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Diverses maladies


cured by Chrifto Pfal. the devil, prayed him that he might 42 And ftraightway the damfel arofe, 116. be with him. and walked for fhe was of the age of 16. 19 Howbeit, Jefus fuffered him not, twelve years:and they were aftonihedk Mar. 1 Tim. but faith unto him, Go home to thy with a great aftonishment. 3. 12. 1. 15. friends, Sen tell them how great things 43 And he charged them ftraity. Mac. Exod. the Lord hath done for thee, and that no man fhould know it and com- 9. 30. 15. 1. hath had compaffion on thee. manled that fomthing shouldbe given and 20 And he departed, and began to her to eat. • Pfal. 12. 16. 115. 1. publifh in Decapolis,how great things 475 I v. 20. Jefus had done or him and all men As did marvel..




Mat. Luke


CHAP, VI. Chrift se contemned of his countrys men He givesh the swelve power. 13. 15. 21 And when Jefus was paffed over 14 Divers opinions of Chieft. and again by hip unto the other fide ANd he went out from thence, and Mat. 14- 23. much people gathered unto him, and came into his own countrey, and 1.40 he was nigh unto the fea. his difciples follow him. there cometh of 1 when the was 15 the p rulers of the fynagogue,q) airus come, he began to teach in the Tyne-Ale 13. by name, and when he law him, he gogue and many hearing him were 4.13fell at his feet, iCor 8.41. 23 And befought him greatly fay this man thefe things? and wharb -1.14. F2Chr. ing Mylinle daughter lieth at the don is this which is given unto him, Gene 20. 12. point of death 1 pray thee come that even fuch mighty works are 2, 15. Gen. and lay thy han is on her, that he may wrought by his hands? & Thef 22. 14. be healed, and the fall live. 3 16not this the carpenter, the fan of Lv.23. 34 And Jefus went with him, and Mary, the brother of James and o Pfal. much people followed him, and throng- Jofes, and of Juda, and Simon? and Heb. 103.ed him. are not his fifters here with us? And Luke 35 And a certain woman which had they were offended at him. 12,14 John an illue of blood twelve years, 5. 5. 26 And had fuffered many things Heb. of many physicians, and had afpent all 12. 6. that he had and was nothing bettered, Ifal but rather x grew worse,

2.516 4 But Jefus laid unto them John prophet is net without honour, but in his own countrey, and among his orat. kin, and in his own houfe.


And he fcould do there no mighty john work, fave chat he laid his hands up-4445 on a few fick folk, and healed them.Mat

6 And he marvelled because of 43-57. their unbelief. And he went round Gen. about the villagesteaching.

13.22. Eccl.


27 When he had heard of Jefus,came Jon. in the prefs behind, and y touched his 1.13.garment: 18 For the faid, If I may touch but y Mac. 14.36. his clothes, I thall be whole. Mat. 29 And ftraightway the fountain. And he calleth unto him the 12.23. 9. 21. of her blood was dried up and the twelve, and begante fend them forth at 13.49% a John felt in her body that the was healed by f two and two and gave them power 7.16. of that plague. over unclean spirits, Ifai. 30 And Jefus immediately knowing And commanded them, that they.. 55.6. in himself that a vertue had gone out fhould take knothing for their jour-b Acts Joh. of him,turned him about in prefs, ney fave a staff only: no ferip, no 10.38. and faid, Who touched my clothes? bread, no money in their purfe: Luke 7.10. 31 And his difciples faid unto him, s9 But be thod with fandals: and not Mat. Thou feeft the multitude thronging put on two coats. 9.2.theesan i fayef chou, Who touched me! Jobn 32 And he looked round about to 1. 12. fee her that had done this thing. Gal. 3. 33 But the woman fearing and 26. trembling, knowing what was done Gr.in her came and fell down before Javed him, and told him e all the truth. thee. 34 And he faid unto her. Daughter, 26. thy faith thath made thee whole, go Mat. in peace, and be whole of thy plague. 8.13. 35 While he yet Ipake, there came from the ruler of the fynagogues 11.33. houfe,certain which faid. Thy daughter is dead, why troubleft thou the Alts 14.9. Malter any further? Pet. 36 As foon as Jefus heard the word 5. S. that was fpoken, he faith unto the Chr. ruler of the fynagogue.Befnot afraid, 20.20.only believe. @ver, 37 And he fuffered no man to follow 29. 33. him,fave & Peter, and James,and John 1 Cor. the brother of James. 10.33.58 And he cometh to the houfe of Pfalm the ruler of the fynagogue, and feeth 37. 6. the tumult, and them that wept and The wailed greatly. 5.14. 39 And when he was come in,


10 And he faid unto them, In what 4. 9. place foever ye enter into an houfe Exod. there m abide till ye depart from 4.140 that place. And whosoever shall not receive R you, nor hear you when ye departati. thence thake off the duff under your 2.4 feet, for a teftimony against them Ti verily Ifay unto you, Ithall be mo-1.7. re tolerable for Sodom & Gomorrha in/ Eph. day of judgment, than for that city 6. 1. and Luk. 12 And they went out. preached that men fhould repent.


10. 7.

3 And they caft out many devils Mate &o anointed with oyl many that were 11. 23. fick, and heale i them. 24.

14 And king Herod heard of him. Ezek. (for his Name was fpread abroad) 6. 2. he faid that John the Baptift was rifen, Jam. from the dead and therefore mighty. 14. works do thew forththemselves in him Mar. Othersfaid, That it is a Elias. And 16. 18. other fald That it is a prophet, of Luk as one of the prophets.

16Bur when Herod heard thereef, her Ther. faid, Itis John whom I beheaded, he is. g. herifen from the dead.

Mar. 17 For Herod himself had fent forth. 14. & laid hold upon John & bound him in 2 The prifon o for Herodias fake, his brothers. 11. Philips wife for he had married her job is For John had faid unto Hered It is not lawful for thee to have thy Rom.

Mat faith unto them, Why make ye this. 17. 1. ade, and weep? the damfel is not dead, Mat.but feepeth. 9.23. 4 And they laughed him to fcorn: 11 Co. but when he had put them all out, he 2. 14 taketh the father and the mother of Acts the damfel, and them that were with brothers wife. 17. 32. him, and entrech in where the damfel Gen. was lying. 18. 12. 41 And he took the damfel by the hand,and faid unto her Tatisha cumi 9.21. which is, being interpreted, Damfel Jos (fay unto thee)arife. 16.2.


and 13. 19. John 5. 28, 29.



19 Therefore Herodias had a quer-s bat, rel against him, and would have kil- 22. 16. led him, but the could not. 2.Cor.

10 For Herod a feared John knowing 10. 3.
that he was a juft man and an holysande
bferved him,& when he heard him.he

37. 32. Mat. 28.

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Five thousand fod. And of the Toas, were about five thousand men. 63. comnew that Herod of his birth-day his difciples to get into the fhip, and 4.8. And ftraightway Col. made a fupper to his Lords high cap. toto r other fide before unteBeth- Mat. 3.7 tains and chiefeltater of Galflee Mat. 22 And when the daughter of the 48 And when he had fent them away, EXO. falda while he lent away the people. 14. 4. 13. 20. Taid Herodias rame in and danced, he departed into mountain to pray. 3.7. Gen and pleafed Herod, and them that 27.41. fate with him the king fail unto Rew the dafel, Atk of ine whatfoever 11. 10. thou wilt, and Teingive it thee. Roever thou fhalt is of me, I will give ༣. Prov. itchee, unto the Half of my kingdom. 24 And he wentforth, and faid anto Deu. her mother, What hall 1 ask? And the faid, The head of John Baptift. And the came in aftraight way with haft unto the King, and asked laying, so For they all faw him and were 95..5. Twill that thou give me by and by in troubled And immediately he talked y Jud a charger,the head of John the Bapift. with them, and faith unto them o 13. 22. 26 And theking was exceeding forty, of good chear it is 1, be not afraid. Song yes for his boats fake and for their S1 And he went up unto them into 5. 16. 17.akes which fat with him, he would the fhip, and the wind ceafed and theyt Gr. Rom. notreject her. 3.15. were fore amazed in themselv's beyond become meature, and wondred. brat

into the wind was

45 And when even was come, the Aft. fhip was in the midst of the fea, and 7.3.4. he alone on the land. And he faw themftoiling in rowing, 3. 2. t Song and about the fourth wach off night 5.4. and He coneth ante chein,walking upon the & Luke fea, and would have paffed by them. 24. 28. 49But when they faw him walking Gen. upon the fea, they fuppofed it had been 32, 24 afpicit, and y cried out.

I fal.

Mall and

27 And immediately the king fent Jam can executioner and commanded his 2 head to be brought: 2nd Re went, and miracle of the loavs, for their heart Mare 52 For they confidered for the y 1 Sam beheaded him in the prifon, 22228 And brought his head it a chat- And when they had paffed over, and was hardness for -3.5.1 Rompgave it to the dampfel and they came into the land of Genelareth, 8, 47 the damfef Ave it a to her mother. and drew to the Thore.scho 320And when Bas difciples heard of S4 And when they were come out of 16. 14. they came and took up his corps, the hip, ftraightway they knew him, Lake and Jafditin à tomb UDVERGES And ran through that whole fé-2415. 30 And the apostles gathered them gign round about,and began to carry a Gali è told that were fick, him all this, Both what they had where they heard he was pernas mat. Loke done and what they hadtaught. And whitherfoever he entred, D.4.

31 And he fafunto them, Come fare villages, orcities, or contre, 2 The Luke ye your felvs apart into defart they laid the fick in the frecks, and 13.0 2419. place,&greft a while for there were befought him that they might rouch, Heb. 6. Rom many coming and going, and they If it were but & the border of hisgar- 10.. 35. had no leifure fo much as to cat. ment and as many as touched him, Mat. 1. And they departed into a defart were made whole. 5.23. place By Thip privately. 9485.23. ob Mar. 14.36. CHAP Vltava


Mat 53 Andere people faw then departings 114 13 and many knew him and tan afoor Luke thither out of ally cities, & outwent 9.10. them, and came together unto him. Jam-34 And Jeffsy when he came our


39. faw much people, and was moyed with, Mat. Compaffion toward them, becaufe they 0.36. Were k as theep not having a fhep Ifal herd and he began to teach them 56.10. many things. Ezek. And when the day was how I far 4.2.6. fpent, his difciplescame unto him, and Luke Taid, This is a defart place, and now 9.12. the time is far palled:

Hen came together unto him the Jobs. Pharifces and certain of the 11, 13. Scribes, which came from 4Jerufalem. Prair 1 And when they law fome of his dif- 12.8. ciples eat bread defledisto fay, & Mat. unwahen hands,they found fault.. 5. 3.Forthe Pharifees and all the Jews, Gr except they wath their hands ofreatwith not, holding the tradition of elders. the fiff. 4 And when they come from the John

1 Kin.36 Send them away, that hey may market, except they wash, they eat 18. 28. 18. 29. to into the countrey round about and not. And many other things there be, John m. Gen into the which received to nothing to eat. the wathing of cups and d porssbra-Rom faid unto them, zen veffels, and of tales

And they fay Then the Pharifees and Scribes askedd. Mat. 12. 2. and buy two him, Why walk not thy lifciples ac523.25.

John give them to eat?

23 15 bread; for they have Fand He answered and 2. 14. Give ye them to eat Deut. unto him's Shall we 32.36. hundred peny-worth of bread and coring to tradition of the elders, Mat. forow but eafbread with unwathen hands 12.2. 6.19.38 Hefaith unto them, How many 6 He answered and faid unto them, and Num. 1oavs have yet go and fee. And when Well hath Efaiasf prophefied of you 15. 11.22, they knew, they fay, Five, and two hypocrites, as it is written, This Ifai. Kin. fitnes. People honoreth me with their gTips; 29. 13. 7.2.4 39 And he commanded them to but their heart is far from me. John make all fit down by companies upon Mat. 7. 39. the green grafs.

Gr. Ban


7 Howbeit, bin vain do they worship 15, 7· me teaching for doctrins the 'tra-s Tic. 40 And they face down in ranks, by ditions of imen. hundreds, and by fifties. 1.16. 8 For laying afide the command Ezek. 41 And when he had taken the five ment of God, ye hold the tradition 33:31. Toavs, and the two fishes, he looked of then, as the wathing of pots and 2 Tim. ets up to heavenjand o bleffed, and brake cups and many other fuch like 3. 5. Cor. the loavs, and gave them to his dif-things ye do. b Mai.

774 45, ciples to fet before them and the two An the faid unto them, Full well 1. 12. Kin. fishes divided he among them all. TO 42 Andthey did all eat, were p filled. that ye may keep your own tradition. 4. 22. ye reject the commandinent of God, John b Mat. And they took up twelve baskets to For Mofes faid, Honor thy father or 1419. full of the fragments,and of the fishes. & thy mother:and,Wholofcarfeth faswell do Eccl. 11. 9: 1 Kin. 22. 15. i Lev.20. Adfer you. Exod.21. 17..

John Bunyo

John Baptift beheaded. Ch. did 24.2.

Hof 4.277. 21 Ki. 31 7


gladlyan sings, and heard

6. 11. ACS 7.35. Hag. 1.6. Lev. 26. 26. Taking 4742.

S. Mark.


The Pharifees find faults ther
difciples, for ealing with unaafhen

The dumb and d

The people wiraalan ty


o Prov.

Chap. vi. That ther of mother rechim die the death. charged them, fo much the more is j'a 11 But ye fay, IF man hall fay to great deal they publier c gift. his father or mother, It is Corban, 37 And were beyond medure ! Maw Mat. that is to fay, a gift, by whatsoever agonithed faying, He hath done all 5. 16. 13. 5. thou migheeft be prosted by me: be things well he maketh both the deaf Gen. kiTi fill be free. to hear, and the dumb to speak. ·1.3.1. 1.8.12 And ye k fuffer him no more to do CHAP. VIII. Jer.7. ought for his father or his mother: Chrift miraculous feedesh the people, 9, 10. 23 Making the word of God Yet none N those days the multitude being a Mat m 1 Tiefe through your tradition, which very great and having nothing to 17.32 4. 4. ye have delivered and many fuch cas. Jefus called bis diciples unto & Reb., Rom. Tike things do ye.avail him, and faith unto them, 5:15 1414. 11. And when he had called all the 2 Thave compaion on the multitude, Ma Mat.people unto him, he faid unto them, because they have now been with me 9.6. 11. 15. Hearken unto me every one of you. three days and have nothing to cat: Phi if away 103. 4-15 15 There is nothing from without a to their own houfes, they wille faine by 13-1 PPfal. man that entring into him can defle the way for divers of them came 4 Exo 73.15.him:but the things which come out of from Ext Mer. hun,thofe are they that defile the man. And his difciples anfvered him, 22, 23. 8.9. 16 If any man have a ears to hear, From whence can a manfatlikethefe Num 41 Ti.let him her. men with bread here in wilderness 11. 6.3. 17 And when he was entred into the S And he asked them, How many 22. Mat. houfe from the people his difciples loaves have ye? And they fald, Seven., Mar. 15. 13. asked him concerning the parable. And he commandedthe people to 6.2. Rom. 15 Andke faith untothem, Are ye at down on the ground and he took, e Mat. 3.13. Top without understanding allo? Do ye the leven laavs, and gave thanks, 14, 17. 14. not perceive, that whatsoever thing and brake,and gave to his difciples to Joha Gen, into man, et Deute 6. fcannot dehle him intreth not into his Andthey had a few mall fires: 8. 10. 8. 21. heart butintothe belly, and goethout andhebelled, and commanded to fet Tim Jeg into the q draught, purging all meats? them lohe fore the people. 4.45 4. 1840 And he faid. That which cometh So they did eat, and were filled:&iar. Act. & out of che man, thas defileth y man, they took up of the broken meat that 14.220 Luxe 22. 11 For from within, out of the heart was left, leven baskets. Mat. of men, proceedt evil thoughts,adul- And they thathad eaten were about 28. 59. 21. 22. teries, fornication, mutthers, four shouland; he fent them away. Pro. To And ftraightway he eatred into 11. 25. a hip, with his difciples, and came alm into the parts of Dalmanutha. 23.3


before them.

19 Because it

Mat. 22 Thefts, coverouinefas wickedness, 20. 15. deceit, lafcivioufnels an evil eye, Mac. blafphemy pride, foolishnets: 12.35 All thefe evil things come from 11 And the Pharifees came forth and John Jam.x within and defilethe man. began to /queftion with hitn, feeking 61. 115. 34 And from thence he arofe, and of him a fign from heaven, tempting Mal. 7 Mat. went into they borders of Tyre and him.. 3.14. 15, 24, Sidon, and entred into an houfe, and And hem fighed deeply in his fpi- Ita.m Rom, would have no man know its but he rit, and faith, Why doth this gene- 3 25 2.11 could not be kid...d what s ration feek after a fen Verily fay k Mar Egber-15 For a certain woman, whofe unto you, There Thall no Jigabe given 15. 39. Joha 6. 9. young daughter had an unclean ipi- unto this generation. Col. Fit, beardof him, and came and fell 13 And he left them,& encring Into 7.48 3.29. at his feet; ty hip again, departed to other fide. As 4 Tal 26 The woman was a Greek; a Sy- 149 Now the difciples had o torgotten, 6. 9. 50..15. rophenicianby nation and the be- to take bread hefter Had they in the and and fought him that he would call forth hip with them more than one 102. 1718. 43 1. the devil out of her laughter. Is And he charged them, faying m Mag Hot.. 27 But Jefus faid unto her, Letthet Take heed,beware of the leave of 35 14. 3. children 6 firit be filled for it is not Pharifees,& of the leaven of Herod. Luke Ifai. meet to take the childrensbread, andro And they realoned among them- 19. 41. 63. 17. to caft it into the dogs. felvs, Taying, It is because we have MR. 17 And when Jels knew it, he faith Hor untochers, Why reafon ye becaule, 4 17.

Rom. And and faid no 146. him,Yes Lord, yet the dogs under the Afts cable, eat or the chilkens rumbs. 13646 29 And he laid unto her, Forchis ye have no bread perceive ye noro Mate Acts Saving sochy way, dre devil is one yet, merther underland have ye 16. your yet r

10. 14 out of


Eph. And when he was come to her 13 Having eyes, ee ye now? and ha. Jerze. 211. house, the found the devil gone out, ving eats hear ye not and do ye 1 The 4 Tic, and her daughter laid upon the bed. nor remeinder? More 5.2. 120 23 And again departing from the To When I brake the five loavs a- p. Co Pfalm coats of lyze and Sidon, he came moug five thoufand how many baskets, 2.4. 12. G. unto the fea of Galilee, throath the full of fragments took yeup? They 9 Joh 2 Cor.midit of the coalts of enecapoli lay unto hnn, Twelve.


LY 20.

32 And they bring unto him one And when the feven among four Mar Joth that was deaf and had an impedi- thoufan, how inany baskets full or 3. 21-45.ment in his fpeech: and they beleech fragments took ye up And they Heb. e Mat, im to put his hand uponhim. faid Seven. 4.9533. And he took him aude from the How is it, 77 Sa. Jam multitude, and put his angers into his that 5. 16, car:& heg ipit & touched his tongue Job 34 And looking up to heaven he and 2015. fighed, and faith unto him. Ephpha- him,

Mar, tha that is the opened.

rand he laid unto them,
do not underfand
And he cometh to Bethfaida, 2. Time
they bring a blind man unto 4. 17.
and befought him to touch him. # Heb.
he took the blind man by 5. 12
him out of the town, John
Ipit on his eyes,& 1 45.
dupan hun.he asked him Mar,
II. 2
24 And

3.33 131 And itraightway his ears were the
John opened and the fting or his tongue and
2.6. was loofed andreipake plain.
bjain. And he charged them that they
should cell knospan, buite more he



Tofas traurigured. 5. Marke The dumb piristap ont 1 Pe. 24 And helooked up, and faid, a fee more fave! Jefus onely with them-1-11. 2.2. 4 men astrees walking. Mst. 25 After that he put his handsb again And as they came down from the Kats Phil. up: and he was restored,and faw ever had feen, till the Son of man were 2. 8. 13. 12.upon his yes, and made him look mountain, he charged them that they24. 26. kno man they 1 Cor. 1.6 man clearly. € Mat. 20 And he fent him away to hisrifen from the dead. 7 John 9.30. houfe, faying, Neither to into the 10 And they kept chat faying them- 11. 24. Deu. nor tell to any in the town 5.727 And Jefus went out and his what the rifing from the dead fhould 23.8. • Mat. difciples into the towns of Cefarea mean, sa ki m Mal 141 Philippi : and d by the way he asked 11 And they asked him, faying 4. 5. Mat. his difciples, faying unto them, why lay the Scribes that Elias muit Ifai. 13. 11. Whom do men fay that I am? mrit comes del C53.3.

Luke 28 And they answered, John the Bap 11 And he answered, and told them,o Acts 9, 21. tift: but fome fay Elias; and others, Elias verily comech firft, and relo-3. 14. Eccl. one of the prophets. rech all things,and how it is written Pfal. 33. 1. 10 And he faith unto them; But whom of the Son of inan, that he muft fuffer25. 9. Prov. Tay ye that I am? & Perer anfwaketh many things, and be ofet at nought. Mac. 5.11. & faith unto him, Thou art the Chrift. 13 Butlayp unto you that Elias is 13. 1th & Pal. 30 And heg charged them that they indeed come and they have done john 118. fhould tell no man of him. unto him whatsoever they lifted, as7. 41, 31 And he began to teach them, that it is written of him. the Son of man muftfuifer many things, 14. And when he came to his di-q Get and be b rejected of the elders,and of fciples, he faw a grear multitude a-3. 1. the chief priests, and Scribes, and be bout them, and the Scribes q que-2 Cor. killed,and after three daysrife again. tioning with them.



I ver.

34. John 1.19



3. 14. And Peter cook him, and began to amazed, and running to him, Taluted 29, 30, And he fpake that faying fopenly 15 Andftraightway all people when Exo 34

Rom. rebuke him.

33 But when he had turned about, him.



Jam 3615

and looked on his difciples, he rebu- 16 And he asked the Scribes, What L. 2. ked Peter,faying,Get thee behind me, question ye with them? Lip& Heb. Satan: for thou klavoureft nor things 17 And one of the multitude anfwered 5. 8. 11. 24. be ofGod, but the things be of men. and faid, Matter, I have brought unto job Phil 34 And when he had called the thee my fon,whic hath a dumbfpirit:1. 7. 3.7.8. people unto him, with his difciples 19 And wherefoever he cakech him, 20. Efth alfo, he faid unto them, Whofoever he /teareth him; and he fometh, and Pfalm 416. will come after me,ler him /deny him- gnafheth with his teeth, and pineth 90. 17

Mat. felf,& take up his croft, & follow me. away and I fpake to thy difciples Ezra 3. 10.33.35 For whofoever will m fave his life, that they fhould caft him out,and they 21. Jobn thall lofe it; but whosoever shall lofet could not John 12 42. his life for my fake and the golpels, 19 Heanfwereth him and faith, O11.Gal. the fame fhall fave it. faithlefs generation, how long thall 141, 420 6.12. 36 For what fall it profit a man be withyou? how long thall I fuffer Pfalm 2 Ti if he fhall gain the whole world, you ? bring him unro me. 13.250 6.7. and lofe his own foul?. 20 And they brought him unto him:26. Job 37 Or what fhall a man give in and when he faw him, xftraightways Mac. 1.216 exchange for his foul? the fpirit tare him, and he fell on the 23.43. -Eccl. 33 Whofoever therefore fhall be ground, and wallowed foming. Rom 513 afhamed of me, and of my words, 11 And he asked his father, How 11. 20 Pfal. In this adulterous and finful genera- long is it ago fince this came unto Acts 42.7: tion, of him alfo fhall the Son of man him? And he faid, y Of a child. 13.46 1 Pet be afhamed,when he cometh in glory, 22 And oft-times it hath caft him Rev. 3.18 of his Father, with the holy angels. into the fire,& into waters to deftroy. 5. him but if thou canst do any thing, Kev have compaffion on us,and help us. 12. 12 23 Jefus faid unto him, Irthou Mar.




a Jefus transfigured. 31 He inftru cant believe all things a are poffible I. 16.
Seth Vis difciples.
to him that believeth.


7 Pfal Mat 16. 28. unto you, that there be fome of the child cried out, and faid with Mat Hebr. them that ftand here, which shall ceare, Lord,I believe, help thou mine 15. 22. 3.9.4 not taste of death, till they have feen unbelief.

Pfalms Exo. the kingdom of God come with power. 25 When Jefus faw that the peo-25.7.2 34.29. 2 And after fix days jefus taketh plecamerunning together he rebuked Dan Gen. with him Peter, and James, and John, the font fpirit, faying unto him, Thou 9. 18. 32:24. and leadeth them up into an high d'imb & deaffpirit, I charge thee come a Acti Ifal mountain b apare by themfelve and our of him, St enter d no more into him. 145.9. 33 17. he was transfigured before them. 26 And the fpiritcried, and rent him 2 Chr. Phil. 3 And hiraiment became a fhining, fore,and came out of him and he was 20. 10. 3. 21. exceeding white as fnow; fo as so as one e dead, infomuch that many & Luke @Acts fuller on earth can white them. faid, He is dead. 19 17.5. 30.43. 4 And there appeared unto them 27 But Jefus took him by the hand, Mar Rom. Elias with Mofes: and they weretalk- and lifted him up, and he farofe. 1. 25. 321. ing with Jefus. 18 And when he was come into the d 1 Pe Jam. And Peter answered and faid to house, his difciples asked him pri-3. 4. 3, 1. Jefus, Mafter,f it is good for usto be vacely,g Why could not we caft hime Rev. Mat. here; and let us make three taberna- our? Betaser 2013.12. 16. 22. clestone for thee, and one for Mofes,

to And he faid unto them. This Luke kind can come forth by nothing but 11. 22. by bprayer and fafting

and and for 1. 21. 6 For he wift not what to fay, for g Exo. they were fore afraid. 30 And they i departed thence, and 10. 1.! 40.347 And there was a gcloud that paffed through Galilee, and he would brJoh. King overshadowed them and a voice not that any man fhould know it. 14. 8. 10. came out of the cloud, faying, This 31 For he k caught hisdifciplessand Mar. faid unto them, The Son of man is 17. 22. delivered into the hands of men, and Luke they 24. 25. Blízi. 53. 10. Joh 18.36. and 19. 18

2 P. is my beloved Son: hear him. 16178 And fuddenly when they had lookEphef.ed round about, they fay no man any jogo

Mas, 10. 33



Chap. x.

Avoid offences

Touching divorce they fhall kill him, and after that he to chem. For the fhardaels of your fe I Mac. is killed, he thall rife the third day heart, he wrote you this precepe. 17. 23. 31 Butthey/underfood not that lay-6 Buttrom the beginning the crea Luke ing, and were afraid to ask him. cien God made them male & female. 3.4 9.44-33 And he came to Capernauma For this caufe hall a man leave Ads Mar. and being inthe houfe, he asked them, his father, and mocher, and cleave 7.41. Deuts 8.32. m What was it that ye difputed amongto his wife, Mat.your felvsby the way? And they twain shall be one feth:9- G 18. I. 34 But they held their peace: forfo then they are no more twain, but and John by the way they had difpiked among one feth. greatelt. 9 What therefore God hath joyned & Mal nActi 3 And he fate down, and called the together, let not man put Afundet. 2.6. ewelre, and faith unto them, lany to And in the house hisdiciples ask-Gen. Luke man defire to be firft, the fame fhall ed him again or the fame matter. 9.46. be laft of all, ando fervant of I And he faith unto them, Wholo:verand 1Cor. 36 And he took a child, and fet him hall put away his wife, and marry 7


24. themfelvs,who bould be




Prov, had taken him in his arms, hefaid gain't her. unto them.


5.3. 1 And if a woman fhall put away Onlin and 37 Whofoever thall g receive one of her husband, and be married to a- 1S. 20. 1 Mar. 16. 18. fuch children in my name, receiveth nocher,the committeth adultery.. and me and whofoever hall receiveme, 13 And they brought young chil-5.32. 18. 12. receiveth not me, but him fent me. dren to him, that he mould I touch and Mat. 38 And Jahn anfwered him, fay- then, and his difciples rebuked 199 k Luke 10. 40. ing Mafter, we faw one cafting out thofe that brought them t Luke devils rinthy Name, and he followeth 14 But when Jefus faw it,he was 18. 13. ! Gen9.49. us not, and we forbad him, becaufe much difpleafed, and faid unto them, Num be tollowed nor us. Suffer the little children to come un-49. 140 m2Kia 11. 28.-39 But Jefusfaid, Forbid him not: Phile for there is no man which hall do a 1.18. miracle in my Name,that can light ICor. lyfpeak evil or me. 12.3. For he that is not against us,is on #Mat. ur part.

to me and forbid them not: sor of 4.274 2
fuch is the kingdom of God.
is Verily I lay unto you, Wholeever Luke
fhall not o receive the kingdom of 18. 16.
God as little child,he faall not enter 1 Peta
there in.

2.2. a


run- and asked 4 fo r de ver.



thy father and mother.

2. 33. 41 For whofoever shall give you ax cup 16 And he took them up in his Jam.. * Mat. of water to drink in my name, be- arine, put his hands upon them, and 1.21. ? Luke 1o. 42. caufe ye belong to Chriftoverily 1 faye blegedchem. John unto you, he fhall notlofe his reward. 17 And when he was gone forth 18. 27 42 Andwnofoever shall offend one of into the way, there came one 49. King thefe y little ones that believe in me, ning, and kneeled to him, and 17. 12. it is better for him that a militone him, Geo, Malter, what fhall ICor. were hanged about his neck, and he that may inherit eternal life? 1.26. were caft into the fea. 18 And Jefus faid unto him, Why Rom and 43 Andir chy zhandoffend thee, cut calleft thou me goo ?there is no man 10.3 Pialm 4.9. it of it is better for thee to enter into good, but one that is God. life maimed than having two hands,to 10 Thou knoweft che command- 119.68. Rom. gointe hell, into the fire that never ments, Do not commit adultery, 10 Mat. 14. 1. zat. Thall be quenched: Dis not kill, Donor fteal, Do not bear 1970s Where their 4 worm dieth not, falfe witnels, Defraud not, Honour Col 4.16 Col, and the fre is not b quenched. 45 And itchy foot offend thee, cut it 10 And he answered and faid unto Eph 345 IG). eitis better for thee to enter halt him, Mafter, all the fe have I obfer-6.4 - Tic. 66. 24. into life than having two feet to be ved from my youth. Rom Caft into hell, into the fire that never at Then Jefus beholding him.r loved 1. 16. 2. 5, 6, fhall be quenched: 32. him, and faid unto him, y Onex Ki Jer. 46 Where their worm dieth not, and thing thou la keft, gothy way, fell 21. 29. 720. the fireisnot quenched, wer whatever thou haft, and give to Gal. Mar.. 47 And ifthine eye offend thee,pluck the poor, and thou fhalthave treafure. 14. ZITL it our:itisbetter for thee to enter into in heaven, and come take up the 6.17 Jer. kingdonofGad one eye, than ha croft, and follow me. 13. 29. ving two eyes to be caft into hell fire: 11 And he was fad atthat faying, or Per. 48 Wheretheirworm dieth nor, and and went away grieved: for he had 19. 17. 17 the fire is not quenched. a great poffeffons. 4 Lev. 49 For every one thall be e falted 23 And Jefus looked round about, 13. 22. a. 13. with fire, and every 4 facrifice thall and faith unto 6 his difciples, How Phil Mat. be falted with hardly fhall they that have riche, 319. enter into the kingdom of God!


4 Mat.

bi cor.

12. 14.
Palm 133 1.
Chrift difputesh concerning divorce

13. fo e Salt is good but if the fake have Col laft his falen-fs,wherewith will you 24 And the difciples were altonished 1.26. 4.6. feafon ist fhave falt in your felvs, at his words. But Jefus answered a-1 Tin. Hebrand gipeace one with another, gains and faith unto them, Children, 6. 17. AAA how hardis it for them that struk in Jam. Band riches to encer into kingdonrof God: 5. fr b25lt iscafiertor a camel to go thorow falm the eye of a needle, than for a rich 520700 man to enter into the kingdom of God. 74 26 And they were aftonifhed our 62. 11. of meature, faying among themfelvs; Tim Who then can be faved?


Nd hearofa from


1. Acometh into the coafts of Judea 19.1. Lukeby the farther fide of Jordan: and the 4. 16. people refort unto him again; and as 27 And Jefus looking upon them, Soma Mat. he was b wont, he taught them again. faith, 4 With men it is impoffible opies 16.1. And the Pharifces came to him, but not with God: for withi God e all have a Cable and and asked Him, Is it lawful for a man things are poffible. 18 Then Peter began to fay unto rope. Y 22. 15.to putaway his wife? e tempting him. dIfai. 3 And he anfwered and faid unto him, Lo, we have f leit all, and have jer. 13.23. 8.26. them, What didMofes command you? followed thee. John 4 And they laid, Mofes fiffered to: 20 And Jelus answered and fald, Veri- a 2Kim 4.99% write e a bill of divorcement, and to ly I fay unto you, there is no man that7.2. hath left boule,orbrethren,orfiiters.o: Luke Coa Alt put her away. father 4.229 19.3. And Jefus answered and said ung Mat 1374

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