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The Pharifees require afign.

S. Matthew.

Chris transgratisy. 9 Mar.

Mar. and came nighinto the fea of Galilee, Pharifees, and of the sadducees. 7.31. and went up into a mountain, and Ifai. fate down there. 13 When Jefus q came into the coafts g. 27. 3.56.30 Andr great multitudes came unto difciples, faying, Whom de men fay, 9. 18. of Cefarea Philippi he asked his Luke alm him, having withthem thofe that were that, the Son of man, am? 7. 18. lame, blind, duinb, maimed, and Hebr. Mat. 14 And they faid, Some say that thou 2.14. many others, and caft them down at are John the baptift,fome Elias, and Mat. 13. Jefus feet, and he healed them: 23, 24 gr Infomuch that the multitude others Jeremias, or one of the prophets. 14.2 Pfalm wondred when they law the dumb tot fay ye that I am Is He faith unto them, But whom Mal 303-13 fpeak, the maimed to be whole, the 16 And Simon Peter anfwered and Mar John Hame to walky and the blind to fee and faid, 'Thou art Chrift the Son of 13. 11. 434they glorified the God of frael,mytheliving God.






Num, 31 Then Jefus called his difciples 17 And Jefus answered and faid unto 12. 43. 31. 32. unto him, and faid, I have compaflion him,x Blefled art thou Simon Bar-jona: v.3. Beuten the multitude, because they conti- for fef and blood hach not revealed it Phil. B8nue with me now a three days,& have unto thee,buty my Father which is in 2.8. King nothing to eat and I will norfend them heaven. x? Her 7.21 away falting,left they faint in the way. x Mat. 13 And Ifay alfo unto thee, that chou 13.1 Luke 33. And his difciples faid unto him, art Peter, and upon this rock I will 16, 17. 9.14. Whence fhould we have fo much tread build my church and the gatessory Mat Luke in the wildernessjas to fill fo great a hell fhall not prevail against it. 11. 25. 24.31 multitude? 19 And I will give a unto thee the keys 1 Cor. Icor. 34 And Jefus faid unto them, How Of the kingdom of heaven: and what- 3.7. 41 many loaves have ye? and they faid, foever thou shalt bind on earth fhall Mat. y Seven, and a few little thes, be bound in heaven and whatsoever 7.25. aim 31 And he commanded the multitude thou that loote on earthy fall be 1 Cor. to fit down on the ground. in heaven. Asian 34112 1451836 And he took the feven loaves and a0 Then charged he his difciples a Mat. 34 the filesyand gave thanks,and 4 brake that they should tell no man that he 18. 18. 10. them, and b. gave to his difciples, and was Jefus the Chrifti da napas in cob Mat. Rom the difciples to the multitude. From thao time forth began 17.9. 2.16.37 And they did call eat, and were Jefus ro fhew unto his ddifciples, how e Joha Pal filled and they took up of the broken that he muft god unto Jerufalem, and 16.1. 37.25 meat that was left, leven baskegs tull. Juffer many thingsor the elders, and 4 Mat. Levandthey did eat, were d four thou- chief priests, and Scribes, and be kil- 23. 37. 26. 26. fand men, befide women and children. led, and be raisedagain the third day. ver. Mat 39 And he fent away the multitudes zz Then Peter took him,and beganto 17. 14. 21 and took fhip, and came into the coalts rebuke him, faying, Be ittar from Rom. Mar. of e Magdala, thee, Lord: this thall not be untothee. 11. 20. 23 But he turned, andy fandunto Pe- f Prov. CHAP. XVI. SAN ter Get thee behind me, Satan, thou 27.6. 1 The Pharifies require a fin.13 Many art an offence unto me: for thou gla-g Rom. spin ons of Chrift.16 Peters confeffion, vourett not the things that brof God, 8.5. Marie He a Pharifees alfo' with the Sad- hut thofe that be of men. 18-11. and Luke 25 fired him that he would fhew them a .222.54. Philien from heaven.


unto his dif- J Jam. ciples, Treny man will come after me, bicor. blethim deny himfelt,andrake up his 3. 18. He answered and laid unto them, cross, and follow me 20170923 3.19. John Luke When icis evening ye fay, It will be 25 For whefoever will i fave his life, 12. 41. fair weather for the skie is red. fall lofe ice and who oever kwillofe Gal. 22.-96. 3 And in the morning, I will be his life for my fake, fhall find it. La 6.12. Jerem, foul weather to day for the skie is 16 For what a man? profited, if he Rev. 5.6. red and lowring. Ohypocrites, ye hall gain the whole world, and lofe 12. Ir. Mat. can difcern face of the skie,but can his own foul? or what thall a man Hebr. 12. 39 ye not difcern the figns of the time, give in exchange for his fou!? Heb. 11.35 10.7.9

4 A wicked and dadulterous genera-27 For the Son ofman thall m come in / Luse tion feeketh after a fign, and there fhall the glory or his Father, with his 12. Pet.no fign be given unto it, but the fign angels: and then he hall reward every 19, 20. 1 of the prophet Jonas. And he left thent man according to his works.com Acts Mar. and de parted. 28 Verily, fay unto you, There be r. T 8.7 And when his difciples were come fome ftanding here, which thall not caft Mar. cor. so the foch r fide, they had forgotten of death till they fee the Son of man 17.1 to take bread.” coming in his kingdom. dagen) 2 j'et. BERE L 16. Rồm. 15. 19. CHAP. XVMAA The transfiguration of Chrif.ez He foretelleth his pafion, ANd after a fix days, Jefus caketh a Luke 6 Peter, James,&fohn his brother, 9. S. and bringeth them up into an high 6 Mar. mountain aparty


2:25. raken



Then Jefus faid unto them, Take heed and beware of the gleaven of the Luke Pharifees, and of the Sadducees.. 24. 26. And they reasoned among them John felys, Gying Iris because we have Mat. 8 Which when Jefus perceived, he faid unto them, Oye of little faith, Mat: why reafon ye among your felys be- And was transfigured before them, and 6:30 ye have and his face did thine as the fun, and 14 33. 31733. 9 Do ye not yet understand, neither his raiment was white as the light. Exod. Mar. remember the five loaves of the five 3 And behold, there appeareddunto 34. 8. 17. thoufand, and how many baskets ye them Moles & Elias talking with him.19, 30. Then antwered Peter, and faid anto 2 Cor. 6. 10. Neither the m feven loaves of the Jefus, LORD, it is good for us to be 3-7. Co. four thousand, and how many baskets here: "If thou wife', let us make here Mar. 1. ye three one for 11 How is it that z ye do nor under- one torg Mofy and one for Elias. Luke 27-27. Stand, that I pake it o potto yeu con- sWhile be yet pake, behold,ba bright 1.31. Heb, cerning bread, that ye should beware out overthadowed them: and behold, f Jam 5.12. en of the Pharifes, and of a voiss out of the son, in whanice. id, 3-1The Sa my hen und ritood they how that am well pleated hear ye him. he bad them not beware of the leaven & And whenthe difciple, feard it,they Luke of bread, bupor be doctrine of the sea on their face, and were fore afraid. 9.33. And Exod did 23.27, 28. kavan las yemi kaz9.9818} { D£81, 15-1 &

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Lake! 27.11

tlaThnatick healed.
k.Eph. And Jefuscame and touched teen,
4.30. andfaid, Arife, and benes afraid.

To avoid offences
das little children, ye thall not enter & Cor.
into the kingdom of heaven Fuck 14. 20.
4 Whofoever there fore fall humble Hai.
himself as this little child, the fame 57.15.
is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.d

And wholo fhall receive f one fuch 66.2. lil child in my Name,receiveth me.fMas. 6 But whofo fhall offend one of thele 10. 40. glittle ones which believe in me, degaCor were b better for him that a milftone 4.9. hanged his John' he were drowned in depth of the fea.

Ti 58 And when they had lift up their 2.5. eyes, they faw ne man, fave Jefus Ionly. m Joh. And as they came down from the 1. 14. mountain Jefus charged them, fay. 2 Pet. ing, Tell yvifion to no man, muntil 1.19. Son of man berifen again from dead. Mal 10 And the difciples asked him,fay 4.5.ing, Why then fay the n Scribess that Thef. Elias muft 2.1, 1. And Jefus answered and aid Rom. unto them, Elias truly hall first come,Wo unco the world because of of- 15, 16. 10. 12. and reftore gall things.or fentes:forfitmuft needs be that Dfen- b2Cera John 2. But lay unto you, that Elias is tes come: but wo cothat man by whom fette 12. 32. come already, & they knew him not, the offence cometh. Rev.! Luke but have done unto him whatsoever 2 Wherefore it k thy hand or thy foot 2. 140 1.65. they lifted likewife fhall alfo the Son offend thee, cut them off, and aft/Luke 2 Pet. of man fatter ofthem. them from thee: it is better for thee 17.10 3.5 13 Thenthe difciples 9 understood that to enter into life halt or maimed, Col. As he spake unto them ofJohn the Baptift. rather than having two hands or two 3.5. 2.IS. 14 And when they were.come to feet, the caft into everlafting fire. Luke the multitude, there cane to him a 24.45.certain man kneeling down to him,and Luke faying, 2.37. 15 LORD, have mercy on my fon, for Palm he is lunatick, and fore rexed for oft6.2. times he fall.th into the fire, and oft Match. into the water. 15. 22.16 And I brought him to thy dis 7ver. fciples and they could set cure him 20, 217 Then Jefus answeredand faid, Mar. faithlefs & perverfe generation, how 9.23. long halll be with you?how long shall u Mar. I fufer you? bring him hitherto me.1 21. 13. 19 And Jefusrebuked the devil, and Rom. hex departed out of him:and the child 11. zo. was cured from that very hour


9 And if thine eye offend thee 34.74 pluck it out, and caff it from thee: itando 16 better for thee to enter into life with 91 one eye, rather than having two eyes m Pfal to be caft into hell fire..

16. Ily

10 Take heedthat ye defpife not one Exod. of thefe little ones; for I fay unto you,33 19 that in heaven their angels dealway Ti behold the face of my Father which 1.15 is in heaven, 4. Luke 11 For the Son of man is come to1f. tw fave that which was loft.


Gen. 19 Then came the difciples to Jefus 3. 15. apart, anafaid, Why couldnot we call f John 3.8. 20 And Jefus faid unto them, Be Joth. caufe of your unbelief: for verily 7.5.6.fay unto you, if ye have a faith aga Judg. grain of muftard feed, ye fhall fay 16.30..uneo this mountain, Remors hence ep

83 How think ye? ifa man have an 10. 11. hundred theep, and one of them be gone Perd paitray, doth he not leave the ninery 25 andnine, and goech inco mountains Johg and feeketh that which is gone aftray784 13 And if fo be that he and feverly Phil. unto you, he more of. 6. that her than of the ninety and, Rom nine which went not aftray.


14 Even fo is is not the r will of your he Father which is in heaven, that one of 1. thele littleones thould/perish.

Nu. yonder place, and is thall remove, and 20. To. Haching thall be unpofible uneo you. a Acs 21 Hawbeit b this kind goeth nor our

15 Moreover, ifthy brother mallJab 20. 28 selpaisagainst shes go and tell him 1.1 Cer his fault herween theet him x alone. e me Perne hrane chee, thou half gained

14.9. but by prayer and eating. in Gali




16 But if he will not hear thee, then Prow cake with thee one or two madre, chata.9. inche yanouch of two or three wit- Deut. Mar 23 And they fhall kill him, and the nefes every word may be eftablished. 4. 15. 16. 21. third day he shall berailed again: and 17 And if he had neglect to hear Mare they were exceeding forry. them, tell it to ch: church: bue 12. 2.30. 24 And when they were come to if he neglect to hear the church, let and ital. Capernaum, they that received tri-him be unto thee as a a heathen man, 53.8. bute-mony came to Peter, and faid, and a publican. Exod. Doch nor your mafter pay tribute? 18 Verily I lay unto you, Whatfoever 25 He faith, Yes. And when he was ye fhall & biud on earthy fhall be bound Mat. Luke come into the houfe, Jefuse prevented in heaven: and whatsoever ye thall 16. 23.2. him, faying What chinkeft thou, loafe on earth, fhall be loofed in heaven. Col Mar Simon of whom to the kings of the 19 Again, 1 fay unto you, that if two 5.4.5. 14. 15. earth cake cuftom or tribute of their of you thall agree on earth as rouching. Mat. own children, or of itrangers? anythingthat they fhall ask it thall 2.4. 16 Peter faith unto him. Of he done for them of my Father which Mat. b Mar. Itrangers. Jelus faith unto him, Then is in heavens y cook for 11. 27. are the b children tree. Ifai. 27 Nonwithtanding, left we should


20 for where d two or three are gats thered together in my Name, there foffend them, go thou to the fea, and am I in the f midst of them.

2.37. 14


Luke caft an hook, and take up the fish that 31 Then came Peter to him, and Col 1.32. first cometh up and when thon haft Rom. opened his mouth, thou shalt find 14. 19. piece of mony that take, and give 1 Cor. unto them for ine and thee. 10. 33.


faid, Lord, & how oft fhall my brother Rer. fin against me, and I forgive him?? 1.13. till feventimes?aptai

Mat 22 Jefus faich unto him, Ifay not f unto thee, Until feven times: but un-gy. 15. sil Teventy times feven.

Thef. 5.22. 1 John 2. 10.

Chrift warness his difciples to be hum-
ble: 15 how to deal with our brethren,
Tthe fame time

a Mat Aunto Jelins), laying, Who is the
25, 26. greatest in the b kingdom of heaven?
Mark. And Jefus called ca little child unto
9.33. him, and fethim in the mid of them,
b Mar. 3 And faid Verily I fay unto you,

heaven liken dunto a certain king Luke
23 Therefore is the kingdom of Luke
would cakaian account of his fervants9. N
Anu when
reckon, one was brought unto him.
which ought him k ten thousand ta- Exod.
lents, sveisingi bilan 22.3.
2 But for as much as he had not to Kin.
pay, his lord commanded him to be

20. 22. Except ye be converted, and become / fold, and his wife and children and ev
all that he had, & payment to be made. 25.10.


22. 25. Prov. 11.2. and 16. 18.


I Cor.

12.9. Lee, Jelus faid unto them, The Son Luke ofman fhall be betrayed into the hands 11. 26. of en:


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Of divorcement.

5. Matthew.

The rich young man. al. 26 The fervant therefore fell down & 13 Then were there trought unto 28.39. worshipped him faying, Lord, m have him lile hildren, that he fhould Mit. Exod. patience w me,& I will pay thee all. put hir hands on them and pray and 10 13. 34.6. 27 Then the lord of that fervant was the difciples rebuked them. Ro. moved with compaffiun, and loofed 14 But a Jefus faid, Suiter little chil- 11. 12. NICO. 30. 3. him, and forgave him the debt. dren,andiorbid them not to come unto Mar. me:for or fuch is kingdom of heaven. 10. 14. 15 And hey laid his hands on them, y Gen. and departedthence." 4148.14.


Judg. 18 But the famefervant went out, and 10. 16.found one of his fellow-fervants, which tors ought him an hundred pence and he Denary laid hands on himyand i took him by 16 And behold, one came Stfail unto Mar. The throaty faying, Pay me thattheu oweff: him, Good matter, what ood thing to. 17. Roman And his tellow-fervant fell down all do that I may have eternal life? Rem. •per at his feet, and befought him, fay- 17 And he faid unto him, Way calleft 10. 2. ywing, Have patience with me, and thou me good? there is none good but Act in a will pay thee all. bune that is God: but if thouwilt enter 2. 37. Lue fix And he would not, but went and into life, keep the commandinents. ba pence catt him into priten, till he bould 18 Hefaith unto him, Which? Jefus 2: 2. Dalf pay the debt. faid, Thou shalt do ne murder, Thou e Lev. penny 31 So when his fellow-ferv.nes faw halfnor commit adultery, Thou shalt 18.5. Ma what was done, they were very forry, not fteal, Theu fhalt not bear falfe Rom. 20. 2. and came and told into their lord Gr, all that was done?ENA 19 Honour thy father and thy mother: 1 Jo #bre432 Then hislord, after that he had and thou haft love thy neighbour 3. 18. ard bim called him, faid unto him, O thou das thy felf. Or wicked Tervant, I forgave thee all 20 The young man faith unto him, 119.9. • Pfal. baked, that debt, becaufe thou de firedit me: f all these things have I kept from fik 33/Shouldft not thou alfo have had my youth up wharlack I yet? 18.46.



10. 5.



Luk. as I hadpity on thee?Alien fant be perfect, go and b fell that thou haft, 10. 21. even Mar. 6.36. 34 And his lord was wroth, and deli- and give to the poor, and thou thalt b Acts en Mat. vered him to the sorrentors,till he have treasure in heaven and come 20.35. 26.26. Thould pay all that was doe unto him, and follow me A Luke Mat 35 So likewife fall my heavenly Fa 22 But when the young man heard 13. 24. 6. 15. ther do alfo unto you, if ye from your that faying, he went away i forrowiule Tim Lev. hearts fort ive not every one histro for he had rearpoffeffions. 39. 18.ther their trefp. ffes. 6.9, 10 Epher, 4. 31. Col.3.13.

k Mat.


10.24. 24 And again I fay unto you, It is Palm of a needle, than for a rich man to eu- Mar. eafiertor a cainel to go through the eye 2.7. ter into the kingdom of God. 25 When his difciples heard it, they #2 Kl. were exceedingly amazed, faying 27. 2. m Who then can be faved?

10. 26.


23 Then faid Jefus unto his diedfciples, Verily I fay unto you, that ka 13.29. CHAP. XIX. Ching rich man hall hardly enter into the Mar. 2 Chrift healeth the fick 3 answerer kingdom of heaven. concerning divorcement S 5Tfus had a finith d thefe fayings he Nd it came to pals that when JeA John & departed from Galilee,and came into 21. the coafts of Judea, beyond Jordan: 35,36. And great multitudes followed him, Luke and he healed them e there. 23.5.3 The Pharifees also came unto 26 But Jefus beheld them, and faid 1.37. Luka Mat him, tempting him, and faying unto unto them, With men this is impo- Mar. 30.1 him, Is it lawful for a man to put ble but with God o all things are 4:20. and 22. away his wife for every caufe? poffible day 16, 16.4 And he answered and faid unto 37 Then anfwered Peter, and faid q Acts Mar. them, Have ye not read,that he which unto him, Behold, we have p forfaken Rev. yo. 2. made them at the beginning, made all, and followed thee, what thall we 21. 1. Mal. them fmale & female? have therefore? A 2.15. And faid, For this caufe fhall a man 28 And Jefus faid unto them, Ve- 15. 42, Gen. gleave father and mother, and thall rily I fay unto you that ye which 43. 2. 23. cleave to his wife: and they twain have followed me in the a regeneration, Rev. bi Co. fhall be one b flesh. when the son of man fhall fit in the 3.21. 6, 16. 6 Wherefore they are rthrone of his glory, ye alio thall fit Luke Mat. twain, but one flesh. What therefore upon twelve clirones, judging the 22.30. 5.32. God hath joyned together, let i not twelve tribes of Ifrael.. Mar. man putafunder. Mar. 29 And every one thathath:orfaken 5. 11. 10.4. 7 Theyfay unto him, Why did Mo- houfes, or brethren, or fifters, or Mar. Deut. for then k command to give a writing father, or mother, or wife, or chil-10.30. 4.1. of divorcement, and to put her away? dren or lands, or my Names fake, Luke LARS 8. He faith unto them, Mofes, be- thall inherit everlasting lite. fhall receive an hundred old, and 19.17, 13, 18 caufe of the hardness of your hearts, 30 But many that are firit, thall Mat. and fuffered you to put away your wives: 14 16. but from m beginning it was not fo be laft; and the laft first CHAP. XX.

1 Cor.


no more


20. 16.

Co..g And Ifay unto you, Wlofover thall The labourers fent into the vineyard. 11. 23 put away his wife,nexcept it be or forJer nication, and shall my another, con- For the kingdom of heaven is like 6. 16. mitteth adultery:& whofo marrieth her which went out early in the morning 15. 1. unto a man that is a an houtholder, a John

Mat.& is put away, doth commit adultes And when he had cagreed with the t. 7, 8.


11.26. hour, and faw others ftanding eidle 18. 3 And he went out about the third Mat. in the market-place,

19, 25.

10 His difciples fay unto him, b to hire labourers into his vineyard. 2. Ti. 61o. the cafe of the min be fo with his labourers for a peny a day, he fent Heb. 7.30.wife, it is not goo to marry Prov. 11 But he faid unto them, p All men them into his vineyard. RI. cannot receive this faying, fave they 9, 19. to whom it is q given.e Co. 12 For there are fome eunuchs, which 7.17 were fo born from their mothers 4 Anl faid unto them, Go ye alfo d John Jam. womb and there are fome eunuchs, into the vineyard, and whatfoever i.11.9. 1. 17. which were made eunuchs of men: right, I will fgive you. And they wente Acts ri Co. and there be eunuchs, which have their way. 7.7. made themfelvs eunuchs for the king- 5 Again, he went out about the fixth Rom. Rom. dom of heavens fake. He that is able and nine hour, and did likewife. 6.23. to receive let him receive it. 6 And about the eleventh hour he went out, and round others Banding

17. 5.



7. 21.29, 32, 35.


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Tabedes children.

w14.2 * Chap, xx}. *** Chrift ridah to Forufalem idle, and ich unto them, Why stand 19A1t as they departed from Jericho, 4 Ma Luk. ye here all the day idle? 10.44 AVTUR a great multitude followed him. They fay unto Because ao 70 And Jahn man hath b hired us. He faith to by the way-file when they heard that TS 15. them, Go ye alfo into the vineyard, Jefus paffed by, cried out, faying. Have 3.2. Ifai. and whatfocus is right, has all mercy on us, O LORD, tho & Son of Mari 26. 12. ye receive. 235.220 Mar. So when even was come,the lord And the multitude rebuked them, 1339.of the vineyard faith unto his & few- becaufe hey fhould hold their peace: 42.810 Col. ard, Call the labourers, and give them but they cried more, faying, Have 6.13% 2.3 their hire, beginning from the taft mercy on usiO Lord, the SonofDavid. Pfal. John unto the fir. 34 And Jefus eftood till, and called 65. 201 1. 16. And when they came that were hired them, and faids What will ye tharts 11 Th. about the eleventh hour, they re--fhall do unto you? 4. 16. ceiem every man apeny.



19:50 21


33 They fay unto him, LORD, that Heb .4. 10. But when the fitit came, they fup-foureyes may be opened. 4.35. Rom. Foled that they fhould have received 34 So Jelus had g compaion on bra 9-15. more, and, they likewife received ahem, ant touched their eyes and im- 116.1. wv.15, every man a peny mediately their eyes received fight, Luke. Luke 11 And when they had received it, and they followed him. S.2,3 .33. they a murmured against the good mans CHAP. XXI. 28, 29.ofthe houfe, Chrift rideth into Fernfalem, 13 dri vern the buyers and fillers ons of the temple.

• Co. 12 Saying, Thefelaft have wrought
4. 11. but one hour, and thou haft made
2 Cor. them equal unto uss wirich have born. A



burden and




Nd when they drew nigh a umele ·20. 18. and were come to Bech13 But he anfwere Dre of them, and phage unto the mount of Olives, 20. 22. Gr faid, t Friend, I dochee no wrong: then fent Jefus two tif:iples, 1 Cor. 14 .9 Take that thine is, and gothydate over seaink you, and ftraight- 21. 17. didnot tho 1 agree Saying date them, Go into the vil- & John 3.95 way I will give unto this laft, even way ye fhall 6 find an afs tied and a and ver. asunto thee. Cit 1 cole with her loote them and bring 10, 15. 15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I them unto me.S079312 ver will with reine own? is thine feye 3 And if any manfay oughrumo you, 1.2,3 2, 13. evit because I am good? ye fhall fay, The Lord hath d need of 4 Luk. 2 Cor. 14 So the latt fhall be firfti and the then,& ftraightway he will fend them. 24.-25. 1.22. Birk laft: for many be called, butt few 4 All this was done that it might Ifal.. Mat. cholen. "And Iefus going up to Jerufa-e prophet, faying, she fulfilled which was fpoken by the 62.11 6.13. 17 f Mar and lem, took the twelve difciples apart Tell ye the daughter of Sion, Be- 2. 2. 1125, in the way, and laid unto them, cholt, f thy King comech unto thee, Hof. Prov. 13 Behold, we go np to Jerufalem, merk, and fitting upon an aft, and a 3.5. 23. 6. and the Son of man hall be betrayed colt the coal of anafsis on TELJA Mat, unto the chiciprielts, and unto the 6 And the difciples went, and did 4. 10. 7. 13. fcribes and they hall condemn him as Jefus commandedshem jako Mard Eph. to leath to want cheat varAnd brought the afs, andthe colt, 17.29 19 And hall deliver him to the and put on them their clothes, and 2 Cor. Gentiles to a mock, and tofcourge, and they let him thereons f Haz 10. 1. 10.41. to crucifie him: and the third day be 9 And a very great multitude k fpread / Mat * Deu. shall riflame to him the moter of down 7 branches from the trees, and ka Kl their garments in the way, others cut 16. 243


20 Then

Mac. Zebedees children, with her fons, ftrawed them in the way. 14 96 13« 2.4. wor hipping him and defiring a certain And the multitudes that went be- i Lera, John thing of him. fore, & that followed, m cried, 1, ying, 23. 40. 18:32. 11 And hefaid unto her, What wilt z Hofanna to the Son of David:lefed m 1Kl. lai. thou? She faith unto him, Grant that is he that cometh in the name of the 1. 39. 13.3. thefe my two fons may fit the one on LORD, Hofanna in the highelt. Pla Matchy right, hand, and the other one to And when he was some into Jeru 118. 27. 56. let cinthy kingdom. falem, all the city was moved, faying, 26. Luke 11 But Jefus answered and faid, Yep Who is this? 19. 12. know not what ye ask: Are ye able to 11 And the maltitudefaid, This is Dan. drink of the cup the t1 fhall drink of a Jelus the r prophet of Nazareth of p Pfal. 2.44 and to be baptized with the dbaptifm Galilee. 24.72


2 Pet. that I am baptized with? They fay un-11 And Jefus went into the temple g Mat. 1. 11. to him. We are able of God, an caft out all 21. d1 Co. 23 And he faith unto them, Ye hall r fold and bought in the temple, and .Deur. 17. 29. drink indeed of my cup, and be baptiz- overthrew tables of the money-chan-1915. Mated with de baptifin that I am aptiz-gers, & feats of them that fold doves, f John 26.3. ed with: butto fit on my right hand, 13 And faid unto them. It is writ-2. 15.

of thieves.



Gr. and on iny left, is not mine to give, ten, My houfe fhall be called the houfe Pfal Malefs, but it shall be given to them for whom of prayer, but ye have made it a den 03. 5. or (ave it is prepared of my Father. t Dent. to them 24 And when the cen heard it, they 14 And the blind and the lame came 14. 23. &.c. weremoved with indignation fagainft to him in temple,&he a healed them. Ifai. John the two brethren. 15 And when the chief priests and 6. 7. 15 But Jefus called them unto him, Scribes faw they wonderful things that Mat. Trov. and faid, Ye know that the princes of he did, and the children crying in 11.3.5. 13. c. the Gentiles exercite dominion over the temple, and faying, Hofanna to the Ital. Luke them, and they that are great, exer- son of David, they were fore dif-26.11. 22.25. cife authority upon them. pleafed, x Act. and 36 But ic fhall not be fo among you: 15 And faid unto him, Heareft the 3. +5. 2.2,3. but whofoever will he great among what thefe fay And Jefus, faith un-and M2 Co. you, let himbe your minifter. to them, Yea, have yenever read, 2.

1. 24. 17 And whofoever will be chief among Out of the mouth of babes and fuck- Mat 13 John you let him be your x fervane lingsthou liaft perfected praife? 13 Even as the Son of man came not17 And he left them, and went out John to be miniftred unto, but y co minifters of the city into Bethany, and he log-4 116. 1. & to give his life a ranfonior many, ed there. 9. 19. 7 Phil. 2.7.≈ Mat.1.21. Job. 17.9.

ver. 8. x Rom.

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18 Nov.

18. 2. 1 Cor. 1:27. ¢ Joh. 6.15

The power of faith.

The Marriage-Supper

him out of the vineyard,& few him. Heb. 40When the Lord therefore of the 13.12. vineyard cometh, what will he do unto Luke thofe husbandmen? 19.27.

Heb. Now in the morning as he returned 4.15 intothe city, he a hungred Luke 19 And when he fawr e-tree in 13. 6. the way, he came to it, and fund Ifai. nothing thereon, hut leavs only, and 5.2. faid unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee Thenceforward for ever. And prefently the figetref withered away. 3.5.

41 They fay unto him, He will mi- Mat. ferably deftrey thofe wicked men, 11. II. and will tlce out his vineyard unto Rom other husbandmen,which hall render 11. 19. him the fruits in their feafons. # Pfal. 41 Jefus faich unto them, Did ye 119. neverread in the foripeures, The ftone 22.

A Luke 20 And when the difciples law it,they marvelled, faying, How foon is the ag tree withered away 36.22 Jesus answered and faid unto which the builders rejected the A&. John shen Verily I fay unto you Ifye fame is become the head of the 13.46. have, kraith & /doubt not, ye fhall not corner this is the LORDS doing, Mat Mat, only do this which is done to the fie--and it is marvellous in our eyes. 3.9.20. 17. 10. Mes xhur alfoss ye shall fay unto this 43, Therefore I fay unto you, Thej Gal. Rom. mountain, Be thou removed, and be-kingdom of God half be taken from 5.22. thou caft into the fea; ic fhall be done, you and given to a nation bringing Ifai. 4.20. And all things whatfoover ye hall south they fruits thereof. Jask in prayer, believing, ye hall re- 44 And whofoever all fall on this Rom. 1.6. ceive. Heb. ftone, fhall be broken but on whom- 9.33. foever it fall fall, it will grind him a Dan. to powder.

S. 14.


23 And when he was come into the temple,the chief priests and the elders Heb. of the people cam unto him as he was 4 teaching, and faid, By whas authority We doet thou these things? and who gave 25, 26 thee this authority? bang

45 And when the chief priests and b Rom. Pharifees had hear his parables, 2. 15. they perceived he fpake of thein. 1 King on him, they d feared the multitude, e Ti 46 But when they cfought to lay hands 21. 20. because they took him for a prophet. 4.3 Luk.

12 TOWN te


John And Jefus antwered and faid unto 3.31 then, I altop will ask you one thing, Luke which if ye tolline, finlike wife 30 will tell you by what authority Ido Mac-clicfe changs of John, whence was 2 Job it from heaven, or of men?, and they S. 13. sealoned with themfeless faying, If we Pro. hall lay, From heaven;he will lay unto 26.4 Why did ye notchen r believe him? KR. $2.26 But if we fbally, Of men we 22. 1. fear the peoples for all hold John as Luke a prophet.

ANd Jefus answered and fpake unto


them again by a parables,& faid, 13, 13. unto a certain king, which made 6 a 19.9. 2 The kingdom is like Rev. marriage for his fon,



117 And they answered Jefus,and faid, Eph. We cannot tell. And he fald unto 2.12. them, Neither tell I you by what auLuke thority I do thefe things.info: 15.17.28 But what think you? A cerLuke tain man had y two fans, and he came to 18.11. the firft, and fald, Son, go work to day od in my vineyards gone no 9829 He answered and faid, I will not: bark war he repenenjam and game 89.101 9136nd he came to the Tecond, anil Mar. faid likewife. And he answered and 23 3 faid, bl go hry and wentnot.

3 And he feat forth his c fervants to 36. 15. c2 Oh, call them that were bidden to the wed- 4 I. dings and they would d not come. 4 Again he fent forth other fervants, Mac. fayings Tellehem which are bidden, 318 Behold, I have fprepared my dinner: Prov. my oxen and my fatlings are killed, 9.12. and all things are ready: come uncog Gen. sche marriage au soll einen 2011 19. 14.


But, they made light of it, and b blat. went their ways, one to his h farm, 13, 22. another to his merchandife Tim.

6 And the remnant took his fervants, 6. 10. and i intreated shem spitefully, and i Att.


2 52.31 Whether of them twain did the will of his father? They fay unco Luke him, The Jefus them. 10. 22. Verily Ifay unto you,that the publiBut whenking heard thereof, he k Luxe Mat. cans and the harlots go into 2-91-dom of Ged before you, the king-mi rod and he fent forth his kar-16.43.

smies, and Mat and burnt up their city. 24. 2.


8 Then faith he to hisfervants, The 7 As wedding is ready, but they which 13. 46. were bidden were not worthy. m Ro. Go ye therefore into m high-ways, 10.18. and as many as ye thall find, bid Mat. to the marriage.


Mat. 31 For John came unto you in the 34fway of righteousness, and ye believed Palm himg for: but the publicans and 112. 91 harlots believed him. And ye, when Ma ye had feen it repented not afterward 118.that y might believe him. Ifal.33 Hear another parable: There wasro So thofe fervants went out into the Ifai. 1. certain houtholder which planted a Mar vineyard, and hedged it round about, 2.1. & digged a wine-prefs in it, and built 4 Ch.atower, and let it out to husband 27.21 men and went into a k far countrey. 1 Cor. 34 And when the time of fruit drew 3.9. near, he fent his fervants to the hus

high-ways and gathered together a 65. 2. as many as they found both a bad and o v. 11. good and the wedding was furnifh Mat

with guests.


14: And when'the king p came in to 39, 47. fee the guefts, he q faw there a man Luke which had not on a wedding garment: 19.

Luk bandmen; that they night receive the 19. 12.fruits of it. I Luke 35 And the husbandmen took hisfer13. 6. vants, and m beat one, and killed an Act.other, and toned another. 7.59. 36 Again he fent other fervants, and morethanche first: and they did unto -14. them

And he faith unto him, "Friend, 15, 16. hov cameft thou in hicher, not ha-qr sa. ying a wedding garment? And he was 16. 7. tfpeechlefs.

r Rom.

. Rom.

13 Then faid the king to the ffervants, 13. 14. Bin him hand and root, St take him Gr. 2 Ch Bot laft of and caft him darke Muje all he fent unto nels there fhall be weeping and gnash-led. 36. 15.them his fon, laying, They will o re- ing of teeth. Mat. verence my fon. 23. 37. 38 But when the husband-men faw Pra the fon they faid among themselves 2. 12. This is fp heir, qcome, let us kilim Aft. 4. and let us reize on his inheritance. 28. 39 And they caught him and caft } Heb.I. 2. q Mac. 20.3.

14 For inany are called, but few 2 15. are hof a took counfel how they might in- Mat 15 Then went the Pharilees, and 13. 41. Mat. angle him in his talk


25.42. Mar

S. Matthew.

22 SANDT 20. 19. Mat. 14.

The marriage-fupper. The off
tiler called. 12 The punishment of
him that wanted the wedding gar

ment. Edhe nda

18. 13. 16 And u Pal 2.2.x Jer. 18. 18,20.

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