:

19.11s 12.





fom to you? forgive me this wrong. 3 Since yee feek a proof of Chrifte Lai. 12 Cor. 14 Behold, the third time I am ready speaking in me, which to you-ward 5.19. 11.92 to come to you and I will not be is not weak, but is mighty in you. 1 Cor. 19. buechenfom to you; for 1 feek not 4 For though he was crucified 10.9 #I Th. yours, but you for the children through f weaknefs, yet he liveth by Phil. ought not to lay up for the parentsy power of God for we alfo are weak 2.7.1+ 4.20. but the parents for the children. In him, but we thall g live with him & Jobs. 33.34 15 And I will very gladly spend and by the power of God toward you. 17.24. Ezek. be y tpent for you,though more as Examin your felus whether ye Phil.3. 34.2. bundantlyllove you, lefsibe loved. be b in the faith prove your own 21 * 2 Cor. 16 But be it fo I did not burthen felus, know ye not your own felvs, Gal you; nevertheless being crafty, how that Jefus Chrift is in you, ex- 2.20. At caught you with guile.. 1 Joha. cept ye hefteprobates?: 17 Did I make a gain of you by Butleruft char ye shall know that 6.37. Prov. any of them whom I fent unto you? we are not reprobates. 11.30 18 I defired Titus, and with him1 7 Now I pray to God that ye do no 17.15 Mat. fent a brother: did Titus make a gain evil,notywe fhould appear approved, Phil. of you? walked we not in the blame bur chat ye fhould do that which is 48. a2 Pet.[pirit! walked we not in the fame I honeft, thoughwe be as reprobares. m Co. 2.2. citeps? b Epb. # Col. : 19 Again, think you that we excufe For we can do nothing against 12. 10. 4.4. Our felvs unto you we speak before For we are glad when we are weak, 2.5. Song God in Chrift but we do all things and ye are frong: and this allowe⚫ 1 Cori 1.8. dearly beloved, for your dedifying. with,even your n perfection.



10. 16.

the but for


icer, 20 For fear left when I come I to Therefore I write thefething, Ros



1.6. Bom

1426 fhall not find you fuch as I would, being abfent,left being prefened fhould 15.5 2 Cor. & that I fall be found unto you ufe fharpneft,according to the power? Jo ye would be which me Pial debates, caryings, wraths, rifes, edification, and not to deftruction. Ephef 15-35fback-bitings, whisperings.g fwel- 21 binally, brethren, farewel: be lings, tumults: perfect be of good comfort be of o ones. 39. 21 And left when I come again, my mind, live in peace and the God of Ged will humble me among you,& love and peace thall be with you. 16. John. that I fhall i bewail many which have 12 Greet one another wan holy kifs. The finnedalready and have not repen 13 All the faints faluce you. ted of the uncleannefs and fornica ¿Fzra. tion, and lafcivioufnels which they 2.3. have committed. すため Num.




14 The grace of the Lord Jefus 3.11. Chrift, and the glove of God and the 8.15. wordar. communion of the holy Ghost, be Mat 25.6. Ezek. 9.4 1 Cor. 5.2. ess with you all. Amen. 162 CHAP. XIII. He threatnesh phitinate finners, 28-1. Tings to the third time i am come to you:in b mouth of two 19 15.64

28. 19.


The fecond epifle to the Corinthi 1 Jolia ans,was writtenfrom Philippiza city of Macedonia, by Tirus and Lucas.






nositi, & d


Lev. 19.16. I Cor. 8.1.

The Epistle of PAUL the Apostle to the


Eph. A. 13. 2 Pet. 3.27.


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P4 36

CHAP. 1.
6 Pant wondereth that they have fo
foon left him and the gospel.


Auf an apoftle, not of men, nei
Chrift, and God the Father, who
raifed him from the dead,
And all the brethren are with

Jb. 6. me unto the churches of Galatia: me, is not after man...

2 TL


3 Grace be to you and peace from 11 For I neither received is of man, 3.15. 18-23. God the Father, and from our Lord neither was 1 taught it but by p the 2COD Heb. Jefus Chrift, revelation of Jefus Chrift.

272. 2.

Who gave dhimfelf for our fins, 13 For ye have heard of my conver- Act2Cor, that he might deliver us from this fation in time paft, in Jews reli- 3.4. 5.21. prefent evil world, according to the gion how beyond meatureI perfecu-COR Heb. will of God, and our Father t ced church of Gods and waffed it :8.10. sf To whom be glory for ever and $4 And profited in the Jews religion, 1 John.ever. Amen John ever marvel char ye are g fo foon re- nation being more exceedingly zcal- Rom aboye many own Ti moved from him called you into fous of the traditions of my fathers. 1o. 2. J. 17. grace of Chrift,unto another gofpel: 15 But when it pleafed God, whe fee 1 Tim. 7 Which is not another; but there parated me from my motherswomb, 1.13. 11.2.3.be b fome that trouble you and and called me by his grace

2 Cor.

A would pervert the gospel of Chrift. 15 To reveal his Sontin me, that 11.6.9. Ephe 15.58 But though we or an angel from might preach him among the bea- Mate Gal, heaven, preach any other gospel unto then immediately 1 conferred not 16-17. 5. 12. you, than that we have preach- with flesh & blood:

John. ed unto you, let him be accur- 17 Neither went I up to Jerufalem, 119. 6. 8.55. fed. to them which were apoftles before ICON 9. As we faid before, folay I now me, but I went into Arabia, and re- 15.9. Regain, If any mangleach any other turned again unto Damafcus 22.18.5

gofpel unto you then that ye have! Gab received, let him be accurfed."


to For do I now perfwade men of Mac. God? or do feck com please men? 13.20 for men fhould not be the fervant of Chrif.

mith. 2.4

11 But certifie you,brethren, that Cor.. the gospel which was preached of 13.11.

Paul goath to Terufalem.

the works of the law.

Chop4');117: No indifcation haich of Chrin JACE. 18 Then after three years I went up might beleftined by 1-13. co. ferufalem, to fee Peters and abode & pot by works of the law: forty Rom zMat with him fifteen days, siap20 works of law fhall no fél be juftined. 3.4. 12. G 19 But other of the apostles faw 1 17 Burit whiley we feek to be jufti Tita 4koni. none,favey james 9 Lords brother. fed by Chrift, we our felvs alfo are 2. 11. 9.1 20Now the things which I write us- found finners: is therefore Chrift the t Gr. difol Act. co you,behold,before God, Iliener. minifter of fin? God forbid. 10.38. Afterwards 61 came into the re-18 For it 1 build again the things wed gions of Syria and Cilicia, which It deftroyed, I make my felfa Gal. 5 15.19. And was unknown by face untoy tranfgrefor. Kom churches of Judea were cin Chrift. 19 For la through the law & am dead a Rom 13 But they had heard only. That to law, that I might live unto God. 8.3. 1Th he & perfecuted us in tiines pat new 10 I am crucified with Chrift 1 Cor. 1. Preachethraith once he deftroyed. Nevertheless live, yet not !, but 7.22. Prov-24 And they glorised God in me. Chrift liveth in me and the lifeRcm 31-31 0 I now live in the feth, live by the 7.10. Mat.1 1. c A&t. 11. 18. Luk.15-10. Col.1.3.4. faith of the Son of God, who loved & Rom me, and d gave himself for me." 21 Pdo not fruftrate the grace of Eph God:for it righteoufnels come by the 3-17


Bites lis

13 Paul reproyeth Peter at Antioche That Hent fourteen year after I went

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years nabas, and took Tizus with me alfa. after 2 And I went up by revelation,and bis con-communicatedunto them that golpel verfion, which I preach among the Gentiles, Gal. 1. but privately to them which were of He askesh what moveth them to leave 18. reputation, left by any means 1 the faith, and hang on the law. Act. fhould up, or had run in vain Owitched you that you should 414 Faolifh Galatians who hath

CHAP. 111.

a Ephoi

This only would I learn of you. 5.22. Received ye the spirit by the works Rem of the law orbyf hearing of faith? 10, 16

132.3 But neither Titus who was with biCor.me, being a Greek was compelled not obey the truth, before whofe & Gal 9.26. to be circumcifeds eyes Jefus Chrift hath been evident-2. 3. Act. 4 And that because of dfalfe brethren 1 fet forth, crucified among you?c Gal. 16.3 unawares brought in, who came in 42Cor.privily to pig out our liberry 11. 26. which wehave in Chrill Jefus, that Act they might bring us into bondage: 3 Are ye fo foolish, having begun e Eccle 15. fo. 510 whom we gave plass by fubie in the Spirit, are ye now made per-7. 8. Phil. iqn.09 not tofan hour the truth fect by the flesh? Eze. 1.27 of the gospel might continue you. 4 Have ye fuffered fo many things 19.24 org. But of these who feemed to be fin vain if it be yer in vain. were fomwhat (wharfoever they were 5 Heg therefore that miniftreth to 28-18efteem-ie maketh no master to me. God ace you f Spirit, and worketh bmiracles 1 Core edceptech no mans perten:) for they among you, doth he it by the works 12. 19. who in cons of or hearing of 5.13.1 ferences added nothing to me. Even as Abraham believed God, 15.6. Gal. Burconerariwise, when they faw and it was accounted to him for Rom 1-11 that golpel of the huncircumeillon righteoufnefs. 3.28. that they. Jobne


do them on

Rom-was committed unto me, gospel Know ye therefore 2. 26. or the circumcifion was unco Peter: which are of k faith the fame are the 9:39. 11 Cor. 8 (For he that wroughzesectually children of Abraham, mkom 3.70 in Pater to the apostlethip of the cir And the fcripture forefeeing that 3.23 Rom.cumcifion, the fame was mighty in God would juftife the heathen v. 16 1518, me towards the Gentiles.)chrough faith,preached before the Gene 2 Jor. 9. And when James Cephas, and gofpel unto Abraham, faying, In 12.3. 1.18 John who seemed to be pillars, per- che thall all nations be blefed. o Pfal. Rer. ceived m the grace was given unto So then they which he of faith, 32.2 3.11. me, they gave to me and Barnabas are bleffed with faithful Abrahan. Reme Rom the right hands of fellowship, that so for p as many as are of the works 10.3. 1.5 we should go unto the heathen, and of the law,are under curfe: for it is Dea. and they unto the circumcifion. qwritten, Curfed is every one that 27.26. 12.3.1-19 Only they would that we fhould continueth not in all things which Rom. Eph.member the poor the fame which are written in the book of the law to 2.2. 3.8. Ialfo was a forward to do. Ler 1 Cor: II But when Peter was come to An-11 But that no man is juftified by 18.5. 12-8 tioch, I withdood him a to the face, the law in the fight of God, te is evi Ezek. #Rom becaule he was to be blamed.dent : for, the juft fhall live by faith.20.11. 15.272 For before that certain came from 11 And law is nor of faith:bue, The Rom 14.James he did ear with the Gentiles: man doth them fhall live in them.3.9. A but when they were some he with 13 Chrift hath redeemed us from the fo. 19.28. drew,and feparared himself,qfsazing curfe of the law, being made a curet Mate and them which were of the circumcifion for us: for it is written, Curfed 20. 28. 11.373 And the rother Jews diflembled is exery one that hangeth on a tree Mat Act likewife with him, infomuch thatBar 14 That che bleling or Abraham 1.21. 11. 2. nabasallo was carried away with might come on the Genriles through Heb. Pet their difhmulation. Jefus Chrift that we might receive 7.22. 5.3. 14 But when I faw that they walk promife of Spirit through faith. Den. 10 ed not uprightly, according to the Brethren, I fpeak after the man- 21.23. Jet not truth of the gospel, I laid unto Peter ner of men: though it be but a mans Luke their before them all, If thou, heing a Jew, covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no 23.43 feet livet after the manner of f Gentiles, man difannulleth, or addeth thereto. Ep right &nor as do rhe Jews,why compellet 16 Now to Abraham and his feed 1.-3. 1 Kin thou Gentiles co live as do Jews? were the promises made: He faith Gal 185 We who are Jews by nature, and hdr, Andro feeds, as of many; but a 2.20. Gal not finners ofthe Gentiles, ofone, Andre thy feed, is a Chrift. 200 6.17 16 Knowing that a man is not ju- 17 And this I fay, that the cover. 20. Rom-ftifed by y works of the law.bura by nant that was confirmed before of Mar 2,28 the faith of Jefus Chrift even we God in Chrift, the law which was 1. 1. Eph. have believed in Iefus Chrifti wa sour hundred & thirty years after, Luk. GB 7 can-2324 Gen.12.2. 4nd 15. 18. e Eñóríà ̧24mj


Roxy-3,20. Rom 3.24.


Rom. 4.45.Gal. 5. 2

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Chrift frath us

cannot difannul that it thould make 14 And my temptation which was inx Act. Galarlans. from the Les the promise of none effect. 18 For if the inheritance be of the ed, but received me as an angel ofy 2Cor. my flesh ye defpifed not, nor reject-20. 19. Rom.law, it is no more of promife: bur God, even as Chrift Jefus. 4.13. God gave it to Abraham by pro- Where is then the z bleffednefs Rom 5.20. and mife. 6.23. 19 Wherefore then ferveth the law that if it had been poffible, ye would a 1 Ki.. you fpake of? for I bear you record, 10. 15. Rom was added becaufe of teranfgreffions have plucked out your own eyes,and 22.8. 3.20. till the feed fhould come, to whom have given them to me. Ex. promife was made,and it was ordain19.21. ed f by angels in the hand of a meHeb. diator. 2.2. 10 Now a mediator is not a me & Mal. diator of one, but God gis one. 3.6. 21 is the law then against the pro


16 Am I therefore become a your 1.13.. enemy, becaufe I tell you the truth? Gen. not well yea, they would excluded 2 Pet. 176 They c zealously affect you, but3.12. 13B ut it is good to be zealoadly affecter Rom. you, that you might d affect chem.2.2 BEphe-mifes of God? God forbid for ited always in a good thing, and not 10.2. only when I am prefent with you. Cor My littlef children, of whom 14-15. travel in birth again, until Chriftg Exo. be formed in you.

there had been a law given which Rom-could have given life, verily 8.3. rightcoufnefs fhould have Kom the law. ave been by 3.23. 22 But the fcripture hath & conclu3.16. by faith of Jefus Chrift might be Johnded all under fin, that the promife m De given to them that believe. 4.7.

32. 1

ftand in doubt of you. 20 I defire to heg prefent with youb Prov. now, and to b change my voice, for 25.11. Rom under the law,do ye not hear law?k Gen. 11 Tell me, ye that defire to be 10.3.


13 But beforefaith came,we m were 'Rom kepe under the law, thut up unto the faith, which should afterwards Gr. be revealed. until 24Wherefore f law was w our fchoolar sto maftert to bring us unto Chrift, that Chrift we might be juftified by faith.


11.13 are one longer under a fchool-mafter
15 But after that faith is come, we
Heb. 9. 16 For ye are all the children of
Tos 11. God by faith in Chrift Jefus.

ham had two fons, one by ka bond- Gen.
22 For it is written, thar Abra- 16. 1.
maid, the other by a free-woman. 21.3.
23 Buthe who was of the bond-mRom
woman was born m after the Refh:bur 3.4
for thefe are the two covenants; the Exo
he of free-woman, was by promife. Jer.
24 Whick things are an allegory:31:30.
one from the p mount Sinai
which 17.1.
gendreth to bondage, which is Agar. Gen.
in Arabia, and anfwereth to Jerufalem At
25 For this q Agar is mount Sinai 21. 12. 1
which now is, & is rin bondage with 10

Ephe. 17 For as many of you as have been 4139 baptized into Chrift, have put on

are all one in Chrift Jefus.




Ephe.Chrift. 1.5.2 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, her children.at Romhere is neither bond nor free, there 26 But Jerufalem which is fabove, is 12.22. 3.29. is neither male nor female: for yet free,which is the a mother of us all. Johs. FAQ 10.34. 29 And if ye be Chrifts, then are barren that beareft not break forth 17 For it is written, Rejoyce thou8-36. Heb. ye Abrahams feed, and/ heirs accord- and cry thou that travelleft not: for 87.4 ing to the promife. CHAP. IV. the defolare hathy many more chil- Ifal. 28 Now we brethren, as Ifaacs 11. dren than the which hath an husband. 54 Mac. was, are the a children of promife, long as he is a child, differech no-fefh, perfecured him that was born 3.9. But as then he after Phil Mat. thing from a fervant, though he be after the Spirits even fo it is now. 20.8. lord of all, Luke But is b under tutors & governors, fcripture? & Caft out the bondwoman 30 Nevertheless, what faith the7 12.42. until time appointed of the father. and her fon: for the fon of the bond-1.9.1 b Gen. and 3 Even fo we, when we were chil-woman fhall not be heir with the fon 16.7. dren, were in bondage under the of the free-woman.s Gal. elements of the world:

We were under the law till Chrill
came, s Chrift freed us.

Gal. 4 as 3.24.




21. 10



Chriftian liberty to be made ufe of.
Tand faft therefore in the libertya John
free, and be not incangled again Act.
wherewith Chrift hath made us.36.

#3.15. 5.1. 4But when the dfulness of the time dren of bond-woman, but of free. 21So then,brethren,e we ate nor chil-4 Gen. Dan, was come, God fent forth his fon 2.25. made of a woman, made funder ··g v.25. Luke the law, 1.31.5. To redeem them that were under S f2 Cor.the law, that we might receive the a 5.21. badoption of fons.uce Gal. And becaufe ye are fons,God kat with the byoke of bondage.1 15.10. 313. fent forth the i fpirit of his Son into if ye be dcircumcifed; Chrift thall 1.1. kath Behold, I Paul fay unto you,thare Gal LEphe.your hearts, crying,k Abba, Father, profit you nothing. 1.6. 7 Wherefore thou art no more? a fer-3 For I teftine again to every man 10. 3: Episton pod Rom 12 Cor,vant,buta fon;& if a fon,then an heir that is circumcifed that he is a Deu 3.22. of God through Chrift strandtree debtor to do the whole law. Rom.8 Howbeit, then when ye knew note 4 Chrift is become of no effect untof Rom. 50727.200 8-15 God ye did fervice unto them youwhofoever of you are fjuftified 3.20 iv.3 which by nature are no a gods. for bwe through the Spirit wair fort 5. by the law ye are giallen from grace 1 Per the hope of rigbreoufnefs by faith, b Gal. 6 For in Jefus Chrib neither circum-2.15. cifion availesh any thing, nor uncir- Rome eth by love, dyg cumcifions, but faith which work-3.30. yk Jam. you ye fhould not obey the truth? Mar Ye did run well, who didm hinderz. 14. 8 This periwafion cometh #nor of 13.21. him that calleth you. NamJohne 9 A little o leaven leaveneth the 6.66. ti whaletump. Mar

Eph.o But now after that ye have known 2. 13. God, or rather are known of God, Ephe.how turn ye again to the weak and 2. 12. beggerly elements whereunto ye de Jer. fire again to be in bondage? 10. 11. 16 Yer obferve days,and moneths, Mar. and times, and yearsalsif untu 16. 17. 11am afraid of you, left I have 2 Pet beftowed upon you labour in vain. 4.21.12 Brethren, befeech you, le as I Rom.am; for I am as ye are ye have not 24.9. injured me at all. Cor.13 Ye know how through infrmity to thave confidence in youthrough 16.2317.2 of the flesh, I preached the gofpel the Lord, that you will be none Cor Phil unto you at the fall.salbundes sotherwife minded burip he that 57 3.79-4 #3Cor.11.30.21




tron-2Com •{• «AQJ

of faith and love.

Mar. troubleth you, fhall bear his

Rom. 25.1. John.


Ephefians Chap judge meekness confidering thy felt, left $1 Pee. 3.24. ment whofoever he be. hoy alfo be ctempted.5-8. Phil. 11 And 1,brethren, if I yet preach Bear ye one anothers burthens, 3.5. circumcifion why do 1 yee fuffer and fo fulffthe law of Chrift. Mat. perfecution then is the offence of 3 For if a man think himself to be 11.34 19 17. the cross ceafed. fomthing when he is nothing, he Luce #1 Pet. 12 I would they were even ? cut off deceiveth himself. 18.11. 2.10. which trouble you. 4Burler every mang prove his own * Cor. 13 For brethren, ye have been cal- werk,& then he thall have rejoycing 11.28. 9.19. led unto liberty, only fe not liberty in himself alone, and nor in another. b 2Cor. y Lev. for an occafion to the flesh, bue by S Forevery man thall bear his fown 1.12. 19. 18. love x ferve one another. burthen. Eze 6 Let him that is taught in the 18.4. word,k communicare unto him that Mate teacheth, in all goodthings. 10.100 7 Be not deceived, God is not/Ifat mocked for whatfoever a man 55 10. foweth, that fhall he also reap. m ver 8 For he that foweth to his flesh, 6.9. hall of the flesh reap corruption: Ame but he that foweth to the o Spirit, 6.4 60 thall of the spirit reap life everia e Pfal.






Cor. 14 Fory all the law is fulfilled in one 1.10. word, even in this, Thou fhalt love Rom thy neighbour as chy felt. 8.1. if But if ye zbire and devout one Joh another, take heed that ye he not 20160 confumed one of another. Song 16 This I fay then, a Walk in Spirit, Rom the flesh. an ye fhall not fulfil the 6 lut of 7. 19. 17 Forthe fefh lufteth against spirit Rom and the (pirit againft the flet,&thefe fting. 8.14. f Ifai. are e contrary the one to the other:fo 9 And let us not be weary in well- Cor. 3.9. that ye d cannot do the things thatye doing for in due feafon we fhall 15.58 reap, if we faint not. 9 Ephe g ICor. 18 But if ye be led by the fpirit, to As we have therefore 9 oppor- 5. 16. 5.1. ye are not under the law. tunity,let us do good unto all men, r Luke 1oNow the works off feth are f ma- efpecially unto them who are of the 10.37. Renifeft, are thefe, Adultery, fornica houthold of faith. iTline tion, uncleanness, lafcivioufnefs, n Ye fee how large a letterl have 3. 15. k Mat. 10 Idolatry witchcraft, hatred, written unto you with z mine own? Rom. 3. S. 16. 12. variance emulation, wrath, ftrife, hand. John fe litions, herefies, 11 As many as defire to make a fair # 2Cor. 15.8.21 Envyings, murthers, drunkenners, thew in the Refh, they couftrain you 11.13. Rom. b revelings, & fuch like: of which to be circumcifed only left they *Cor. 14-17. tell you before, as Ihave allo told you thould fuffer perfecution for the 2.2. mRom. in time paft, they do fuch things, cross of Christ. Mate 5.1. thall not inherit the kingdom of 13 For neither they themfelvs who 23.3. Col. God. are circumcifedy keep the law, but Act. 3.5. 21 But the k fruit of the Spirit is defire to have you circumcifed, that 20.30. 41 Cor. Már love, joy,m peace, long-faffering, they may z glory in your Hefn. 18.8. gentleneis, goodness, faith, 14 But God forbid that fhould glo- 2.2. Rom. 13 Meeknefs, temperance: against ry fave in thea crofs of our Lord Je- Com 1.24. fuch there is no law. fusChrift,by whom the world is cru- 4.12. cified unto me, & and I unto the world.




Rom. 14 And they that are Chrifts,have 8.5. crucified the flesh, with the o affe93 Joh. ctions and fafts. 15 For e in Chrift Jefus neither cir- 4 2Cor. v.9. 25 If we live in the Spirit, let us cumcifion availech any thing,nor un-5-17Luke alfo walk in the Spirit. circumcifion, but a new crearure. Pfal. 1726 Let us not be defirous of q vain, 16 And as many as walk accord- 119.6 Saglory, provoking one another,r en- ing to this rule peace be on them,&Rom. 38.7. vying one another. mercy, and upon the Ifrael of God. 51. 17 From henceforth let no man & Rem. trouble me; for I bear in my body 9.6.


2COT a He exhortech to mildness: 14 The the marks of the Lord Jefus. refs of Chrift is glory. 13 Brethren, the grace of our Lord 11.23. t


Jefus Chrift be your spirit. Amen." 36.24

#2 Sa.
if a man be overtaken
2Cor. Din a fault, ye which are fpiritual
19.2. restore fuch an one in the spirit of

Unto the Galatians written
from Rome.

¶ The Epistle of PAUL the Apostle to the


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him before the foundationof the Bleation and adoption, 11 which world, that we fhould be holy, and the true and proper fountain of fal- without blame before f him in Fcc




A&. 18.19. and



19 34.

Aul an apoftle of Jefus Chrift, Having predeftinated us untog Mas by the will of God, to thefaints the adoption of children by Jefus 11. 26. which are at 4 Ephefus, and to Chrift to himself, according to the Rom good pleasure of his will: the faithful in Chrift Jefus: Grace be to you, and 6 peace from To theb praife ofthe glory ofhis Rom Phil. God, our Father, and from the Lord grace wherem he hath made us ac- 9. 23. cepted in the beloved. Jefus Chrift. Ephe, 3 Eleffed be the God and Father of


i Mat.

our Lord 2. bfeffed us with all (piritual bleflings 1 Pet in cheavenly places in Chrift: 1.4 John. According as he bathe chofen us in

7 In whom we have k redemption 3.17. of fins according to the riches of 1.18. his graces Heb hah abounded to 9.12 8 Wherein he m ward us in all wildomand prudence; Col 9 Ha- 1.27. dal fungi foor 7A


1. 6.

Ephef. 3.5.7. Rom. 8. 29. Jeba. 15. 16.


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