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al converted Chap. Ix. and baptized Rom. 30 And Philip w ran thither to him. Ananias. And he faid, Behold, I am 12. 11. and heard him read the prophet Efai- here, LORD. Mat. as, and faid, Underlandeft thou 11 And theLord faid unto him, Arife, 24. 16. what thou readeft? and go into the street, which is cal Eph And Hefald, How can T.except Led Straight and enquire in the 3.3.4. fome man fhould guid me? and he houfe of Judas for one called Saul Jef. come

not his




30.2. ap, and fit with him.
.Rom. 32 The place of the feripture which
to. 14. he read, was this, He was led asya
1 Cor. theep so the flaughter, and like a
1-21. lamb dumb before the thearer fo
33 In his humiliation his judge
Prov. ment was taken away, and who thall
2.23 declare his generation? for his life
2 Ifai. is taken from the earth.
23-557-34 And the eunuch anfwered Phi-
John lig, and faid, I pray thee, of whom
18.13 Speaketh the prophet this? of himself,
q Phil. or offome other man?
2.8.9. 35. Then Philip opened his mouth,
and began at the fame fcripture, and
2.24. preached unto him Jefus
• Mal. 36 And as they went on their way,
2.7. they came unto a certain water: and
the eunuch Taid, See here is wat r,
17-2 What doth hinder me to be baptized?
37 And Philip faid,If chou believet
with all thine heart, chou mayeft.
And the answered and faid, I believe
Cor. that Jefus Chrift is the Son of God.
28 And he commanded the chariot
roltand till: and they went down
both into the water, both Philip and
3. I. the eunuch, and he baptized him.
39 And when they were come up
1. 16 out of the water; the fpirit of the
Lord caught away Philip, that the
eunuch faw him no more: and he
Alat. went on his way a rejoycing.
7.6. A
40 But Philip was found at 6 Azctus:
and paffing through, he preached c in
7 Mat. all the cities, till he came to Cefarea.
Ez8.5. a Rom 5. 1. 6 Joh. 11. 22.

Mar. ↑



Mar. 9-37.

12 And hath qfeen in a vision a man Pfal named Ananias coming in, and pur- 32.6 ting his hand on him, that be might q Pfal. receive his fight. 50. 15.

13 Then Ananias answered, LORD, Dan heard by many of 9.20 how much evil he hath done to thy Acts faints at Jerufalem. 8.3.


14 And here he hath fauthority from /v. 2.
the chief priests, to bind all that Exod.
call on thy name. 1- to 4.10
35 But the LORD faid unto him, Go
thy way: for he is a chofen veffel 10. 14.
unto me, to bear my name before the 2 TI.
x Gentiles, and kings, and the chil-2.20.
dren o: Ifrael.
16 Forl willythew him how great things?-23.
he muft fuffer for my names fake.
37 And Ananias went his way, and 15.
entred into the houfe, & purting his 16, 19
hands on him, faid Brother Saul, they John
Lord (even Jefus appeared unto 1.1.
thee in the way as thou cameft) hath Aft
fent me, thou mi hreft receive thy 32. 17.
fight,& be filled with the holy Ghost. Cor.
13 And immediately there a fell from 15.8.
his eyes as it had been scales, and he 4 Cdr.
received fight forthwith, and arofe, phil.
and was baptizers ret


19 And when he had & received meat, 3.4, S. he was ftrengthned. Then was Saul TL. certain days with the difciples which 33. Col. were t Damafcus.

10 And ftraightway he e preached 2.19 Chrift in the fynagogues, that he is ve 45. the Son of Godava Gal.


Saul is converted is he went to Da
mafeus: 18 He is baptized by

11 But all that heard him were
amazed and Caid; Is not d this he that Mate
deftroyed them which on this
name in Jerufalem, and came hirher
for that ingent,that he might bring
them bound unto the chies priefts?
22 But Saule increafed the more in
e Mac.
ftrength, and feanfounded the Jews 13. 11.
which dwelt at Damafcus, proving
that this is very, Chrift.t



Nda Saul yet breathing out threarnings and laughter against the difciples of the LORD', went unto the high prieft,

fAct 18. 28.

23 And aftery many days were fulfilled, fews took counfell to kill him: Elth. watched 2 And defired of him bletters to Da-24. But their g laying await was

Tie. 1.11. gicord 11. 32. gates day and night to kill him. Job 25 Then the difciples took him by 89 in a basket night and let him down b by the wall Jole to 2.155 16 And when Saul was come to Jeru- Mat falem he allayed to joyn himself to 23. tothe difciples, but they were all fa- ¡ v.2.. fraid of him, and believed not that Mat. he was a difciples S 2017. 10. 17.

27 But Barnabas, took him, and Pfalm brought him to the apoftles, and de- 112. 5. clared unto them how he had feen Jam theLord in the way,& he hadfpoken. 18. co him,& how he had preached/bold- and ly ar Damafcus in name of Jefus. 2.9.

28 And he was with them,m coming / Ats in, and going out at Jerufalem. 4.13.

29 Andhe pake boldly in the name Eph of the Lordjelus, and difpuced against 6. 19. the Grecians but they went about m Gal. to lay him. Potocking i 1.18 30 Which when the e brethren knew, Rom. they brought him down to Celarea, 3-15and fent him forth co Tartus.

31 Then had the churches preft 3.6.. throughout all Judea, & Galilee, and & Eph Samaria, and were and 4.6. ing in the fear of the LORD and in Acts the comfort of the holy Gholts were 20. 3% multiplyed. 32 And 2 17. Rev.13.2. Plaim 125. 3.

1 Pet.


2.2.15 Gal.

* Acts 8.3. and





he found any of this way, whether
Ezek heywere men or women, he might
bring them bound unco Jerufalem.
d John And as he journeyed,he came near
D.mafcus, and fuddenly there thined
Mat. round about him da light from hea-
25. 40..
1 Car. ven.

12. 12. 4 And he fell to the earth, and heard
fiTi a voyce, laying unto him, Sauf,
1. 13. Saul why perfecuteft thou me
And he faid, Who are thou LORD
Sam And LORD faid Tam Jefus whom
3.10 thou perfecuteft: It is hard for thee
10. 22. to kick against the pricks.
And he b trembling and aftonished,
faid, Lort, i what wilt thou have me
Pfal. to do! And LORD faid unto him,
29.2.3. Arife and go into the city, and it
1 Plaim fhall be cold thee what thou must do.
94. 12. And the men which journeyed
Acts with him flood kfpeechless/ hearing
26. 14. voyce, but feeing no man.


Acts 8 And Saul arofe from the earch, and 22.9. when his eyes were opened he faw m2 kl. no man but they led him by the 6.19, m hand and brought him into Da5.13. 9 And he was three days without Deut. fight, and neither did eat nor drink. 10 And there was a certain difci23.5. 2Cor.pleat Damafcus, named o Ananias; 12.2. and to him faid the Lordinavifion, • A&$22.12. Num. 12. G.


neas enred

The Acts.

v. 31. Gal. 2.7.9.



19, 20.

Peters vifion. 32 And it came to país as Pe- made ready, he fell into latrance; l'Rev. ter paffed 9 throughout all quarters, 11 And fawp heaven opened, and a 1. 10. he came down alfo to the faints which certain vellel defcending unto him.2 Cor. Acts dwelt at Lydda. as it had been a great theet, knit at 12.12. 33 Andthere he found a certain man a four corners, & let down to earth: Pfal. nained Aeneas, had kept his bed 12Wherein were all manner of four-76. 1. 9.20. reight years, & was fick of the pale. focted beafts of the earth, and wild and f Acts 34 And Peter faid unto him, Ae-beats, and creeping things, and 147. 3.6. neas Jefus Chrift maketh thee fowls of the air. Ifal. whole: arife, and make thy bed. And 13 And there came a voice to him, q Mat. Peter, eat. S.41. John 35 And all that dwelt at Lydda, and 14 But Perer faid, / Not fo, LORD; Lev. 12. 32. Saron, faw him, and turned to for I have never eaten any thing that 1.2. Jonathe LORD. is t common or unclean." 1.3. 36 Now there was at x Joppa a ce- 15 And the voice (pake unto him 13. 48. Prov.tain difciple named Tabitha, which again fecond time, What God hath Rom 31. 31.by interpretation is called Dorcas: cleanfed, that call not thou common, 10. 2. Acts this woman was full of ygood works, 16 This was done thrice: and the rCor. 10.4. and alms-deeds which the did. veifel was received up again into 13.2. 1Cor 37 And it came to pafs in thofe days, heaven.


t Lev.

15. 29. that the was fick and died: whom 17 Now while Peter doubted in him- 11 4
Hebr. when they had washed, they laid felf what this vifion which he had Deut.
9.12. het in an upper chamber.
feen, ihould mean: behold, the 14.7-

John 38 And forafmuch as Lydda was men which were fent from Corne- Acts
11.3. nigh to Joppa and the difciples had lius, had made enquiry for Simons 15.9.
Hebr. heard that Peter was there, they a fent houfe, and flood before the gate, Luke
7.1.7. unro him two men,defiring him that 18 And called, and asked whether 1.29.
As he would not delay to come to them. Simon, which was firnamed Peter, ver. 17.
8.2.39 Then Peter arofe,and went with were lodged there.
y Aas
I Thef. theme when he was come, they brought 19 While Peter x thought on the 11. 12.
4.13. him into the upper chamber:& all the viñon, the y Spirit faid unto him, John
Prov. widows ftood by him b weeping and Behold, three men feek chee.
16. 13-
10.7. hewing coats & c garments, Dor 20 Arife therefore, and get thee Ifai.
and cas made while the was with them. down, and go with them, z doubting 31. 21.
22. 1. 40 But Peter d put them all forth, and nothing for al have fent them. Rom.
d Mac.kneeled down and e prayed,and turn- 216 Then Peter went down to the 14.
9.25. ing him to the body, faid, Tabitha, men which were fent unto him from 5.23.
2Kin.arife. And the opened her eyes, and Cornelius; and faid, Behold, I am he a Joth.
4.33. when the faw Peter, the fat up. whom ye feck what is the caufe 19.
Ads 41 And he gave her his hand, and lift wherefore ye are come?
3.12. her up: and when he had called the 22 And they faid, Cornelius the o 16.
1 Corflaints & widows,prefented her alive. centurion, a juft man, and one that Amos
42 Andie was known throughout all feareth God, and c of good report 7.15.
2 Cor. Juppa,and many believed in theLord. among all the nation of the Jews, Mat.
2.2. 43 And it came to pafs that he tar- was warned from God by an holy 16 24
Pfal. ried many days in Joppa with one Si- angel, co fend for thee into his Exod.
25.40 mong a tanner.
houfe, and to hear words dof thee.4.18.
23 Then called he them in, & lodged Prove
them:and on the morrow Peter went 22. 1.
away with them, and certain brethren Phil
from Joppa accompanied him.



4. 8.

24 And the morrow atter they dv 5. entred into Cefarea: and Cornelius 2 Cor. waited for them,& had fcalled toge-5 20. ther his kinfmen and near friends. Heb. 25 And as Perer was coming in,Cor- 13.2. nelius met him, and fell down at his fiCor. feet, and g worshipped him. 13.4. 26 up, faying, Mat. Stand up, I my fel falfo amb a man. 9. 10. 17 And as he talked with him, he John went in, and found many that were 4.29. come together. & Reva 28 And hefaid unto them, Ye know 22.9. how that it is an unlawful thing for Acts i aman that is a Jew,to keep compa- 14. 15. ny or come unto one of kanorher na- Pfalm tion: but God hath fhewed me, that 115 Ifhould not cal any man common or john unclean.

ng Therefore came I unto you 2 Cor. without gain-faying,/ affoon as I was 6. It fent for. I ask therefore for what John intent ye have fent for me. 18. 28.

30 And Cornelius faid, Four days k Eph. and at the ninth hour I prayed in Pfalm my houfe, and behold, a man ftood 119.60. Gal. before me in brightclothing,

6. 16.

31 And Taid, Cornelius thy prayer 1. 16. is heard, and thine alms are had in Mat. remembrance in the fight of God. 32 Send therefore to Joppa, and call Dan. hither Simon whofe firname is Peter; 9.20. he is lodged in the houfe of one Simon a canner by fea-fde who when he comech fhall peak unto thee.

33 Immediately therefore 11ent co thee, and thou hait well done that


Peter preachethew Cornelius, Chap. *f.xij. The Gospel Spread. Acts chou art come. Now therefore are we nothing t common or unclean hath ati Lev 2. 22. all hereprefent before God, to hear any time entred into my mouth. 41.4. Mat. o all things that are commanded the e Bur the voice answered me again Dur 3051. of God. Mg from heaven What God hath cleanf-+-7+ Gal. 34 Then Peter opened his mouth, ed, that call not thou common. khas and faid, Ofa truth I perceive that to Andthis was done three times:& 15 9. God is no refpecter of perfons: all were drawn up again into heaven. Ephe .IT. 35 But in every nation he that 11 And behold, immediately these 3.13. Pals feareth him, and worketh righre- were three men already come unto John 5.2. oufneft, is accepted with him. the houfe where I was, fent from 21. 17. Rom.




E. 14


36The word which God fent unto Cefarea unto me. 4617 the children of Ifrael,preaching peace 11 And the Spirit bad me go with 10.8. Eph by Jefus Chrift (he is / Lord of all) them, nothing doubting: Moreover, a That word you accompanied 26. which was publifhed throughout all and we entred into the mans houfe: Jeth. Judea, and thegan from Galilee,af 13 And he fhewed us how he had 1.9 Phil terthe baptifm which John preached: feen an angel in his houfe, which Rom. 38 How God anointed Jefus of Na- ftood and faid unto him, Send men 12. 17. alazareth with the holy Ghoft, and with to loppa, and call for Simon whole 5. 12. power, who went about doing good, fituame is Peret: Mat and healing all shat were oppreffed of 14 Who hall tell thee words whereby 4 Luks the devil for God was with him. g thou & all thy houfe fhall be faved. 19.9. 39And wearey witneffes of all things 15 And as 1began to speak,the holy As which he did boch in the land of the Ghoft fell on them, r as on us at the 16. 31. Jews and in Jerufalem, whom they beginning. new and hanged on a tree:



1.24. Acts

19-3: John 3.34. 34 IT 3.16 Col.


40 Him God railed up the third day, and fhewed him openly, 440 Not to all the people, hur unto 2.9. Acts winches, chofen before of God,ex en to us who did ear and drink with 2 Thefs 41 And us him after he rofe from the dead. 2.15. zkom I + Luke 24.27.

Alts 15 Then remembred I the word of 10 ++ the LORD how that he faid, John and Indeed baptized with water but ye Hebr. thall be baptized with the holy Ghost.1 17 Fonuch then as God gave them John like gift as he did unto us, who he 1.26. was and lieved on the Lord Jefus Chrift, what Jama 13 When they heard there things Joha they held their peace, and lorified God, faying. Then hath God allo to Acts the Gentiles granted y repentance.35.. unto life.)



unto the people, and roteftife that it is he which was ordained of God to be the judge of quick and dead. 43 To him give all the prophets a John witnefs, that through this name, 20 21 whofoever believeth in him, fhall re2 Pet. Ceive remillion of ins.

44 While Peter yt fpake thefe Mac words,the holy Ghoft fell on all them 25 31. which heard the word.

19 Now they which were x fcattered 20.15. abroad upon the perfecution that Jothai arofe about Stephen travelled as far 22, 30.1 as Phenice, and Cyprus, and Antioch, Roms: preaching the word to none, but un-. S


4. 12.



45 Andch.y of the e circumcifion to the Jews only. which believed, were aftonifald, as

And fome of them were men of 2.25.


many as came with Peter fbecause a Cyprus & Cyrene,which when shey Phil that on the Gentiles alfo was poured were comero Antioch, fpake unto the 2. 13. Dan, Que the gift of the holy Ghoft. Grecians preaching the Lord Jefus. Acts

e Rum Stongues and magnifie God. Then
9.12. anfwered Pecet,
fPfalm 47 Can any man forbid water, that
thefe fhould not be baptized, which
19, 20. have received the holy Ghoft a
g IC well as we?

y 26, 46 For they heard them fpeak with, 21 And the hand of the Lord was 8. 1.
with them and a great number be-Luke!
lieved, and turned unto the Lord,). 13.
12 Then tidings of thefe ching Pet
came unto the ears of the church 4.0.
which was in Ierufalem and they Acts:
fent forth Barnabas, tat he fhould 7.3.
be, go as far as Antioch;

1. 10. 48 And lief commanded them to b Pfal. Saptized k in the Name of 105. LORD. Then prayed they him ficer. tarry certain days.



1. 17

22 Who when he came, and had feen 2. 2.
to grace ofGod, was glad,& exhorted Acts
them all that with purpose of heare10.
they would foleave unto the Lord 2, 43.
Matth.24For he was good man and full e Pfalm
orthe holy Gholf, and of faith and 117, 1.
much people was added unco Lord. jer.
25 Then departed Barnahas to±3. 22,
Tarfus, for to feck Saul... gjem pod. Acts
he had him, he

Nom. 411. A&s 16, 14, 15.
Peter acculed for going in to the Gen.
ziler. Maketh his defence, a hot
vos ANd the apostles and brethren dat

30. 40.

were in Judea,heard' theGenrils brought him unto Antioch. And it and Mat. had alfo received the word of God. came to pals that ab whole year they 9.29.0 16.6. And when Peter was come up to affembled themfelvs with the e. Tit. and Jerufalem they that were of the church, and taught mach people, 2. 11 13.23 circumcifion contended with him. St the difciples were caked Chri- f Ru Afts Saying,dthou wenteft into men un-itians hrft in Antiochd hired at. 18. 8.45. circumcifed, and CRom. And camek pro-g Ruch om. Bus Peter e reheatfed the matter phets from Jerufalem anto Antioch. 4.316 10.2 from the beginning, and expounded 28. And there Rood, up one of them & Acts Gale by order unto them; faying, 4.18. was in city of Joppaf praying, fpirit.rhershouldbe great search fla named Agabus, and fignified by the 18.11.1 2 Joh. andin artance ffaw a vifion, A cer- throughout all the world,which came 65. 15. 22. 12. rain veffel defcend, as it had been a to pafe incha days of Claudine Celan. k Epha er Pet great Theet, let down from heaven.by 29. Then the difciples every man 4.11.01 3.15 four cornerstand is came even to me, according to his ability, determined Cor Jom 6 Upon the which when I had fa- to fand m. relief into the brethren 14. &So 22. 22. ftened minceyes, I confidered, and which dwelt in Judea.hrsmil Adso fAfts faw four footed bealts of the earth which alle they did and feat 31, 10, 10 10 and wild beats, and creeping things, it to the elders by the hands of Amos Pfal. and fowls of the air.


And I heard a voice faying uned Barnabas and Saul, TERUS 3.7 2,3 me, Arife, Peter, day, and eat.

CHAP mikeby

But Tajd, Notjo, LORD: for 6.10. ¡Cor.16.1. #1Pet.5.1.2. 2 Joh. vez. 97%

£ 104 104



Pauls fermon

Chap. xiv. Natentiocho fynagoguefent unto them,faying, Ye 39 And by him all that believe are John men & brethren,ifye have any word juftified from all things, from which 1.12.1 of exhortation for the people,fay on. ye could not be juftifed by the law Rom 16 Then Paul ftood up, and becken- of Mafes.




run 3.27 • a ing with his hand,faid, Men oflfrael, 40 Beware therefore, left that come G. and ye that fear God, give audience. upon you which is fpoken of in the 3.21. " Pfal. 17 The God of m this people of If-x prophets, Max Hab. rael # chofe our fathers, and exalted 41 Behold ye y defpifers,and wonder, 1.5. 19, 20. the people,when they dwelt as ftrang- and perifhi for I work a work in your Prov Gen..er in the land of Egypt, and with an days, a work which you hall in no 1.30. 12 1. high arm brought he them out of it. wife believe, though a man declare Mat and 13 And about the time of forty years it unto you. 13. 110 15. 13. fuffered he their o manners in the 41 And when the Jews were gone out V-43. Num. wilderness. 14. 22. 19 And when he had deftroyed feven fought that thefe words might be 55. 10. of the fynagogue, the Gentiles be- Ifal. Hebr. nations in the land of Canaan, he preached to them the next fabbath. 3.8. 9. divided their land to them by lot. 43 Now when the congregation was Jam Deut. 20 And after that he gave unto them broken up, many of the Jews and re- 1.19. 7.1. rjudges, about the pace of four ligious profelytes & followed Paul and Tit. Jofh. hundred and fifty years until Sa- Barnabas, who fpeaking to them, 2.11. 14.2. muel the prophet: r Judg. perfwaded them to continue in the Rom. 21 And afterward they t defired a grace of God. 10.3. 3.9. king, and God gave unto them Saul 44 And the next fabbath day came 4 Johs Kin. the fon of Cis, a man of the tribe almost the whole city together 4.28. of Benjamin, by the fpace of a forty heat the word of God. years. 8.5. 22 And when he had x removed him, titudes they were filled with envy, 45 But when the Jews faw the mul- 2. 14, Hof hey raifed up unto them David to be and fpake against thofe things which 23.-13. 13.11 their king, to whom alfo he gave te- were (poken by Paul, f contradicting 6.9. fActs Sa I have and 13.1. vid the fon of Jelle, a man after mine 46 Then Paul and Barnabas waxed & 15.28 own heart, fhall full all my will. bold, and faid, le was neceflary chat yisam. 23 Of this mans feed hath God ac- the word of God fhould b firft have 1.9. b Alts cording to his promife, raifed unto heen Spoken to you: but leeing i vejohn 16. 13 Ifrael a Saviour, Jefus: Paim put it from you, and judge your 1.11. felvs unworthy of everlasting lité,lo. Acts kwe turn to th: Gentiles.



6. 1.
11 Sam.




zRom. 1.3.

47 For fo hath the LORD command



and 4-28.

word of this falvation fent.


c kom I. 16.

14 When John had first preached 89.204 before his coming, the baptifm of repentanceto all the people of Ifrael. 2 Sam hefaid, Whom think ye that I am a li he of the Gentiles, that thou Acts 15 And as John fulfilled his courfe, ed us, faying, I have I fet thee to be kicor. 7.12. I am nor he. But behold, there com- fhouldeft be for falvation unto the 18.6. a Mat. ech one after me, whole fhoes of his ends of the e. rth. 3.36. feet Im not worthy to loofe. FitIfal. b john 48 And when the Gentiles heard 49.6. 26 Men and brethren, children of this, they were glad, and m glorified s J.LO. the flock of Abraham, and whofoever the word of the Lord: and as many 9.15. among you feareth God, to you is as were ordained to eternal life, Rom. th for they that well at jer un em,& and the word of the LORD was 2.15. their rulers Because they knew him pulifhed throughout all the region. Rem. not, not yet e voices of prophets & so But the Jews ftirred up the g 29. icor. are read every fabbath-day, they have devout and honorable women, and 45. 2.5.e ffulfilled them in condemning him. the chief men of the city, and raifed Exod. 28 And though they found no caufe perfecution against Paul &Barnabas, 1. 12. 3.1 of death in him, yer dered they and expelled them out of their coafts. A& Acts Pilate that he should be flain. • But they a fhook off the duft of 21. 20. 4.48. 29 And when they had fulfilled all their feet against them, and came un-q Mat. Mat. that was written of him, they took to 10. 14. 27. 22. him down from the b tree, and laid 52 difciples were filled Ats bi Pec.him in a fepulchre. the holy Ghost. 14.6. 2. 24. 30But God fraised him from the dead. 1 Cambig 12. Acts jkom. 31 And he was feen many days of 1.3. them which came up with him from Paul and Barnabas a perfecuteds Arts Galilee ro Jerufalem, who are his from Iconiam. 1.3.& unto the people. I Acts

d Act 3.17.

2 Cor.




in a


And we declare, unto you glad Athar they went both together into 13.3. 2.39.. ridings,how that the /promife which the fynagogue of the Jews,& fo fpake, and Gen. was made unto the fathers, that a great multitude both of the 8.4. 3-15.33 God hath fulfilled the fame unto Jews & alfo of the Greeks, 4 believed. Amos Acts us theirm children, in that he hath 2 But the unbelieving Jews fired 7. 10. 2.39 raifed up Jefus again as it is alfo up the Gentiles,and made their minds Jer. Pial written in fecond pfalm, Thou art b evil-affected against the brethren. 20. Ind my fon,this day have I begotten thee. 3 Long time therefore abode they ev.2. 34 And as concerning that heraifed fpeaking baldly in the Lord, which Ats him up from the dead,now no more to gave teftimony unto the word of his 13. 46. Ifai return to corruption, he faid on this grace, and granted figns and wonders John [5.3. wife, I will give you the fure mer- to be done by their hands. Luke cles Wherefore he faith alfo in ano-divided:& part held with the Jews:





73 4 Luke


Pfal. cher ? pfalm, Thou fhalt nor fuffer and part with the apostles, Pfalm 16. rc.thine holy One to fee corruption. And when there was an affault 2.2 q Acts 36 For David after he had a ferved made both of the Gentiles and alfo and 20. 24. his own generation by the will of of the Jews, ewich rheir rulers,to ule 83.5. 2 Tim. God, fell on fleep, and was laid un- them defpitefully,&fco ftone them, facts 48 to his fathers, and faw corruption: 6 They wereg ware of it,and fedun 20. 23Frie 37 But he whom God railed again, to Lyftra and Derbe, cities of Ly- and 2.5. faw no corruption. caonia, and unco the region that 9. 16. /Acts 38 Be it known unto you there- lieth round about. 16.3 1.fore, men and brethren, that 7 And there they preached y gofpel. 10. 16 Rom through this r man is preached unto. And 23. 425 you the forgiveness of us.

g Mat.

b49.4. Gal.6-9

And the
joy, and

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