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A cripple heated.

The Acts



I wor that


Peter preacheth. 40 And with many other words did 16 And his Namet through faith in Acts he teftific and exhort, faying, a Save his Namhath made this man ftron Mars your felvs from this untoward ge- whom ye fee and know: yea, the faith which is by him, hach given him 41 Then b they that e gladly re- this perfect foundness in the prefence ceived his word, were baptized and of you all. **** 13.23 the fame day there were added unie 17 And now,brethren Pfal. them about & three thoufand fouls. #through ignorance ye did it, as did d Rev. 4 And they continued itedfaftly in alfo your rulers. 6.2. the apoftls doctrine & fellowship.& 18 But thofe things which God be- 12. 30. Mat. in breaking of bread, and in prayers. forex had thewed by the mouth of all 25. 20.43 And f tear came upon every foul: his prophets, that Chrift should fufHeba and many wonders and figns were ter, he hath fo fulfilled. done by the apostles. 19 Repent ye therefore, and be Acts 44 And all that believed wereg toge- converted, your fins may be y llor 20 7. ther, and had all things common: ted out, when y times of refreshing 24 26. Elth. 45 And fold their poffeffions and fhall come from prefence of Lord. 817. goods, and parted them to all men, 20 Andh fhalla fend Jefus Chrift, 7 Col. Acts as every man had need. which before was preached unto you: 2. 14. 5.16 21 Whom the heaven must receive,

10. 25.




4 Luke

46 And they k continuing daily with 1 John Cor. one accord in the temple, and break- until the times of reftitution of all 17. ing bread from houfe to houfe, did things, which God hath spoken by Ats eat their mat with gladnefs and the mouth of all his holy prophets 5.4. finglenefs of heart, Phil 7 Prailing Gud, and having fayor 22 For Mofes truly faid unto the 19. 12. 2.4. with all the people. And the Lord Fathers, c A propher thall che LORD Tim. Mat. added to the church daily fuch as your God raife, up unto you of 6.15.56 19. 21. fhould be m faved. your brethren, d like unto me him g Heb. 9. Phil. hall ye hear in all things whatsoever he thall fay unto you. every foul which will not hear that 2. 13.4 33 And it thall come to pass prophet ihall be e deftroyed from 24 Yea, and all the prophets from the people, Samuel, and thofe that follow after,


A&t. 1. 176% 62 Th



the temple

c Deut 18 5. d Heb.


ver. 5. Jam. 2. 1. kaƐ. 1 14. I 1 Cor. 3.6. Pfalm 127. 1. m Act. 13.48. Rom 3.30. Peter and John restore a cripple. Prov. Now Peter and John a mole at the Eccl. hour of prayer,being the ninth hour. 4+2 And a certain man elame from his as many as have spoken, have like-Heb. John morhers womb, was carried, whom wife foretold of thefe days. 20. 4. they laid daily at the gate of the 25 Ye are the children of the pro- 1 Same John temple, which is called d'Beautiful, phets, and of the covenant which 5.3. roe ask alms of them that entred into God made with our fathers faying 2:25. and the temples of them that ener untoAbraham, And in thy feed malf Gen. 12.3. of John to go into the temple, asked an alms, 16 Unto you & firit, God having raif g Act. 10 23.4 And Perer faftening, his f eyes up- ed up his fon Jefus,fent him b to blefs 1. 8.A b Eph. Deut. on him,with John, faid,Look on us. you in turning away every one of 1.3. 154. And he gave heed unto & ex- from his Act Pecting to receive fom thing of them. CHAP. IV. e Gal. 3. 14.6 Then Peter faid Silver and gold Peter and Folin examined, 13 and 91143 Eph. have I b none,but fuch as I have give forbidden to preach in Chrifts Name. 20. Ithee: In the Name of Jefus Chrift ANd as they spake unto the peo Mart. of Nazareth, rife up and walk. Ople, the priests and the captain a Hof 10. 9. And he took him by the right of the temple, and the Sadduces 6. 9. Pec. hand, and lift him up: and k imme- came upon them, 2002 4. 10. diately his feet, and anclebones reMar. ceived ftrength.


16. 17. 8 And he leaping up food and walk Mat. ed, and entered with them into the 7.22. temple, walking, and leaping, and Mag. prating God.

Am. 7.
Being b grieved that they taught the 10.
people, and preached through Jefus 6 Neh.
the refurrection from the dead. 2. 10
3 And they laid hands on them, and c Mat.
put them in hold unto the next days 10. 17.
for it was now even-tide. Ma +2 John
4Howbeit,many of them which heard 16.1,2.
the wordid believed,& the number of d Act.
the men was about e five thousand. 17:34.

11. 28. 9 And all the people faw him walk
and ing, and praising God. Ma
8.3. To And chey knew that it was he
11. at came to on mor- A


35.6. gate of the temple and they were row that their ruters, and elders, 2.41. m Mat. m filled with wonder & amazement at and Scribes, brijays bes a LOT 9. that which had happened unto him. 6 And Annas the high priefb, and 16. 19. 33. 62 1 And as the lame man which was Caiaphas, and John, and Alexander, f Rom 82.23. healed held Peter and John, all the and as many as were of the kindred et 3.5. niki, people ran together unto them in the high prieft were g gathered toge- Prov. 6.3. the porch that is called # Solomons, ther at Jerufalem. John greatly wondering. And when they had fer them in gal." Io. 23. 12 And when Perer faw it, he f midft,they asked, By what power,, ze rral. anfwered unto the people, Yemen or by what name have ye done this Jch 7. 11f. 1. of Ifrael, why marvel ye at this? or 8Then Peter filled with the holy +8. John why look ye fo earnestly on o us as Ghoft, ffaid unto them; Ye rulers of Mat, 15.5. though by our own power or holi- the people, and elders of Ifrael,


of crop w


1. 9.

Phil. nefs we had made this man to walk? 9 If we this day be examined of the Rev. 13 The God of Abraham, and of good deed done to impos ne man, 14. Ephet. Ifaac, and of Jacob, the God of our by what means he is made whole, b Mat. 20. Fathers kathp glorified his Son Jefus, 10 Be it known unto you all, and to 2.24% John whom ye delivered up, and a denied the people of lirael that by the Ast 19.95. him in the prefence of Pilate, when Name of Jefus Chrift of Nazareth, 3.16. Mat. he was determined to let him go whom ye crucified,whom God railed? Mat 16. 21. 14 But ye denyed the Holy One, fromthe dead, even m by him do this 15:19. Mar. & the Juft, and defredar murcherer man ttand here before you whole. Pet. K. to be granted unto you: Is This is the ftone which was fee . •3•. Sat. And killed the Prince of life, at nought of you builders, which is / Act. 4. 12. whom God hath raifed from the John dead, whereof we are witneffes,Pfal. 22. 12 m Rom. 11.436. Palm 115.1 become 2. 36. 36.25. dal. 118. 22.


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42 Co. 6. 17. Mat. 15. 14. b Mai

1.220 #ITI., 13. Cor. 2. S. Mar.


23.3 to x Act. 2.-3.


become the head of the corner.

Ananias and Sapphira, apoftles withets of the refurre&ion or Neither is there falvation o in any the Lord Jesus, and great grace was other for there is none other name upon them all.

1 Ti.



2.5. 34 Nither was there any amongr Joh. John under heaven given among men them that lacked: for as many as3. 17. 14.6. whereby we must be faved. 13 Now when they faw the were poffeffors of lands or houfesjam 3. 24. boldness of Petet and John,and per-fold them and brought the prices of.. 27. Mat. Ceived that they were q unlearned & the things that were fold, 35 And laid them down at the's 26. 69. ignorant men, they marvelled, and 9 Mat they took knowledge of them, that apostles feet and diftribution was: Aft they had been with Jefus, made unto every man according as 6.7. 14.53. 03. and st. was furnames Barnabas (which is, Act. he had need. 36 And Jofes, who by the apoftles 22. lation)a? Levite,and of the countrey x Mag. being interpr. ted, The fun of confu- 19. of Cyprus,


7. 10. Rom. 5.


16 19. 39. 37 Having x tand, fold it, and and brought the money, and laid it at 10.9 the apoftles feet.


2.13. x Am. 7. 10. and

2. 12

John 3 9. Heb.



was healed tanling with them, they 14 And beholding the man which Dan. uld lay nothing against it. 6.5.6. LXO them to go afide out of the counfel, 15 But when they had commanded they/conferred among themfelvs, 16 Saying, What thall we do to the fe #1 Ti. men? for that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is maniteft to all them that dwell in Jeru falem, and wet cannot deny it. 17 But that it spread no turther among the people, let us ftraitly threaten them, that they fpeak hence-, 18 And they called them, and come 24.13. manded them nor to fpeak at all, nor Pfal. teach in the name of Jesus. 69.19 But Peter and John answered and At 5 in they fight of God, to hearken unto faid unto them, Whether it be right 41 Co. you more than unto God, judge ye 2.16 20 For we cannot a but (peak the Ti. things which we have feen and heard. 4.7 2150 when they had further threatned Pfalm them, they let them go finding 31-15. nothing how they mi ht punih mem c Mat. because of the people:tor all men 14.5. glorifiedGod for that which was done. "'d A&t. 22 For the man was above forty 1815. years old, on whom this miracle of Tfalm healing was thewed. 3+3.3. 23 And being let go, they went Pfal to their own company, and reported 2. 12. all that the chier pricfts and elders Mad had fald unto them. 16. 18. 14 And when they heard that, they f Rev. lift up their voice to God with one 17. 14. accord, and faid, Lord, thou art God and 16. which halt made heaven and earth, 13, 14 and the fea, and all that in them is: g Act. 25 Who by the mouth of thy fer9. 4. vant David halt faid, Why did the Pfal. heathen rage, and the people imagin 2.2.avain thing? and 26 The fkings of the earth ftood up, and the rulers were gathered together Luke againft the Lord, and against his Christ.


The Apolles examineda


to Ananias and Sapphira fall down
dead. 12 The Apostles work many
BUt a 4 certain man named Ana-
Dnias, with Sapphira his wife, fold
a poffelhon,


42 Fl. 2.20 Job his wife also being privy to Act. 8. a And kept back part of the price, 6 70. and brought a certain part, it at the capoftles reet.

and laid

13, 18.

dSatan lled thine heart e to lie to 2 King 3 But Perer faid, Ananias, Why hath 6. 10. the holy Ghoft, and to keep back pars 5.20. of the price of the land? Pfalm

4 Whiles it remained, was it not 119. 8. thine own? and after it was fold, was Eze. it not in thinef own power? why 33 31. haft thou conceived this thing in 3 Time thine heart thou haft not lied unco men,but unto God.


3.5. 5 And Ananias hearing thefe Job words, fell down, and g gave up che 13 27 gholt: and b great fear came on all e Ifai. them that heard these things.is. 44. 29, 14 And the young men arole, wound -him up, and carried him out, and Pfal. buried him. 7 And it was about the space of Acts three hours after, when his wife, not knowing what was done pro came in. in Viasat hellit S 8 And Peter anfwered unto her, Tell me whether ye fold the land for fo much. And the faid, Yea, for fo



12. WEL 119.
9 Then Peter faid unto her, How is
it that ye have agreed together to ilfal.
tempey fpirit of the Lord? behold, 47- 18%
the feet of them which have buried Jer.
thy husband, are at the door, and
thall carry thee out.

7 Gene



10 Then fell the down ftraightway? at his feet, and yielded up the ghoft: 2Co. and the young men came in and 10 9. found her dead, and carrying her. Zec. forth, buried her by her husband.. 6.5 11 And great fear came upon all the o.Acts church, and upon as many as heard there things.

12 And by o the hands of the apostles4.30. were many figns and wonders wrong Marke among the people (and they were. joyn himself to them but the pto-12.44. all one accord in Solomons porch. 17, 18. 13 And of the Preft q durft no man John ple rmagnified them.

42 Sa.

14 And believers were the more.. added to the Lord, multitudes both Luke of men and women)


15 Infomuch that they brought Luke forth the fick into the streets, and 1.46. fard dem un beds and couches that 2 Cora at the leaft; theix fhadow of Peter 10.15. paffingly, night over-hadow. fome / gal." of them 16 There came alfo a multitude or 33 3, 28- Ács 10-34--4 dist. 9.2.8 Jchniq,-120191 1211 20 yndesha

33. 14.

01f Gal

AG. For of a truth against thy holy
2.23. childJefus, whom thou halt b anoint
Ifaled, both Herod,and Pontius Pilate,
10.7 with the Gentiles and the people
11 Kin. of Ifrael were gathered together,
19. 1. 28 Fork to do whatfoever thy hand
Eph. and thy counfel determined before to
6. 19. be done.

29 And now Lord, behold their 1 threarnings and grant unto thy Mar fervants, that with mall boldnets 16. 17. they may fpeak thy word, 1 Cor. 30 By ftretching forth a thine hand 2 Cor. may be done by the name of thy 15. 20. to heal and that figns and wonders 3. holy child Jesus.

Pal. 31 And when they had prayed, the 10 17. place was o thaken, where they were Mat affembled together and they were 2 Cor. they pake the word of God with 105. soldness,

Ezc. 32 And the multitude of them that 11:19 believed, were of one pheart, & of one Rom. foul neither faid any of them, that 13. 4. ought of the things which he pollef Rom fed, was his own, but they had all 1.16 mins common. and 33 And with q grðat power gave die

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20.25. ga Có. 10. 6. Pfal

3. 11. and

The Acts.


The capitiles imprisouned. of the cities round aboue unto e- & drew away much people atter him, Deacons chefen rufalem bringing fick folks, and he alfo perihed and all Mat. them were vexed with unclean many as obeyed him, were difperfed. o Tfpirits: & they were healed every one, 38 And now I fay unto you, Retrain Luke Then the high pricft rofe up, from thefe men, and let them alone: 18. and all they that were with him for if this counfel,or this work be b of Mat. 20.1. and were filled with indignations 39 But if it be of God, ye cannot v. 36 Jer. (which is the fect of the Sadduces) men, it will come to c nought: 4 21.25. And laid their hands on apoftles, doverthrow it, lek haply yebe found at. Acts & put them in the 4-common prifon, even to e fight against God. 4.3.14 19 But the angel of the Lord by 40 And to him they agreed: and Rev. and night opened the prifon doors, and when they had called the apoftles, 17. 14. 16. brought them forth, and faid, and beaten them, they commanded Prof. 23. 24. 20 Go, frand and fpeak in the that they thould not speak in the 21.1. 6 Acus temple to the people all the words name off fus,and let them go. 12.7. of this clite. 41 And they departed from the pre- 12. 10. girov. .c Acts 21 And when they heard thar, they fence of the b councel,rejoycing that 13.46. dentred into the demple early in the they were counted worthy to fuffer Mat.

16. 18.

5. 12.

Phil. 1.29. k Gal.





A&s morning, and taught, but the hi.h thame for his name. 21. grift came, and they that were with 41 And daily in the temple,and in 11, 13. him, and called the councel together, every houfe, they k ceafed not to John and all the e fenate of the children teach and preach J.us Chrift. 7.49. of Ifrael, and fent to the prifon to, CHAP. VI. Mat. have them brought. The Apofles care for the poor, and 11. 25. 22 But when the officers came and for preaching the word. 3 Deacons v. 19. ffound them not in the prifon, chey chofen, Job returned, and cold," Nd in thofe days, <Romeo A 23 Saying, The prifon truly found number of the difciples was a mul- 1. 12. when the And we hut with all fafety and the keepers tiplyed, there arofe & murmuring of Mat ftanding without before the doors: the Grecians against the Hebrews 13-31. Gr. but when we had opened, we found becaufe their widows were neglected Zec. pries. noman within. viste seg tud 2 in the daily miniftration. 2 King 24 Now when the thigh priest, and Then the twelve called the mul- Mat 212. 2. the captain of the temple and the titude of the difciples unto them 13. 28. Rom. chief prielts heard thelethings, they and faid. It is not reafon that we Gen 2.15 doubted of them g whereunto this thould d leave the word of God, and 1 Sam wouldgrow. t perferve tables. 28. 28.25 Then came one and told them, 3 Wherefore, brethren, look eye out 12. 11. Acts faying Behold, the men whom ye pur among you feven men off honeft re- Thef 4.1 in prifon, are ftanding in the temple, port, full of the holy Ghoft and wif-22 Rev. and teaching the people 12. 1616 Then went the captain with the this business. whom we may appoint over 2 Ti. 4. 26. officers and brought them without 4 But we will g give our felvs con- Cor. John violence:(for they teared the people, tinually to prayer, and to the mi- g 16. 9.6 left they thould have been ftoned) niftery of the word.


13.6. Rom.

712 dom




27 And when they had brought 72 Cor. Acts them, they fer them before thecoun- whole multitude; and they thofe Th And the faying pleafed the 1. 24. 4.18. cel: and the high pri eft asked them, Stephen, a man full of faith and of 3.7 Mat! 1028 Saying, Did not we kraitly the holy Ghoft and k Philip and prov 27:24 command you, that you fouuld not Frochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, 26. 6. w A& reach in this name? and behold, ye and Parmenas, and Nicolas a profe- 2 Ti. have filled Jerufalem with your dos tyre of Antioch: Exod grinesand intend to bring this mans & Whom they fet before the Apoftles: Cor. 4.8. J17 blood upon us, or artesian 555 # Rom. and when they had m prayed, they 3.7. 19. Then Peter and the other apo- laid their hands on them. 1-4fles answered and faid, m Weoughe v. 6. 7 And the word of God increased, A&ts Acts 1. 36. to obey God rather than men. and the number of the difciples mul-21.8 Phil. 30 The God of our fachers railed tiplied in Jerufalem greatly and a/ Rev. up Jefus, whom ye flew, and banged great company of the priests were 2. 15. sobedient to the faith. 1 Him hath God exalted with his & And Stephen full of faith and 1.24 m Act. right hand to be a Prince and a power did rear wonders and mi- Num. Savidur forto give prepentance to racles among the people. 27. 18.

on a tree. HAN 10


Ifeae), and forgiveness of ins. 9. Then there arofe certain of the T 32 And we are his 9 wirnelles of thefe Tynagogue, which is called the fyna- 1.13. ver. 12, things, and fo is also the holy Gholt, gogue of the Libertines, and Cyre- Gal. whom God hath given to them char niaus and Alexandrians and of 6 15. obey buf At 933 41 When they heard that they put And they wor of bot able to refilt A them of Cilicia, and of Afia, dif- q Aft 13.45. the wifdom and Spirit by w He fpake. 22. 29. Then they fuborned men which Acts faid, We have heard him peak blaf- 17. 18. phemous words againit Mofes, and Mac. against God. We



10. 19.

Gen. were to 22. 14 counfel co nay chem. Ads 34 Then food there up one in the councel, a Pharifees named r GamaMat. Liela doctor of law, had in tcpu24.tation among all the peoples, and 11, 24. commanded to put the apoitles forth And they xltirred up the people, i Mat As a little space, s 8.9.35 And faid unto them, Ye men of came toners and the Scribes, and 26- $9. upon him, Ads 2 Theffael take heed to your felvs, brought him to the councel, 2.4 what ye intend to do as touching 13. And fer up y falfe wienelles,which Pal 13.50. Rev.thefe mengandun faid this man ceafeth not to speak 35. 11. 135.36. For before thefe days rofe up blafphemous words against this holy z Acts 22 Bet.: Theudas, boafting himself to be place and the law. 2.2. fume body, to whom y a number of 14 For we have heard a him fay, That a Pfali 2 Thef. men, about four hundred, joyned this & Jefus of Nazareth mall deftroy 16.5. 3.11. themfelvs: who was flain,and all,as this place and fhall change the Luke Rev. many as obey him, were featterei cuftoms which Mofes delivered us. 19. 20, and brought to sought. And all that fate in the councel, Heb. 19.43. looking Redially on him, faw his 7.12 face and8.6.

21. 21.

Luka 37 After this man rofe up Judas of 2.1.2, Galilee, in the days of the a taxing

Lay me

2.9. 2.Acts


4.25. Athe


Stephen declareth Exod.face as it had been the face of an 34. 30. angel.

of their bard-neckedness. 54 They
are imbittered against him. 59 He is

Hen faid the high priest, 4 Are
thefe things fo

.vi. the Witory of frais. 22 And Mofes was flearned in lime/in. wifdem, of the Egyptians and was 4:33. mizhey gin woris, nd in deeds. Luke 23 And when he was full forty years.19. old, came to Mac his brethren che children of Ifrael, 25.35. 24 And feeing one of them fuffer f Exod. wrong, he defended him,and avenged 11. him that was oppreffed and fmotekv. 2f 6. 13. the Egyptianida Baba Jul Pfal. And he laid, Men, brethren, and a For he fuppofed his brethren 13. 21 25.3. Fathers,hearken, The God of glory would have underfood,how chat God Mat Mat. appeared unto our father Abraham, by his hand would deliver, them 13/590 6.13 when he was in Mefopotamia,before but they undertood not onÉxod. Phim he w le in Charran, 26 And the next day be fhewed bim 2.13., 3 And faid unto him, e Get thee our flf unto them as they ftroves and o Mat 3:45. of thy countrey, and from thy kind- would have fet them at one again, f. 9. Gen. Ted and come into the land which I faying,Sirs, ye are brethren, why don. 12. 1. thall fhew thee. yaq wrong one to another? 1-8 Rev. 4 Then a came he out of the land of 27 But he that did his neighbour 1 Cor. 18.4. the Caldeans, ani dwelt in Charran wrong thrust him away, faying, Who 6.7. Tai. and from thence, when his father was made thee a ruler anda judge over us? Eecli 41.2. dead, he removed him into this land, ag wilt thou kill meiras chou didst 4.4. wherein ye now dwell, the Egyptiany efterday? Plain Deut. And he gave him none inheritance, 20 Then fed Mofes at this faying: 109. 4 2.5 in te no not fo much to let his and was a franges in the land of Mar. Praim foor on, yet be promifed that he Madian, where he began two fons 10. 23. 105.12. would give it to him for a pullefion, 30 And when t forty years were ex-z v. 23. Gen- and to his feed after him, when aspired th reappeared to him in the Hab. 127 yet he had wilderness of mount Sina, angel 2.3.




1. 18.

Pit. And God pake on this wife, that of Lord in a flame of fire in a bufh. NE.Xof. his feed thouldg fojourn 31 When he wondred 3. 4. 5. Exod and, and that they thould bring them at the fights and as he drew nean to and 1. 10. into bondage, and entreat them evil behold it the voice of the Lord 23 12. iHeb. four hundred years. him, Jofh 13:47. And the nation to whom they thall Saying, I am the God of thy Gen. he in bondage, will I judge,faid fathers, the God of Aurah..m, and the Eccl 17. 10. God: and after that fhall they come God of Ifaac, and the God of Jacob. 5.1 and and this place." 21. 3. 3 And he gave him the covenant of then Mofes crembled, and durft pory 2 Pes Gen circumcifion : and fo Abraham begat 33 Then faid the Lord to him. Putz Mar. 37-28-aac, and circumcifed him the eighth off day thoes from thy feee:for place9.36 Eccl. day and Ifaac brga Jacob, and Jas where thou ftandeftis y holy ground. Palm m Gen. And the patriarched with 34 have seen, I have fees, che aff- zam ction of my people which is in Egypt, a Jere 39.2 envy, fold Jofeph into Egypt: But and have hed their roaning, and 23. Pfal God was wich him, am acome down to deliver them. And Gen. 3419-10 And delivered him out of all his now cume,I will fend thecincoEgypt. 11.5. Gen, affictions,and gave him o favour and this Moles whom they brefuled, 6 Co 41.37 wifdom in the fight of Pharaoh king faying, Who made thee a ruler and a 1.27. Prat. of Egypt and he made himp gover- judge the fame did Godfend to beet Con 105.21. nour over Egypt and all his houfe. a ruler and a deliverer e by the hands 3.6.8 Pfal. Now there came a dearth over of the angel which appeared to dExod. 1of: 6 all the land of Egypt and Candan him in the buf. Eccl. and great aflation, and our fathers 9 found no fuftenance.

cob twelvepatriarchs.



7.9. 36 He hrought them out,after that faim hahadthewod dwonders and fins in 105... Gen. 12 But when Jacob rheard that there the land of Egypt and in the Redfea, 27, 38 42. 1. was corn in Egypt, he fent out out and in the wilderness forey years Deut Pfalm fathers firit. -gy Thisels chat Mofes which faid 18. 15. 34. 10. 13 And at the fecond time Jofeph to the children of Urael A pro Mac Gen was made known to his brethren, and phet fhall the Lord your God raife 1705 Jofephi kindred was made known un-up unto you of your brethren Exod 20 Pharaoh. 30.5. 14 Then fent Jofeph, and called his 4ike uhra me him thall ye hear 19.3 38This is he that was in the gchurch Pale ? Gen. father Jacob to him and all his in the wilderness with the angel 19.7" 46. 27 Kindred, threefcore & fifteen fouls. which (pake to him in the mount Neh. 49. 33. 15 Sa facob went down foro Egypt Sina & with our fathers; who recei-9.16. and a died, he and our father owed livelyocacles to give aneous. Exod. 116 And wete over To whom our John Sichem, & laid in the fepulchre that bey but theft him from them 1 13. Abraham, bought for a Tum of mond in their hearts turned back / Exod. 4.5. ney of the fons of Emmor the father again into Egyptegn 32. T Loth. of Sichem. Make us 4.32 17 But when the time of the pro- godt to go before usis for as for this 244316 Get mife drew nigh, which God had worn Mofes which brought us out of the makin 15. 13. to Abraham, the people grew and land of Egypt we woe or what is 12. 23. Exo. multiplyed in Fgypt, or day become ofhim. heuth linens nexale 18 Till a another king arofe, which 4 And they made a calfinthofe 32.6 days, offered o dol and rejayted in the works of 15.2 their own hands. dura Any Hof. Then God curned and gave




17.0 aExod. 419 The fame deals & fubtilly with our BExod, kindred and evil intreated our ta 1. to thers to they call out their young r Deut, childran,toyend they might not live. p them up to warship the q holl of 2 Pal 32.36.20 In which celine Moles was born, heaves lacks written in the book 81. 12. Heb, and was d exceeding fair.& nourished-of prophets Oyehoufe of Ifrael, 92K in. 11. 23. up in his fathers houfethree moneths. have ye offered to me ilain beafts, 17.6. Rev 21 And when he was cast out, Fha and facrifices by the space of forsyr Amos 5.25. 12. 16. raohs daughter took him up, and years in the wildernes? 43 Yea›/llai 1.13+ 45.

nourished him forher own fos.ne

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Stephen rely fish before the Councel

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