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Chist is crucified.

S. Matthew.



12. Rom.. 1.29.


Of his refurretion. 13 And when he was accused of the 7 And c fet up over his head,his ac- John chief priests and elders, he answered curation written, THIS IS JESUS 19. 19. Mat. t nothing. THE KING OF THE JEWS.dActs 26.63. 13 Then faith Pilate unto him, 38 Then were there two thievs cru- 4. 12. wver. Heareft thou not how many things cified with him: one on the right Mat. they witnefs against thee? 13d se hant, and another on the left. 14 And he anfwered him a to never 39 And they that palled by, reviled f Rev. a word, infomuch that the governour him.b wagging their heads, aw 19. 16. x ver. marvelled greatly, chat in Biomi 40 Aniaying, Thou that deftroyeft g Ifai. 15 Now at the feaft the governour the temple and buildeft it in three $3. 12. Plaim was wenty to releafe unto the people days fave thy felfed if thou be the Son bi fal. 59.1.a prifoner, whom they would. of God one down from the crofs. 22.7... Mat. 16 And they had then a notable 41 Likewife alfo the k chief priests & Mat. 15.6. prifoner, called Barabbas.spreag mocking him, with the Scribes and 4.3. Gen. 17 Therefore when they were gas elders, faid, Rev. 9.6. thered together, Pilate faid unto 42 Hel faved others, himself he can. 11. 10. Mar. them, Whom will ye that I releafe not fave: if he be the king of Ifrael,/ Luke 15.7. unto you? a Barabbas,or Jefus, which let him now come down from the 4.23. Phil. is called Chrift? croft, and we will believe him. m Mar. 3.7. 18 For he knew, that for envy they 43 Hew trufted in God,let him deli 28. 12. Rom. had delivered himen ver him now if he will have him for n Pfal. be faid, I am the Son of God. 22.3

44 The thievs alfo which were cru- Luke cified whim, call flame in his teeth. 23.59. 45 Now from the q fixth hour there was Rev. darkness over all the land unto the 16.3. ninth hour.


15. 19 When he was fet down on the ever. judgment-feat, his wife fent unto him 24, 14-laying, Have thou nothing to do with 4 Pfal.juft man:for I have fuffered many 22, 16. things this day in a dream, becaufe John of him.. 7.48. 20 But the chief priests and elders and perfwaded the multitude that they 11. 48. Thould ask Barabbas,and destroyJefus. Acts 21 The governour answered and faid unto them,Whether of the twain will ver ye that I releafe unto you? Theye faid, 18, 24-Barabbas.

Joha 46 And about the ninth hour Jefus 11.9. cried with a loud voice, faying, Eli, blat. Eli, lama abachthani, that is to fay, 3.12. My God my God, why haft thou for. Heb. faken me?



47 Some of them that stood there, tifalm when they heardthat, faid, This man 22. 1. calleth for Elias.

& Vet.

Jer. 22 Pilate faid unto them, fWhat hall 26.11.I do then with Jefus which is called Pal. Chrift? They gall fay unto him, Let 11.3 him be crucified.*7**

48 And ftraightway one of them -7, 41. ran, and tooke a (pungey and x filled it Sial. with vineger, and put it on a red, and 45gave him to drink.


Gen. 33 And the govermour faid,Why,b what 19.7. evil hath be done? But they cried out 49 The reft faid, Letbe, let us fee 19 Deut. the more,faying, Lethim be crucified, whether Elias will come to fave him. 28, 30. 21.4.14 When Pilate faw that he could so Jefus when he had y cried again Mar. Mat. prevail nothing, but that rather a with a loud voice, yielded up the 16. 23. 34 21.tumult was made, he took water, and ghoft. y Joha Lev. kwashed his hands before the multi- 1 And behold,the avail of the temple 19:30. 20. 9. tude, faying, Iam innocent of the was rent in twain from the top to the falm Pfal. blood of this juft perfon: fee ye te it, bottem; and the 6 earth did quake, and 31.6. 109. Lake is Then answered all the people, and the rocksrint, 9.15. faid, His blood be i on us and on And graves were opened,& many 23. 46. John our children. bodies of faints, which flept, arofe, Alts 19.1.26 Then releafed he Barabbas 53 And came out of the graves after 7.59. Trav. unto them:and when he had scourged his refurrection, and went into the 4Exod. 12. 10. Jefus he delivered him to be crucified. holy city, and dappeared unto many. 26.31. A&t 27 Then the o foldiers of the gover- SNow when the Centurion, and they 9.39. nour took Jefus into the common-hall, that were with him,e watching Jefus, 6.19. Prov. and gathered unto him the whole faw the earthquake, and those things Hag. 89. 12. band of foldiers. of that were done, they ffeared greatly, 2.7. faying, Truly this was the Son of God. ker.



Pfal. 29 And they tripped him, and put 23. 16. on him qafcarlet robe. T Pal. 19 And when they had plattedra 32.7. crown of thorns, they put it upon his Cor. head, and a reed in his right hand and 49. they bowed the knee before him, and Judg. mocked him, faying, Hail King of 16. 25.the

55 And many women were there (be- 1.19. holdinggafar off which fellowedje. I Cor. fus from Galilee,miniftring unto him. 15.0 56 Among which wasMary Magdalene, Als and Mary the mother of James and Jo- 10. 41. fersandmother of Zebedees children. 1.Cor. 5157 When the even was come, there 15. came a rich man of Arimathea, mas ver. med Jofeph, who also himself was Je-Neu $3. difciple:

Phil. 36 And they fpit upon him, and took 2.7. the reed, and (mote him on the head Mat. And after that they had mocked 26. 49.him, they took the robe off from him, Acts and put his own raiment on him, 8.32. and led him away to crucifie him. and And as they came out,they found 43. 42. 4 man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him John they compelled to bear his crofs. 19. 17. 33 And when they were come unto Lukea place called Golgotha, that is to 23. 26. fay, a place of a skull:

48 Helwent to Pilate, and begged 5.11. the body of Jefus then Pilate com- Lake manded the body to be delivered. 23.49. 5 And when Jofeph had m taken the Dan. body, he wrapped it in a clean linen 5 cloth, Mar. 60 And laid it in his » own new tomb, 26. 58. which h had hewn out in the rack: Luke and he rolled oa great flone co the door 9-3of the fepulchre, and departed. Mar.


Heb. 34 They gave himy vineger to drink, 13. mingled with gall and when he hada61 And there was Mary Magdalene, 15: 43. 11, 12. tafted thereof, he would not drink. and the other Mary,atting over against k. Jean Num. 35 And they crucified him, and the fepulchre. 19.5. 4 parted his garments,cafting lots:that 63 Now the p next day that followed Mar. Mar. It might be fulfilled which was fpe- the day of the preparation, the chief 15. 43. 25. 24. ken by the prophet, They parted my priefts and Pharifees caine together Joh. Plaim garments among them and upon my unto Pilate, -19-39. 69. 22. vefture did they caft lots. 43 Saying,Sir, we remember that nifai deceiver faid,while he was yet alive. 53.9. After Joha ver. 1. Mat.12.2. 9 John 7. 12.


Gal. 36 And fitting down they bwatched 3.13. him there s

a Pfal.

42, 18.6 ver.49. Job 3. 130 15

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Christs refurreñtion declared,

Chap.). Toba baptifs office. After three dayst will rife again. did run to bring his difciples word. r Mat. 64 Command cher.tore that the fe- And as they went to tell his difci 13. 40. pulchre be made fure until the third ples, behold, Jefus imet chem,faying,f Son 3 Prove day, left hisdifciples co ne by night. All hail.And they came, and held him t 21.30. and teal him away, and fay unto the by the feer # Pfalm people, He is rifen from the dead: fo and worshipped him. John $3.5. 19 Then faid Jefus unto them, Be 20. 17. Flaft error shall be worfe than the firft. not afraid: go tell my brethren, that Heb. ого Pilate faid unto them, Ye have they go into Galilee, and there fhall Hard. at watch, co your way, make it as fure they mfe. me Acts you can. 4. T 66 So they went and made the Dan, fepulchre fure, fealing the flone, and 6.17fetting a watch!

11 Now when they were going, behold, fome of the watch cam: into mLuke the city and fhewed unto the chief 10 priefts all the things that were done. 11.


* Chrifts refurrection declared: 16 He
20appeareth to his difciples...

with the elders, and had taken counfel.
13 And when they were affembled..
they gave large money unto the fol-27. 64.

Nthe end of fabbath, as it hegan


John week, came Mary Magdalene and the
20.1. other Mary, to fee the fepulchre.
b Pfal.i 2 And behold, there was a great
68.3. earthquake, for the angel of the Lord
Rev. defcended from heaven, and Caine and
11. 13. rolled back the flone from the door,
Acts and fee upon it.
1..10.3 Hic countenance waslike light
MacAning, and his raiment c white as now
17-2024 And tor d fear of him the keepers
Prov. did thake, and became as dead inen.
11. 21. And the angel anfwered and faid unto
Ifai. the women Fear not ye: for I know
10. ye feck Jefus which was crucified.
16-6. he faid: come fee the place where
Mat the Lord lay.
10. 21. And go quickly ang cell his difci
153. ples that he is rifen from the dead
3-30 and behold, he goeth before you into
I Cor
Galilee, there fhall ye fee him; le,
have told you.


1.27 Mfalm Judg

Marto dawn, towards the first day or the 13 Saying,Say ye His difciples came 22. 17.

by night, and tole him away whil. 2 kin. we plept.

3.20. nours care, we will perfwade him, 12. 19 14 And if this come to the gover- 9.Acts and 9 fe ure you. 15 So they took the money, and didra Ti. as they were and is commonly reported among the Jews Mat until this day.


27.54 16 Then the eleven difciples went? 27 het. awayinto Galilee, into a mountain 2.9.1 Mat. where Jelus had appointed them. 17 And when they faw him, they 17.10 * Eph. worshipped him : but fome doubted. 1.20. x Mar them, faying, & All power is given 16, 15. unto me in heaven and in carth. 19 Go ye therefore and teach all. Mar. nations, baptizing them in the name of 721 and the Father, and of the Son, and ot 3.15.1 the Foly Ghost:

20 Teaching them to y obferve all Jer And they departed quickly from things whatsoever I have onman led 17 the fepulchre with feat & great joy, you and loI am with you always 13. 22. Matth. 2. 10.. Even unto the end of world. Amen.


Pfalm 22. 22.


The gapel according to S. MARK.
cording to Shout my beloved


12 Pee

zloha baptifs office.91efas is baptized, Son, in whom I am well pleafed,
12 tempira 14 preachesh, 16 cakesh
Peters and others, 13 and health
one that had a devil.

11. And immediately the m (pirit 1.17. Col. driveth him into the wildemefs.

Mats 11. 43.



13 And he was there in the wilderness 1. 13. He a beginning ofthe galpel forty days tempted ofSaran, and was m Mat ofJefus Chrift the Son of God, with the wild beafts, and the o an- 4-1. 2 As it is written in the gels miniftred unto him. n Job prophets, Behold, I fend my 14 Now after that John was put in 5.21. $IGI. neffenger before thy face, which fall prifon, Jefus came into Galilee, Heb 40.3. preaching the gospel of the king 1.6 Ephef. prepare thy way before thee. Joh. dom of God 15 Andfaying, The time is a fulfilled, 3.24. and the kingdom of God is at hand? Mat. 4,721 repent ye and believe the gofpel.

16 Now as he walked by the fea of 9 Gar Galilee, he Taw Simon, and Andrew +49 his brother,/ cafting a pet into the fea: As 8.37-(for they were fishers) 17 And Jefus faid unto them, Come Mar. ye after me, and I will make you to be 15. 16. Sikin

18 And u ftraightway they forfook 19. 19. their nets, and followed him,


1753 The voice of one crying in the wilCor. dernefs Prepare ye the way ofthe 6.16. LORD, make his paths e ftraight. Luke John did baptize in the wilder3.5, 6.nels and preach the baptifm of reHeb.pentance for the remiffion of fins. #2. 13. And there went out unto him all Afts the land of Judea, and they ofJerufa19.4, lembrand were all baptized of him in Rom. river of Jordane confefling their fins, 4. F1.4 And John was clothed with camels comer fifhers of men. Luke hair, and with a girdle of a skin about 9.27. his loyns: and he dideat locufts and 19 And when he had gone a little 1-1 Heb. fwild honey: And preached, faying There further thence,he faw James the fan of f Ezek, 9.15. Mat. cometh oneg mightier than I after me, Zebedee, & John his brother who alfo 47-9. 11. 18, the latchet of whofe fhoes 1 am not were in the hip x mending their nets. 10. 10 And ftraightway he called them: #Pfal. Heb. worthy to floop down and unloofe. 8 I indeed have baptized you with and they left their father Zebedee 3.40. Luke water: but he thall baptize you with in the ship with the hired fervants geb. 9 And it came to pals in thofe days, 21 And they went into Capernaum, Gal. Jefus came from Nazareth of Ga- & ftraightway on the fabbath day he x1 Cor. 4.6.3 dilee, & was baptized ofJohn in Jordan, entred into the fynagogue,and taught. Mas. Altro And ftraightway coming up out 22 And they were aftonished athis •19. 27. 19.2. of the water, he faw the heavens open- doctrine: for he taught them as one that Mat.ed, and the Spirit like ka dovede had authority, and not as the fcribes. Mai 4.13. 23 Andthere was in theirfynagogue 3.15. fcending upon him, an! а мам. C. 2 Phil. And there came a voice from AQ 7.29. 2.6.






a man

26, 201

11250k Joba 1.32. Luke 3.22.

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Divers difenfes healed.

Mark. One fick of the palle healed. Luke a man with ban unclean fpirit, and he thered together, infomuch that therec Ti. 4.33. cried out, was no room to receive them,nonot fo 4.2. Mat. 24 Saying, Let us alone, what have much as about the door: and he dMat. 8.29 we to do with thee thou Jefus of preached the word unto them John Nazareth? art thou come to destroy And come unte him, doring- Heb. 3.8 us? I know thee who thouart, the ing one fick of the palfie, which was 6. 10. Jam. holy One of God. born of four. story for Th. 2.19. And Jefus rebuked him, faying, And when they could not come 1.3. Acts Hold thy peace, com out of him, nigh unto him for prefs, they uns 1 Cor.. 16. 2926 And when the uncleanfpirit had covered the roof where he was; & when 13.7. f Luke tom him and cried with a loud they had broken it up, they ledown john 11. 21. voice, he came out of him. bed wherein the fick of the palfte lays 1.12. *. Aas 27 And they were all amazed, in- When Jefus faw theirfaith, he faid Gal. 17.19. fomuch that they questioned among unto the fick of the pathe of Son, thy 3.6. blob themselvs, faying What thing is this? Gasbetorren thee, & Pfal. what new doctrine is this? for with Bif there were certain of the 14. 1. authority commandeth he even the feribes fitting there, and reafoning Mas unclean (pirits & they do bobey him: 21 their hearts, 9.3.201 Sang. 23 Ant immediately this fame read7Why doth this man thus fpeak b Pfal. abroad throughout all the region blafphemies? who can forgive fins but-130. 4. h God only?

J. 6.


about Galilee.


ver. 78 und and forthwith, when they were And immediately, when Jefus per- 42-25. John come out of the fynagogue, they ceived in his fpirit, that they fo rea-Rom. 1.44. entred into che khoufe of Simon, and foned within themfelys be faid unta 1:4.1 Song Andrew, with James and John. them Why reafon ye thefe things in Heb. 5. 192. 20 But Simons Iwives mother lay fick your hearts?



11 Cor. of a fever:& anion they tell him of her. Whether is it k eafier to fay to thek Mat. •2.5. 31. And he came and took her by the fick of the palfie, Thy fins beforgiven 9.5. band, and lift her up; and immediately chee: or tofay, Arife, and take up / Mat. the fever left her, and the miniftred thy bed and walk? 8. 18. Luke unto them. To But that ye may know that the Heb 4:39. 32 And at even, when the fun did fet, Son of man that power on earth to 1.2. Jonn theybrought unto Him all that were forgive fins (he faith to the fick of Cal. 3.8.9. difeafed and them that were poffeffed the palfie.). ifay unto thee, m Arife,and take up m Job. 37.1 #Mat. With 25.23. 33 And all the city was gathered thy bed, go thy way into thine houfe. f. §. 7 Thef. together at the o door. 12 And immediately he arofe took x. Mat. 2.3. And be healed many that were up the bed, and went forth before them 9.33... Elth. fick of divers difcafes; and caft out all, infomuch that they were all a- Luke 4.16. many devils,& fuffered not the devils mazed, and glorified God, faying, 7.16. John to peak because they knew him.: We never faw it on this fafhion. 14.6.35 And in the morning › rifing up a ver. great while before day, he went out, and departed into a folitary place and there a prayed.

。 1 Cor.

13. And he went forth again by the 1.26. feafide and all the o multitude reforted Joh. 7. unto him, and he taught them. - 48, 49. 14 And as he paffed by, he faw Levi p Mat. fon of Alpheus fitting atthe p receipts. 9. ofcuftom, and faid unto him, Follow 1 Tim. ne. And he azofe and followed him. 1. 12.


25. Aas 16. 18. 36 And Simon, and they that were Pfalm 113 5. 34 And when they had found him, they Mat. faid unto him, t. All men feck for thee. 15 And it came to pass, that as Jefus 1 Cor. 14.23, 38 And he faid unto them, Let us fate q at meat in his Houfe, many pub- 6. 11. Gen. go into the next/towns that I may ficans and fimmers are alfo together q Acts 24: 63. proach there allo: for therefore 7 came r withJefus and bis difciples: for there 16. 15. Acts forth. were many, and they followed him. r Mat. 30.9. And he preached in their u fyna-16 And when the fetibes and Pha- 11. 19. gognes throughout all Galilee, and rifees faw him eat with publicans and Cor. call out devils. unners, they Taid unto his difciples, 9.19. 40 And there came a leper to him, How is it that he eateth and drin-loba Sefeeching him, and kneeling down to keth with publicans and finnersPors hims and faying unto him. If the THey that are whole have no 15. 23. When Jefus heard and wilt thou canit make me clean! Acts 41 And Jesus y moved with compat- need of the physician, barthey that Col. 10, 38, fon, but forth his hand, and touched are t fick came not to call the 3.21. Jahn him, and faith unto him. I will, be a righteous but finners to repentances 2 Cor. 1428, thou clean. 18 And the difciples of John, and 2.6 of the Pharifees med to faftanda chey Ram come, and fay unto him; Why do the 10.3.1 difciples of John, andor the Pharifeet x Sa

Tim 1. S.



Song. 1.3.

Mat. 41 And 1 foon as he bad spoken, i 9.35 mediately the ltprofie departed from Mat he was

And Jefus faid unto themy Can Mat.



3.29. And he fraftly a charged him, and 11. Orthwith fent him away 24 And faith unto him. See thou & fay the cliffuren of the bride hambet 10. 16, Heb. nothing to man: burgo ways faft while the bride-groom is with y Cor. 5.25. fhew thy the pricft, and offer for them? as long as they have the bride. I Marthy leaning those things Moft groom with them, theycannot falt. 9.36. commandedfor a teftimony unto them.26 Burthe day will come, when che 19. 21. Mat. But he went out, and began to pub-bride-groom fhall be taken away Neh. 15..28. it is much ", and to plaze abroad from them; and then all they 4 fakt §.9. Mat. the matter Infomuch that)etus could thole days. best 18 Joht 3.43 no more openly enter into the city, but ar Noman alfo feweth apiece of3.29. Mat. was without in defartplaces and chey new cloth on an old gatment: elfe Rev 120 16. E came to him from every quarter. the new piece thaorfilled it up, 27.2. John takeels away from the obb, and the 2 Cor. rent is made worse. 13. 411.2..



174 € Amos 8.11 HAP 11

1 Chrift healer one sek of the galfie La caketh Majchens jeremy Ball Mat. A Nd again he entred into 4 Capernaum, after fome days, and it was 9.1 nodfed that he was in the house. Prov. a And ftraightway bimany were ga 8.34.

And no man gutteth new wine into a Mat. oft Hoteles elfe the new wine dock 9.15. burft thetortless & the wine is fpil- 1 Cor. led, andthe bottles will be marred: but 4.11.. new wine must be put intanew bottles. Mat. 23 And it came to pafs, that he went 9. 16. de through Hai. 40. 11





The of the Mat. through the corn-felds on the cab, AndJudas Iscario, which alle a be- Join 12. 1. bath-day, and his lifciples began as crayed him: & they went into an houfe. 13. 19. they went, to pluck the ears of corn, 22 And the multitale cometh toge- and d Mat. 14And the dPharifees faid unto him, ther b again, fo that they could not fo11.2. b. Prov 7.5. Beholds why do they on the fabbath much as eat bread. day thar which is not lawful? 21 And when his frien is heard of ft, 9. 24. and 23.24.25 Ang he faid unto them; Have they went out to lay hold on him: fore Acts 26. 24. Jer. yee never read what Davidiifwhen they fail He 13 chende hinfelt. 20. 10. he had need and was an hungred, 13 And the fcribes which came Matu Mat. he, and they that were with him? do vn froin Jerufalem, faid, He hath 10 25. 13, 29. 36 How he went into the houfe of dBeelzebub, and by the prince of ther Mat. 12.250 Acts God in days of Abiathar the high devils tafteth be out devils. 13.2. pritfty and did eat the fhew-bread 13 And he called them unto him, and 26. f Sa. which is no fawial to eat, but for faid unto them in parables, How can fJudg. 21.1 the priests and gave alfo to them Satan caft our Satan?

7.22. 14 And if a kingdom be divided - Eph. gain't it felf,& kingdom cannot ftand. 6. 12 15 And in houfe be divided againt Rev. it felt, that houfe cannot ftand. 20. L! 26 And if Satan rife up against him-Col. 2. felf, and be divided, he cainee stand, 14. but hach an end.

Cor, which were with him? 3.2227 And he fald unto them The fabMat, hath was madeg for mansandnorman 11. 27, for the fabbath: Próvas. Therefore the Son of man is 12.6. b. LORDalfo of the fabbath. John A taky CHAP. III. Chrift healeth the withered hand; 17 No man can enter into gaftrong 3.3. 1x rebukesh'unclean fpirus 13 che mans houfe, and spoil his goods, **-/1 Tie feth 31 and trong man. 13. who are his brother, fifter, 22. and then he wiH (poil his hourjoha Mat. ANd he entred again into the Tyna- Verily I fay unto you All Ens 1.9. 11.9gogues and there was a man there shall be forgiven unto Tons ofmen, Ezek. 37: 32. And they b watched him, whether they haul hafpheine:

which a

Mat. Join he would heal Kim on the fabbach-day, 9 But he that all blafpheme - 12. 31 1146. that they might e accufe him.gainft the holy Ghoft, hath never lor- Hebr.. d Dan. 3.And he faith unto the man which venef. But is in danger of etemal 6.6 610. had the withered hand, Stand forths damnation:


Rom. 24 And hefaith unto them, it law-36 7 Because they said, He hath án 10, 26. 2 Pet. 2.15.ful to do good on the fabbath days, or unclean (pirit. fProy to do evil to fave life, or to kill but 31 There came then his brethren 2.20. 27.22 they fheld their peace. ant his mother, and tanding without, v, 22.

Mar. Eph. And when he had looked round a fent unto him, calling him. 420bout on them ganger,being grieved 31 Ahi the multitude Tate about hith, 12, 46. Pal for the hardnels of their hearts, he & they faid unre him, Behold thy mo, and 119. faith unto the man Scretch forth thine ther and thy brethren without feek for 13. 55. Gen. 79. hand. And he ftretched fraut, and hit thee. 7 Rom. hand was refoted whole as the other.33 And he answered them, faying 13.8. 3.156 Andthe Pharifees went forth and Who is my mother or my brethren? Majo kExod.ffraightway took counfel with the He- 34 And he looked round about,on 107 1. 12. rodians against him, how they might them which face about him, and faid, fl. Num behold my mother and my brethren. 66.2. 20:15 But Jefus withdrew himself with 35 For whosoever shall do die wille 1 Th me Matt His difciples to the fea and k a great of God the fame is my brother, 4.3. John 21 371 mutettude From Galite efollowed him and my filter, and mother, Marant


6.46. Mat. 7
r The parable of the fower, 14 and the
meaning thereof.
AN he began again to reach by

8.9.18 And from Jerufalem; and froin
o Mat. Idumea, and froin beyond Jordans
921 & they about m Tyre &3iden, a great
Gr multitude, when they bad heard what
(CONF-3 great things he did came unto him.
9And he pake to his difciples,that
Hebr. afmall ip Bould wait on him
12. 6. because of the multitude, left they
7 Jam. fhould throng him.
2.19.5 For he had healed many, in-
9. Mar. fomuch that they preffed upon Him For
1.25 to coitch him as many as had

the fea-ide: & there was gather 4 Mat.
ed unto him a great multitude, fo thar 13,
he entred into a fhip, ani a fat in the b Lu.ce
fea, and the whole multitude was by 4. 20
the fea on the land.

2 And he caught them many things by parables, and faid unto them in his doctrine,

Laket plagues.


A Hearken. Behold, there went out 6.TR. II And unclean fpiritsy when they cfower to fox. Mat. faw him fell down before him, and 4 And it came to pafs as he fowe 19.15.tryed laying Thou art & Son of God. fome fell by fway-fle, & the fowts' 1 Cor. And he traitway charged them, of the air came and devoured it up. d v. 14. 15.10.that they fhould not make him known. And fome fell on flony ground, Gen.

and And he goeth ap into a mountain,
4.7.& calleth unto him whom he would:
Acts and they came onto him.
10. 41. 14 And heordained twelve,that they.
wafai. fhould be with him that he might
56. 11.fend them forth to preach

where it had not much earth, and im- 15. 13.
mediately ft fprang up, becaufé it Luke
had no depth of earth.
S. 12.
it wase Pfal.
no root, 1.9.

But when the fun was up
(corched, and becaule it had
ewithered away.

Mat. 15 And to have power to heal fick 10. 1. atless and to caft out devils. 7 John 16 And Simon he firmamedy Peter. 1.43.17 And James the Ton of Zebedee, That and John the brother of James Yand 1s fourhe fumamed the Boanerges,which oft in the fons of thunder) buя-1 and Andra and Philips and hyndréasadas dr. Bartholomew, and Mathew and b And he laid unto them, He tha15.1. Deut. OTNOW (and James the fom of hack tears to hear, let him heat. 3.18 Alpheus, and Thaddeus, and Simulo And when he was dones they that $1.40% were about him with the twelve, b Re Lai. the Cavanice, 94 avow bea E asked of his the parable, 58. Mát-ra.q, musklad

And fome fell among thorns, and 2,7 the thorns grew up and choked it, Eph. 30170 and it gielded no fruit. 8 And other fell ong good ground, Mat and did yield fruit that rang up and :9, 27. and brought forth formeg Gen increated thirty, and Teme fixty, and Igme an 6.5



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S. Mark.

The parable expounded.


The depile enter into the fwine. 21 And he faidunto them, Unto you us pafs over unto the other fide. it is given to know the mystery of 36 And when they had fent away 8. 23.1 the kingdom of God: but unto them the multitude, they took him even as Mat. that are kwithout, all thefe things are he was in the hips and there were 15.39. 15. 10. lone in Lük. John 12 That feeing they may fee, and alfe with him other little hipe 37 And there arofe a great fenn of 8.23. 10. 26 not perceive; and hearing they may wind and the waves beat intothe hip, PA Dan. hear, and not understand left at fo that it was now full. 12.10.any time they fhould be converted, Rom. & their fins fhould be forgiven them. 13 And he faid unto them, Know ye 1 Cor. not this parable? an tho then wil you know all parables? lal. 5.9.


38 And he was in the hinder part and of the hip, maleep on a pillows and 121.4. they awake him, and fay unto him, #Pfal. Mater,areft thou not that we perish? 12. 5. 30 And he arofe, an to rebuked the Pfal. wind; and faid unto the fea, Peace, 29. 10. beftill:an the wind ceafed and thers Exod. was a great calm, s 454 14. 10, 42 And he faid unto them. Why are 11. ye fo fearful! how is it that you have Pfal. 7 no faith? 55 17.

14 The fover foveth them worl. And thefe are they by the way file, where the word is fown, but when 3.14 they have heard, Satan cometh im1 Pe.melistely, and raketh away the word 4. 10. that was fown in their hearts. Jer. 16 And thefe are they likewife 23.28.which are fown on itony grount, who Prov.when they have heard the word, aim 3. 3. mediately receive it with gladnefs: and 17 And have no root in themfelvs, 4. 21. and fo endure but for a time: after


4 Andthey fearedex eedingly, and 29. laid one to another, What manner Luks of man is this, that even the wind and 8.25. the fea obey him? Dicer Job33. 14.24.

1 Chrift delivering the poffeffed of the
Legion of devils 14 they enter into the



Jon. ward when paffliction or perfecution 4.To. arifeth for the words fake, immediately Acts they are offended. 17.11.13 And these are they which are fown Luke among thorns: fuch as hear the word, 14.28. to And the cares of this world, and 12 T1. the deceitfulness of riches,and the 1. 15. rluftsof other things entring in,choke Cal the word, and tebecometh unfruitful. 4.16. 20 And chefe are they which are Thef.fo.vn on good ground, fuch as hear the 34. word, and receive it, and bring forth Pral. Fruit, fome thirty fold, fome fixty, 63 10. and fome an hundred.. Prov. 27 And he faid unto them, Is 23. . candle brought to be purundert a bu 1 Jo. fhel, or under a bel and not to be fet 2. 13. on a candlestick? Fol. 23 For there is nothing hid which 1.6. fhall not be manifefted; neither was John any thing kept fecret, but that it 1.4 fhould come abroad. Ifala 23 If any man have ears to hear, let 1.3. him hear And 14 And hefaid unto them, Take herd 92. 14. what youhear:with y whatmeafure Mat. ye mete,it fhall be meáfured to you:& 1.1. unto you y hear,fhall more be given. Luke 25 For he that hath,to him Thall be 19. 13. given: and he that hath not, from him 1 Cor. fhall be taken even that he hath. 12.7. 26 And he fald, So is the king #Eccl. don of God, as if a man fhould 12. 14. caft a feed into the ground, ca and thould & deep, and rife night Mat.. 30. 2. and day, and the feed fhould fpring Alts and grow up,he knoweth not how. 17.11. 13 For the earthbringeth forth fruit John of her felf, d firft the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. 7 Mat. 29 But when the fruit is brought forth, 7.2. immediately he puteeth in the fickle, 2Cor. because the harvelt is come. Whereunto hall Zec. we liken the kingdom of Go? or with 11. 17. what comparison fhall we compare it? #1 Pe 31 Itis like a grain of muftardfeed, 1.22. when it is fown in the earth,isflefs Pfal. than all the feeds that be in the earth. 3..5.. 32 But when it is fown it groweth John up, ant becometh greater than all 10. 9. herbs, and hootech out great 15 And they come to Jefus, and feer Pet. Pfal. branches. fo that the fowls of the air him that was poffeffed with the devil, f. 8. 22. 13. may lodge under the thadow of it and hat the legion, fitting, and Acts 41Pet. 33 And with many fuch parables clothed, and in his right mind: and 13. 17. 2.2. fpake he the word unto them, as they they were afraid mThit. Pfal. were b able to hear it. And they that faw it, told them 2. 19. 847. 34But without a parable fpake he nor how it befel to him that was poffef- Job12. Mat. unto them:& whenthey were alone he fed with the devil and alfo concern-170W 3.12. expounded allthings to his difciples. ing the swine. St worldba I Cor. Mae. 35 And the fame day when the even 17 And they began to pray himm to 2. 14 3- 31.was come, he faith unto them, Let departout of their safts.. Acts. Dan. STOM 18 And when he was come into the 19. 24. fhip, he thachadbeen pofsessed with and tề die 19.

30 And hefaid

14 And they that fed the fwine fled, Mat. and told it in the city and in the 20. 15. countrey. And they went out to leek Job what it was that was done.



2. 35. Eccl. 7.8. by Cory. 19. Mat.13. 41 52.Heb. 12. 3 Zak. 24.27.

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the other a


fide of the fea, into the countrey 5 28. of the 4 Gadarenes.cters bas and 2 And when he was come out of the 18. 12 thip, immediately there 6 met him out Luke of the tombs, a man with an un, 8. 26. cleanfpirit, Acts 3 Who had his dwelling among the ro. 18. tombs, and e no man could bind him, & John no not with chains: 5.5,9° 4 Because that he had been oftene Rom. bound with fetters and chains, and 15. 20. the chains had been plucked afunder 1 John by him, & the ferters broken in pie-3.8. ces: neither could any man tame him. Mar. Andalways night and day, he was in 3.27 the mountains, and in the tombs, cry-ver. 4. ing,andd cutting himself with tones. 4 1Pet. But when he faw Jefus afar off, he 5. 8. came and worshipped him,

1 King And cried with aloud voice, and 19. 28 fail, What have to do with thee, AdS Jefus, thou Son of the most high God? 19. 12. le adjure thee by God, that thou tor-Thef ment me not,

(For he laid unto him, f Come of ASS Mar. of the man, thou uncleanfpirit) 9. 26. 9 And he asked him What is thy and 9. name? And he anfwered, faying, My 26. name isg Legion: for we are many. & Mat

10 And he 5 befought him much,that 26. 53. the countreere was there nigh unto 2. Pe. he would not fend them away out of Luke 8. Now the mountains, a great herd or fwine 2. 4. feeding. 1. Kin.

11 And all the devils befought him, 22:22. faying, Send us in o the fwine, that Job we may enter into them.walizu 1. 11. 13 And forthwith Jefus i gave them? Mat. leave. And the unclean fpirits went S. 30. out, and entred into the fwine, and Pt. the herd ran violently down a fleep 115. 3. place into feastthey were about two and thousand) & were kehoked in the fea. 24. 1.

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