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9. unto


Chrit seacheshthe people St! Lukei Healesh one Fak of the pilße. Mar man had a spirit of an angle.n the fons of Zebedee which were 23 devil, and cried out with a loud voice, parmers with Simon. And Jefus faid 34 Saying, Let us alone, what have unte Simen, Fear not, from hence we to do with thee, shou Jefus of Na forth thou shalt catch men. MR. Zareth art thou come to leftroy us 11 And when they had brought 347. John I know thee who thou art, the holy their hips to land, they k forfook alla Tim. To, 35. One of God. and him, £7RN Lake 35 AndJefus rebuked him, faying, #12 F And te came to pafs when he Mat 2,26. 1. 35. m Holdchy peace, and come out of was in a certain city behold a man 4. 20. mAct. him. And when the devil had thrown full of teprofie who deeing Jefus Pfal. 16. 18. him in the midft he came out of him, fell on his race and befought him, 79.70. Palm and hurt him sot. que cady r faying, Lord,ifthou wilt, thou canst 71. To. 16. 16 And they were all amazed and make me clean, 7 Mat Mar pake among themfelvs, faying, What 13 And he put forth his hand, and g. 2. 1. 25. Award is this? for with authority and m couched him, faying, Iwill be thou m Heb. Job power he comman terh the unclean fpi- clean and immediately the leprose 4. 15. and come out 10 from King 37 And the otame of him went out into 1 And he charged him to tell now Mat. 22. 21, every place of countrey round atexit. man: but go, and thew thy felfro the 11. 4. .22. 38 And hearofe outof the Syna- prieft, and offer for thy cleanfing, ac- John Son. gogue and entred intop Simons houfe: eording as Mofes commanded, or a 10. 37 1.3 and Simons 9 wives mother was taken teftimony unto them. Mar. with a great fever, and they befought 15 Buto fo much the more wentthere 6. 11. 1. 29. him for her. bbatum ay kado a fame abread ofhim, and great mul- Pro. Cor. 39 And he flood over her, and rebu- titudes came together to hear, and to 29. 23. 9. ked chefever, and it lefther. And im- be healed by him of their infirmities. Mat. Mar. mediately the arofe and miniftred 109 And he withdrew himselfinto 6. 6. and Luke MateNow, when the ffun wasfettings 17 And it came to pay on a certain' 6. 12. 8. 16. allcheythat had any fick with divers day, as he was teaching, that there and difeales, brought them unto him and were Paarifees, & doctors of the law 15. 28. he laid his hands on every one of fitting by which were come out of qv. 15. them, and healed them. every town of Galilee, and Judea, Mar. Jam. 41 And devils alio came out of many, and Jerufalem and the uwer or the 2.3. 19. crying out and faying Thou art LORD was pref ne to heal them. Thef Mar. Chrift the Son of God. And he re- 18 And tehold men brought in a 1.3. 124 buking them, fuffered them not re bed a man which was taken with a Gal. Mat. fpeak for they knew he was Chrift palfterand chey fought means to bring 1.6 8-34 41 And when it was day, he departe, him in, and to lay him before him. Jam. 2 Ti and went into a defart place, and the 19 And when they could not find 2. 18. Aas people fought him, and came unto by what way they might bring him/ Mar. him, and stayed him,that he should in because of the multitude, they 24 10. 38. not depart from them.13475 38 went upon the house top, and let Cor Kai. 43 And he faid unto them, I must him down through the tiling with his 13 71 56.10.x preach the kingdom of God to other cities alfo: for therefore am I fent. 1 Tim. 44 And he preached in the fyna gogues of Galilee,habang CHAP. Vow bib 28 And the Scribes and the Rharifees Rom. Chrift reachesh out of the flip. He began to reafon, faying Wheiss. If actranfeth the leper Keyboard chick which speaketh blafphemies? Lev. Mat. ANdit came to pass, that as the pen. Who can forgive fins but God alone! 24.11 ple preffed upon him to hear the 22 Bur perceived their fai and wordof God, he stood by the b lake of x thoughts, he antwering faid unce 3.25. 9. 36. Genefareth, them,What reafon ye in your hearts! 444 I Sam. 2 And faw two fhip, ftanding by the 23 Whether is cafer to lay, Thy hn. 14. 12. lake: but the fishermen were gone out be forgiven thee, or to fay, Rife up ab Acts of them, and were washing their nets. and walk?AA 139.2 16. 13.3 And he entred into one or the. 24 But that ye may know that the jer.. Mat fhips which wase Simons, and prayed Son of man hatby power upon earth to 20 4. 18. him that he would thruft out a little forgive fins (he faid unto the fick of Car and from the land: and he fat down and the palfie) I fay unto thee, Arife, 25.3. 13. 54. taught the people out of the hip and take up thy couch, and go into Heb. 4 Now when he had left fpeaking, thine houfe. WR 1.23 Luke he faidunco Simon, Lanch out into 25 And immediately he rose up Col. 1o 420. the deep and let down your sets for before them, and took up that whereJon a draught. Vedeon32 on he lay and departed to his own 21.3.45And Simon answering faid unto houfe, glorifying Gode Hag him, Mafter, we have toiled all the 26 And they were all amazed, and z Plab 1.-6. aight and have d taken nothing: they glorified God, and were Elled 103. Tal. nevertheless e at thy word I will let 4 with fear, faying, We have feen 2 AQS 127. I. down the net. frange things to day addon. Eccl.16 And when they had this done, they And after thefe things he went 11 9. 11. inclofed a great multitude of fishes; forth and faw a publican named Luke Jud. and their net brake. 7.16. Levi, fitting at the receipt of cuftom: 20.-21.7 And they beckned unto their and he faid unto him, Follow me. Gen. John Partners, which were in the other fhip, 28 And he left all, b role up, and 16. 17. that they should come & g help them, followed him. role uph Plaim Rom. And they came and filled both the 29 And Levi made him a great feaft Cor. 16. 3. hips fothat they began.co fink. in his own houfe: and there was a Phile. 8 When Simon Perer faw it, he fell great company ofpublicans, and off



couch, into the midit before Jefus. Mar. 40 And when he faw their faith, he 10. 27. faid unto him, Man, by fins are for- John given thee.



28, 18.

.81 Kl.

1. down at Jefus knees,fay ng, b Depart others that fate down with them. Phil. from me, for I am a fiaful man: O 30 But their, Scribes and Pharifees LORD, bows 901. murmured against his difciples, fay-4 Mat. For he was aftonifhed, and all that ins, d Why do ye eat and drink with 23. 23. 17. 18, werewith him, at the draught of the publicans and finners?. 24.fifhes which they had taken: 31 And Jefus anfwering, faid unto Lake Mar. 10: And fo was alfo James and John them, They that are e whole need not .8.4 Ial. a physcian: but they that are fick. 28 came

Job 42.5. Ifaj. 6. 1,5.


Of the aubah.

Chap: vi. frit. I came not to call the righteous, 14 Simon/whom he alfonamed Peter Joh Chits Naftish bio defciples. 2. 11. but finners to repentance. and Andrew his brother, James and 26 fifal.33 And they said unto him. Why Jahn, Filip and Bartholomew, 18. 34. do the difciples of John faft aften, and is Matthew and Thomas Jamesfento. 1. Judg and make prayers, and likewife the dif- of Alpben, and Simen calledZolores, Some 113. ciples of the Pharifees; but shine 16 And Judas sbr brother of James think b John at and drink? and Judas Iscariot, which alle wasthe the traitor.

3. 2.

34 And he faid uncochem Can ye 2 Cor. make the children of the bride 17 And he came down with them,is.${ 11. 2. chamber faft while the b bride-groom and flood in the plain, and the compa-riak Rev. is with them? ay of his difciples, and a great mul- e 21. 2. 35, Butthe days will come, when the titude of people out of all Judea adters 1 Mat. bride-groom fhall be taken away from Jerufalem and from the fea coat pia dr 17.23. them and then fhall they kaft in Tyre and Sidon, which came to hear fettion and thofe days. him,& to be healed of their difeafestor 25.20.36 And he spake alfo a paralle 13 And they that were vexed with turne Acts unto them,/ No man putteth a piece of unclean (pirits and they were healed-ing 13. 2. a new garment upon an old: it other-s9 And the whole multitude foughtback and. wife, then both the new maketh a rent, to touch him: for there weser vertuefor 14. 22. and the piece that was taken out of out of him and healed them all. wages 1 Cor. the new, agreeth not with the old. And he lifted up his eyes on Acts 15 7.5. And no man putteth new wine into his difciples, and faid, Bieffed be ye 18 19% Gen. old bottles effe the new wine will poor:for yours is kingdom of God.others 33. 13. burft the bottles, and be fpilled, and Bleed are ye that hunger now bag Mar. the bottles fhall perish, for ye fhall be filled. Bleffed are ye 439.433But new wine must be put into new that weep now for ye hall laugh. ferip John bottles, and both are preferved. 22 Bleffed are ye when men hall John 16.12. 39 No man alfo having drunk old hate you, and when they fhall x Sepa 12.16. Pfal.wine, ftraightway defitech new: for rate yourom their company,and fhall Mare 103 he faith, The old is better. reproach you, and caft out your name f. 36 13, 14. as evil, for the Son of mans fake, fai Touching the ears of corn that were for joy for behold, your reward iz Mar. 3 Rejoyce ye in that day, and leap 66.2 plucked by the difciples on the jab- great in heaven: for in the like man-5. 6. bath 4 Deu. on 14 that 16. ner didy their fathers untoy prophets. Luke 23. 25. fabbath after the firft that he for ye have received your confolation, John Rom. went through the corn fields: and his Wo unto you that are a full or 9. 22 12. 17. difciples a plucked the ears of corn, & ye thall hunger. Wo unto you thaty Mar 1 Thef, did eat rabbing them in their laugh now: for ye fhall mourn & weep.23.31. 5. 22. hands. fpeak well of you: for fo did their fa Wo unto you when all men fhallz Jam thers to the falle prophets,



Mat. And certain ofthe Pharifees faid & 12. 1. unto them, Why do ye that which is John not lawful to do on the fabbath- 27 But I fay unto you which 7, 13. them, which hate you. Hear, e Love your enemies, do good to a Jame 28 dBlefs them that curfe you, and ifal 3.5.75 pray for them & defpitefully ufe you. 65 135 29 And unto him that Imireth theeb Joha


23. days? Mats And Jefus aniwering them, fald, 23. 27. Have dye not read fo much as this, Col. 2. what David did when himself was an 25, 23 hungred, and they were withhim: Mat How he went into the e houfe of on the one cheek, offer alle the other: 15. 19. 23. 19, God, and did take and eat the fhew- & him that e taketh away thy cloak, Gal. 6am. bread, and gave alfo to them that were forbid, not to take thy coat alfo. 10. 21. with him, which is not lawiul to eat, 39 Give tof every man that asketh of Rom 1 Sa. but for the priests alone? chee and of him that taketh away 12, 201 81. And he faid unto them, That the thy goods, ask them not again. 5. 6. 2 Kin. Son of man is g Lord alle of the 31 Andg as ye would that men fhonid 6. 22 fLev. fabbath." 24. 9. 6 And it cameto pafs alfo on anodo to you, do ye alfo tothem likewife. Pe Hof her fabbath, that heentred into the you, what thank have ye? for finners Cor 32 For if yéb love them which love 3. 16. 6.6. fynagogue and taught, and there was alfo love thofe that love them. 6.7. Mat. a man, whoferight hand was withered. 33 And if ye do good to them which face 12. 9. And the Scribes and Pharifees do roud to you what thank have S. 12. watched him, whether he would heal yet for finners alfo do even the fame. 1 Cor. 11. 27 on the fabbath day: that they might 34 And if ye lend to them of whom 6.7 Prov. find an accufation against him. 12. 6. But he knew their thoughts, and for finners alfo lend to faners, to 7-12. ye hope to receive, what thank have Mar Luk. Faid to the man which had he withe receive as much again, 4. 22. red hand, Rife up, and ftand forth in Mar 1 Mar. midft. And be arofe, and ftood forth. do good, and lend, hoping for no-Ital. 35 But love ye your enemies, and 5.46. 22. 17. Then faid Jefus unto them, I will thing again: and your reward fhall be 58. 3. Jobs. ask you one thing,lit lawful on the great, and ya fhall be the k childrenk Ep fabbath-days to do good, or to do evil of the highest for he is kind aro Mar. to fave lite, or to deftruy it? the unthankful, and to the evil. 3.5. 10 And k looking round about upPfal. on them all, he faid unto the man, 19.4 Stretch forth thy hand; and he did 37 m Judge not, and ye shall not be4.n. Jobe forand his hand was restored whole as judged: condemn not, and ye fall Phil. 516 the other. Yo Acts 6. And they were filled with mad- fhall be forgiven: notte condemned: forgive, and ye 2. 15. 10, 11. nefs,& m communed one with augther 33 Give, and it fhall be given unto 18-35 Jer what they might do to Jefus. 19. 2012 And it came to pafs in dofe days, thaken together, and running over 7. 1. you; good mealure, preffed down and Mats Eph. that he went out into a mountain to all men give into your bufom, Forand 6. 18. pray and tontinued all night in with the fame measure that ye mete 18. 3. V. 13. prayer to God.. Aas withat it fhall be measured to your Eccl. 13 And when it was day he caßed again, 2700 14:23. unto bim his difciples and of them Heb. her chofe twelve, whom alfo be na 5.4. med Apothesi



36 Be ye therefore merciful as your. 12. Father alfo is merciful. Rom.


And he spake a parable unteo Judg them,? Can the blindlead she blind; 1. 7. dall Máte 7.2.Jam. 3. 13. Mat. 19. 14. Ifa. 56 - 10μm

The contution's faith.

$ Lake?

mv. 1.

Of Tche der Bapti whole that had been fick. 11 And it came to pal's the day 1 Sam. after, that he went into a city called 2. 12. Najmand many of his difciples went Pfal. 46.. with him, and o much people. 12Now when he came high rogate n Alts of the city, behold, therewas a dead 10. 33. man carried out, theealy Ton of his John mother and he was widow and 5.35. much people of the city was with her. P.John 13 And when the LORD faw her he 19. 411 had compaffibs or her, and said unto en 19.


14 And he came and touched the and

Mac. all they ochoth fall into the dice 10. 24.40 The difciplets quoc above his Pfalmafter: but every one that is perfect 50 fall be ashis maker, branca de 16, 17. 41 And why beholdeft thou the more Mar that is in thy brothers eye, but per23.4.ceiver or ther beam that is in thine JLuke own eye? 15.-15.245 Either how can than fay to thy Tit. brother, Brother Terme pull out the 16.retethat is in thine eye', when thou #Pil. chy (elf beholden not the beam that 51.-12.151 owney Thou her, Weep set. 13ctite, taft ouvrit the beam out of Mat. thine own eye; and then altthom bier, and they that bare him food 50. 13. 15-14-fee clearly to pull but the mole that fill) andhélafu, Young man, Tay 9 Mat. 4.36. * Mati in thy brothers eye. eing-1500 unto thee Arife. 7. 1643 For a good tree bringeth not if And he that was dead fat up, and Judg., Acts forth corrupt Fruit: neither death at began to speak and he delivered 10. 16. 36 corrupt tree bring forth good fruit! him to kis mother, Cot 44 Forevery tree is known by his 16 And there came a fear on all, and 4.13. 8.124 on fruit: for of thorns men do not they glorified Ged faying That aJohn Exod. garhet figs, nof of a bramble-buga- great prophet is fen up among us 14. 43. John 31. 225 ther they grapes.invata and God hath & vifited his people. 53.4A good ma but of they good trede 17 And this rumer of him went forth 5. 28. u Gal.. Mat. Lure of his heart, bringet forth that throughout a Judex, and through- 1. 24. 12033 which is rood: and in evil man out of our all the region roundabout. and the evil creature of his heart, bringem 18 And they ifciples of John fhewey 1.68.1 G forth that which is evil:tor of y abun him of all thelethings. y Mar. dance of heart his mouth fpeaketh, 19 And John King unto him Exod. 12:35 46 Andwhy call ye me Lord, Lord, two ofhis difciples,fent them anto not that Math


3. 16.



mould come, or look we for another?
20 When the men were come unto
him, they faid, John Barcia!
bus unto thee, faying,
mould come or look met

Revislike a man that without a lounda 126 25 tion Builf an houfe upon the earth; Heb again which the treain did bear veMat & heruin of that Houte e was great, die CHAP. VIRORA DE The centurions faith, to Chrift heal seth bis fervant 29 13

37:30. Whosoever comech to me, and Tit heareth y fayings, and a doth them, 16. I will few you to whom He is like ◄ Pfal. 48 He is like a man which built an hoafe, and digged deep,, and laid the Star. Jam foundation on a rock: and when the 21 And in that fame bour he cured 3. 15.. 1.22 Reed role,ream heat vehemently many of their jafirnties anrague, Dan Pl.porthachoufe, and could net hake and of evil spirits, and unto BAY 9, 25. 1931: far it was founded upon a rock that were blind he gave fight b Rom 18. But he that heareth, and doth not,22 Then Jefus anfering 4959 15. 2. them, Go your way, &fe What Ifat. things ye have fech & heard,holy 350 S theblind lee, the lame walk,the lepers Mat are aterailed, to 4 the book the golpel 41. Co. 23 And bleed is he whofdeyer fall fai e not be offended in me. 247And when the melengers of Jahn Co. NO TO when he had ended all his were departed, he began to fpeak - 1. 23 fayings in the audience of the to the people concerning John What 1Pet. people he entred into a Caper un redd taken widi the wind? went ye outingo y wilderness for to 2.7, & fJohn Sam, who was dear usto naman clothed in fortraiment Be Ads 15 But what went ye out for to feet 5 And when he heard ofJefus,he cfent unto him the d elders of the Jews Mat befeecking him that he would come and heal his Tervante 19 4 And when they came to Jefus, they ought him inftantly faying, that worthy for whom he thould




hint,was fick

30. 13. Proy 14.

hold they which are gör condy ap. 14. patelled, and live delicately, are in 11, 12, kings courts an

26 But what went ye out for to fee?. 713. Aprophet? Yea I fay unto you, and i Thef much more than a prophet.


2.2.3. This is he of whom it is write b Luke ten, Behold, Ifend my mesenger be 1. 76. fore thy face, which fall prepare my 1 Mal way before thee. 3. I. 23 For I fay unto you, Among thefe Mat that are born of women, here is 3.2, 3. knot a greater prophet than Johs the John Baptif: but he that is leaft in the 3. 30. kingdom of God, is greater can he. Piov

3. For he loveth our nation, and he ach built us fa fynagogue. Then Jesus went with them. And Mar when he was now not far from the Boufe, the Centurien g fent friends to Him, faying autobim, Lord, trouble Gen. Horthy felf for lamb not worthy that

4.23. Mat. 8. 6.

Wherefore either thought I my Mat. 3. 11. felf worthy to come unto thee: but Bal flay tha word, and my fervant fall be healed.

32. 10. thou thould enter under my roof. 29 And all the people that heard 15. 33. him, and the publicans? juftified God, /. 35. being baptized the baptifmic ofjah, Rom.

29: and

22 6.
8 Furl alfo am a man fet under aus
107.thority, having under me foldiers, &
Tray unto one, k Go,and he goeth: &
to another,Come and he cometh:& to
41.4. my fervant. Do this, and he doth it.
ki Sa., 9 When Jefus heard these things,
26. he marveled at him, and turned him
about,& faid unto the people that fol-
7115 lowed him, I fay unto you, I have not
found fo great faith, no, not in Ifrael,
41. 4. 10 And they that were fent, retur- ye have not wept.
John-Ding to the house, found the fervans
4. 3. and II. 21.

30 But the Pharifces and lawyers 3.4
tejected the counfel of God m again m Aft.
themfelys, being,” not baptized of 13. 46.
31 And the LORD faido Wherenato 20. 27.
then fall I liken the men of thisge-n Mac.
neration? and to what are they like? 1.7.
31.They are like unte children fit-o Mar.
ting in the market-place and calling 11. 16.
one to another, and faying, We have and
piped unto you, and ye have not 3-7.
danced: we have mourned to you, and Rev.
33 For Mar
25.27. Lake 16: 8.


Prov 18.

7 Eccl. 48.

Mary anointed Chrifts feet.

Chap. viij.

The parable of the fower.. SA Towerg went out to fow his jeed to. and as he fowed, fome fell by the way 22. 13. fide , and it was troden down, and Mat. 9. the fowls of the air devoured it. 38. 6 And fome fell upon a rock, and asb Hof. foon as it was fprung up, it b wither-6.4. ed away, because it lacked moilture. Gen. 7, And fome fell among thorns, and $6.5. thorns fprang up with ir,& choaked it. John

8. And other fell on f good ground, 15. 1. and fprang up, and bare fruit an hun. Pfal. A dred fold.And when he had faid thefe 5. 10. things, he cried,He that hath ears to Ifai. hear, let him hear.

49.4. Mar.

And his difciples kasked him, n,faying, What night this parable be? 13. 10. 10 And he faid, Unto you it is given Mar. to know the myfteries of the king- 4.10. dom of God: but to others in parables that feeing they might not fee, & 11. 25. Jam. hearing, they might not understand. 1.17. 11 Now the parable is this: m The Pfalm feed is the word or God. 25. 14.


Mát. 33 For John the Baptift came gnet3.4. ther eating bread, nor drinking wine, 1 Cor. and ye fay, He hath a devil. 9.27.34 The Son of man is come reating Rom.and drinking,and ye fay, Behold, a 15. 2. gluttonous man and a wine-bibber, Mat. a friend of Publicans and finners. 11.19.35 But wifdom is juftified of all t John her children. 3.1. 36 And one of the Pharifees de HV. 34.fired him that he would eat with him, Gal. And he went into the Pharifees 2. 25. houfe, and fate down to meat. 7 1, Ti 37And behold, a woman in the city, 5. 1o. which was a finner, when the knew 2 Cor. that Jefus fate at meat in the Phari7. 11. fees houfe, brought an alabafter box Song of ointment, 1. 2. 38 And flood t Jefus feet behind him 3 v.40.weeping, and began to wash his feet Mary with tears,& did wipe them with the 3.9. hairs of her head, and kiffed his feet,& Num anointed them with the ointment 19. 22. 39 Now when the Pharifee which had bv.39.bi iden him, faw it, he fpake z with eMat. in himself, faying, This man, if 18. he were a prophet, would have known left they should believe and be faved. 1. 23. 23,25.who, & what manner of woman this 13 They on the rock, are they which Eph. and is that coucheth him for he is a finner. when they hear,receive the word with 6:13 4 And Jefus banfwering, faid unto joy; & chefe have no roor, which for Col. 4.2 Co him, Simon, I have fom what to say un- a while believe, and in the time 2. 7. Rom. 41 There was a certain creditor 14 And that which fell among thorns, 1.23. 3.23. which had ctwo debtors:the one ought are they, which when they have heard, Acts Ephef. hundred pence,& are 2. I. 42 And when they had nothing to and riches, and pleasures of this lite, 2 Co. Hof. pay, he e frankly forgave themf both. and bring no fruir top perfection. 14. 2. Tell me therefore, which of them will is But that on the good ground, are Jer. Rom. love him most? they, which in 9 an honest and good? 3.24. 43 Simon infwered and faid, Ifup- heart, having heard the word, keep it Mat 131. 33⋅ Exo.pole that he to whom he forgave and bring forth fruit with patience. 24 13.. 34-7 moft.And he faid unto him, Thou haft 16 No man when he hath /light-Mat. ed a candle, covereth it with a vellel 15. or putteth it under a bed: but fetteth Rev. it on a candlestick, that they which 2. 20. tAds

12 Thofe by the way fide are they john that hear: then cometh the devil,and 12. 47taketh away word out of their hearts, m

.3. 17.


to he Mafter, on. of away.



. 1.

Tim.rightly judged. 11544 And he turned to the woman, and Ifai. faid unto Simon, Sceft thou this wo 1. 18. man I entred into thine houfe, thou enter in may fee the light.

Gen.gavelt meg no water for my feet: but 17 For nothing is fecret, that fall 4. 20. IS. 4. The hath washed my feetwith tears, and not be made manifeft: neither any i Joha Exo.wiped them with hair of her head. thing hid,chat fhall not be r known .1.1,34. 27. 45 Thou gaveft me no b kils: but this and come abroad. Mat. Rom woman, fince the time I came in,hath 18 Take heed therefore a how e hear: 10. 27. 16. 16.notceafed to kifs my feet. for whofoever hath, to him fhall be Luke given; and whofoever hath not, from 2.2. him thall be taken even that which he Heb. x feemeth to have.


Pfal. 46 Mine head with oyl thou didft 23.5. not anoint: butthis woman Bath anKI Jo.ointed my feet with ointment, 4. 10.47 Wherefore fay unto thee, Her Song fins,which are many, are forgiven,ktor 7.3.4. She loved much: but to whom little is V. 5o. forgiven, the fame loveth little.

Pfal.48 And he faid unto her, / Thy fins 22. I are forgiven. Mar. 49 And they that fate at meat with 9.2. him, began to fay within themfelvs, m Acts Who is this that forgiveth fins alfo 26. 18. 50 And he faid to the woman,m Thy Rom.3 faith bath faved thee, go n in peace. 27, 28. Rom. 5.1.1

19. Then came to him y his mother Jam. and his brethren,and could not come 1. 21. at him for the z prefs. Prov. 20 And it was told him by certain, 2. 2. & faid, Thy mother and thy brethren x Pro. ftand without, defiring to fee thee. 137 1And he answered & faid unto them, Rev. My mother and my brethren are thefe 3, 17. which hear the word of God, and Mat. a do it.



22 Now it came to pafs on a certainy Mat day, he went into a 6 fhip with his 12. 464 difciples and he faid unto them, Mar Let us go over unto the other fide of 3. 31. the lake; and they lanched forth. Mat


2. Women miniter unto Chrift. 4 The parable of the lower. 22 Chrift re"buketh the winds. 23 Bucas they failed, he fell asleep: 11. 12. AS A Nd it came to pafs afterward, and there came down a ftorm of wind a jam. 10. 38. he went throughout a every city on the lake, and they were c filled with 1. 22 bats and village, preaching, and fhewing water, and were in jeopardy. 1. 18. the glad tidings of the kingdom of 24And they came to him, and awoke 7. 21. Ma.. God and the b twelve were with him,faying, Matter, mafter,dwe perish. John 15-40 hims Then he arofe,and rebukedthe wind, 13. 17 2 And certain c women which had and the raging of the water and Pfalm 1. 27. beend healed of evil fpirits and infire they ceafed and there was a calm. 15.5. Phil. mities, Mary called Magdalene, out, 25 And he faid unto them, Where is and is 4.3 of whom went feven devils, your faith? And they being afraid, 119.11. 4 Pfal. wife of Chuza 103.2. Herods fteward and Snfanna, and wondred,faying one to another, What & Mate manner of man is this? for he con- S. 23. Ezra many others which e miniftred unto mandech even the winds & water, and Mar. 9.13. him of their fubitance. they obey him.

4.36. 36 S And they arrived at the Lal.

coun- 27..

2Cor. 4 And when much people were ga 9. 11. thered togetlter, & were come to him,

Mat out of every sity, he fpakeby fa pa- 24,26. 1 Sam. 23. 26. d Pfal. 6. 2. 2 Chr. 13.3 aplegad 20. 12. Jom. 2.4.7 Mat. S. 26. Phi.4445 Mar. 1.3.


Devils call out.

Mat. countrey of the f Gadarens, which is
S. 28. over against Galilee.

27 And when he went forth to land,
there met him out of the city a certain
John man which had devils, long time,&
ware no clothes, neither abode in
any but in tombs.

Chris fendeth his Apoftler. 47 And when the woman faw that, Th. fhe was not hid, he came trembling, 5. 14. and falling down before him, the de-Luke clared unto him before all the people, 50. for what caufe fhe had touched him, Mar.. and how he was healed immediately. 17. 20. 48 unto Mar. b be of good comfort, thy faith hath 5.37. male thee whole, go in peace.) Mat 499 While he yet fpake, there cometh 17. 1. one from the ruler of the fynagogues and house, faying to him, Thy daughter 14. 31. is dead, trouble not the Mafter. fo But when Jefus heard it, he an-12.

1 Cor.

28 When he faw Jefus, he cried oue, and fell down before him, and with aloud voice, faid, What have I to do Luk with thee, Jefus,thou Son of God molt 1510 high I befeech theeh torment me not. Gal. 29 (For he had commanded the un5.19 clean fpirit to come out of the man. Some For oftentimes it had caught him,and fwered him,faying, Fear not,c believe, II. Jay it he was kept bound with chains, and in onely, and the fhall be made whole. Rom. confi- fetters, and he fbrak the bands, & was $1 And when he came into the house, 12. 6. fted of driven or the devil into y wildernefs.) he fuffered no man to go in, fave dPe- Acts 30 AndJefus asked him faying, ter, and James, and John, and the 7. 60. foot What is thy name? And he faid, father and the mother of the maiden. Sam. ment Legion becaufe many devils were but he faid, Weep not; fhe is not I Co. 51 And all wept and bewailed her: 7. 12. deal, but e ileepeth.




entred into him.
727: 31 And they befought him that he
horse would not command them to go out,
into the k deep.

53 And they laughed him to fcorn, g Mat.
knowing that he was dead.
7 6.




54 And he g put them all out, and
took her by the hand, and called, 11. 43.
faying, Maid, arife,

32 And there was there an herd of
26. 53 many fwine feeding on the mountain:
kRev. and they befought him that he would
20.3 fuffer them to enter into them; and
2 Pet. he fuffered them.
2.4. 33 Then went the devils out of the
Luke man, and entre into the fwine: and
4. 6. the herd ran violently down a fteep
and place into che lake, & were m choked. i
11. 22. 34 When they that fed them faw


Mark. 55 And her fpirit came again, and 5. 41. the arofe ftraightway and he com- i Mat. manded to give her meat. 54 And her parents were aftonished, 16, 17. but he charged them that they fhould cell no man what was done.



3. 12. Luke 5. 14. Prov. 10. 14.

a Mat.

Mat what was done,they fled,and went and
20. 15 told it in the city and in the countrey.
Pfalm 35 Then they went out to fee what I
50. 10 was done, and came to Jefus, and
nuk found the man out of whom the devils
10.39 were n at the feet of
Job Jefus, clethed,and in his right mind:
2. 14 and they were afraid.
Rom 36 They alfo which faw it,told them
16. 18 by what means he that was poffeffe.
2 Mat of the devils, was healed.


CHAP. IX. Chrift fenderhout apostles, Herod defireth to fee Chrift. Hen he called his twelve difciples 10. 1. gave a power & Eze. and authority over all devils, and to 34. 3. cure difeafes. 2. And he fent them b to preach the 1.9,14. kingdom of God, and to heal the fick. dat. And he faid unto them, d Take 1o. 9, nothing for your journey, neither 10. aves, nor ferip, neither bread, neither Mar. money,neither have two coats a piece. 6. 11. 4 And whatfoever houfe ye enter Luke into, there abite, and thence depart. 10. 11.


37 Then the whole multitude of
the countrey of the Gadarens round
11. 19. about,befought him o co depart from
Luke them; for they were taken with great
11. 56 fear and he went up into the hip,
Gen. and returned back again.
25.34 38 Now the man out of whom the
John! evils were departed, befought him
174 that he might be with him: but Jefus
Pfalm fent him away, faying,
115.1 39 Return to thine own houfe, and
Sa fhew how great things q God hath

And whofbever will not receive Acts
you, when ye go out of that city, 13. 51.
thake off the very duft from your fv. 2.
feet for a teftimony against them.
2 Tim.
6 And they departed and went 4. 2.
through the towns, f preaching the Mar.
gofpef, and healing every where. 9.38.

16. 16.

3 done unto thee. And he went hisway, Now Herod the tetrarch heard of £ Mat.
fal. and published throughout the whole all that was done by him, and he was 4. 2.
v. 37 done unto him.
city, how great things r Jefus had & perplexed,becaufe that it was faid of b Mat.
fome, y John was rifen from the dead. 16. 14.
Acts And
pafs that when that had Prov.
Jefus was returned, people/gladly peared: and of others, that one of the 15. 19.
18. received him: for they were all wait- old prophets was rifen again.
ing for him.

? Mat.
5. 22,

k Mat.

and 26. And Herod faid, John havel behead- 13, 14. ed: but who is this of whom I hear Num. fuch things? And he i,defired to fee 23. 10. 10 T And the apoftles when they were 14. 13. returned, told him all that they had John done. And he ktook them, & went afide 6.5. privately into a defart place, helong- Mar. ing to the city, called Bethfaida.


II And the people when they knew / Mar.

And behold, there came a man Mat. named Jairus, and he was a ruler of down Mar.Jefus feet, and befought him that he 12. 20. would come into his houfe: Kai. 42 For he had one only daughter, 40. 11.abour twelve years of age, and the Ezek. lay a dying. (But as he went, the 34. 4. people thronged him. 1 Cor. 43 And a woman having an iffue it, followed him, and he received 6. 33. 4. 20. of blood twelve years, which had spent them, and he spake unto them of the Mal." Mar.all herliving upon phyficians,neither kingdom of God and healed them 4.2. that had need of healing. 5. 26. could be healed of any,. 2 Cor. 447 Came behind him,and z touched 12 And when the day began to wear 10. 2. 1.8.9.the border of his garment and im- away, then came the twelve and faid Gal. Mal. mediately her iffue of blood flanched. unto him, m Send multitude away, 4. 19. 45 And Jefus faid, Who touched me? thatthey may go into towns & coun- Pfal.. Rom. When all denied, Peter, and they that crey round about, and lodge, and get 78. 19. the victuals: for we are here in a n defart 0 John 4. 19. were with him, faid, Mafter thee, place. 6.39.7 King multitude throng thee,and prefs and fayeft thou, Who touched me? $4.21. 46 And Jefus faid, Some body hath Mar.touched me: for I perceive that a ver 8.30, tue is gone out of me,

m Ro.



13 But he faid unto them, Give ye Deut. them to eat. And they faid, We have 8.8. no more but o five loavs & two fifhes: 2 King except 7. 2.

S. Luke!

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