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Chrift jendeshforth




Chap. j. bis twelve d'fiphNT Prov, 2 Now the en ames of the dew, lve but rather fear him whi 10.7. poftles are thefe, The firft, Simon, who destroy both foul and body in hell. 23.140 4 Rev. called Peter and Andrew his bro- 9 Are not twofparrows fold or a malm 21.12.ther, James the fon of Zebedee, and farthing? and one of them the H nor tall 2. 11. IT John his brother, on the ground without your Father, 9 Matt. 1.13. Philip, and Bartholomew, Thomas, 30 Butthe very r hairs or your head 5.+. John and Matthew the epublican, James the are all numbre. 11.2. fon of Alpheus, and Lebbeus, whofe 31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more 14. H Heb. furname was Thaddeus; value than many fparrows. Alts 5.4. 4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas 33 Whofoever therefore fhall confefs 2014Acts Ifcarior, who alfo fbetrayed him. met before men, him will I contels alfo Matte Thefe twelve Jefus & fent forth, and before my Father which is in heaven, 6.26.1 Acts commanded them faying, Go not into 33 But whofover thall deny me be- & Car 13.46. the way of the b Gentiles, & into any tore men, him will falfo deny before 2.2 k. Matt city of the Samaritans enter ye not." my Father which is in heaven. P.alm 9:36 But go rather to the kloft theep 34 Think not that I am cone to fend 8... 1TTI. of the houfe of Ifra 1. pace x on earth: I caine not to fend Luke 3.1. 12.8.. And as ye go, preach,faying, The peace, ut a fword. micor. kingdom of heaven is at hand. 35 For I am começo tier a man at vari- Mark. 15. 10. 8 Heal the fick, c'eanfe the fepers, ance againft his father, and the daugh- 8.38. #1 Pet raif the dead, caft out devils: m freely ter again't her mother, and the laugh #2 Ti 5.2. ter in law against her mother in law. Gr. ye have received, treely give. 30 And a mans foes thall be thy of Rev. 21.8. his



9t Provide neither gold, nor filver,

Pollers 7101.

nor brafs in

Mark. 6:8. • 1 Ti. 5.18. Gal







10 Nor fcrip for your journey,neither 37. He that lov. father or mother * Luke two coats, neither fhoes, nor yet ftaves: znore than me,js not worthy of me: and 12. 58. (for foworkman is worthy or his meat) he that lov.th fon or daughter more 1 Gr. divide 11 And into whatfoever city or town ye than me, is not worthy of me. hall enter, enquire who in it is wor- And he that taketh not his crefs of CHE thy, & there qabide till ye go thence. and b followeth after me, is not worthy in 13. Acts 12 And when ye come into an houfe, of me. 39 He that findeth his life fhall clofe 7.6. 16. 1. fa'nce it. Luke 13 And if the houfe be worthy let your it and he that lofeth his life for my Joh 7.3.4 TO. 7. peace come upon it but it it be? not fake, fhall d find it. Luke worthy, let your prace return to you. 40 He that receiveth you, recef- Luke 14 And whofover fhall not receive vethe me; and he that receiveth me, 14. 20. DA 4 Matt Luke You, nor hear your words, when ye de- receiv th him that fent me. 19.5 part out of that houfe, or city, xhake 41 He that receiv th a prophet in the 16. 24. Acts off the duft of your feet. name of a prophet, fhall receive a pro-joh 1346 15 Verily Ifay unto you, it fhall be phers freward; and he that receiveth a Mar. more tolerable for the land of Sodom righteous man, in name og a righte-john 6.11. and Gomorrab, in the day of judg- ous many thall receive a righteous mans 12. 25. 4 Luke x Arts ment, than for that city. 41 And whofover fhall give to drink 9.24 13. 51. 16 Behold, I fend you forth as fheep 7 Matt. in the midit of wolves:be ye therefore unto bone of thefe little ones a cup of John 11. 24.4 wife as ferpents, & harmless as doves. coldwater only in the naine or a dif- 13-0 ZEzek. 17 But beware of men:for they will ciple, verily I fay unto you, he thall 21. 2:6. 4 deliver you up to the councels, and in no wife lofe his reward. 4 Col. they will fcourge you in their fyna4.5.Logues. John 13 And ye fhall be brought before 2.24. b. Lovemours and kings for 4 Matt. fake for a ceftimony against them 26. y and the Gentiles.


2 Cor.

5.20.3 in. 17-15. 2 Kin. 4.8. & Mat
13.17. b Mark. 9.41. 2 Cor. 9.6.


John fendesh to Chrift. 7 Chrift's 10-
Alimony of John.


19 But when they deliver you up,

And it came to pafs, when Jefus had



made an end of commanding his 4 2 Th d take no thought how or what ye fhall twelv: difciples, he departed thence to 4.2. Acts given you that a in 2 Now when John had heard in the 56. 10 24. 10. fame hour what ye fhall fpeak. and 20 For it is not ye that fpeak, but prifon the works orChrift, he fent two jehn 471.29. 12.1. the Spirit of your Father which of his dif ipless 31And faid unto him, Art thou c he and C Phil. fpeaketh in you, TX3. And the brother fhall deliver up that fhould come or dowe look for an- 3.26. Gen. Matth, the brother to death, and the father the other SCIAT 11. child and the children fhall rife up 4 Jefus anfwered and laid unto th my 3.158 Mar. against their parents,and caufe them to Go and fhew John again chefe things. John 5.36. which ye do dhear and fee: 18 11, be Fut to death. Acts 22 And ye fhall be hated g of all men 4.13. for my names fake:but he that bendur Palma eth to the end, thall be faved. 8.3-23 But when they perfecute you in fiver this city, flee ye into another: or ve35, 36. rily I lay unto you, ye fhall not have Luke gone over the cities of Ifrael, till the not beg offented in me.


The blind receive their fights and Prov. the lame walk, the 1.p-rs are cleanfei, 31.31. and the dear heart edead are raifed. Ifai. up, and the fpoor have the Goipel 35.5. Mar preached to them w And lefed is.he whofoever fhall 5.3.




And as they b departed, Jefus began $14. to lay unto the multitudes concerning John, What went i ye out into the wil 7.-4. dernefs to fee? Areed fhaken with the wind 2kg


8 But what went ye out or to fee? A man clothed ink fott raiment be hold they thatwear foft loding are in kings housut 50 210


Luke 24 The difciple is not above his ma21-17. fter nor the fervant above his lord. b Rev. 25lt is kenough for the difciple that he 2810 be as his mafter, and the frvant as his 1 Lake lord: if they have called the malter or 4.50. houfe / Bel-z bub, how much more k2sa. hall they call them of the houthold 11. 11. 26. Fear them nottherefore or there Matt is nothing mov.red thall not be re12. 14. vealed; & bil that fhall not be known. Val 17 What I tell you in darkness that 37.6 fprak ye inlight & what ye hear in the Deut. car, preach ye upon the house-cops.com, Behold, I fend my medenger be 22.8. 28 And o far not them which kill the orechy tace, which thall prepare thy. #MZ Acts boy, but are not able to kill the foul way 7 belore thee. 12. Verily 36.1 419. Dan 3.16.

9 But what went ye out for to fee? A prophet? yeay I fay unto you, and more than aprophetaeva

10 For this ele o whom it is writ


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2.14. Gal.

1.10. John

1.21. Luke 16.

Chriff telimony of John.

The dumb healed. Luke II Verily lay unto you, among them 3 But he faid unto them, Have ye d not 4 Matt. 7.28. that are born ofwonen,there hath notreat what e David did when he was an 23. 29-. • Col. rifen greater than John the Baptift hungred, and they that were with him?isam. 26. notwithstanding, he that is leaft in the 4 How he entred into the fhoufe of 21.3. John kingcom of heaven, is greater than God and did eat the Thew-broad, 4.5 1.19. he. which was not lawful for him to eat, Sam. 7 Luke 11 And from the p days of John che neither for them which were with him, 29.9. 3.1, 2. Baptift until now the kingdom of burg only for the priests? g Lev. John heaven futtereth violence, and the vio-s Or have bye not read in law.how 24.8. 6.27. lent cake it by force. that on the fabbath days the priests in Prov. r Gál. 13 For all the prophets, and the law the temple profane the fabbath, and 26. 27. 3.64. Prophefied r until John. are blamelefs?" Num. 6 But I fay unto you, that in this 28.9. place is one greater than the temple, klev. 7 But if ye had known what this 24.8.. meaneth, I will have mercy, and not Mare. Luke 16 But wh reunto fhall I liken this facrifice, ye would not have condem- 23. 1.. 1.17. generation? It is like unto x childrenned the guiltless. #Matt. fitting in the markets, and calling unto 3 For the Son of man is LORD 9.13. 13.9. their fellows, even of the fabbath day. Mat.

12. 10.

14 And if ye will receive it, this is
Elias which was tor to come.
He that hath ears to hear, lethim

Proy. 24. 32.


m Mar.

Matt. 17 And faying, We have piped unto 9 And when he was departed thence, 2.27. 3.7. you, and ye have not danced we have he went into their? fynagogue. Lo Mar. Rev. inourned unto you,and ye have not la- 10 And behold, there was a man 3.1. 3. 15. mented. which had his hand withered, and Luke Mart. 18 For John came neither eating, they asked hin, laying a Is it law. 6. 6. 15. 27. nor drinking, andthey fay, He hath a ful to heal on the fabbath-days? that? Mar. Matt, devil. they might accufe him. 3.4.



to The Son of man cam • 4 eating and 11 And he laid unto them,What man 9 Lu.6. Pet. drinking, and they fay, Behold, a man fhall there be among you, that thall 6. Pla.. 5.2. gluttonous and a wine-bibber a have one theep, and if it fall into a pit 39. 11. 2Cor. friend of publicans and finners : but on th Tabbath-day,will he not lay hold alatt. 9.19. b wildom is juftified of her children. on is and lift it out? 22. 17. Luke 20 Then began he to upbraid the 11 How much then † is a man better Job 5 7.29. cities wherein meft of his mighty than a theep? wherefore it is lawful to 13. 14 Luke works were done, because they repent- do well on the fabbath days. 30. 15.ed not. 13 Then faith he to the man, Stretch 3.5. Luke 21 Wo unto thee Chorazin, wo unto forththine hand: and he tftretched it Tit. I. 12. 48. three B. thiaida; for if the mighty works forth, and it was u reftored whole, like 11. 1 Per. which were done in you, had been as the other... Gr 3.20. done in Tyre and Sidon, they would 4 Then the Pharifees went out, differ• { Jona have repented long ago f in fackcloth and held a counfel against him, how th 3.6.S. and afhes. they might deftroy him. Matth. Afts 22-Burd day unto you, te shall be g more ts But when Jefus y knew it, he with- 6.26. 27.3. tolerable ter Tyra and Sidon at the day drew himfelt from thence: and great 1 Pfalm Heb. of judgment, than for you. multitudes followed him, and he heal- 29:4 23 And thou Cap rnaum, which art ed then all,


2.2. and

exalted unto Leaven, thats be b brought 16 And a charged them thatthey fhould S.9. 10. 8. down to hell: for it the mighty works not make him known:

x Mart.

~A; j


b Prov. which have been done in the had been 17 That it might be fulfilled which 11. 16, 16. 18. done in Sodom, it would have fremain was fpoken by Efaias the prophet, 17. Ifai. el until this day. faying, Matt. 24 But I fay unto you, that it fhall 13 Behold, b my fervant whom I have 6.4. be more tolerable for the land of So- chofen, my beloved in whom my foul is Phil. domy in the day of judginent, than well pleafed I will pure my Spirit up- 1.12. Mats. tor thee. on him, and he shall fhew judgment 4 Matt. 5.22. 25 At that time Jefus answered and to the Gentiles, 2 Thef. faid, I thank thee, O Father, LORD 19He thall not ftrive,nor cry, nei- and 3.4 1.9. of heaven and earth, becaufe thou halt ther fhall any man hear his voice in b Phil. I Col. hid thefe thing from the wife and the streets. 2.7. 1.26. prudent and haft om revealed them 20 A bruifed reed hall he not break, Ifai. 1 Cor. unto babes. and finoaking flax fhall he not quen. h, 42.2. 26 Ev.nfo Father, for fo it feemed till he fend forth judgment funto vi- Joba mi Mat. good in thy fight.zvelager fur tory. 3.34. 16. 127 All things are delivered unto me 11 And in hisg Name fhall the Gentiles & V. 14. n'Epn. of my Father" and no man knoweth truft.


2.4. 28 Come q unto me all ye that labour, John and are heavy laden, and I will give 6.44. your reft.

Acts 19 Take my yoke upon you, and learn 4.12. of ine, for I am meek and lowly in Eph. heart: and ye thall find reft unto your 1. 12. fouls. Aas 30 For my yoke # is cafie,and my bur15. 10.den is light.

1.4, .the Son but the Father: paither know 21 Then was b brought unto him one 40. 11.
Mate, eth any man the Father, fave the Son, poffetfed with a devil blind and dumb. Pfal.
28. 13. and he to whomsoever the Son will re- and he healed him, infomuch that the 110. 1.
Heb. veal him. sect
blind and thumb both pake and fawg Pfal.
23 And all the people were amazed, 9. 10.
and faid, Is this the fon of David? b Mar.
34 But when the Pharifees heard it, 3.19.
they laid, This fellow doth not caft Pfalm
aut devils but by Beelzebub the prince 111.2.3
of the devils.
as And Jefus knew their thoughts, 53.
and faid unto them, Every kingdom Aus
divided againft it felf, is brought to 17. 18.
defolation and every city or houfe miHeb.
divided against it felt fhall not ftand: 4.43..
26 And if Satan caft out Satan, he is 7.Gal.
divided against himfelt; how fhall then 5.15
his kingdom ftand?

Jet. 6. 16. 1 John 5.3.

• Már,

The difciples pluck the ears of corp on the fabbath 4 Mar. Ar chat time a Jefus went on the fab 2.23. bath-day through the corn,and his 27 And if I by Beel-zebub caft out 9.39.1 Deus difciples were an hungred, and began devils,by whom do o your children caft Luke 25256 to pluck the ears of corn, and to eat. them out therefore they fhall be your 19. 27. exo4. But whenthe Pharifees faw it,they judges, I Joba 16. 2.fait unto him, Echold, thy difciples a8 But if I caft but devils q by the Spi- 3.20.5 John do that which is enot lawful de upon rit of God, then the kingdom of God q Luke 28.the fabbath day. ris come unto you. 29 or it. 20 Axed,§. 19. r Matta 11.30

1.19. Jer. 4.1.

Jonar à fign.

Chap, il).&

The Parable of the someon Ephe. Or elfe, how can one enter into CHAP XIII. 6.12. a strong mans houfe and fpoil his 3 The parable of the fower and the feeds 1 Joh. Loods,except he firf bind the Atrong 24 Divers ither parabler. a Gal. 3.8.. man and then he will spoil his house. The fame day went) elus out of the 6.9 kin. 30 He that is not with me, is w against by Mar 28. 21. me: and he that gathereth not with me, a And e great multitudes were gather * Mar. Teatterech abroad. ed together unto him, fo that he went Luke 3.28. 31 Wherefore I fay unto you x An into a hip and fare, and the whole 7 Heb. manner of fin and blafphemy fhall be multitude food on the fhore. 6.4. forgiven unto men; but the blafphe-3 And he fpake many things dunto 4 lov lial.my against the holy Ghoft thall not them in s parables, faying, Behold, ever.. 22. 14 be forgiven unto men. flower gwent forth to Tow:


Heb. 32 And whosoever fpeakech a word" 4 And when he fowed i fome feeds 13 37+ 2.5.0 against the fon or man it thall be fell by the way fides and the fowls ver. Acts for given him but whofoever fpeaketh came and devoured them up. 37 319 against the holy Gholt it all not Seine fell upon b ftony places where 4 Luk. Tic be forgiven him, neither in this they had not much earth: & forthwith 5 1.15 worly neither in the world to come, they fprung up, because they had no b4,201 Ors. 'Hag. 33 Either make the b tree good, and deepnefs of earth: his fruit good; or elfe make the tree 6 And when the fan was up, they were 29.3 d Pfal. corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the fcorched, and because they had knot 37 tree is known by his truit. ront, they withered away.. 30, 31


34 O gen ration orvipers, chow can 7 And fome fell among thorns; and 3.17. 1TOV. yes being evils fpeak 2003 things? the thorns fprung up, and choked IC. for out or the a abundance of the heart them. 20, 21. che mouth fpeaketh.


8 But other fell into good ground, 4.3.


Ephe. A good man out of the good treas and brought forth fruit,fame an m hun Baek 5.6. fure of the heart bringeth forth good dred folds fome fixty fold, fome thirty 33-31. Ecclchings and an evil man out of the evil mjob 12. 14. treasure bringeth forth evil things. Who hath a cars to hear, let him Matth. 36 But unto you, That every hear. 14. 12-fidle word that men thall fpeak they to Andthe difciples came, and faid kom. thall giveg account thereof in the day unto him, o Why speakeft thou into 8.8. 2.2, 5. of judgment. them imparables!



12.-30. Lake Luke

Luke 37 Forb by thy words thou fhalche ju. 11 He answered and faid unto them, 11. ftified, and by thy words thou falt be Because it is given punto you to know 16, 29. condemned. the myfteries of the kingdom of hea- 2.3. Jam. 38 Then certain of the Scribes, and ven, but to them it is not given. 4.1 of the Pharifees answered, faying, Ma- 12 For whofoever r hath to him hall fal kicer. r, we would fer ka fign.rom thee. be given, and he hall have more a 29. 14: 39 But he aufwered and fait to them, bunlance but whofoever hath not fai. An evil and adulterous generation from him thall be taken away, teven 3.2. atter a Jerem hign be given to it, but the fia of 13 Therefore (peak Ito them in para6.7. the prophet Jonas. bles because they leeing fee nor and Phil mLuke 40 For as Jonas was three days and hearing, they hear not, neither do they 16. three nights in the whales belly fo undefitand.



29, 31. fhall the fon or man be three days and is And in them is fulfilled the proJona three nights in the heart of the earth.. phecy ofEfaias,which faith, By hear-3.19 1. 17. 41 men of in not underJob judgment with this generation, and Tand: and fecing ye fhall fee, and fall 38. 39. shall condemn it because they repent- not perceive.

38. Pfal. 17. 10. Ephe A. 18 a

Leuted at the preaching of Lonas; and be-15 For this peoples heart is waxed Mar 19. 15 hold, a greater than Jonas is here. grofs and their ears are dull or hear. 42. Joyas 42 The quen a the fouth thall rife ing, andtheir eyes they have clofed; Rom. 6.1 up in the judgment with this genera- left at any time they thould fee with Ikin tion, and fhall condemn it or the came their ty and hear with their ears, 10. 1. trom the uttermoft parts of the earth and should unterftand with their Cel to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and heart, and fhould be converted, and 2.3. behold a greater than Solomon is hou'd heal them. Luke here. 16 But a bleed are your eyes, for they 11. 24.43 When the unclean fpirity is gone fue and your ears, for they hear. LAS out of a man, he/walketh chrough dry 17 For verily I lay unto you, that Jetem. 8-13. places feeking teft, & finleth none. many prophets Be righteous men have 46. JJob 44 Then he faith, I will return into defifed to fee thofe things which ye 4 Mare $1.79 my houfetrom whence I came out and Tee, and have not feeh them and to 16.7. Matt. when he is come,he findeth it x cmpty, hear thofethings which yehear and Luke 8.-9. wept) and y garnished.

Exo. 7.859

have not heard them.

Luke Then goeth he and taketh with 13 Hear ye therefore che parable of. Joha SARGUDSON 2 108: S:6, 22.31. himself feven other Ipirits more wick- the fower. xlet-ed than himfelt, and they enter in and 19 When any one heareth the dword Luke 5.9 shell there: and the laft ftate of that of the kingdom, and underftandeth 10424 Gal man is worfe than firft.Evento fhall not, then comeli the wicked one and Eph 5. 19. it be alfo unto this wicked generation. catcheth away that which was fewn in 85 20, 21 45 6. While he yet talked to the his heart: this is he which received Ro. 16 2Pt people, behold, his mother and his bre- feed by the way fide. 163 26 204 2.20. thren /tood without, defiring & cofpeak Mat. with him. 3-31-47 Then cone faid unto him, Behold, Acts thy mother and thy brethren and 13. 16. without defting to peak with thee. Mar. 48 Buchenwered and faid unto him 3.3 that told him, who is my mother and John who are mybrethren

to But he that received the feed into d'Alta ftony places, fame is be that hearesh 13 40% word, & anon with joy received: Rome ax Yet hath he not root in Himfel Lout 1.16 turech'ior while or when wibul Man tion or perfecution arifichg becaue of 4.156 the word by and by he offended. J.Man. He alfo that received ved amedg. 6. 20 the thorns, is he that heareth the word:. Tha and the care of this worl8 and the 3.4 deceitfulness of riches #1chek the John word and he becometh unfacitful; 33 Buche that received feed into the oud grolaidjis he heard? the word; 6.920


1.40 and be retched forth his hand to Luke wards hit difciples, and faid, Behold .8.2.3.my mother, andiny brethren. f Matt so torwhoresverhall fathe 7.21 my father whachiin heaven the lame Rap in my brother, and Efter, and moth 3.Psalm 35. 5. Tam. 1. 226




14 28



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Tigers parables.

John 8c underftandeth it, which alfo a bear 15.4. eth fruit and bringeth forth, fome ban Gal. 5. hundred fold, fome fixty, fome thirty. 21. 24 Another parable put he forth unGen. to them, faying, The kingdom of 26. 12. heaven is likened unto a man which Heb. fowed c good feed in his field

25 But while men e lept, his fenemy
Phil. came and g fowed tares among the
16.wheat, and went his way.
I Cor. 26 But when the b blade was (prung
4.7. up, and brought forth fruit, then ap-
4 Mact.peared the tares alfo.

9.38. 27 So the fervants of the houfholder
e Acts came and faid unto him, Sir, didit not
20. 29. thou fow good feed in thy fieldtrom
Neh. whence then hath it tares?
13.7. 18 He faid unto them, An enemy hath
1.Pet. done this. The f.rvants faid unto him,
5.8. Wilt thou then that we go and ga-
John ther them up?
8.44. 29 But he faid, I Nay, left while ye
2 Tim. gather up the tares, ye root up alfo the
2.19. wheat with them.

S. Matthew.

John Baptift beleaded. of great price, he went and k told all k. Luke that he had, and bought it. 9:24.

47 Again, the kingdom of heaven 1 Mar. is like unto la net that was caft into 4. 19. the fea, & n gathered of every kind: m Ifai. 43 Which when it was a full, they drew 57: 20. to thore, and fate down, and gathered Tit. good into veffels, but cafty bad away. 3.3. 49 So hall it be at the end of the Ephef. world: the angels fhall come forth, and 2.3. fever the wicked from among the ju; Eph.

50 And fhall call them into the tur- 4.12. nace of fire there thall be wailing P ver. and gnashing of teeth.

10, 36, 1Jefus faith unto them, Have pye un- Prov. derftood all these things? They say 27, 25. unto him, Yea, LORD. 92 Ti 52. Then faid he unto them, There- 3-7. fore every feribe which is intructed Ti. unto the kingdom of heaven, is like 3-2. unto a man that is an houtholder, Ifai. which bringeth forth out of his trea- 56. 11. fure things new and old. /ITI. And it came to país, that when 1.7. Jefus had finished thefe parables, he Song departed thence. 54 And when he was come into his

Atso Let both grow together until the 8.13. harveft, and inthetiine of harveft 1 Rom. will fay to the reapers, Gather ye roand bind

Luke Bundles to burn them: but gather che fynagogue, infomuch that they were a Luke their 20. 2.54. wheat into my barn. aftonished, and faid Whence hath 4.16. Lev. 31 Another parable put he forth unto this man x this wisdom and thefe x M.tr. .19. 17. them, faying, The kingdom of heaven mighty works? 12.-4. Thet is like to n a grain of muftard feed, f) Is not this the carp nters fon? is not falm 5.14. which a man took & fowed in his field: his mother called Mary? and his bre- 78. 41. Ma. 31 Which indeed is the o leaft of all thren, Jamnes, and Jof, and Simon, John 3.16. feed but when it is grown, it is the and Judas? 3.4. ICor-greateft among herbs, and become th a 56 And his filters, are they not all Luke 1.2. tree: fo that the birds of the air come with us? whence then hath this man all 4.22. March. and lodge in the brancheschereof. thefe things? 4 Deut. 18.-20. 33 Another parable (pake he unto 57 And they were z offended in him. 18. 15. Job thein, The kingdom of heaven is like ButJefus faid unto them, aA proph.tis 61 T 8.7. unto leaven, whichq a woman took and not without b honour, fave in his own 5.17. Ezek. hid in three meafures of meal, till the countrey, and in his own houfe. c John 47.4. whole was leavened. 53 And he did not many mighty works 1.11. there, becaufe of their unbelief. Marth. 10.36. d Mark 6. 6. Helt. 42 CHAP. XIV".

Rom. 34 r All these things fpake Jefus unte 1. 14. the inultitude in parables, and without I Cer. a parable fpake he not unto them: 9.23. 35 That it might be fulfilled which

Herods opinion of Chrift. 3 John
Baptift beheaded.

4 Lake

A heard o. the & fame of Jefus,
AT that time Herod the a Tetrarch 31.


Prov. was spoken by the prophet, faying, I 14. 1. will open my mouth in parables, I will Pfalm utter things which have been kept fe 8.2. Cret from the foundation of the world. Mar. 36Then Jefus & fent multitude away? 4.33. & went into the houfe:& his difciples ver 3. came unto him, faying, Decl. re unto a And faid unto his fervants, c This 1.8. Pfalm us the parable of the cares ofthe field. is John the Baptift, he is rifen iron the cros 79.2. 37 Hex anfwered and faid unto them, dead, and therefore mighty works do 28.1. Col. He that foweth the good feed, is the fhew forth themfelys in hinged Matt 45. Son of man: 3 For Herod had laid hold on 5. 10. Mal. 38 The field is the world: the good John, and bound him, and put him is Luke 8. feed are the y children orthe kingdom: prifon for Herodias fak, his bro- 3.1. Prov. but the tares are the children of the ther Philips wife. 4 For John faid funto him, It is g not 12.7. 2.3. wicked one: 2 T. 39 The enemy that fowed them, is the lawruf for thee to have her. g Lev. 2.25. devil the a harveft is the end of the 5 An when he would have put him 18. 16 world and the reapers are the angels. to death, he feared the multitude,be. b Mar and 40 As therefore the tares are gathered caufe they counted him as a prophet. 4.2. 6 But when Herods birth-day was Matt. and burnt in the fire; bfe fhall it be in kept, the daughter of Herodias dan 125.35. the end of this world. cd before them, and k pleafed Hetod. 7 Whereupon he promifed an oath, to give her whatsoever he would ask. And the, being m before instructed of 4.11. her mother, faid, Give me here John Ma 0.2

F2 sa.

/ Hof

Joh.41 The c Son of man hall fend forth his gels,and they fhall gather out of his 349 John a kingdom all things, that offend, and 8.44. them which do iniquity: Joel And hall caft thein into e a furnace of fire there Thall be waiting and Baptifts n head in a charger. 3.13. And th: king was o forry: neverthe-Ifai. Mal. gnashing of teeth. 41.43 Then thall the frighteous fhine forth lefs for the p oaths fake, &t them which a fun, in y kingdom o, their Father. fate with him at mear, he commanded Luke NE 12.32% 21. 27. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear it to be given her. Matt. 44 Again, the kingdom o. heaven is to And he fear and beheaded John Rom. 45. 31. like untog treasure bid in a field:the g in the prifon.


* 2.27.4



when a man hath found, he hide th1 And his head was brought in a 1Kin. 12. and for joy thet or sosh nd f.lleth charger, and given to the damfel: and 27.9. Luke all that he hath and buyeth that field. he brought it to her mother 39. 12. 45 Again, the kingdom of heaven And his difiples came, and took f Per. is like unto fa merchant man, fecking up the body, and'r buried it, and went /rSam. goodly pearls; and told Jefus, kur Fill-16 £22. 23. Who when he had found one pearl 13: When Jefus heard ofits her de Joh. 1. parted thence by fhip into a defert place 37, 40. apart; and when the people had heard Mars shire of 20-300



• Rev. 42. 15. Balm 72.7. & Col.2.3.9. b 1 Cor.2.9. Balo 2-3 ¿Prov. 2,4


f Gen. 40. 20. Mare 6.22.

Five thousand fed.

I. 19.


Chap.xv. The feribe's proved Jam. thereof, they wfollowed him on corout 3 But he anfwered & fald d'unto them, Prov Why do you alfo tranfgrefs the com- 26. 4. * Heb. 14 And Jefus went forth, and faw a mandment of God by your tradition! Matt. 4.15. great multitude, and was moved with 4 For God commanded, faying Ho-7.5. Mar. compaffion toward them, an hour thy father and mother and he (Exod. 6.35. healed their fick. that curfeth father or mother, let 20. 14. Tir z Rom. 15. And when it was 7 evening, his him die thed ath. 10.2. difciples came to him, Taying, This is s Butg ye fay, Whofoever fhall fay 1.11. 4.1 Pet.adefart place, and the time is now paft; to his father or his mother, le is ablak fend the multitude away, that they gift by whatsoever thou mightek be 61. 8. John may go into the villages and buy profited by me, 6.9. themfelvs victuals. LOT ePfalm 16 But Jefus faid unto them, They 127. 1.4 seed not depart, give ye them to djud, cat. Toftheate

Matt. 16 And honour, not his father or his 7.f. mother, he ball be free. Thus have ye kifak made the commandment of Got of 29. 13. 17 6.18. none effect by your tradition. 7 Ye hypocrites well did Efaias Mart kprophefie of you, faying, 7.22. This people draweth nigh unco mem Mag with their mouth, and honoureth me 7.75



11 Not that which goeth into the Mart. mouth defileth a man; but that which 12. 35. p comech out ofthe mouth, this defileth ver. 18. 19.

a man.

17 And they fay unto him,. We have Z-Z-J. Ti. here but five leaves and btwo fishes. 4-45. 1 He faid, Bring them hither f Prov. 10 me. VAIKEA 12. 24. And he commanded th multitude with their / lips but their heart is far Amos Prev.to fit down on the grafs,and d took the from me. 6.6. five loaves, and the two fishes,and look- 9 Burm in vain they do worship mey x Mact. b Mart.ing up to heaven-hee bleffe,& brake, teaching for detrines the command- 7.6 - Prov. 6.33. and gave the loaves to his disciples, nents of men. Mal and th difciples to the multitude. 10 And he called the multitude, 9.4 3.14.1 20 And they did eat, and were fil- and faid unto them, Hear and under- o Ram. John led: & they took up of the g fragments ftand. 614 that remained, twelveasketsulloo k Matt 21 And they chat had eaten were a 6.6. hout b five thousand men, befide woI Palm men and children. 107.29 11 And Itraightway Jefus conftrainAsed his difciples to get imo a fhip, and 27. 14.to go before him unco the other fide, Joh. while he fentthe multitudes away.this faying! 6. 19. - 23 And when he had fent the multi- 13 But he answered and faid, Every Ephef. vertudes away, he went up into a moun- plant which my heavenly Father hath 1.4. Hof 19, 20.tain k apart to pray:& when the ever not plant. d, thall be rooted up. 'falm ing was come, he was there alone. 14 Let them alone: they be t'blind 4.17. 44.74 But the fhip was nov in the midft leaders of the lind. And if the blind. John Or of thefea, toled with wav.s: for the lead the blind, both fhall fall into the 9.40. ditch. / wind was contrary. Yam Exod. 25 And in the fourth watch of the 3.14 night, fus m went unto them walking Song on the fea.a 5. 16. Ifai.

12 Then came his difciples, and faid.q2 T onto him, Knoweft thou that the Pha- 4.3, 4. rifees were y ofended after they heard r John 15.2.




15 Then anfwered Peter,and faid upto 7.17.
him, Declare unto us this parable.
36 And Jefus faid, Are ye alfex yet far
without understanding?

26 And when the difciples faw him

walking on the fea, they were grou- 17 Do not ye yet underftand, that 119. 45.2. bled, faying, It is afpirit; and they y whatsoever entreth in at the mouth, 96499. Rom. cryed out for fear.c goeth into the belly, and is caft out yven


8.31 27 But ftraightway Jefus fpak unto into the draught?
Johr them, faying, Be or good cheer,
17.7 is I be notaraid


18 But thofe things which proceed Matth. out of the mouth, come forth from 6.25. the 4 hart, and they defile the man.


10 For out of the b heart proceed evil 3.13. thoughts, murthers, adulteries, for- a Mares nications, thefts, falf: witnefs, blaf- 12. 34. phemies.


Luke 23 And Peter answered him and faid, Lord, in ithethou, bid me come unto 15.5. Matt. thee on the water. 12. 20. 27 And he faid, Come. And wh n PeProv Rom. ter was come down oat or the hip, he 12.3. walked on the wat too tofus. 20 Thefe are the things which defile 23. 26. 2Kin. 30 But when he faw the wind boifte- man: but to eat with unwafhen hands,. Mar. 6.15. rois, he was afraid; and beginning to defileth not a man. 7.24 Rom. fink, he cryed, faying, Lord fave me. 21 Then Jefus went thence, and a Mate 4. 19. 31 Andx immediately fus ftretched departed into the coafts of a Fyre and 11. 21. Taim forth his hand, and caught him, and Sidon Mar 25.1. faid unto him, O thou or little faith, 22 And behold, e a woman of Ca- 7.24 Pfal. wherefore didit thou doubt? naan came out of the fame coafts,fPfalm. 38. 17. 32 And when they were come into the and cried funto him, faying, Have so, 15. Gen. fhips the wind y ceafed. mercy on me, O Lord, thou fon of Ho 2. 14. 33 Then they that were in the fhip David my daughter is grievoully 14.3. Tal. came and worshipped him, faying, O vexed with a devil. g Lam.. 107. a truth thou art the Son of God. 23 But he answered her g not a word. 3.5. 29, 30. 34 And when they were gone over, Andhis diciples came and befought fal.. Matt.they came into land of a Gennefaret. hum, faying, Send her away, for the 3.9. 16. 16. 39 And when th men of that place criach ba ter us. Adte Rom. had knowledge of him, they bfent out 24 But he answered and faid, I am 13. 46.. 1.4. into all that countrey round about, f not fent but unto the loft theep of Rome Mar. and c brought unto him all that were the houfe of Ifrael. 3.55 difcafed, Match. 36 An befought him that they might 8.29. only couch the hem of his garm ne: John and as many as touched were made 4.28. perfectly whole. Matt.9.2.d Matt.9.23. CHAP. XV10 Christ reproveth, the ftribes and Pht rifithe

2.4. 25 Then k came fhe and worshipped Luke: him, faving, Lord, help me, 19. 1.

• Adams pa

26 But he answered and faid, Epher. It is not meet to take the 7 childrens G. 19. bread, and to cast ir to dogs. 7 Mat 27And he faith,m 'Truth, Lord; yet the 11.6. dogs eat of the crumbs which fall mRam from their malt rs table. 3.1. Then and unto Mac. her, O woman) great thy faishibe 5.456 it unto thee even as chou wilt. And car. her daughter was made whole from 10. 13. that very hour. ag And her departed from thence 3.2

Hen caine to Jefus 4 Scribes and TPhanifees, which were of Jerafas Johnlem, faying, f. 28 Why do thy difciples tranfgrefs the Per.tradition or elders for they r wath 1.18.nottheir hands when they eat bread,

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