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Idols vanity.


- Ifai.

41. 7. and 46. 7.

and 9. 16.

Chap. zj. The Jews difabediences vain: for one d enereth aeree out of 25 Pour out thy fury upon the m Pfalé 40. 20. the foreft(the work of the hands of the heathen that know thee not,and upon 79.6 and workman) with the ax.. families that call not on thy namesJob 18. 44. 12. 4 1 hey e deck je with filver and with for they have eaten up Jacob.& de 21. Kold, they faften it with nails and voured him, and confumed him, and Jer. with hammers, that it move not. have made his habitation defolate.-8.-16. 5 They are upright as the palmeres, must needs be ava CHAP. Pfal. born, because they cannot go; be not Ieremiah proclaimesh Gods covenant, 11. 7. afraid of them, for they cannot do the Jews difabedience. d Ifai. evil, neither alfo is it in them to He word that came to Jeremiaha Denca 45. 20. do good. from the LORD, faying, 33, 10% g Pfal. 6 Forafmuch as there is g none like 24 Hear ye f words of this covenant, Deu. 36. 8. unto thee, O LORD, thou are great. and fpeak unto the men of Judah,and-7. 26 Pfal. and thy name is b great in might. to the inhabitants of Jerufalema Gal 145.3. 7Who would not fear thee,k.O king 3 And fay chou unto them Thu≤3. 10. I Rev. of nations?for to thee /doch ie apper faith the LORD God of Ifrael at Heb 15.4. tain:forafmuch as among all the wife b Curfed be the man that tobeyeth heareth Dan. men of the nations, and in all their not the words of this covenant, not 7.14. kingdoms there is none like unto thee. Rev. 8 But they are altogether m bratia 11. 15. and foolish the ftock is n a doctrine I Mat. of vanities.


Which I commanded e your fachers Palm in the day that I brought them forth 81. 1 out of the land of Egypt, from thee Jer. diron furnace,faying,Obey my voice,2. 22.

6. 13.

covenant, and g do them.

9 Silver fpread into plates is and do them, according to all which 4 Deuts I Chr. brought from Tarfhifh and gold from I command you: fo fhall ye be my 4, 20. 29. 11. Uphaz, the work of the workman, people, and I will be your God: Deu m Hab. and of the hands of the founder:blue That I may e perform the oath 7. 12. 2. 18. and purple is their clothing: they are which I have fworn unto your fathers, Pfalm #2 Kl. all the work of cunning men to give them a land Rowing with milk105. 17. 15. 10But the LORD is the crue God, and honey,asit is this day: Then an-2, 10.Pfal. he is the living God,and an qever- fwered 1,& faid, f Sabe it.O LORD.f Deut 31.5. lafting King at his wrath the earth 6Then the LORD faid unto me, Pro-27 26 Mat. fhall tremble, and the nations fhall claim all thefe words in the cities ofg Pfale 16. 11, not be able to abide his indignation. Iudah, and in the ftreets of Jerufa-15-1 Ifai. 11 Thus fhall ye fay unto them. The lem,faving,Rear yethe words of this Jam. 9.6. gods that have not made heavens & I I. 23. 1 Tim. f earth,even they fhall r perifh from 7 For I earnestly protefted untoand 6. 16. earth, and from under thefe heavens. your fathers, in day that I brought2. 12. r Zep. 12 He hath made the earth by his them up out of the land of Egypt. Jer. 2. 11. power, he hath feftablished the world even unto this day,b tifing early,and7. 13. Pfal. by his wifdom, and hath ftretched protefting,faying, Obey my voice. and 93. 1. out t the heavens by his difcretion. 8 Yet they obeyed not,nor enclined, 5.015 Pfal. 13 When he uttereth his voicethere their ear, butwalked every one in thef Jer. 104. 2. is a multitude of x waters in the hea-i imagination of their evil heart:the-3. 17. M Job vens, and he caufeth the vapors to a refore I will bring upon them all theand 37.2,5. fcend from ends of earch: he ma- words of this covenant, comman-7. 24. x1 Ki. keth lightnings with rain, and brin- ded them to do but they did them not. Eze 18-41. geth forth wind out of his treafures. Rom. 14 Every man is y brucifh in his 1. 22. knowledge, every founder is conProv. founded by the graven image: for his 30. 2. moleen image is fafhood, and there ro They are turned back to iniqui-20. 18. 2 Pf.l. is no z breath in them. ties of their forefathers, refufed com 2Ch. 115.7. 15 They are vanity, and the work of hear my words, and they went after 33.2,5 Hab. errours:in the time of their vifitation m other gods to ferve them: then Mic. 2. 18. they fhall perish. houfe of Ifrael and the houfe of Ju-3.-12. 4 Lam. :6The a portion of Jacob is not like dah have broken my covenant which o Am. 3. 24. them: for he is the former b of all made with their fathers. 2. 14. Rom. things, and Ifrael is the c rod of his 11 Therefore thus faith the LORD, Mic. 8. 10. inheritance; the LORD of hosts is Behold, I will bring evil upon them 3. 4. b Prov. his name. w they fhall not be able to o escape; q 2 Kl. 16.4. and though they fhall cry unto me,10. 13, I will not hearken unto them. Jer.s 12 Then fhall the cities of Judah,2. 29.

And the LORD faid unto me, kA 22. 25% confpiracy is found among the men oflfai. Judah, and among the inhabitants off. 12. Jerufalem.




176 Gather up thy wares out of the Col. fand, O inhabitant of the fortress I. 12. 18 Forthus faith the LORD, Beb Jer. hold,dI will fling out the inhabitants & inhabitants of Jerufalem q go, and Hof 4.5.6. of the land at this once, and will dif- cry unto gods unto whom they of-9. 10. Mat. trefs them,that they may e find it fo.fer incenfe but they fhall not fave Jer. 3. 24. II. 19 Wo is me for my hurt my them at all in y cime of theirtrouble.24. Luke wound to grievous: but I faid, Truly 13 For according to the r number off jer. 17.31. this is a grief,and 1 muft fbear it. thy cities were thy gods, O Judah 7. 16 and according to the number of the and ftreets of Ierufalem, have ye fet up 14. II. altars to that fhamefull thing,evenu Jer.. altars to burn incenfe unto Baal. 7-7-8

Jer. 20 Mytabernacle is fpoiled, and all 16. 13. my cords are broken: my children are Zac gone forth of me, and they are not 3. G. there is none co ftreech forch my tent Ezek. any more, and to fer up my curtains. 14 Therefore pray not thou for thisPfalm 6. 10. 21 For the paftors are become ghru- people,neither lift up a cry or prayerso. 16 Pfal. tifh,and have not fought the LORD: for them; for I will not hear themx Eze 39.9. therefore they that not profper,& in the time that they cry unto me for16. 26 Mic. all their flocks fhall be fcattered. their trouble.2015 D y Hag. 7. 9.022 Behold, the noffeof the bruic is what hath my beloved to do in2. 13. Lam. come,and a great commotion out of mine houfe, feeing the hath wrought Tit. to 2. 18. north counfrey,to make the cities of lewdnefs with many?and they holy15. g Ifai. Judah defolate, and a den of dragons. Hefh is paffed from thee: when thou Pro 59. 10. 23 O LORD, I know that the way doeft evil,then thou zrejoyceft. 2. 14 Ezek. of man i is not in himself; it is not in 16 The LORD called thy name, a Alfai. 5. 13.3. man that walkech to direct his steps green olive-tree, fair and of good-19. b Jer. 24 O LORD k, correct me, but with ly fruit with the noife of a greatd Ifal, 23. 22. Judgement; not in thine anger, left cumult he hath kindled fire upon It. 2. John thou bring me to nothing. and the branches of it arebroken. Luke -35.5. 2017 For 13.3. ★ Pfal. 6. 1. / 2 Cor. 10. 13. Ezek. 15.



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Gods premife to the penitent. The Linen girdle. 17 For the LORD of hosts that cause no man y layeth it to heart. y Ifai. 15. 17.& planted thee,hath pronounced evil 12 The spoilers are come upon 42. 25.1 against thee, for the evil of the houfe all high places through the wilder Jer. S. I. of Ifrael and of the houfe of lu- nefs: for the fword of the LORD 9. 21. Mat. dah, which they have done against th.ll devour from the one end of the a Mat. 2. 13. themfeles to provoke me to anger, land even to the other end of the 24. 22. Palm in offering incenfe unto Baal. land; a no fiefh fhall have peace. 6 Deu. 37. 12. 18 And the LORD hath given 13 They have b fown wheat,but fhall 22, 38. Ifai. me c knowledge of it, and I know it, reap thorns they have puremfelvs Gen. 53. 7. then thou fhewedft me their doings, to pain,but thall not profit: and they 4. 12. Jer. 19 But I was like da lamb or an ox thall be cafhamed of your revenues, Mich. 18.8. Is brought to the flaughter, & I knew becaufe of the fierce anger of the 6.15. Pfal. nor they hadedeviled devices againft LORD.


93.4. me, faying Let us deftroy the tree 14 Thus faith the LORD against all 7. 3. Pfal. with the fruit thereof, and let us cut mine devil neighbours, that e touch Prov. 7.9. him off from the land of the living, che inheritance which have caufed 3.4. Rev. his name may befno more remembred. my people Ifrael to inherit, Behold, doba. 2. 23. 20But,OLord of hofts & judgeft righ- I will pluck them out of their land, ver, II, h1 Fetteously,gerieft $ reins,& the heart, and pluck out the house of Judah 14. 2.23. let me fee thy vengeance on them;for from among them.

ez.ch. Mar untothee have I revealed b my caufe. And it fhall come to pafs after that 2. 8. 13.54 21 Therefore thus faith y Lord of the I have plucked them out, I will re-fRev. Luke men off Anathoth, feek thy life, fa- turn,and have compaflion on them, & 14. 16. 4.28.ying, Prophefie nor in name off will gbring them again every man to Amos Ifal. Lord, that chou die nor by our hand: his heritage,& every man to his land. 9. 11. 30. 10. 22 Therefore thus faithy Lord of hofts 16 And it thall come to pafs,if they & Jer. Amos Behold, I will punith them; voung will diligently learn the ways of my 3. 19. 2. 12. men fhall die by the fword,cheir fons people to fwear by my name, The Amos and and their daughters fhall die by famin. LORD liveth, (as they h taught my 9. 14. 7:16. 23 And there fhall be no remnant people to fwear by Baal) then fhall they b Nu. v. 19. of them.forI will bring evil upon the i be built in the midft of my people. 25. 1. Mat. men of Anathoth, even the year of 17 But if they will k nor obey, I will i Rev. 7.2. m their vification. utterly pluck up and destroy that na- 21.14. Jer. 23. 12. tion, faith the LORD.

CHAP. XII. Ieremiahs complaint of the wickeds profperity. $1.4. Rwhen used with thee: Jes let me

Ephef. 2. IS. Zech. 10. 10. Zec. 14. 16. Luke 19. 27. CHAP.

Ighteous a thou, O LORD,


By a linen girdle God prefiguresh
destruction to his people. is They
ar exhorted to prevent future judg

talk with thee of thy judgments:
Wherefore doth way of the wicked
Job profper? wherefore are all they
21.7 happy that deal very creacherously?
1. 16. have caken root: chey grow,yea, they
4 Pfal. bring forth fruit; thou art e near in it net in water.

haft them,

1. II.


I Cor.

239. their mouth,and far from their reins. a Solgot a girdle, caccording to b Hof. 3But thou, O LORD, d knoweft me, the word of the LORD, and put 13.9. 2Kin. thou haft feen me, and tried mine it on myloins. IMI. 20.3. heart towards thee: pull them out 3 And the word of the LORD came 1. 9. Jam. like theep for the laughter, and pre- unto me the fecond time, faying, Hof. 5.5. pare them for the f day of flaughter.4 Take the girdle that thou haft 14. 1. & Hof. 4 How long thall the gland mourn, got, which is upon thy loins, and c Mat. 4.2. and the herbs of every field wither, arife, go to d Euphrates, and hide 16. 24. Pfal. for the b wickedness of them that it there in a hole of the rock. 105. dwell therein the beafts are con- se So I went and hid it by Euphrates, 3. 1S. 34. Prov. fal. faid, He fhall not fee our laft end. 6And it came to pafs after many days, 3. 5. 50. 21. If thou haft run with the foot- the Lord faid unto me, Arife, go to Heb. Pro. men,and they have wearied thee,then Euphrates,&take ygirdle from thence, 11. 24. 24. 10. how canft thou k contend w horfes? & I commanded thee to hide there. John John if in the land of peace wherein thou Then I went to Euphrates, and 6.30. 21. 18. truftedft, they wearied thee, then digged, and took the girdle from d Ee. (Heb. how wilt thou do in the swelling the place where I had hid it, and he- 8.3. hold, the girdle was marred, it was 2 Kl. 16.7. 8 Then the word of the LORD ƒ Pfal. came unto me, faying, 14. 2.

fumed and the birds, because they as the LORD commanded me.

12.4 of Jordan?
Josh. 6 For even thy mbrethren, and the f profitable for nothing.
3.15 houfe of thy father, even they have
Jer. dealt treacherously with thee, yea
9.4. they have called a multitude after
Pfal. thee believe them not though they
137. 7. Speak o fair words unto thee.
and 7 Ihave forfaken p mine houfe:1
73. 10. have left mine heritage,I have given
02 Ki. the dearly beloved of my foul into
25. 28. the hand of her enemies.


Hus faith the LORD unto me, a ver. Go and get a linen girdle, 11. and put it upon thy loins, and 6 put Heb.

Thus faith the LORD, After this Ezek. manner will I marg pride of Judah, 15. 3. and the great pride of Jerufalém. Rom.

10 This evil people which refufe 3. 12. to hear my words, which walk in the v. 11. imagination of their heart,& h walk Lev. after other gods to ferve them, and to 26. 19. worship them fhall even be as this Ifai. 2. girdle, which is good for nothing.


11 For as the girdle cleaveth to the bJer.

Jer. 8 Mine heritage is unto me as qalion
10. 16. in the foreft, le cryech out against
Mat. me, therefore have I hated it.
9 Mine heritage is unto me aer a loins of a man, fo have I caufed to 9. 13.
Luk. fpeckled bird, the birds round about i cleave unto me the whole houfe of and
20. 47. are against her;come ye,affemble all $ Ifrael, and the whole houfe of Judah, 11. S.
Rev. beafts of the field, come to devour. faith the LORD; that they might be i Deut.
19. 17. 10Many t Paftors have deftroyed my unto me for k a people,& for a name, 30. 20.
Jer. vineyard,they have troden my u por- and for a praife, and for a glory: Exo.
rion under foot, they have made but they would not hear.

63. 18. dernefs.
Lal. They have made e defolate, and
5.5.6. being defolate, it mourneth unto me;
the whole land is made defolate, be

19. 5. Ifai. my pleafant portion a defolate wil 12 Therefore thou shalt fpeak v. 14. unto them this word, Thus faith the Lam. LORD God of Ifrael, Every/bottle 4. 2. fhall be filled with m wine: and they m Jer. shall fay unto thee, Do we nor cer- 25.27. cainly

Exhortation to repentance,

Chap. xlv, xv. A grievous famin. Mic, tainly know that every botcies Yea, the hind alfo fealved in the fPfal. 2. 1. fhall be filled with wine? feld, and forfook ie, because there 29. 9. • Rev. 13 Then halt thou fay unto them, was no grafs. 17.2. Thus faith y LORD,Behold,I will fill 6 And the wild affes did ftand in theg Jer. Jer. all teinhabitants of this land, even high places, they g fnuffed up the 2. 24. 25.15. kings that fit upon Davids throne, vind like dragons: their b eyes did b Lam. Ifai. and the priests and the pro- fail, because there was no grafs. 4. 17. 9. 15. phets, and all the inhabitants of Je-710 LORD,though our iniquitiesi Sain. Judg. rufalem o with drunkennefs. teftifie against us, do chou it for thy 14. 29.


14 And I will dath them one against knames fake:for our back-lidings are Pfal. Pfalm another,even the fathers and the fons many, we have finned against thee, 55.15. 2. 9. together, faith the LORD: I will 8 Otel hope of Ifrael, the faviour & Pfal. Ezc. not pity, noripare, nor have mer- thereof in time of trouble: why 25. 11. 9.6.cy, qhut deftroy them. Thouldelt thou be as a ftranger in the Jer. Ifai. Hear ye, and give ear, be nor land, and as a wayfaring man, that 17. 13. 25. 22.7 proud: for the LORD hah ipoken. turneth afide to tarry form a night? m 2Ch. ·Mal. 16/Give glory to the LORD your 9 Why fhouldeft thou be as a man 33.8. 3. 13. Got before he caufet darknefs,& be- aftonied, as a mighty man that Pfal. kom. fore your feet ftumble upon the dark o cannot fave? yet thou, O LORD, 115.3. 7110 mountains, and while ye look for at in thep midft of us, and we are o Irai Jo light, he turn it into the fhadow of called by thy name, leave us not. 59.1. 7. 19. death, and make it grofs darkness. Hof 10 Thus faith the LORD unto Zec. 17 But if ye will not hear it, my this people, Thus have they a loved 2. 5. 97: foul fhall xweep in fecret places for to wander, they have not refrained q Jer. Ifai. your pride,& mine eye fhall weep fore, their feet, therefore the LORD doch 2. 23. 8. 22. and run down with rears, becaufe the not accept them he will now re-r Hof. Lam. Lords flock is carried away captive member their iniquity, and vifit S. 13. 18x Say unto the king, and to the their fins. Pfalm Jer. queen, Humble your felvs,fit down, for 11 Then laid LORD unto me,fpray 50. 21. 9: 1. your principalities fhall come down, not for this people for their good. Joel Jer. even the y crown of your glory. 2. 16. 191he cities of fouth fhall be fhut cry,& when they offer burnt-offering rifal Mat up, and none fhall open them; Judah & an oblation, I will not accept them: 1. 15. 66,18. fhall be carried away capelve all of it, but I will confume them by the fword, Jr. Ez it thall be wholly carried awaycaptive, and by the famin,& by the peftilence. 11. 2. 2.6.7. 20 Lift up your eyes, and behold 13 ¶ Then faid 1, Ah LORD God, Jer. 7 al. them that come from the north;where behold, the prophets fay unto them, 5. 31. 107. is the Rock that was a given thee,thy Ye fhall not fee the fword, neither and beautifull flock? Ihall ye have famin, but I will give 6. 23. you affured peace in this place. x Jer. 14 Then the LORD faid unto me, 27. 10.

2. I.

When they faft Iwill not hear their 11. 14


Deu. What wilt thoufay when he fhall 28. 52.6 punish thee? (for thou haft taught 4 Dan. them to be captains,and as chief over The prophets prophefie x lies in my 2 Thef 2. 31. thee) fhall not forrows take thee as a name,yl fent them not,neither have 12. 11. Pfalm woman in travail ? commanded them,neither fpake unto Ezek. 79. 70. 22 And if thou fay in thine them:they prophefie unto you a falfe 13: 2. 62 Ki.heart, Wherefore come these things vifion and divination, and a thingy jer. 16.7. upon me? for the greatness of thine of nought,& the decer of theirheart.23.21. Ifal iniquity are thy skires difcovered, 15 Therefore thus faith the LORD and 3. 17. and thy heels made bare. concerning prophets that prophefie 27. 15. Nah.

23 Can the Ethiopian change his in my name, and I fentahem nor, yet Jer. skin, or the leopard his fpots then they fay, Sword and famin fhall not 20. 6. may ye alfo do good, that are accufto- be in this land, Byfword & famin rKing med to do evil. fhall thofe prophers Se confumed: 22.25 16 And the people to whom they 4 Ffal.


14 Therefore will I dfcatter them as
the ftubble that paffeth away by the prophefie,fhall be caft out in ftreets 79. 3.
wind of the wildernefs.
of Jerufalem, because of the famin Jer



by m

25 This is thy lot, the portion of and the sword,& they shall have none 10. 25. Job thy measures from me, faith the toa bury them, them,their wives,nore Jer. 20. 29. LORD because thou halt forgotten their fons, nor their daughters: for 2.1. Pfalm me,and ftrufted in falihood. will pour their wickedness upon Lam. II. 6. 26 Therefore will I difcover thy them. 1.1.16. fJer. skires upon thy face, that thy fhame 17 Therefore thou fhalt fay this and may appear Mich. 171have feen thine adulteries, and down in tears night and day, and let d Lame 2. 18. 3.1. thy neighings, the lewdness of thy them not ceafe:for the virgin daugh- 49.1 Jer. whoredom, and thine abominations ter of my people is broken w a great Ezek. 5.S. on the hills in the fields: wo unto breach, with a very grievous blow. 7.15. 2 Chr. thee, O Jerufalem, wilt thou not be 18 If I go forth into the d field, then Lam. 15. S. made clean when fhall it once be? behold the flain with the sword and 5. 22. Hof. S. 1. Jer. 4.14. if I enter into the city, then beholdf2 Ch. CHAP. XIV. them that are fick with famin; yea, 36. 16. The grievous famin, caufeth Iere- both the prophet and the Prieft go a- Jer. 15. miah to pray. 10 The Lord will not bout into a land that they know not. 18. be intreased. 19Haft thou utterly rejected Judah? g Hof. Jer. came foul 14 20 to a Jeremiah concerning Sdearth. thou fmitten us,& there is fno heal- Dan. Judah mourneth, and the gates ing for us? we looked for peace, and 9.9. 6.3. thereof languish, they are a black there is no good, and for the time of Pfal. Lam. unto the ground, and the cry of Je- healing, and behold trouble. 74. 2 4. 6. rufalem is gone up 10 We acknowledge, O LORD, our and and 3. And their nobles have fent their wickedness, and the iniquity of our 106. 2.19. little ones to the waters, they came to fathers; for we have g finned against 43. 6 Jer. the b pies, and found no water, they thee. 2. 13. returned with their veffels empry: 21 Do not abhor us,for thy names 89. 39. C2 Sa. they were afhamed and confounded, fake, do not difgrace the throne of Num. 15.30.and e covered their heads. say thy glory: h remember, break not 14 34 d Jain. 4 Because the ground le chape, for thy covenant with us. 5. 17. there was no rain in the earth, the 22 Are there any among the vani-2, 21. Levic. e plow-men were afhamed, they co- ties of the Gentiles that can caufe Amos 26. 19 vered their heads. zainer can kf heavens give showers?4.7. Joel 2. 11.

a Rev.




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3 Hol

2. 9.


The Fems rejected.


Their ruin farmed. Hab, not thou he, O LORD our God? one becaufe of chy hand for thou 3. 17. therefore we will wait apon thee:for haft filled me with findignation. Chr. thou haft m made all these things. 20. 12. m Rev. 4. 11.


iMar. 18Why is my pain perpetualand my 3. 5. Wound incurable which refufeth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unro me as ka liar,and as waters that fail? Jer. 19 Therefore thus faith the 1. 17. LORD,If thou / return, then will 17 v. 19. bring thee again, and thou halt ftand

The utter rejection of the lows. Hen faid the LORD unto me THE Though a Mofes & Samuel flood Exod. before me, yet my mina could nor be 32. 11. toward this people, caft them out of before me: and if thou take forth the m Ez. 1 Sam. my fight, and let them go forth. m precious from vile, thou shalt be 13. 19, 7.9. And it fhall come to pafs, if they fay as n my mouth:let them return unto 32. Pfalm. unto thee, Whither fhall we go forth thee,but return not chou unto them. 2 Co. 29. 6. then thou shalt tell them, Thus faith 20 And I will make thee unto this 5.20: Ezek. the LORD,Such as are b for death,to people p a fenced brazen wall, & they o Mal. 14. 14. death; and fuch as are for the fwordt hall fight against thee, but they fhall 2, 7.bLev. the sword and fuch as are for the fa-not prevail against thee: for lamp Eze. 16. 16. min, to the famin; and fuch as are with thee to fave thee,and to deliver 3. 9. Jer. for the capitivity, to the captivity.thee,faith the LORD. 43. 27.3 And I will cappoint over them four 21 And I will deliver thee out of the 20. 11. 9 Jer Jer. Kinds, faith the LORD, the fword to hand of the wicked, and I will redeem Luke 43. 11.ay, and the dogs d to tear, and the thee out of the hand ofthe terrible. 21. 15. Palm fowls of the heaven, and the beasts of CHAP. XVI. 75.7. the earth,to devour and deftroy. The Propher under divers types fhew eth the Jews ruin. The word of the LORD came alfo 4Gen.


19. 14.

2 Thou fhalt a not take thee a wife, Hof. 9. neicher fhalt thou have fons bnor 13, 14. Mat.

Dell. 4 And I will caufe theme to be removed 19, 25.inco all kingdoms of the earth; because Ezek. of of king 23.46.of Judah, for that which he did ir Dan. Jerufalem. 9. 12. For g who fhall have pity upon thee, laughters in this place. Deut. Jerufalem? or who shall bemoan 3 For thus faith the LORD con- 14. 19. 28. 2.thee or who thall go afide to ask cerning the fons, and concerning the Pfal. f2 Ki. how thou doeft? daughters that are born in this place, 78, 64. Thou haft b forfaken me,faith the and concerning their mothers that and gJob LORD, thou art gone backward bare them, and concerning their fa-79.3. 24. 29.therefore will I ftretch out mine hand thers that begat them in this land: Jer. against thee, and deftroy thee; I am 2. 13. f weary with repenting.


Jam. 7And I will fan them with a fan in k 7. 14. gates of the land: I will bereave them Amos of children, I will deftroy my people, 2.3, 6. fith they return not from their ways. and by famin,and their c carcafes thall and ALev. 8 Their widows are m increafed to me be meat for the fowls of heaven, and S. 2. 20. 33. above the fand of the feas I have for the beafts of the earth,

4 They fhall die of grievous deaths, $3. 10. they hall not be lamented, neither Jer. fhall they be buried: but they fhall be 25,33. as dung upon the face of the earth', and and they fhall be confumed by yfword, 9. 22.

Pfaf Jer brought upon them againfty mother 5 For thus faith y LORD,Enter not 79. 2. 53. of the young men, a fpoiler at noon into the house of mourning, neither Jerem. Am. 4. day: I have caufed him to fall upon go to lament nor bemoan them: for 34. 20. 10, 11, it fuddenly and terrors upon the city. I have taken away my Peace from this d Deu. Ifal. 9. Shey hath born feven, languifheth people, faith the LORD, even loving 14. 1. 33. the hath given up the gholt,her fun is kindnefs and mercies Ley m Jer. gone down while it was yet day the 19. 21. hath been afhamed and confounded, 82 Ki. and the refidue of them will I deliver 25. to the before their

6 Both the great and the fmall fhall 25.5.6. die in this land; they fhall not be buri- Jer. ed,neither fhallinen lament for them, 47.5. nor cut make them- and felvs bald for them.


Thef faith the LORD. 5.2.10¶pwo is me my mother, that thou Zepth, hatt born me q a man of trife,& a man 2.8. of contention to the whole earth: I Am. have neither lent on ufury,nor men 8.9 have lent to me on ufury; yet every 120. 5. 11 The LORD fald, Verily it fhall .Act. be well with thy remnant, verily 17. 6. I will caufe the enemy tot intreat thee Pfal. well in the time of evil, and in the 100.4.time of affliction.

Neither thall ment tear them fetvs Heb. for them in mourning to comfort Deal them for dead,neither fhall men give unto them thee cup of confolation to drink them for their father or for their mother.

that is,


8 Thou shalt not alfo go into the bread. fhoufe of feafting,to fit with them to Ezek. eat and to drink. 24. 17

Jer. 12 Shall iron break the northern iron, and the fteel?

9 For thus faith the LORD of hosts, Deut. the God of Ifrael, Behold I will caufe 26. 24. to iceafe out of this place in your Irov. eyes and in your days, the voice 31-6.7. of mirth, and the voice of gladnefs, f Eccl. the voice of the bridegroom, and the 7. 201 voice of the bride.

Jer. er 13 Thy fubftance and thy creafures 40. 4. will I give to the fpoil without price, Jer. and that for all thy fins, even in all 23. 29.thy borders.


Pro. 14And I will make thee to pafs y with 11. 4. thine enemies,into a land which thou Jer. knoweft not:for a fire is kindled in 17. 4. mine anger,which hall burn upon you, Deut. 15 O LORD chou knoweff, re32. 22. member me and vific. me, Se brevenge Jer. me of my perfecutors, take me not a11. 18. way in thy longfuffering: know that 62 T. for thy fake I have fuffered rebuke.

10 Andar thall come to pafs when 5. 7. thou shalt fhew this people all theft & 2 Ki. words, and they fhall fay unto thee, 22. 20. Wherefore hath LORD pronoun- hifai. ced all this great evil against us or 24-7. what is our iniquity? or what is our Jer. fin that we have committed against 519. the LORD our God?author 7k. Mal. 11 Then thale thou fay unto them, 2. 17.1 I Because your fathers have forfaken and me,faith the LORD,& have walked af-3.13.

4. 14. 16 Thy words were found, and I did tez other gods, and have ferved them,& Mar. Mat. deat them, and thy word was unto have worshipped them, & have forfa- 25. 44. 5. 10. me there joy and rejoycing of mine ken me, and have not kept my law: Jer. Eze. heart, for I am called by thy name, Or And ye have m done worse than 22. 9. every one after the imagination of 39. 24. your fathers for behold, ye walk Deut. his evil heart, that they may n nor Jer. hearson unto me)

LORD God of hosts.


ob 17 1 fare not in the fafiembly of the 3. 12, mockers, norg rejoyced: I fate b al


35 01

1971 Pfal. 1. 1.g Hof. 7.5.b Eze. 2.4.

a Jer. 14. 15.

13 There- m Jer. 7. 16. net 15% 10

Fudah captivated for her fins. Chap. xvil. The Sabbath hots. Deu. 13 Therefore will I o caft you our rol the LORD t fearch the heart, It Rev 4. 27. of this land into a land that ye know try the reins.even to give every man 2. 23. not, neither ye nor your fathers, and according to his ways, and according #1 Ki 21. 15. there thall ye ferve other gods day and to the fruit of his doings. Pfal. night, where I will not p fhew you 11 Ar the partridge fitteth on eggs, Job 106. favor. and hatcheth them not: fo he u that 15 223 45144 Therefore behold, r days getteth riches, and not by right, fhally Luke Hof come, faith the LORD, that it shall leave them in midit of his days, 12. 20. Pfal. 2.13. no more be faid, The LORD liveth and at his end fhall be a fool. Hof. that brought up the children of Ifrael 12 A glorious high tone from the 73. 27. 3.5. out of the land of Egypt: beginning is place of our fanctuary.a Pro. Hol 15 But the LORD liveth that 13 O LORD, the hope ofIfrael, all 10.7. 6. 6. brought up children of Ifrael from that for fake thee thall be afhamed, & Luke Ho the land of the north, and from all they depart from me fhall be writ-10. 20 1. 11. lands whither he had driven them, ten in the earth,becaufe they have for-b Jers Jer. & I will bring them again into their faken the LORD, the fountain of 15. 17. 3- 15. land that gave unto their fathers. living waters.



Job 16 Behold, I will fend for many 14 & Heal me, O LORD, and I fhall be 42.5,6 4.19. xfifhers, falth the LORD, and they healed; fave me, and I fhall be faved: Ifai 5.19.2 Job fhall fish them; and after will I fend for for thou art my praise. Amos 34 21 many hunters, & they shall hunt them 15 T Behold, they fay unto me, Prov. from every mountain, and from every e Where is the word of the LORD! 18. 5. 21. hill,and out of the holes of the rocks. let it come now. Ifai. 17 Fory, mine eyes are upon all their 16 As for me, I have dnot haftned 12. 22 29.15-ways: thy are not hid from my face from being a paftor to follow thee, Jer. neither is their iniquity hid from neither have I defired woful day, 4, 6. 94.7. mine eyes. thou knoweft: that which came out Jer. a Irai. 18 And firft 1 will a recompenfe of my lips, was fright before thee. T 40. 15 their iniquity, and their fin double; 17 Be not a terror unto me, thou art f2 Co. Lev. because they have defiled my land, my hope in the g day of evil. 26.30. they have filled mine Inhericance 18 Let them be b confounded thats Pfal fal. with the 6 caraies of their deteltable perfecute me, but let i not me be con-23. 4. 18. 2. and abominable things. founded: let them be dismayed, buth Pfal. 4 Mal. 19 O LORD, c my ftrength, and my let not me be difmayed: bring upon 35.4 1. 11. fortrefs, and my refuge in the day of them the day of evil, and deftroy and Mar. Sami&ion the d Gentiles thall come them with double deftruation.

2. 17.


40. 14: unto thee from the ends of the earth, 19 Thus faid the LORD unto me, Pfal. Ifai. and thall fay, Surely our fathers have Go & ftand in the k gate of the chil-25 2 44. 10. inherited lies vanities, and things dren of people, whereby the kings ofk Nehe Jer wherein there is e no profit. Judah coine in,and by the which they 3.26. 2. 11. 20 Shall a man f make Gods unto go out,&in all the gates offerufalem; Prov. g Gal. himself, and they are g no gods? 20 And /fay unto them, Hear ye the S. 2, 3 4. S.. 21 Therefore behold,I will this once word of the LORD, ye m kings of Eze bver. caufe them to know I will caufe thein Judah, and all Judah, and all the in- 2. 7. m Pfalm and they fhall know that my Name is 9. 16. the LORD. CHAP. XVII.



4 Job 19. 14.



by thefe gates: 21 Thus faith the LORD, Take heed Hof to your felvs, &c o bear no burden on5. 1. Indah captivated for her fin. Truit the fabbath-day nor bring it in by Deu 4.15. in man is curfed,7 in God is bleffed. the gates of Jerufalem.. He fin of Judah is written with a 22 Neither carry forth a burden out of 2 Kine of 10. 31 20. diamond it is graven 6 upon the do ye any work,but hallow ye the fab-0 Ngh 33. cable of their heart, and upon the bath-day, p as I commanded your 13.9. Lev. horns of your alcars: Exo 4.7. 2 Whileft their d children remember 23 But they g obeyed not, neither 2. 8. Jer their altars and their groves by the enclined their ear, but made their Ezek. 7.18. green trees upon the e high hills. neck tiff, that they might not hear 20. 12, Jer. 3 O my mountain in the field, I will or receive instruction. 9 Jer. 15. 13. give thy fubftance, all thy treafures 24 And it fhall come to pafs, if ye 7 24. f.Hot. to the fpoil, thy high places for diligently hearken unto me, faith y and 10. S. fin, throughout all thy borders. LORD to bring in no burden 16. 126 Lev. And thou, even thy felf fhale gdif- through the gates of this city on ther Exo. 26. 34-continue from mine heritage I gave fabbath-day, but hallow the fabbath-15. 2 La b Deu. thee,& I will caufe thee to ferve thine day, to do no work therein: Jer. 3222 enemies in land which thou know

25 Then fhall there enter into the 22.4. Ifai. eft nor:for ye have kindled a fire in gates of this city, kings and princes Ifai. L 30. 1. mine anger, which fhall burn for ever. fitting upon the throne of David, ri- 19, 19. k Job Thus faith the LORD, Cur- ding in chariots, and on horfes, they? I Ki 9. 32. fed be the man that truftech in man, and their princes, the men of Judah, 12. 21. 1 Deul and maketh flesh his arm, and whofe and the inhabitants of Jerufalem, and u Zec. 29.23 heart departeth from the LORD. this city fhall remain for ever.


6 For he thall be like the heath in

come the Hebe the defart, & fhall k not fee when good cities of Judah, and from the places brine cometh, but fhall inhable the parched about Jerufalem,8c from the t land of ging places in the wilderness, in a falt land Benjamin, and from the plain, and praise and not inhabited. from the mountains, and from the or co fouth, bringing burnt-offerings, & feffione facrifices, and meat offerings, and in- Pfalm cenfe,&f bringing facrifices of praifero. 14.

5. 20. 16. 20 Ifai. 30. 18. 7 Bleffed is the man that m trufleth Ifai. in the LORD, and whofe hope the 1.3. o Hab. 8 For he fhall be as n a tree planted by unto the house of the LORD. Lev. 4 3. 17. the waters,and that fpreadeth out her. 27 But if ye will not hearken unto 24. John roots by the river, and fhall not fee me, to hallow the fabbath-day, and Cor. 16. when heat cometh, but her leaf fhall not to bear a burden, even entting 5.216 Pfal. be green, and fhall not be careful in in at the gates of Jerufalem, on the x 2 Ki. 15.5. the year of drought, neither fhall fabbath-day then will 1 x kindle a fire 25.9. Mat from yielding & ft devour 15. 18. The heart is deceitful g above all Gen. things, and defperately wicked, who 6.5.12. can know it?

the palaces of Jerufalem, and it shall-2. 13 not be quenched.

ICO. 2. 11.

and CHAP. 21.514

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