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Inda betrays:h Christ.

1. 4.

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22 And when he had thus (poken, Mar. one of the z officers which flood hy, 26. 67. ftroke Jefus with the palm of his 2 Thef hand faying Anfwereft thou the high 3.2.

a Mac.


12. 1.


Chapirviij. Peter denyeth him v. 11. they alfo maybe onea in usthat the pride, and fake anro her that kept Ephef. world may elievethou bait fent me, the door, and brought in Peter. .3-7. 21 And the glory which chou gavett 7 Then faith the damfel that kept bRom me, I have biven them: that they the door unro Pecer, Arr not tho 8. 7. may be one, even as we are one. alfo/ one of this mans difciples? Her MC. 2 Pet. al in them, and thou in me, that faith, I am noc. 26.69. 1.4. they may be made cperfect in one,and 18 And the fervants and officers v. 17. John that the world may know that thou ftood there who had made a fire of Prov. 14. 23.ha fent me,and hat loved them, as coals for it was cold) and they 13. 20, 1Pt thon haft loved me. hwarmed themfelvs: and Perer HoodMar 24. Father will that they alfa with them, and warned himfeli 7.29. d Phil.whom thou haft given me, bed with to The high prieft then asked Jefus Met. me where I am chat they may be of his difciples, and of his doctrine.23.27. hold my glory which thou haft given 10 Jefus answered him, I fpakey Eph. metfor thou lovedft me before the openly to thaworld. I ever taught in G. 19. 2 Thef.foundation of the work. feminthe (ynagogue; and in the temples Prov 25 O righteous Father, the world whither the Jews always refort, and 27-4 Mat, hath not known thee, but I have nimfecret have I faid nothing: Pro 11. known chee; and thefe have known ar Why askeft thou me! y ask them 29. 12. 25. 26.char thou halt fent me. which heard me what have faid John Rom. 36 And I have declared unto them unto them behold they know 7.3 119. thy Name, and will declare it: that what I faid,jocal yako John the love wherewith thou haft loved 8-55 me, may be in them, and I in them. Mat. 28. -0. bi CHAP. XVIII, Indu betrayeth Chrift. 19 Peter de- prieft to 28206 nieth him. ha3 Jefus answered him, if I have 5.39 W Hen Jefus had spoken shefe fpoken evil, hear witheft of the evil: 6 Hebe John words, he went forth with his, but itwell why fmitelt thom me? + 14. 14. 31.6 difciples over the brook Cedron, 24 Now Annas bad fent him bound s.ver. where was a garden, Thro che which uneo Caiaphas the high prict. 37. Heb. he entred andhis disciples. +4 boz And Simon Peter food and Mar. And Judas alfo which hetrayed warmed himself:e the faid therefore 14. 72. 2 Sa.him, knew the place for Jefus oft- unto him Are not thou alfo one of Tit 15. 23.times dreforeed thither, with his di- his difciples? He denied it, and fald, 1. 10. Luk fciples. dI am nor. John 21 37. 3 Judas then having received a 26 One of the fervanes of the high 10. 27. Mark. band of men and othcers from the priett (being his kinfman, whofe ear Mar. 10.32.chief priests and Pharifees, cometh Peter cut off) faith, Did nor Ifee thee 16. 24. Mat. thither with lanthorns, and torches, in the garden with him? 2 Tim. 16, 47.and weapons. Puig baya Bay Peter then exdenied again, and 3-5. Judg Mark 4 Jefus therefore knowing all immediately the cock crew. 14. 43 things thar fhould come upon him, Then let they Jefus from too Pral went forth and faid uincy them, Caiaphas, unto the hall of judgment: 14 27. 1. Whom feek ye and seas.early, and they themfeles John HebefThey answered him, Jefus of Na- went not into the judgment-hall, 13. 38. 12.1. Zareth, Jefus faith unto them, I am left they thould be filed: but that Mar Tihe. And Judas alfo which betrayed they mighnear the pallover 23.23. him, food with them. NEYS 29 Pilare cheng went out unto them, Eccl. Ifai. As foon then as he had faid unto and faid, What accufarion bring you 7. 16. & Jch 9. them, ham he,thay went backward, against this man? EVERN EVENT A Johnand fell to the ground. gon They answered and faid unto 31. 13. *6.20. 7.Then asked he them again, him, If he were not a malefactor, John Song Whom feek ye? and they faid, Jefus we would not have delivered him 7:48. 2. 8. of Nazareth up Praum fhave told you 3rThen faid Pilave unto them, i Take Mat. 29. 4. that I am he. If thereforeye feek me, ye him and jadge him, according to 26.09. Marilee thefe go their way, your law, the Jews therefore Taid 66. 26. 56.9 That the klaying might be fulfilled:unco him, It is not lawful for us coi Act put any man to heathened. 25.16. 32 That the laying of Jefus might Ma Luke o Then Simon Peter having a be fulfillet, which helpake, fignify-20-19. 2251.Sword, drew it, and more the high ing what death he thould die. G. priells fervant, and cut of his riel 33 Then Pilate entrat into the judg-23-2. 4. 18. ear: the fervants name was Malchu. menc-hall again and called Jefus, Mac. m Pfal. Then faid Jefus unto Peter Put up and faid unto him Are thou the 2. 27 Pfal. 75. 3. thy word into the heath: the m cup thing of the Jews 11 RA Mat. which my Father hath giyen me, 34 Jefus answered him, Sayeft thou 112 5. 26. thall I not drink it?" Had this thingm ofthy felf or did others 1 Cor 3945. Then the band, and the captain, tell it thee of me? If. and officers of the Jews, took 35 Pilare answered yn Am I a Jew? 20. $3.6. and bound him, And thine own nation and the chief John 1 Cor. 13 And led him away too. Annas rit, priefts have delivered thee unto me : 4.9. 49. (for ho was father in law coCajaphas) What halt thou done?s my anko Luke Luke which was high priefty fame year. 136 Jefus answered, My kingdom 19. 12. 3.2 14 Now e Caiaphas was he which gave is not of this world: it my king- Dan. *A8. counfel tothe Jews, that it was ex- klom were of this world, then would 45. 4.6. pedient that one man hould die for my fervants fight, that I fhould not? Heb. 2 Joh. the peopls. He when and he delivered to the Jews: but q now 2.5. 1250 15 And Simon Peter q followed Je- is my kingdom not from hence. Th Jer. 15 fus, and fo did r another difciple that 37 Pilate therefore faid unto him, 6.15. 16 difciple was known unto the high Art thou a king then? Jefus anfwer- Pfalm Mat. prieft, and went in with Jefus into the led, Thou fayeft that I am a king to 10.. 26.3 palace of the high prieftas day this end was born, and for thisf. 6.34. 5 Byr Peter Itood at the door with- caufe came into the world, that I Mat erem out. Then went out that other dif- fhould bear witnefs unto the truth:26. 25. 2.19 ciple,which was known unto the high every nechar is of the truth heareth Pfal. my voice, SLA Bef 38 Phe


Johnwhich helpake, Ofthem which thou 17.12.gaveft me, have I luft none, ar



9. 195


Joh ནི་བྷཱཝེ 20. 23.06 12:42




brit crucifed,


5. John. His death. Ezek 38 Pilate faith unto him, What is THEKING OF THE JEWS. bjude 33-31-truth? And when he had faid this, 20 This title then read many of the ver. 3. Act. he went out again unto the Jews,and Jews: for the place where Jefus was Act. 4. 18. 12 faith unto them, I find in him no crucified was nigh to the city, and 12. Mat-fault at all. it was written in b Hebrew, and Prov. 27. 15, 39 But ye have a custom, that I Greek, and Latin. 21. 30. .17. fhould releafe unto you one at the 11 Then faid the chief priests of As Act. pallover will ye therefore that I re- the Jews to Pilate, Write not, The 39. 3. 14. leafe unto you de king of the Jews? King of the Jews; but that he faid, d Mat. 40 Then cryed they all again fay- 1 am king of the Jews. 4.9. ing. Not thisman, but Barabbas. Pilate answered, Whar I have Luc Now Barabbas was a robber. written, c I have written. 8.22.22.





3 Then the d fouldiers, when theyCor.
had crucifixJefus,cook his garments,2,3.
Chrift fcourged, crowned and beaten. (& made four parts,to every fouldier job
Tanda fcourged him.
Hen Place therefore cook Jefus, a part) and alfo his coat: now the 1.21.
op coat was fwithout feam,woven from Rom
2 And the foldiers platted & a crown the top throughout.

Mat. 27.26

1 Pet. 2. 24.




+. 16.


of among them-Ficot. and they pur on him a purple robe felvs, Let us not rent it, but caft lots Gen. And faide Hail king of the for it, whofe it fhall be that the Pfal Jews and they fmote him with fcripture might be fulfilled 22. 13 their hands. mhich 22. 18 e I Co. faith, They parted my raiment a-b Lukt 4.9. 4 Pilate cherefore went forth again, mong them, and for my vetture they 2 25. And faith unto them, Behold, I did caft lots. Thefe things therefore Mar John forth to may the foldiers know that I find a no fault in him. Now there food by the crofs 12 28.38. Provs 5 Then came Jefus forth, wearing of Jefus, b his mother,& his mothers 1. 15. .12 10. the crown of thorns and the purple filter, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and and Phil. robe and Pilate faith unto theat, Mary Magdalene. 2. 6, 8 Behold the chief priests therefore mother and the difciple standing 13.23. 26 When Jefus therefore faw his k Joke fLam. 1. 12. and officers ffaw him, they cryed by, k whom he loved, he faith unto and Lev. out, faying, Crucife him, crucifie his morher, Woman, behold thy fon. 21.20, 24. 16 him. Pilate faith unto them, Take 27 Then faith he to the difciple,:4 Mye him, and crucifie him, for I find Beltold thy mother. And from that Mat 26. 63 no fault in him. hour that difciple took her unto his 15.4 Mar The Jews anfwered him, We have own home. mAs 14. 61. alaw and by our law he ought to 28 After this, Jefus knowing that 4.27. Prov. die, because he made himself the all things were now m accomplished Pal 21.30. fon of God. that the feripture might be ful-6. 21. As 3 When Pilare therefore heard filled faith, I thirft. 41. that faying, he was the more afraids 9 Now there was fet a veffel full 15 23. John And went again into the judg- of vineger & they o filled afpunges Mar. 15. 38. ment-hall and faith unto Jefus, with vineger and put it upon hy-15. 23. Dan. Whence are thou? but Jefus gave him fop, and put it to his mouth. 3 15. k no anfwer arsen you go When Jefus therefore had re-27 34. Ifal. 10 Then faith Pilate unto him,Speak- ceived the vineger, he faid, p le is fi-p Luke 10. 5. eft thou not unto me? knowest thou nithed and he bowed his head, and24. 25. John not, that I have power to crucifie q gave up the ghoft. John 18. 28. thee and have power to releafe thee? The Jews therefore, because it 7: 4 Jam. 11 Jefus anfwered Thou couldelt was the preparation,that the bodiesą Luke 4. 17. have no power at all against me,ex- fhould not remain upon the cross on 23 47Mat. cept it were given thee froin above: the labbath day (for the fabbath day Mat 27.19.therefore he that delivered me unto was an high day) befought Pilate 27. 62. Luke thee, o hath the greater find that their legs might be broken, and Mat. 23. 2. And from thenceforth, Pilare that they might be taken away. 26.20 John fought to releafe him: but the Jews 334 Then came the foldiers, and John 6.16. cryed out, faying, Ifthou let this brake the legs of the firft, and of the 3.2. and man go, thou art not Cefars friend: other which was crucified with him. Mat. 8.36.whosoever a maketh himself a king, 33 But when they came to Jefus, and 23: 43. Prov.peaketh againit Cefar. faw that he was dead already, they Ifal. 29. 15 13 When Pilate therefore r heard brake not his legs, 1. 13 : Mar chat faying he brought Jefus forth, 34 But one of the foldiers with a15. 15. 15. and facedown in the judgment-feat, fpear pierced his fide, and forthwith 1 Job. Mar. in a place that is called thePavement, came there out blood and water. 5.635.25. but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha. An erg And he that faw it bare record,Pfalm 14 And it was the preparation of and his record is true: and he knoweth 22, 14. 22. 22 the paffover and about the fixth that be faith true, that ye might ver. 1 Cor. hour and he faith unto the Jews, Bex believe. 413. hold your king. 36 For thefe things were done, that John Act. But they cryed out, t Away with the fcripture fhould be fulfilled, y Ar 2, 6. 8.32, him, away with him, crucife him. bone of him fhall not be broken. x1 Joh Luke Pilate faith unto them, Shall I cru-37. And again another feripture 5. 6. 13 26. Cife your king? The chief priefts an- faich, They thall look on him whom Heb.






10. 19.

38 ¶ And after this; Jofeph of AriyixoG mathea (being a difciple of Jefus, 12. 46. but a fecretly for fear of the fews) z Zec befought Pilate that he might take. 10 away the Body of fefuss and PilateRev. gave him leave he came therefore1.7 and rook 4 Joha Luke 18 Where they crucifi. dhim, and 39 And there came alfo Nicodemus,32 23. 33 two other with him, on either fide which at the b firit came to Jefus byind Met one, and Jefus in the midst. De-night and brought a mixture of12. 42 37. 37. 19. And a Pilate wrote a title, and myrrhe, and aloes, about an hun.6 Joha Mark, put it on thecrofs: and the writing dred pound wright, 3510 -85.26.was, JESUS OF NAZARETH

312. 16 Then delivered he him there-
Gal fore unto them to be crucified and
3.13. they took Jefus and 4 fed him away.
Heb. 17 And he bearing his crofs, went
9.22 forth into a place called the place of
Ifai. afcull, which is called in the He
13 12.brew, Gol otha: 1




M40 Then c-Mat. 15.46.2 Chr.16 140

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Chrit appeareth to Mary.
40 Then cook they the holy of Jee
fus and wound it in linen clothes,
Gen. with the fpices,as the d manner of the
Jews is to bury.
50. 2.

the Jews, came Jefus, and flood in
the midft, and faith unto them? Johw
P Peace be unto you. v

41 Now in the place where he was crucified, there was a gar fen, and in the garden a new fepulchre, wherein e Mat. was never man yet faid. 12.39942 There laid they Jefirs therefore, i Cor. becaufe of the Jews preparation day, for the fepulchre was nigh at hand. 15. 55CHAP. XX..

10 And when he had fo faid, heq Song fhewed unto them his hands and his; 4. fide. Then were the difciples q glad2Cor. INNES.120. when they faw the Lord. 21 Then faid Jefus to them again, Mat. Peace be unto you as my Father23. 18. hath fent me, even fo fend I you. Gene 22 And when he had faid this,he. 7. breathed on them, and faith untoJonn them, Receive ye the bly Ghoft 6.7. 23 Whole foever fins ye i remit,they? Mat.

Mary cometh to the fepulchre. 12 7efus appeareth to her, and to others. To He

4 Mar.

Mat. 28. I.


the 19. Mary Magdalened early,when it was yet dark, unto the fepulchre, and feeth the tone taken away from Luke the fepulchre. 24. 1, 2 Then the runneth, and cometh to Simon Perer,and to the other lifciple bifaj. whom Jefus loved, and faith unto 49. 14.them,They have taken away by Lord Job out of the fepulchre, and we know 23-3. not where they have laid him. Song 3 c Peter there.ore went forth, and 31,3 that ocher difciple, and came to the Luxe fepulchre. 24. 12. 4, So they ran both together and dv. 2. the other difciple did outrun Peter, John and came first to the fepulchre. 3.23 5 And he ftooping down, and lookand ing in, faw the linen clothes lying, 21. 20 yet went he not in. Julin Then cometh Simon Peter folII. 44.lowing him, and went into the fe Job pulchre, & feeth linen clothes lie, 1.21. And the napkin that was about his Tim.head, nor lying with the linen 6.7. clothes, but wrapped together in a vet. place by it felf. ARTE


8 Then went in alfo that other did Luke feiple which came firft to the fepule 24.34 chre and he faw, and believed. 1 Cor. 9 For as yet they knew not the 155 fcripture, that he must rife! That from dead..


to Then the difciples wene is went away being again unto their own home. ret But Mary food without ar neil the fepulchre, weeping: and as the w.th wept, the ftooped down, and looked the into other


12 And feach ovo angelsg in white women ficting, the one at the head, and the other at tire feet, where the body of 28 5 Jefus had layen: Mar. And they fay unto her, Woman, 16-5 why weepeft thou? She faith unto Dan them, Becaufe they have taken away 9. 20 b-my Lord, and I know not where Aat they have laid him. 5.4.

14 And when the had thus faid, the Rev. turned her felt back, and faw Jefus 3 knew it


& that night they t caught nothing.cI Cof 4 But when the morning was now to come Jefus ftoadd on the thore but y d'Luke difciples knew nor that it was Jefus. 24. 16.

15 Jefuisfaith unto her, Woman, why 12.14 weepelt thou? whom feckelt thou? Pfal the fuppofing him to be the gardener, 16. 10 fich unto him, Sir,ifthou have born Song him hence, tell me where thou haft 3.3.4 laid him, and I will take him away. k Luke 16 Jefus faith unto her, Mary: She 24. 7 turned her felf, & faith unto him, 16, 3 Rabboni, which is to fay, Matter.

Then J.fus faith unto them, 1 Cor. Children, have ye any meat?they an-3. 7. fwered him, No.


John Jefus faith unto her m Touch me 104 noteror I am not yerafcended to my Song Father: but go to my brethren,& fay 2.8. unto them, afcendunto my Father, Luk and your fathers and to my God,


And he faid unto them, Caft the 15.32. net on the fright fide of the fhip,and and ye thall find. They caft therefore, and. rr.. now they were not able to draw it for ver. 9. ƒ PCI. the multitude of thes. Therefore that difciple whom 37.3. Jefus loved faith unto Fetet It is and the Lord. Now when Simon Peter23. 2. 2 Cor 19 Mary Magdalene came and told heard that it wasthe Lord,h: gire his 5 16 che difciples that the bad feen the fishers coat unto him, for he was Lt. Lord, and that he had spoken thefe naked & didg caft himself into y fea.g Song 01 3 And the other difciples came in a 87. 25 chings unto her. n Heb 19 Then the fame day at even- little thip (for they were not far from 2 Cor. 7.25, ing, being the first day of the week, land, but as it were two hundred 5. 14. Ephef. when the o doors were thur,where the cubits) dragging the net with fithes. John 48. difciples were affembled for fear of 9 Alfoon then as they were come to . Acts land, they faw a fire of coals there, 246



12. 10.M.5. 10. 16.

And yes


Chap. 24.


foever fins ye retain,they are retained.and

24 But Thomas one of the 8. 19 twelve, called Didymus, was not John with them when Jefus came.or 10.16. as The other difciples thereforex faidx John unto him, We have feeny the Lord. 1. 45. But hefaid unto them,z Except I thally Ver.2. fee in his hands the print of the13, 18. nails, and put my finger into the John print of the nails and chruft my-1.7. hand into his fide, I will not believe. Luk 26 And after eight days again his24. 39 difciples were within, and Thomas Pfalm 4 with them then came Jefus, the 78 41. doors being thur, and flood in the Luk. midity and faid, Peace be unto you. 24. 33. 37 Then faith he to Thomas, Reach Mat hither thy finger and behold my 2.30. hands; and reach hither thy hand, Pfal. and thruft it into my fide, and be 103. 12, 13 nor faithlefs but believing. 28 And Thomas anfwered and faid v.25 unto him, c My Lord, and my God. fal 29 Jefus faith unto him, Thomas, 1 becaufe thou bait feen me, thou had Heb. believed: bleffed are they that have 11 not feen, and yet have believed. John 30 And many other figns truly did 21. 25. Jefus in the prefence of his difciples, Deut. which are not written in this book: 929

believe that Jefus is theChrift, 3.6 might be there are written thatok Tim the Son of God, and that believing yes Ats might have life through his Name.t 4412000 CHAP. XXI. Chrift appeareth to his defipler, being 4 fibing 18 foretelleth Peters death

a Mar Ahimself again to the difciples at the fea of Tiberias; and on this wife 16, 17. thewed he himself. 2 Core 4130

a There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the fons of Zebedee, other of his disciples. 3.Simon Peter faith unto them, b a fishing. They lay unto him, We 4, 49 alfo go with thee. They went forth, John

and two them, I go b Luk.


A repetition of Chrifts history. The Acts. Of his afcenfiom. John and b fith taidehereon and bread. 13 Verily verily Ifay unto thee, 6.9. 10 Jefus faich unto them,Bring of Whenchou waft young,thou girdedft I-King the fish which ye have now caught thy felf, and walkedit whither thou 2 Pe 17.6.11 Simon Peter went up, and drew wouldeft: but when thou shalt bel. 41. Luk. the net to land full off great fithes y old, thou ihale ftretch forth thy Acts 5.6an hundred fifty and three: and hands, and another fhall gird thee51. John for all there were fo many, yet was and carry thee whither thou wouldeft Rev.

12. 11.

6. I not the netbroken.

≈ not.

Luke Jefus faith unto them,Come and 19 This fpake he,fignifying by what Joha dine. And none of the difciples durft death be fhould a glorifie God. And 2. 28. 30:35. ask him, Who are thou? knowing when he had fpoken this, he faith Mat John that it was the Lord. O unto him,b Follow me.







3: palambs, gan y Re

13 Jefus then cometh, and taketh 10 Then Peter turningabout, feeth joan 1926-bread. & giveth them, & fh likewife. the difciple whom Jefus c loved, fol-15. 23.. Matra This is now the third time that lowing,which alfo leaned on his breaft ver 16. 17. Jefus fhewed himself to his difciples, at fupper, and faid, Lord,which is he Mat after that he was rifen from the dead. that betrayeth thee? 26.33 Luke faith to m Simon Peter, Simon, ion of Lord, and d what ball this man de Mat. 15 So when they had dined, Jefus 21 Peter feeing him,faith to Jefus, 16 223 Jonas Loveft thou me more than 126 Jefus faith unto him, I will Acts thefe? He faith unto him, Yea, that he tarry e till I come, what is 20. 29. Lord, thou knoweft that I love thee. that f to thee? Follow thou me. 1Pet. He faith unto him, o Feed my 23 Then went this faying abroad 2 Ifai. 16 He faith to him again the fecond fciple thould not die : yet Jefus faid among the brethren, that that di Ats Mat. time, Simon fon of Jonas, gloveft not unto him, He Thall not diebut. 124 thoume? He faith unto him; Yea, If I will that he tarry till I come 10. 16. Lord,thou knoweft that I love thee what is that co thee? 9. Mar. He faith ango him, Feed my ffheep.4 This isthe difciple which btefti- 20. 15. 717 Hefaid unto him the third time feth of these things and wrote Mat 31, 32. Like Simon, fon of Jonas, loveft thou met these things, and we know that his 243 Peter was grieved, because he faid Joh to him the third time, Loveft thou 25 And there are alfo f many other 1.5, 6. teftimony is true. 76 13. 15250 2 King net And he faid unto him, Lord, u 20.3. chou knoweft all things, thou knoweft things which Jefus did, the which ifue Sam that I love thee.jefas faith unto him, fuppofe that even the world it felf Mark they thould be written every one 153. 7. 20. Feed my fheep. tndy bras 24.



b Joh




Joh. 10.3. Joh. 18. 27. # John 2. could not contain the books thar 16. 20 fhould be written. k Amen.

Mar 28. 19. Mar. 16. 15.



The ACTS of the. APOSTLES.. cro And while they looked fted fatty A repetition of part of Chrifts history toward heaven as he went up,hehold, after his paffion. Of his afcenfion. two men ftood by them in whiter Gen. 26 Marimide room this chojen in Judas apparel,


Luke. 1.1, 3.



4. 29.


#2013 11 Which alfo faid, Ye men of GaHe a former treatife have Illee, why ftand ye gazing up into made, Theophilus, of ban heaven his fame Jefus which is tharjefus began both to c do taken up from you into heaven, V. 2. Jolinysi and teach; thal fos come,in like manner as ye Hebr. 21 25. Until the day in which he was have feen him go inco heaven. and dtaken up after that he through 12 Then returned they unto Jerufa-1 Mar. the holy Ghoft had givene commands lem, from the mount called Oliver, 13. 26. Matment's unto the apoltles whom he which is from Jerufalem & a fabbath- Rev. 23. 3 had Rom. To whom alfo he Thewed himself 13 And when they were come in, Exo. days journey. 15 18. cats 1.7. alive f after his paffion, by many they went up into an x-upper room 16. 29. 9 infallible proofs, being feen of them where abode both Peter, & ames, and 2 King Acts forty days, and fpeaking of the things John,and Andrew, Philip, and tho +25 8.21. Mat And being affembled together James the fox of Alpheus,and Siman 20 8.1 pertaining to g the kingdom of God; mas Bartholomew, and Matthew. Acts 8.19 12,00 with them commanded them that Zelotes,& fudas the brother of James, Mat they 14 all aclem but wait for the promife of the cord in prayer and fupplication, with 7 Lake v.6. Luke Father, which, faith he, ye have the woman,and Mary the mother of 18 1.1 19. 12 heard of me. John S For John truly baptized wich was 15 And in thofe days Peter Itood 27. Jefus, and with his brethren. Mat. 14. 26 tet, but ye thall be baptized with theup in the midit of the disciples, and 55, 56. holy Ghoft, not many days hence.faid, the number of names together a Mat. Mat When they therefore were come were about an hundred and twenty) 13. ३.५. 2 Th.together they asked of him, fay- 16 Men and brethren, This fcripture 31, 32 2.1, 2. ing, Lord wilt thou k at this time muft needs havebeen fulfilled, which and Iv.3. reffore again the /kingdom to Ifrael? the holy Ghoft by the mouth of Da- 7.-13. And hefaid unto them, It is notvid fpake before concerning Judas, Plak 111 for m you to know the times or the was c guide to them chacrook Jefus, 41.9. Dan feafons which the Father hath putry For he was d numbred with us, and Mat. 12. 8. In his own power. # Deut. But ye shall receive power after 13 Now this man purchafed a field & Mat. had obtained parr of this miniltry, 26.47° 29 20. that the holy Ghoft is come upon with the reward of iniquity, and fal- 10. 3. Alts you, and ye thall be witneffes untoling head-long, heburt afunder in Acts 10.39 m, both in Jerufalem, and in all Ju-the midft,& all his hovels gushed out. 8. 21. and dea, and in Samaria, and unto the 19 And it was kno vn unto all the 1 Cor. 13 46 uttermott part of the earth. Luk. And when he had pfpoken thef the field is called in th ir proper Mat. dwellers at Jerufalem, infomuch as 9.27. 24. 51 things, while they beheld he was congue, Aceldama, that is co fay, 27. 5. Marraken up, and a cloud soccived him The field of bloot. 36 19. our of their fight.


TEST W by 2 SunS 10 For is is written in the book of 17. 23.

Rev. 11. 12.


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The holy Ghol River.


Zeters fermon Gr pfalms, Ler his habitation be defo- prophefie, and your young men thall late, and lee no man dwell therein:fee vifions, and your old men thal And his bithoprick let another cake. dream dreams:




anong us,


feers office. 21 Wherefore off thef: men which 18 And on my fervants, and on my Naim have companied with us all the time hand-maidens will pour out in thofe 109. 8.chat the Lord Jefus went in and our days of my fpirit, and they shall 20. 8. 22 Beginning from the fbaptifm of 19 And I will they wonders in y Mat.” As John unto that fame day that he was heaven above, and gns to the earth 24.20 62. taken up from us mult one be or- beneath: blood, and Ere, and vapour Mat dained so be a wienefs with us of his 31 refurrection. N & Acts 23 And they appointed two. Jofeph 1522 called g Batfabas, who was firnamed Juftus, and Matthias.

of fmok.

10 The fun thall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that preat and notable dayz Mal. of the Lord come. 4.5.



24 And they prayed, and faid, 1 And it thall come to pafs, that Dan. Thou Lord, which I knoweft the whofoever fhall a call on the name of 7. 14. Rom. 13.2 hearts of all men, fhaw whether of the Lord, fhall be faved. iSthefe two k thou hast chofen, 22 Y men of Ifrael hear thefe 10 13. 16.7. 25. That he may take part of this words, Jefus of Nazareth, ba man ap-61 Ti. k. Pro. miniftry and apoft efhip from which proved of God among you by mira. 2. 5. 16.33. Judas by leranfgreffion fell, that he cles, wonders and figns, which God 42Time might go to his m own place. did by him in the midst of you,as Man 131.3.5. 4. 10.1 26 And they gave forth their lots, ye your felvs alfo know: Luk. and the lot n tell upon Matthias, and 33 Him, being delivered by dehede- d Act." 16.2 he waso numbred eleven apoftles terminate counfel, and fore-know- 4.28. Sa 10 20. Prov. 16.33. Prov. 13. 18. ledge of God, ye have taken, and by Y CHAP. II. wicked hands have crucified & Hain. The holy Gheft given in the appear. 14 Whom God hath ralfed up, hae Rom. ance of cloven congues vingloofed the pains of death:Necause 1. 4.42 das not poffible that he should be Luke 21-250 holden 25 For David fpeaketh concerning

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Num. And when the day of Pentecoft 26. was fully were all with Zep: one 6 accord in one place. 219 2 And c fuddenly there came a found him, forefaw the Lord always be-f Pfal. e Mal. from heaven, as of a rushing mighry fore my face, for he is on my g right 16.8. 3418 wind, and it filled all the house hand, that I thould not be moved. 2 King 25 Therefore did my heart rejoyce, dsong where they were fitting. 20.3. 4. 6. And there appeared unto them and my cougue was glad morcover & Pfal 109.3 Acts cloven tongues, like as off fire,and alfo, my fefh fhall tell in hope. 1. 8. is fate upon each ofthem. 17 Because thou wilt not leave my and f Jer. 4. And they were all filled with the foul in hell, neither wilt thou fuffer. 121. 5. 29 29. began to 18k hitechou that make me full of Band made known to me the $313



1. I


Eph. with other congues has the Spiric. 48. b gave them accitance, my who ways And there were dwelling at joy with thy 16. 17 rufalem, Jaws, devout, mens out of 39 Men and brethren, let me freely b Pfait every nation under heaven. yet peak unto you of the patriarch Da-135 82.6 Now when this wasneifed abroad, vid that he is both dead and I bu-k Jer. 1Pet. multicude came together,&were con- tied, and his fepulchre is with us 10. 23. Mat every unto Act. them fpeak in his own language30 Therefore being a prophet, and 7.73. 10. 46. 7 And they were all 7 amazed, and knowing that God had worn with an. Act. marvelled faying phe to another, oath to him, that of the fruit of his 2:16. 3.10 Behold, are not all thefe which speak, loins, according to the flein › and Galileans? and boys as would ralfe up Chrift, m to fit upon y ale 4138 And how hear we every man in our his throne: John own tongue, wherein we were born? 31 He feeing this before, fpoke of 1.16. 9 Parthians, and Medes, and m E-the refurretion of Chrift, that his and lamites, and the dwellers in Mefopo foul was not left in hell, neither his7.52 ramia, and in Judea and Cappado fleth did Tee corrupción. m Gen. cia, in Fongus, and Afta, no 33 This Jefus hath o God raifed up, To 22. 10 Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in E whereof we all are wieneffes, At gypt,and in the parts of Lybia, about 27.7 Cyrene and ftrangers of Rome,




33, Therefore being hy, the gighe hand of God cxalced, and having re

b. Act.

9:24. Luke

"Rom. 1.45 16

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Tit.1.5.Jews and Profelytes. Daw Ceived of the Father the promise of Aad

the holy Ghoft, he hath thed forth 1.8. this, which ye now fee and hear,

Luke 11 Cretes and Arabians, we do hear 149. them fpeak in our tongues the Acts 4-2 wonderful works of God. 16. 12 And they were all amazed, and Acts were in doubt,faying one to another, 23 7. What meanech this?


34 For David is not q afcended into Luk. the heavens, but he faith himself, 23. M. The Lord faid unto my LORD, Sital. 110. 1 thou on my righthand, 35Until Imake thy foes thy footstool. 30 Therefore let all the houfe of Ifrael know afluredly, that God bath Phil made the fame Jefus, whom ye have 2.9. crucified, both Lord and Chrift.


Mt 13 Ochers a mocking,laid, Thefe men 12.23.are full of new wine. Stara Fire Luke 14 But Peter ftanding up with the 23. 39 eleven lift up his voice, and faid unSa tothem, Yemen of Judea and all 1. 14, ye that dwell at Jerufalem, be this 37 Now when they heard this, 6. 15. 1 Cor known unto you, and hearken to they were pricked in their heart, & Hebo 2.4 my words to our best Swan faid unto Petery and to the teft, of 4. 12. 15 For thefe are noe drunkens as ye the apoftics, Men and brethren Jer 1. 15. fuppofe feeing it is but the third what hall we do?ol is 5.4.05. Mat hour oftheday, epic o s 38 Then Peter faid unto them and 26.75 16 But this is that which was Repent and be baptized every one 6.16. Prov. fpoken by the prophet Joel, of you in the Name of Jefus Chrift, Tic. And it thall come to pafs in the for the y remiffion of fins and ye thall 3.5.. Laft days (faich God) I will pour receive the gift of the holy Ghoft. Rom. out of my spirit upon all fleth: and 39 For the promife is unto you,and 6. 3, Mat. your fons and your daughters shall co your children, and to all chat are Gál 20.3 atar off, even as many as the Lord out 3. 17. # Joel 2:28. Ifa. 8.20.Mkt»12+3 +5• #Ifa. 44-3. God iball call

22. 1. Tit


16 Rom. +7 40 And 9. n.


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