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Deuteronomy. of former things. Num. nganto all that the LORD had given and I took twelve men of you, one of 21. 14. him in commandment unto them; a tribe.

Num. 4 After he had flain b Sihon the king 24 And they turned and went up? Nuni. 21.33.of the Amorites, which dwelt in into the mountain, and came unto the 13.25. kExo. Heibbon, and Og the king of Bathan, valley of Efhcol, and fearched it out. Judg 19.1.2, which dwelt at i Afhtaroth in Edrei. 25 And they took of the k fruit of the 16.4. Num. On this fide Jordan, in the land of land in their hands, and brought it Song 20.11. Moab, began Mofes to declare this down unto us, and brought us word 7.7.8. 12. law, faying, Gal.3. again,& faid, It is a good land,whithk Nu. 6 The LORD our God fpake unto the LORD our God doth give us. 13.25. 16, 17, us in Horeb, faying, Ye have dwelt 18. klong enough in this mount. Hebr. 7. Turn you, and take your journey, 4.6.11. and go to the mount of the Amorites, 27 And ye murmured in your tents, 14.2.3. 46.11, and unto all the places nigh thereunto, and faid, Because the LORD hated" Deu Num. In the plain, in the hills, and in the us, he hath brought us forth out ofthe +37 34.6 vale, and in the fouth, and by the fea- land of Egypt. to deliver us into the Heb Heb. fide, to the land of the Canaanites, hand of the Amorites, to destroy us: iven, and unto Lebanon, unto the great 28 Whither hall we go up? our Joh. Lev. river, the river Euphrates. brethren have difcouraged our heart, 2 25.23. 8 Behold, I havet fet the land before laying, The people is greater and taller Gen. Judg. you go in and poffefs the land which than we, the cities are great and walled-4 11.23. the LORD fware unto your fathers, o up to heaven: & moreover, we have

26 Notwithstandings ye would not/Num. go up,but m rebelled against the com- 13.27. mandment of the LORD your God. m Nu.




Rom. Abraham, Ifaac, and Jacob, to give un- feen the fons of thep Anakims there. 13.28. 623. to them,and to m their feed after them. 29 Then I fald unto you,Dread not P Deut. 2. 10. men 9 And I fpake unto you at that neither be afraid of them. 13.15.time, faying, I am not able to bear 30 The LORD your God,which goeth Judg. 7 Exo. you my felf alone: before you, he thall fight for you Exo 18. 14 10 The LORD your God hath mul- according to all that he did for you in 18, 19. tiplied you, & behold you are this day Egypt before your eyes: 19.44 Exo. as the oftars of heaven for multitude. Num. 31 And in the wilderness, where 11.12. 155.6.11 (The LORD God of your fathers thou haft feen how that the LORD Deut. Num. t make you a thousand times fo many thy God q bare thee as a man doth bear 3.46. more as ye are,and blefs you as he hath his fun, in all the way that ye went Heb. 32.10. Heb. promifed you) unthi ye came into this place..



add to 12 How can I my felf alone bear 32 Yet in this thing ye did a not Judes. You. your cumbrance, and your burthen, believe the LORD your God; Pfalm P Co. and your strife? 33 Who went in the way before you 78.22. 31.28. 139 Take ye wife men, and r under- to fearch you out a place to pitch Exo 1 Kin. ftanding, & known among your your tents in, in fire by night to 13.21. 3.8. tribes, and I will make them rulers thew you by what way ye fhould go Num. Acts over you. and in a cloud by day. 3.15. 10.34. 14 And ye anfwered me, and fald, 34 And the LORD heard the voice & Num and The thing which thou haft fpoken is of your words, and was wroth, and 14.23. 4.3.5.good for us to do. fware, faying, and Exod. 15 So I took the chief of your tribes, 35 Surely there fhall c not one of thefe 13.19. 18.25. wife men, and known, and made them men of this evil generation fee that Nu rifai. heads over you, captains over thou- good land, which I fware to give unto 13.30. 1.2. fands, and captains over hundreds, and your fathers; Ifal. captains over fifties, and captains over 36 Save 4 Cale the fon of Jephun-14.6. $3.3 tens, and officers among your tribes. neh, he fhall feelt, and to him will It Hes. xod. 16 And I charged your judges at that give the land that he hath troden up-fulfil18.21. time, faying, Hear the caufes between on, and to his children, becaufe heed to 12sa. yeu brethren,and a judge righteoudly harh wholly followed the LORD. 23.3. between every man and his brother, 37 Alfo the LORD was angry e with fer goaf Joan and the stranger that is with him. me ffor your fakes, faying, g Thou Num. 7.24% 17 Ye fhau not trefpect perfons in alfo halt not go in thither. 14.24. Heb. Judgment, but you fhall hear the fmall 38But b Joshua the ton of Nun,which Num. acknom as well as the grear, you shall not be fitandeth before thee, he fhall go in 20. 10. ledge afraid of the face of man for the thither. Encourage him: for he fhail Pfal. faces. judgment b is Gods: and c the caufe caufe Ifrael to inherit it. 106. Lev. that is too hard for you, bring it unto 19.15. me, and I will hear fr. 62 Ch. 18 And I commanded yon at that 10.6. time allthings which ye thould do. c Exo. 19 And when we e departed from Ho19. 22. reb, we went through all that great and Heb. terrible wildemefs, & you faw by the 3.2. way of mountain of the Amorites, & John as the LORD our God commanded us: 15. 1. and we came to Kadesh-barnea. Matth. 20 And I faid unto yon, Ye are come 28. 20. unto the mountain of the Amorites, Acts which the LORD our God doth give

39 Morcover,your little ones,which 32,33. ye faid should be a prey, and your Num children which in that day had no 20. 10. knowledge m between good and evil, gNum. they n fhall go in thither,& unto them 20. 12. will I give it, and they fhall poffefsit., and 40 But as for you, turn ye,and take 27. 14. your journey into the wilderness, by Nu. o the way of the Red-fea. 13.8..

41 Then ye answered and fald unto ii Ki me,We havep finned against the Lord, 1.1. we will go up and fight, according & Num. to all that the LORD our God com-27. 19. manded us. And when ye had girded / Num. on every man his weapons of war, ye 14.3. were ready to go up into the hill. m Ifa.

20. 20. unto us.

42 And the LORD faid unto me,7.15. Say unto them, Go not up, neither ʼn Nu. fight, for I am q not among you; leit 14.31. ye be imitten before your enemies. . Num. 43 So I fpake unto you, and you 14.25. would not hear, but rebelled against Num. the commandment of the LORD, and 14.39. went prefumptuoufly up into the hiM.q Hof. 44 And the Amorites which dwell in 9. 12. that mountain, came out against you, Plat & chafed you asr bees do,& deftroved 118.12 you


e Matt. 21 Behold the LORD thy God hath
17.4.fet the land before thee: go up and
fjer. poffefs it, as the LORD God of thy
2.6. fathers hath faid unto thee; fear not,
Deut. neither be dif.ouraged. zy

22 And ye came near unto me
Num. every one of you, and faid, We will
10. 12. fend men before us, and they thall
Pfalm fearch us out the land, and bring us
03. 1. word again by what way we muff go
Ifai.up, and into what cities we shall come.
4.34 23 And the faying pleafed me well:
10. 19.gAm. 2.9.b Nu. 13.2.3.Jof.2.12.

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Ifrael may not yet fight.

Sibonoverthrown. Chap. ij. you in Seir, even unto Hormah 19 And when thou comelt nigh overx Gen 45 And ye returned and wept be- againit v children of xAmmon,diftrefs 19.35 Heb. fore the LORD; but the LORD would them not, nor meddle with them: for v.37. 12.17/not hearken to your voice, not give I will not give thee of the land of the y Gen. Num. car unto you. children of Ammon, any poffeffion, 14.51 13.27. 46So ye abode int Kadeh many days, becaufe I have given it unto the chil-t Heb. And according unto the days that yeabode dren of Lor for a poffeflion. 20.14% there. CHAP. II.


zo (That alfo was accounted a land Chorita
of giants, glants dwelt therein in old Gen.
time, and the Ammonites call them 14.6.
y Zamzummims.
≈ Joth,

the way of the Red-fea, as the LORD ftead:
a Deu. a fpake unto me and we compassed
1.40. 6 mount Seir many days.
bu. 2 And the LORD fpake unto me,
21.4. faying,

23 And the Avims which dwelt in 12.23



21 A people great, and many, and 13.3. tall as the Anakims: but the LORD 2 King Hen we turned, and took our deftroyed them before them, and they 17.24. 10.19% 22 As he did to the children of Efau b Gen. which dwelt in Seir, when he deftroy- 10. 14. ed the + Horims from before them,and Acts they fucceeded them, and dwelt in their 17.26: Deut. 3 Ye have compaffed this mountain ftead even unto this day: Job 1.6. clong enough: turn you north-ward. 4 Nu. 4 And command thou the people, Hazerim,even unto a Azzah,the Caph- Amos 20. 14. faying Ye are to pass through the torims which came forth out of 9.7. Exo. coaft of your dbrethren the children of 6 Caphtor, deftroyed them, and dwelt Num. 15.15. Efau, which dwell in Seir, and they in their ftead.) Num. fhall be e afraid of you take ye f good 24 Rife ye up, take your journey, d Nu. 22.3. heed unto your felves therefore. & pafs over the criver Arnon: behold, 21.13. fCol. Meddle not them; for I will not I have given into thy hand 4 Sihon the Deu. 4.5. give you of their land no not fo much Amorite king of Hefhbon, and his 11.25. Ephef. as a foot-breadth, becaufe I have given land: begin to poffefs it, and contend Joh. 5.15. mount Seir unto Efau for a poffeffion. with him in battel. Matth. 6 Ye shall i buy meat of them for 25 This day will I begin to put the fPfal. 5-16. money, thar ye may car, and ye thalle dread of thee, and the fear of thee 48.6. verf. alfo't buy water of them for money, upon the nations that are under the Job 9.24. that ye may drink. whole heaven, who fhall hear report 12.24. Prove 7 For the LORD thy God hath blef- of thee, and thall tremble, and be ing Joh. 24.6. 13-18 fed thee in all the works of thy hand: fanguifh becanfe of thee. Pal. he kknoweth thy walking through this 144. 1. great wilderness: thefe forty years the Rom. LORD thy God bath been with thee, 12. 18. thou haft lacked nothing.) +Heb. 8 And when we m paffed by from our evento brethren the children of Efau, which dwelt in Seir, through the way of the plain from 7 Elath, and from Ezionding gaber, we turned and paffed by the the way of the wilderness of Moab. Jole of And the LORD faid unto me, the o Diftrefs not the Moabites, neither foot. contend with them in barrel: for I will Rom. not give thee of their land for a poffef9.11. fion, because I have given Arunto b Deu. the children of Lot for a poffeffion. 32.8. 10 The q Emims dwelt there in Deut. times paft a people great, and many, 11:2 and tail as the Anakims; + Heb. dig.

26 And I fent meffengers out of and the wildernefs of g Kedemoth, unto 21.37. Sibon king of Hefhbon, with words of Deu. b peace, faying,




27 Let me pafs through thy landt Heb. will go along by the high way, I by the will neither turn unto the right hand by the


the trea

nor to the left.

28. Thou shalt fell me meat for way. Num. money, that F may ear; and give me 21.21. water for money, that I may drink; Col. only I will pass thorow i on my feet: 29. (As the children of k Efau which 45 Num. dwell in Seir, and the Moabites which dwell in Ar did unto me) until I fhall 19. Judg. pafs over Jordan, into the land which 4.1.50 the LORD our God giveth us.

11 Which alfo were accounted glants, as the Anakims, but the MoKPfal. abites call them Emims.


30 But Sihon king of Hefhbon 7-17. 2 Sam. would not let us pafs by him; for the LORD thy God hardned his fpirit, 15-17 and made his heart obftinate, that he Nu 20. 18. might deliver him into thy hand, as Judg. 1. 6. 12 The Horims alfo dwelt in Seir appeareth this day. /Gen. before time, but the children of Efau 31 And the LORD faid unto me,Be21.22. fuccecded them, when they had hold, I have begun to m give Sihon and Exo. m Nu. deftroyed them from before them, and his land before thee: begin to poffefs, Jofb. 20.14 dwelt in their itead, r as Ifrael did unto that thou may eft inherit his land. 11.20 21 Kl. the land of his poffeffion, which the 32 Then Sihon came out against usm Deu. 9.26. he & all his people, to fight at Jalaz. 7. 8. Jude, LORD gave unto them.




13 Now rife up faid I,and get you
Nu. over the brook/Zered and we went
over the brook Zered.
21.25. 14 And the fpace in which we came
trom Kadesh-barnea, until we were
14.5. come over the brook Zered, was thirty
TV. 22, and eight years: untilt all the genera
2324 tion of the men of war were waited
out from among the hoft, as the
21. 12
Nrm LORD fware unto them.

33 And the LORD our God deliver Rom.
ed him before us, and wep fmote him, 6.23.
and his fons, and all his people. 7 Pfal.
34 And we took all his cities at that 120.7.
time, and utterly deftroyed the men, Exod.
and the women, and the little ones of 16.8.
every city, we left none to remain: Nu.
35 Only the cartel we took for 221.23
prey unto our felves, and the spoil of
the citles which we took.


15 For indeed the hand of the Pfal. LORD was againit them, to destroy 78.33. them from among the hott, until they

21.24. Rey. 17.14. Heb



The florie is continued touching the
Edomites, 9 The Moabites. 17 the
Ammonites, 24 and Sibon the Amo-
rite Act

16 So it came to pafs, when all the
men of war were confumed and dead

from among the people anto me
17 That the LORD fpake unto me,
faying by

18 Thou art to pafs over through
Ar, the coaft of Moab, this day.

36 From Aroer which is by the brink of the river of Arnon,and from the city that is by the river, even un


to Gilead, there was not one city too
strong for us the EORD our God citien
delivered all unto us.

37 Only unto the land of the chil-men dren of Ammon thou cameft not, nor lite unto fany place of the river Jabbok, leones. F4 nor qNum. 21115.r Pfal. 44.3.Num. 21.24.

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2 Ch. nur unto the cities in the mountains, 19 Bar your wives, and your little b Num. Mofer prayer to outer Canaan.. 20. 1, nor unto whatfoever the LORD our ones, and your cattel (for I know 27. 18. Amos God forbad us. 2. 13. that ye have much carrel) fhall abide di Sa. In your cities which I have given you; 17.36 1 Of Og king of Baban. 23 Mofe's 20 Until the LORD have givend 20h. Prayer to as the land. 26 He is reft unto your brethren as well as un-13 12. permitted to fee it. to you and until they alfo poffefs the Rev. Num. Try Hem we turne, and went up the land which the LORD your God hath 19.11 4 way to Bathan and Og the kint given them beyond Jordan, and then 12. 133 of Bahan came out again us he hall ye return every man unto his Ifai. and all his people to battel at Edrei, poffeffion which I have given you. 63. 1. 2 And the LORD Taid unto me, Fear 21 And I commanded 6 Joshua ate Deu Num him not, forl will deliver him, and feen all that the LORD your Godf Pfal. 21.34. his people, & his land into thine hath done unto thefe two kings aefo 86., 8.. have Nun. hand, and thou thatt do unto him as ball the LORD do unto all the and 210:35. Joh. thou cidit unto Sihen king of the kingdoms whither thou paffeft. 12.4.5.


Amorites, which dweltat b Heihbon.

89: 8. 22 Ye fhall not fear them for the 2 San.

Pfalm 3 So the LORD our God delivered Lord yourGod he fhall d fight for you. 7. 22.
127.2. into our hans Oglfo the king of
Bathan, and an his people, and we that time, faying,
fmore him untilnone was left to him

13 And I befought the LORD at Exod


240 Lori GOD,thou haft e begunt Heb. 6.15. + And we took all his cities at that & thy mighty hand : for fwhat God Pfalm to fhew thy fervant thy greatnefs Powers time, there was not a city which we is there in heaven or in earth, that 106 12.4. took not from them; threefcore cicles, can do according to thy works, and 2, and Heb. all the region of Argob, the king- according to thy t might? Finger, dom of Og in Bahan. 145.4 cord

5 All these cities w fenced with 35 I pray thee fet me go over,and fee Mart. Ki. high walls, gates and bars befide good land that is beyond Jordan,7. 22. that bgoodly mountain,& Lebanon. Eze. El Junwalled towns a greae many. And we utterly deftroyed them, as me k for your fakes, and would not fal 26 But the LORD was wroth with 20. 6. 9.19. we did unto Sihor king of Hefhbon: hear me; and the LORD faid unto 15. I. Am. gutterly deftroying the men,women, me, /Let it fuffice thee,fpeak no more 249 andchildren of verycity. D'Prat. unto me of this matter.


7 But all the cattel, and the foil of $35. the cities, we cock for a prey to our rj. felves.


Deut. 3 And we took at that time out of 4.43. the hand of the two kings of the AmoFig. rites, the bland that was on this fide . Jordan, from the river of Arnon un

7 Get thee up into the top of Piff Song gah, and lift up thine eyes westward, eafrward, and behold it with thine, and northward and fouthward, and 20.3 eyes: for thou shalt not go over this Jordan. 28 Butcharge Joshua, and encou- 4.21. he thall go over before this people t tage him, ani ftrengthen him for 1.2 Co. and he fhall caufe them to inherit the 12 8.9. land which thou shalt fee.

20. Deut.

3.3. 29. 6.

to mount Hermon:

Is Snow monist.

9(Which Hermon the Sidonians call
That Kirton Amorites call it Shenir.)
10 All the cities of the plain and
all Gilead, and all Bathan, unto Salcah
and Edrei, cities of the kingdom of
Gen. Og in Bafhan:

V. 21,

against Beth-peor
29 So we abode in the valley over John
I. 17.

14. A

1 For only Og king of Bathan m Pfal. remained of the remnant of 7glants; 126. behold, his bedstead as a bedftead 11 of miron: ist not my Rabba og

An exhortation to obedience.41 MoCHAP. 1V. fer appeinteth the three cities of Now therefore hearken, Ifrael a Rom. refuge on that fide Jordan. Sa of Ainmon?nine o cubits m 13. 16. die length thereof, and four cabies the judgments which I teach you, for to 5 Rom ⚫ Gen. breadth of it,after the cubit of a man. do them,that yeb may live, & go in 10. 5. unto the 13, 12 And this land which we poffe fed & c poffefs the land which the LORD e Gen. H.b. Reet that line from Arder, which is God of your fathers giveth you. by the river Arnon, and half mount dite. Gilead, & the cities thereof,gave I un- which I command you, neither fhall 3. 15.. 2 Yehall not add unto the word & Gal. 12.5 Num. to the Reubenices,& to the Gadices. you diminifh ught from it, that ye2 Tim.. 3. 3 13 And the rest of Gilead, and all may keep the commandments of the 2. 16. 40. Baihan, being the kingdom of Og, Lordyour God which I command you. Prov. 42 Sa. gavel unto y half tribe ofp 3.3. all region of Argob,widi all Balhan, LORD did becaufe of e Baal-peor: for Rev. 3 Your eyes have feen what the30.5, 6.. and which was called the land of giants. all the men that followed Baal-peor 22. 18. 19, 6. 14 Jair, the fon of Manaffeh took the LORD this God hath deftroyed Matth.. all the countrey of Argob, unto the them from, among you. 37. 4T. Ki coafts of a Gelhuri,and Maach athi; & called, them, after his own name ID. 33. Chr Bathan-havoch-jar, unto this day. And I gave/Gilead unto tMachir. 16 And unto the Reubenites and 174 unto the Gaditesik gave from Gilead even unto the river Arnon, half the 23. valley and the border, even unto the Num river Tabbok which is the border of de chil fren of Ammon & 29. Num. 17 The plain alfo, and Jordan, and 4. 11. the coaft thereof, from Chinnereth which hall hear all thefe ftatutes,and 10.20. 3.G.. even unto the sea of the plain, even tay Surely this great nation is ag Pfal. 14.3. the y falt fea, under Afhdoth-pigah wife and understanding people. Joth. cat-ward. 19-7 For what nation is there fo2 Tim. 18 And I commanded you at that great, who hath God fo i nigh unra 3. 1. Nun. fine, laying, The LORD your God, them, as the LORD our God is inb Mal. 20, hath given you this land to poffefs all things that we call upon him for 3. 12. Heb. it: ye ball pafs over, armed before. on of your brethren the children of Ifracl, great bath flatuces and judgments. 26. 1.8 And what nation is there for Deus Tower, an that are meet for the war. fo Jof.24 19. Pfal. 145.18.

LORD your God, are alive every 25. 1.
4 But ye that did cleave f unto thee Num.
5. 18.
one of you this day.


Behold, have taught you fta-106.28.. cures and judgments Pfalm LORD my God commanded me 9.4.6. even as the f Ezek.. that ye thould do fo in the land 2 Tim. whither ye go to poffefs it.

2. 19.

6 Keep therefore, and do them, for Rev. ftanding in the b fight of the nations, Delic this is your g wifdom & your under-20, 4.




to obedith@g An Exhortation. *Prov. righteous, as all this law which 16 £1 call heaven and earth o wit-k Deu,' 3.1.3. I fet before you this day? nefs against you this day,that ye fhal30. 19. and 4. Only take heed to thy felf, and foon utterly/perish from off the land? Deur. 21; keep thy foul diligently left thou whereunto you go over Jordan to Gen. forget the things which thine eyes poffefs fe: ye shall not prolong yourt Heb. 18. 19. have feen,and left they depart from days upon it, but fhall utterly been of Deut. thy heart all the days of thy life: but deltroyed. 7teach then diy fons,& thy fons funs: 27 And the LORD thall feattesber 10 Specially in the day that thou you among the nations, and ye thall Job toodeft before the LORD thy God be left few in number among the 16. 22. in Horeb, when the LORD faid un- heathen, whither the LORD fra Gen 34.30. to me, Gather me the people toge- lead you. Exo. ther, and I will make them hear my 28 And there ye shall ferve gods. Pfal. 12.16. words, that they may learn to fear the work of mens hands, wood and. 4. Heb me all the days that they hall five tone, which neither in fee,nor hear. Jereni. 10.2,0. 17. 18. upon the earth and that they may hor car, nor friell. Pfal., teach their children. 29 But if n from thence thou fhalt? Neh. 51.8 11 And ye came near and food feek the Lord thy God,thou shalt 5hd 2 o Deu, under the mountain, and the moun- him, if thou feek him with all thine erem. 29. 12. 9.23. tain o burdt with fire unto the inicft heaft, & with allthy four. 7 Exo. of heaven, with darknefs, clouds 20. 21. and thick darkness..

30 When thou art in tribulation, H.b. and all these things tate come upon And thee,ven in the latter days, if thou thee. turn to the LORD thy God, aho fhalt be obedient unto his voice: 31 For the LORD thy God is a

Dur 31. 17.

Ifai. 12 And the LORD fpake untoyou 40.18. out of the midst of the fite: ye heard Exo. the voice of the words, but faw y ho 31. 18. fimilitude, only ye heard a volée. Exod. 13 And he declared unto you His merciful God) he will not forfake Hof. covenant, which he commanded you thee, neither deftroy thee;not forget3.5. Jofh. to perform even ten commandments, the covehane of thy fathers, which he 23. 11. and he wrote them upon two tables fware unto them." Jer. 17. of r ftone. 21.

21 1.


32 For'q ask now of the days that? Job 14 T And the LORD command. are paft, which were before thee, finced. Mal. ed me at that time,to teach youffta- the day that God created man upon Deut. 2,15, cures and judgments, that ye might earth, and ask from the r one fide 01304 whether Anos Col. do them in the land whither ye go heaven unto the other, there hath been any fach thing a 3.2. 1.15. over to poffefs it. or hath been 132 fis Take ye therefore good heed un- this great thing i 42.18. to your felves for ye law no manExo. ner of fimilitude on the day that the 20. 4. LORD spake unto you in Horeb,dut Rom. of the midst of the fire.) 1.23.


Judg. heard like it? 33 Did ever people hear the voic. Gen. of God fpeaking out of the midst of the fire as thou hafheard, and live: Exo. 34 Or hath Godaflayed to go and 3.12. another nation,by temprarlons,byaby by war by a miglity hand; and by a Pitretch-212 ed out arm, and by great a terrors,6. S. according to all that the LORD your fat. God tid for you In Egypt before 4 your eyes?

Exo. 9.

16 Left ye corrupt your felves and litude of any figure,the likeness of or female, nale e lenes of any y, beat that Amos is on the earth, the likeneis of any 55. winged fowl that fieth in the afr, Job 8The likeness of any thing that 31.26 creepeth on, the ground, the likeness Deut of any fish that is in the waters be13.5. neath the earth:

21. 3. and 17. 16.


Mat. 19 And left thou lift up thine eyes 5.4. unco heaven,and when thou feeft the Rom. fun, and the moon, and the fars, 1.20.ven all the host of heaven,lhoul eft

35 Unto thee it was fhewed, that . 9. thou mighteft & know that LORThePl is God. There is none effe befides him.94. 12. 36Out of heaven he made the toxi. hear his voice, he might d'inftruct 24.16. tee: and eupon earth he fhewed thee

1 Kin be a driven to worship them, and ferve his great fife, and thou heardeft His 8.51. them, which the LORD thy God bhath words but of the midft of the fire. Cor. Jer. divided unto all nations under the 37 And because he loved thy father's, 10. 1 II.4.whote heaven. therefore he chose their feed after Exod. d Exo. 20 But the LORD hath taken you, them,&Brought thee dut fin his fight 13. 21. 19 and brought you forth out of the with his mighty power our of Bgypt: and Tit. 2. Iron even To drive from 19. 14 unto him a peopleof dinheritance, as fore thee, greater and mightier than thou drt, to bring thee in to give thee 4,21. e Deut.ge are this day. 3.26. b.1 Ch. 21 Furthermore, the LORD was their land for an inheritance, as it is this day: and angry with mee for your fakes, and 32. Tware that I fhould not go over Jor. 30h Know therefore this day and edn 28.9. Heb. dan, and that I fhould not go in derit in thine heart, that the LORD Dear. that land he is In above and upon

g Deu

5. 16.


Gal. 3. thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, the earth beneath there is none elfe. Splief. 24. 22 But I muft die in this land, I 40 Thou fale keep therefore his 3. Co mult frior go over Jordan:but ye shall ftatutes, and his commandments, 11. 23. go over and pbffers that good land. Which I command thee this day. 34 b Den23 Take heed unto your felves, left that it may i go well with thee, and Tim. 93ye forget the covenant of the LORD with thy children after thee, and that 4.8. Heb. your God which he trade with you, thou mayell prolong, thy'days upon Jerem. 12. 29. and make you agraven image, or the the earth which the LORD ty God Z.ph. Hikelfefs of any thing which the giveth thee, for ever

Mart. TS. LORD iyGod hath forbidden thee. 41 Then Mofes revered k durée clytes 33. Biol. For the LORD thy God is acon. on this fids Jordan towardy fun-rifing. br 41 That the flayer might fee th11 26. 2477. fuming bifre, tyen al jealous God. Deut. When thou shalt beget chiler, wifch should kill his neigh. Cor. 32. 22. Tre and endfens children, and half but unawares and liated him not4 15 imes paft and that fleeing untok. Prov. Havet Yenamed long in the land and ete dietes he might lives ely m Bezer in die wilder-? plain-counerey of the19.. Reibe Exod. 23. 28. m Joh. 20 3.


8 man cofrupt your felves and makez dhe H.b.graven Image, of the likenets of iny 43 waxen thing, and thall do evil in the fight, he Arong the LORD dy God, to provoke

him to anger:

Peli 79. 6. Eph.


The late repeated,




19 T Neither fhalt thou steal.

20 Neither halt thou bear talfe? 20. 15. witnefs against thy neighbour.

1 Tim.

21 Neither halt thou u defire thy 6. 10.
neighbours wife, neither fhalt thou Thef.
cover thy neighbours houfe his field,4.6.
or his man-fervant, or his maid-fer-Mal.
vant, his ox, or,his afs, or any thing3 8.
that is thy neighbours.

3.2. Deu. 3:17. Nun. 24. 3.

and received. Reubenices and Ramoth in Gilead, hand, and by a ftretched-out arm: Exo. of the Gadites; and Golan in Bafhan, therefore the LORD thy God com-20 11. of the Manaflites. manded thee to keep fabbath day.. Eph. 44 And this is the law which 16 T Honour thy father and thy. Mofes fet before the children of Ifra 1: mother, as the LORD thy God hath Deut. 45 There are the reltimonies, and commanded thee, that thy days may 4. 40. the ftatutes,& the judgments, which be prolonged, and that it may go 7 Exo. Mofes fpake unto children of Ifrael, well with thee, in the land which the 20. 13. after they came forth out of Egypt; LORD thy God giveth thee. Jam. 46 On this fide Jordan in the valley 17 Thou shalt not kill over againit Beth-peor, in the lant 18 9 Neither halt thour commit Exod. of Sthen king of the Amorites, who adultery. 20 14. dwelt at Heibbon › whom Mofes and Num. the children of Ifrael fmore, after Exo. 21.23. they were come forth out of Egypt: Deut. 47 And they poffeffed his land, and 3.3. the land or o Og king of Balhan,two 1.ut. kings of the Amorices, which were on this fide Jordan,toward the fun-rifing: 48 From Aroers which is by the bank of the river of Arnon,even unro mount Sion, which is Hermon, 49 And all the plain on this fide Du. Jordan caft-ward,even unto fea of 3. 17. plain,under the fprings of Pifah, The covenant in Horeb 6The ten Com mandments. 13 4 the peopler request Mofes receiveth the law from God. a Deut 20tut called a all and the of the midft of faid unto them, Hear, Offrael,the the darkness (for the mountain did Rom. Heb. ftatuces and judgments which I fpeak burn with fire) that ye came near unto 13.7. keep to in your ears this day, that ye may me even all the a heads of your tribes, Plam dothem learn them, and keep and do them. and your elders. 112. 9. Matt. a The LORD our God b made a co- 24 And yefald, Behold, the LORD Exod. 23 3. venant with us in c Horeb. our God hath fhewed us his glory,20 16. Deu. 3 The LORD made not this covenant and his greatnefs, & b we have heard Exo. 4.23 with our fathers, burd with us,even us, his voice out of the midft of the fire: 20. 17. Fod. who are all of us here alive this day. we have feen this day that God doth x Deu. 4 The LORD talked with your face talk with man, and he liveth. 4.2. Gal to face in die mount, out of the 3 21. midft of the fire, Exo. (I food between the LORD and 33. 11. you at that time to fhew you the Gal. word of the LORD: for ye were a319. fraid by reafon of the fire, and went Exod. not up into the mount J faying,, 16 16. 6 am the LORD thy God, which

22 Thef words the LORD fpake. 4.
unto all your affembly in the mount Matt.
out of the midft of the fire, of the 22 11.
cloud, and of the thick darkness, with Heb.
a great x no more: 13.5.
and he wrote them in two tables y of it. 2.
ftone, and delivered them unto me.
23 And it came to pafs when ye Matt.



15 Now therefore d why fhould we y Exo. die? for this great fire will confume 1 19. us. If we hear the voice of the LORD Job our God any more, then we fhall f die. 19. 23. 26 For who is there cf g all firth Deu. hath heard the voice of the b living 13. 18. God, fpeaking out of the midft of Exod. the fire (as we have) and Hved? 20. 18.

Heb. brought thee our of the land of E-37k Go thou near, and hear all that Heb. Ser- gypt, from the houfe oft bondage. the LORD our God fhall fay; and/ 12. 18. vants. Thou shalt have none g other gods fpeak thou unto us all that the LORD Gal. 3. Exod. before me. our God fhall Speak unto thee, and we 19. will hear it, and do it.

JAY Stre

á Exo. 18 And the LORD heard the voice20. 1S. of your words, when ye fpake untob Exo. me and the LORD faid unto me, 19. 19. I have heard the voice of the words cDeu.


20. 2. 8 Thou shalt not make thee any Ezek. graven image, or any likeness of any 20.5, 9. thing that is in heaven above, or 2 Sam. that is in the earth beneath, or that is 7.23. in the waters beneath the earth. Exo. 9 Thou shalt not bow down thy felf of this people, which they have 4.33. 20.3. unto them, nor ferve them: for I the fpoken unto thee:they have m well fald d Rom. LORD thy God am a jealous God, all that they have spoken. 8. 15. visiting the iniquity of the fathers, 29 Oh that there were fuch an heart and upon the children,unto the third and in them, that they wouldfear me, 7.9, 10. fourth generation of them hate me, and keep all my commandments al- Gen. To And thewing mercy unto thou- ways,that it might be well with them, 16. 13. fands, of them that h love me, and and with their children for ever. Judg. b John keep my commandments.7 30 Go fay to them, Get you into 6. 22. 14 15. 11 Thou thalt not take the name of your tents again. e Deu. Deut. the LORD hy God in vain for the 31 But as for thee, ftand thou here 33.2. 3.2.LOKD will not hold him guiltlefs by me, and I will ofpeak unto thee all rem. V. 31 that taketh his name in vain. the commandments, and the ftatutes, 20, 9. Dan. 12 Keep the fabbath day to fanctifie and the judgments which thou fhalt Heb. D. 4. it, as the LORD thy God hath teach them, that they may do them in 12. 18. commanded thee. land which I give them to poffefs it. f Gal. 32 Ye fhall obferve to do therefore as 3.21. the LORD your God hath commanded 2 Cor. you you fhall not turn afide to the 3. 6. right hand or to the left. Gen. 33 Ye thall walk in g all the ways 6. 12. which the LORD your God hath com- Ifai.


13 Six days thou fhalt labour, and do all thy work: Gen.14 But the feventh day is the k fabbath of the LORD thy God in it Heb.thon fhalt not do any work, thou, nor 4.4. thy fon, nor thy daughter, nor thy man-fervant, nor thy maid-fervant, manded you, that ye may Hive, and 40. 6. Bor thine ox, northine afs, nor any that it may ber well with you, and Joh. of thy cattel, nor thy ftranger that that ye may prolong your days in 1. 10. Neh. within thy gates that thy man- the land which ye fhall poffefs. Thef. 33.15 and thy may 1.9 Lev. reft as well as thou. Heb. 2. 15. k. Acts 3. 22. / Deut. 18. 15. 15 And remember that thou waft a m Deut. 18. 17. Deut 11.1. 02 Pet 1. 2. fervant in the land of Egypt, and p Ifa. 30 21. q Pfal. 119. 6. r Deut. 54.40. that the LORD thy God brought


ace out thence, through a mighty


"Deu. 19 7. and

6. 17. 1 Kin. 2.3.

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