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We cedar of the gospel.

Ezekiel. 2 Ki.tell them,Behold,oy king of Babylon wife, neither hath come near to a Neh. Gods juftice. 24. 13.1s come to Jerufalem, and hath taker nienftruous woman, I Ch.the king thereof,and the princes there.7 And hath not oppreffed any, but m EXO. 5.3. 3. 15. of,and led them with him to Babylon; hath reftored to debtor his m pledge, 22, 26. 2 Ch.13 And hath taken of the pkings feed, hath n fpoiled none by violence, hat Eze. 36. 13.and made a covenant with him, and given his o bread to the hungry,andy. 11.

Heb. hath taken q an oath of him he hath hath covered the naked wa garment,o Ifal. ram. alfo taken the t mighty of the land: 8 He that hath not given forth up-58. 7. Dan. 14 That the kingdom might be bafe,fon pufury,neither hath taken any in-p Pfal. 8. 20. it might not life it felf up, bury by creafe, that hath q withdrawn his hand 5.5 Ezek. keeping of hiscovenant it might ftanderom iniquity, hath r executed crueq 1 Sa. 31 11.15But he rebelled against him in fend-judgment between man and man, 22. 17. Ifai. Ing his ambaffadors into Egypt, that 9 Hath walked in my ftatures r Zec. 31. 1. they might give himr horfes & much & hath kept my judgments to dealS. 16. 2 Chr. people:fhall he profper? thall he efcapetruly he is juft,he thall furely live, John 29. 20. doth fuch things?or fhall he breakfaim the LORD God.


Pfal. the covenant, and be delivered? 10 If he beget a fon that is ax Pfal. 15.4. 16 As I live, faith the LORD God, robber,x a fhedder of blood, and that 55. 23. and furely in the place where the king doth like to any one of thefethings, Num. 55. 23. dwelleth that made him king,t whofe 11 Andy doth not any of thofe duties, 35. 31. 12 Ch. oath he defpifed,and whofe covenant but even hath eaten upon the moun- Eze. 24. he brake, even with him,in the midft tains,and defiled his neighbours wife.8. 6. 20, 22. of Babylon he fhall u die. Hath oppreffed the poor and needy, 2 Kin. Eccl. 17 Neither fhall xPharaoh w his migh-hath (poiled by violence, hath not re-23. 13. 8. 2. ty army and great company make for ftored the pledge, and hath life up Exo. 2 Ki. him in warby cafting up mounts,& his eyes to the idols, hath committed 21. 12. 25. 6. buildingforts to cut offmany perfonsy abomination,

a Lev.


Jam. 19 Seeing he defpifed the oath, by 13 Hath given forth upon ufury,and 20.9. 4. 12. breaking the covenant (when lo hehath taken increafe: fhall he then live? Ezek. y Ch. had y given his hand) and hath done he fhall not live: he hath done all 33.4. 30. S. all there things, he fhall not efcape thefe abominations: he fhall furely 62 Ch. Jo.19 Therefore thus faith the LORD die, his 4 blood thall be upon him. 33.22, 9. 19. God, AsIlive,furely mine oath 14 Now lo, if he b beget a fon 23, 25. 2 Sam. he hath defpifed and my covenant that feeth all his fathers fins which Eccl. 21. 1. that he hath broken, even it will I he hath done, and d confidereth, 5. 8, a Eze. recompenfe upon his own head. and e doth not fuch like. 1968 13, 18. 12. 13. 10 And I will spread my a net upon 15 The hath not eaten upon the and 2 Sam. him, & he fhall be taken in my fnare, mountains, neither bath life up his 6. I 18. 9. & I will bring him to Babylon, & will eyes to the idols of houfe of Ifrael,d Pfal. Joil. b plead w him there for his trefpafshath not defled his neighbours wife, 119. 10. 16. that he hath trefpaffed againft me. 16 Neither hath opprelled any hath 59. 2 Kia And all his c fugitives with all his not withholden the pledge, neither Hof. 25. 6. bands fhall fall by the fword, and they hath fpoiled by violence, but hath gi-7. 2. 2 Ki. that remain fhall be fcattered towardsven his bread to the hungry,and hathe Eze. 25. 5. all winds: and ye thall know that Icovered the naked with a garments 20. 18. Ifai. the LORD have spoken it.17 That hath taken off his hand from I Pet. Thus faith the LORD God, I will the poor,that hath not received ufury 1. 18. Zech. alfo take of the higheft branch of the nor increafe, hath executed my judg-Jer. 3. S. high cedar, and will fet it, I will crop menes hath walked in my ftatures; 914 Pfal. off from the top of his young ewigs a he fhall not die for the iniquity ofand 2. 6. tender one, and will plant it upon his father, he fhall furely live. 41. 17. an k high mountain and eminent. 18 As for his father, becaufe he/Prov. 14. 1. 23 In the mountain of the height off cruelly oppreffed,fpoiled his brother 14. 3. Pfal. Ifrael will I plant ic: and it fhall bring by violence, and did that which is not Neh. 72. 12. forth boughs,and / bear fruit, & be a good among his people, lo, even he 5.7. Jer. m goodly cedar and n under it fhall die in his iniquity.rou

IJ. I.


3.5. fhall dwell all fowl of every wing,in 191Yetfay ye. Why?doth not the fon. I. & Lev. Rev. the fhadow of the branches thereof beary giniquity of father when fon Pialm 11. 15. fhall they dwell.NION BED) hath done that is lawful and right, 40. 7. "Ifai. 24 And all the trees of the field and hath kept all my ftatutes, andand 60.3.8-fhall know that I the LORD have hath done them, he fhall furely live.31. 1. Pfal. brought down the high tree, have 20 The foul that finneth,it fhall die: Deut. 9. 16. exalted the low tree,have dried up the by fon fhall not bear the iniquity of $24. 16. 2 Dan. green tree, and have made the dry father neither fhall father bear ini Exod. 2.44. free to flourish the LORD quity of the fon; the righteoufne1s20. f. g Luk, have fpoken and have done it. or the righteous fhall be upon himal X. 52 201 dortif, and the k wickednefs of the wicked3 10. CHAP. XVIII. thall be upon him. unty Mad Rom. 21 But if the wicked will / turn from 2. 9. all his fins that he hath committed, Eze. and keep all my ftatutes and do that14. 6. which is lawful and right, he thanm Heb. furely live, he fhall not die.


22 All his tranfgrefhons that he hath" Gal. committed, they fhall not be m men-2. 16. tioned unto him: n in his righteout.Rom nefs that he hath done, he thall live. 3.24.

God reproveth the unjust parable of forre grapes. Nd the word of the LORD came Rom. AN Lunro me again,faying, 9.20. 2 a What mean ye, that ye ufe this Palm proverb concerning the land of If 145.15. Fael, faying, b The fathers have eaten Jer. fowre grapes, and the childrens teeth the childr 31.30.are fet on edge flere mig Rom. 3 As I live, faith the LORD God, 9. 13. ye fhall not have occafion any more co Hof. ufe this proverb in Ifrael. 9. 11. 4Behold,all fouls are mine,cas y foul Rom. of father,fo alfo the foul of f fon Is 6. 23. mine:the foul finneth,it hale die. Gen. 5 But if a man be fjuft, and dog committeth iniquity, & doth accord-23. 29. 6.9. g that which is lawful and right ing, to all the abominations that the91 Jo. Mic. 6 And hath b not eaten upon moun- wicked man doth, fhall be live? all his3. 9. 6.8. tains, neither hath fe up his eyes righteoufnefs that he hath done fhallt zek. b Nu. to the idols of the houfe of Ifrael, not be mentioned.in his trefpafs that 3. 20. neither hath k defiled his neighbours he that trefpalled, and fa his fin that Per 2. S. 16. k Heb. 13. 4 Sh 2. 20. & Cor. 9. 24%

23 Have I any pleafure at all that 28.
the wicked fhould die? faith the Lordo Rom.
God; and not that he fhould return9. 17.
from his ways and live?
24 TBut when p the righteous turneth 18. 9.
away from his righteoufnefs, and Mat.

j, 2.


Lamentations for Irael. 13 And now fhe is planted in the Pal. wildernefs,in a dry & thirty ground. 107. 14 Andy fire is gone out of a rod of 34. which hath devoured Deurs her branches. her fruit,fo that he hath no ftrong 2S. 47. rod to be a fcepter to rule:this is a la- y 2 Ch. mentation,&fhall be foralamentation.36. 13. 2 Kin. 24. 20. Jer. 52. 10. and 41.1.20


Lamentations for Ifrael.

al. he hath finned, in them fhall he die. 3. 14. 25 Yetye fay, The way of the Rom. LORD is not equal. Hear now, O 5. 12. houfe of Ifrael,t is not my way equal? Ifai. are not your ways unequal? L 4. 26 When a righteous man turneth aJer. 2.way from his righteoufnefs, & committeth iniquity,& dieth in them; for Heb. hisiniquityvhe hath done,fhall he die. quick- 27 Again,when y wicked man turneth en his away from his wickednefs that he hath committed, & doth that which is law



Soul. ful & right, he shall favehis foul alive.

Palm 28Because hex confidereth and turn-
22. 29.eth away from all his tranfgreffions,
xv.14. that he hath committed, he shall
y Eze. furely live, he fhall not die.e
7.3. 29 Yet faith the houfe of Ifrael,

Rev. The way of the LORD is not equal. 2.5. O houfe of Ifrael, are not my ways4 Exo.equal are not your ways unequal 3.20. 30 Therefore I willy judge you, O Eph.houfe of Ifrael, every one accord4. 22. Ing to his ways, faith the Lord God: C-Eph. repent and turn your felvs from all 4. 23. your tranfgreffions; fo iniquity fhall

not be your rum.

2. 12. 3116 Caft away from you all your
Av. 23.tranfgreffions, whereby ye have
Mic tranfgreffed, and make you a new
7. 18. heart, and a new fpirit; for why will
2 Pet. ye die, O houfe of Ifrael?
3.9 32 For I have d no pleasure in death
Luke of him dieth, faith LORD God:
15. 13. wherefore e curn your felvs,& live ye.
45. 22.1 A lamentation for the princes of If.
rael, 10 and for Jerufalem, under


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CHAP. XX. God refufeth to be confulted.. Ayear, in the fifth moneth, the tenth 22. 16. Nd it came to pafs in the feventh a Mat. day of the moneth,that cercain of the 1 King elders of Ifrael came a to enquire of 22. 15. the LORD, and b fat before me. bize.

2 Then came the word of the 33. 31. ? Pro. LORD unto me, faying,

3 Son of man,fpeak unto the elders II. 20. of Ifrael, and fay unto them, Thus and faith the LORD God, Are ye come to 10. 29. enquire of me as I live, faith the d Jer. LORD God, I will not be enquired 5. 28.. or by you.

1 Ki.


4 Wilt thou judge them, fon of man 13. 7. wilt thou judge them?e caufe them tof Deut. know abominations of their fathers: 4.37. STAnd fay unto them, Thus faith and the LORD God, fin the day when I 7.6. chofe Ifrael,and lifted up mine hand g Gen. unto the g feed of the houfe of Jacob, 14. 16, &b made my felt known unto them 23. in the land of Egypt, when I lifted Exo. up mine hand unto them, faying, 13. 2. am the LORD your God, 6In the day that I lifted up mine hand 4. 34. unto them to bring them forth of the Deu. land of Egypt, into a land that I 11. 10, 12.



milk and honey, which is the k glo- Heb.. ry of all lands:

11. 9.

4 Eze. take a a lamentation for the b princes of Ifrael, 62 Ki. And fay,What is thy mother? ca 23.31.lionefs: the lay down among d lions, 7 Then faidi unto them,Caft ye away k Dea cize the nourished her e whelps among every man the labominations of his 8. 7. eyes, and m defile not your felvs Zech. 3.1, 2.young lions. dize. with the idols of Egypt: I am the 7. 14. LORD your God,

3 And the brought up f one of her 16. 24. whelps: it became a young lion, ez Ki.and it learned to catch the prey, it


23.31.devoured men.

2 Ch. 4 The nations alfo heard of him, 36. 1. he was taken in their pit, and they brought him with chains unto the land of Egypt.

would not hearken unto me:they diChr
8 But they rebelled against me, and 18. 31.
not every man caft away the abom -15. 3.
Bations of their eyes,neither did theym Eze.
forfake the idols ofEgypt:then I fald,5. 11.
o I will pour out my fury upon them, Lev.
to accomplish mine anger against 17. 7.
them in the midft of the land of Egypt. 2 Chr.
9But I wrought for my Namesake, 20. 16.
that it should not be polluted beforen Neh.
the heathen, among whom they were, 9. 16.
in whofe fight I made my felf known Ezek.
unto them, in bringing them forth 7. 11.
out of the land of Egypt.

2 Chr.

10 Wherefore ricaufed them to 36. 15. go forth out of the land of Egyptando Pfal. brought them into the wildernefs. 106.


1 And I gave them my ftatutes, 23. and thewed them my judgements, Ifp Rom. man do,he hall even live in there.. 23. 12 Moreover alfo, I gave them my q Exo, fabbaths,to be ua fign between me & 14. 18. them, that they might know that IPfalm am the LORD that fan&tifie them.

5 Now when the faw that he had k Pro. kwaited,and her hope was loft, then 11. 7. he took another of her whelps,and 12 Ki. made him a younglion. 23.34.6 And he went up and down among lions, he became a young lion,&learn m Jer. ed to catch the prey, m and devou20. 17. red men. n2 Ch. 7 And he knew their defolate pa36. 19. laces, and he laid wafte their cities, and the land was defolate, and the ful• Pro. nefs thereof by the noife of his oroar19. 12. ing. KI. Then the nations fet againft him 24. 2. on every fide from the provinces and That pread theirnet over him; he was taisin ken in their pit. 126. 2. tended 9 And they put him in ward in So. chains,and brought him to the king 13 But the houfe of Ifraelx rebelled a- EXO. Jer. of Babylon they brought him into gainft me in wilderness: they walked 13.3. that his voice fhould no more not in my ftatutes, &c they y defpifed/Exo. 22. 13. holds and be heard upon the mountains oflfrael. my judgments, which ifa man do,he 14. it. 36. 30. 10 Thy mother is like a vine in fhall even live in them; and my fab-Deut. Ifai. my blood, glanted by the waters, the baths they greatly pollured: then I faid,3. 15. was fruitful and full of branches by I would z pour out my fury upon Lev. 5. I. them in the wilderness to confume 18. 5. 2 Ch. reafon of many waters. O Firmie full the guy #Exo 32. 23. 11 And the had r ftrong rods for the them. 14 But a I wrought for my names 2048. Ezek cepters of them that bareruie, and 16. 15. her itature was exalted among the fake, that it should not be polluted x Nu. thick branches, and the appeared before the heathen, in whofe fight 14. 21. y Pro 47. 6. in her height with the multitude of brought them out. 15 Yet alfo bIlifted up my hand unto 1. 25. Deut. her branches. 28. 25.12 Buc fhe was t plucked up in fury, them in wilderness, that would not Nu 2 Ki. he was caft down to the ground, bring them into the land which I had 14. 29 17. 4. and the eaft-wind dried up her fruit: given the flowing with milk and a v. 9. her ftrong rods were broken and wi- honey, which is the glory of all lands. b Nu 16 Because they defplied my judg. 14, 28 4.1. thesed, the fire confumed them. •HALGY?




rebellion. ↑

fras menes, and walked north my ftatutes, dwa itretched-out arm, & with fiury & Jere
Mercy promifod
but polluted my fabbaths for their poured out, will 1f rule over you.
heart went after their idols.

21. 5.

#1 Kl. 11.5. Prov.

17 Neverthelef,mine eye fpared them
from deftroying them, neither did I
make d an end of them in the wil



34 And I will bring you out from Lze. the people, & wil g gather you out of 8. 18. the countreys wherein ye are fcattered, f Ho 4. 23. with a mighty hand,& with a ftretch- 10. 39. Jer. ed-out arm,and with fury poured out.g Am. 18 But faid unto their children, 35 And I will bring you into the 9.2, 4. 4127 in the wildernefs, e Walk ye not in the b wildernefs of the people, and there b Ezt. II. 13. tatutes of your fathers,neftherobferve Will I plead with you face to face. 19. 13. Exod. their judgments, nor defile your felvs 36 Like as I k pleaded with your fa- i Ezek. 32. 28. with thefrid Is. thers in the wilderness of the land of 19. 20. Egypt, fo will I plead with you, fith k Exo. the LORD God 37 And I will caufe you I to pass under t the rod, and I will bring you into 27.32. the bond of the covenant.


Ki. 191an the LORD your Godf walk 15. 26. in my ftatures, and keep my judge. Neh. ments and do them: 9. 13. 20 And g hallow my fabbaths; and Palm they shall be a fign between me and 19. 8. you, that ye may know that I am the Deut. LORD your God. 5. 32. Neh. belled against me: they walked nor in forth our of the countrey where they 13. 15. my ftatutes, neither kept my judg- fojourn, & they shall not enter into Jer. ments to do them, if a man do, he the land of Ifrael, and ye fhall know 21. 27. 17. 22. fhall even live in them; they Pollured that I am the LORD.

38 And I will m purge out from among m Mat. you the rebels, and them that trans- 25. 32. grefs again ft me: I will bring them

21 Norwich ftanding the chlidren b re


Luke 4. 16. b Deu.

1. 16. Neh. 9. 26.

4.26. Lev.


Pfalm 106.

fathers idols



my fabbaths: then I faid,I would pour 39 As for you, O houfe of Ifrael,thus out my fury upon them,to accomplish faith & LORD God, Go ye, ferve ye⚫ Jud. min angerágainst them inwildernefs. every one his idols,and hereafter alfo 10. 14. 12 Nevertheless, I withdrew mine if ye will not hearken unto me: but Ifai. hand, and wrought for my names pollute ye my holy name no more 1. 13. fake,that it fhould not be polluted in with your gifts, and with your idols. q Pfal. Pfalm thefight of the heathen, in whole fight 40 Forin mine gholy mountain, in the 2.6. 107. 7. I brought them forth. mountain of the height of Ifrael,faith Rom. Pfal. 23 k lifted up mine hand unto them LordGOD, there fhall all the r houfe 4.6.7. 78. 38. alfo in the wilderness, that I would-of Ifrael, all of them in the land and kv.56.fcarter them among the heathen, and ferve me there will I accept them, 11. 26. Deut. difperfe them through the count reys; & there will I require your offerings, Mal. 14 Because they ha not executed and the firft-fruits of your oblations, 1. 10. my judgments, but had defpifed my with all your holy things. ftarutes, and had polluted my fab- 41 I will accept you with your tfweet 60. 7. 26.33 baths,and their/eyes were after their favour, when I bring you out from Zech. the people, and gather you out of the 20. 25 Wherefore I gave them alfo ftatu- countreys wherein ye have been feat- 1 Co. 26 27 tes that were m not good, and judg- rered Eze. and I will be fanctified in 2.15. 6.9. ments whereby they fhould not live you before the heathen. 26 And I polluted them in their own 41 And ye fhall know that I am the 5.2. Eph. Jer.22. 17.and gifts, in that they caufed to pafs LORD, when I fhall bring you into Phil. through the fire all that openeth the the land of Ifrael, into the countrey 4. 13. 31.7. womb, 2 Th. that I might make them defo- for the which I lifted up mine hand 2.11. lace, to the end that they might know to give it to your fathers. u1 Joh. Prov. that I am the LORD. 43 And there fhall ye x remember your and 2.1. 14. 12. 27 Therefore fon of man fpeak ways, and all your doings, wherein ye 5.3. Ifai. unto the houfe of Ifrael, and fay un. have been defiled,and ye thally loath to them, Thus faith LORD God, your felvs in your own fight for all 7. 17. John 13. Yet in this your fathers have o blaf- your evils that ye have committed. Eze. Mar. 23.13. phemed me, in that they have com- 44 And ye fhall know that I am the 16. 61. Ezek. mitted a trefpafs against me. LORD, when I have wrought with Mic 28 For when I had brought them you for my names fake, not according 18. 433 Into the land.for the which I lifted up to your wicked ways,not according Ezek. Tit. 1. 16. mine hand to give it to them, then to your corrupt doings, Oye houfe 14. 11. Rom. they faw every high hill,& all the thick of Ifrael, faith the LORD God. trees, and they offered there their fa2.24. y Eze. 45 Moreover the word of the 6. 9. Tit. crifices,and there they prefented Spro LORD came unto me, faying, 1. 2. vocation of their offering; there alfo Jer. theymade their fweet favour,and pour 2.7. ed out there their r drink-offerings. Pfal. 29 Then I faid unto them, What is the high place whereunto ye go? 16.4 and the name thereot is called Bamah Am. 4 unto this day. 21, 22, 24.


46 Son of man a fer thy face toward 12. 10. the fouth, and 6 drop thy word toward Rom. the fouth, and prophefie agaluft the 3. 24. foreft of the fouth-field:

a Acts

Hear the word of the LORD, thus faith Deu. 47 And fay to the foreft of the fouch; 4. 19. the LORD God, Behold, I will kindle 32. 2. fire in thee,and it fhall devour every Luk. green tree in thee,& every dry tree: 23: 31. Haming Hame thall not be quench-Ezt. ed, and d all faces from the fouth to 12. 4. the north fhall be burnt therein.


Eph. 6. I. "I Cor.

Gen. 49 And e all flefh fhall fee that the 6. 12. LORD have kindled it: te shall not ƒ Eze. be quenched.

17. 1.

30 Wherefore fay unto the houfe
Ch. of Ifrael. Thus faith the LORD God,
34. 3. Are ye polluted after the manner of
your fathers?and commit ye u whore-
dom after their abominations?
31For when ye offer xyour gifts,when
11. 1. Ye make your fons to paf, chrough
Hof. ye your felvs with all
idols even unto this day and fhall 1
be enquired of by you, houfe of If.
rael? As I live, faith the LORD God,
I will not be enquired of by you.
16. 18.32 And that which a cometh into your
mind,fhall not be at all, that ye fay,
7 v. 20,
21.' We will be as the heathen, as the
Lev. families of the countreys, to ferve
20. 21. Wood and ftone.
Pfalm 33 As I live, faith the LORD God,
106. furely with a mighty hand.

49 Then fald, AhLORD God, they r.18.
fay of me, Doth he not speak pa- 18.
Ezek els prophelie again Jerufalem.
A Nd the word of the LORD came a Eze.



and 2. v. 3. 2 Kin. 17:33. Mat. 6.24. Hof, 10, 2. Ezek. 5. 6 Job 5. 13. 6 1 Sam. 8.5.

Son of man, a fet thy face toward and Jerufalem, and drop thy word toward 4.3.7. the holy places and prophefie & Jer. against the land of Ifrael, 3 And fay to the land of Ifrael, Ezek. 7.4. Thus faith the LORD,Behold, I am 9. 6. againg


2.2. Lev.



14. 20. Exo.

Chap. xxij. again Jerufalem, against thee, and will draw forth my them that have fworn oaths: but he Mat. fword out of his fheath, and will cut off will call to /remembrance the iniqui-2 Ki. 9. 13. from thee the crighteous & wicked. ty, that they may be taken. Gen. 4 Seeing then that I will cut off 24 Therefore thus faith y Lord God, 13. 23.from thee the righteous and the wick- Because ye have made m your iniqui- 34. my go forth cy to in 9.4. out of his fheath against all Heih from greffions are difcovered, fo that in all 36. 14. aLv. the fouth to the north: your doings, your fins do appear; be- Mat. 16.33.5hat all Hefh may know I the Lord caufe I fay, ye are come to remem- 23-37. Ifai. have drawn forth my fword our of his brance,ye fhall be taken n withyhand. Jer. 10. . fheath: it shall not return any more. 25 And thou o profane wicked 52, 2 Ezek. 6 Sigh therefore, thou fon of man, prince of Ifrael,whofe day is come, and 22. 29. 20. 47. with the f breaking of thy loins and when iniquity hall have an end, I Sa. with g bitterness figh before their 16Thus faith the Lord God, Remove P Pfal. the diadem,& take offthe crown: this 37. 13.

3. 1. eyes.


f Jer. 7 And it fhall be,when they fay un- fhall not be the fame,q exalt him that Job 4. 19. to thee, Wherefore figheft thou?that is low, and raba fe him that is high. 19. 20. Ifai. thou fhalt anfwer,For beidings, be- 271 will/overturn,overturn,overturn 9 2 ki. 16. 11.caufe it cometh: and every heart fhall it,&it fhall be no more untilhe come 25. 27. g 2 Ki. melt, and kall hands fhall be feeble t whofe right it is, and u 1 will give 2 Ki 4. 27. and every fpirit thall faint, and all it him. Pal. knees fhall be weak as water;behold,it 11.2.7.cometh, and fhall be brought to pafs, i Deu. faith the LORD God. 1. 28. 8 Again, the word of the LORD k.Pial. came unto me, faying, 76.5. 9 Son of man, prophefie and fay, Lev. Thus faith LORD,Say, A fword,a confume because of the glittering. Eze. 2.6. fword is fharpned, and alfo furbished. 29Whiles they feezvanity unto thee, 25. 6. m Rev. 10 It is fharpned to makem a fore whiles they divine a lie unto thee, toy Pfal. 19. 17. Daughter, it is n furbished that it bring thee upon the necks of them 37: 14. Deu. may glitter: fhould we then o make that are flain, of the wicked, whofe Jer. 32. 41. mirth? it contemneth the rod of my a day is come, when their iniquity 27.39. Ifai. fon,as everytree. fhall have an end. aj.r. 22.4.5. 11And he hath given it to be fur- 30 Shall I caufe it to return into his 27. 7. Ifai. bifhed that it may be handled the fleath? will b judge thee in the place b Gen. 5. 10. fword is fharpned, and it is furbished where thou wait created, in the land 15. 14. Eze. to give it into the hand of the layer. of thy nativity, Ene. 9. 8. iq Cry and howl, fon of man, for 31 And I will d pour out mine indig. 7. 8.

28 T And thoufon of man,prophefief Dan. and fay, Thus faith the LORD God 2.35. concerning the Ammonites, and con- t Heb. cerning their reproach even fay 1. 2. thou, the fword, the fword is drawn, Mat. for the laughter, it is fourbifhed, to 2S. 1S.

men, and skilfulto deftroy.

Lam. it than be upon my people,it fhall be nation upon thee,I wille blow against and 5. 12. upon all princes of Ifrael: terrors, thee in the fire of my wrath, and de- 14. 19. Eze. upon Eze 6. 11. my people:fmite therefore upon 20. 47. 12 Ki. thy thigh: 31 Thou halt be for fuel to the f Mal 23.33. 13 Beaufe it is a trial, and what fre: thy blood fhall be in the midst of 4 1. and If the fword contemn even the rod? It land, thou shalt be no more remem- Ezek. 24. 1. thall be no more,faith LORD God. bred: for I the Lord have spoken it. 25. 10. Deu. 14 Thou therefore, fon of man,proCHAP. XXII. 28. 62. Phefie, & fimice thine hands cogether, A catalogue of fins in Jerufalem. Lev. Beler doubled third Oreover, the word of the LORD a Nah. 26. 21.time, fword of the flaint is y fword Ma came unto me, faying,


3. I. Am. of the great men that are lain,which 2 Now theu fon ofman, wilt thou 2 Kin 9.2,3.entereth into their x privy chambers. judge , wilt thou judge the a bloody 21. 16. 1 Kin. 15 I have fer the point of the fword city? yea, thoufhalt fhew her all her b Ifai. 20. 30.againft all their y gates, that their abominations. 3.9. Gen. heart may faint, and their ruins be Then fay thou,, Thus faith the c Ezo.. 22. 17. multiplied: ah, it is made bright, LORD God, The city heddeth bloos 7. 7.ver it is wrapt up for the flaughter. in the b midft of it, thate her time Mic 10, 28. 16 Go thee one way or other,either may come, and maketh idols againk 6. 6. v. 14.on the right hand, or on the left, her felf to defile her felf. Job 15. Dear. whitherfoever thy face is fet. 4 Thou art become guilty in thy 32. 28.62. 17 4 I will alfo fmite mine hands blood that thou haft fhed,and haft de- d Lam. Eze. together, and I will caufe b my fury filed thy felfin thine idols which thou 2. 15. 5. 13. to reft, I the LORD have fald ic. haft made, and thou haft caufed Deuc. Ifai. 18 T The word of the LORD came thy days to draw near, and art come 28. 36. 1. 24. unto me again,faying, even unto thy years; therefore have 1 Jer.18. c Eze. 19Alfo thou fon of man, e appoint made thee da reproach unto the hea-15. 4.1.2. thee two ways, that the fword of the then,and a mocking to all countreys. Epl Jerem.king of Babylon may come both 5 Thofe that benear, and thofe that 5. 1. 1. 10. twain fhall come forth out of oneland: be far from thee,fhall mock thee,which flfal. d2 Sa.and chufe thou a place, chufe ir at the art e infamous, and f much vexed. 63. 10. 12. 26.head of the way to the city. 6 Behold,the princes of Ifr.el, veryg lai. Jer. 20Appoint a way,that the fword may one were in thee to their power toi. 23. 49. 2. come to d Rabbath of the Ammonites, fhed blood. Mich., e Pfal. & to Judah in Jerufaleme defenced. In thee have they b fet light by fa-3.1.3. 125. 1.11 For the f king of Babylon ftood at ther and mother in the midst of thee Zeph. and the parting of the way,at the head of have they dealt by opprellion with 33. 48. 12.the two ways, to ufe g divination:he the ftranger in thee have they vexed Deu. Ifai. made his arrows bright, he confulced the fatherlefs, and the widow. 27. 16. 41.22.with images, he looked in bliver. 8 Thou haft defpifed, mine holy Exo. 22 Athis right hand was the divina- things,& haft profaned my kfabbaths.22. 21. 46. 9. tion forJerufalem to appointfcaptains 9 In thee are men that carry tales to k Ifai. g Pro, to open the mouth in the flaughter, to hed blood and in thee they et up. 58. 13. 16. 10. flift up f voice with fhouring,co ap- on the mountains: in the midft of Ezek. Hof. point batteringrams against gates, thee they commit z lewdness. 25. 13. 4. 12. co caft a mount and to build a fort. toln thee have they o difcovered their / Lev. Pfal. 23 Aid le fhall be unto them as a fathers nakedness in thee have they 19. 16 119. falfe divination k in their fight, to umbled her that was fet apart for m Ele 18. 6. pollusion 11 And Ezek. 16-43. Lev. 19. G



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Heb.rams. Ezek. 4. 2 i Jerem 51. 14
Job 18.3.

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Fernfalems fins
Aholab and Aholibah.
Lev. 11 And one hath commiered abomina- the land, that I fhould not destroy
18.9. tion with his neighbours wife, & an- it: bucl found none.
Exod. other hath lewdly defiled his daughter 31 Therefore have I poured out mine
23.8. in law,and another in thee hath hum- Indignation upon them, I have con-
Deut. bled his fifter, his fathers daughter. fumed them with the fire of my wrath:
16. 19. 12 In thee have they q taken gifts their own way have I recompenfed up-
Pfaim to fhed blood: thou haft taken ufury on their heads, faith the LORD God.
106. and increafe, and thou haft greedily
19, 20. gained of thy neighbours by extor-
Ezek. tion, and haft r forgotten me, faith
21. 13. the LORD God.

The, whoredoms of Aholah and Aho-
lib th. 1)


7 Prov. 13 Behold therefore I have/fmitten The word of the LORD camea IKin.
again unto me, faying,
12. 16.
1. 19.
mine hand at thy dishoneft gain which Son of man, there were atwo women, Jerem.
Amos thou haft made, and at thy blood the daughters of one mother.
which hath been in the midft of thee., 3 And they b committed whoredoms Ezek.
u Zepe 14 Can thine heart endure, or can in Egypt, they committed whoredoms 16. 44,
3.2. thine hands be ftrong in the days in there youth:there were their breafts45.
Jer.13. that hall deal with thee? I the preffet, and there they bruifed the Lev.
9.23. LORD have spoken it,and will do it. teats of their virginity.

Ifai. Is AndI will y fcatter thee among the 4And the names of thein mere Aholah Ezek.
28. 29. heathen,and difperfe thee in the coun- & elder,&Aholibah her fifter; and they 20. S.
Deut.treys, and will confume thy filthinefs were emine,&they bare fons & daugh-c Jer.
29.25. out of thee.
ters: thus were their names,Samaria is2. 2.
Ezek. 16And thou fhaltz take thine Inheri- Aholah and Jerufalem Aholibah. Hof.
12. 14. tance in thy felf, In the fight of the 5 And Aholah played the harlot when 2.2.
z Hof. heathen,and thou fhalt a know that I he was mine, and the doted on her dEzek.
8.3. an. the LORD.
lovers,onfAffyrians her neighbours. 16. 36.
Ifai. 17 And the word of the LORD came 6Which were clothed w blue,captain. Ezek.
43. 28. unto me, faying,
and rulers,all of them defirable young 8. 22.
Pfal. 18 Son of man,thehoufe ofliraelis to men, horfmén riding upon horfes. f2Kin.
9. 16. me becomeb drofs,all they are c brafs, 7 Thus the committed her whore- 15. 59.
Pfal. and ein, and iron, & lead in the midft doms with them, g with all them that Hof.
of the furnace, they are even the were the chofen men of Affyria, and 8.9,10
drofs offilver.
with all on whom the doted, with allg Ifai.
their idols the defiled her felf.

119. 19. Ifai. 1. 22.

19 Therefore thus faith the LORD God, Becaufe yeare all become drofs, Ezek. behold ther. fore I wild gather you into the midft of Jerufalem.

8 Neither left the her whoredoms h v.3. brought from Egypt: for in her 2 King 3.7. youth they lay with her, and they 17.4. Ifai. 20 As they gather filver, and brafs, bruifed the breafts of her virginity,& and 3.9. and iron, and lead, and tin into the poured their whoredom upon her. 12. 28. dEzek. midft of furnace,to blow the fire up- 9Wherefore Ihave delivered her in-z Ifai. 11.7. on it, to melt it;fo will gather you to the hand of her lovers,into hand s. 5. Rev. in mine anger, and in my fury, and of Affyrians, upon whom the doted. 2 King 2.22. I will leave you there,and melt vou. 10Thefe k difcovered her nakednefs, 17.3. f Ezek. 21 Yea, I will gather you, and fblow they took her fons and her daughters.and 21. 13. upon you in the fire of my wrath, and and flew her with the fword: and the 19Ezek. ye shall be melted in the midft thereof. became famous among women, forg, 10. 20.33. As filver is melted in the midft of they had executed judgment upon Ifai. b Ifai. furnace,fo fhall ye be melted in midh her. 16.37. 2. 18. thereof,&ye fhallknow that I Lord II And when her fifter Aholibah and Jerem. haveg poured out my fury upon you. faw this, fhe was m more corrupt in 20. 4. 41.4. 23 And the word of the LORD her inordinare love than the, and in / 2Kin. Kin. came unto me,faying, her whoredoms more than her fifter 17.5. 18.5. 24 Son of man, fay unto her, Thou in her whoredoms. Jer. kjer. art the land that is not cleanfed, 11 She z doted upon the Affyrians her 3.8.11. Sz. 4. nor i rained upon in the day of neighbours,caprains andrulers cloth- Ezek. Zep. 1. Indignation. ed moft gorgeously, horfmen riding 16. 47. 14, 15. 25 There is a confpiracy of her pro- upon horfes all of them defirable 2Kin. Jer. phets in midft thereof, likea roaring young men.. 20. 2. lion,ravening prey:they have m de- 13 Then I faw that she was defiled, Ezek 16.7.8. m Mic. voured fouls:they have taken ytrea that they took both o one way 16. 28. 3. 11. fure&precious things:they have made 14 And that the increafed her whore-o Gen. Matth. her many widows in midft thereof. doms for when thefaw men pour- 6. 12. 23. 14. 26Her priests have violated my law, trayed upon the wall, the images of Pfalm 2 Pet. and have profaned my holy things: the Caldeans pourtrayed with q ver. 1. 1. 2.1, 2. they have pur no difference between million, Mal, the holy and profane, neither have they fhewed difference between y un Matth. clean and the clean,and have hid their 15. 6. eyes from my fabbaths,and I am proHag. faned among them.


V. 31. 15 Girded with girdles upon their Ezek. loins, exceeding in dyed attire upon 8.20. their heads,all of them princes to look q Jer. to,after the manner of Babylonians 22. 14. of Caldea,the land of their nativity. 2: ct. 16 And as foon as fher faw them with 2. 14. her eyes, the dored upon them,& fent Gen. meffengers unto them into Caldea. 6.2.


17 And the Babylonians came to 2 Sam.

27 Her princes in the midft thereof are like pwolves ravening the prey, Zep. to fhed blood and to deftroy fouls 3.3. to get difhoneft gain. 2-King 28 And her prophets have gdau21. 16. bed them with untempered morter, Ezek. feeing vanity, and divining lies un 13.10. to them, faying, Thus faith the Micah LORD God, when the LORD hath 3.11. not spoken.

Jer. 29 The people of the land have fed
25. 1o. f oppreffion, and exercifed robbery,
Ezek. and have vexed the poor and needy
13.6.7. yea, they have oppreffed the ftran-
Jerem. ger wrongfully.
3. 12. 30 And I fought for a man among
Hof. them, that should make up the hedge,
4.9. and and in the x gap before me for
to 33. ¢ Eze. 18.12% # Jer·5·5. ≈ Exo.32.ro.

her into the bed of love, and they de- 11.2.
fled her with their whoredom and 2 King
he was polluted with them, and her 20. 12.
mind was alienated from them. 2Kin.
18 So the difcovered her whoredoms, 16. 10.
and difcovered her nakednefs: then t2Kin.
my mind was allenated from her, like 24-
as my mind was alienated from her 1, 10.
19 Yet fhex multiplied her whore- 22, 28.
doms,y in calling to remembrance the Jer.
days of her youth, wherein fhe had 6..
played the harlot in the land ofEgypt. Hof.
20 For 7.9.
Ezek. 5. 8. 2 Chron. 12. 2 Ti.3 33.
Jerem. 9.3. Ezek.20.7.


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