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Divers laws



Exodus. and ordinancer. Lev. 24 Eye for eye, tooth foor tooth, unto the judges, to fee whether he fHeb. 24. 20, hand for hand, foot for foot, have put his hand unto his neigh-gods. Matr. 25 Burning for burning, wound for bours goods. Exo. 5.38, wound, ftripe for ftripe. 9 For all manner of trespass, whether 21, 6. 26 And if a man fmite the eye of it be tor ox, for afs, for theep, forf Ch. Judg. his fervant, or the eye of his maid, raiment, or for any manner of loft 19. 10. that it perith; he fhall let him go free thing, which another challengeth to Heb. Sam. for his eyes fake. be his: the fcaufe of both parties thall make 15.33.27 And if he fmite out his man- come before the judges, and whom wicked. fervants tooth, or his mald-fervants the judges fhall + condemn,he fhall pay Deut. 31. 1. tooth, he hall let him go free g for double unto his neighbour. Mat. his tooths fake. 26.32. 28 If an ox gore a man or a woLuke man, that they dle; then the ox fhall 6.38. be furely ftoned,& his fefh fhallinor Num. be eaten: but the owner of the ox fhall 35. 31. be quit.



to If a man deliver unto his neigh-Gen. bour an afs, or an ox, or a sheep, or 30. 35. any beaft h to keep; & it die,or be hurt, 36. & or driven away, no man feeing it: 31.32 1 Then fhallan oath of the LORD KI. be between them both, that he hath 2.43. not put his hand unto his neighbours & Gen. goods: and the owner of It fhall accept 315 39. 7 Amos

Mic. 29 But if the ox were wont to push 2.S. with his horn in time paft, and it Pfalm hath been teftified to his owner, and thereof, and he fhall not make it good. 7. not kept but he And if it be k ftolen he 3. 12. Gen. bath killed a man or a woman; the ox fhall make reftiturion unto the owner m Pfal. 9.5. fhall be ftoned, and his owner alfo thereof. 37. 21. Pfal. thall be put to death. 13 If it be torn in pleces, then let Deu 5.6. 30 If there be laid on him k a fum him/ bring it for witnefs, and he than 24. 24, and of money, then he shall give for the not make good that which was torn. 25, 28. 139. ranfom of his life, whatfoever is laid 14. And if a man m borrow ought Deut. 19. upon him. of his neighbour, and it be hurt, or 18. 10. Num. 31 Whether he have gored a fon, or die, the owner thereof being not with Sam. 35. 31. have gored a daughter, according to it; he fall furely make it good. 28.7. . 32. this judgment thall It be done unto 15 But if the owner thereof be with Gal. 3. Zach, him." it, he shall make it an hired thing. It came for his hire. Lev.


11. 12, 32 If the ox fhall puth a man-fer13. vant, or a mald-fervant, he thall give 16 And if a man entice a mald 18. 23. Mart. unto their maiter/thirty fliekels, and that is not betrothed,& lle with her,he 9 Deut. 26. 15. the ox fhall be ftoned. thall fure y endow her to be his wife. 17.2.3. w Rev. 33 And ifa man fhall open a pit,or 17 If her father utterly refule to give Deut. 2.14. Ifa man thall dig mapir, & not cover her unto him, he shall pay money ac- 17.2 1 Sam. It, and an ox or an afs fall therein: cording to the dowry of virgins. Num 13.5. 34 The owner of the pit fhall make it Revel. good,and give money unto owner of 9. 2. them, and the dead beast thall be his: #1 TI. 35 And if one mans ox hurt ano1.13, thers that he die,then they fhall fell the 345 15. live ox, and divide the money of it, and the ox afo

18 Thou shalt not fuffer a witch 15- 27. to live. Deut. 19 Whofoeverp leth with a beaft, 10. 19. fhall furely be put to death. Zach


20 He that facrificeth unto any 7.10. god, fave unto the LORD only, he Levit ber utterly Thou thalt neither vex a ftran- ? Ifai ger, nor opprefs him: for ye were 1 17. Itrangers in the land of Egypt. Jam. 22 Ye thall not afflict any widow, 1.27. or fatherless chlid. и Deu

23 If thou afflict them in any wife, 10. 18. and they cry at all unto me, I wil Pfalm furely hear their cry: 146. 9. 24 And my wrath hall way hot, and Mat Fa man thall fteal an ox or ta fheep, I will kill you with the fword: and 7.2. goa.. and kill it, or fell it; he fhall refforex your wives fhall be widows,and your Judg. Ecod. a five oxen for an ox, and & four sheep children fatherless. 12.3. for a sheep.

1 of theft. Of damage. Of tref
Palles. 14 Of borrowing. 16 Of forni
catton. 18 Of witchcraft.


1. 7.


25 If thou lend money to any of Deut. my people that is poor by thee, thou 25. 20. halt not be to him as an ufurer, nei-t Heb. ther fhalt thou lay upon him ufury. Ne

Prov. 2 Ifa thief be found breaking up, 14.4. and be nitten that he die, there fhall Num. cno blood be shed for him. 5.7. 3. If the fun be rifen upon him, there 62 Sa, fhall be blood fhed for him: for he 12.4. fhould make full reftitution: if he Luke have nothing, then he thall Be d fold 27 For that is his covering only, Deu it is his raiment for his skin: wherein 24. 6.

26 If thou at all take thy neighbours (check, raiment to pledge, thou fait deliver it. blunto him by that fun goeth down. fing.

c Num.

19.8. for his theft. Heb. 4 If the theft be certainly found in fhall he sleep? and it shall come to Job in the his hand alive, whether it be ox or país, when he crieth unto me, that 120, 16. diging afs, or theep; he fhall reftore e double. will hear: for I am gracious. a Acts thǝrǝw. s If a man thall caufe a field or 28 Thou shalt not revile the gods, 23. Mar. vineyard to be eaten, and thall put in nor curfe the a ruler of thy people. Numb. 24. 43. his beatt, and fhall feed in another 29 Tu shalt not delay to offer 7. 2.3. Num, mans field: of the best of his own field, the 6 frft of thy ripe fruits, and of thy 6 Prov. 35. 27. and of the belt of his own vineyard liquors the cirit-born of thy fons 3. 9. Exo. fhall he make reftitution. fhalt thou give unto me. 21.2. 6 If fire break out, and catch in 30 Likewife fhalt thou do with thine 18. 15.. Prov. thorns, fo that the ftacks of corn, or oxen, and with thy fheep: feven days d Deu. 6.31. the ftanding corn, or the field be con- it thall be with his dam, on the eighth 14. 21. Gen. 4. fumed therewith, he that kindled the day thou fait give it me. E Ezek. fire thall furely make reftitution. 31 And ye hall be a holy men unto 41. 31. Pfalm 7TH a man fhall deliver unto his me: neither fhall ye eat any fleth that Lev. 79. 12. neighbour money or fluff to keep, se torn of beats in the field: ye fhall 22, S. and it be ftolen out of the mans faft it to the dogs. Songs. Matt houfe, it the thief be found, let him 6. pay double.


8 If the thief be not found, then the master of the houfe fhall be brought

36 Or if it be known that the ox 21 Jer. hath o ufed to push in time paft,and his 22. 21. owner hath not kept him in; he fhall furely pay ox for ox, and the dead fhall be his own.

Of Lander and faife witness. 12 O the fabbath. 13 of idolatry. 2004 bleffing promised to the obedient.


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Three great fe.fs. Chap. xxxxiv. A Blefling promijen Or, Hou fhalt not traliea falfe reports and the Canaanites,and the Hivites,and receive. T a put not thine hand with the the Jebufites: and I will cut them off. a Ifai. wicked to be an unrighteous witnefs. 24 Thou shalt not bow down to not ca mul- nor ferve nor do b af b Lev. Pfal. titude to do evil; neither thalt thou ter their works: but thou shalt utterly 18. 3 35. 11.fpeak in a caufe, to decline after overthrow them, and quite break Deut. many, to wret judgment. down their Images. 19. 16. Neither fhalt thou d countenance 25 And ye fhall terve the Lord your 1. 15. Gen, a poor man in his caufe. God, and he thall bleist thy bread, and k Exo. 6.12. 4If thou meet thine enemies ox or thy water: And I will take kickness 15. 26 4 Lev. his afs going aftray, thou shalt furely, away from the midft of thee. /Exo. to him again. 26 There thall nothing /caft their 1. 22 Deut. 5 If thou tee the als of him that young nor be barren in thy land them Job 22 2 hateth thee, lying under fhis burthen, number of thy days I will m fulfil. -42. 17. f Gal, and wouldeft forbear to help him, 27 I will fend my fear before thee, Gen. 6.2. thon fhalt furely help with him. & will deftroy all the people to whom 35.5. 1 Cor. 6 Thou shalt not wreft the judg- thou fhilt come,& I will make all thine i Sam. 9.9. ment of g thy poor in his caufe. enemies turn their backs unto thee. 14. 15 Deur. 7 b Keep thee far from a falfe matter: 28 And I will fend o hornets before. Deut. 27. 19.& the innocent and righteous flay thou thee, which fhall drive our the Hivite, 7. 20. Prov.not: for I will not juftifie the wicked. the Canaanite, and the Hittite from Joh. 4 14 8 And thou shalt take kno gift: for before thee. 24. 122 Rom.the gift blinderh† the wife, and per- 29 I will not drive them out from Exo. .2 1,2. verteth the words of the righteous. before thee in one year, left the land 34. 12. Deut. 9 Alfo thou shalt not opprefs a become defolate, and the beaft of the 15. 16. 19. ftranger: for ye know the heart of a field multiply against thee. 9 Jud. Acts tranger, feeing ye were ftrangers in 30 By little and little I will drive 1.21 24. 26. the land of Egypt. them out from before thee, until thou 27, 29. Heb. to And in x years thoufhalt fow thy be increased, and inherit the land. Prov. open land, and fhalt gather in the fruits 31 And I will fet thy bounds from 13. 14. ged. thereof. the Red-fea, even unto the fea of the 27. Deut. 11 But the feventh year thou fhalt Philiftins, and from the defart unto Pfal. 6.19. let it rett, and fie ftill, that the pour the river: for I will deliver the inhabi-106. 1-1 Sa. of thy people may eat: and what they tants of the land into your hand, and 34, 35. 8. 3. leave, the bealt of the field thall ear. thou shalt drive them out before thee. Num

Lev. In like nianner thou shalt deal with thy 32 Thou shalt make no covenant 25. 12. 25.2,3. vineyard, and with thy olive-yard.. with them, nor with their Gods. Deut.

Mat. 12 Six days thou fhair do thy work, 33 They shall not dwell in thy land 7. 16, 6. 31. and on the feventh day thou shalt left they make thee fin against me for 25. 1 Cor. reit: that thine ox and thine afs may if thou ferve their gods, it will furety and 12 7.19, reft, and the fon of thy hand-maid, beq afmare unto thee. 30%


31.and may be refreshed. Eph. 13 And in all things that I have faid 5. 15. unto you,be o circumfpect, and makene Plam mention of the names of other gods, 16.4. neither let it be heard out of thy Zach. mouth.


Mofes is called up into the mountain." The people promife obedience. 9 The glory of God appeareth.



10. 1,2

Nd he faid unto Mofes, Come up a Exe unto the LORD, a thou & Aaron, 19.9. 13. 2. 14 Three times thou shalt keep Nadab,and Abihu,& c feventy of the ded 20 Deut. a feast unto me in the year. elders of Ifrael:& worfilp dye afar of. 19. 16. 16. 15 Thou shalt keep the feaft of z And Mofes e alone fall come near b Exo. Deut. unleavened bread: thou shalt eat the LORD: but they shall not come 28. 1. 12.5,6, unleavened bread feven days, as I com- nigh, neither thall the people go up Lev. Exo. manded thee in the time appointed of with him. 34. 15. the moneth Abib: for in it thou cameft 3 And Mofes came and told the c Num Or, out from Egypt: and none fhall people all the words of the LORD, 11. 16 Jeaft. qappear before me empty: and all the judgments and all the 17. Exod. 16 And the fealt of harvelt, the firft people answered with one voice, and Deut. 34 25. fruits of thy labour, which thou haft fald, All the words which the LORD 16. 22. Exo. fown in the field; and the feait of in- hath faid, fwill we do. d Heb 34. 26. gathering, which is in the end of the 4 And Mofes wrote all the words of 10. 19 1 Ch. year, when thou haft gathered in thy the LORD, and rofe up early in the 44 12% 9-23, labours out of the field. morning, and builded b an altar under 18. 29. 17 Three times in the year r all thy the hill, and twelve pillars according v. 9, Exo. male thall appear before Lord God to the k twelve tribes of Ifracl, 10, 18 34. 2018 Thou halt/not offer the bloods And Ire fent l young men of the fv. 7. J1 Co. of my facrifice with leavened bread, children of Ifrael,which offered burnt-g Heb. 10.9. neither fall the fat of my facrifice offerings,and facrificed m peace-offer-9-19 Gen Exod. remain until the morning. Ings of 7 oxen unto the LORD. 14. 19. 19 The firit of the tfirli-frults of thy & And Mofes took balf of the blood, 31. 45. Pfal. land thou malt bring into the house and put it in bafons, and half of the Gen 91. 11. of the LORD thy God. Thou shalt blood he fprinkled o on the altar. 28. 13 a Joh. not x fee the a kid in his mothers milk. 7 And he took the book of the co- k2 Co, 14.2. 20 T Beho, I fend an angel be- venant, and read in the audience 3-14

2 KI. fore thee z to keep thee in the way, of the people: and they faid, All that Exo. 24.4. & to bring the: Into the a place,which the LORD hath fald, will we do, and 33. 11: m Heb. Num. I have prepared. be obedient. 14-35 21 Beware of him, and obey his 8 And Mofes took the blood, and 13 15 c Jer. voice, provoke him not: for he will fprinkled it p on the people, and fald, Hel 23.6. b not pardon your tranfgreflions: for 4 Behold the blood of the covenant, 2. 19. Joh. my name is c In him. which the LORD hath made with you o Heb. 9. 19 10. 30, 22 But if thoufhalt Indeed 4 obey his concerning all thefe words. 38. volce, and do all that I fpeak, then I Then went up Mofes and Aaron, y. 4. 2 Cor. will be an enemy unto thine enemies, Nadab and Abihu, and feventy of the Heb 9.185 5.19. & an adveriary to thine adverfaries. elders of Ifrael Exo. 23 For mine angel fhall go f before 10 And they 4 faw the God of Israel: q Heb. 19-5. thee & bring thee in unto the Amo- and there was under his feet aslt 9. 10. Pfal. rites, and the Hittites,& the Perizzites, were a paved work of 27 faphir-ftone, TITR 81. 13.

6. 16


• GUL 123, 1BL, 42, 16.8 Gen. 15. 18

Joh. 1. 18 #Ezele. 1. 266

* Exc.

The offering for the tabernacle. Exodus. The table and cand'e-Rick Mat. and as it were the body of heavenint pure gold, two cubits and an half 17.2. clearness. be and a Zeph. 11 And upon the nobles of the chil- and an half the breadth thereof. 1.15. dren of If ael he laid not his hand:alfo 18 And thou fhalt make two cherutv. 9. they faw God, and r did ear and drink. bims of gold of beaten work fhalt 12 And the LORD fald unto Mo- thou make them, in the two ends of 19. 21. fes, come up to me into the mount, the mercy-fear. Neb. and be there: & I will give thee y tables 19 And make one cherub on the one 13: 21. of ftone,and a law, and commandments end, and the other cherub on the Pfal. which I have written; that thou maift other end even of the mercy-fear 55. 21. teach them. fhall ye make the cherubims on the Heb and 13 And Mofes rofe up, and his mi- two ends thereof. 9.5. 138.7. nifter Joshua: and Mofes went up inPfal. V. 5. to the mount of God. Luke


20 And the cherubims fhall stretch forth their wings on high, q covering 21.14 14 And he faid unto the elders, the mercy-fear with their wings, and 22. 30. Tarry ye here for us, until we come their faces hall look one to another: 99.1. Jer. again unto you, and behold, Aaron toward the mercy-feat fhall the faces Rom. 31. 33. and Hur are with you: If any man of the cherubims be. 2 Cor. have any matters to do, iet him come 21 And thou fhalt put the mercy- 33. 22.

3.3. unto them. Rom.

71 KL

feat above upon the ark, and in the If And Mofes went up into & mount, ark thou shalt put the r teftimony that g. 9. and a a cloud covered the mount. I thall give thee. Exod.



3.25. Exod.


16 And the glory of the LORD 22 And there I will meet with thee, 33, 21. abode upon mount Sinal, & the cloud and I will commune with thee, from As 19, 20. covered it fix days: and the feventh above the mercy-feat, from between 7.44. Mat. day he called unto Mofes out of the the two cherubims which are upon 2 Tim. 17. 5. midft of the cloud. the ark of the teftimony, of all things 1.8.

children of Ifrael.

17 And the fight of the glory of the which I will give thee in command-Exo. LORD was like devouring fire on the ment unto the children of Ifrael. 30.6. top of the mount, in the eyes of the 23 Thou shalt alfo make a table 36. of hittim-wood: two cubits fhall be Pial 18 And Mofes went into the mkift the length thereof, and a cubit the So. I. 19.8. of the cloud, and gate him up into the breadth thereof,and a cubit and an half Judg.. mount: and Mofes was in the mount the height thereof. forty days and forty nights. CHAP. XXV.


Mat. 4.2.

20. 27.

24 And thou shalt overlay it with 1 Sam. Pure gold, and make thereto a crown. of gold round about.

+ Heb.

Jerem. 28 And thou shalt make the ftaves of 52 16 fittim-wocd, and overlay them with y Lev. gold, that table may be born w them 24. 6.

1 The affering for the tabernacle. 10The form of the ark 17 The mercy-feat. 25 And thou shalt make unto it a 19. 15. 23 The table, 31 and candle-ffick, border of an hand-breadth round a-Num. for me. A faying, Nd the LORD fpake unto Mcies, bout, and thou shalt make a golden 7. 13crown to the border thereof round Levit. A Exo. 2 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, about. 24.535. 21. that they + bring me an offering: of 26 And thou fhalt make for it four Num Ifa. every man that giveth it a willingly rings of gold, and put the rings in the 7.14. 60. 17. his heart, ye fhall take my offering. four corners that are on the four feet Levit. Heb. 3. And this is the offering which ye thereof. 24.7. 9.19 fhall take of them: bgold and tilver, 27 Over against the border fall the x Nu Rom. and brass, rings be for places of the staves to 4.7. 6.3. 4 And e blue, and purple, and 4 fcar bear the table. Rev. let, and fine linen, and fgoats hair, 19. S. 5 And rams-skins died red and 12Cor. badgers-skins, and fhittim-wood: 8.12. 6 ayl for the g light, fpices for ang Exo. Dinting oyl, and for fweet incenfe: 27. 20. 7 Onyx-ftones, and ftones to be fet bExo. in the ephod, and in the breaft-plate. 28.4 8 And let them make me a i fanctuary, 2Cor. that I may k dwell amongst them. 6.16. 9 According to all that I fhew thee, k Pfal. after the patein of the tabernacle, 31 And thou shalt make a candle- Mark. 139. 7. and the patern of all the inftruments itick of a pure gold: of beaten work 2.26. 71f. thereof, even fo fhall ye make it. fhall the candleitick be made: his fhaft, Hebr. 10 F And they fhall make man ark of and his branches, his bowls, his knops, 9.3 8. 20. hitrim-wood: two cubits and an half and his b flowers fhall be of the fame. Pfalm pr Heb. Thall be the length thereof, and a cubit 32 And fix branches fhall come out 23.5. 2.1. and an half the breadth thereof, and a of the fides ofit: three branches of the Ads Exod. cubit and an half the height thereof. candlestick out of the one fide, and 26.7. 16. 33. 11 And thou shalt overlay it with three branches of the candlestick out I Cor. and pure gold, within and without fhalt of the other fide.

20 And thou shalt make the 7 dishes + Heb. thereof, and u fpoons thereof, and bread x covers thereof, and bowls thereof, to of the cover withal: of y pure gold fhalt thou faces or make them. 30 And thou fhalt fet upon the table Levit. prefence tthew-bread before mealway. 24.8.


40. 18, thou overlay it, and fhalt make upon 33 Three bowls made c like unto Al. 77


2 Chr.

21. it a crown of gold round about. monds, with a knop and a flower in &. 32. 12 And thou fhalt eaf four rings of one branch; and three bowls made like 1 Cor. 8. 11. gold for it, and put them in the four almonds in the other branch, with a 10. 31. Jer. 3. corners thereof, & two rings fhall be knop & a flower: fo in the fix branches Exo. 16. in the one fide of it, and two rings in that come our of the candlestick. 35. 14 Rev 34 And in the candlestick /hall be aLev. 11. 19. 13 And thou fhalt make flaves of fhit- four bowls made like unto almonds, 24.4. and tim-wood,and overlay them with gold. with their knops and their flowers. 21.3.

the other fide of it.


14 And thou shalt put the flaves into 35 And there shall be a knop under 119. Num. the rings, by the fides of the ark, that two branches of the fame, and a knop 105. 7.9. the ark may be born with them. under two branches of the fame, and Prov. 2 Chr.

15 The ftaves fall be in the rings of a knop under two branches of the 6.23. 35.3. the ark they fhall not be taken from ir, fame, according to the fix branches that eNum Deut. 16 And thou shalt put into the ark proceed out of the candle tick. 17. S. 31. 26. the a teftimony which I fhall give thee. 30 Their knops and their branches Jerem. 21. 17 And thou fhair make a mercy-fear fhall be of the fame, all It shall be one 1.11. beaten work of pure gold. 4 Rey 27 And thou shalt make the d feven 7-5



2. 1. 2 Tim. 1. 8. 2 Kin. 17. 12. Act.7.44. Bom. 3. 25. 1 Job 2, 2, feb. 9. 5.

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The tabernacles curtains. Chap. xxv), xxvij. The vall for the ark Exo. lamps thereot: and they fhall lign. the the louthfide, fouthward. 27. 20. lamps thereof, that they may give 19 And thou shalt make forty bfoc-b Exo. and light over against it. kets of filver,under the twenty boards: 38. 27. 30. S. 38 And the tongs thereof,& the fhuff- two fockers under one board for his Chr. dithes thereof shall be of pure gold. two tenons, and two fockets under + Heb. 13. 11. 39 Of a talent of pure gold fall he another board for his two tenons. JeafHeb, make it, with all thefe vetiels. 20 And for the fecond fide of the ward 8.5. tabernacle on the north-fide, there fo v. 7. thall be twenty boards. Gen.

40 And flook that thou make them Exo. after theirg patern which was thewed 26. 30. thee in the mount.

21 And their forty fockets of filver: 12. S. two fockets tinder one board, and i Pfal.



CHAP. XXVI. a Joh. The ten curtains of the tabernacle, two fockets under another board. 134. 1. .1.14. 31 The wall for the ark, 22 And for the fides of the tabernacle 1 Cor. .1.Cor. Oreover, thou shalt make the 4 ta- † weft-ward thou fhalt make fix boards. 1.10. Mbernacle with ten curtains of fine 23. And two boards fhalt thou make Excd. Ephef. & twined linen,and blue,and purple, & for the corners of the tabernacle in the 36. 29. 2. 10. fcarlet: with c cherubims of cunning two fides. Rom ExoJ. work fhalt thou make them. 24 And they thall be coupled to- 15. 1.7 .25.16. 2 The length of one curtain fhall gether beneath, and they fhall be cou- 1 Cor. Levit. be eight and twenty cubits, and the pled together above the head of it unto 9.19. 16.2. breadth of one curtain, four cubits: one ring: thus fhall it be for them 20, Eccl. and every one of the curtains fhall have both, they fhall be for the two corners. t Heb. 4.11. one measure. 25 And they fhall be eight boards, houfes. 7.3. 3 The five curtains fhall be coupled and their fockets of filver, fixteen Exod. Exo. together tone to another: & other five fockets: two fockets under one board, 25. 27. 28. 18. curtainshall be coupled one toanother, and two fockers under another board. Heb. + Heb. 4 And thou shalt make loops of 25 And thou shalt make k bars of judg The blue upon the edge of the one curtain, fhittim-wood: five for the boards of ment. from the felvedge in the coupling: and the one fide of the tabernacle, Exod. likewife fhalt thou make in the utter- 27 And five bars for the boards of 25.9. moft edge of another curtain, in the the other fide of the tabernacle, and 40. coupling ofthe fecond. five bars for the boards of the fide of Acts 7. Work 5 Fiity loops fhalt thou make in the the tabernacle for the two fides weft- 44. man or one curtain, and fifty loops fhalt thou ward. X / v. 33. tmbrot make in the edge of the curtain that is 28 And the middle bar in the mids of 2 Chr. derer in the coupling of the fecond, that the the boards fhall reach from end to end. 3. 14. Exod. loops may take hold one of another. 29 And thou shalt overlay the boards Hb. 35.32.6 And thou shalt make fifty taches with gold, and make their rings of 9. 3. Job of gold, and couple the curtains gold for places for the bars: and thou Levit. 33. 23. together with the taches: and it fhall halt overlay the bars with gold. 4.6. 2 T.m. bed one tabernacle. 30 And thou fait reat up the taber- Gen And thou shalt make curtains nacle according to + fashion thereof, 3.24. Heb. of goats a upon thee the Excd. thew the tabernacle, e eleven curtains fhalt 31 And thou fhalt make la vail 25. 18. MAN thou make. of blue, and purple, and fcarlet, and 1 Pet. to ber 8 The length of one curtain fhall be fine twined linen of cunning work: 1. 12. After thirty cubits, and the breadth of one with m cherubims fhall it be made. Heb. I. Y.5.7. curtain four cubits and the eleven 32 And thou shalt hang it upon four 6,14. Exod. curtains thall be all of one meafure. pillars of hittim-wood, overlaid with Exo. 36. 10. 9 And thou shalt couple five cut- gold, their hooks fhall be of gold, 25. 16. Ephef. tains by themfelves, and fix curtains upon the four fockets of filver. • Exo. 4.3.4. by them felves, and fhalt double the 33 And thou shalt hang up the 4. 3. 1 Cor. xth curtain in the fore-front of the vail under the taches, that thou mayeft Heb. 12.4 tabernacle. bring in thither within the vail, the 9.8. 5,6, 12. 10 And thou fhalt make fifty loops ark of then teftimony: and the vail fhall 19, 20. Ephef. on the edge of the one curtain, that is o divide unto you, between the holy +Heb. 2.21. outmoft in the coupling, and fifty place and the + mott holy. bolines and 4. loops in the edge of the curtain which 34 And thou shalt put the mercy of hait 16. coupleth the fecond. feat upon the ark of the teltimony, in nefes. dy. 11. 11 And thou shalt make fifty taches the molt holy place. Dan.9. H.br. of brafs, and put the taches into the 35 And thou shalt let the table p with- 24. 2.2, 3. loops, and couple the tent together, out the vail, and the candlestick Heb. Ephef. that it may be one. over against the table, on the fide of 9.89. 2,22. 12 And the remnant that remalneth the tabernacle toward the q fouth: and Pfal. Exo. of the curtains of the tent, the half thou shalt put the table on the north- 89. 12. 35. 26. curtain that remaineth, fhall hang over fide. Num. the back-fide of the tabernacle. 4.5. 13 And a cubit on the one fide, and for the door of the tent, of blue, and 9. 2, 6, Ifa ah a cubit on the other fide of that which purple, & fcarlet, and fine twined 9, 10, 4.-6. remaineth in the length of the cur- linen, wrought with /needlework. Ezek. and

35 And thou fhalt make an hanging r Heb.

rains of the rent, it shall hang over the 37 And thou shalt make for the 16. 10. 25.4 fides of the tabernacles on this fide, hanging five pillars of fhittim-wood, Pfalm and on that fide to cover it. and overlay them with gold, and their Exo. 27.5. 14 And thou shalt make fa covering hooks shall be of gold, and thou fhalt 35. 38. Pial for the tent, of rams-skins died red, caft five fockets of brafs for them. 121. 5, & af covering above of badgers-skins. 15 And thou shalt nake g boards Revel for the tabernacle of fhittim-wood x The altar of burnt-offering, with the standing up. A. 1. veffels. The court of the tabernacle. and 21. 16 Ten cubits shall be the length of 20 The oyl for the lamp. a Heb 3. and a board, and a cubit and an half shall A hittim-wood, five cubits long, 6 Rev. Nd thou fhalt make an a altar of 13. 10,




7.16. be of one
Pfalm 17 Twotenons hall there be in one and five cubles broad: the altar fhall be 21. 16,
27.5. board, fet in order one against an- b four-fquare, and the height thereof Ezek.
If. 4.6. other: thus falt thou make for all the jhall be three cubits.
48. 20.
and boards of the tabernacle.
2 And thou shalt make the horns of Ezek.
25.4. 18. And thou halt make the boards it upon the four corners thereof: his 43 16.
41 Ti. for the tabernacle: twenty boarde en horas fall be of the fame and thou Kat..


of a

Aaron and his fons.


Job fhalt overlay it with d brais. 6. 12. Zac 6. 1.


qardaronsgarments." Eierer, and Ithamar, Aarens fons. Ifa And thou fhur make his pans to 2 And thou falt make holy garments 61. 10. receive his afhes, and his e hovels, and for Aaron thy brother, for glory and Heb. 7. his bafons, and his defh-hooks, and for beauty. 1 Kl. his g fire-pans: all the vellels thereof 7.40. thou shalt make of brass. fi sa. And thou shalt make for it a grate 2.13. of net-work of brafs, and upon the gL.. net thalt thou make four brazen rings To. 1 in the four corners thereof. and 16. 12. Or,

3 And thou shalt fpeak unto all that Revel. ared wife-hearted,e whom I have filled 19. S. with the fpirit of wildom, that they c Heb. may make Aarons garments to con- 1. 3. fecrate him, that he may minifter unto Jon. L. me in the priests office.


4 And these are the garments which d Exo. they thail make; a breit-plate, and fan 31.6. ephod, g and a robe, and a broidered eIf. 28. coat, ba mitre, and a girdle; and they 24, 26. fhall make holy garments for Aaron ƒExod. thy brother and his fons, that he may 29. 5. minifter unto me in the priefts office. Rev.

And they shall take i gold and blue, 1. 13.4 and purple, and fearlet, and fine linen. g Exo. 6 And they shall make the ephod of 29.5. gold,of blue,and of purple,offcarlet & Rev. fine twined linen, with cunning work. 1. 13. 7 It fhall have the two fhoulder-pieces b Zec thereof joyned at the two edges there- 3.5. of, and fo it thall be joyned together. Song.

8 And the k curious girdle of the 5. 11. ephod which is upon it, thall be ofthe iHeb. fame, according to the work thereof; 2. 17. even of gold, of blue, and purple, and Exod. fcarlet, and fine twined linen. 39:3. 9 And thou fhalt take two onyx- Pfalm. ftones, and grave on them the names of 132. do the children of Ifrael. Heb. 9.

10 Six of their names on one fione, 12, 14. and the other fix names of the reft on Rev. other itone,according to I their birth. 1. 13. It With the work of an engraver in Exod. ftone, like the engravings of a figner, 29. 5. alt thoum engrave two ftones,with and the names of the children of Ifrael; 12. 11 thou shalt make them to be fet in/Gen. ouches of gold. 43. 3712 And thou shalt put the two ftones ver. 17. upon the shoulders of the ephod, for Exod. ftones of memorial unto the children 1. 2, 30 of Iirael. And Aaron fhall bear their Job names before the LORD, upon bis 19. 23. two thoulders, for a memorial. Song 13 And thou shalt make ouches S. 671 n Heb.

5 And thou shalt put it under b the compafs of the altar beneath, that the net may be even to the midst of altar. Jove. 6 And thou shalt make ftaves for the Amos altar, ftaves of shittim-wood, and over- lay them with brass. Exo. 7 And the ftaves fhall be put into 38.4. the rings, and the ftaves fhall be upon Heb. the two fides of the altar to bear it. behe- 8 Hollow with boards fhalt thou ed. make it: as it was fhewed thee in the Pfal. mount, fo thall they make it. ZOO. 4. 9 And thou shalt make the fcourt Jer. of the tabernacle for the fouth-fide, 1.18. fouth-ward: there fhall be hangings 7 Exo. for the court of fine twined linen of an 26. 36. hundred cubits long, for one fide. m Joh. 10 And the twenty k pillars thereof, 10.9. and their twenty fockets Jhall be of Rom. brafs: the hooks of the pillars, and 5.1, 2. their fillets/hall be of filver. or, 11 And likewife for the north-fide nails in length, there fhall be hangings of an or, hundred cubits long, and his twenty ftake. pillars, and their twenty fockets of Ezr. brafs: the hooks of the pillars, and 9. 8. their fillers of filver. Ifa.33. 12 And for the breadth of the court, on the welt-fide, fhall be hangand 22. ings of nifty cubits: their pillars ten, 23. and their fockets ten. Zec. 10. 4 * Jud. 7.9.


13 And the breadth of the court on east-fide eastward, fhall be fifty cubits. 14 The / hangings of one fide of the gate thall be fifteen cubits their Pfalm pillars three, and their fockets three. 52. S. 15. And on the other fide jhall be REK hangings, fifteen abits: their pillars 11.4. three, and their fockets three. 2 Co. 1. 4. and 2. 2.2.


16 And for the gate of the court of gold; Phall be an hanging of twenty cubits, 14 And twop chains of pure gold at 7. 28. of m blue, and purple, and fearler,and the ends: of wreathen work fhalt thou Gal.6. fine twined linen,wrought with needle make them, and fasten the wreathen 16. Ther, work and their pillars Jhall be four, chains to the ouches. alfal and their fockets four. 1 And thou shalt make the q breaft-5.90} plate of judgment, with cunning and work after the work of the ephod thou 22. 22. halt make it; of gold, of blue, and Ephef. of purple, and of fearlet, and of fine 5. 25% twined linen fhalt thou make it. Jou.

16 Four fquare it fhall be being doub. 17. 19. led; afpanjhall be the length thereof, Ge and a fpan all be the breadth thereof. 41. 42. 17 And thou shalt fet in ir fetting: 9 v. 29 offtones, even four rows of ftones: the 30. firft row hall bear tardius,fa topaz, & Lev af carbuncle: this fhall be the firit row. S. 8.

18 And the fecond row ball be an 7 Rev. emeraud, xafaphir,and ay diamond. 21. 20 19 And the third row, az ligure, a an Ren agate, and an amethyit. deste over bene 20 And the fourth row, ac beryl, and stone, and onyx, and ar jafper: they thall be Re fet in golt in their inclofings.

27, 20

21 And the ftones fhall be with the Sime names of the children of Ifrael, ons twelve, according to their names like fione the engravings of a figner, every one Rev. with his name shall they be according 21. 19.

to the twelve tribes.

Y Exo. 17 All the pillars round about the
30.8. court fall be filletted with filver:
Rev. their hooks ball beof filver, and their
2. T. fockets of brafs.
18 The length of the court fhall
5. 35. be an hundred cubits, and the breadth
1 Sam. fifty every where, and the height tive
3.3. cubits, of fine twined linen: and their
2 Pet. fackets of brafs.
1.19.19 All the veffels off tabernacle in all
Rev. fervice thereof, & all the pins thereof,
1.13. & all the pins of the court shall be of
Ephef brafs.
3.8.9. 20 And thou shalt command the
Mat children of Ifraei, that they bring thee
416. puren oyl-olive o beaten,tor the light,
2 Cor. to caute the lamp to burn p always.
4.6. 21 In the tabernacle of the congrega-
Chr. tion without the vail, which is before
13. 11. the teftimony, Aaron and his fons fhall
Deut. order it from evening to morning
33. 10. before the LORD: Ir jhall be a ftature
forever unto their generations, on the
behalf of the children of Ifrael.
Aaron and bis fons are feparated for
the priefis office. 6 The Ephod. 30The
Urim and Thummim.

Nd take thou unto thee Aaron thy brother, & his fons with him, from among the children of Ifrael, that he neb. may a minifter unto me in the priests 3,415. Oliech cruen Aaron, Nadab and Abibu,

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22 And thou shalt make upon the fronte. breft-plate chains at the ends, of Rev wreathen work, of pure gold.



21. 19. 23 And Iudabs one Rev. 21, 19. facbars ftone. y Rev.2 20. Zebuluns flores Rev. 21.20, Dans ftone. Rev 2r.20. Naphtalies ftone.b Rev. 21. 20. Gans for. Rey, 21.20. for front d Rev. $1.19-Jofephs flene,<Rev, 21.19.Benjam kone

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