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The Pharifers temps Chrift


72 Co. 2017-2


Chrift admons/beth to follow good doctrine, and not yil examples: 13 He denunceth eight wees. Hen fpake Jefus to the multitudes and to his a difciples, offers alfal as Saying The Scribes and the 8. 106, Pharifees & fit in Molesteat, ved Acto



All therefore whatsoever they bid 15. 250 you obferue, sharobferve and do busc Mat. donoe yeafter theird works: forthey 16.12 fay, and do not. fedto4. Mat. grievous to be born and lay them on Tit. 4 For they bintfheavy burdens, and 6, 2. mens thoulders but they shemeftill 1, 16 not move them near their fingers. Luke

Chrit denounceth win 16 And they fent out unto him their (from that day forth) ask him any. difciples, with the Herodians, faying, inorequeftions, es zual. Matt, we know that thou arty crues! CHAP. XXIII. and teacheft the way o: God in truch, Jer. Neither careft thou for any man: for 4263x thon regardeft northe perfonor men. Mat. 17 Tell us therefore, What thinkelt I thou? Is it 4lawful to give tribute Mat. unto Cefar, or not? 1828 15 But Jefus perceived their wickedness, and faid, Why btempe yeme, 24. 21. ye hypocrites? Mar. 19 Shew me the tribute-money. And 10.28. they brought unto him ca peny, f.Pfal. is this image and fuperfcription 30 And he faith unto them, Whofe 1247 21 They lay uncolim, Cefars. Then 23.8 faich he unto them, Render cherefore 16. unto Cefar, things & dare Cefars; & Pfalm unto God, the things that are Gods 21 When they had heard thefe Deut. merdthey marvelled,and fleft him, 25. and went their way VEERA 6 And lovethe uppermolt roomsat 15. 38. k Den. Sadducees, which lay that there isg no 13 The fame day came to him the feafts, ant the chief fears in the fy! Mar 25.6. refurrection, and asked hims amcorpo to 12.38. And greetings in the markets, and 9. 14. 24 saying, h Malker, Mofesfaid, If a to be called of men, kRabbi, Rabbi. kImal Hormandie, having no childrensk hinbro 8 But be / not ye called Rabbi: for 19. 20, cher fhall masry Iris wife, and raifeup one is your Mafter oven Chrik, Ca 46. feed unto hasrocher.1 and all ye are brethren. # Phi. 4. 15. 25 Now there were with us leven Andall no man your m father upon m Mat 3-27. brethrens and she felt when he had the earth for one is your Facher 19. 17. #2 Pe. married a wife, deceafed and having which is in heaven. 111 XV. 8. noilue, left his wife unto hisbrother, sto Neither be ye called a masters: Eph. I CO. 7.38 third unto the leventh com 16 Likewife the fecond alfe, and the for one is your Mafter, even Chrifty 1. 22 Phil Buthe that is greateft among you, Mat 3. 21. 27 And last of all the woman died alfo. fhall be your o fervanc 20. 27. 23 Therefore in the refurrection 12And whofoever shall exalt himself, Rom. 3. 20. whole wife hall he be of theferentior thall be abafed:& he that fhall humble 12.16. Eph. they all had berorrogowe dieet himself, fhall be exalted. 6? Luke

But all their works they do for 11.46. to be feen of men: they make broadg Mate their bphylacteries, and enlarge the 6.1. borders of their garments Num






6. 17.

29 Jefus anfwered and laid unto 17 Burg wo unto you Scribes and 14; 11. Pal theme de ears not knowing the Pharifees, hypocrites; for yer hut up Pro Scriptures, nor the m power of God. the kingdom of the aran against man : 17:33 147 19, 20.30 For in refurre&tion,theyneither for ye neither go in yourfelve, ne icher Lune PEXO to marry,nor are given in marriage but fuffer yerhem are antring toro in it. 12. 3.6:1 are as chez angels of God in heaven Wunco you scribes and Phari John Pfalm But as touching the refurrection fees hypocrites; for ye devour widow 9.22. of the dead,have ye not a read that houses, and for a pretence make fong and 33. 12. Luke was spoken unto you by God,faying, prayers thertoren ye hall racewe 7. 49. 20.39.31am the God of Abraham's and the greater damnation.

Luke Mar the God of Ifaac, and the God of Jacob 15 Wa unto you Scribes and Pha-20.4 126 28. God is net the God of the dead, butrilees, hypocrites: for yet compals feaz Sam Tit the make one and * 33 And when the multitude heard this, when he is made, ye make him twofold 1 Time. Dhey were tattoni fhed at his doctrine, more the child of hell than yourfelvs. 6. 10. Mac. 34 But when the Pharifees had 16 Wo unto you ye u blind guides, & Job 16. 1, Pro. heardthas he hadpur Sadducees se fay, Whofaever fall fwear by the tem- 1.7. 23. 26. lances they were gathered together.pleit if nothing: but whosoever Gal 45 Beut.35 Then one of them which was a fhadwear by the gold of the temple, 17 hawyer asked him a question y tempt he is a debtor. dv.36. Sing him, and faying, 19 17 Ye frools and blind for whether T Már. 36 Mafer, which is the greatcom is greater., the gold or the temple Ifa.you 633 mandment inthelaw? john that fanctifieth the gold?


110, 11.

Luke 37 eius faid unto him, Thou shale 13 And whofoever fall fwear byx Mat. Fo27 love LORD thy God with all thy the altar, it ispoching but whofoe- 15.5.6. Rome hears and with all chy foul, and verfwearesh by the gift chat is up- Mat 138. with all mind

on it, is

Mar. 33 This is the a first and great com- 19 Yefools and blind for whether Luke 12.35. mandment. avans to soldir greater, the gift, or the altar that 24-25 Luke 39 And the fecond is like unto it, Thou fanctifieth the gift! & Mats 20. 41. haithlove thy neighbour as thy felf. 20 Wholo therefore fhall fwear by 5.4. v.47. 40 On these two commandments hang the altar, wearech by it, and by all h Mats Rom all the law and theprophets. things thereon. 12.21. q While the Pharifees were c ga 21 And wholo thall fwear by the tem-1 1 35.33.5 eMar, thered together, Jefus asked them, ple, fweareth by it, and by him that 6.75 IY. 41 Sayingid Whacthink ye cofChrite divelleth cherein Palm whole fon is he? They lay unto him, 22 And he that hall fwear by k hea- 48. boa 2.2. The fam of David.twinevad ne ven, geareth by the throne of God, l'fal.'? fa Pe. 43efaich unto them, How then doth & by him that heterhthereon. 4330 321. David fin spirit call him LORD, 23 Wo unto you Scribes and Pha- 13, 14 Acts - fayings we put pulss bep Is trifees, hypocrites for yel pay ciche of k Mar. 10.39. 44-The LORD faid unto my LORD mine, and anife, and cummins and 5.34. gria g Sit thou on my right hand, till have omitted the m weightier matters Luke 10. 1. make chine enemies thy foodtool 2- off laws judgment, mercy, and faith: 11.42. Heb. 1. 45 r David then call him LORD, these ougheye to have done, and nor and 1321 how is he his fon Dobraving An to leave the other undone, 18.12. (and 19.46 And no man was able to answer 24 Yeblind guides, which frain garm AG 12; 13. him a word, neither durft any man a:gnat,aadfwallows camel. Luk?

80. 44. 1 Job 3. 13, 146 AQ. G. 10.

1237 25 Won Lug 1.6. Pfal. 119. 6. ℗ Joha 18. 28.1 Sh. £1.7%

He depoune thwes

S.Matthew Signs of Chrifts coming, Like if Wo unto you Scribes and Pharisbled:for all these things mult cone.co 11.39.fees, hypocrites for ye make clean pals, but end is not yet. Mat. dhe youthile of the cup and ofthe plate For ntion thall rife againft na-k Acts 12.35 ter but 4 within they are full of ex- tion and kingdom againt kingdom: 11.28. and tortion and excefs. and enere fhall be k tamins, anti-As 15. 18. 16 Thou blind Pharifee y cleanf lunces, earth-quakes in divers places.4.3. Lukerfrit that which is within the cup & Alt thele try beginning of lorrows, and 16. 14-platter that chefoucfide of them may 9 Thenthal they deliver you up 5118. r-Jer. De clean alle. Sie corbe afflicted, and, thall m kill you: John 414.517 Wo unto you Scribes and Phari- and ye shall be hated of all nations for 10.2 Tic..fees, hypocrites; orye are like unto my Naines fake a n Mar 15. 7 waited fepulchres, which indecapCo Pear beautiful outward, but are within 6. 20. full of dead mens bones, and of all Act. uncleannefs.


ia And then fhall many ben offend-13.21. ed, and fhall betray one anetary and and fhall hate one another. 16. 411 And many o talle prophets fall Aas rife, and fall deceive many 20.30.1

a3 338 Evenfo ye allow outwardly ap #Luk pear righteous unto men, but within 18. 11.ye are full of hypocrifie and iniquity, 12. 1. rifes,hypocrites because yebuild the Rev.tombs of the prophets and garnish 3.17, the fepulchresorthe righteous,

12 And be aule iniquity thall 2-2 Cor bound, love ormany half pwax coll. 12. 13. che 2 Th qendy thefame fhall be faved.


Luk. 30 And xfay, If we had seen in the 19.22.days of our fathers, we would not have

14 And this gofp:1 of the kingdom and hall b. preached in all the world, 1. 15. for a witnel unto all nations, and teng. Mat. fhall the end come



7.33 Yeblerpentsy Te generation of viRom.Pers, & how can ye efcape the damna 1.5.6.tion of hell?

Luk.bech partakers with then in the blood 15 When ye therefore fall fee the Heb 11. 49. of the prophets. Comptonantabominationo delolation, fpok a of 10,36 Gen.31 Wherefore ye be y witnefes unto by Daniel the propi et, tad in ther Kom 13. 16. your felves that ye are the children holy plasey Photo readeth, let him 1.8 Rom of them which's killedthe prophets. understand Jason BAIO and 3.13. 31 Fill ye up then the a meature of 16 Dhen let them which be in Ju-15. 19% dca, flee into the mountains. Mat. your fathers. Col 17 Let him which is on the boufe-top, 16 noc come down to take any thing our Mat. of his houfe: bessag 23.38 $18 Neither let him which is in the ver. 3. Geld.rurn back to take his clothes, Lake to And wo unto them that y are with 120. child, and to them that give fuck in Gen. hole days


Eph. 34 Wherefore behold, Id fend unte 411. you prophets, and wife men, and Sri I Cor. bestande fome ofthem, ye thall kill & 12.28.crucife and fome of them fhall ye Rev. fcourge in your fynagogues and 10. fecure them from city to city At 35 That upon you may come fall the not in the winter,aeither on the fab 21.12. 30 But pray ye that your fight he thed upon the earth, bath-days Das 1919 Mix Luk 7.5% from the blood ofrighteous Abel unto Forchen thall be a greattribulation, 23-29 Rev. the blood of Zachariasy fon of Bara fuch as was not fine beginning of Act 78.24. Exod. Chia, whom gye few between the world to this time, no, nor ever fhall be 12. temple & the altar. Hay 22 And xcept thofe days should be Lake 0538 Verily I fay unto you, b All thefe fhortmeds there fhould bno Beth be fac 21. Mar. things thall come uponchisgeneration.wed:buctor the celects fake chofe days? 10. 3. 3770 Jerufalem, Jerufalem, thou shall be fhortned. K John that killait the prophets and fronefta3d Then ifany man thall fay un-19 them which arefent unto thee, how to you, Lo, here is Chrift, or there: thy e it not.


4.52. V.35. Pfalm


9.12 children together, even as a hen ga-For there fhall arife ffalfe Chrifts, V. theresh her chickens under her wingsys and falfe prophets, and hall how great bat 13.34 and ye / would not?hol figns & wonders infomuch that if it 13.11. 2 Ch. Behold, your houfe is left unte were poffible) they thall deceive the 36. 15. you defolate. very elect to US Prov 30 For Ifay unto you, Yex fhall not 25 Behold, I have brold you before fee me henceforth,tillye fallfay,Blefo Wherefore, if they fhall fay unto 39 Y. 24. Mae LORD. fed is he that comech in the Name of you,Behold, he is in the defert,gonotf John 702 panel forth behold, he is in the fecret 10.23. 24. 2. popri chambers, believe it not. ingin John AA321 CHAP. XXIV. 27 For as the lightning comethout16. 1. The deftruction of the temples Ca- of the eaft and fhineth even unto thef Rev lamities foretold 29 The figns of welt: fo thall alfo the coming or the2. 14 Chrifts coming to judgments Son of man befog


Mar. A Na Jefus went outs and departed 23 For wherefoeverthe carcafe is, therey
from the temple;
19 Immediately after the tri-l
bulation or othofe days, fhall the fun Luk

be m

Luke ples came to him tor to fhew him the 19.44. buildings ofthe temple.. 2 And Jefus faid unto them, See ye be darkned, and the moon thall not:7.37 Pal. not all thefe things! Verily I fay unto give herlight, and the itars thall fall Heb. "you, There Thall not be left here b one from heaven and the powers of the 10.37 1. 1o. tone upon another, that fall not be heavens fhall be fhaken. Vasaritonovo 3. Tengedman 130 And then fhall appearthe fign off 2 The Mar, thrown down.

227.2. Jer.

And as he fat upon the mount of Son of man in heaven:&then fhall all $2.11. dAtts Olives the difciples came unto him tribes ofty earthmourn, and they fhall? Rev. 3..31. Privately, Taying, Tell us when hall fee theSon or man coming in a clouds 12, 13 Rev. thefee thingsbet and what ball be the of heaven, with power & great glory and 11. 15.d fign of thy coming,and of the end 31 And he thall fend his angels with 15. 1 2 Pet.of the world a great found or a trumpet, and chey? Re 3.10.4 And Jefus answered and faid unto fhall gather together his elect from A Heb chem, Take heed that no manf deceive the four windsdom one end of hea. A. 1. you.EASYBER LA Vven to the other.io Joh. For many fhall come g in my 32 Now learn a parable of the fig. 1 The S.name, faying, I am Chrift and fhall tree: When his branch is yet tender, 4.16. 2 Th.deceive many,ATIE GAL tion and putteth forth leavs, ye know that: Co And ye hall hear of wars, and ru. Tummer is aigha Rey. mors of wars! foe that yebé factcrog, kas ę sa dulo pos 2. ¡ ¿fal. 46. 4.

9. 11.


Tek D 15&flo 433 SO/Links es. 29. am, f. Be






The parable of the Era virgins.

12 But he anfverel and tai 1, Verily Hob.! fay anco you, I know you not. 12.473 13 Wath cherefor, for ye know John neither the day nor th: ho iry wher:- 10. 14. day and hour in the Son or inan oneth.


Chap. xv. * Rom. Of the talemes. 33 So likewifey, when ye thall fee ready,went in with him to the mar- ? Rey' 11.25.all these things, know that it is near, riaze and the door was shut.• +21261 XV. 3. even at the doors. wit A terward cam alfo the other vic- Pfal. J2Pt. 34 Verily Ifay unto you,this gene- gins faying, Lord, lord, oen to us. 95. 11. 3.7. ration fhall u noc pafs, till x all thefe Rev.hings be fulfilled. web 16.15.35 Heaven an arth fhallypals away, 4 Act. Surmy words thall not pasaway. 47.36 But or that Mar Gen. kno.veth no man, no not the angels of T For the kingdom of heaven is 13.33. 6.5. heaven, but my a Father only. a man travelling into a far coin- #Luk. 1 Th. 37 But as the b days of Noe were trey, who called his own terrants, and 19. 12. f.2 fo thall alfo the coming or the Sonríelivered unto them his goofs: x 2 Co. 4.Pfal. of man be. 're Ant 37-13-33 For as in the days that were before o another two, and o another one toon, yunto one he gave five talents) 15. 10. Heb. the foot, they were eating and drink-every in an according to his feveral 12. 6. 31.75 ing marrying & giving in maresage ability, and traightway took his Co. Rev. until the 4 day that Noe entred into journey. 3.5 19. 7th:ark,i,shops Rithre chey Pr 16 Then he that had re eived the 41 Pe Pe39 fAnd knew not until food came, ve talents,went and a traded with the 4.10. 2.5,6 and took them gall away, fo fhall allo amb made them other five talents. Pe Mal. the coming of the Son of man be. 17 And likewife heth it had received 3. 18 3.-18.4 40 b Then thall two he in the field, two he alfo e gained other two: Prov. Marthe one thall be taken,& the other left. 18 Buc he that hat received one, 35. 4. 13-35, 41 Two women thall he grinding went and ddigged in the earth, and hit one




12. 21a 5. 2. and the other left. 19 After a long time y the lord of 7 v. 6. 1 Mar. 42 Watch therefore, for ye know hele fervan's fcemth, and greckon- 2 I'ct. 25. 10.not what hour your Lord doth come. eth with them. Rev. 43 But know this, that if the zood 21. 2. man of the houfe had known in what calents, came and broaght other five 10.37.2 And fo h that had received five ƒ Heb.t Cor. Watch thief would comes he would talents, faying, Lord, thou deliveredft Hab. 11.1. have watched, and would not have unto me five talents, behold, I have 2..3. m Co.fuffered his houfe to be broken up. gained befides them five talents more. g Luk. 42. 44 Therefore be ye alfo /ready: for His lord faidintom, Well done 16. 2. Actin fuch an hour as you think not, the thou goet and feichful fervant, thou bico 20. 28. Son of man com th Ephef. 45 Who then is a faithful and wife will make thee ruler over many 2 Tim. haft een faithu over ka tew things,1 15. 10. 219. fervant, whoin his lord hath made things: enter thou into the joy of 17 Mar. ruler lord.


* 20

13.52meat in duefeafon?

30 ta

2 Healfo that had received two ntas 2. 29.

Lada 24.27.

2 Tim. 46 Bleffed is that fervant, whem his lents, came andfald, Lord, thou deli- Luke 4.2. lor when he cometh y thall find fo veredit unto meto talents: behold, 19.17. Pfalm doing.asst CORT PIC I have gained two other ta talents be-Mac 13. 47 Verily Ifay unto you,that he fhall fites chein, AN * Co.make him rulerover all his geo is. 23 His lord fait unto him, Well Rev.3. 9.24.42 But and ifthat evil fervant fhall lone, good and faithfullers ant thou 26. 27. Lakefay in his heart, My lord delayeth haft been faithful over a few things, Dan 19. 17 his coming, 20099/an 12 Pe. 49 And fhall begin to fmite his fel-thin zu enter thou into joyofthylor. Pfal. I will, make the ruler over many 7.25. 3. 14-low-fervants, and to eat and drink Ifai. with the r drunken: 24 Then he which had received the 49. 14. 66.5.50 The Lord of that fervant fhall thee the tart an hard man reaping 22. 30. ontalene.cam: and lai 4, Lord, I knew Lux. 3 Joh. come in a day when he looketh not for where thou haft not fown, gathering John ver. 9, him,& in an hour he is net ware of; where thou halt not trawed: 10. And fhall/cut him afunder, and 5 AntIwas afraid, and went and #2 Co.. 17.24. r-Pfal appoint him his portion withthe hy hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there S. 12. fo 18 po-rites: there fhall be weeping and thou haft that is thine. Exod. Phil.gnashing of teeth. 3.11919 fois cont 16 His lord answered and faid unto 32, 240 him, Thou wicked and flochtul fer- Gen. J.Mar.25. 32. Job 20.29. Pfa. 11. 6. vant, thou knewell that i reap where 3. 12 1 fowed not, and gather where I have Job noftrawed? 1631-330 27 Thou oughteft therefore to have ž Píáľ.; pat my mony to the exchangers, and 13.5.



Mat. The parable of the ten virgins 22 ri. Hen & hall kingdom of heaven 410 took their lamps, and went forth to Mat meet the bridegroom. 7,24.

2 And five of them were ewife,and Mat.five were foolish. 7. 26. 3 They that were foolith took their v. Selamps and took eno oy! withthem. fEph. But the wife took foyl in their vef317- fels with their lamps. ADVERS Co. While the bridegroom tarried, 6.19. they all umbred and fept.

LUK. 6 And at midnight there was facry 19.12.made, Behold, the bridegroom k coJob meth's go ye out to meet him.

28. Then all thofe virgins arofe, and
Actem trimmed their lainps.
18 And the foolish faid unto they
Son wife, Give us or your oy!s for our
13.111. lamps are n gone out.
m Mat. Butthe wife answered, faying, Noe
516. fo left there be a not enough for us
Mat.and you, but go ye rather to them
1312.that fell, and buy for your felvs.

Pe. 10 And while they went to buy, the
18. bridegroom came andshey that were

received min own with ufury. 19.22.
28 Take therefore talent from him, 4 Prov.
give it unto him hath ten talents. 19. 15.
19 For unto every one that hach,fhallHeb.
be given, and he fhall have abundance:6. 12.
he taken away, even which he hath. 19. 22.
but from him that hath not, fhall r Luke,
vant into outer darkness: there fhall 1237.
30 And caft ye the funprofitable fer- Mat.
be weeping and Enathing of teeth. Mat

31 When the Son of man thall come 13. 12.
in his glory, & all the holy angels Mar.
with him, then fhall he &t upon the 4 25.
throne of his glory! SCOLAS PASI v.25.
And before him fhall be gathered Mac.
all nations, & he fall feparate them 3-10
one froin anochers as a fhepherd ditand
videth his fheep from the goats. 8. 12.
33 And he fhallfet the thep on his Phil
a right hand, burthe goats ony bleft.2.9.t
34 Then hall the King (ay unto them xker.t
y 2 Cor.f. 10. Mal. 3. 18. 4 Pfal. 16. 11
Deut. 27. 13


Con3. 21:

7 2



A conspiracy again Chrih, S. Matthew. He eateth the paßeover. Erb. on his right hand, Come ye chieffed or char this woman hath done, be told q 1 sa. 2.3. my Father, inherit the d kingdom for q a memorial or her. 2. 33. 42 Pe prepared for you frein the foun.lacion 14 Then one of the twelve, called Prov. 1. 11. Of the world. Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief 10. 7. Luke 35 For I was an hungred, and ye prielts, Pfal. 19. 12. gave me meat: Iwas chirity, and ye 15 And laid unto them, What will 112. 6. v.40.gave me drink: I was ja stranger, and ye giveme, and I will deliver him un- Biar. Heb. ye took me in: to you? andthey covenanted with him ro. 14 13.2. 36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was tor thirty pieces of fiver. Joha Heb. fick, and ye vifited me: I was in 16 Androm chat tim: he fought op 13.18. 11.374 prifon, and ye came unto me. V portunity to betray him. LiJoha a Cor. 37 Then fhall the krighteous answer 17 Now they brit day of the feef 2. 19. 11627. him, faying, Lord, when few we / thee of unleavened bread, the difciples TI. John an hun red and fed theel or thirty, came to Jelus, laying unto him, Where 6. 13. 11.3. and gave thee drink? wile chou that we prepare for thes to Exo. 2.Ti. 38 When, faw wetlice a ftranger,and eat the patcover? 128.52. 1. 16. took thee in? or naked, & clothed thee? 18 And he faid Go into the city to xv. 5. 41 390 when faw we thee fickor in fuch a man, and lay unto him, The Prov. 71.co.prifon, and came unto thee? City Matter faith, My time is at hand, kr. 18. 12. 9. 40. And the King hall answers and will a keep the paftover at thy houfe y Exo. Gr. fay unto them, Verily Ifay unto you, with my difciples 1001 TO 212, 13 of theft in as much as ye haye.done it unto, to And the disciples did as Jefus Mar. constoftheleal of thefe my brethren, had appointed them, and they made 14. 17. ye done it me the m bres 41 Then thall he lay allounto them 19 Now when the & even was.com,he 14. 14 thra. on cheleithand, n, Depart from me, fate down with the twelve. 4 Mar. Mat. yepcurfed into q everlasting fire, 19. 10. prepared for the devil and his angels, m-Act. 41-For Iwasan hungred,ant ye gave 9.4. me no meat: I was thirty, and ye gave Mat. mé no drink:



23 And they did ear, he £tid, 3.15. Verily lay unto youy chase one of Eze. you fhall betraying.

12, 6.



And they were exceeding 4 forrax- c Luke fal, and began every one of them to fay 22, 21, 7. 23. 43 Iwas a stranger, and ye took me unto him, Lord, els it!? 4.23. • Th. natin naked, and ye clothed me not: 23 And he answered and faid, He that Aft 1..9. fick, & in prifon, and ye vifited me not. f dippeth his hand with me in the dish, 20.30. Gen. 44 Then thall they alto answer him, the fam fall betray me Lam 4. 11. faying, Lord, when faw wethee an 14The Son or mang goeth as it is writ- 3. 40. or or wo that man Pfal. 66. 24. naked, or ack, or in prison, and did whom the Sonof man is hetrayed: it 41. 9. Jam. not minifter unto thee: had been good for that man, it he had anda 2. 3. 45 Then fhall he answer them, fay- not been born. 55.14. Kaiing, Verily Ifay unto you, in as much 15Then Judas, which betrayed him, Mat. 59. 1. as ye did it not to one of the leaft of answeredanilaid, Mafter, Is cl? He 10.36. 21 Joh.thele, ye did it not to me, D faid unto him, Theu haft faid. g lai. 18.46 And thefe fhall go away finto e 16 And as they were caring, Jefus 13. 7. johnverlafting punishment butcherigh- took kbread, and sletfed and brake. Luke and gave into them difciples, and 24.25. fairly Cakes eat, this is my boty, b Heb. 17 And he took the cup, and gave 10, 26 thanks, ander gave it to them, saying, Ad Drink ye all orie

9.teous into life eternal.
Rom. 6. 23.00 74%

3 Acen piracy against Chrift.34 Judas
Sellesh him: 14 He eatesh the paf-

18 For this is my blood of a the new Ifai.
the remithonos fins
cettament which is thed for many for 10. 7.
20. But I fay unto you, I will nos 3.9.
drink, henceforth or this fruit of the Prov.
vine, until that day when I drink it 7. 13.1
new with you in my Fathers p king-k Job.
30 And when they had fung an lal.
hymn, theywacout into the mouse 53. 5.
of Olives.
31 Then faid Jefus unto them, All ye 7. 6.
Thall be offendede because of methis #1 Co.
night for it iswritten will mite the 10. 16.
shepherd, and the sheep of the flock o Hebe
hall be fearter diabroad.
9. 14.
32 But arter I am rifen again, I will Luke
7ge before you into Galilee.

m Mac.

Ahad finished all there layings,ahe Nd it came to pafs, when Jefus John 10% 1. faid unto his difciples, Mar. 31 Ye know that after two days is the 141. fraft of the gayover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified. Pfal. Then allembled together the chief 2.2. prielts,and the Scribes, and the elders Pfal. of the people unto the palace of the 83. 3. high prjell, who was called Cajaphas, Mar. And confulted that they mighttaks 14.2. Jefus by fubtilty, and kill him. Johs Butthey laid, Not on the teaft day, 120 left there, be an uproar among the Gen. people. Now when Jefus was in fBethany, bJohn in the houfe of Simonthe leper, 12. 4.7 Theere came unto himla woman 1 Eccl. having gan alabaster box of very 44. precious ointment, and poured it

33 Peter anfiered and faid unto and him, Though all men fhall be offend- 19. 12, ed because of chee, yes will I never qEph Jude on his head, as he lace at meat. be offended. SON Voto. 8. But when his difciplesfaw they 34 Jefus faid unto him, Verily 1 Cor. Joho had indignarion, faying, To what fay unto thee that this night before 14 15. 12. 6. purpofe in this kwalbe? cock crow, thou thalt deny me thrice. Mar


Tim. For this ointmentmight have been 35 Berer faid unto him, Though I 14 37. and the poor, yet not Mat. When Jefus, understood it be thee: likewife alfalaid all difciples. 13. 7. 2. Caid unto them, Why trouble ye the 36 Then cometh Jefus with chem Mac. By 1'no. womant for the hath wrought a good unto a place called Gethlemane, and 29. 10. 3168- work upon me: faich unco the difciples, Siryehere, & Pfal. Deut.11 For ye have the poor n always with while go and pray yonder. 30. 6. 35611. you, but me ye have o not always. 37 And he took with him a Peter and John 13 For in that the hath poured this the two fons of Zebedee, and, began to 13.33. 3.21. giurial. my boly, he did it for be farrowful, and very heavy. 29. 20. 13 Verily, I fay unto you, Where- 38 Then faith he unto them, My foul 13.35. 7 Johnsgever shit kalpel hall be preached in 14, 31, Gen, 22,5. pfal.103. #3.14.4 Mar. ay. 40.the whole world, there fellalla chisa, 19, 35. k.Mal: 3, 13, Lake Sand






Chap. xxvij.

is exceeding forrowful,
death: carry ye here &





Tadas hangeth hon felf. even unto 03 But Jefus held his peace. And the m May watch w me. high priest anfwered and atd untoy. 6. 19 And he went a little tugther, and him, adjuse thee by the livihgifa fell on his face, and prayed, fayings God that thou tell us whether 53-7. Heb. Ormy Facher,ific be pable let this thou be the Chrift the Son of God. ik 5.2 cup Pals from me nevertheless, not as I will, but as chou wilt. fEph. 3.144 And he cometh unto the difciples, kom. and findeth them g adeep, and faith un9. 15. te,Peter, what, could ye net watch & ver. with me one hour? 31.8.41 Watch and pray that ye cater not Exod. ing temptation: the fpirac indeed a 17. 12. willing, but the feth is weak.. h. Jer, 42 He went away again the fecend 12.5. time, & pray laying, O my Fachet, Eph. if this cup may not pafs away from 9.18. me,except I drink it/thy will be done. Rom. 43 And he came and found them adeep 7.19. again: for their eyes were heavy 1 Acts: 44 And he felt them, and went away 21. 14 again, and prayed the third time, m ver. faying the o fame words. 41019 45 Then cameth hee his difciples, n2Cor, and faith unto them, Sleep on now 12. 9. and take your reft b.hold, the hour Acts is at hand, and the Son of man is 10. 16. betrayed into the hands of P finners. 1 And when the was gone out intox ver. • Mac. 464 Rife, let us be going: behold,he the parch, anothe maid Tawhim, and 71, 75 6. 7. is at hand that doch betray me-napan (aid unto them that were there This Mark ? Prov. 47 And while he yet pake, la, fellow was alle wich) elus of Nazareth.14. 66, 11. 311 Judas one of the twelve came, and 12and again he denied zwith arroach,y v.33 John a great do man. 14. 31. (words and faves, hom the chief 'rav. priefts and elders of the people. 4.16.

danJefus faid unto him; Thou haft12./16. fardi: neverthetefs 1 fay unto you i Hereafter thall ye fee the Son of thao Rev. feting on the right hand of power, 1.7 and coming in the clouds of heaves Eph. 65 Then the high priest tent hist. 20 clothes, Taying, He hath fpoken blaf-q-Acts phemy what further need, Have1.9.1 bread wineffer behold, now ye haver Ley 66 Wharthink ye they aufwered and th faid, He is guilty of death. 67 Then did they rfpit in his face/Lev. and buffetted him, and order mote 4. 16 him with the palms of theft handy Joh prophefie unto ustbour0.1 Chrift, who is he that more thee! zin 60 Now Peter x fate without in the to. 6, palace:& a damieltame unto him,fay-John ag, Thouallowa JefurbfGalilee.18. 22 7 But he denyed before them all Mar. faying,Fknow not wharthou Taye 14.05.

*** 19. 1.


John 18.3. ? v. 49. Gr. com

4 Now he thatbetrayed him, gare hem a fun, faying, Whomfover half kits y fame is he hold him falt, 49 And forthwich he came to Jelins, and laid,Hail Mafter,and kiffed him. te And jefusfaid unto him, Friend, panion. Wherefore artchou come? Then came Pfalm they and laid hands on Jelus, and 41.9. took him. and sit and behold, u one of them were 55 with Jefus, stretched out bishand, 13, 14, drew a

And after a while came amo him 9.211 they that stood by, and fatto Peterover.72 Surely thou alle art one of them, for Jam a thyfpeech bewrayeth thee 1.15 74 Then began heb to curfe and to ver.7 fwear, faying, know not the man. And reme immediatly the cock crew my art 175 And Peter remembred the words ofjefas, which faid unto him.Berore cock crow,thou thate denynethri And he wenfoutz and wept Bitterly, 22 01 died in


70. Rom.0.3. Gen. 43.30. Ezek.


John at of the high griefs, and more of *ver. Thenfaid Jefus unto him,Put up 40% againghy wording his place fory all Gen. they that take the sword, fhall perish With Heb. Thinkeft thou that Leannot now Is G. & pray to my father, and he thall pres Ifat. rently give me more than twelve le to 37. 36. gious of angels?

Chrift is delivered to Pilaçe. 3. Judas himself Prov 4.16. When the a moming was come, all the chief prients and elders of Micah the people took counfel against Jefus 2. 1. And when they had bound him, they led him away and delivered him Pontius Pilate the governour. Then Juggs which had betrayed 27


b John 18.34 & Prov




Luke Buthow then thall the afcriptures him,when he faw elist he was condefined 245 25. be fulfilled, thatthus it must bened, drepented himself and brought 55 In that fame hour laid Jefus so again the thirty pieces of filver to 93 10. The multitudes, Are ye come out as the chiefpriefs and Idersy 24 300 15. Palo againftäthief with fwords and wid4 Saying, have finned in that L John Eyes for to take me? I face daily with have betrayed the innocent blood. 7.44% You teaching in the temples and ye And they fald, What is that to us? & Job aid no hold on me.kerfee thou to that. VAST Butal this was done, that the And heb caft down the pieces of filver Zep Is 18fcriptures of the prophets might be in the temple, and i departed,and went ev.31. fulfilled. Then all the c difciplestor- and khanged himfelf. army santhi Act. Tim. Look him, and fled. 1.18. 6 And the chief priests took the filver) .1.15.. And they that had laid hold on pieces; and faid It is not lawful for kt. and Jelus, d led him away to Cajaphas to put them into the treasury, be- 1.24. 4. 16. the high priest, where the fcribes and canfe it isthe price of blood. Kin As the elders were affembled. 7 And they took counfel, and bought 12.9 8.320 $$ But Peter followed him fafar off with them the porters' field, tobury, 44. John unto high and went on in? 19. 13.in,& g fat w the fervants to fee end. 8 Wherefore that o field was called, Act fY2 41. So Now the chief priests and elders, The field of blood unto this day. John all the councelsh fought falle witness 34 12. Agiok Jefus to put him to death & Pial. But found none: yea,thought ma21. 11 ny, falfe wimelles cames yet found Acts they none. At the laff came k two falfe 13. Hebr. And faid, This fellow faid, I am 7.26. able to deftroy the temple of God, and Deut. to build it in three days. 12-15 61 And the high prieft arofe, and faid John unto him,Aufwereft thou nothing?hat if it, which these witness againůtace?

2% 10

Then was fulfilled that which was Ats fpoken by Jeremiah the prophet,tay-1:19 ings, And they took the thirty pieces A Zerks of filver clie price of him that was 31.12. valued whom they of the children as of Ifrael'did value! to And gave them for the potters Mat field, as the LORD appointed me) 2.35

And Jefus feon before the cover-f John nour; and the governour asked Him, 18. 30 faying, Art thou the rking of lewin Andjelusfaiduato Rim Thoufayeft:6. 43



12 And

Chrift's hit

4 Eccl.

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