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S. Mark.






Zebedees childrens requefto Chrift rideth into Jerufalem. father or mother, or wife, or children,452 And Jefusfaid unto him, Gothy Luk. 18-29.orlands for me fake or the gospels, way thy Taich hath made thee whode: 8. 2,3.. 30 But he hall receive an hundred and immediarely he received his and 5.11. fold b now in this time houfes & bre- fight, and b followed Jefus in the way. 19. 48. biti. thren, and filters, andtuchers & chil 6.6. dren and lands with perfecucions; Chrißrideth with triumph into Jera- Pr116 Pfalm and in the world to come eternal life. falem 5 pingeth the temple. 37. 16.1: and many that prefirft, fhall be ANd when they came nigh co1JeruJob Bethphage Betha-Mat. 42. 10. 32 And they were in the way going ny, at the mount of lives, he 21. 1. i Mar. up to Jerufalem and k Jefus went fendeth forth two of his difciples, Luxe before them, and they were amazed, And faith unto them, Go your way 19, 29. 1,20. and as they followed, they were a into the villageover against you, and b Mac. RPG1. fraid: and he took again the twelve, as foon as ye be entred into it, ye 11.2. 40. 12. and began to tell them what things hall find a colt tied,whereon never cjuds 1 Pet. fhould happen into him. I man fat, loofe him and bring him. 10.4. 221 33 Saying, Behold, mwe go up to 3 And if any manfay unto you, Why and John Jerufalem and the Son of man fhall he do ye this? fay yesthat the Lord hath 12. 14 11.9. delivered unto the chief priests, and d need of him, and fraightway he & Luke Ma. Unto the Scribes:and they fhall con- e will fend him hither. 20. 18. den him to death, and fhall deliver 4 And they went their way, and 25, 26. 77 John him to the Gentiles found the cofttied by the door with-Phil. 18. 33. 34 Andthey hallo mock him, and out, int a place where two ways met: 4. 8. Acts fball fcourge him, and fhall fpit up and they loofe him εἶπον· 36. on him and thall kill him, and the And certain of them that flood 12. 17. Ifal. third day he thall rifeagain. there faid unto them, What do ye 1 Thef 3.3. 35 And James and John the fons loafing the colt? vital 5.22 Falm of Zebedee come nno him, saying, GAnd theyfaid untothem even asjefusor. 2217. Mafter we would that thou shouldit had commanded: andtheylet them go in the Mar. do for us whatfoever we fhall defire. P And they brought the cots to Je- meet20. 20. 36. And he faid unto them What fus, and caft their garments on him, ing of Mat. would ye that I should do for you? and he fat upon him. Ar A ·31000 10. 28. 37. They faid unto him, Grant unto 8And many bfpread their garments in ways. and us that we may gftione on thy right the way & others cut down branches Mate 18.1.band, and the other on thy letthandy of the trees, & ftrawed them in way. 21.1.2 2 Pet. In thy glory.



And they that went before, and bakin they chat followed, k tried, faying. 9.13.Hofanna, bleffed is he that cometh in Joha the name of the LORD. 12. 13. ro /Bleffed be them kingdom of our Lev. Father David that cometh in name 23.40. off LOR Hofanna in the higheft. k Neh


38 But Jefus faid unto chiem, Ye know Luke not what ye ask: can ye drink of the 19. 12. cup that I drink of? & be baptized w John the baptifmthat I am bapeized with? 18. 11. 30 And they faid unto him, Wecan, Pfalm And Jefus faid unto them, Ye shall 75.8. indeed drink of the cup that I drink And Jefus entred into Jerufalem, S. 15. f Acts of and with the baptifm that I am and into the temples and when he had 1 King baptized withal, hall ye be baptized. z looked round about upon all things, 1.39) Rev. 40 But to fit on my right hand and & now the eventide was come, he went/ Luke 1. 9. on my lefthand, is not mine to give, our unto Bethany with thetwelve.12.14 #Mat.: but it shall be given to them for And on the morrow when they Zech. 25.194. whom fris prepared. were come from Bechany he waso an 4-7. Rov. 41 And when the ten heard it,they hungry, che p m Luke 3.2. began to be much x difpleafed with 13 And feeing a fig-tree afar off 1.32.3 Prov. James and John. Bra having leave, he came ithaply the Palm; 13.10.41ButJefus called them to him,&faith might find anything thereon & when 2.6.. Mat. unto them,Ye know thatthey are ac he came to it, he found nothing but Mar. 20. 24. counted to yrule over yGentiles,exer- p leavss for time of figs was not yet. 22. 11 Luke cife lordiliig over them;& their great 14 And Jefus anfwered and faid untoRev. 2.253. Ones exercile authority upon theme it Nomaneat fruirof a chee hereafter2, 2,4 Rev. 43 Bat fo fhall it notbe among you: for ever. And his difciples heart ro Mate 13. Bat whofoever will be great among And they come to Jerufalem, 4, 2 16, 17. you, thanbe yourminifter: and Jefus went into the temple, and Hebr. Pet 44 And whofoever of you will be the began to caft our them that told and +. 15. 3.1.chiefelt mai be a fervantofalls bought in the temple and overthrew Mar. 2.Cor. 45For even the Son of man'caite not to the tables of the money-changers, and 157. 4,5.be miniftred unto, burto minifter, & the feats of them that fold doves2 Tim. 41Cor. to give his life a ranilem for many. ro And would not funfer that any 3.5. 9. 19. 48 And they came to Jericho and as man fhould carry any veffel through Luke 11er. he wene put of Jericho with his dif the temple. fate Beckie 19, 42. 5.3. ciples, and a great number of people; And taught, faying unto them, Hebr. Ti..blind Barthneus the fen of Timeus, it nor zaritten, My houfe fhall be 12.17. 2.6. fat by the high-way fidee begging called of all nations houfe of prayer?r Mac.. Tit. 47 And when he heard that it was but ye have made it a den of thieves. 21. 12, 2. 14. Jefus of Nazareth, he began to cry 18 And the u fcribes and chief priests John Cor. out, and fay, Jefus thou fon of David heard it, and fought how they might, 15. 5.21. have merry on me.VER A deftroy him for shey feared him, be-1 fi • Alts And many charged him that he caufe all the people was aftonifhed at 6. 10. 3.2. fhould hold his peace: But he cried his doctrine. Luke Mar. the more a great deal, The Son of so And when even was come, he 20. 47. 20. 29. David, have mercy on me, so went out of the city. Quic Ats 4 Mac. 49 And Jefusf food ill, and coms ao And in the morning,asthey paf-19 25. 2423.manded him to be called and theytall by y they faw the fig treef dried up 1 King Rom the blind man faying unto him, Be of from thecoots whaddox 25 13.2.

1.3. good comfort, rifes he calleth thee. 21 And Peter calling to remem- lal
Mat. So And he grafting away his garment, brance faith unto him, Matter, be-56.7.
19.19 role, and cameru jefirs.
hold, the fig tree which thou curf- Jer.
eft, is withered away.

falm 51 And Jefus answered and said -7.11, 5.2.uso him, What wilt thou that I do a And Jefus antwering faith unco Mate and unto thee? The blind man faid unto them, Have faith in God. 12. 14 forum, LORD,that tight receive mylarins Q TOO sthebighe

23 For Joha Pfalm 46.8 and Boma.20.


Rabboni. John 20. 16.

7.48. Mat. 14.5.
215.26 10 2Kini də işə ə

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The parable of the vineyard. Tribute dal to Cefai Jam. 33 For verily I lay unto you; chat. And they fought to lay held on whosoever shall fay unto this moun- him, buefeated the people for they Hebr. tain, Bethou removed, and be thon knew that he had fpoken the parable Rom. IT. 6. caft into the fea, and tha 6 not denbt againft them and they left him, and 2.155. aTim C1Joh. in his heart, but fhall believe that went their way. 5.15. those things he faith, fhall coine to 13 And they fent unto him cet- 4.3. Mat. pafshe fhall have whatfoever he faith, tain of the Pharifees, and ofthe Hero Hab 7-7- 24. Therefore I fay unto you, What dians, to o catch him in hiswords. Jer. things foever ye defire when ye pray, 14 And when they were come, they 1.15. 15. 1. believe that ye receive them, and ye fay unto him, Matter, we know that Jer. Jób hall have them. withou art true, and careft for no man 18. 19. 30. 20. 25 And when ye dftand praying, for- for thou regardeft nor the perion of Pfal. Mat Rive, fye have ought against any men bat ceatheft the way of God in 12.2. 6.14 that your Fatherallo which is in hea- truth is it lawful to give tribute Jer Mar. ven may forgive you your trefpaffes. to Cefar, or not? 1-19.3. 18. 35. 16But if you do not forgive,neither 15 Shall we give, or hall we not giJam will your Father which is in heaven, veBurhe knowing their bypocrifie q Mass. 2. 13. forgive your trefpaffes. W faid unto them, Why tempt ye me? 9.4. & Mat. 27 And they come again to Je- bring me a peny that may see it. John 21. 23. rufalem,& as he was gwalking in the 16 And they brought it and he 1.24. bver. temple; there come to him the chief faith unto them, Whole is this image Hebre 14. prielts, and the Scribes and the elders, and fuperfcription? And they Tard 4,13. John 18 And fay unto him, bBy what au- unto him, Cefars.



10. 25.thority doft thou thefe things? and 17 AndJefus anfwering, faid unto Heb. who gave thee this authority to do them, Render to Celar & things that Rom î thefe are Cefars and to God the things y 13.7. i Mat. 29 And Jefus anfwered and faid unto are Gods. And they marvelled at him. 10. 16. them; I will alfo I ask you one quef-13Then come unto him the Sad-Mat. Pfalmion, & anfwer me,and I will tell you duces which fay there is no refurre 3.7 112. 5. by what authority do chefe things. tion,& they asked him faying. k.Mar. The baptifm of John, was it 19 Mafter Moles wrote unto us, from heaven, or of men? anfwer me. If a mans brocher die, and leave his Afts 31 And they reafoned with themfelvs, wife behind him, and leave no chil19.3. faying,if we fhall fay, From heaven, dren,that his brother thould take his Mát. he will fay Why then did ye net wife, and taife up feed unto this bro-t Deut.


16.7. I believe him? and


v 25, 6t 32 But if we hall fay, Of men, they 20 Now there were feven brethren, and 11. 18. m feared people: for all men counted and the first cook a wife and dying, 9.14. mLake John, that he was a prophet indeed no Hоf. 20.6. 33 And they answered and faid unto 11 And the fecond took her, and 4.6. Pfal. Jelus, We cannot tell. AndJefus and died,neither left he any feed,and the Pfalm 2. 16. fwering faith unto them, Neither do third likewife. Job


I tell you by what authority I do 22 And the feven had her, and left no 105. 5. 13. thefe things feel laft of all the woman died alfo, 2 Pet. • Prov.26.4. MADE HONO 23 In the refurrection therefore,when 1.19. CHAP. XII. 44 they hall rife,whofe wife thall he be 1. Tim. The parable of the vineyard. 13 Of of them? forthe feven had her to wife...Z. the paying tribute. 18 of the refur rection, i The poor widows mites Nd he began to peak unto themby

24 And Jefus anfvering faid unto Phil them, Do yenotcherefore ear, becaule 3.21. ye knav not the fcriptures, neither Luke 1.37.

& Mar, man


ZI. 33.

2. I.

Neh. a vineyard,& fet an hedge about it, and 25 For when they hallrife from the ICor. 8.4. digged a place for the wine-fat, and dead, they neither y matry, nor are 7.38 Ezek. builtab tower, and let it due to hus- given in marriage; but are as the Phil 3.17. handmen, and went into a far countrey. angels which are in heaven. 3.21. Hab. And at the feafon he fent to the 16 And as touching the dead, that 1 Cor. husbandmen a fervant, that he might they rife; have yea not read in book 73.35Plaim receive from the husbandmen of the of Moles, hoy in the bush God pake 1 John unto him faying, I am the God ofA-3.2. hraham, and the God of Ifaac,and the 4 Mat. God of Jacob? 12.5. 27 He is not the God of the dead, Eph. but the God of the living ye there- 6.17. bExod. fore do greatly err

fruit of the vineyard.

1.3. Ifai. 5.4. 1 Cor.

3 And they caught him,ande beat him, andtent him away empty 4 Andagain he fent unto them ano11.25. ther fervant; and at him they call flfal. ftones, & wounded him in the head,& 5.4. fent im away, refent fasother, and


and having heard them reafoningre- Mara 28 add one of the Scribes came, 3.6.

21. 21. himthey killed and many others; beat- gether and perceiving that he led 22-32. Luke ing fome, and killing fome. anfwered them well, asked him, Heb 13.34 Having therefore yet onefon, his John wel-beloved, he fent him alfolaft un3.16 to them, fayings They will reverence Mat.. my gfon 3.17. 7But thofe husband men faid among Plaim themfelvs, This tithe bheir core God with all thine heart, & with all Epla 2.12. keus kill him, and the inheritance thy foul andwith all thy mind, and 4-5. Heb. Thallbe ours. with all thy ftrength: this Is the Luke v1.2.. And they took him, and killed him, commandement. TO. 277 John 12: 42.

is theart commandmentof all? 11.16. 29 And Jefus answered him, The art d Mat. of all the commandments Hear, 22. 35Ifrael LORD ourGod is oneLord: Dent. 30 Andthon fhalt love the LORD thy 6.5.


vineyard and can outofthe Lord of this Thou fait love thy neighbour 22. 37.

And the fecond like amely

Rom. theeyard de he will come and de- as thy felt there is none other com- & Lor
2.35 froy the husbandmen, and will give mandmentgreater than thefe..
Heb. the vineyard unto others.

12. ro And have ye not heard this fcrip.
adar. gure. The one which the builders re-,
21. 39. Jected, is become y head of Corner.
k Mat This was the Lords
our eyes

8. 11. felis min arvel



RO. 11.

19, 20. Matt.21.4


19. 279

31 And thefcribefaid unto him,Well Rom. Mafter, thou haft laid the truth for 11.9. there is one God and thereis none 1 John atlierbut he 38236 And to love him with all the Gal heart. and with the underfan- 5:146 and with all foul, and with 1 Ti ad to love is Me Brength



The deftration of the temple.

S. Mark.



11Butwhenthey fhall lead you, and 23. 13. deliver you up,take no thought m be- Pfalm fore-hand what ye fhall fpeak,neither 19.4 de ye premeditace: but whatfoever Col. hall be given you in that hour, that 1.6. speak ye: for it is not ye chatfpeak, Luk, but the holy Ghoft. 21. 14 11 Now the brother fhall betray the Dan brother to death, and the father the 3.16.

fen; and children fhall rife up again Ad their parents, and fhall caule them to 4-1% be put to death.



15am neighbour as himself, is more than 10 And the gefpel mult firft be pubThe perfection for the Gol 1528 all whole burnt-offerings & facrifices. lifhed among all nations. Hof 3 34 And when Jefusfäwebat he an 667fwered difcreetly, he faid unto him, er Thou art not far from the kingdom Mat: cask him any queftion. of God. And no man after that durft 23.335 And Jefus answered and faid Cor while he taught in the templey How Slay the fcribes that Christ is the k. Gal, Son of David? 3236 For David himself faid by the Matm holy Ghoft, The LORD laid tu my 22 Lord,Sit thou on my right hand,till m2 l'e. I-makethine enemies thy footffool. 13 And ye fhall be hated of o all men 10. 21. Alts David therefore himfelt cal for my names fake: but he that fhall Mich 10.33. leth him Lord, and whence is he endure unto the end, the fame fhall 7.4 I Thef then his fon and the common peo be faved. Phil. 2,11. ple eardhim ogladly. 14 But when ye thall fee the 2.21. Pfal. And he faid unto them in his abomination of defolation, spoken of Pfalm 110, 1.octrine, Beware of fcribes,which by Daniel f prophet, ftanding where $3. Mat. love to go in long clothing, and love it ought not, (lethim that readeth, 3.4.7 13. 20. falutations in the market places, understand) then let them that be Luke John 39 And the chief feats in the fy- in Judea,flee to the mountains: 21. 17. 3.35. nagogues, and the uppermost rovins 15 And let him that is on the houfe? Dan. ? Mar. at feafts: 1.2MM brka 4 this top,not go down into the houfe,neither 9.27. 23-5-40 Which devour widows houses, enter therein, gto take any thing out and Par. and for a pretence make long prayers: of his houfe, 3.2. thefe thall receive greaterdamnation. 16 And let him, that is in the 9 Luke Sam 41 And Jefus fat over against the field,not turn back again for to take 21. 22 15.30.treasury, & beheld how the people up his garment. r Lune caft money into the treafury and 17 But wo to them that are with 6. 17. 147 many that were rich caft in much child and to them that give fuck Mat. Mar. 42. And there came a certain poor in thofe days. 6.19% 23 14 widow, and fhe threw in x two mites, 15. And pray ye that your fight be and Kin which make a farthing. not in the winters 24. 19 22. 43 And he called unto him his di- 19 For in thofe days fhall be affi- Luke *Rev fiples, and faith unto them, Verily tion, fuch as was not from the be- 21.29 2.2. I lay unto you, that this poor widow ginning of the creation & God created, pan, Luke hath caft y more in them all they unto this time, neither habe. 9.1 21.2. which have caft into the treasury. 20 And excepttharthe Lord had hort- Amos. 2 Cor. 44 For all they did caft in of theirened thofe days, no defh fhould be fa- 3.2. 8.12. abundance but the of her want did ved: but for the elects fake, whom he and y Gen. cat in all that he had, even all herhath chofen, he hath thortned days. 5.20 4.4. Living. SKI 21 And then it any man fhall fay 12 Th te you, Lo, here is Chrift, or lo, he 2.1,2 is there believe him not.. #2 Th. 22 For falfe Chrifts, and falfe pro- 2.9. pacts hall arife, and fhall fhew fins RCT. and wonder to feduce, if it were poli- 13-13.

12. I.

i Tim



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• Chrift foreseblesh the temple de Bruction. 9. The perfection for the gospel. Luke ANd as he went out ofthe temple, 23 Burtake ye heed: behold, I have 7.22. Jobn 21.5. one of his difciples faith unto foretold you allthings. Luke him, Mafter, fee what manner 4 of 24 But in y chofe days, after that 16.1. 19. 44. ftones, and what buildings are here. tribulation, the fun fhall be darkned, 2 The Jer. a AndJefus answering faid unto and the moon fhall norgive herlight. 2.1, 10. him,Seeft chou thefe great buildings? And the tarsofheaven thall tall. Rev. Mat. there fhall not be left one tone upon all be fhaken. and the powers that are in heaven 11.2. 2 Heb. 10. 01. another,& fhall not be bthrown down. 3.And as he fat upon the mount of 26 And then fhall they a fee the Sen 12. man 26, 27. great power and glory..


4 Rev. 17 Andthen thall he & fend his an- 7. gels, and fhall gather together his Acts

16, 17. cer, and Jamesfant John,and Andrew d Mat. asked him & privately: 23 38 4 Tellus, When fhall thefethings be? Acts and what shall be the e figm when alllect from the four winds, from the 1.9. utrermoft part of the earth to the ut-Cor. termoft part of haven.

1.11. and

thefethings fhallbe fulfilled?

15. And Jefus anfvering them,egan 3.21. to lay, take heed left any manf de-tres. When her branch is yet tender, 18 Now learn a parable of the fig. 1 i Thef TTI. ceive you." 4.1. 6 For many hall come g in my fummer is near: and putteth fortis leavs, ye know that 16. 2 Pet name, faying, Tam Christ: and fhall 2.2.3. deceive many. Ats And when ye thall hear of wars,and know that it isnigh,even at the doors. 5.36. rumors of wars, be ye b not troubled:30 Verily Ifay unto you, that this fal for fuch thing mat needs be, but the generation fhall not pass, tillall chele 46.2.3. end ball not be yet.

Hebro 1.6.

20 So ye in like manner, when ye fhall fee thefe things came to pals,




Róm. 8 For nation fhall rise againft na- eaven and earth fhall pass away: fa 8.28. tion, and kingdom againft kingdom: but my words fhall not pass away. Ia: and there fhall be earthquakes in di8.12. vets places, and there thall be fa- knoweth no man, no noc the angels John 32 But of thar day and that nour 2 Acts mines, and troubles: thefe are the be- which are in heaven, neither the 2. 17 11. 28. ginnings offorrows. Son, but the Father. Rev. Rom


But take heed to yourfelvs: for 33 Takeye heed, watch 15. 25. they hall k deliver you up to court-yetor know notwhenthetimeis. andpray? 5.5.7. Rev. cels and in the fynagogues ye shall 6.5.6. be beaten, an ye thall be brought be taking a far journey, who left his Lake 34 For the Son of man is as a man 24: 42 Mat. fore rulers and kings for my fake, for boufe, and gave authority to his fer10. 14. 2 teftimony against them. Acts vants,and to every man his work, and 12,13 commanded the porter to warch

2. and 120 1. John 16.2.


35 Watch.10.


Chap. xle A vonspiracy against Christ. The difcipter Five: 8 Mat. 35 Watch ye therefore (for ye knew man by whom the Son of man be 16. 18. not when inafter off house com trayed: good were it for that man Hebr. ethteven,or at midnight,ot at the if he had never been born. 3.6. cock-crowing, or in the morning) Th. 36 Left coming♪ suddenly, he ɓnd 4.3. you fleeping. 37 And what I fay unto you, I lay 16. 15. unto all Watch Mar. 31.13.

31 And as they did eat,Jefus took bread, and y bleffed, and brake it, and 1.4 gave to them, and Take, eat : this is my body..





Mat, confpiracy against chrif. 3 Oint 15. 1. mens poured on his head.

Feer two days,



before Rom. 314




Gen. 4.4.

13 Andie cook the cup, and when he Cor. hat given thanks, he gave it to 15. 16. them and they all drank of it. 4 Mit 14 An he faid unco them. This is 1.21. my loolof the new teftament, which al Apalcover and of unleavenedbread: 15 Verily Ifay unto you, I will drinkat. 48 and the chief priests n the Scribes no more of the fruit of the vine until 25. 10. foughthew they might take him by that day that I drink it new in the Lake bkingdom of God. 6 craft, and put him to death. 16 And when they had fung an john But they fald, not on the feaft-day, Mat. left there be an uproar of the people hymn,they went out into the mount 10% 15% And being in Bethany, in the of Olives. 4 John houfe of Simon the leper, as he fat 27 And Jefus faith unto them, All 21. 13. 12.4. at meat, there came a woman, having dye thall be off ted becaufe of me a job an alabafter box of ointment of fpike this night: for it is written, I wil 16. 32. nard, very precious, and the brake fmite the thepherd, and the theep fhall Mat. John the tex, and poured it on his head. be fcattered. 13.44 Andthere were fome & had indigna Mattion wich in themfeles,and faid, Why go before you into Galilee. 26.8. was this waste of the sintment made But Peter faid unto him, Although fjer. Johns or it might have been fold for all thall be offended, yet f will notl. 10. 13. 11. 6. more than three hundred pence, and 30 And Jefus faith unto him, Ve- Phil 1 Tim. have been given to the poor and rily I fay unto the that this day, 4.13. 4.2. they murmured against her even in this night, before the cockjohn AndJefusfaid Let her alone. Why crow twice, thou hale deny me thrice 3.38. & Heb. 13. 16. trouble you her ? the hath wrought a 31 Buthe (pake the more vehemently. Gen. Ir fhould die with thee, I will not 22.5. Prov.ng good work on me. 31.8. 7 For ye have the poor with you bal deny thee in any wife. Likewife alfo Mat. Deut. ways,& whenfoever ye will,ye may do faid they all. 15. 11. chem good:but meyehave not always. 31 And they came to a place which Mat. Mat. She hath done what the could he was named Gethlemani,and he faith 10. 35. 25.34. is come aforehand to anoint my body to his difciples, b Sit ye here, while Gal + Gr. to the burying. I shall pray. That 9 Verily fay unto you, Wherefoever 33 Anthe taketh with him fPeter, al the bad this gospel fhall be preached through- andJames, and John, and began to be out the

18 But after that I am erifen, Iwill Rome



2. 42. the hath done thall be fpoken of, for Prov. a memorial of her.

31. 31. to And Judas Ifcariot, one of the Kuth twelve, k went unto the chief priests 4.11. to betray him unto them.

Rev 3.1

34 And faith unto them, My foul
is exceeting kforrowful unto death mR
tarry ye here, and watch.


Job. And when they heard it, they 2.19. were glad, & promife to give him from him. Pfalm money. And he fought bow he might 41.9. conveniently, betray him.


Я ver.

Rem. 12 And the first day of unleavened 1.32. breat, when they killed the paleover, Sam. his 23. wilt thou that we go and prepare 20, 21. that thou mayeft eat the paffeover

35 And he went forward a little,and Ga fell on the ground, and prayed, that if 4.6. it were po fible the hour might pals Eph. 36 Anthefaid,m Abba,Father, All elsings are poffible unto thee,take a way this cup frem me : nevertheless Luke not what I will, ue what thou wilt. 22. fe 37 An he them n leeping, and faith unto Peter, 12.5. Simon, fleepest thou? couldst thou hot Ephe watch one hour? 6.18 380 Watch ye and pray left ye enter Mat into temptation: the fpirit truly is 26. 41 ready but the flesh is weak. 1 Hebe.


30 And again he went away, and prayed, and fpake the fame words. 40 And when he returned, he found them were heavy neither wift they what 5.11.



Mat. 13 And hefen leth forth two of his 16. difciples, and faith unto them, Goye 17, 20. into the city, & there hall meet you Luke a man bearing apitcher of water fol22.7. low him. Deut. 14 And wherefoever he thall go in, 16.5 fay ye ro the good man of the houfe, 12.6. chamber,wherel fhall eat the paleoLev to anfwerhim, grghe SRAUTH ver with my difciplesh 23.5.35 And he will thew you a large up- 41 And he cometh the third time, Exod.per room, furnished and prepared there and faith unto them,Sleep on now and 3.13. T Mat 12. 11. make ready for us. take your reft:it is enough, the hour Lev. 16. And hisdifciples went forth, and is come, behold, the Son of man is 20. 19. 23. 5. came into the city, and found as he betrayed into the hamls of 7 hinners. Gal Luke had faid unto them: and they made 42 Rife up, let us go; les 22. 21. ready the paffeorer. betrayeth me is achan. 19 that Joha And in the evening he comesh And Immediately, while he yer 14.310. one of ver 13. 19. with the twelve. Mat. And arthey fat,and dideat,Jefus and with him a great multitude 37.40. 2.15. faid, Verily ffay unco you one of with fwords and flaves, from the chief Prov. John you & eateth with me,fall betray me. priests,and the Scribes,and the elders. 416. 13. 21. 19And they began to be forrowful, And he that betrayed him, had Judg. John and to fay fanto him, Is given themaroken, faying, Whom 16. 20. † Gr.

2. 15. Joha

2.23.it I? and another fald foever I fhall kifs,that fame is he;

Rabbl and 20 And he anfivered and faid unto takew him; & lead him awayfafely. 27. 17. them, It is one of the twelve that 4 And as foon as he was come,he Rabbi, Pfalmr dippeth with me in the dish.goeth ftraightway to him and faith, Mar. 41.9. 21 The Son of man indeed goeth, as Matter, mafter and kiffed him and It is written of him:bur xwo to that 46 And they laid their hands on him, and took him. 55. 14 47. And Luke 24.25, 8 hât; 2, 13, and 4 28.

26. 49 John 19. 12

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er 35




S. Mark.



≈ 22.52.

to take me?



Christ crucified. 47 And one of them that food by a CHAP. XV. very drew a fword, and fmote a fervant Iefus is brough bound before Pilase. 7 of the his ear. & 43 AndJefus anfwered and faid unto the b chief priests held a confulta-4. 16. them, Are ye come out as again!tz, a tion with the elders and Scribes,ando Mac. Luke chief, with fword, and with itaves, the whole councel, and bound, Jefus, 2.4. and carried him away,and deliverede John 4 Luke I was daily with you in the tem- him to Pilare. ple,reaching, and ye took me not: bar2 And Pilate asked him, Art thou 1 Tim. 25, 26.4 the fcriptures muft be fulfilled. the king of the Jews? And he answer-6.13. Ifai. So Andthey all forfook him,& fed. ing faid unto him, c Thou fayelt it. d Ifai. 53. 10. 51 And there followed him a certain, 3 And the chief prieft accufed 53.7. Plan young man having a linen cloth cat him of many things: but he answered Mat. 22.7. about his naked body, and the young by.30. men claid hold on him. 2 Tim. 52 And he d left the linen cloth, and 1.15. fedfromthemnaked. Cv.69) $3 And they led Jefus away to the highprieft,and with him 22: 32 ders, and the Scribes. 2.King bled all the chief priests, and the elGen. 39. 12. 54 And Peter followed him fafar off, defired. Acts even into the palace of the highprieft: 7 And there was one named Barabbas, g Mat 8. 32. and heg fat with the fervants, and which lay bound with them that had 15.6. at made inlurrection with him, who had John 55 And the chief priests, & all coun- committed & murther in the infurre- 9.6. 18. 16. celb fought for winef, again Jefus, ction. bikin, to put him to death, and found none. 8 And the multitude crying aloud, 3.14. 21. 10. $6 For many bare falfe witnefs a- began to defite bem to do as he had John Pet. gainft him, but their witnefs agreed ever done unto them. IS. 40. 3.16. not together. 9 But Pilate answered the rn, fay- i Rom. Dan. ing, Willye that I releafe unto you 2.15. the king of the Jews? Jam. 10(For the knew that the chief priests 4:17. had delivered him for k envy.) Luke

7.6. 4AndPilate asked him e again faying, Mat. Anfwereft thou nothing? behold how 27: 13. many things they witnefs against thee. John 5 But Jefus yet anfwered nothing; 18.33. fo f Malm 6 Now at that leaft he releafed unto 39.1,2. them one prifoner,g whomfoever they and

38. 15.


1 But the chief priests moved the 12. 47. people, that he fhould rather releafe kiJoh. Barabbas unto them. 3.12.

57 And there arofecertain, & bare falle witnefs against him, faying, John 8 We heard him fay, I will deltroy 2. 19. this temple that is made with Act. 6. hants, and within three days I will 13, 14, build another made without hands. Mat. 59 But neither fo did their witnefs 7.6. agree together. AnPilate antwered &faidagain un- / Pfalm Ifai. 60 And the high priest tood up in to them, What will ye then 1 Thall do 22. 12. 53.7. the midft,and asked Jefus,faying,An- unto him whom ye call king of Jews? John Kev. fwerelt thou nothing? What is it 13 Andm they cried out again, Cru- 7.3. m Mac. Eph. 31 But he held his peace, and an- 14 Then Pilate faid unto them, Why, 21.9. 1.20. fwered nothing.Again the high prieft what evilhath he done?& they cried n Dan. Mat. asked him, and faid unto him, Art out ý more exceedingly, Crucifehim. 6.14. 26. 64. thou the Chrift,the Son of the bleffed? Is And fo Pilate willing to o con- Pfalm #2Kin. 62 AndJefus faid, I am; and ye fhall tent the people,releafed Barabbas un- 11 18. 37.m fee the Son of man fitting on the to them: and delivered Jefus, when he Acts Lev. right hand of power, and coming had fcourged him,to be crucified.. 21. 10. in the clouds of heaven. 16 And the fouldiers led him away Exod. into the hall, called Pretorium and 18. 2 they call together the whole ad. Prove


which thefe witness



Mat. 63 Then the highprieft n rent his 9.34. clothes, and faith, What need we any Acts furtherwitneffes?

24.5.6. 64 Ye have heard the o blafphemy, Lev. what think ye? And they all condem24. 16.ned him to bep guilty of death.

17 And they clothed him with pur- 29. 12. ple, and platted a crown of Elors, Phil and put it about his head,


18 And began to falute him, Hail Job king of the Jews..


Judg. 65 And fome began to fpit on him, 16. 25.and to cover his face, and to buffet Mat. him, and to fay unto him,q Prophefie: 26.67 and the fervants did ftrike him with Jer. the palms oftheir hands. 12.5.66 And as Peter was beneath in John the palace, there cometh one of the 15 16 maids of the highprieft. Luke And when the faw/Peterwarming 22. 55.hamfelf, he looked upon him, & faid, v. 31. and thou alfo waftw Jelusot Nazareth. Of the countrey, the father of Al-S.32. Jer. 68. But liet denied,laying, I know alert and Rufus to bear his cross. And 17.9. not neither underland I what thou Mat. Tayelt. And he went out into the porch, 4. S. andthe cock crew.

19 Ant they fmote him on the head 1 Cor. with a reed,and did pit upon laim, & 4.9. towing their knees,worthipped him. Gen. 20 And when they had mocked him, 41.43 they took off the purple from him, Mar. and put his own clothes on him an 1. 40, led him out to crucife him. 21 And they compel one Simon a 10. 17, Cyrenian, who paded by, com fout(Ads


15. 13.1.

And they bring him to the 23, 32 place Golgotha, which is being in- Rom. terpreted, the place of a skull. 13 And they gave him to trink wine Mat. mingled with myrrhe: buthe recei- 10. 24. 24 And when they had crucified him, 27. 32. they zparted his garments,cafting 10s Num upon them, what everyman fhoul & take 10. 25. And it was the third hour and Heir.. they crucified him.

yed it not.


acculation was written over
16 And che a fuperfcription of isy Pfal.
thievs, the one on his right hand John
27 And with him
and on

THE 69, 22.

45 And the cfcripture was fulfilled & Jon

which 1.50

Deut. 23.5. Lukeg. 24. 11. 53. 12.

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