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S. Joha

Lazarus raised Achat Jefus was coming,went and met which Jefus did, believed on him. Christ fet aminted, him:bur Mary face fill in the houf. 46 But fome of them went theirg 2 Cor. 2Kin. 21 Then faid Marcha unto Jefus, ways to the Pharifees and told 1. 14.0 5. 11. Lord, it thou hadt been here, my them what things Jefus had done. a Pfal. brother had noe did, w 2 Tim. 115.11. 22 But I know that even now and the Pharisees a councel and b Amos 47 Then gathered the chief priests 3.13. and whatfoever thou wilt ask of God, faid, What do we for this man doth 7. 10. 31. 28. God will give it thee. v. 42. Jefus faich unto her, 'Thyro-48 If we let him thus kalone, all 4. 16. many and Ats her men will b.lieve on him 24 Martha faith unto him, I know mans shall come and take away both 11:4 Eith that he fhall rife again in the re- our place and nation. YETK furrection at thelaft day. Thef. Jefus faich uzeq her, el am the being high priest y fame year, faid John ce and natio mamed Caiaphas John 4.13 refurrection and the lifes he that be unto them. Ve know nothing at all, 18. 14, d:Cor-lieveth in me though he were dead) 5 Nor confider that it is/ expedient m Nam. yet fhall he flively sus 26 And whofoever liveth, and be the pepl, and that the whole na-Act 4. for us that one man fhould die for 3.5.2 lievech in me, fhall & never die. Betion perith nor. lievelt chou this? 30LNK BELO


4. 14.



Buy 2. 14.

together in one the children of Mar. God that were fcattered abroad.

10, 16.

12, 13 Luke 1+14 Forst 27, 23. • John 27 She faith unto him, Yea, Lord, And chis (pake he not of him-John 1+ 6. I believe that thou art the Chrift hem prophefted that Jefus fhould die Eph. feli: but being high prieft that years 10. 16. Cor. the Son of God, which should come for that nation: 15. 22 into the world. Phil. 28 And when he had fo faid, the ly, but that alfo he fhould gather 3.29. 52 And not for that nation on Gal 3.20went her way and called Mary her Mat. filter fecrerly, ying, The Matter is 23:30 come, and kalleth for thee. Rev. 20.6. 49 As foon as the heard that, the arof quickly,& came unto him. 1. John 3.14. 30 Now Jefus was not yet come into to death. the town hut was in that p t place where openly sonrefore walked no more 3. 16. John Marcha met him in garde waarto openly among the Jews but went Luxe 31 The Jews then which were with thence unto a countrey near to the 22. 28. her in the house, and comforted her, im, and there 4 continued with his 9.6. wilderness, into a city called Ephra-r Num. when they faw Mary, that the rose up difciples. hattily, and went out, followed her, faying he goeth unto the graves to 16, 17, weep there.

53 Then from chat day forth, theypiChr. took counfel cogether for to put him 13. 19.

6.69. I, John 416. Pfalm

2.2. Mat

Heb. 9. 55 And the Jews paffeover was 9, 10. nigh at hand, and many went our of 2. Chr. 32 Then when Mary was come the paffeover 7 to putine themfelvs. Ifai. the countrey up to Jerufalem before 30. f. Mar. where Jefus was, and faw him, the Then fought they for Jefus, and 15. 10.42 fell down at his feet, faying unto (pake among themfelvs, as they food Rom. Th. him, Lord, ifthou had been heres in the temple, What think ye that 3.15. Pfal. my brother had not died.

4. 16.

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33 When Jefus therefore faw her he will not come to the traft Mate 7.38.m weeping, and the Jews alfo weeping Now both che chief priests and 26. 48. Hebr which came with her,he groaned in the Pharifces had given a command- Mar. ment, that if any man knew where + +4. 4. 16. the spirit and was troubled, w

Zech. 34 And faid, o Where have ye laid he were he thould fhew its that F Tim. 1.13. him They fay unto him, Lord, y might take him org less d3. CHAP. XI Lado te -76.63 7.36. come and freed 1Chrifis feet anointed Herideth inte Eph. 351.fus wept. 3.15.30 Then faid the Jews, Behold how falem 23-Foretellesh his deaths Jefus,ix days before r Joha he gloved him Lazarus was which had been dead, 9. 5. Tover a came to Bethany, where Lake whom he railed from the dead.





37 And fame of them faid, Could V. 41. not this man, which repened eyes 10 this man fhould not have died? Jer of the blind have caufed that even therefore / groaning Ezek. in hunfelf,cometh to the grave. If

Nv. 23.

and Martha ferved: bur Lazarus was b2cor. There they made him ba fupper, 10. 32. one of them & fat at the table w him, 9.11. 37-11, was a cave and aftone lay upon it 3 Then took Mary apound of oint 7.Mat. 39 Jefus faid, u Take ye away thei metoffpikenard, every coftly,& 2-7.36.. nointed the feet of Jefus,&wiped his and.10. 13. 55. tone. Martha, the filter of him that, feet with her hair and the house was 38,42 Luke was dead, faith unto him, Lord filled with the odour of ointment. Mar 3 1.20. this.time bettinketh: for he hath! 4 Then faigh one of his difciples 14.13.7 Phil. been dead four days. Judas Iscarior, Simons fon which Gen. 2.7, 840 Jefus faith unto her? Said I not fhould betray him, Heb. unto thee, that ifthou wouldeft besi 10.7. lievery chou shouldeft feethe glo- for three hundred pence, and given 13 29. Johnry of God way to the poor? 41 Then they took away the ftone & This he faid, not that he e cared for 2. §. if Thesi 36.3 from the place where the dead was the poor: but because he was a thief, Phil. 1. John 5.14 laid. And Jefus a litt up his eyes and and had the bags and bare what was 2.21. Mat. aid,Father, I thank thee that thou put therein, 11. 25. hatt heard me. 1Cor. 42 And I knew that thou heareft against the day of my burying harb Rom 7 Then faid Jefus, f Let her alone, 6.2. 2. 12. becaufe of

Why was not this ointment fold




John ple which fand by, I faidle that they, & For the poor g always ye have with Daut f.15may believe that thou haft fent me..


4.17% he cried with a loud voices Lazarus, fore knew that he was there, and 17. 16 Kom. 43 And when he had thus spoken You, but me ye have not always.. 15. 13. 9 Much people of the Jews there- Heb Jobi d come forth, may k 1.21.44 And be that was dead came forth, they came, not for Jefus fake only, Mat. Tim.bound hand and foor with e graved but they might feeb Lazarus alfo', 9.15. 6.7. clothes:and his face was bound about 10 But the chief priefts confulted, 11. 57. whom he had railed from the dead. b Joht v46.with a napkin. Jefus faith unto them, that they might put / Lazarus alfo 1Sa. Acts Loofe him, and let him go. to death. 45 Then f many of the Jews which 3 34-came to Mary, & had feen the things


22. 22.

Because that by Teafon of him Exod.

many I12.


-pawad RAGS 13, 4548

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Chrift fortellesh his death.">



37 But though he had done for Mat. many miracles before them, yet they . 17. Mar.


Chap. 11. We both his difciples feet. many of the Jews went away, and in the light, that ye may ber the r Eph. 2 Cor. believed on jefus. 1100 children offight. These things fpake 5.8. 12 On the next day, 7 much peo- Jefus, and departed, and did/ hide i Thef 12 Cople that wer: come to the feaft, himfelf from them. Ritts when they heard that jefus was com 4.9. 2.15.ng to Jerufal m #Blat. 13 Tookm ranches of palm trees, and believed not on him: 21.9. Went forth to meet him, and cried, Zach. Hofannaleed is king of Ifrael prophet might be fulfilled, which he Acts 38 That the faying of Efaias the 11 9.9 that cometh in the name of the Lord. fpake, Lori, who bath believed our 13. 18. Mater14-And Jefus when he had found report and so whom hath the arm Mat. 21.4. a young af fare chidreon was it is of the LORD been revealed B 17. 200 John written, shifrora va (vinves 15 Fear not daughter of Sion believe, becaufe that Elaias faid again, 3.7. 39 Therefore they could not be w Ifai. Luke hold thyp King com.th, fitting on an 40 He hath blinded their eyes, and ori. 20. 13. aes colt. 1793 HS hardned their heart, that they thould 16. 16. 4 Pfal. 16 These things gunderstood not his nor fee with their eyes, nor underland Rome



7322 convertes 1.14 Mat was glorified, then remember they and I fhould heal thein. 2.2. thefe things were written of him,&r Thefe things faid Efaias, when. Luk. 2. they had done these things unto him. he faw his glory, andspake of him. Mat 1617 17 The people therefore that was 42 Nevertheless, among the chief 13. 15. zv. 13. with him when he called Lazarus our rulers alfo, many believed on him fai. Alat.. of his grave and raifed him from but becaufe of the b Pharifeos they did6. 10. 33. 34. the dead bare recordi Acts 18 For this caufalfo the people t met put out of the fynagogue. e not confefs him, left they fhould be. Ifai. 4.39. him, for that they heard that he had 43 For they loved the praife of men 1 Cor. Acts done this miracle. 19 The Pharifees therefore faid more than the praise of God. 13.45. Acts among themselys, Percive yehow believeth on me, believeth not on 3.2. 44 Jefus cried and faid, He that Johra Ya prevail nothing? behold, the me, hur on him that fent me. 6.7. e Irov. world is gone after him. Gal 20 And there were certainy Greeks that fent me. 45 And he that f feeth me,feech hin 29. 25 2.23. Luke among them, that came up to worship 46 I am come a light into the 6.2 Mat 23.8. at the featt world, that whofoever believeth in Luke Mat



we would z fee Jefus. mir




21 The fame came therefore to me, fhould not abide in darkness. 16. 15. Philip, pas hear wordse 4 Mat. Galilee, and defred him,faying,Sir, and believ not. b I judge him not 5037 23. 21 Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: for I came not to judge the world,but Heb. 19. 13. & again Andrew & Philipd told Jefus. 43 He that rejecteth me Acts 23 And Jefus answered them, celveth normy words, hath one that.19. and re-g John 5.4'. faying The bouras come that the judgeth him : the word that I have 1 Ti 1.Pet. Son of man should be b glorified. fpoken the fame thall judge him r. 15. 1.11.4 Metilyverily fay unto you, Ex in the laft day. Luke Cept acorn of wheat fall into the 24. 26. ground, &c die,it abideth alone;but felf but the Father which fent mek Mar 49 For I have not spoken 7 of my 11.2. Heb. if it diesiebringethforth much fruit. he gave me a commandment what 16. 16 11.34.35 He chat loveth his life, hall lofe could fay, and what I fhould fpeak. John and St: & he that hateth his life in this to And Iknow that his command 12.2. world, hall keep it unto life eternal. ment m is life everlafting:whatfoevera d เม. 26 If any man ferve me, let him peak therefore, even as the Father 14. 14 33. 10. follow me, & where 1 am, there hall faid unto me, fo 1 fpeak. Cor. alfo my fervant be: if any man forve 15.36. me him will my Father honour. Luke 27 Now is my fuul troubled, and Iefus wath the difciples feet, ex14. 26. What shall I lay Father fave me horteth to humility and charity. Rev. from this hour: but for g this caufe 3.21. cama umro this hour.




a Joha over, when Jefus knew that his 17% 22. hour was come, that he fhould departon. out of this world unto the Father,839 having loved his own which were in John the world, he loved them unto the 12.5. (the 6.9


And fupper being ended


had given call things into his hands, Acts
Jefus knowing that the Father 16
and that he was come from God 5.3.
and went to God,


Mat. 28-Father, bglorifiethy Name. Then 26.38. came there a voice from heaven Gale Jaying, have boch glorified ic, and 3.13, will glorifejt again wan Taiz Johny 29 The people therefore that itood 21, 19. by,& heard it faid that ick chunde 4 end. John tediothers said, An angel fpaketo him. b devil having now put into the Gr 1.4. 30 Jefus answered and faidh This heart of Judas cariot, Simons fon,. Cor. voice came not becaufe of me but to betray him), 2.14 for your fakese devasta Ba 7John 1-31 Now is the judgment of this 3.17. world; now thall mche prince of this and world be caft outs 24. 32 And 1, ifl bez lifted up from the m Col, earth will draw all men unto me. 2.15. 33,1his.he faid, Ggnifying what Gal death he should die koe 3.25.3 34 The people answered him, We a Acts have heard out of the law that 10- 44. Chrifto abideth for ever: and how Pim fayelt thou, The Son of man must be 110. 4.littup? Who is this Son of man? Ifal.36 Then faid Jes unto them; Yorja 9.6 little g while is the light w you walk fus answered and faid untu28 29 ang Lais Ti. while ye have the light, left darkrufs him, What I do thou knoweft notKom 6.34. come upon youstor he that walketh in now but thou hale know hereafter.4.17 Mat darkness, knoweth not whither he 8 Peter faith unto him, Thou halth Col. 2018. goth, velyd Hamam neverwain my feet. Jefus answered 2.48. 92-T36 While ye have light, believe him, ill wash thee not, thou halti 1 Cor. 2.2547 AD 6.11 Joh. S. 22. no part with me. 9 Simoa

Herifeth from Tupper, and laid 37. afle his garments, and took a towel, & Luke and girded himfelf..

baton, and began to wash the di-11, 29% After that he pourech water into Mat fciples feet and to wiperhem with Lake the towel wherewith he was girded. 518Then con-th hero Simon Peter: Mar. and, Peter faith unto him Lord. 624 doit thou walk my feet?

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m Jos. 17.3. Ifai. 5341.

The traytor foresold.

S. John. k.Pfal. Simon Peret faith uncohim, Lord, ye are my difciples, if ye have love Joh Chrift conforteth his difciples. $1.2. not my feet onely, but alfo my one to another. Thef hands and my head. 36 Simon Peter faid unto him, 3.10. 5.23. 10 Jefus faith to him,He that is Lord, whither goeft thou? Jefus John 22 Pet. washed, needeth not, fave to wath his answered him, Whither I go, thou 31. 19. 2.22./ feet, but is clean everywhit; and ye canit not follow me now but thou 2 Pet. Ron. are clean, but not all. 6.11. thait follow me x afterwards.

1. 14.

11 For m he knew who fhould betray m Heb.him, therefore faid he, Ye are not 4.13 all clean.

cannot I follow thee now?y I will lay-6-33. 37 Peter faid unto him, Lord, why Mat down my life for thy fakes

1 Cor

Mat. So after he had washed their feet, 13.51 and had taken his garments, and was Mal. fet down again, he faid unto them, 1.6. Know ye what I have done to you? 13 Ye call me o Mafter, and Lord: and ye fay well for fo I am.

lay down thy life for my fake? Ve- Mat
38 Jefus answered him, Wilt thou 10. 12.
rily verily I fay unto thee, the cock 26. 34.
thall not crow rill thou haft denied Mar
me thrice. 201



14 If I then your Lord, and Mafter have washed your feet; qye alfo ought oh to wash one anothers fecer.

4 2Cor.

IsFor I have given you r an example, ye fhould do as I have done to you. 2.5,6 16 Verily verily I fay unto you, Pet. The fervant is not greater than his 2.21. lord, neither he that is fent, greater Jehn than he that fent him. 15.2017 If ye know these things, happy Jam. 1.21. are ye if ye t do them.

Chrift comforts his difciples, Ee not your heart be troubled ye Lbeliev alfo a in me. .19. b manfions; if it were not fo, I would 4.12. In my fathers houfe are many Acts have told you I go to prepare a and place for you. 3 And ifI go and prepare a place & Luke 8-37. cive you unto my felf, that where Cor for you, I will come again, and re- 19. 17. I am there ye may be alfo.*7! 15.41. 4 And whither I go, ye know, and Heb f the way ye know. 6.20.

24. 24.

we know not whither chou goelt: and Thomas faith unto him, Lord, and 9. how can we know the way


Lake 19. 12.

gway,the truth, and the life:no man As 6 Jefus faith unto him, I am the comech unto the Father but by me.


18 T fpeak not of you all Eph. know whom I have chofen hur that 1.4. the x fcripture may be fulfilled, He Mat. that at th bread with me hath lift Pfal. up his heel againit me. 19 Now I tell you y before it come, 55.12. that when it is come co pafs, ye and 41.9. may believe that I am he. 20 Verily, verily Ifay unto you, John 16. I He that receiveth whomfoever I Mat.fend, receiveth me and he that receiveth him fent me. 21.3. and at When Jefus had thus faid he was 16 17.6 croubled in fpirit, and teftified, and a Matfaid, Verily verily I fay unto you, 10. 4c.that one of you fhall betray me. Mat. 22 Thn the difciples looked one on 3.5. another, doubting of whom he fpake. Acts 13 Now there was leaning on le17. 16. fus hofom one of his difciples whom Citai. Jefus loved. 3

If ye had b known me, ye fhould Phil. have known my Father alfo and 1.23. from henceforth ye know him, and Thet have 3 Philip faith unto him, Lord,f fhew JA us the Father, and it fufficerh us.

14. 22.

Jefus faith unto him, Hav. I been Pet. thou not known me, Philip? he that Acts kfolong time with you and yet baft.21. brath feen me hath feen the Father 4. 12. and how fay eft thou then, Show us 2 Cor. the rather




24 Simon Perer therefore beckenMat. ed to him, that he should ask who it 26. 21. fhould be of whom he fpake.

10 Blieveft thou nor that I am in Heb the Father and the Father in me? 1.3. the words that I pak unto you 1siae fpeak nut of my felf but the Father 11. 27.

Mat He then lying on Jefus breaft, that dwelleth in me, he doth f works. H 26. 21 faith unto him, Lord, who is it?

Cor. 26 Jefus I anfwered, Heir is to the, and the Father in me: or elfe John Beliv me, that I am in the Fa-.11. 13.6. whom I fhall give a fop,when I have believe me for the very m works fake. 10. 30% John dipped it. And when he had dipped Verily, verily, ffay unto you, i Cal. 19. 26.the fop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot He that believech on me, the works 1.19. that the fen of Simon. and ICot

that I do


27 And after the fop, Satan entered greater works than thefe fhall be 4. 19. Softly into him. Then feid Jefus u do because I go unto my Father. Mat do quickly. John 28Now no man at the tablek knew for And whatfoever ye thall ask in 16. 17. alone. what invent he fpake this unto him, my naine, that I will do, that the Fa-01 Joh ver. 28. 29 For fome of them thought, b4 If ye thall ask any thing in my Jam ther may be glorified in the Son. 5.14 Kom.caufe Judas had the bag that Jefus name, I will do it. 12. 20 had faid unto hiin, Buy thofe things


bv.2. that we have need of against the mandments. N Is If yeq love me,keep my com-p Pfalm Primfeaft: or that he fhould give Tomthing 16 And I will pray the Father, and 1Cor 81. to the poor... he fhall give you another Comforter, 16. 22.


Mar 30 He then having received the fop, that he may abide with you for ever, Pfalm 16. 20 m went immediately out and it 17 Even the spirit of truth, whom 119. Lev. was night. the world cannot receive, becaufe it 6, 11. 23.5. 31 Therefore when he was gone feech him not, neither knoweth him:r John m Mat out, Jefus faid,Now is the Son of man but ye know him for hefdwelleth 16.7. 26. 14.7 glorified, and o God is glorified in with you, and fhall be in you.


John him.


12.23.32 If God be glorified in him, God I will come to you. 18 I will not leave you comfortless, Rom. John fhall alfo glorifie him in himself, 19 Yet a little while, and the world Cor 8.26.2 21. 19. and fhall Itraightway glorifie him. feeth me no more:but ye feeme: be-3.16. 2 Cor. 3 Little children, yet a little caufe I live, ye hall live alfo. while I am with you. Ye fhall feek John me and gas I faid unto the Jews, I am in my Father and x you in me,phans. 20 At that day ye fhall know that Or7.34. Whither I go, rye cannot come fo and in you. Tilato John now I fay unto you. 15.5. 34/A new commandment I give un- ments, and keeperh them, he ir is Mat. He that hath my command- 19. 15. Joh.to you, that ye love one another, that loveth me 4.2.1. as I have loved you. that ye alfo me thall be loved of my Father, and t Rev. and he that loveth 8. 20 John love one another. 25-13-95 By this thall all men know that I wil to 18. Gal. 2:20. 4 ver. 10, 11. Kom. 8.1.

Heb. 1.2.. Tit. 2. 14.

2.6. Phil.

The true vis


2 Tim.

Chaps, Xvi The difciples comforted. Ce.I will love him, and will x maniselt 14 Ye are my friends if ye do 2 Ch. whatsoever I command you. 3:18. my felf to him. 5+ b Jo'n 22 Judas faith unto him, (not I- 15 Henceforth I call you not f to Jam. 7. 17. cariot) Lord, t how istic that thou vaness for the fervant knoweth not 2. 23. Gr. wilemanifeft thy felf unto us and what his ford doch: but I have called what is nor unto the world? 40 for all John there 23 Jefus answered and faid uneo have heard of my Father, I have 14. 26. come to him, If any man love me he will made known unto you. pals. keep my words, and my Father will 16 Ye have not chofen me, but I. 3.15 1 Cor. love him, and we will come unto have chofen you, & x ordained you, Joh 4. 7. him, and make our alode with bim, that you fhould go and bring forth 4. 10. 24 He that loveth me not, keepeth fruit and that your fruit thould Blat. not my fayings: and the word which remain that whatfoever ye fhall ask 28 19% John you hear not mine, but the Fa- of elie Father in my name, he may Act 13.48. give it you. 6.38. which fent John Thefe things have 1 fpoken un-17 There things 1 command you, Cur 16. 1. to you, being yet prefent with you, that ye y love one another, 4.7. 16 Butthe Comforter, which is the 19 ffthe world bare you ye know Joka holy Ghost whom the Father will it hat da me before it hated you. 16. 33. fend in my name, he thall teach you 19 If ye were of the world, the world 4 Heb. Mat.a all things, and bring all things to would love his own: but becaufe ye 12. 2. 38.2o. your remembrance whatsoever I are not of the world, but I have Met 6 Phil. have faid unto you. Yo bchofen you out of the world. 23. 6 ком. 4.7. 27 Peace I leave with you, b my: therefore the world hateth you. Ifal. peace I give unto e you not as the 20 Remember the word that a faid 8. 29. 57. 21.d world giveth, give unto you: unto you, The fervant is not greater 1 Pet.




d Mat.

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cuted me, they will alfo perfecute

5.11. Ifai.



34. 19. ther let it be afraid. 318 Ye have heard how I faid unto you: if they have kept my faying, 10:24 John Mar. you, I go away, and come again un-chey will keep yours alfo. 5.11. to you.If ye lov ad me,ye would fre- 21 But all the things will they e do 13. 16. Johnjoyce,becaufe Ifaid,I go unto the Fa- unto you for my Names fake,becaufe Mat. 24. thers for my Father is g greater they had not come and fenken un come,and spoken 65.5. John 29 And now I have brold you before to them, they had not had fin: but 13-19.it come to pafs, that when it is come now they have no cloak for their Gn. 1. 13. Acts to pass, ye might believe. 23 He that hateth me,bateth my 30 Hereafter I will not talk much Father alfe. Mat. with you: for the prince of this world 24 If I had not done among them 16. THeb. cometh, and hath/ nothing in me, the works which none other man & Jame 31 But that the world may know did, they had not had fin: but now +17 2. It that I love the Father;& as the Fatherthey have both feen and hated both Phim gave me commandment, even fo In: and my Father. 2. Sdo: arife, let us go hence.




20 54:


25 But this cometh to pafs, that the CHAP. XV. gous word might be fulfilled that is write 12. 37. The confolation and mutual love be-ten in b cheirlaw, They hated me al speen Chrift and his members, underi without a caufe. Comforter is 35.19 the parable of the vinesgos Ba6 But when the Rom a Deut. Am che a true vina,and my Fathercoin: whom k 1 will find unto you yo from the Father, even he Spirit of Gal. Ifai. Every branch in me that beareth truth, which pro cedethirom the Fa not fruit, he craketh away andther, he thall rettifie of m. {192 Mac. every branch thar beareth fruit, he 27 And ye alfo hall bear witness, d purgeth it, that it may bring forthbecaufe ye have been with me from 20. J. Luke more fruit. the beginning .13.7.


Christ comfort sh hus difciples again
tribulation by his promifer

Hefe things have I fpoken unto a Mas. you, ye fhould a not be offended. 26.31. They fall put you bout of chey and


3 Now ye are clean e through the d'Iral word which I have fpoken unto you. 27: 9 4 Abide in me, and flin you. As John the branch cannot bear fruit of it. 17. 17.felf, except it abide in the vineg no Gal. more can ye, except ye abide in me. 2. 201 I am the vine,ye are the branches: 1agogues: yea the time cometh,that 11. 6. John Hemad abideth in me, and Iin him, whofoever killeth you will think John 1.16 the fame bringeth forth much fruit char he doth God fervice. b2 Co. forb without me ye can do nothing. 3 And chefe things will they do un- and 6 If a man abide not in me, he is to you becaufe they have d not 12. 42, 3.541 C.Alis Revs calt forth as a branch, and is wither-known the Father, nor me. 22. 15.ed,& men k gather them,& caft theme 4 Butthefe things have I told you, 22. 22. Mat.into the fire, and they are burned. that when the time ihall come, ye Phil. .10. 41- 7 If ye abide in me, and I my wordsmay remember I told you of them. 3. 6. Col. abide in you,ye fhall ask what ye will, And thefe things I faid not unto you John .3. 17. and ig fhall be done unto you. at y beginning,becaufel was w you. 15. 21. Ma 8 Herein is my Father m glorified, But now I go my way to him that Mat, 5.16. that ye bear much fruit, fo fhall yefent me, and none of you asketh me, 9. 16 Jude be my difciples. cos SHAREAL Whither gooft thou? and v. 21. 9 Asy Father harh loved me,fo have. I d But becaufe I have faid chefe 10. 18. Song loved you:n continue ye in my love.chings unto you, fforrow bath filled Luke 2. 7- fo If ye your


24. 21. 1 Joh. ye shall abide in my love, even as 17 Nevertheless, I tell you the Mate 2. have kept my Fathers command-truth,it is expedient for you that I go 16, 21, Joh. menes,& abide in his love.wods away: for if I go not away,the Com- 22. 14- 28. 11 Thefe things Wave I fpoken unto forter will g not come unco you:burg Acts John you that my joy might remain inif I depare,I will fend him unto you, 2.33 13-34-you,and that your joy might be full. 8. And when he is come, he will Jolin 1 Thef 12 This is my commandment, Thatreptove the world of fin, and of 7. 32. 否 Acte 4.2,9-ye love one another, as I have righteoufnefs, and of judgment.. Ifai. loved you. Offia, because they believe not 2. 37% 51.5. 13 Greater love hath no man than on merk Rom. chis, that a man lay downr his life osta od dan 5.7. for bis friends.



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21. 23 and 10.39%

10 Of 9. 18.

TA&#7: 415

Askandhavi, EAT S.John Chrift prayeth for his Apofiles Rom. Of krighteoufnefs becaufe Ligo red, every man to his own, and thall Eph. 10.3 to my Father, and ye fee me no leave me alone and yet I am not 16• is with 39. Of judgment, because the prince 33 These things have i (poken unto 14. 7 Act. of this world is judged. you, in me ye might have peace :/ Joha 2.36. 11 have yet many things wo fay un- 7 in the world ye fhall have tribula- 15. 18. andro you,but ye m cannot bear them tion: but be of good cheer, IActs 10. 42,, now: Ceny cord have m overcome the world. 14. 22. m613 Howbeir, when he, the Spirit of www.Rom. 8.39. Act. r. cruth is come, he will guide you into CHAP. XVII. 3. all eruch; for he fhall not speak of. 1 Chrift prayeth to his Father to glori Pfalm himfelf but whatfoever he shall fe him. 6 To preferee the Apontes, -103. hear thats fhall he (peak; and he in unity, 17 and truth. 12 13 will shewn you things to come,



Hefe words fpake Jefus, and lift up his eyes to heaven, and faid, 49.8. Father, the hour is come, & glorifieeb. thy son, that thy Sun alfoc may glo 416. rife thee.

Rev. 14 He shall glorifie me; for he shall 11. neceive or of mine, and thall thewit A&t. 3. unto you a tad 04. #20 All things that the Facher hath, v15 are mine: therefore faid I that he As thou haft given him dpower ¿ Rom John fhall take of mine, and shall thew it all flesh, he fhould give eternal life365. 5.7. unto you. I am sellers ecseto as many as thou haft given him. 7 Phil16 A livele while and ye shall not And this is life eternal,that they d Mat.




fee me and again, a ficele while might know thee the only true God, John and ye fhall fee me, because I go to & Jefus Chrift whom thou hatt fent. 10: 19 42.the Father.wat dalk ea 4 I have glorified thee on the John 54yThen faid fome of his difciples earth: I have f nifhed the work 4. 16. V. 12. among themfels, What is this that which thou gavest me todorife thou John


John us A little while and And now, O 13.33 verhall not fee me and again same with thine own felf, with the John Tittle while and y falfee me: and, glory which I had with thee before the world was.

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38 They fald therefore, what is this I have manifefted thy Name une Phil unto 2. 6,9. that hefaith, Alittle while we can the men which thou gavelt me oue of Acts [v.30. not tell what he faith,cerns the world: bthine they were, and 3.48. John 319 Now Jefus knew that they were thou gavest them me and chey have Ephef. 25% defirous to ask him, and faid unto kept thy word. 2.Pfa). them, Do ye enquire among your 7 Now they have i known that all John 145 felvs of that I faid, A little while and things whatsoever thou haft given 6. 27. ye fhall not fee me and again a me,are of cliced demon Rev. Titete while and ye fhallfee me? 8 For I have given unto them the 6.8. rek, John 31. 10. 20 Verily verily I fay unto you,chat words which thou gaveft me and 2 Pet. 17 ya hall-weep and lament, hur the they have received them, and have 1. 10. Pal world fhall urejoyces and ye shall be known furely that I came out from /Pfal forrowful but your forrow fhall be thee, and they have believed that2. 7 into 46.1 11. A woman when he is in travail I pray for them, I pray not for ch hathy forrow because her hour is the world, but for them which thoumRomtome: but as foon as he is delivered haft given me for eltey are shines 3.16. of the childs the remembreth no more to And wall mine are thine and chine and Heb. the aneuih, for joy char a man is are mine,and I am glorified in them.. 22. 126 11. horn into the world. And now I am no more in the Heb 22 Andye now therefore have for- world, but thefe are in the world,& 1. 2. row but I will fee you again and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep John Gen. your heart fhall retoyce, and your through chine own Name, thofe 15.8 21.6. joy no man taketh from you. whom thou ha't given me that they o John Prov. And in that day ye thall ask me may be one, as we are 1. 16.33. 14. 13. anche: Verily, verily I fay unto While lowas with them in the Gal Mar you,cWhacfoever ye hall ask the Fa-world, Kept them in thy Name:4 14. ther in my name,he will give it you. thofe thar hou gavest me I haveEphef. Joh. 24 Hitherto have ye asked nothing kept, and none of them is loft, bur4 4 6. 227 my nám task and yehall receive, the q fon of perditions that ther John John that your toy may be full. Defcripture might be fulfilled.5.7.2 25 7: Thefethides Have (poken unco. And now come to thee, anda 2 Th. you in proverbs the time cometh chefe things I peak in the world,2. 3. when' fhall nombre (peak unto you. that they might have my joy fulfilledPfalm in 109.8

Mac. 48. 17. Gen.


2 Cor.1 170


proverbs, but



4.4.7 6. 13

plainly of the Father. 12-1914) have given them chy word, Phila 2 Cor. At that day ye hall ask in my and the world hath hated them, he-1.13. 318. name and I fay not unto you,that ff caufe they are fhor of the world,Prov. sa will pray the Father for you even as I am not of the world. 18.14 For the Father himself 'g lovech 15 I pray not that thou fhouldefttaker John Rom you, becaufe ye have loved me and them out of the world, but that thou15. 19. 2 have believed that I came out from houtdelt keep them from the Pet Rom. God, thank th -0.3. evil. 8.34. 23bI came forth from the Father, 16 They are not of the world, even? Maes John and am come into the world again, as I am not of the world. leave the world, & go to Father. Sanctifie them through thy Thef John 29 His difciples faid unto him, Lo, trath; thy word is truth. 172 23. now fpeakeft thou plainly, and 18 As thou haft fent me into the Th Ps John fpeakeft no proveth. -world even fo have 1 alfo fenti 3. 30 Now are we fure that thou them into the world. ade John knoweft all things, and nedeft not 1.14 that any man Thould ask thee: by Mat this we believe thou cameft forth 28. 20- from God." or 31 Jefus answered thems Do ye now openly believe? Acts 32 Behold, the hour cometh, yea, 2. 3. is now come, that ye shall be fatte

4. 19.



119 And for their fakes Handife15.9. my felf that they alfo might be a Thef fanctified through the truth. 120 Neither pray I for thefe alone,hur Heb. for them alfo which shall believe ang. 1. me through at That they all may be one,as thou 1o. 36. phy Jolin Facher art in me, and I in thee: that Gal. •404.431 they 3.29

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