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The temple rem,

Job which faleh, Aadhe wat nombred 6.14. sich the tranfgrefers

Chrike & Loes "Nd whenshe Labbath was pako Mary alako AN Magdalene, and Mary the mecherofaz, foe


and buildeft it in three days:



Lap. 19 And they that paffed by raileden James, &Salome, hadboughtfweetfpi-John 1.15. him, wagging their heads,& faying, ces they might come &a anoint him. 20. To Film Abthou thardestroyed the temple 2 And very early in the moming, Acts the first day of the week they came un-1. 10. 30 Savethy felf,and come down from cochefepulchre arthering of the fun. Platon H. 10. the cross s And they aid among themfelys 7 Thin. Likewife alfe dhe e chiefpriefts Who al rol us away the home from Lame mocking, faid amongthemfelvs with the destofthefepulchret Mat the Scribes, He faved others himfelf 4 (And when they looked they fan Dans 28 12 he cannot fave COONS DOEN N that the Rone was rolled away) for 7.8 of Ifrael de- it 16. cead now from the crofthat we may And entring Ince che (opalchre Mate and f beliere: and they that were they fast a young man fitting on the 27 45 erined with him, reviledhim right hees clothed inalonga hice Rev 33 And whenthe fixth hear was come, garment, & they were affrighted. 16, 10 there was g darkdels over the whole And he faith unto them east o Mát- land, until the ninth hour. 8. 17. caffrighted; ye feek Jalus of Naza-6 Mál 34 And atthe ninth hour Jefuscryed reth, which was crucified he dis 3.10. Heb. with atond voice, fayin,Eloi, Eleisrifen, he is not here behold the Rom 5.75 tama fabachihani? which is, being place where they laid him.


Ler Chrift





Jo. 20.


alm interpreted, My God my God, why 7 But go your ways tell his disciples Cor £2.1. haft thou forfaken V-3.35 And ffome ofthem that bod by, to Galilee, there thall ye fee him, as Cor & Peter,that he goeth before you in- 15-36 Mal. when they heard it, faid, Behold, he he faid unto you 4:5- calleth Elia. CHESTRES &And they went out quickly, and Bed Mare PAI. 36 And que Yass and filled a fpunge from the fepulches: for they trembled. 24 73-6231 fan of kvinogersand put it on a reed, and were amazed neitheriaid they any 2.V. 10. and gave bit to drisk, faying, Let thingetoany manforthey wereattaid Luke 12 alone, let us fee whether Ellas will THE come to take him toon, the frit day of the weeks he appeared Now when Jesus was tifen early, 24.9. Maro 61737 And Jefus cried with a tond voice, fuck to Mary Magdalene, out of 29.8 und and gave uptheghöft.p whom he had caft feven devils 2011 to fJohn And the Trail of the temple was to And the went and told them had Luke tent in twain, from top to the bottom, been whimas theymourned and wept. 8.2. And whenthe centurion they, had heard Exod. stoodover against hind, few that he fo that he was alive, and had been fees & vero 26.31 erved out, and gave up the ghen he of her, believed not. 2 Cor. FayTmnty thismah was Son ofGod. 3.6 36 There were alfom women looking ther bform unto two of them, asthey Exod 12 After that he appeared in ano-Luke Luk. on Sex Magdalene, and Maty the mother of 13 And they went and told it unto the Luke Ver.43. James the Lely, anderjofes,& Salome: refidde: neither believed they them. 24. 22 Mat. 41 Who do when he was ingalls 14 Afterward he appeared into the 18 27 57 Lee, followed him, and miniftred unto eleven as they fat at meat,&upbraided john Exod him, and many other women which them their unbelief and hardness of 20 Y came up with him anco Jerufalem heart,because they believed not them Luke 42 T And nowy when the even was which had feen bifn afcer he wasrifen. 24. 36 come, because it was the prepara- is Andho laid unto them, Geye into John 19. 38. jarop of Arimathea, an honorable to every creatures tion, the day before the fabbath) all cheworld, and preach the gospel 20. 19. Well Col counsellor, alfo waited for & king- 16 He that believeth, and isbap- 1.23.. dom of God, came, and went in holdly tized, all be faved but he that telicv- Mat 3.12 unto Pilate,& craved the body off efus. ech wors thall be damned!



12.6 Luke



2.13. 2 Pet.


41 And Pilate marvelled if he were, 17 And thefem highs thall follow them Joh already dead, and calling unto him that believes in my name wall they 12. 2257 the centurion, he asked him whether cat out devils, they fhall fpeak with mi


Ifai. 53.9.


new tongues,


he had been any while dead. Action, he gave $oody to Jorgh. 45 And when he knew it of centu-13 They thall take up ferpents, and Ats if they drink any deadly thing suit 19. Luke 46 And he bought fine linen and took fhall not hurt them, they frail lay and 23. 53him down & wrapped him in the lin- hands on the ck, & they all recover, ro John en, laid him in pa fepulchre was To Yo then after the Lord had spoken and 1. bewen outof a rock and rolled q unto them, he was o receive tupauco 2.2. 38, 39. tone to the door of the fepulchre. Heaven,& fatony right hand of God. mit Mat, 47 And Mary Magdalene,& Marys mo- 20 And they went forth and preached 10. therofjofer beheld where he was laid. every where, the LORD working Atts CHAP. XVI with them and confirming the word g.. 'r Chriftsvefurrection declared to thrip with signs following. Amen. Aas women: 9 He apeareth to Mary Magdalene and fome of the apostles,

28. and

Ephef. 1.20.

S. Lake. Chap. J.

N 24.5 1 Cor. 3.9.


The Gopel according to S. LUKE.



in order, cmost excellent Theophilus, Lukes prefaces 26 John and Chrift That thou might know shecerconceived. 34 Tohn's birth, tainty of thofe things wherein theu 4852. Forafmuch as many have taken in wat sendinitracted.

1 Sama

Heb. 2.3.

hana to Tet forth in order a decla. Vi ration of thofe things which are most John furely believed among us: 11 Even as they delivered them unto ás 2 Pet, which from beginning were a eye- and his withenes, and mininers of the word: Aaron It feemed good come alfo,having



25:28. had perfect underftarding of all things


daysof He- 2.39 4. Eccf. rody king of Judea a cer-... rainprioft named Zacharinssoff ecourfeefabia, Acts wife was of the daughters of 17. 11 and her name was Elizabeth. they were both


before God, walking in the Phile g2 Kin. 20.3. b Pfal.169.CaMac.



Toba haptin conceived,dy *S. Luke, Gen. commandmenes and ordinances of the 3r And behold, thou shalt conceive 11fal. Matic Salutation. 26 1. LORD, blamelels. 54 yule 2 in thy womb, and bring forth a fon, 7. 14. And they had no child, because and male call his name Jefus.va 2 f. 21. that Elizabeth was barren and they Hefhall be great, and fhall be cal- 4.4. Gal. Judg both were now weil kricken in years. led the Son of the highell, and the Mat. 13.2. 8 And it came tepafs, that while he Lord God hall give unto him the 1.21. Exod.executed the priests office before God throne of his father David. 30.7 in the order of his courfe k.Ifai. I Ghro. According to the cuftom of the of Jacob forever, and of his king- Tit. 33 And he fhall reign over the house 9.6. 6.49 priefts office, Hislor wasto burn incenfe dom there fhall be no end. 2. 13. ZIKin. when he went intochetemple of Lord 34 Then laid Mary unco angel, How Mat. 7.12. To And the whole multitude of the hall this be,fecine I know nora man? 3. 18. 2 Chro. people were praying / without, at the 35 And the angel answered and faid Dan. anto The come 7. 14. upon thee &c the power of the Higheft 1 Tim. hall overfhadow thee: therefore alfo 6. 15. holy thing which fhall be born po Pfalm thee, fhall be called the Son of God 72.9.

Andbehold thy coufin Elizabeth Dan. he hath alfo conceived a fon in her 7.14. old age, and this is the fixth moneth Rev. with her, who was called barren.

37 For with God q nothing thall be Time 3.21. unpoffible. Min And Mary faid Behold the Hof. 6. 15. handmaid of the LORD, be it unto 1.11. me according to thy word: and the maTh angel departed from her. 4.1.

39 And Mary arofe in those days, and 2 Pet. went into the hill-countsey with haft 1.12. into a city of Juda, 40 And entred into the houfe of Za- Mat. 1687.44 charias, and falutedElizabeth 41 And it came to pafs, that when Eli- Mar. 13.31 zabeth heard the falutation of Mary 1.10. and 42 And the fpake out with a loud voice, Mar. Elizabeth was filled theholy Ghoff. Gal. and faid, Bleffed art thou among wo-79. 26 men,& bleffed is fruitof thy womb, sam 43 And whence is this to me that the 7.29. mother of x my LORD fhould come Joh. 44 For lo,as foon as the voice of the y Gal. falutation founded in mine cars, the 3.29. babe leaped in my womb for joy. 45 And bleed is the that believed, for there fhall be a performance of thofe Luke things & were told herfrom LORD. joha 46 And Mary faid, My foul doth magnife the LORD,: 20.28. And my fpirithath rejoyced in 10. 1. Pal. Got a my Saviour.


21. 11.



43For he hath regarded the low teftate 4.4. of his hand-maiden: for behold, from Ats henceforth all generations thall call 12. me blefed.

or s



49 For he that is mighty hath done ton!!to me greatthings, and choly is his fo And his mercy is on them that d fear T Pet. kim, from generation to generation. fl. He hath thewed ftrength with his 66.2. armshe hath fcattered the proud in the Tl. imagination of their hearts. He hath fput down the mighty from Pet. their feats, and exalted them low degree.


of 1. 12. 3 He bath filled the ghungry with 2.2. c15am. good things, and the rich he hath fent & Pfal. empty away. 54 He hath holpen his fervant Ifrael, Mal 130.4. in remembrance of his mercy,


A hefpake to i our fathers to A-Exod. braham and re k his feed for ever. 15.2. And Mary abode with her about three ER. moneths,& returned to her own houfe 6.6.

57 No Elizabeths full time cames Dan, that fe fhould be delivered, and the 4.30. brought forth a fon


8 And her neighbours and her cou- 12. 19, fins heard how the LORD had thewed 26. great mercy upon her, and they re-fisa. joyced with her.


And ircame to pafs that on the Pfal. eighth day they came to circumcife 34. 10. 31.3.20. Gen. 17.9. Pfal.132.11. Gal. the Jer: 3.1516. / Rom.12.15, w Gen.17.12

Heb. And there appeared unto him man 1. 14. Mangel of the LORD, ftanding on the Das, right fide of the waltarof incenfe. 9.20. And whes Zacharias faw him,he Exed was troubled, & fear fell upon him.16 30-713 Butthe angel faid unto him, Fear Judg. not Zacharias for thy prayer is 13 heard, and thy wife Elizabeth hall 2012. bear thee a fon, and thou thaltcall ? Gen. hisname John. MY BAS 25. 21. 14And thou that have a joy and glad 1 Sant., nefs, many fhall rejoyceat his birth. 1.19. 15 For he fall be great in the fight of Prov. the LORD, and fhall drink neither 15. 20. wine aor ftrong drink, and he fall be Mat filled with the holy Ghoft;even from 11.9. his mothers womb. fan

Jer Galer

16And many of the children of Ifrael: halt he turn to the Lord their God. 17 And he foall go before him in the fpirit and power of Elias,to x turn I Mal. the hearts of the fathers to the chil- the babe leaped in her womb 4.6.


Mat. dom of the juft,to make ready a peodren, and the difobedient to the wif. 3.3.and ple prepared forthe LORD. 11.11.18 And Zacharias faid unto the an* Eph. 2.13. gel, Whereby fhall I knew this? for 1 Z Dan. ftricken in years. am an old man, and my wife well 816. ana

19 And the angel anfwerine faid unto


him, I amy Gabriel, that stand in the prefence of Ged, and am fent to Num fpeak unto thee,and to fhew theethefe 20. 12 glad tidings Rom 3.3. Gen. !


30 And behold thou falt be dumb, and notable to fpeak until the day that 15.13 thou zbelieveft not my words, which thefe thingsihall be performed,becaufe and thall be fulfilled in their feafon.. 46. 10. 28 And the people waited for 2aNum-charias, and marvelled that he tarried 6.23. fo long in the remple. Prov. 8.34. (922 And when he came out, he could no: fpeak unto them: and they perceiv e Chr. ed that he had feen a vifion in the 24.7 temple, for he beckened unto them, 18. and remainedfpeechlefs. 2 Chr. 23.8 Jerem. 35.4d Gen. 21.1.2 and

33 And it came te pafs that affoon as the days of his miniftration were e accomplished he departed to his

own houfe.

24 And afterthofe days his wife Flis zabeth conceived, and hidher telf five moneths,faying, 30. 23. 15 Thus hath the LORD dealt with Tim me, in the days wherein he d looked Sam. on me, to take away my reproach

I. 6.

among men.

I. II. Mac. 1. 18. fv. 30. Prov. 11. •1 Sam. 2.30.

20 And in the fixth moneth, the angel Gabriel was fent from God,unto a city of Galilee.named Nazareth, 37 To avir in relpoufed to a man whofe name was Jofeph, of the hofe of David; and the virgins name was Mary

19.0 28 And the angel came in unto her, and faid, Hail thou that are highly fa28.15-vored, the Lordis g with thee,blefed art thou b among women.

Rom 8.31 ver

25 And when the fawhim, he was troubled at his faying and caftin her. 43. mind what manner of falutation this Luke 11. 29. fhould be.sed car vera brA Judg

30 And the angel faid unto her, Fear noc Mary, or thou has found in ver with God.

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Zahariar prothery A

Chap. 11.

Chiills naiving and laid him in a manger becaufef Mar there was no room for them in the inne.8.20. And there were in the fame countrey, Pfalm shepherds abiding in fighe Romi keeps 22.6. ing watch over their Rock


Luke the childSeeney called him Zachas 2.21. rias,afterthe name of his father, Gen 60 And his mother answered and 3 13. faid. Not fo,buthe fhall be called John. and 6And they faid unto her,there is none 16. 11 of thy kindredviscalled bythis name. And lo, the angel of the LORD 13.7. Gen. 61 And they made figns too his af- came upon them, and the glory of 213. ther, how he would have him called. the LOR fhone round about them, Serms 63And he asked for a writing ta- and they were fore afraid. bis 2.12. ble, and wrote, faying Hishame is And the angel faid unto them, WAF Pfal. Johns and chey marvelled all. Fear not for behold, I bring you not in 51.15. 64 And his mouth was' opened im- good tidings of great joy, which, Luke mediately, and his tongue lefed, and thall be to kill people, hom this day. 27° ITOY 5.3. he fpake, and praifed God. LINGER Luke 6s And q fear came on all that dwelt in the city of David, a Saviour, which Exod. round about them, and all thefe fay is Chrift the Lord. verings were nolfed abroad throughout So: all the hill countrey of Judea.

11 you



ing 66 And all they that had heard them, 18.46 laid them up in their hearts, fay Ping, What manner of child fhall this 1. 18 be?& the handoff Lord was whim. Eph. 67And his father Zacharias was filled & the holy Ghost, and prophefied faying, 68 Bleffed be the LORD God of I rael, for he hath wificed and fredeemed his people; 69 And hath raifed up an horn of Palm falvation for us, in the house of his 75:5 and fervant Dayidag

And thi. fhall be a figa unto you: λαο Ye hall find the babe, wrapped in 1.1,2 fwadling cloches, lying in a manger. Cor. 13 And fuddenly there was with the 1.17. ange! na multitude of the heavenly 5. heft praining God,& faying, 14 Glory to God in the higheft, and on earth peace goodwill towards men. 15 And it came to pafs,as the angels were gone away from them into hea ven,the fhepherds faid one to another, 9 Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and fee this thing is come to pals

Mar. 8.21. #153. 2.1.


the Lord hath made known unto us
16 And they came with haft, and
found Mary and Jofeph, and the babe
lying in a manger.
17 And when they had feen it, they phel
made known abroad thefaying which 2.14.

• Luke

was conceming child.


70 As he spake by the x mouth of his 39, 17 holy prophets, which have been fince the worldbegan risanks 132: 17. That we fhould be faved from iCor. our z enemies,and from the hand of that us 12. 11.2 To perform the mercy promifed Jero 23.6 to our fathers, and to remember his Juh. holy covenant, 3.39 Gen. 3.35

18 And all they that heard it. 11. 26 wondred at thofe things which were Erhel

told them by the fhepherds.


10 But Mary kept all thefe things; Pfal.. and pondred them in her heart.11.20 10 And the shepherds returned, glo- Acts rifying and prafing God for all the 17. 11. thing that they had heard and feen, Exod. as it was told unto them.

him withouhemies

173 The a oath which he sware to our father Abraham, Ry 74 That he would grant unto us Cor. that we being delivered out of the 75. 25. hands of our might bferve Ger 224 16.75 Inc holiness and righteoufnefs Heb. before him all the day; of ourlife 70 And thou child thale be called the prophet of the Higheft for thou fbalt go before the face of the LORD to prepare his ways; 77 To giver knowledge of falvation 1305 4. their fins, ople by the fremillion of were accomplished, they brought him 9.Zok ro Jerufalem, y prefent him LORD,

6.13Tit. 2.II. 12.

11 And when # eight days wereacialm complished forthe circumcifing of the 119 child, his name was called JESUS, 60. which was fa named of the angel/John before he was conceived in the womb. 4.29, 11 And when the days of her x purifi- 29. cation, according to the law of Mofes, Mat.


Luke 1.31.


23A, it is written in the law of the Gen. Lord very male that openech the 37. 10. womb fhall be called holy to the Lord) Gens 1 And to offer a facrifice accord- 17. 12.


8 Through the tender mercy of our Mat. God; whereby the g day-fpring from 11.9. on high hath viitedus, John 79 To gives light to them that fit in darkness,& in the fhadow of death, to Pal. guide our feet into way of peace, inga to that which is faid in the law Phil. So Andthe child grew, and waxed fo the Lord, A pair of turtle doves 3.7. Mal.trong in k fpirit, was in the defarts, or two young pigeons. 4.2. till day ofhis fhewing unto Ifrael. b John 1.4.1 32,3


25 And behold, there was a man in 2. 11.
CashM5566 §10SE O Jerufalem, whofename was Simeon, x Lev.
Sam. 2.9. & Luke 2.52. / Luke
has b Calon Bran

and fame man was juft and devour, 12.5.6
waiting for the confolation of Ifrael: y 152.
and the holy Ghoft was upon him. 1.24.
16 And it was revealed unto him by Exode
holyrahoit,he fhould not fee death, 13.2.
before he had feen the Lords Chrift. Num.
24 And he came by thelpirit into the 19: 15.
temple, & when the parents rought a Lev.
in the child Jefus, to do for him af 12,2,6,
ter cuftom of law,sonal cand
it then rook he him up in his earmss


SCHAP ELR Yuhod 1 Aufulus taxeth the Roman empire. 7. Chrifts nativity, bo pest !ssil Gen. Ndir came to pafsa in thofe days, AN that there went out a decree from Cefar Auguftus, that all the world fhould betaxed


8.21. Afts 4.12. ital. 9.6. m Pfal.

(And this taxing was firit made
whenCyrenias was governour ofSyria) and bleffed God.andraid,
3 And all went to be taxed, every one
into his own city, as

b Luka
19 LORD, now fletreft thou chy 1.6.
fervantidepart in peace, according Acts.
to thy word.

10. Z. 3p For mineeyes have fees b thy Mar falvation: 175.43 21 Which thou haft prepared before e Dane



4 And Jofeph alfo went up from Gas 815a. Lilee,out of the buity of Nazareth, in17. 12. to Judea, unto the city of David,which John is called Bethlehem, (because he was 7.41 of the houfeand linage of David). the face of tall people; To be taxed with Mary chisefponf-ak Alight to lighten the Gentiles, flat. 1.20. edwife, being great d with child. and the glory of thy people Ifrael. 61.1 Luke 6 And so it was, that while they were 33 And d Heb 1.35. there, the days were accomplished that 7.3. Mark. ro. 16. f Phil. 1.23. 1 Cor Gen. the fhould be delivered. 15.5455. Pfalm 37.37b1T-2.6. 49.3. 7And the brought forth here firft-bom Acts 4.13, 1 Eph.2.14. Rom 9.9. k late fan.&wrapped him in fwadling cloths, 42.6. John s.4.f. Ephef. 1. 18.


the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of et l'e His tellimony of Chrift the Lord, make his paths traight. 5.5 Every evalley fhalle filled, & every lai the crooked fhall be made ftraight f Luke mountain & hill fhall Le brought low, 66. 22. & rough ways thall be made fmooth. 18. 11. 6 And gall defh fhall fee the falva-Ifai. tion of God,

2. 14.

Then faid he to the multitude ý g Luke came forth to be baptized of him,h 0.30. you to fee from the wrath to come? 2.20. generation of vipers, who hath warned b1 Ti. 3 Bring forth therefore i fruits worthy 1 Thef of repentance, and begin not to fay 1.10. within your felvs; We have Abraham lai. to our father; for I fay unto you, 1.3. that God is able of chefe ftones to Col. raife up children unto Abraham. 1.6.

And now alfo the k ax is laid unto Phil. the root of trees: every tree there- 1.11. fore which bringeth not forth good k Jer. fruit,is hewn down,& calt intothe fire. 46. 22, ing, What hall we do then? 10 And the people asked him, fay- 23.


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He anfwereth and faith unto them, 2. 16.. He that hath two coats,let him mim- Aft part to him that hath none and he 17. 30, 12 Then caine alfon publicans to be / Mil. that hath meat, let him do likewife. 31. baptized, and faid unto him, Mafter) 2.7. Whar fhall we do? Jer.

13 And he faid unto them, Exact nó 6.16. more than which is a appointed you. and 14 And the foldiers likewife demand-41. 6. edof him, faying, And what shall we 'm Jam lence to no inan, neither accufe any 1 Joha do? And he faid unto them, Do vio- 2. 15. fally and be content with your wages.3.17.

pestation,and all men p mufed in their 13.1" 15 And as the people were in ex- 1 Cor hearts of John, whether he were q the Jam. Chrift or not:


indeed baptize you with water, 13, 35

16 John anfwered, faying unto them John
but one mightier than I cometh, the Mat
latchet of whofe fhoes, I am not 9.9.
with the holy Ghoft, and with fire:
worthy to unlofe, he fhall baptize you 1 Ti


he will throughly purge his Hoor, and 14. 1 17 Whofe fan is in his hand, and As will gather the wheat into his garner, 13, 19. but the chaff he will burn with fire 9 Joha unquenchable.


18 And many other things in his ex-r Acts. hortation preached he unto the people. 3.12.

19 But # Herod the tetrarch being 1 Cor. reproved by him for Herodias his bro-4.1. ther Philips wife, and for all the evils 1 Cor which Herod had done,

3.5.7. 20 x Added yer this above all, that ? Mat. he fhutup Jalin in prifon. 3.12.

21 Now when all the people were and baptized, it came to pats that Jefus 25. 32 alfo being baptized, and praying, Mat the heaven was opened':


22 And the holy Ghoft defcended in x Mat a bodily fhape like a dove upon him, 23. 32. and a voice came from heaven, which Rev. faid, Thou art my beloved Son, in 15. 24. thee I am a well pleafed y Mat.

23 Aad Jefas himself began to be 3.13. about 6 thirty years of age, being (as 2 Dan. was fuppofed), the fon of Jofeph,which 9.21.


4 Max.
was the of
reign of Tiberius Cefar, Pontius 24 Wich was the fon of Matthat, +5
1 Tim.
Luke Pilate being governor of Judea, and which was the feno: Levi,which was a Mat.
1.95. Herod being a tetrarch of Galilee, & the fon of Melchi, which was the fen 3-17.
Mat. his brother Philip tetrarch of Icurea, of Janna, which was the fon of Jofeph, Eph.
and of the regioner Trachonitis, and 25 Which was the fan of Mattathias, 1.6.
Mar. Lyfani as the tetrarch of Abilene, which was the fen of Amos, which 6 Gen
Annas and Caiphasbeing the high was the fon of Naum, which was the 41. 46.
Ron. Priefs, word of God came into John fon of Elli, which was the fon of Num.



fon in Nagge


d Ifai.


3 And he came into the country 26 Which was the fon of Maaths
about Jordan,preaching the c baptifm which was the fon of Mattathias
of repentance, for the remiffion of fins: which was the fon of Semoi, which
As it is written in the book of was the fan of Jofeph, which was
the words of Efaias the prophets the fea of Juda,

The 34 2. faying. The voice of one crying in 27 Which was the fan of Joanna.which

bra was

Chrifi' Umaleri.

tokapi. 10.


There whatifon of Rhef which was the temple, rail fald unto him dijnë
Jon of Zorobabel,which was the fes of be the Son of God, th#ar
Salathiel, which was the fog of Neri, from hence. 999
18 Which was, the fin of Melchi
which was the jou of Addi, which was
Rbefa the foof Coram, which was the fin af
Elmodam, which was the fan of Er,
Chrifs 22 Which was she fan of Jole,which
mat was the Ten of Eliezer which was the
at fa- Jon Jerim, which was the fox of
hers: Marchas, which was the fan of Levi,
30 Which was the fin of Simees,
Abt, which was the Jonof Juda iwhich was
Sudan the fin of Joseph which was the fun
ther efJenan,which was she fon of Eliakim
on of 31 Which was the fon. et Melea, which of the spirit into Salitee and fer
ZOTO- was the Ton of Menam, which was the went out a fame or him though
habelfon of Mattatha, which was the fox teregion round about. TO SANT
the of Nathan, was the fon of David, And he raught in their fra- 22. 13.
to 34 Which was the fan of Jeffe, which gogues, being glorified of all.
Mat. 1. was the fan of Obed which was she fan 6 Andhecame so Nazareth, where
3, 14. of Booz, which was the fox otsalmon, he had been brought up, and á, his 1.7.
were which was the fon of Naalon, cubomas, he went intothe fynagogue Mat
Thrifts 33 Which was the fon of Aminadab, on the rfabbathday, and food up for 4.1
in which was the son of Aram which so read.
ted's was the fan of Elrom which was they And there was f delivered unto 132
ea of Phares, was the fan of Juda, him the book of the pro

to Torit Vik written. He
angels charge over thee, to ke
And in their hands theys18Dear
thee up, left at any time thon dan
thyfoot again one LARE
2 And yet as hafweringTMm faja
him, Teisfald Then att hot
the LORDthy God, Bhim4gh
13 And when the devil had end
all therempation,he departed ho
him for oa Seafon: kadros
14 And Jefus returned lathe po



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34. Which was the fan of Jacob, and when he had opened the be which was the fan of Ifaacwhich was foundthe place where it was he 15. 17. ritten, and the fox of Abraham,which was the fan 18 The spirit of the Lord is upón mic, 3,♪ 23. of Thara,which was the fenpfNachor, because hehach anointed me so preach Ezra 35 Which was the fan of Saruch the gospel tothe poor, he wrath fent we go which was the fan of Ragau which to heal the broken-hearted, to

was the fox of Phales, which was the deliverance The captives, and te- 15. T 2Sam Jon ofHeber,which was the fan etSala, covering of fight to the blind, sefer at Ifa. 5. 14. 134 Which was the fon of Canada, liberty them that are brailed, 1 Chro, which was the fan of Arphaxad,which 42.7


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name Which was the few of Mathufala, gave it again to the minifter,& fate 4.0. is not which was she fon of Enoch, which down, and theeyes of all them that were 2 rer. found was the fonoi Jared, which was the in the fynagogue were tained on him. 1. 201 Gen. fan of Malcles which was the fenar And he began to lay unto them; Acts 10. 24 of Calmansabes damper amabad day to this feripense fatfilled in 10. 35 and 3 Which was the fan of Enos, which your earse ends? ett dag Mate IT 12. was the fan of sein, which was the fon 22 And all bare him witnels, and 11.3. Butor of Adam,which was the fort of d Ged: wondred stygracions words which Pfalm in the weden proceeded out of his mbath, And they 51: 13% Greek tranflation: Some think Arphaxad Taid, not this Tafephson? Thould beget Sara by bis Jon Cainan. Chro: Hz And he said unbekan, Ye w 25.8. # Lev. 25. Gen. 120. Job 1. 61 x4 33 7 furely Tay unto me this proverb, a Cor. Joh. 112 END OF VA Ay physician healthy felts whatsoever 6.2 CHAP. IV. we have heard dose in Capernaum, do x Acts Chriß is tempted: 13 His videry alfo here in thy Louatreyandont 14 He begiadeth to preach: 19 The 24 And he faid, Verily I fay ate Jobo 13.16. „Razarites admire him, who You, No propher is accepted in his 7.-15. own countreymd are loy-Joha


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a widows were in Ifrael in the days of Pfalm
Elias when heaven was c thue up three 45.2
yeats and xenicebs when great song
gaminamas. throughout all cire land:4.3
26 But none of them was Elias Johns

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Ghost scecured from Jordan, and
John was led by the ipicit inco, wildernels,
30342 Being ferry days tempted of the
Heb. devit, and in those days, he did eat
4.15 nothing and when they were ended,
Gen. he afterward chungred. food safent, fave unre Sarepta a city of Siden, 7:46.
22.123 And thedevil faid unto him, If unto a woman that was a widow shitale :
Mat. thon be the Son of God command 37. And many diepers were in Ifrael in 504
21-18. this tone that it be made bread, the time of Elifeus the propher and Jame
4 And Jefus answered him, faying, none other wass cleansed,aving 17.
46. It is a written, That man fhalledive Naaman the Syrian.
Luke by bread alone, but by every wordof 28 And all they in the fynagogue,6.
3.22. God.
when they heard thefe things werea Mas
e filled with wrath, grey feed 13, 5% •

Dent And the devil taking him up into


S3 an high mountain, fhewed unro biravo Androféup, and chruft him out John? Eph. all the kingdoms of the world in a mo- of the city, led him unto the fbrow.44. 617 ment of time. 1 of the hill (wherep their clay wash King 1. Joh. Andthe devil faid unto him, 44 built that they might cale im17-9 2016. Shis payer will give thee, and the down headlong. 2Tim, glory, of them; for that is delivered. 4.10. unto me, and to whomioever I wil, John I give it. 8-447chou therefore wile worthip me, Like all hall bethine. S.32


go But he palling through the g midhc Kin at them wint hisways at DES 8.57.1 31.And came down to Capernaum, Jan a city of Galilee, and caught them. 17! Won the fabbath days and is much dzKin. 8 Art Jefus answered and faid unto 32:And they were akonished at his2, 14 him, Get thee behind me, Satan : for doctrine for his word was with ' plo-r Acts ce it is written," "Thou shale worhip the, werks bay ba Dinets aswad 102 3022-fag. Rev. LORD thy God, and him only 33 And in the fynagogue these waif Gen. 19. 10. halt thou ferve. Mart 9 And be brought him to Jerufa & Joh.7.39. Pfal.3 1.15. Joh. 19% 10.11. 4.10, lem, and let him on a pinacle of the an S. 55. b Mat. 7.-5. Acts 26.29.Izak 33.32. Cor.2.4. Amat7lag.


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