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Paul is Toned.



And when they were come to Jo Aa rufalem, they were received of the 14, 27. church, and of the apostles and elders, and and they declared all things that 21. 18. God had done with them, ficor But there rofe up certain of the 5.10.

The Aft 8 And there fate a certain man had no fmalle digestion and difputas Rom. Dißenfion about circumcifion. A&. at Lyftra,impotent in his feet, being tion with them, they d determined 16. 18. 3.2. a creeple rom his mothers womb, Paul & Barnabas, and certain other ofMar. k Mat. who never had walked. aychem hould go up to Jerufalem untu:5. 2. The fame heard Paul fpeak; who apoftles & elders about this question, and A&. ftedfaftly beholding him, and per 3 And being brought on their way 13 28. 3.8ceiving he had k faith to be healed, by the church, they paled through d'Ats Rom. Said with aloud voice, Stand Phenice, and Samaria, declaring the 17. 11. 1.3. upright on thy feet; and he leaped converfion of the Gentiles; and they I Thef. 1 King and walked ty caufed great joy unto all the brethren 5.21 15. And when the people faw whatPaul Rom. had done, they lift up their voices, 121. faying in the fpeech of Lycaonia 1 Thef. The gods are come down cords in 110. the likeness of men.sking asia ariyou • Rev. 12 And they called Barnabas, n Ju13. 11 piter; and Paul, Mercurius, becaufe, fect of the Pharifes,which g believed,& Ads Num he was the chiet fpeaker. faying That it was nee tint te cir-.13. 13 Then the priest of Jupiter which cumcife them, and to command them and Hof was before their city, brought oxen to keep the law of Mofes.. 49&garlands unto the gates, and would 6 And the apostles and elders beame b ver. Rev. have done facrifice with the r people: together for toconfider of this matter. 12, 22, 17.2.. 14 Which when the apoftles, Bar7 And when there had been much Cor. 92 Kinahasand Paul heard of they arent difputing Peter rofe up and faid 124 18:37 their clothes, and ran in among the unto them; Men and brethren Exod people drying out wide know how that a good while ago God. 4.> yel As 23.5 15 And faying Sirs, why do ye made choice among that the 414 10. r jam thefe things we also are 7 men eflike Gentiles by my mouth fhould hear 03 5.17. pallions with you, and preach unto the word of the gospel, and believe. Rum.: 16.7.. bare them witnefs, giving them the Pales holy Ghoft, even as he did unto us: 115.3 9 And pur no difference between Act. us and them,mpurifying their hearts 0431 by faith.




1 Cor.

11/vanities unto the living God which
4.11. made heaven and earth, and the fea,
Rom and all things that are chere in

16 Who in rimes paft fuffered all
Rom- nations to walk in their own ways.
17. Nevertheless he left not hin felf
without witnefs.iny he didx good,
and gave us rain from heaven
Pial fruitful feafons, filling our hearts
145 9 with food and gladnefs.

12 Now therefore why tempt ye 1.2.
God.to put a yoke upon the neck o1 Gal
thers, nor we were able to bear?
the difciples, which neither out fa-5.3.
and 33.



1 But we believe that through the John
18 And with thefe fayings y tearce grace of the LORD Jefus Chrift, we 1.16.
reftrained they the people, that they fhall be faved even as they.
had not done facrifice unto them, 12 Then all the multitude kept 1 Cor.
19 And there came thither certain filence, and gave audience to Barna- 14. 40.
Jet Jews from Antioch and Iconium, bas and Paul, declaring what mira- Acts->
who perfwaded the people and ha- cles and wonders God had wrought 12.47
.9. ving, toned Paul, drew him out of among the Gentiles by them.
2 ver.
the city fuppofing he had been dead. 19 And after they had held their 1.78.
IT 19.
10 Huwbeit, as the difciples flood peace, q James answered, faying, Tit
42 Co: round about him, he rofe up, and Men and brethren, hearken anto me.
came into the city, and the next day 14 Simeon hath declared how God Ephef.
he departed with Barnabas to Derbe. at the firft didrvific the Gentiles, to 1.4
And when they had preached the take out of them a people for his name. Rom.
c2 Ti.
gofpel to that city, and had taught 15 And to this gree the words of 36.
many, they returned again to Lyftra, the prophets, as it is written,
and to Iconium, and Antioch,
16 After this will return, and will211så
22 6 Confirming the fouls of the di- build again the cabernacle of David Mat
lifting fciples, and exhorting them to con- which is fallen down and I wil 6. 18.
up of tinue the faith and that we must build again the ruins thereof, and Rom.
bands through much tribulation entering I will fer it up:
the kingdom of Ged. AT





F1. 19, That they refidue of men might 2004 shofen 23 Andwhen they hadt ordained thi Teek after the LORD, and all the Gen-Mat. them. elders in every church, & had prayed riles upon whom my name is called 911. Act with falling, they commended them faith Lord,who doth all thefethings A 6.6. to LORD, on whom they believed. 19 Khown unto God are all his works! 12731. had from of Mal our Pifidia,they came to Pamphyfia. 19 Wherefore my fentence is, that? 23. 1 Cor. And when they had preached the we a trouble nor them, which from a Gen. 9. 3.67 word in Perga they went down mong the Gentiles are turned to God:7 John Into Artalia: EREKENING CA 20 But that we write unto them, 3 Rom 10.5. 26 And thence failed to Antioch, that they abftain from & pollutions of 1624 Acts from whence they had been recoms idols and from fornication, and from 11. 4 meniled to the grace of God, for the things citrangled, and from blood. Exo. work which they fulfilled. 21 For Mofes of old time hath in 28. 18.8. 27 And when they were come, and every ciry them that preach & him,4ver. 1 Cor had gathered the church together; being read in the fynagogues every 10. 24. 15. 10. chey rehearfed all that God had done fabbath day.




Cor 16 9


Rev. with them, and how he had opened 22 Then pleated it the apoffles and 15. 2.
374 S the door of faith unto the Gentiles. elders with thee whole church,to fendo Co.
18 And there they abode long time chofen men of their own company co
with the difciples of lon
Antioch with Faul and Barnabat: Car.
SOCHA P.X Vorstmely, Judas firmamed Barfabas, and
Difenfion about circumcision, Sitas, chiet men among the brethren: Num
1.24.ANA certain men which came 23 And wrote letters by them atter 25. If
down from Judea, taught the bre- this manner: The apofties, and elders, Gen.
2 Tim.
thren, & faid, Except ye he circum- and brethren fend greeting unto the? 4
cifed after the manner cf Mofes, brethren which are of the Gentiles in Lev.3.
20. 30. ye cannot be fav dodat
Gal. When therefore Paul and Barnabas ·

Antioch, and Syria, and Cilicia. 17




24 Foraf Neh. •*r. Luke 16.19. PAGE 14- 23

Pant and Barnabar part.


Lydia converted. Jo.24 Forafmuch as we have heard, out Phrygia, and the region of Gala- b Acts. 2. 19. that certain which fwent out from us tia,and were b forbidden of the ho- 19. o. g2Cor. have troubled you with words, & fub- ly Ghoft to preach the word in Afia, Rom. 11.3. verting your fouls, faying, ye muft After they were come to Myfia, 1. 10. b jer. be circumcifed, and keep the law, to they affayed to go into Bithynia: but k v.6. Ifai. 23. 16, whom we gave b no fuch command- the Spirit fuffered them not. 3 And they paffing by Myfia, came 30. 21. 30, 31. ment: 1. Aas down to Troas.

9. And a vifion appeared to Paul in 20. G.

Cor. 25 It feemed good unto us being 1.Io affembled with one accord, to fend Jud. chofen men unto you, with our be- the night: There Itood m a man of m Gen. Macedonia, and prayed him,faying,. 18. 2. loved Barnabas and Paul; 12 Pet. 26 Men have khazarded their lives Come over into Macedonia, and Acts 1.21. For the name of our Lord Jefus Chrift. n help us.



#Z V.IO.

27 We have fene therefore Judas and 10 And after he had feen the vis and Rev. Silas, who fhall alfo tell you the fame fion, o immediately we endeavoured 10.33 2.2.4. things by mouth. to go into Macedonia, affuredly ga- o Pfal. #Rom. 28 For it feemed good to the holy thering that LORD had called us 119. A 15.2. Ghoft, and to us, to lay upon you no for to preach the gofpel punto them. 60. 2 Cor. m greater burthen than thefen ne1.24. Cellary things;


S. I.

4.6.7. 14 And a certain woman named Rev. Lydia a feller of purple, of the 2.18. city of t Thyatira, worshipped Acts God, heard us:whofe heart the x Lord 10.2. opened, that they attended unto the x Eph. 1417 things which were fpoken of Paul.

11 Therefore loofing from Troas, Rom. we came with a ftraight courfe to Sa 12.11. Cor. 29 That ye abftain from o meats offer- mothracia,& the next day to Neapolis;p Luke ed to idols, and from blood,and from 12 And from thence to 9 Philippi, 15.7. Rom. things ftrangled, and from forni- which is the chief city of that part of q Phil. 11. 2. cation from which if ye keep your Macedonia, and a colony and we 1. 1. Acts felvs,ye fhall p dowell. Fare ye well. were in city abiding certain days. Ifai. 13. And on the fabbath we went out 55. 10. 29 30.30 So when they were difmiffed, 7.22. they came to Antioch: and when of the city by ra river fide, where r Ti. 1 Cor. they had gathered ther multitude co- prayer was wont to be made, and 2. 8. 5.4. gether, they delivered the epiftle, we fate down, and fpake unto the John Gal. 31 Which when they had read,they women which reforted thither. 551. rejoyced for the confolation. zver. 32 And Judas and Silas,being t pro23, 27.phers alfo themfelvs, exhorted the 1 Cor. brethren with many words, and con14-13.firmed them. Ephef. 33 And after they had tarried there 4.11. afpace, they were let go x in peace A&t, from the brethren unto the apoffles. 18. 23.34 Notwith ftanding it pleafed y Silas Jam. to abide there ftill. 4.13. 35 Paulalfo and Barnabas continued Gen.in Antroch, teaching and prea26. 29.ching the word of the LORD, with Exod. many others alfo. 4.18. 36 And fome days after. Paul fald 71 Th. unto Barnabas Let us go again, and a vifit our brethren, in every city z Mat.where we have preached the word of $.38. the LORD, and fee how they do, Ifai. 37. And Barnabas determined to take 56. 10. with them John, whofe firname was wzCor. Mark. 11. 28. 38 But Paul thought not good to Rom. take him with them. who b departed 1.11. from them from Pamphylia, and went Act. not with them to the work. 13. 13. 39 And thec contention was fo fharp As between them, that they departed af14. 15.funder one from the other:& fo BarnaJam bas cook Mark,& failed unto Cyprus; 17. 40 And Paul chofe Silas, and departed, being recommended by the brethren to the grace of God. 41 And he went through Syria, and 14. 22. Cilicia,d confirming the churches.

15 And when he was baptized, andy Heb. her houfhold, the befought us, fay-6.7. ing, If ye have judged me to be faith- Luke full to the LORD, z come into my zo. 39. houfe and abide there. And the con- z ver. Cad 33. 34. ftrained us 16 And it came to pafs, as we went i Thef. to prayer, a certain damfel, poffeffed 5. 12. with afpirit of divination, met us, Gr. which brought her matters a much gibn. gain by footh-faying:





17 The fame followed Paul, and us, 18. 10. and cryed, faying, Thefe men are the a Atsi bfervants of the most highGod which 19. 25. thew unto us the way of Talvation.

b 2 Co. 19 And this did the many days but 11. 4. Paul being grieved,turned and faid Mar. to the fpirit, I command thee in the 1.25. d name of Jefus Chrift to come out of Prov. her. And he came out the fame hour. 26. 25.


19 And when her matters faw that e Mat.. the hope of their gains was gone, 1.25. they caught Paul and Silas, and drew A them into the market-place unto 17. 16. the rulers,


d Att.

4 Col. 20 And brought them to the magi- 2. 15. 1 ftrates,faying, Thefe men being Jews, 2 Cor. do exceedinglyf trouble our city, 21 And teach cultoms which are not ev. 16. lawful for us to receive, neither to Mich. obferve, being Romans. 3.5



CHAP. XVI. Paul circumcifeth Timothy. Hen came heto Derbe and Ly- 23And the multitude rofe up h toge-fiKin. dif- ther Act. ciple was there,named a Timotheus, itrates rent off their clothes, and com-g Enh. 3.8. 17. 21. the fon of a certain b woman, which manded to beat them. Phil was a Jewefs, and believed: but his 23 And when they had laid many i Pet. 2. 19. father was a Greek: te ftripes upon them, they caft them into 4. 4. 62 Ti. 2Which was a well reported of by the prifon charging the jaylor to keep b Pfal. brethren were at Lyftra & Iconium. them fafely.

5250272. 26


£2 T. a da with Him, & cook ande circumcifed thrult them into the inner prifon, 11. 25. 2 Pfal. him, because of the Jews which were & made their feet falt in the kftocks. Thef 16.3. in thofe quarters: for they knewall 25 And at midnight Paul and Silas 2.2 I Cor. that his father was a Greek.com prayed, and fang praifes unto God: k Jet. 9.21.50974 And as they went through the and the prifoners heard them. 20. 2. Ads cities, they delivered them the fde-26 And fuddenly there was a great Pfalm 20. crees, for to keep that were ordained nearch-quake, fo that foundations 105of the apoftles, and elders which were of the prifon were thaken and im- 19. at Jerufalem, sada dos 7536 mediately all the odoors were opened, / Pfal. And fo were the churches efta- and every ones bands were loofed. blifhed in the g faith, and increased 27 And the keeper of the prifon 62. in number daily. awaking out of his deep,and feeing m Ant. the 5:41.1 5 93.16+Now when they had gone through, n Jam. 5. 17. A&. 12, 7. 2 Jon. 1. 5. 6

Gal. Rom.




The Acts.

and at Beres.

Paul preacheth at Theffalonica: qisa the prifon doors open he drew out curicy of Jafon, and of the other, Mar. 31.4. his fword, and would haveq killed they let them go. 2 sam himfelf, fuppofing that the prifoners 10 And the brethren immediately m Gal 17 25 had been fled. fent laway Paul and Silas by night 6. 9.

16. 16.



24. 28 But Paul cried with a loud voice, untu Betea: who coming thither, Mat. Sam faying Do thy felt no harm, for went into the fynagogue of f Jews. 13. 23. 52.30. we are all here, had besedy 644 11 Thefe were more noble than thofe Po t A&t. 19 Then he called for a light, and in Theffalonica in chet they recei-2. 26. 2.37. fprang in, and came trembling, and ved the word with all o readiness of o Acts Marfell down before Paul and Sils, mind, any fearched the fcriptures 2 4.1. 15. 16. 30 And brought them cut, and faid, d.ily, whether thofe things were fo. Thef. Gal. 2.Sits, f what muft I do to be faved: Therefore many of them believed: 5. 20. 31 And they faid, Believe on the .Ifo of honorable women which werep Th. *Rom Lord Jefus Chrift, and thou that be Greeks, and of men not a few. 5.21. 10. 17.faved, and thy houfe. 13 But when the Jews of Theffalo- John 32 And they fpake unto him the nica had knowledge that the word 1. 1. 23, 24 word of the LORD,and to all that of God was preached of Paul at qi Th. Aft were in his houfe. Berea,they came thither alfo, and 2. 15. 8.37 33 And he took them the fame hour tirred up the people. Lom Lune of the night, and y washed their 19.9. Atripes, and was baptized, he and all Gal. his traightway. 5.6. Act. into his houfe, he fet a meat before 15 And they that conducted Paul, 108.,9. them, and brejoyced, believing in brought him unto Athens, and re- 2 Sam. Pfal. God with all his houfe. } ceiving a commandment unto Silas 18. 3. 30.5.135 And when it was c day, the ma- and Timotheus, for to come to him / Mat. Co-giftrates lent the frgeants, faying, with all fpeed, they departed. 3 5. 10. 13. Ler thofe men go. 16 Now while Paul waited for Exo. 2 Cor. 36 And the keeper of the prifon told them at Athens,his fpirit was t ftir- 32. 19. 4. S. 9. this faying to Paul, The magiftrates red in him, when he law the city Pfalm Act have fent to let you go: now there- wholly given ro idolatry.

14 And then immediately the bre- 3.15. cliren / fent away Paul, to go as it r Acts were to the fea: Sue Silas and Timo- I. II. ver.

34 And when he had brought them theus abode there till.


22. 25.fore depart, and go in peace. 1917 Therefore difpur dhe in the fy- 158. and 37 But Paul faid unto them, They nagogue with the Jews, and with the Rom. 25. 25 have beaten us openly uncondemned, devout perfons, and in the market 1.22. Phil. being Romans,and have caft us into x daily with them that met with him. 1 Cor. 4.8. prifon,and now do they thruft us out. 18 Then cert in philofophers of 1 20. gv.29-privily nay, verily but let them the y Epicureans, and of the Stoicks, x I Co. i Sam-fcome themfelvs, and fetch us our. encountred him and fome fait, 15. 10. 24. 20.38 And the fergeants told thefe words What will this babler fay? other 2 Tim.

Dan unto the magiftrates: and they feared fome, He feemeth to be a fetter forth.2 6.23 when they heard they were Romans. of ftrange gods: because he preached y.Cor. and 3. 39 And they came and g befought unto themffus, and the refurrection. 15. 32, 26, 27 them, and b brought them out, and 19 And they took him, and 4 brought 16 i Mat defired them tof depart out of f city.him unto Areopagus, faying, May 1,23, 68.3497406And they went out of the pri- we know what this new doctrine and ka Ti fon, and entred into the houfe of Ly- whereofthou fpeakeft, is? 23:22. 13. 1. S. dia, and when they had feen the bre- 10 For thou bringeft certain ftrange Mat Thefahren, they k comforted them, and things to our ears we would know 10. 25. 3.2.3.departed. ww!!! therefore what these things mean. Judg. CHAP. XVII.may21 (For all the Athenians and 10. 25. Paul preaching at Thefalonica, 5 is ftrangers which were there,fpent their Rom. perfecuted. time in nothing else but either to 16. 25. es Th. Now Ow when they had paffed through cell or to hear fome e new thing. Pfalm 1. IN Amphipolis, and Apollonia,they 21 Then Paul ftood in the midft 147. Ifai. came to a Theffalonica, where was a of Mars-hill, and faid, Ye men of A-19, 20. 8.10. fynagogue of the Jews. thens, I perceive that in all things Heb. John And Paul, as his manner was, ye are d too fuperftitious. 13.8. 5.39. went in unto them, and three fab-13 For as I paffed by, and beheld your Eccl. Gr. bath-days reafoned with them b out devotions, I found an altar with this.8. Jetting of the fcriptures, Anteneinfcription,e TO THE UNKNOWN Jer. before 3Opening andt alledging,that Chrift GOD.Whom therefore ye fignorant-50-38. Gal. mult needs have fuffered and rifen ly worthip, him declare Into you. f Eph. 31 again from the dead: and that this Je-24. God that made the world, and 2. 12. Luke us whom I preachunto you,is Chrift. all things therein, feeing that he is Rom 24. 26, 4. And fome of them believed,and Lord of heaven and earth, g dwelleth 1.20. 32. conforted with Paul and Silas and not in temples made withhands: Act. Ifai. of the devout Greeks a grear multi- 25 Neither is worshipped with mens 7.-8. 55. 11. rude,& of the chief women not a few. hands, as though he b needed any John Rom. But the Jews which d believed nor, thing, feeing he giveth to all i life, 9-23: 1.16. moved with envy, took unto them and breath, and all things:


b Pal. At certain lewd fellows off ebafer fore, 26 And hach made of kone blood, all 50. 9. 7. 11. and gathered a company, and fet all nations of men, for / to dwell on all i Rom and the city on an uproar, and affaulted the face of the earth, and hath deter-11. 36. 13.45 the houfe of Jalon, and fought to mined the times before appointed,k Gea. Judg.bring bem out to the people.wanand the bounds of their habitation:1.27. 9.464d when they ffound them not, 27 That they should feek the LORD, Deus. Pfal. they drew Jafon, and certainbrethren if haply they might m feel after him, 30. 20. 31. 20. unto the rulers of the city, crying, and find him, though he be not far job Jer. Thefe that haveg turned the world from every one of us. $14.5.6. 44. 17.upfide down, are come hither alfo, 28 For o in him we live,and move, Ro. A. 57 Whom Jafun hath received; and and have our being as certain alfol. 19. 16. 20. thefe all do b contrary to the decrees of your own poets have faid, For we Pfalm Rev. of Cefar faying, That there is i ano are alfo his oft-fpring. 23. 16. ther king, one fefus. 29 Forafmuch then as we are the Acts Tim. 8And they k troubled the people,and off-fpring of God, we ought not to 14. 17. 6. 15. the rulers of the city, when they think that the P. God head is liken Rom. Mat. heard thefe things.

19. I.

untol. 21.

3. 9 And when they had taken fes o Rom. 11. 36. Jam. 1. 17. Heb. 1.32 Rom 1.20. Lal.40. IS.

1 Tim.

Paul Laboureth at Corinth. Chap. xviij, xix. polles inftructed. Yasunto gold, or filver or ftone graven nagogue, and beat him before thex Rom. by are and mans device. judgment-feat and Gallio x cared13.3. 30 And the times of this ignorance for none of o ofe things. Act. God q winked at,but now command- 19 And Paul after this, y tarried2. 1,2. 14. 16. eth all rmen every where to repent: there yet a good while, and then tocky v. 10. Luke 31 Because he hach appointed a day his leave of the brethren, and failed fal. 12.47 in the which he will judge the world thence into Syria, and with him Prif-2. 1. Marin righteoufnefs,by that man whom cilla and Aquila: having fhorn hisz Nu. 28. 49. he hath ordained, whereof he hath head in a Cenchrea: for he had a6. 18. Ti- given allurance unto all men in vow. 4 Rom that he hath taifed him from dead. 19 And he came to c Ephefus, and o 33 And when they heard of the left them there: but he himfelib Act. refurrection of the dead,fome mock- entred into the fynagogue, and 21. 2 to eda and others faid,We will hear thee reafoned with the Jews 1 Cor. 1 Cor. again of this matter. Jes 20 When they dared him to carry. 20. 1.23. longer time wthem,he confented not: Eph.


tver. 18.


33 So Paul departed from among 101 But bade them farewel, faying 34 Howheit certain men clave unto I must by all means keep this feaft Ifai. #Ial. him and a believed:among the which that cometh, in Jerufalem; but 155 1 55. 11. was Dionyfius the Areopagits, and a will return again unto you, iff Gode Gal. wo man named Damaris and others will: and he failed from Ephefus... with them. 22 And when he had landed at Col. 2. Cefarea, and gone up and faluted the 16.


1. 2.

Paul labouring with his hands, and church, he went down to Antioch. ficor. preaching av Corinth, A 23 And after he had spent fome time4 19. 1 Co. After Feer thefe things, Paul departed there, he departed and went over allJam. Afrom Athens,& came to a Corinth, the countrey of Galatia and Phrygia4 15. i Prov. 2 And found a certain Jew named in order, ftrengthening all dif.iples.& 2 Co. 23 15. Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come 24 And a certain Jew named 1. 25. Efth from Italy, with his wife Prifcilla, Apollos, born at Alexandria ban Ats 3-11. (becaufe mat Claudius had b com- eloquent man, and mighty in the15. 33. Írai. manded all Jews to depart from 1 fcriptures, came to Fphelus. and 10. 1. Rome,) and came unto them: 25, This man was inftructed in the 20.3. Gen. 3. And because he was of the fame way of LORD, and being Ktervene Exo. 3. 19. craft, he abode with them, and in the fpirit, he fpake and taught 14 and wrought (for by their occupation diligently the things of the LORD, Col. 4.2. they were rent-makers) knowing only the baptifm of Jolin.3. 16. 2 Thef. 4 And he reafoned in the fynagogue 15 And he began to peak boldly in2 Tim. 3.10. every fabbath, and d perfwaded the the fynagogue whom when Aquila3.6. d2 Co. Jews and the Greeks. and Priscilla had heard, they took Runt. 5.-20. And when Silas and Timotheus him unto them, and expounded un-12. 11. As were come from Macedonia, Paul to him way of God more perfectly. Acts 20. 22. was preffed in fpirit,and teftified to 27 And when he was difpofed to pass. 5. Mat. the Jews that Jefus was Chrifto into Achaia, the brethren wrote,ex-and 10. 14. 6 And when they oppofed them- horting the difciples roreceive him :19. 3.

Eze. felvs, and blafphemed, he ffhook his who, when he was come, helpedm A 2.8.9.raiment, and faid unto them,g your them much which had believed 31 Lev. blood be upon your own heads, p through grace.. 20.9, am dean from henceforth I will go 28 For he mightily convinced the6. 19. 12. unto the Gentiles. intakeaway Jews, and that publiquely, fhewing Co. Pal. And he departed thence, and by the fcriptures, Jefus was Chriff.12 21. 15.4. entred into acertain mans houfe

1 King

Exod. named Juftus one that worthipped 5. 3,4.01 Cor. 3. 6. 1 Cor. 15.10.42 Ti. 23. 2. God whole houfe joyned hard to 3. 16. iCor.thefynagogue.

The holy Ghoft given by Pauls hands.
Ndit came to that while

Apollos was at Corinth, Paul S. 23.
having paffed through the 4 upper v.6.
coalts, came to Ephelus, and findin
certain difciples,

1. 14. 8 And Crifpus the chief ruler of
522 with an his houfe, and many of the
Ro. Corinthians hearing, believed, and
10. 17.

Jer. Then spake ƒ LORD to Paul in the
117. night by a vifion,Be not afraid;but He faid unto them, Have ye re- John
Ezek fpeak, and hold not thy peace andnceived the holy Ghoft fince yee be-3-36.4 For I am m with thes, and no man lieved? and they faid unto him, We Acts
m Ro. That let on thee, to hure thee: for have not fo much as heard whether!S. 25.
1.31. I have much people in this city there be any holy Ghost.

John John 11 And he continued there a year And he faid unto them, Unto 39. 10. 16. and fix moneths, o ceaching the word what then were rebaptized? and cheye Mar. Eph. of God among them. faid, Unto d Johns baptifm. 3.17. 5. 16. 12 And when Gallio was the deputy Rom. of Achaia, y Jews made infurrection tizedwith y ebaptifm of repentance, 1.29. 4 Then faid Paul, John verily hap-John 12. 11. with one accord against Paul, and faying unto the people That they Markt Pfal. brought him to the judgment-feas thould believe on him which thould, 4 2.2. 13 Saying This fellow perfwadeth come after him,is, on Chrift Jefus Luke Acts men to worship God a contrary to When they heard this, they were3 3. 17.7. the law... haptized in the name of Lord Jefus & Acts now about And when Paul had laid hit18. 16. co opan his mouth, Gallio faid unto hands upon them, the holy Gholtand the Jews. If it were a matter of wrong, came on them, and they pake!0. 48. ricor. or wickellewdness,O ye Jews, reafon with tongues and prophefied. Acts 2014 would that I thould bear with you. And all the men were about twelve.8 17. 8 And he went into the fynagogue,and and fpake boldly, for the fpace of1o. 4G. three monechs, difpucing and per Ccr.. kingdom of Gort. fwading the things concerning the12. 106 Ma 9 But when divers were khardened, 3.11. and believed not but fpake evil off The Ff2 that. 2.

14 And when Paul was now

Cor. But if it be a queftion of r words 720, and names, and of your law, look andye to it; for I will be no judge of 5.12uch matters. Rev. 16 And he drave them from the 12. 16 jutment-feat. # Co. 17 Then all the Greeks took 1. Solthenes, the chief ruler of the fy

kA7.51. Mat 13. 14°

The Temi

ewife exercise the multitude, heronta, Pauls companion and Dem




༄!,་ Paul Demetrius, Mat/departed from them, and m fepara-they rushed with one accord into 7.6. red the difciples, difputing daily in the theatre.gma Ifai the fchool of one Tyrannus. 30 And when Paul g would have qActs 8. 16. 1 And this continued by the fpace entred in unto the people, the di- 200 24. Acts of n cwo years, fo that o all they fciples fuffered him not. 18. 11. dwelt in Afla, heard the word of the 31 And certain of the r chief of Afia, 1714-1 Afts LORD Jefus, both Jews and Greeks, which were bis friends, fent unto r.Phil. 11 And God wrought fpecial mi-him, defiring him chat he would not 4-22. Mat. racles by the hands of Paul adventurehimself into the theatre. 13.31 12 So that 9 from his body were 31 Some therefore cried one thing, Pfalm brought unto the fick, handkerchiefs and fome another: for Saffembly was 19.3 or aprons, and the difeafes dep. rted confuled,and chemore pare knew not Acts from them, and the evil fpirits went wherefore they were come together. 22 And they drew Alexander out 2 Thef. 13 Then certain of the vagabond of the multitude, the Jews putting 2.9. Jews, rexorcifts, took upon themto him forward, and Alexander beckned Ti. Pfalm call over them which had evil fpirits, with the hand, and would have 120. 127 the name of the LORD Jefu, faying, made his defence unto the people. 1 Alts Acts We adjure you by Jefus whom Paul 34 But when they knew that he was 12.17 5.15 preacheth. a Jew, all with one voice about the and Mat. 14 Ant there were ? feven fons of onefpace of two hours cried out, Great is 13. 16. 12. 27 Sceva a Jew, and chief of the priests, Dianaofthe Ephefians,PREYLERS 1 Tim. which did fo. 35 And when the town-clerk had

of them.


6. 10. 15 And the evil spirit anfwered and appe fed the people, he laid Yeu Th. fv. 16-faid, Jefus I know, and x Paul I men of Ephefus, what man is there.11. 1 Sa. know; but who are ye?, that knoweth nor how that the city Rom. 2.12. 16 And the man in whom the evil of the EpheGans is a worshipper of 1. 21. Mat fpirit was, leapt on them, and over the great goddess Diana, and of the Ephef. 8. 29. came them and prevailed againftimage&u fell down from Jupiter? 2.2, 3. Acts them, fo that they fled out of that 3& Seeing then that these things y. 26.

19.17 ye JPfal. 17 And this was known to all thebe quiet, and co do nothing rafhly. 12. 5. 9.16. Jews and Greeks alfo dwelling at 37 For ye bave brought hither chefe Mat. x Afta Ephefus, and fear fell on them all,man,which are neither rubbers of 10. 16. 5. 11. and the name of the LORD Jefuschurches, nor x yet blafphemers of Acts Prov. was a magnified. 19. 25. 18 And many that believed, came, 8 Wherefore if Demetrius and the24. your goddefs.m 17. 23, Pfal. & confeffed,and fhewed their deeds.craftsmen which are with him,have ay Ifal. 18. 10. 19 Many alfo of them which ufedmatter againlbany many the law is 59. 14. Mat. c curious arts brought their books co-open, and there are depuries, let z Pal 3.6. all 2 Ch. men and they counted the price of 39 But if ye enquire any thing con-Rev. 34-19 33-6. them, and found it fifty thousand cerning other matters, ie fhall be de- 12. 16. Ifai. Pieces of filver. termined in a lawful affembly. Pfalm 30, 22. 10 So mightily grew the word of 40 For we are in danger to be cal-65. 7. 1 Th. God, and prevailed. Moled in questions for this days uproar, Ifai. 1.23 After thefe things were ended, there being no caufe whereby we mays.9.10. Acts Paulf purpofed in the spirit when he give an account of this concourfe 495. had paffed through Macedonia and 4 And when he had thus fpoken, 5: 13. Job 2 Cor. Achaia, to go to Jerufalem, faying,he difmiffed the affembly. 11. 28. After I have been there, I muff allo bost Rom. fee Rome.


Acts 1-45- 20.1.

1. 13. 22 So he & fent into Macedonia two
1 Co. of them that miniftred unto him, Ti
4.17. motheus and Eraftus but he himself
Rom. And the fame time there arofe
for a

Paul goriye Mäestonia, 16 Rai
feth Eutychus to life. 9 He com
mitteth Gods flock to the Elders of



APaul called unto him che affedia Ac after the uproar a ceased, A&. v.20. no fmall ftir about that way. I v. 25.24 For a certain man named De ples, and embraced chem and de- pan Tim. metrius, a filver-fmith, which made a And when he had gone over thofeand 6. 10. filver fhrines for Diana, brought no parts, and had given them 6 much ex-30. 5. Judge fmall gain unto the crafts-men: horeation, he came into c Grecse Act. 17.10.25 Whom he called, together with And there abode three months:14. 23. the work-men of like occupation, and when the Jews & laid wait for 2 Co. 26. 15. and faid,Sirs, ye know that by this him, as he was about to fail into Sy-11. 26. kv. 24. craft we have our wealth. Acts 26 Moreover, ye fee and hear, that Macedonia. eria, he purpofed to return through 42 Co. 16. 19. not alone at Ephefus, but almoft And there eaccompanied him into Pfalm of Berea of the



11. 26.

Rev. 18.

and turned away much Theffalonians Ariftarchus and Se-e Act. 16, 19. people,faying,that they be no gods cundus: and Gaius of Derbe 2 Chr. which are made with hands;

and 21. 29.


16 21.

11. 15.27 So that not only this our craft is and Trophimus, of Afia, Tychicus Rom. 7 Pfal. in danger to be m fet at nought bur Thefe going before, carried for 115. afo that the temple of the great god-as aef Troas.


fa&t. defs Diana fhould be, defpifed, and 6 And we failed away from Philippi, 16. 8. Acts16. het magnificence fhould be deftroyed, after days of unleavened bread, ver 7 17.25. whom all Asia and the a world wor- and came unco them to Troas in five Mat. Act. fippeth 5.28. And when they heard thefe fay. And upon the first day of tlieb 1 Co. days where we feven 26. 17. Rev. Ings they were full of wrath, and week when the difciples came 10-11. 20% 13.3. cried out, faying,o Great is Diana of gether to b break bread, Paul preach-22. 19 And the whole city was filled morrow, and continued his fpeech 42. led unto them, ready to depart on the i1⁄2 Th with confufion, and having caught until midnight... Gaius and Ariftarchus, Men of Ma- 8 And there were k many lights ja 12.17. Rev. 13. 4. Dan. 3. 4. 5. Jerem• gathered together. the upper-chamber where they were Phil. Rom. 16. 23. Col.4.10

the Ephefians.

and 17.2 Mar.

2. 13.



19 And



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