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to be reared

Exo. refiels, and fanctify the altar: and it
29. 37. fhall be an altar m moft holy.
7 Exo. 11 And thou fhalt anoint the laver
12. 14. and his foot, and fanctifieit.
Lev. 12 And thou shalt bring Aaron and
4.3. his fons unto the door of the tabernacle
Exod. of the congregation, and wash them
30. 33. with water.
13 And thou fhalt put upon Aaron
Num. the holy garments, and anoint him, and
9.1. fanctifie him, that he may minifter
Lev. unto me in the priests office.
26. 11. 14 And thou fhalt bring his fons,
Ezek. and clothe them with coats."
37. 27,

26 And he put the 6 golden altar in § 10. 1. tent of the congregation, before vail. Exo 27 And he burnt fweet incenfe there-33. 1. on as the LORD commanded Mofes. Heb. 28 And he fet up the hanging, at 10.56. the door of the tabernacle.

V. 1.

4 Exo 29 And he put the c altar of burnt- 30.9. offering by the door of the tabernacle Exo. of the tent of the congregation, and 30. 18. 15 And thou shalt anoint them, as offered upon it the burnt-offering. 10. 22. Heb. thou didit anoint their father, that and the meat-offering; d as the LORD fExod. they may minifter unto me in the commanded Mofes. priefts office: for their anointing fhall 30 And he fet the e laver between 30. 5. Ifai. iurely be an everlasting priesthood, the tent off congregation & the altar, Nume 33. 20. throughout their generations. and put wafer there, to wash witbal. ITim. 16 Thus did Moles: according to all 31 And Mofes, and Aaron and hisRev. the Lord commanded him, fo did he. fons f washed their hands, and their 17 And it came to pafs in the firft feet thereat. moneth, in the o fecond year, on the 32 When they went into the tent first day of the moneth, that the taber- of the congregation, and when they Heb. 9. nacle was reared up. came near unto the altar, they wathed 6,7.

Rev. 21.3.


18 And Mofes reared up thep taber- g as the LORD commanded Mofes ikin 16. 18. nacle, and q faftened his fockets, and fet 33 And he reared up the court rounds. 10. 2 Tim. up the boards thereof, and put in the about the tabernacle and the altar, and Numb. 3.12 bars thereof, and reared up his pillars. fet up the hanging of the court-gate :9.35. i Joh. 19 And he fpread abroad the r tent fo Mofes finished the work. 4.4

Ifa. 6

and 6.

over the tabernacle, and put the co- 34 Then a cloud covered the tent vering of the tent above upon ir;as the of the congregation, and the glory ofRev. LORD commanded Mofes.

the LORD filled the tabernacle.

i Pet.


15.8. 20 And he took and put the 35 And Mofes was not able to entertai. 1.5. teftimony into the ark, and fer the into the tent of congregation,becaufe €14.310 EXO. ftaves on the ark, and put the mercy- the cloud abode thereon, and the glory Exe. 16.7. deat above upon the ark. of the LORD filled the tabernacle. Exo. 25. S. 21 And he brought fark into f taber- 36 And when the cloud was takenz Chr. 26.14.nacle,and fet up the vall off covering, up from over the tabernacle, the 14 EXO. &x covered the ark of the teftimony; children of Ifrael m went onward in all 2 Ch. 25. 16. as the LORD commanded Moles. their journeys. NEXO. 5.14. 22 And he put the table in the tent 37 But if the cloud were not taken 2 Kin 25.17. of the congregation upon the fide off up, then they journeyed not, till theg, go. Heb. tabernacle north-ward, without vail. day that it was taken up. 22 m-Nu. 10. 19. 23 And he let they bread in order up-28 For x the cloud of the LORD wash. 23. 20. on it before the LORD; as the LORD upon the tabernacle by day, and fire Neh. Prov, had commanded Mofes, was on it by night in the fight of all, 19. 11. 19. 24 And he put the candlestick in the house of Ifrael, throughout all, Nu. 7 Mat the tent of the congregation, over their journeys.


Ifa. 14.




Heb. 9. 2. z Pfal 119. 105. Exod. 25.31.


A clond covered it. against the table, on the fide of the Rev. tabernacle fouth-ward. 4.5.

25 And he a lighted the lamps be-Exa fore the LORD; as the LORD com-30.1.2 manded Mofes. Heb.

Exo.. 29.42



The Third book of M OS ES, called






2, 130


6 And he fhall flay the burnt-offerThe burnt-offerings, 3 of the herd, ing, and cut it into his pieces. 10 of the flocks, 14 and of the fowls. 7 And the fons of Aaron the prieftdivide. Nd the LORD a called unto fhall o put fire upon the altar, and lay2 Tim. Mofes, and fpake unto him out the wood in order upon the fire. of the brabernacle of the con- 8 And the priests Aarons fons fhall Matt lay the parts, the head and the fat, in 3.11. gregarion, faying, Cor. 2 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, order upon the wood that is in the fire? Lev. 11. 23. and fay unto them, If any man of you which is upon the altar. Exo. bringe an offering unto the LORD,ve 9 But the inwards and his legs fhall 33.7. fhall bring your offering of the cattel, he wash in a water, and the priest fhall John even of the herd, and of the 4 flock. burn all on the altar, to be a burnt-7 Heb. 2.19. 3 It his offering be a e burnt-facrifice facrifice, an offering made by fire, of10. 25. Heb. off herd, let him offer a male without arfweet favour unto the LORD. 7.19. fblemish: he that offer it of his own 10 And if his offering be of the 36 2 Romvolunrary will at b the door of the flocks, namely of the theep, or of the Pet. 12. 1. tabernacle of the congregation before goats, for a burnt-facrifice. he thall 5 He, the LORD. bring it a male without blemish. 4 And he fhall put his hand upon 10.4. Aas the head of the burnt-offering, and it 20. 28, fhall be accepted for him to make Gen, atonement for him. 8.20. And he fball kill them bullock beExo, fore the LORD, and the prlefts Aarons 12.5. fons fhall bring the blood, & fprinkle 23 Co, the blood round about upon the altar, 9.7.


11 And he fhall kill it on the fideot53-7the altar north-ward before LORD: & the priests Aarons fons fhall fprinkle his blood round about upon the altar.

12 And he thall cut it into his pieces" with his head and his fat and the prieft fhall lay them in order on the. wood that is on the fire which is upon

that is by the door of the rahernacle the altar. John of the congregarion.


f18am, 3. 15. k Dany 9. 24. 1 John 2.2. /Exo,
99. 11. Rom. 3.13. ML.6. 6. Zach.9. 15.

21. 27.


13 But he fhall was: the inwards and the legs water the priest ma bring it all, and burn it upon the fa


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Several forts


15. 20.

fofferings. altar, it is a burnt-facrifice, an offer-r of thy firft-fruits,green ears of corn, rLev. ing made by fire, of a tweet favourdried by the fire, even coin beaten 23. 10. Lev. unto the LORD. out of full ears. Levit 14 And if the burnt-facrifice for 15 And thou thalt put z oyl upon it, 23. 14. Luke his offering to the LORD be of fowls, and lay frankincenfe thereon: It is a 1 Cor. 2. 24 then he thall bring his offering of meat-offering. Gen. turtle doves, or cf x young pigeons. 16 And the prieft fhall burn the me- John 18. 17. 15 And the priest thall bring it anto morial of it, part of the beaten corn 12. 24. Matth, the altar, and wring off his head, and thereof, and part of the oyl thereof, t2Cor. 10. 16. barn ft on the altar and the blood all the frankincenfe thereof: it is an 1. 2. Ifaiah thereof shall be wrung out at the fide offering made by fire unto the LORD. 33. 14 of the altar. CHAP. 111. The peace-offering of the herd: 6 of the flock,gether a lamb, 12 or a goat. Nd if his oblation be a facrifice a of a Pfal peace-offering; if he offer it of the 56. 12.



tor, 16 And he shall pluck away his crop dung his feathers,& calt it befide altar on Pfalm the caft-part, by the place y of the athes. 93.5. 17 And he thall cleave it with the Lev. wings thereof, but shall not divide it herd, whether it be a male b or female, 6 Lev. 412 afander and the priest thall burn it he thall oder ite without blemish before 1.3. Job. apon the altar, upon the wood that is the LORD. LcEx2. 19.33. upon the fire: It is a burnt-facrifice, 2 And he Rall lay his hand upon the 12.5.. a2 Co. an offering made by fire, of 4 a Iweet head of his offering, & kill it at door d Lev. 8-12 favour unto the LORD. of the tabernacle of the congregation: 1.4. & Aarons fons & prieits thalie fprinkle Lev. The meat-offering of flour with oyl the blood upon the altar round about.1.5. and incenfe, 12 or of the firft-fruits 3 And he thall offer of the facritice / Lev. in the car. 13 The falt of the meat- of the peace-offering an offering 7.15. offering made by fire f unto the LORD, the Nd when any fat that covereth the inwards, and all 4.4. g fat upon



man will offer a

4 And the two kidneys, and the fat 5. 24. that is on them, which is by the flanks: Exod. + and the h caul above the liver, with the 29. 13.


Heb. 9.5.3, 9210. Offering shall be of fine flour: and he Ifa. 66, fhalle pour oyl upon it,& put a frank20. Incente thereon. Rom. 2 And he ball bring it to Aarons fons kidneys, it shall he take away. 15. 16. the priests: and he thall take thereout 5 And Aarons lens fhall i burn it on 4.35. Mal. his handful of the flour thereof, and the altar, upon the burnt-facrifice, and c. of the oyl thereof, with all the frank- which is upon ký wood that is on the 5.12. Exo. Incenfe thereof, and the prieit hall fire: it is an offering made by firek Eph. 1.6. 29.2 burne memorial ofit upon the altar, of a fweet favour unto the LORD. Mal to be an offering made by fire, of a 6 And it his offering for a facri- Genef. fice of peace-offering unto the 4.4. 14. fweet favour unto the LORD. 1Joh. 3 And the remnant of the meat-offer- LORD, be of the flock, malelor fe- Lev. 220, ing fhall be Aarons and his fons: it is male, he fhall offer it without blemish. 4. 32. Plakn a thing f most holy of the offerings of 7 1f he offer a lamb for his offer v. I. ing, then thall be offer it before the Gal. 3. 45.6. the LORD made by fire.


Eph. 4 And If thou bring an oblation LORD. 5.2.4M of a meat offering baken in the oven, 8And m he fhall lay his hand upon the Heb. Pal it fhall be ang unleavened cake of fine head of his offering, and kill it before 13. 15. 20.3. flour mingled with oyl, or unleavened the tabernacle of the congregation: Acts and Aarons fons fhall fprinkle the 4.34. Ats wafers anointed with oyl. 10. 4. 5 And if thy oblation be a meat- blood thereof round about upon the Levit. 7.13.4 Phil offering baken in h a pan, it fhall be of altar. 4.8. fine flour unleavened, mingled oyl. 9 And he shall offer of the facrifice 1 Pet. an offering 1.17. Heb. 6 Thou shalt part it iin pieces, and of the peace-offering, 13. 16. pour oyl thereon: it is a meat offering. made by fire unto the LORD; the m Lev. 81 Co. 7 And it thy cblation be a meat- far thereof, and the whole rump, it 1. 5. 5.8. offering baken in the frying-pan, it fhall he take off hard by f back bone: Mat. and the fat that cove.eth the inwards, 10. 22. Pfal. fhall be made of fine tour with oyl. 8 And thou shalt bring the meat- and all the fat that is upon & inwards. Revel 45.18 Rom. offering, that is made of these things, 10 And the two kidneys, and the fat 2. 10. 12. 11. unto the Lord: and when it is pre- that is upon them, which is by the Genef. Lev. fented unto the prieft, he fhall bring it Hanks, and the caul above the liver, 17. 11. with the kidneys,it fhall he take away. 1 Cor. 1.6,12. unto the altar. II And the priest thall burn it upon 1.17. the altar: it is the food of the offering Lev. 7.23,25 made by fire unto the LORD. 12 And if his offering be a goat, Deut. K then he shall offer it before LORD. 32. 14.

Lev. And the priest fhall take from the 6:23. meat-offering a memorial thereof, Luke and fhall burn it upon the altar: it is 12. I. an offering made by fire, of ak fweet Matth. favour unto the LORD. 16.6. 10 And that which is left of the m Pro. meat-offering, fhall be Aarons and his 25. 16. 1ons: it is a thing moft holy of the Rom. offerings of the LORD made by fire. X2.3. 11 No meat-offering, which ye fhall Lev. bring unto the LORD, fhall be made 23. 17. with leaven: for ye thall burn / no leao Matt. ven, nor any m honey, in any offering 5.13. of the LORD made by fire.. Col 12 As for the oblation of the firft4.6. fruits, ye shall offer them unto the Ezek. LORD; but they shall not be burnt on 16. 4. the altar for a fweet favour.

13 And he fhail lay his hand upon Neh. the head of it, and kill it before the 9. 10. tabernacle of the congregation: and L-v ffons of Aaron fhall fprinkle blood 7.26. Gene thereof upon the altar round about. 14 And he shall offer thereof his of 9.4. fering, even an offering made by fire Ephef. unto the LORD; the fat thar cover 1.7. ith the Inwards, and all the fat that is 1 Cor. Sa 1.30.1 upon the inwards. 15 And the two kidneys, and the Per far that is upon them, which is by the 1.2.1 Hanks, and the caul above the liver, Heb.. with f kidneys, it fhall he take away. 10. 10.


Mar.13 And every oblation of thy meat9.50. offering fhalt thou feafon with o falt; Num. neither fhalt thou fuffer the falt of the 18. 19. covenant of thy God to be lacking

16 And the prieft fhall burn them A&s upon the altar: it is the food of the 15. 29. offering made by fire for a 1weet 1 Sam. 14. 32, Eze. from thy-meat-offering: q with all thine favour: all the o fat is the LORDS. 17 It shall be a perpetual ftatute 33, 34. 43. 24. offerings thou shalt offer falt. Mark 14 And If thou offer a meat-ofering for your generations throughout all Levit 49. of thy firit-fruits unto the LORD, your dwellings, that year neither 17. 14 Ephef thou that offer for the meat-offering fat nor ♬ bloud, CHAP. 5.36.


offerings for


Chap. Iv fins of ignorances which is before the LORD, that in 2 v.12 The fin-offering of ignorance, 3 for the tabernacle of the congregation, Exod. Heb. prief, 13 congregation, 22 ruler, and fhall pour out all the blood at the 29. 14. 27 and for any of the people. bortom of the airar of the burnt-of-a Eze Kin. A Nd the LORD fpake unto Mo- fering, which is at the door of the ta-34 24 2.43. fes, faying, bernacle of the congregation.

10. 26.

2 and 19 And he fhall take all his fat from 38. 2. him, and burn it upon the altar. and 20 And he fhall do with the bullock.45.7. as he did with the bullock for a fin- Num. offering, fo fhall he do with this: and 1. 7. the prielt fhall make an atonement forExod. them, and it fhall be forgiven them. 18. 22.

Lev. 2 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, 21. 10. faying If a foul fhall fin through Heb. 4 ignorance againit bany of the comto make mandments of the LORD (concerning the things which ought not to be done) people and thall do against any of them Lulity. If the prieit that is anointed, do Lev. fint according to the fin of the peo- 21 And he fhall carry forth the bul- Num. 1.3. ple then let him bring for his fin lock without the camp, and burn 16.2. Hb. which he hath finned, a young bul- him as he burned the firft bullock: it and fin. lock 4 without blemish unto the is a fin-offering for the congregation. 7.2. 2 Cor. BORD for a fin-offering. 22 When a a ruler hath finned, and b Lev 5.21. 4 And he fhall bring the bullock done fomwhit through ignorance 1.11. Heb. unto the door of the tabernacle of against any of the commandments of Exod. 10. 4. the congregation before the LORD; the LORD his God, concerning 29. 35. Prov. and shall lay his hand upon the things which fhould not be done, ande v.7. 28. 13. bullocks head, and kill the bullock is guilty 8. fHeb. before the LORD. 23 Or if his fin wherein he hath fin- Lev. 9.24. And prieft that is fanointed fhall ned, come to his knowledge; he fhall 6. 26, Pfal. take of the bullocks blood, & bring it bring his offering, a kid of the goats, 30. 51.2. to the tabernacle of f congregation. a male without blemish.




Heb. 6 And the prieft fhall dip his finger 24 And he ball lay his hand upon 5.6. 9.13. In the blood, &g fprinkle of the blood the head of the goat, and kill ic in the Exo. 1Pet. b feven times before the LORD, be Place where they kill the burnt-offe-12. 49. forer he vail of the fanctuary. ring before the LORD: it is a fin- Num. ¡Lev. 7 And the prieft fhall put fome of offering. 15. 16. 16. 19. the blood upon the horns of the altar 25 And the prieft fhall take of the Ler. Luke of i fweet incenfe before the LORD, blood of the fin-offering with bis fin-4.7.11. 22. 44. which is in the tabernacle of the con-ger, and put it upon the horns of the Gal. 3. Lev. gregation; and fhall pour all the blood altar of burnt-offering, and fhall 29. 3.4. of the bullock at the bottom of the al- Pour out his blood at the bottom of Acts Lev. tar of the burnt offering, which at the altar of burnt-offering. 10. 34. the door of the tabernacle of the con- 26 And he fhall burn all his fat up-g Lev. 6.30. on the altar, as the fat of the facrifice 16. 21. m Heb, gregation. 8 And he fhall take off from it all of peace-offerings: and the prieft Hebr. 13. the fat of the bullock for the fin-of-fhall make an atonement for him as 10. 4 Jolering the k. fat that covereth the concerning his fin: and it fhall be 10. 1917 in wards, and all the fat that is upon forgiven him. Jof the inwards: Santa Lev. 27 And if dany one of the e common 1.4. 7.1. 9 And the two kidneys, and the fat people fin through ignorance, while and 16. Heb. that is upon them 10. 26. Banks, and the caul above the liver, commandments of the LORD, con- and which is by the he doth fomwhat against any of the 21 um with the kidneys,it fhall he take away. cerning things which ought not to be 4.4. 25.17. To As it was taken off from the bul- done, and be guilty:


b Lev. lock of the facrifice of peace-of- 28 Or if his fin which he hath fin-13. 14. 3511ferings: and the priest fhall burn them ned, come to his knowledge then he Levic PAL upon the altar of the burnt-offering, fhall bring his offering, a kid of the 1.9. 19. 13. 11 And the skin of the bullock,and goats, fa female without blemish,for Rom Pfal all his fefh, with his head, and with his fin which he hath finned.


119. his legs, & his inwards and his dung, 29 And he fhall g lay his hand upon, Pet. 67. Lev. 12 Even the whole bullock fhall he the head of the fin-offering, and Day 25. carry forth m without the camp,unto a the fin-offering in the place of the Ephef 16. 30.clean place, n where afhes are pou- burnt-offering. Lev. red out, & burn him on the wood with 30 And the prieft fhall take of the Job 5.35-fire where the afbes are poured out, blood thereof with his finger and pur 42.8. Num. hall he be burnt. it upon the horns of the altar of 15.24. 13. And if the o whole congregation burnt-offering and hall pour out .. Bzf Lev. of Ifrael fin through p ignorance,and all the blood thereof at the bottom the thing be q hid from the eyes of the of the altar.




3. 12.

12. 5.

24. Lev. 1.4.




Exo. affembly, and they have done fom- 31 And he shall b take away all the. k Lev. 3.16. what again any of the command- fat thereof, as the fat is taken away Exod Lev. ments of the LORD concerning things from off the facrifice of peace-offerwhich should not be done,& are guilty: Ings; and the priest fhall burn it up14 When the fin which they have on the altar,fort a fweet favour unto finned against it, is known, then the the LORD, and the priest fhall make Heb.congregation fhall offer a r young bul-an atonement for him, and it fhall be lock for the fin, and bring him before forgiven him. Pet. the tabernacle of the congregation. 32 And if he bring ka lamb for a 14 15 And the elders of the congrega- fin-offering, he fhall bring it a female Ephe tion fhall lay their hands upon the 7 without blemish. 5.27. 8. 15. head of the bullock before LORD: 33 And he fhall lay his hand upon 1 Ch *.3. and the bullock thall be killed before the head of the fin offering, and day 28.9. Lev. the LORD. it for a fin-offering in the place where Pee 21. 10. 16 And the priest that is x anointed they kill the burnt-offering. 3. 13. and fhall bring of the bullocks blood to 34 And the prieft fhall take of the 2 Co 16. 32. the tabernacle of the congregation. blood of m fin-offering with his fin-5-21. Heb.7. 17 And the prieft fhall dip his finger ger, and put it upon the horns of the Ifal. 26, 27. in fome of the blood and fprinkle it altar ofburnt-offering, and fhall pour 53.92 Pfal feven times before the LORD, even out all the blood thereof, at the bot- 1 Pot. 41. 7. before the vall. com of the altar. 2.24.


Job. 18 And he hall put fome of the 35 And he thall take away all the fatm Le 227. blood upon the horns of the alcar thereof, as the far of the lamb is ta-431 2 Cor. ken away from facifice of peace


Hebr. 9.13.

For fundry fis






Leviticus. Divers Laws for divers offerings. offerings, and the prleft fhall burn 15 Ifa fout commit a trefpafs and them upon the alrar, according to the fint through ignorance in the u holyt Lev. offerings made by fire unto f LORD: ings of the LORD; then he thail4. 2. and the prieft fhall make an atone- bring for x his trefpafs unto the Lev. ment for his fin that he hath com- LORD, a ramy without blemish out 22, 2, mitted, and it fhall be forgiven him. of the flocks, with thy eftimation x Lev. by fhekels of filver, after the fhekel of 4. 3.^ the fanctuary for a trefpafs-offering. y Lev. a Of him that concealeth his touching 16 And he fhall make amends for the 1. 10. of unclean things, 4 or making a harm that he hath done in the a holy Lev. ath.14 The tie palle-offering in fa- thing, & fhall add 6 fifth part there-27.8, my. 15, eriledge, 17 and in fins of ignorance.co, and give it unto the c prieft: and 12. 17. make atonement Gen.offwearing, and is a witnefs, him with the ran of the tr.fspafs- Lev. 24. 41. whether he hath feen or known of it, offering,and ic fhall be forgiven him. 27. 13, Prov. if he do not utter it, then he fhall 17 And if a fou fin, and commit any 15. 29. 24. bear his iniquity. of these things which are forbidden ci Joh. 2 Orif a foul touch any e unclean to be done by commandement off 1.7. 26. 63. thing, whether it be ad carcafe of an LORD, though he will if not, yet a Pial Num. unclean beaft, or a carcafe of unclean is he guilty, &hall bear his iniquity. 19. 13. 19. 6. cartel,or the carcafe of unclean creep- 18 And be hall bring a ram without Luke a Lev. ing things,& if it be hidden from him, blemish our of the flock, with thy efti- 12. 48. 11.8, he alfo fhall be e unclean, and guilty. mation, for a trefspafs-offering,unto Lev. 3 Or if he touch the uncleanneis the prlett; & the priest fhall make an 4.2. 31 Ti. of man,fwhatfoever uncleanness it be atonement for him concerning his Heb. that a man fhall be defiled withall, ignorance wherein he erred,and wift 5.2. and it be in from him; when he it not: andit fhall be forgiven him. Num. Cor. knoweth of it, then he thall be guilty. 6.17. 19 It is fa trefpafs-offering: he 15. 39. 4 Or if a foul fwear, pronouncing hath certainly trefpaffed against the fiJoh. fLev. with his lips g to do evil,or to do good; 12. 13 whatfoever it be that a man thall & Acts 13. 22. Pronounce with an oath, and it be hid from him,when he knoweth of it. then he fhall be guilty in one of thefe. S And it fhall be, when he fhall be Ifa. guilty in one of thefe things, that he Lev. 6. that thing. hall confefs that he hath finned in 17... 6 And he fhall bring his irrefpafs- Ifa foul fin, and commit aatref b'Acts Cor. offering unto the LORD, for his fin Pafs b against the LORD,& elle unto 5.4. 11.3 which he hath finned,k a female from his neighbour in that which was dd. Gen. Lev. the flock, a lamb or a kid of the goats livred him to keep, for in fellowship, 20. 6. 432 for a fin-offering: and the prieft fhall or in a thing taken away by violence, 2 Sam. Gal. 3. make an atonement for him concerns or hath e deceived his neighbour; 12, 9. Ing his fin. ANY MOMILE IN 3 Or have found that which was fcLev. 7 And if he be not able to bring a loft, or lieth concerning it. and 19, 11. lamb, then he fhall bring for his tref weareth falfly in any of all chefe d 2 Ti pafs which he hath committed, two that a man domh, finning therein: cannot curele-doves or cwo young pigeons, 4 Then it thall be becaufe he hath ↑ Heb. reach unto the LORD; one for å fin-offer-finned,& is guilty, he fhall greftore putting thing,and the other for a burnt-offering. that & he rook violently away, or the of the them unto thing he hath ciency priest, who shall offer that which is or that was delivered him to keep e Luke of a for the fin-offering m firft, and wring or the loft thing which he found: 19.3. Lamb. off his head from his neck, but fhali 5 Orall that about which he hath Deut. 11Cor not divide it afunder. fworn failly: he fhall even reftore it 2.2. 9.139 And he fhall fprinkle of the blood in the principal and fhall and the Exed. 14. of the fin-offering upon the fide off h fifth part more thereto, and give it 23. 4. Jam. altars and the reft of the blood fhall unto him to whom it appertaineth, Num. 2.5 be wrung out at the bottom of the al-i in the day of his trefpafs-offering. 57.15 Pet. tar: it is a fin-offering. 6 And he half bring his kerefpals-Lev. 1. 18. 10 And he fhall offer the fecond for offering unto the LORD,a ram with- 5.16.1 miPet. a burnt-offering, according to the out blemish out of the flock, with thy Matt. 2 24. manner and the prieft fhall make o an eftimation for a trespass-offering › 5, 23. Lev. aconement for him, for his fin which unto the priest.


Prov. 29. 13.

The trespass-offering for fine done wittingly. 19 The offering at the confecration of a priest.

ANd the LORD ipake unto Mofes, a Lev.


28. + Heb. bis band


k Heb.

10. 14

1.4. he hath finned, and it thall be forgi- 7 And the priest hall make lan a-1 Joh. ven him. 15 tonement for him before the LORD: -Pfal 12..19. But if he be not able to bring and it fhall be forgiven him for any 51. 16, eLev two curele-doves, or two young pi- thing of all that he hath done 16 4. geons, then he that finned, fhall bring trefpaffing therein. Rom, for his offering the tenth part of an 8 And die LORD fpake unto 1.11. ephah of fine flour for a fin-offering: Mofes, faying, Joh. he fhall put p no oyl upon it, neither 9 Command Aaron and his fons. 2.1, 2. fhall he put any frankincenfe thereon: faying, This is m the law off burntNum. for it is a fin-offering. offering: (It is the burnt-offering, .5.35. 12 Then fhall he bring it to the because of the burning upon altar 39 38. Matth. Prieft, and the prieft fhall take his all night unto the morning and the ev, I. 3. 17. handful of it,even a memorial there. fire of altar fhall be burning in it)3, Joh, I. of, and burn it on the altar, according to And the pileft all put on his EXO to the offerings made by fire unto the o linen garment,& his linen breeches 12.6. Lev. LORD, it is a fin-offering fhall he pur upon his flesh, and take Exo.



13 And the prieft fhall make an up afhes & the fire hath q contumed 28. 40, Lev. atonement for him, as touching his with the burnt-offering on the altar. 41 6.35. fin that he hath finned in one of thefe, and he thall put them befides faltar,? Ezek. Co. and it fhall be forgiven him: and the 11 And he thall put off his garments, 44, 17. 13. remnant fhall be the priests, as a meat and put on r other garments, and 18. carry forth the afhes/without the 14 And the LORD ipake unto camp unto a clan place. Mofes, faying,

offering. SLE


1.7. Heb. 10. 10, 11, 12.

17.9 Jer. 7. 22, 23. Lev. 1.4. m Exo.

12 And Ifa.

47.2, TEzek. 44, 19.Heb, 13, 14

Divers laps t Lev.

fire upon the

Chap. vij. for divers offerings 9.24. be burning in it, it shall not be put Lewife this is the law of 9 tref & Lev. paßs-offering: it moft holy. 5.6. Song out: & the priest shall burn wood on it 2 In the c place where they kill the Lev. 8.10. every morning, and lay burnt-offer- burnt-offering, fhall they kill the 2.3. Mitth. ing in order upon it, and he thall burn trefpafs-offering: and the blood eLev. 29 2. thereon the fat of the peace-offerings. thereof fhall hed fprinkle round about 6. 25. Ifa. 13 The fire fhall ever be burning upon the altar. a Lev. 8.20. upon the altar: it shall never go out. 3 And he fhall offer of It all the 1.5. 14 And this is the law of the x meat- far thereof, the rump, and the fat that Pfal. 12. S. offering: the fons of Aaron fhall offer covereth thee inwards.



Jo.it before the LORD, before the altar. 4 And the two kidneys, and the fat Jer. 4. 51.6. 1.9. 15 And he shall take of it his hand- that is fon them, which is by flanks, 14. Heb. ful, of the flour of the meat-offering, and the caul that is above the liver, fLev. 13. 10. and of the oyl thereof, and all the with the kidneys, it'fhall he take away. 3. 4. Jer. frankincenfe which is upon the meat23.29 offering, and thall burn it upon the alLuke tar, fory a fweet favour, even the me12.49 monial of it unto the LORD. x Lev. 16 And the remainder thereof shall Aaron & his fons eat:with bunleav Lev. ened bread fhall it be eaten in c the holy place: in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation they fhall eat it. 17 It fhall d not be baken with leaven: 1 Co. I have given it unto them for their portion of my offerings made by fire: it is e moit holy, as is the fin-offering, and as the trefpafs-offering.

2. 1.

5 And the priest fhall burn them up- f Heb. on the altar for an offering made fin. by fire unto the LORD: it is a trei- 2 Cor. paf-offering. 5.21. 6 Every male among the priests fralah fhall eat thereof: It fhall be eaten in 53. 11. the holy place, it is most holy. iPet. 7 As the t fin-offering fs, fo is the 2. 24. trefpafs-offering: there is one law for Gen. them: the preft that maketh atone- 3.21. ment therewith, fhall have it.

2.2. zRem. 2. 22.


9.13. A Lev. 22, 6. Exc.

8. And the prieft that offereth any 27. 16. mans burnt-offering, even the priest Rom. fhall have to himfelf the g skin of the 13. 13.

18 All the males among the children burnt-offering which he hath offered. Ph.3.9. 12.5. of Aaron fhall eat of it: It shall be a ✔ Num. ftature forever in your generations

9 And all the neat-offering that is b Lev. baken in the oven, and all that is drei- 2. 5.6.

19. 1..

10. 31.

I Cor. concerning the offerings of the LORD fed in the frying b pan, and in the pan, Gal made by fire: Every one that toucheth fhall be the priests that offereth it. 6.6.5 Lev. them ffhall be holy. 10 And every meat-offering mingled 1 Cor. k with oyl,and dry,fhall all the fons of 9.7. Aaron have, one as much as another. kLev

e Deur.

19 And the LORD fpake unto 2. 11. Mofes , faying, 12.5.6. 20 This is the offering of Aaron, and of his fons, which they fhall offer 1.27. unto the LORD, in the day when he 28. Exod. isg anointed: tenth part of an ephah of fine flour for a meat-offering per29.37. Heb. petual, half of it in the morning, and half thereofar night.

11 And this is the law of the facrifice 5.11. of peace-offerings, which he fhall 7 Lev. offer unto the LORD. 3.13.

12 If he offer it for a thanksgiving, Heb. then he thall offer with the m facrifice 13. 15. of thanksgiving unleavened cakes Genef. mingled with oyl, and unleavened 28, 20. wafers anointed with oyl, and cakes Pfalm mingled with oil, of fine flour o fryed. 107. 4.


21 In a pan ir fhall be made with oyl, and when it is baken, thou shalt bring it in: and the baken pieces of bLev. the meat-offering fhalt thou offer for afweet favour unto the LORD.

7:10. Hebr. 7.27.

22 And the prielt of his fons that is peace-offerings. anointed in his ftead, fhall offer ir: it Mitt. is a ftatute forever unto the LORD, 16, 21, it fhall be b wholly burnt.

13 Befides the cakes, he thall offer m Lev. for his offering, leavened bread, with 22. 29. the facrifice of thanksgiving of his Pfalm 50. 14. 14 And of it he shall offer one out 2 Chr. ofthe whole oblation, for an a heave- 29. 31. offering unto the Lord, and it fhall be and

k Lev. 23 For every near-offering for the the priests that fprinkleth the blood of 33. 16. 10. 17. Prieft fhall be wholly burnt: it fhall the peace-offerings.


not be eaten.

24 And the LORD fpake unto Mofes, faying,

1 And the flesh of the facrifice of 2: 4. his peace-offerings for thanksgiving, Lev. thail r be eaten the fame day that it is 2.4. offered: he shall not leave any of it pica until the morning. 5.8.

16 But if thefacrifice of his offering Matth. be af vow,or at voluntary offering, it 13. 33fhall be eaten fame day he offereth Exo. his facrifice: and on the morrow alfo 29. 27. the remainder of it shall be eaten. r Deut. 12. 6.

buint with fire.

Ezek. 44.29. Hof. 4.8. 25 Speak unto Aaron and to his John fons, faylag, This is the law of the 6.56. fin-offering: In the place where the 1Pet. burnt-offering is i killed, fhall the fin2.5. offering be killed before the LORD: Rev. it is moft holy.. 1.6. 26The priest that koffereth it for fin, Excd. fhall eat ir: in the holy place fhall it 17 But the remainder of the flesh of 29.-30, be eaten, in the court of the tabernacle the facrifice on the third day thall be Lev. 37. of the congregation. 22.30. mith. 27 Wharfoever fhall touch the flesh 18 And if any of the flesh of the fa- Num thereof fhall be holy: and when there crifice of his peace-offerings be eaten 30. 2. Rom. Is fprinkled off m blood thereof upon at all on the third day, it shall x not be 6. 13. any garment, thou shalt wathy whe- accepted, neither thall it be imputed Lev. reon it was fprinkled,in the holy place. unto him that offereth it: it fhall be an 11. 32. 28 But the earthen veffel wherein it y abomination, and the foul that eateth 2 Cor. Is fodden, fhall be broken: and if it ofit fhall bear his iniquity. be fodden in a brazen pot, it shall be 19 And the flesh that a toucheth any 22.4. Lev. both fcoured, and rinfed o in water. unclean thing, fhall not be eaten; It Nut 8.11. 29 All the males among the priests thall be burnt with fire: and as for the 18. 27. Lev. fhall eat thereof: it is moff holy. flesh, all that be clean fhall eat there- y Lev. 4.5. 30And no fin-offering whereofany of. Lev. of the blood is brought into the ta30. 17. bernacle of the congregation to reconHeb. 9. cile witbal in the holy place, fhall be


22. 23. -Exo. 10. 12 Gen.



119.7. 20 But the foul that eateth of the Ifalah flesh of the facrifice of peace-offerings, 65.4. that pertain unto the LORD, having z Gen. eaten: it fhall be q burnt in the fire. his uncleanness upon him, even that 19. 15. foul fhall be cut off from his people. a Deut. 21 Moreover, the foul that fhall touch 2. 15. any unclean thing, as the uncleannefs & Lev. of b man, or any unclean beaft, or any 13.and abominable unclean thing, and car of 15 cha the 5.15.


D 2

1 The law of the trefpafs-offering,
11 and of the peace-offerings. 22 The
fat, 26 and the blood are forbidden,

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