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He commender humility. any of thofe things & they had feen. Mar. 371 And it came to pafs,that on the 17. 14. next day, when they were come down Mar. from the hill, much people met him.9. 17.

38 And behold, a man of the cum-q Mat. pany cryed our, faying, Mafter, I be-6. 36. feech thee, q look upon my fon, for he fai is mine only child: 64.9.

39 And lo, afpirit taketh him, and Pet. he fuddenly cryeth out,& it r teareths. 9. him,that he tometh again,and bruif- Mar. ing him, hardly departeth from him. 1. 26. 40 And I befought thy difciples to Mat. caft him out, & they coulinor. 17. 20. 41 AndJefus anfwering, faid O faith-r Mar. lefs and perverfe generation, how 21. 43. long thall bet with you, and fuffers Rev. you? Bring thy fon hither.

12. 16.

42 And as he was yet coming, the. xod. devil threw him down, and tare him: 5.6,7. and Jefus rebuked the unclean fpirit, P. and healed the child, and delivered 11. 2. him again to his rather. Exod.

43 And they were all amazed at 5. 11. the mighty power of God: tut whiley Mat. they wondred every one at all things 7.22. Jefus dit,he laid unto his disciples, Alts 44 Let y thefe fayings fink down into2. 23. your ears for the Son of man fhall v. 46. be delivered into the hands of men. He.. 45 But they understood not this fay-5. 11. ing, and it was hit from them, that Mac they a perceived it not: and they fea-11. red to ask him of that faying. Mar.

46 Then there arofeb a reafon- 33ing among them, which of them Mar.. fhould be greatest.


Chits transfiguration.

Chap. ix.

1. 17.

except we fhould go and buy meat for Mar. all this people. 6 39, 14 For they were about five thousand 40. men.And hefaid to his difciples, Make Mat.chem fit down by p fifties in a com16. 24. pany. 2 Cor. IsAnd they q did fo,and made them 5-7: all fit down. ŕ John 16 Then he took the five loaves and 11.4. the two fifhes, and looking up to heaand ven, he bleffed them, and brake,and 17.1. gave to the difciples to fet before the Jam. multitude. 17 And they did eat, and were all Pfal. filled: and there was taken up of frag145. ments that remained to them, twelve 19. baskets. and 18 And it came to pafs as he was 23. 1. alone praying,his difciples were tw Prov. him and he asked them, faying, 13:25. Whom fay the people that I am? ? Efth. 19 They aufwering, faid, John the 4. 16. Baptift: but fome fay, Elias: and o josh. thers fay that one of the old pro24. 15. phets is rifen again. #Mac. 20 He faid unto them, x But whom 16. 13. fay ye that I am? Peter anfwering, Mar. faid, y The Chrift of God. 8.27. Pe. commanded them to tell no man 21 And he ftraitly charged them and 3.15 that thing; Acts 2 Saying, The Son of man muft 19. 25. fuffer many things, and be a rejected Mar of the elders, and chief priests, and S.29 Scribes, and be flain, and be raifed the John third day. 6.69. 23 And he faid to them all, If * Mat. him 17-9.b deny himfelf, and take up his crofs Ecclef daily, and follow me. 3.1, S. 24 For whofoever will e fave his Pet life, fhall lofe it: but whofoever will 2.437d lafe his life for my fake, the fame Mat fhall fave it. 17-2225 For what is a man advantaged Mac if he gain the whole world, e and lofe Luke 26 For whofoever shall be ashamed of 14.27 me and of my words, of him fhall Mat. the Son of man be afhamed, when becaufe he followeth not with us. g Mat. 30, 33 he fhall come in his own glory,and Gal. 6. 12.


4 Ifai.

of their heart, took a child, and fet 24.
him by him,
48 And he faid unto them, Whofoever 7.15.
thall receive this child in my Name,d
receiveth me and whofoever fhall re-66. 2.
ceive me,receiveth him that fent me: Mar.
for he that is dleaft among you all,.38.
the fame fhall be great.


49 T And John answered and faid, t. 18. Mafter, we faw one cafting out devil,Num. ein thy name, and we fforbad him, 11. 28.

50 And Jefu's faid unto him, For-12. 30. in his Fathers, and ofhis holy angel.. bid him not: for he that is not a-hJ6b 14. 14. 4 A&s 27 But I tell you of a truth, there be gainft us, gis for us. fome ftanding here, which fhall not 51 And it came to pafs, when thei Mar. 12. 2. tafte of death, till they fee the g king-h time was come that he fhould be 6. 19. i received up, he tftedfaftly fet hist Gr 21.13 28 And it came to pafs about an face to go to Jerufalem, Enconfir


dont of God."

12. 20.

Luke eight days after thefe fayings, he 52 And fent meffengers before hismed. and took Peter, and John, and James, face, and they went, and entred into Acts 16.25. and went up into a mountain to pray. a village of the Samaritans, to make21 13fEph. 29 And as he i prayed, the fathion ready for him.

Ez k

53 And they did not receive him,4. 3. because k his face was as though hek Joha would go to Jerufalem.


54 And when his difciples Jame, Gal. and John faw this, they faid, Lord,4. 17. wilt thou that we command fire to Sam. come down from heaven, and con-21. 2. m 2 Kf. ume them,even m as Elias did?


55 But he turned, and a rebuked 1. 10. them, and faid, Ye know not owhatz Mat. manner of fpirit ye are of. &

16. 23.

of his countenance was altered, and I. 20. Tit. oc his raiment was white and gliftering, 30 And behold, there k talked with 2.13 him two men,were Mofes and Elias: Mat. 31 Who appeared in glory, and 17.11 2 Pet. pake of his deceafe which he fhould accomplish at Jerufalem. b Mat 3 But Peter,and they that were with! 17. 1. him,were heavy with feep: & when Dan. they were awake, they faw his glory, 9. 20, and the two men thatitood with him. 37 And it came to pafs as they de- 56 For the Son of man is not come to 0 Mat 13.2. Parted from him, Peter faid untoJefus, deftroy mens lives, but to p fave them 26. 35. ? Mat. Luk. Malter, it is good m for us to be here; And they wentto another village. 24, 26. and let us make three tabernacles,one And it came to pafs that as they 1. 21. Gr for thee,and one for Mefes, and one went in the way, a certain man faid 1 Tim. going for Elias: not knowing what he faid. unto him: LORD, 9 I will follow 1 15. 9 Acts forth. 34 While he thusfpake, there came thee whitherfoever thou goelt. Col. a cloud,& overthadowed them,& they 58 AndJefus faid unto him, Foxes 8. 19. 2.15. feared as they entred into the cloud. have holes and birds of the air 35 And there came a voice n out of nefts, but the Son of man hath 8. 19. the cloud, faying, This is my beloved where to lay his head. m Phi. Son, hear him.


7 Dan.

haver Acts nos 1 24. Phil. 59 And he faid unto another, Fol-2. 21. 36 And when the voice was paft, Je- low me: but he fald, LORD fuffer 2 Cor 6. 10. Thatfus was found o alone:and they kept it met firit to go and bury any father. is. clofe, and told no man in thofe days 69 Jefus faid unto him, Let the dead and bury 3.9. 7 Gen. 25. 9. #1 Ti 5. 6.



fes and Elias. n 2 Pet. 1. 17. Mat. 17. 5. 570557304 1 Ti. 2, 5. Acts 4. 12,

The fevenly difciples.

S. Lak

Who tour neighbour. bury their dead, but go thou and to it feemed good in thy fight. b Joh preach the kingdom of God. 22 All things are delivered to me 1. 18. of my Father and no man knoweth and who the Son is, but the Father; and 6. 4, S. who the Father is, b but the Son, and I Cor. he to whom the Son will reveal him. 2. I. 23 And he turned him unto his dif- Joha ciples, and faid privately,Bleffed are 8. 56. eyes which lee ethe things y ye fee. Acts 24 For-1 cell you, that many d pro- 2. 25. phets and kings have defired to fee 1 Pet. Chrifl appointesh fevery disciples. thofe things which ye fee, and have 1. S. LORD 4 Mat

Mar. 6:7:

Apointed other feventy alfo and things which ye hear, and have not 13: 17


27 And he answering, faid, Thou shalt 22. 35. love LORD thy God with all thy flfar heart, and with all thy foul, and S. 20 with all thy ftrength,and with all thy g Deu. mind; and thy neighbour as thy felt. 6. 5. 28 And he faid unto him, Thou hatt Lev. anfwered right: this do, and thou 19. 18. fhalt live. b Gal. 20 Buthe willing to i juftifie him- 3. 15. felf, faid unto Jefus, And who is 1,22, my neighbour?

4. G.


Eccl. fent them a two & two before his face, heard them, John 4:10. into every city, and place,whither he 25 And behold, a certain lawyer 36. 6 Phil.himfelf would come. ftood up, and e tempted him, faying, Ifal. ver. I. a Therefore faid he unto them, The Mafter what fhall I do to inherit c. 64. 1. Mat. harvest truly is great, but 6 labourers ternal life? He laid unto him. Mat. 9.38 are few pray, ye therefore the Lord of 26 What is writtenfin the law?how 16. 1. Heb. the harveft, that he would fend forth readeft thon? and 5.4. labourers into his harvelt. Mat. 3 Go your ways: behold,e I fend you 10. 16. forth as lambs among wolvs. Mat. 4 Carry neither dpurfe nor fcrip,nor 6:31 hues, and e falute no man by the way. Phil. 5 And into whatfoever houfe ye entor, firft fay,fP.ace be to this houfe. Kin. And if the fon of peace be there, 4. 29. your peace fhall reft upon it: if not, fi Sa. it fall g turn to you again 25.67 And in the fame houfe remain, Mat. eating and drinking lush things bas 10. 11 they give:for labourer is worthy of Pfal. his hire.Go not from houfe to houfe. 35138 And into whatfoever city ye enTiter, and they receive you, eat fuch 6.6, Schings as are fet before you. i1 Cor. 9 And heal the fick that are therein, 9.7. and fay unto them, The kingdom of 1 Tim. God kis come nigh unto you. 5. 17. 10 But into whatfoever city ye enter, Mat and they receive you not, so your ways out into the streets of the fame, and and fay. 4. 171 Even the very m duft of your city Mar which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off 6.11 again you: notwithstanding, be ye Job fure of this, that the kingdom of God 2r. 14. nis come nigh unto you. mA 12 But I fay anco you, that it fhall 13be o more tolerable in that day for Acts Sodom, than for that city 43.46. 13 Wo unto thee Chorazin, wo unto Heb. thee Bethfaida: for if the mighty 35 And on 10. 29 works had been done in Tyre & Si-ed, he took out two pence, and gave 9: 36. Mat. 7.don,which have been done in you, them to the hoft, and faid untohim, v.3. 22. they had a great while ago repented, fitting in fackcloth and afhes. 14 But it shall be a more tolerable for 3.6.3. Tyre and Sidon at the judgment, Luke than for you.

30 And Jefus answering, faid, A cer- Rm. tain man went down from Jerufalem 7.7. to Jericho, and fell k among thieves, and which / ftripped him of his raiment, 3. 10. and wounded him, and departed,lea-Luke ving him half dead,

19. 9.

31 And by chance there came down and a certain prieft that way,and when he 16. 15 faw him, he paffed by on the m other k Joha fide. S 44.

32 And likewife a Levite, when he Rom was at the place came and looked 3.23. on him, & palled by on the other fide. Eccl.


33 But a certain Samaritan, as he 7, 22. journeyed, came where he was: &when m Pfal. he faw him, he had o compaffion on 33. 11. him, Ifai. 34 And went to him, and bound up 5. 7. his wounds, pouring in oyl and wine, Lam. &fethim on his own beat,andbrought 3. 51. him to an q inn, and took r care o Eze. of him. 16.5.

morrow when he depart- Mat

P Eze. 3.5.6. Jona

15 And thou Capernaum, which art 12. 47 exalted to heaven halt ber chruft Jam. down to hell.

6 And another alfo faid, LORD, I
will follow thee: but let me first go
bi them farewel which are at home
at my house.

6: And Jefus faid unto him, No man having put his hand to the plough, and x looking back, is fit for 10. 38. the kingdom of God.


A Phil. 3. 14.

Take careof him, and whatfoever thou Heb. 2. fpendeft more, when I come again, I 16. will repay thee. qaft.


36 Which now of these three, think- 2. 47. elt chou, was neighbour unto him rAds that fell among the thievs? 20.-28. 37 And he fard,Hethar fhewed mer-John cy on him, Then faid Jefus unto him, 13. 17. Go, and do thou likewife. Jam. 38 Now it came to pals, as they 1. 22. went, that he entred into at certain Pfalm village: anda certain woman, named 15. [. Martha, received him into her house. ? John

39 And he had a fifter called Mary, 11. 1. which alfo fate at u Jefus feet, and AS, heard his word. 21.3. 40 But Martha was cumbred about Deut.


4. 17. 16 He that heareth you, heareth me:
16. 15. and he that defpifeth you, defpifeth
Sa. me: and he that defpifeth me, defpi-
3. 7. feth him that fent me.
Num. 17 And the feventy returned again
10. 11. With joy, faying, LORD, even the
↑ Rom.
devils are fubject unto us through
16. 20. thy Name.
& Rev

18 And he faid unto them,I beheld 12.9. Satan as lightning fall from heaven. x much ferving,and came to him,and 32. 3. Eph. 19 Behold, I give unto you power x to faid, Lord, doeft thou not care that Prov. 6. 13. tread on ferpents and fcorpions, and my fifter hath left me to ferve alone? 8.34 x Mar. Over all the power of the enemy: and bid her therefore that the help me, & Mar. 16. 18. nothing thall by any means hurt you, 41 And Jefus anfwered, and faid 8. 15. Acts 10 Notwithstanding, in this y rejoyce unto her, Martha, Martha, thou arty Mat. 28. 5. net, that the fpirits are fubject unto careful,&troubled about many things: 6.33. Mar you:out rather rejoyce because your 42 But y one thing is needful,and z Heb 16. 18. names are written in heaven, Mary hath chofen that good part, 11. 7 Mat. at In that hour Jefus rejoyced thall not be taken away from her. 35, 26. 7.22. inipirit,and faid,a I thank thee, FaCol. 3 1. a Mat. 6. 20. Phil. ther, LORD of heaven & earth that СНАР. XI. 4.3. thou haft hid thefethings from the 4 Mat, wife and prudent, and haft revealed 71. 25. them unto Labes; even fo, Father, for 1 Ger. 1. 26, 27. Ifalm 8.2


Chrift teacheth to pray inflantly.14He cafte:h out a dumb devil. 30 Jonas ta fign


Christ tracketh to pray.

Chap, xl.

Who are bleed Nd it came to pafs, that as he was he faith, Iwill returs umo my house wuai. 8.265 8. Apraying in a certain place, when whence I came out. John he cealed one of his difciples faid 25 And when he cometh befind- 20, 21. 12. 28. unto him. LORD, teach us to pray, eth it fwept and w garnifhed. Ifa:.

5. 199

x 2 Co.



as John alfo taught his difciples. 26 Then goeth he, and taketh to 4. 4. 6. 3. And he laid unto them, When ye him feven other fpirits more wicked z T.m pray, fay, Our Father which art in hea- than himself, and they enter in, and 2. 16. 8. 13. ven, b Hallowed he thy Name. Thy x dwell there; & the lait fate of that y 2 Pe. eliai. Hingdom come. Thy will be done as in man isy worf, than the first. 43. 24. heaven, fo in earth. 27 And it came to pafs, as he 3 Rev. falm 3 Give us day by day our daily bread. fpake thefe things, a certain woman. 3. 130.8. 4 Ande forgive us our fins; for we of the company lift up her voice, and Mar dr Co. alfo forgive every one that is indeh- faid unto him, Blefedische womb that 7. 232 10.13 ted to us. And d lead us not into temp-bate thee and the paps which thou a Cor. Mat tation, but e deliverus from evil. balt fucked. 2. 4. And he faid unto them, which of 18 But he faid, Yea rather bleffed Mat John you thall have a friend, and fhall go are they thathear the word of God, 1.39. 17. 1. unto him at mi night, and fay unto and keep it. Exol 4.

To 226


him, Friend, lend me three loaves, 20 And when the people were ga- 2. 37. 6 For a friend of mine in his jour-thered thick together, he began to 41, 47.

2 Ti. 4.17. + Gr.

thing to fer before him:

feek 1a fign, and there fhall no fign be 10. 1. 7. And he from within thall anfwer given it, but fign ofJonas prophet. 4 Cob impus anifay, Trouble me not,the door is 30 For as fonas was a Gign unto the 2. 3.1 now thur,& my children are with me Ninevites, to fhall alfo the Son of Joh. in bed, I cannot rife and give chee. man be to this generation.

dance fake. Luke

1. 16.

81 fay unto you, Though he will not 31 The queen of the fouth thall rife Ephef 18. rife,andgive him, becaufe he is his up in the judgment with the men 3.8. Rom. friend: yet becaufe of his importu-of this generacion, & condemn them: Joa 15.30. nity, he will rife and give him as for the came from the utinoff parts 3-5, of the earth, to hear the wifdom of to 32. 269 And I fay unto you, f Ask, and ic Solomon; and behold, da greater Mar Mar. fhall be given you: feek, and ye fhall than Solomon is here.


many as he needeth.


5. 150


22, 28. unto you. find: knock, and it fhall be opened 32 The men of Nineveh fhall rise up Mar. in the judgment with this genera- 4. 210. Mat. 10 For every one that asketh receiv- tion, and thall condemn it: for they Philo 7.7. eth and he that feeketh findeth repented at the preaching of Jonas;& 2 15 22. 22. be opened. and to him that knocketh, it fhall behold a greater than Jonas is here. & Mas 33 No man when he hath lighted a 6. 22. Mar 11 If a fon fhall ask bread of any candle, putteth it in a fecret place, Mat. 1124 of you that is a father, will he give neither under fa bufhel bue on a can-201 Mate him a ftone? or if he ask a fifh,will dleftick, that they which come in may Rom. 7.9.

he for a fifh give him a ferpent?. fee the light.

T. 22.


k2 Cor.

b Mar. 12 Or if he fhall ask an egg, will 34 The light of the body is the eye: Luke 19. 17. he offer him a fcorpion? therefore when thine eye is fingle, thy 18. 11. Gale 13 If ye then,being evil, know how whole pody alfo is full oflight but Prov. 1. John how much more fhall your heavenly is full of darkness, to give good gifts unto your children: when thine eye his evil,thy body alfo 13.7 20. Father give the f holy Spirit to them 35 Take heed therefore, that the 39 Jerem. that ask him? light which is in thee bei not darkness.Cor. 14 And he was kcafting out a de6fchy whole body therefore be 2. 19 Cars vil, and it was dumb. And it came full of tight, having k no part dark, 20 12.7.9. to pafs when the devil was gone out, the whole fhall be full of light, as Mar. k. Mar. 6 dumb fpake:& the people wondred when the bright thining of a candle 7.2,9. Gal



Is But I tome of them faid,He caft- doth give thee light. 3307 eth out devils through Beelzebub

the chief of the devils.

14. 4.

37 And as he ipake, a certain Pha. 5. 1. rifee befought him to dine with him, Mat. 16 And other tempting him & he went in and fate down to meat. fought of him a fign from heaven. 38 And when the Pharifee faw it, Act 17 But he knowing their thoughts she marvelled that he had m not firft 23faid unto them. Every kingdom before


m Mate 13. 38. and s 16. I.


divided gainst itfelfi brought to de- 32 And 2 LORD faid unto him, Now. folation: and an houfe divided against don ye Pharifees make clean the outMat, an houfe falleth. fide of the cup and the platter but 23. 25. Jer. 18. If Satan alfo be divided against your o inward part is full of ravening 4. 4.. John himself how thall haskingdom Land? and wickednefs. 2. 24. becaufe ye fay that I call our devils Mar. through Beelzebub 9.38.


40 Ye fools, did not he that made Th that which is without, makethat which 5.23 b Luk. is g within alfo?

10 And if 1 by Beelzebub caft out John devils, by whom do your fons caft 3. 20. them out? therefore fhall they be 2 Exo. your judges.

41 But rather give alms of fuch 19.9. things has you have: and behold,f all or S. 12. things are clean unto you. Ti you for


19, 20 But if I with the p finger of God Mat caft out devils, no doubt the kingdom ye tithe mint,and ruc,and all manner 4:4 Tit. 12. 29, of God is come upon you. of herbs, and pals over judgment and 1.15. Bpb. 21 When 9 a ftrong man armed keep the love of God: k chefe ought yeto Luk. 22. eth his palace,his goods are in peace. have done, and not to leave the other and 12 But when r aftronger than hefhall undane." 6.12. come upon him, & overcome him, he 43 Wo unto you Pharifees. for ye love 23. 23. Mat, taketh from him all his armour where- the uppermoft feats in the fyna-Mar 28: 18. in he trufted; & divideth his fpoils. gogues, and greetings in the markets. 12. 38 Col. 2. 23 He chat is not with me is 2-44 Wo unto you Scribes and Pliam Pal. 15. gainft me: and he that gatherath not rilees, hypocrites: for, ye are as graves. John with me, fcattereth. which appear not & men that walk 38. 4 When the unclean fpirirt is gone over them,,, are not aware of them. 424 iar. out of a man, he walketh through dry As Then answered one of the law. 12. 2 12.30. places, fecking refts and finding none, yer; & faid unto him, Malter, thus 1.King faying thou reproach ft us alfo,eas 18.21. A&t. S. 13.1 Pet. f. S. Mat, S-+2 46 And he faid, We unto you alfo ye .4.3.




Mat. 2.34. John.

2. 15.

2 Tim

S. Luke.

The parable of the covetous man.

Christ teacheth to avoid hypocrifies
Mar. lawyers for ye lade men with o bur- 1 For the holy Ghoft fhall teach you n Liat.
in yn fame hour what ye ought to fay. 10. 19.
13 And one of the company faid un- Pfalm
to him, Mafter, fpeak to my brother, 46. 1.
heo divide finheritance with me. Gen.
14 And he faid unto him, Man, who 22. 14.
made me a judge, or a divider o- Phil.
ver you?

thens grievous to be born:and ye your
felvs touch not the burthens with
one of your fingers.



15 And he faid unto them, Take heed, Judg. & beware of a covetoufnefs:for a mans 9.8.15. life confifteth nor in the abundance Rom.


21. 10.

19 And I will fay to my foul, Soul, Mat. thou haft much goods laid up y for 5.45. many years, take thine cafe, eat, Ifai. drink, and be merry. 30.1. 20 But God faid unto him, Thou Jer. focl, this nightthy foul fhall be re- 17.9. quired of thee: then whofe fhall thofe Eccl.


and 20. 10. Mat. 22. 15.

23.4. ? Mat. 47 Wo unto you; for yep build the 23. 29. fepulchres of the prophets, and your Rom. fathers killed them. 1.32. 48 Truly ye bear witnefs that ye 9, allow the deeds of your fathers: for 23. 31. they indeed killed them, and ye build Prov. their fepulchres. 8.12. 49 Therefore alfo faid the rwifdom of the things which he poffeffeth. 12.7. 1 Cor. of God, I will fend them prophets 16 And he spake a parable unto them, 2 Tim. I.24. and apoftles, and fome of them they faying, The ground of a certain rich 2.4. Mat. fhallay and perfecute: man brought forth plentifully. 91 Ti. 23.84. So that the blood of all the prophets 17 And he thought/within himself, 6. 10. Palm which was fhed from the foundation faying,What fhall I do,becaufe I have Mat. 9.12. of the world, may be required of no room where to beftow my fruits 13.23. Gen. this generation, 18 And he faid, This will I do, I 2 Pet. 2.5. 51 From the blood of t Abel unto the will pull down my barns, and build 2.3. blood of Zacharias, which perifhed greater, and x there will I beftow all r Job 18. 24. between the altar and the temple: ve- my fruits, and my goods. 7 Gen. rily I fay unto you, it fhall be re4.8. quired of this generation. 2 Chro. 52 Wo unto you lawyers: for ye have 24. 21. taken away the key of knowledge: Mat. ye entred not in your felvs, and them 15.9. that were entring in, ye hindred, a Pet. 53 And as he faid thefe things unto 2.1, 2. them, the Scribes and the Pharifees things be which thou hast provided? 11.1. Mar. began to urge him vehemently,& to 11 So is he that layech up treafure for Jam. 23.13. provoke him to fpeak of many things: himself, & is not richtowards God, 4.13. 2 Ti. 54 Laying wait for him, and feeking 22 And he faid unto his, difciples, x Mat 4.3. to catch fome thing out of his mouth, therefore I fay unto you, d Take no 6.19. er. chat they might accufe him. thought for your life,what ye fhall eat, Phil. 18. 18.33 neither for the tody, what ye fhall 1.21. put on. y Prov. 23 The life is more than meat,and 28. 1. 1 Chrift teacheth to avoid hypocrife, the body is more than raiment. Jobsin 13 To beware of covetousness, 31 to 24 Confider the ravens, for they nei- 14. 1. feek Gads kingdom,33 to give alms. ther fow,nor reap, which neither have a1 Sa torehoufe nor barn, & Gode reedeth 25. 25. IN the mean time, when there were than he fow much more are ye better b 1Th. gathered together an innumerable fowls? 5.3. multitude of people, infomuch that af And of you with taking thought Dan. they trod one upon another, he began can add to his ftature one cubit. 4.31. to fay unto his difciples first of all, 26 If ye then be not able to do that e fTI. Beware ye of the 4 leaven of the Pha- thing which is leaft, why cake ye 6. 17. 16.6. rifees, which is hypocrifie, thought for the greft? Jam. 27 Confider the lilies how they 2.5. grow,they toil not,they Ipin not:& yet d Ifay unto you,thatSolomon in all his 4.6. glory was notarayed like one of thefe. Palm 28 If then God fo clothe the b grafs 55. 21. is to day in the field,& to morrow is 1 Pet. caft into the oven: how much more 5.7. will beclothe you, O ye of little faith? Mat. 29 And feek not ye what ye fhall eat, 6.25. 10. 2. not afraid of them that kill the body, or what ye fhall drink, neither be yee Job John and after that,have no more that they of doubtful mind. o more 15. 14. can do. But I will forewarn you whom you fhall fear Fear him, which after he hath killed, hath power to caft into hell, yea, I fay unto you, Fear him. 31 But rather feek the kingdom & Pfal. Pfalm 6 Are not five fparrows fold for two of God, and all thefe things fhall 127. 1. 36.6. farthings, and not one of them is be kadded unto you. Eccl. and e forgotten before God? 32 Fear not, little flock; for it is 9.21. 145.15. But even the very hairs of your your Fathers good pleasure m to give b Jam fi Pet. head are all numbred. Fear not there- you the kingdom. fore, ye are ofg more value than many 330 Sell that ye have,and give alms: 1 Pet. 5.7 Phil. fparrows. provide your felvs bags which wax not 1.24. 8 Alfo I fay unto you, Whofoever old, a treafure in the heavens that fail! Hab. 4.6. Pfal. fhall confefs me b before men, i him eth not, where no thief approacheth, 3. 17. 2.6.7. fhall the Son of man alfo confefs neither moth corruptech, Pfal. before the angels of God. 34. For where your treafure is, there 13.5.0. But he that k denieth me before will your heart be alfo. 119.46. KiCor Acts men, fhall be denied before the an- 35 Let your loins be girded about, 3.21. fort and your light burning, 4. 19. gels of God. 10 And whofoever fhall fpeak a word I Sam 7 against the Son of man, it thall be fork. Tl. given him: but unto him blafphemeth against the holy Ghoft, it hall 12. 31. And when they bring you unto Tim. the fynagogues,and unto Magiftrates, 7.13. and powers m take ye no thought how




Mar. 8.15.

2 For there is nothing covered that. fhall notbe brevealed neither hid, Eccl. thar fhall not be known. 12. 14. 3 Therefore whatfoever ye have Luke fpoken in darknefs, fhall be heard in 13. 17. the light:& that which ye have spoken 'Mar. in year in clofets, fhall be proclaimed upon the choufe tops., Mat. 4And I fay unto youd my friends,Be

4. 12.

39-3. 30 For all these things do the na- Pfalm tions of the world feek after and 147. 9. your father knoweth that ye have need Mat of these things. 6.27.





1 Tim.


36 And ye your felvs like unto men 4.8. that r wait fortheir Lord, when he will King return from the wedding, that when 3.12. he cometh and f knocketh, they may kom. Gr.Little little. Ma.7.14. Ma.11. 6. mRom. open 9.32. G. 23. 2 Pet. 1.11. Acts 4.34. Mat 6.20. Prov.19.17. Eccl.1.1. pret. 1.13. Dan. or what thing ye fhall answer, or q Mat. 16. Prov.31.18. Mat.a5.1. Song 2.16. what ye thall fay ? 5.2. Rev. 3.20. Pfal: 24.7.5

2. 12.
Mar. not be forgiven,

15.9. and


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Chap. xiil.

open unto him immediately.

a A

fome thattold him of the a Galile. .37.


Chris fermon. So I tell thee,thon fhalt not depart 37 Bleed are thofe fervants,whom thence, till thou haft payed the very the Lord when he cometh,fhall find laft mite. tRev. t watching:Verily I fay unto you, 16. 15. he thall gird himfelt,and make them Mat. to fit down to meat, and will come 24. 46-forth and fervethem. #Mar-38 And if he fhall come in the au fecond14. 25 watch, or come in the third watch,& ans, whofe blood Pilate had mingleds Exod. find them fo,bleffed are thofe fervants. with their facrifices. 14: 24-39 And this x know that if the good- 2 And Jefus answering, faid unto Job'G. Mat. man of the houfe had known what them, 6 Suppofe ye thefe Galileans 6,7. 24. 43 hour the thief would come, he would were finners above all the Galileans. Eccl. 9.1,2. have watched, and not have fuffered because they fuffered fuch things! his houfe to be broken through. 31 tell you, c Nay, but except ye Luke 40 Be ye therefore ready allo: for repent, ye fhall all d'likewife perish. 1. 43. 4 Orthofe eighteen, upon whom the Rom. 71 Th. the Son of man cometh y at an hour rower in Siloam tell,and flew them, 2.9, 9 5.2, 3. when ye think not. 2 Pet. 41 Then Peter faid unto him, LORD, think ye that they weret finners above lai. 8.6. fpeakeft thou this parable unto us, or all men that dwelt in Jerufalem? SI tell you, Nay but except ye John even to all? 45 And Lord faid, Who then is that repent, ye fhall all likewife perish. 21Cor. faithful and wife fteward,whom his 6 He spake alfo this parable, A fur. Lord thall make a ruler over his certain man had a ffig-tree planted deb a Acts houfold, to give them their por- in his vineyard, and he g came and fors. 20. 29. tion of meat in due feafon? fought fruit thereon, and found none. Mat. Eph. Then faid he to the dreffer of 18. 24 42Bleffed is fervant,whom hisLord 2.1. when he cometh fhall find b fo doing. his vineyard, Behold, thefe b three f Mat. b1Cor. 44 Of a truth I fay unto you,that he years I come feeking truit, on this 19. 24 9.24. will make him e ruler over all that he fig-tree, and find none: cut it down, Ifai why cumbreth it the ground? 5.78 And he answering Taid unto him, Song Lord, klet it alone this year alfo,till 4.16. Mar. ing, & fhall begin toe bear the men- I fhall dig at out it, and dung it: e3joh fervants, and maidens, and to eat and And if it bear fruit, well and 21. 19. V.10. drink, & to be drunken: if not, then after that chou shalt cut b Rom. fJob 46 TheLord of that ferrant will come it down.. 20. 2 in a day when he looketh not for him, 10 And he was m teaching in one of 2 Pet. Jam and at an hour when he is net ware,& the fynagogues on the fabbath. 4.17. .Mar. II. 24.




Luke bath. 19. 17. 45 But and if that fervant fay in 42 Pet his heart, My lord d delayeth his com




Mat. .10. 34. 1 Pec.

will cut him in funder,& will appoint 119 And behold, there was a woman i Rom. him his portion with unbelievers.& had a fpirit of infirmity eight- 11. 19. 47 And that fervant which knew his een years, and was bowed together, kExo. b2 The lords will, & prepared not him felf, nei- and could in no wife lift up her felf. 32. 11. 28. ther did according to his will, fhall be 12 And when Jefus o faw her he called Jer. her to him,& faid unto her, Woman, 19. 20. beaten with g many ftripes. 48 But he that b knew not,and did thou art loofed from thin infirmity, 1 Sam. 13 And he laid his hands on her, and 12. 23. commit things worthy of ftripes,fhall 1.7. be beaten with few ftripes. For unto immediately the was made itraight, 12 Chr. 36. 16. vei-51whomfoever much is given, of him and glorined God. k Mat fhall be much required and to 14 And the ruler of the fynagogue m Mic. 20. 22. whom men have committed much,ot answered with indignation, becaufe 9.35. Ghim they will ask the more. that Jefus had healed on the fabbath John 49 am come to fend fire on day; and faid unto the people. There 5.5,9% pained. the earth, and what will I, if it be are fix days in which men ought to Hab. Ffalm already kindled? work in them therefore come and be 2.3. 40.8. So Bat I have ka baptifm to be hap- healed, and not on the fabbath-day, Heb. Acts tized with, and how am I t traitned 1 The Lord then anfwered him, and 4.15. 21.13 till it be accomplished? faid, Thou r hypocrite, doth not each Mat. I John 51 Suppofe ye that I am. come to one of you on the fabbath loofe his 9.36. give, peace on earth? I tell you,Nay; ox or his afs from the ftall, and lead 2 v. 14. but rather divifion. erest him away to watering? 13.44. 52 For from henceforth there fhall be 16 And ought not this woman, be- 103. and five inone houfe m divided, three a- ing af daughter of Abraham,whom 2,3. 28.24. Satan hath bound, lo chefe eighteen q Mar. Mat, gainit two,and two against three. 10.35 $3 The father fhall be divided a- years, be loofed from this bond on 5.22. fox the Micah the father; the mother again the 17 And when he had faid thefe 7.5 7.6. Acts daughter, and the daughter againftchings, all his adverfaries were u a- Eccl. the mother: the mother in law againft fhamed: and all the people rejoyced 12. 11. the daughter in law, and the daugh-for all the glorious things that were Luke Eph. ter in law against her mother in law. done by him. 6.1. Mat. 54 And he faid alfo to the peo- 18 Then faid he, Unto what is the # Prov. ple. n When ye fee a cloud rife out of kingdom of God like? and whereun- 12. 13. weft,ftraightway ye fay,There com- to fhall I refemble it? eth a shower, & foitis.


+ Mat.



19. 20.

8. 12. Mar.


16. 2. Phil. 19 It is like a y grain of muftardfeed 12. 23. .3.19. Luke SS And when ye fee the fouth wind which a man took, and caft inte his y Cor. 19. 44. blow ye fay, There will be heat, garden,and it grew,&waxed za great 1.26. and it tree and the fowls of the air lodged Mat. Tera Ye hypocrites, ye can difcern the in the branches of it. face of the skie,&of the earth but how 22 Andagain he faid, Whereunto Dan. is it that ye do not difcern o this time? thall 1 fiken the kingdom of God? 3,4,557 Yea, and why even of your favs 21 It is like leaven, which a woman 4 jam. Pv.53.judge ye not what is tight? took and a hid in three meafures of 1.21. 1 Cor. 58 When thou goeft w thine adverfary meal, till the whole was leavened, 11. 31. to the magistrate as thou art q inf way, Isa. give diligence that thou mayelt be de25. 17. fiveredfrom him; left he kale thee to 2 Sam. judge & the judge deliver thee toy of 19. 13. ficer.&the officer aft chee into prifon.

1 Thef

2: And he 6 went through the cities 5.23.3 and villages, teaching and journey. Mat. 2.35.0 ing towards Jerufalem.

23 Then faid one unto him, Lord, Mar.


are 6.6. [ARs 10, 39.

Watch for Chrift's coming

7.49. A&ts

CHAP. X 111.

Chrifts fermon of repentance: 18 He
healeth a crooked woman.

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