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Iqra's reformation

ofarange marriages. lenes , & of gold an hundred talents.

*** And rau, co my Godny fans.

17 D-u. thou land drams, and two veffels of , alhamed,& blush to lifc ap my face koni. 33. 8. fine copper,

precious as gold. to thee,my God: for o our iniquicles 6. 21. i Lev. 28 And Iraid unto them, Ye are are increased over our head, and ouro Dan {:15. I holy

unto the LORD, m the veffelstrupals is grown up unto heavens. Num. are holy allo, and

the filver, and the 7 Since the days of our fathers havi Praim 4.4. * Gen. LORD God of your fathers. gold air a free-will-offering unto the we been in a great trespass unto this 38. 4:

day, and for our iniquities have we, 2 Ch. 31:40. 29 n Waech ye, and keep them until our kings, and our prielts , been de-28.9. Luke, ye wetgh shen before the chief of livered into the hand of the kings Joná. 12. 37, the priests, an the Levices, and of the lands, to the fiord, to capii-!: 2 38.

chief of the fathers of Israel at Jeru. vicy, and to a spoil, and to y confu- Rev. Lalem, in the o chambers of the house fion of face, as it is this c.y.

IS. 5. 20. 31. of the LORD.

8. And aow for a little fpace grace Gent, 1 Pet.

30 So cook the pricfts and the Le- hath been beped from the LORD Our 10. and 1;1;2. vites the weight of the filver and the God, to leave us a remnant to Lape, 18. 20.

Kigold, and the velfels, to bring them to and to give us a nail in his holy q 2 Co. 6. . Jerusalem unto the house of our God. place, that our God may lighten uur

7. II. Neh.

Or, 31 1. Then we departed from the ey=s, and give us 1 a little reviving, 10. 39. river of Ahava, on the twelfth day of in our bondaze. the first month, to go unto Jerusa

9 For we were bond-men , yet our 13. 44. lem and the hand of our God was God hath not forfaken us in our 22. 13. upon us, and he delivered us from bondage but hath extended mercy

Eccl. 17:4. the hand of the enemy, and of such unco as in the light of the kings of Piala

3.5S. as lay in waic hy the way. 7.9. 32 And we caine to Jerusalem, and the boutë of our God, and

ou repair so abode there three days.

the desolations thereof, and to give 9. 9.

104 the filver and the gold, and the vel. Lo And now, o our God, * what thalilor

PfiL and rels weighed in the house ofour God, we say after this for we have forlaken

136. by the hand of g Meremoth the fon of thy commandments, TO, .

23 Nel Eleazar the son of Phinehas,& W them thy fervants the

prophets , saying 1. 1. Uriah the prielt, and with him pum jí which thou hast y commanded by Bara 8. 7. Rom. Noadiah the son of Binnui , Levites: 1 , is an unclean

land with the 61-7.1. and

34 By number and by weight of thiness of the people of the lands, and 6. 18. every one and all the weight was in their abominations, which have 242.

alled it from one end to another » Irai. Luke 1. 74

35 Allo the children of tho fe that with their uncicannefs. + Ezra had been carried away, which were

12 Now tierefore give not your * Lan 6. 18. come out of the captivity, offered daughcers unco their fons , neither

3. 32 Heb.

| burnt-offerings unto the God of If- take their daughters unto your fons, Deus Thea rael, twelve bullocks for all Ifrael; por seck their

peace, or their wealthy


. kevel. Leven Lambs : fwel mee be-goats for a safe good of the land, and leave 23. 32 12. 16. Gn-offering all this was a burneo it for be an inheritance to your chil-a Del Iral. offering unto the LORD.

23. 6.

13 And afrer a far is come upon 5 Prai. 56. 6. 36 And they delivered the kings Ezra coinmillions unico the kings liek

ce- us, for our evil deeds, and for our 103. 1. 16. pants, and to the governors on this great crespass

Leeing that thou our 17. and * Kin. fide the river and they furthered the God halt punished as less than our 112 10. 6. people, and the house of God.

iniquicies de ferre , and has given Y, 2. us fuch deliverance as this :

Prov. С НА Р., 1 х.

14 Should we d again break thy com. 13. 22. 1Egra mournesh for ibe affinity of the mandmentssand joyn in afknity with and people with itrangersHe prayesh the people of these aboininacions 20. 7. His God with confeflion of living

wouldelt thou not be angry with us idc Lame Tow when these things were done, thou hadi consumed us, to that there 3. 22, the princes came to me, saying, should be no remnant nor escaping.

Deut. 2. 13, and the Levites have b hot reparated erightcous for we remain yet efcaped, a john Rom. The people of Israel, & the 4 priets,

15 O LORD God of Israel, thou ars 29. 13. themselys from the people of the as is this day : bchola , we are 5.14 Mart. lands, doing according to their cabo- before thee in our trespalles : for we é Nahu 2. minations, renof the Canaanite.. menor Nand before thee, because of 92 33 Exod. Hitrices, the Perizzites, the Jebul. this.

fril 33. 16.tes, the Ammonites, the Moabites,

32. 5. grom. 3. 23, 24 Deut. the Egyptians, and the Ainorites.

CHAP. X. 7. 2, 3. 2 For they have taken of their 2 Shechaniah encourageth Exra rora A Mar. daughters for themselvs and for form the Arange marriages. 3:11. hele fonte dhe me te holy Seed Nowe beni ezt a had prayed, and a pro jual: of the Princes & rúlers bach been houfe

of God, there all'embled unto 1.9.10. 7:14. people of those lands:yia: the hand and calling himself down before thie i John 9. 13. chief iä сhis trespafs.

him out of Israel

a very great con. Dan. Gen. 3 And when I heard this thing,ig rent gregarton of men, & C women,& chil-9.

2, 37: 29. my garment and iny manele and dren: for the people wept very fore. Bral. & Pral.pluckt

off the hair of my head and And Shechaniah che son of Je-35. 5. 143, 4 of my beard and far down b altonied, blet, one of the fons of Elam,.an: Hor. i folin 4 then were i allembled unto me fivered and Luld

unto Ezra, we have !4. 2. ii. 33.every one that k grembled ac y words crefpaflod against our God, and havebi ki. . Cal. of the God of Israel, because of the draken Etrange wives of the people of . 26. 2. transgression of more that had been the land : yer now there is . hope in 2 Chr. carried away, and I sat attonied unell Ifrael.concerning this thing.


3 Now therefore let us make a co-62 Ch. 1 Exod. 9 Anel at the levening-Lacrifice, I venint with our God, to put away all 20, 13. 39. 39. arose up from my heavinels, and ha- the wives , and fuch as are born of a Nehi

Kiering reno iny garinenc,andmy maatle, them f according to the counfel of my 13:21 8.56 1 fell upon my kacco,& mipread

lord, eak 88 80. Lean 3, &* f Bata di 4

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Nehemiah Chap. l. Jord, and of thor: that tremble as fæt down in the firt day of the cench Melo & Josh. the commandment of our God, and moneth to examin the matter.

2. 7. 7 10 let it be donc according to the law, 17 And they made an end with all

Mitt bich. 45. Arike,for this matter belongesh the men that had caken frange wives, lai tie 19. 13. unto thee we also will be with thee: by the first day of the first moneth.

18 | And among the fons of the

10. Ito 25. 13. Then arose Ezm, and made the priests, there were found that had 'Ler. 15. 15.k to twear, that they thould do ac- Tons of Jefhua, che fon of Jozadok Lev. kicchief priests the Levites and an Ifrael zaken Etrange wives: namely, of the i Neh. cording to this word and they fwarc. and his brethren, Maafish, and Elie13. 5. 61 Then Ezra rcfe up from before 20t, and Jarib, and Gedaliah,

s. 16. m Mat. the house of God, and went into the 19And they a gave their h.nds, that 6.6.

and 21. 17.! chamber of Johanan the fon of Elia. they would puc away their

wives : Ezra 23: thih: and when he came thither,

he did and being b guilty, incy offered a 2. 38, Job 23. m eat no bread, nor drink water for he ram of the Rock for their crespass. 37. 12 mourned because of the transgression

20 And of the fons of d Immer; Ha-Ezra | Heb, of then that had been carried away, dani, and Zebadiah. éauled

2. 39. * And they made proclamation

21 And of the funs of Harlin: Ezra & voyee troughout Judah and Jerufalem , Maali.b, and Elijah, and Shemaiah, 2. 33. Press. unco all the children of the captivity, and Jehiel, and Uzztah. or that they should gather themselvs tó.

22. And of the fons of f, Pashur : E-2.10.

lioenal, Maafiah , Ishmael, Nedraneel.b Izra muni 8 And that whosoever would not come Jozabad, and Elafah. cared. within three days , et according to the 73 Alto of the Levites; Jozabad,& I the

counfe) of the prinos,& the elders,an Shinel,and Kelaiah, (the same is Ke-former 2:22. bis fubitance should be forfeited, and litah) Pethahiah, Judah and Eliezer an or Jude himself separated from congrega. 24 Of the fingers alro; Eliashib

& oftained 19; tion of shore 5 had been carried away, porters: h Shallum,and Telem,& Url to the Ezra 7 26.

91 Then an the men of Judah and 35 Moreover, I of Israel: of the sons forvice * Efih. unto Jerufalem within three

days : Malchiah, and Miamin,and Eleazar, iemile Benjamin,gathered themselvs together of Parofh; Ramlah, and telah , and of thi • Neh. ewentieth day of the moneth, and all 26 And of the fons of k Elam; Mat.not:

Tbife 8. S. Heb. the people fat in the o itreet of the taniah, Zechariah , and

Jehiel , andi Erra The house of God, trembling because of Abdi and Jerimoth, and Eliah,

2. 3: Joon

this matter, and for the great rain. 27 And of fons of 1 Zatta:Elioenal, kedra 19 And Ezra the prieft food

up, Eliashib, Mattaniah, and Jeremoth, 2. 7. 1 Sam. and said unto them, 'Yo have tranf. and Zabad, and Aziza.

I Eura

28 of the fons alfo of m Bebai; Je-2.8. 12. 17.

Heb. 7 to increase the trefpafs of Tirael, hohanan, Hananiah, Zabhai, Athai.m En. to add

II Now therefore make confeflion, 29 And of the sons of n Bani: Melhu-2. 11. wuto unto the LORD God of your fathers , lam,

Malluch, and Adaiah , Jalhub , and the and q do his pleasure : and separate and sheal, and Ramoth.

8. 11. Skilt, your felys from che, people of the Mana, and Chelal, Benaiah, Maalah; 21

And of the fons of Yahath-moab:n Ezra Luke land, and from the strange wives.

12 Then all the congregation an- Marcaniah, Bezaleel, and Binnuisandr E21. i Sam. [wered and said with a loud voice, As Manalleh.

2.6. 12. 19. thou hat said, fo muft we do: 31 And of fons of Harim: Eliezer, na i Josh. 13But the people are t many,and it is fshijah, Malchiah,Shemalah,Shimega 3.4. 7:19. a time of much rain,& we are not able 32 Benjamin, Malluch, and strmarlah. Eur. Pro. co ltand without neither in this a work 33 of the sons of q Hathur;Matrenal, 2. 32, 28. 13. of one day or co: for we are many Matcatha, Zabad Eliphelet, Jeremai, 39. Rom. that have rranfgreffed in this thing, Manaflch, and Shimci.

9 Ezra 12. 2 14 Let now our x rulers of all the 34 Of the fons ofr Bani; Maadai, 2. 19. mi Co. congregation stand, and let all them Amram, and Uel,

rver. 7- 12. which have takenftrange wives in our 35 Benaiah, Bedaiah, Chelluh,

29238 Sy; 4 cities, come at appoinced times and 36 Vadiah, Meremeth, Eliashib,

Joint Pralm with them te elders of every city, 37 Marrantah,Matrenai and Jaafar, coftes 73. 57. and the judges thereof, until the 38 And Bani, and Benui , Shimel, read i Mát. Serce wrath of our God for this mat. 39 And Shelemiah , and Nathan, Mal.


and Adatah, 7. 13. cer, be turned from us, * Deu. 's Only Jonathan fon of Afahel, 40 Machnadebat , Shishal, Sharai, bal. 37: % & Jahaziah' ion of Tikvah,were em. 41 Azareel, Shelemiah, Shemariah Ezra *2 Ch ployed about this matter:& Methullam 42 Shallum, Amarlah , and Jofeph.

2. 29. 19:5; and habbedraithe Levitehelped them. 43 of the sons of Nebo:Jehicl

Mat Neh.7. Gen. 16 And the children of the capçivity glah Zabad , Zebina, Madau , and 33: 7. I. did so:and Ezra the priest , with cer- Joel Benaiah. Exod. cain chlef of the fathers, after the 44 Ait thefe had caken w ftrange wives: 13: 3. Hor. 32 house of their fathers, and all of them and fome of them had wives by whom a prova

by their names , were feparated, and they had children.
4. 17. Rom. 12. 2.

The Book of NEHEMIAH.

3 And they said unto me. The rem. I Baci Nehemiah underttanding by Hanani nane are left of the capelvity diere in 2. 1. she mifery of Jerusalem, moxrneth, the province, are e in great aficionado faitesh, and prayeth.

and reproach the wall of Isrutalem 5. He'words of Nehemiah the allowf hroken down, and the gates ici. ion of Hacbaliah. And It thereof are burnt with fire,

33. 10. Izr. came to pali in the maneth And

it came to pass when I heard Kh 10. 9. b Keh. yeur, as I was in Shulhan the palace, and mourned certain days,&hlafted, inte

That c Hanani, one of my brethren, & prayed before the God of heaven. 19, Ezra came, he and certain men of Judah, s And Sald, I befeech thee, kO LORD Pain

God 127, 7. 8.

and I asked trem concerning the Jews Neh. had escaped, which were left of the Rom. 12. 15. Zeph, 3: 17 ! sam. 4.10. 7. . captiviey, and concern og Jeruiwestia 21. b iCook 26.1 i Ki S.44-Pfal, kata

3. 20.


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(1 Sa. I send me unto Judah , unto the city Then a Eliashib the high prket role I Pa. Nthimith completo "Palem, Nehemilatie

The builhermofthe will. Jer. God of leavin, he I great and terrible the good handofn y God upon in:: Exr. 23. 24. God, that mk : peth covenant an 9? Then I came to the poverrours 7. 6. m Exo.mer-ý for them that love him and bevond thriver, and gave me the inih. 20. 6. Oferre his, commandments : kingsletc:rs: (now the king.b fent 13. 28. n P. on Let thine e. now be attenrive;c.ptains of the army , and huremenilai 34. 25. and shine eyes open, that thou mayest with me.).

15. 3 bear the prayer of thy fervanç,

which 10 When Sanballat the t Horon ite, and jerem. I pray before thee how • Luke night, for the children of Ifrael thy heart of it, it y riev.d them exceed- Num. 18.1. fervants,tonil onfess the fins of die inly that there was ome a man to 22.3.4

rro children of tra ), which we have-lin-reeks velf te of $ children of freel. Ex... 28. 13. ned q against taide: heth 1 gand my fa 11 SO Ism: to Jerusalem, and was 1, 12, qp.al durs house have finne

* there thre: days.

* Pro. §1. 4. J. we have deale very corruptly a. 12.9 And I drore in the night, 1.200 30. 22.

gainst chce , & have not kept the com-fome few men with me, neither cold 12 sa.
inan inents nor the ftatutis , nor the any man what God had put in my s. 2.
judgments which thou commandecft heart to do at Jurusalem neither pain and
thy Tervant Mofes.

there any bealt with me, save the bealt 12. 31. Ifai. Şi Remember, I beseech thee, the word that I rode upon.

Nch. 43. 26.at thou commandedit thy fervant 13 And I went out by niglit, hy he 3. 2. Deu. Mores,saying, I if yerranfgrefs, I will b gate of the valley, even before the y afts

25; fcaccer you abroad among the nations: c dragon-well and co the ddung-port, 13. 45. Joél 9 But if ye t return unto me,& keep and lowed the walls of Jerufalem Prov. 2. 13. my commandments, and do them, which were broken down

and the 27. 4 * Deu. though there were of you

uçaft outgates thereof were consum:d with fire. Ezra 10.4. unto the urtermost part of the heaven, 14 Then I went on to the gate of 8. 32. * Exo. yet will I gather diem from thence, the fountaln,and to the fkings pool: 1 com. 32. 11. and will

bring them unto the place but there was no place for the beast 12. 11. Exo. I have chosen to fer my name there. that was under me to pass.

Prov. 6.1.

To Now there are thy x servants,& diy 15 Then went I up in the night by 10. A. and people, whom thou haft redeemed býs the brook, ant viewed the wall,

and Pfalm 13:2; thy great power,& by thyy ftrong hand. furned back, and enrred by the gate of 119. Heh. uro LORD, I befeech thee, let now the valley, and returned. 60. 23. 18. thiae ear be attentive to the Prayer 16 And the rulers'b knew not whi, 6 2 Ch. Praim of thy Cervant and to the Prayer of ther I went, or what I did neither had 3. 13. 119. 4. thy servants, who dehire to fear thy I as yet cold it to the Jews, nor to the crai. Irai. name: and a profper, I pray thee, thý priests, nor to the nobles, nor to the 8. 6. 26. : servant this day, and grant him a lers, nor to the reft that did y work. Neh. 4.1 Ch. mer.y in the fight of this man. For 17 Then fald I unto them

i Ye fee 3: 13. 22. 11. I was the kings cup-bearer.

the distress that we are in, how Jeru-Nea. cẺ AP. II.

falem liesh walte, and the gates there: 3.15.. { Artaxerxes undertanding the cause of are barnt with

fire : come, andja ki.. of Nehemiahs sadnes fendech him let us I build up the wall of Jerufa- 18. 17

joich lettori a lerufalem. 17 The lem, that we be no more k a reproach. ? Sa. Lxo

Nd. It came to pass in the moneth my God which was I good upon meb Eccl Ptaim caxerxes sking, that wine was betore (poken unto me. And they said, Let us al. 102, him and I took up the c wine, and rise up and build. So they m ftrength-0.4. 18 gave it unto the king now I had not ned their hands for this good work. Neh. Efh. Been

before-sime d fad in his presence. 19 But when Sanballar che Horonite 1. 3. 3. 7.

Wherefore the king said unto me, and Tobiah the servant the Aminonite, I Ezra verf why is thy countenance led, seeing and n Gethern G Arabian heard it, they 7. 6. thou are nor fick this is nothing ello laughed us to Scorn,and

despised us, miche Ezra

but e sorrow of hwart. Then I was and fair , What is this thing that ge 11. 10. 7. 8. f very fore afrald,

do? will yep rebel against the king? » Neh, Neh And said unto the kint, & Let the

20 Then answered I them, and said 6.4. 1.11. king live forever : b why should not unto them, The God of heaven, heo Heb. Gen. my countenance befud,when the city, will profper us, therefore we his fer-11.

36. 40.7: the place of my fathers fepulchres , vants will arife and build but you Ezr. 1 e Pro. lieth walte, and

the gates thereof are bave no q porcion, nor r righe , nors te 18. 13, consumed with fire?

memorial in Jerufalem,

9 Alts. 4 -Then the king faid unto

me , For f Pal

8.21. Ezra 4. 3. 7 Rev St. 27.
94. 19. what d it thou make request ? So I
iki. prayed to the God of heaven.

CHẠP. 11.
1:31. And I Cald uncosking, if it k please. The names and order of them that
bi 34. the king and if thy feryant have fuund builded the wall.
20. favour

1. 13

of iny fathers sepulchrestharm I may they Guile the sheep-late, they fanc-i las k Ezr. build it.

cified it, and set up the doors of 12374 5.17

6 And then kingfaid unto.mes (the even unta tower of Meah they lane. 2 Jer. queen allo Gitting by him) For how eified It, unto cower of Hananeel. 12. 1o,

Neh. 38. 9. Ion: shall thy journey be? 'And when 1 'And nexy unco him builded theb Joha w Hag. Wile the return so it pleased the men of Jericho and next to them. 2. 1.4.

king to send me,& I o fer him a time, builded Zaccur the son of lingi, in Neh. 7 Moreover, I laid unto the king, If 3 But the fift-gate did, fons of Mar.1.. 39.

Neh, Plalm von me to the governours beyond the thereof;& fec up the f doors thereoff: 4 65.2. river, that they may convey me over locks thereof, and the bars thereof. .'Neh. alt i come into Judah, 1,14 8 And a Lercer unco Afaph the keeper rimoth the fon

of Uriah, the son of ler,

4 And next unto them repaired M.-30. Neh. of the kings forrest, that he may give Koz : and mexe chro tem repaired; 1. 27. * 14. me cimber to make beams for gares Melhullam the fon of Berechiah , the Prov. Ezra of the palace which apperained to son of Mefhezabeel: and next unto 10. 7. HO. 6 the house and for the wall of the ciry, them repaired Zadok the son of Baana. Jerén. 1.14: and has klag zranced me acupeding to Zech:14. 10. e Zeph. 1. 10. Neh. 1:

and 7, 118 Exa 8.33•


Tlv enemies fofo

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The Builder of the .

Chap.lv. Am. s And next unto them de h Tekoit's on f Kenalad, another plecs from the 1. I. repaited: bat their inobles put aut hours of Azarlıh, unto the turning of I Neh, their necks to work of the LORD, the pall, even into the corn!t. 2. 13. Moreover,

the old ate repaired Is Palal the son of Uzai,qver against i ki, k Jud. Jehoiada the son of Palear, and Me- te rurning of the w.l,& th. tonerů 7.1. 5. 33. thullam the son of B.fodaiah they lteth out from ý kings high house, Neh. Inch. laid the beams thereof, and fet up thar .16 by cho coure of the prison : 12. 47. 12. 39. the doors ther-of, & th: locks there. after himn pe aiah th: son of Parosh 9 Ezra m Jorkof, and the bars thereof.

26 Mreovir, the 9 Nithin ims dwelt 1.13. 11. 5.

And nzxt unto them repaired We. in Oph:l unto the place over againk 1 Chr. * Jud. laciah the. Gibeonit:', and latlon she the router. He toward the eat, and 2. 10. 17. Meronothite; the men of Gibeon and the cower that lieth ous. • Neh. of n Mizpah, unto the throne of the 27 Ater than the Tekoices repaired the 2. 8. governous on, this file die rivir... anoth:r place, over against the great tower. And 8 Next unco him repaired Uzziel the tower that lizch out , evin unce the 2 Chr. 4. 16. fon of Harbaiah,pfs.goldlinichi;next wall of Ophel.

27. ? | 2 Ch.uato him also repaired Hananiah, che 28 From above the horse-gace te-r Neh. 25. 23. con of one of the apothecaries, & they paired the priets, every one oret 8.. 9 Ezra forçiti djerufalem anto.yp broad wall. again!t his hous:. 6. JO.

9 And next unto them repaired R. Afrer din repaired Zidok the fon 12. 43. Ezra phaiah' the son of Hur, the ruler of the of Immer,oget again this house

after 2 kl. 8.3. hall part of Jerusalein.

bimr paired afrosh:maiah, the son of t1. 16. Sneh. 10 And next unto them.q repaired Je-Shechenlah, kecper of it call-gatu. Jer. 10. 5. daiah che son of Harumaph,even

over ?0 After hiin repaired Hananiah the 31.450 i Phil: against his houfe: and next, unce him Inn of Sheleniah and Hinun the fixth chi. 4.3. Exod. His Malchijah the fon of Harini, and him repaired Medalam te fon oft Jer 3525. ,

paired the other places and the tower 3! After him fepaired Malchiah, Ruc. 3. 28. of de furnaces

the goldsmiths fon unto the place of 4. 11.. *Neh. 1: And'nexe unto him repairedshallam'the Nethlaims and of the merchants, kom.' 2. i3. te fon of Halioeth, the ruler of the half over against

the gate Miphkad, and 2. 7. *Josh. Part of Jerufalem , he & his daugh- co the going up of the corner.

32 And between the guing Ap of the 21.2.i zech. 13. The y valley-gate repaired Ha- corner u to the theep-gare krepaired ? Chr. 13. 2. nun,and the igbabicants of x Zanoab; the gold-finiths and the merchants. 3. 10. < 2 ki. they built it, & les up the doors there

CHAP. iy. 10. 15. of the locks thereof, and the stars 1. While the enemici foff, Nehemiah Jer. thereof, and a thousand cubies on the prayesh. 7 He rreth watch." wall unto the y. dung-gate.

ic caise to pass, that when San. a Proi vet. 9. 6 Neh. Malchiah's fan of Rechab, the ruler wall, He was wroch, and cook great tits, 2. 14. of part of a Beth-haccerem: he built b indignation and c mocked the Jews. 3. 17.

John and let up the doors thereof dae. 2 And his fpake before his bredarené Neh. 9.7 lacks thereof and the bars dereof Luke 15 But the gace of the fountain re. What do thered

feeble Jews? Will they 21 Co. 13: 4. paired Shallum the son of Colhozeb, fartitie themselvs? will they sacrifice 1.27 2.7. is and covered in and set up the doors they e relva y ltones out of the beaps : 2.


* Nab. 5.-7. bårs thereof, and the wall of the pool 3 Non f Tobiah the Ammonite will h. 10. Joil: of Siloah by the kings garden,

and by him and he said, Even that which 9 Mar. 15. 58. into the fairs, thar go down from the they build, if & a fox go up, he hall 16. 18. sz ki. city of David.

even break down thein tone wall.

b Pfal. 20. 29. 16 After him · repaired Nehemiah. 4 h Hear, D our God, for we are de- 123. 3. 112i. the son of Azbuk the ruler of the half fpifed, and i turn their reproach upon i Pror. 22. 11. part of . Bech-zuruito the place their own head, & give them for a prey 3. 37. S.Song over againit the sepulcbres of Dávid, in the land of capelvity:

k Pial. 3.7. and co the pool that was made, ands And.k cover, or their iniquity and 22. 1. 6 Neh. unto the ghouTe of the mighty. rtet

not their an be? blotcudouc from Jer. 10. 25., 17. After him repaired the Levres, before theb t. for they have provoked 18. 23. 2 sa. b Reham the con of Bant : next unto thee to anger before

th: builders, m PAI., 23. 12. him repaired Hathablah the raler of 6 m Sp built we the wall;& all the wall 69:22, Joti:. the halt part of 4 Rellah An his part was njoynedcogetherguntos half thern Pali 15. 44. 18 After him

repaired their brethren, of : for people had a mind to work.721, 3.. k Ezra Baval the con of Henadad, the rulert Bue lecam to pay that

when San- o Plal. 3. 9. of the half pare of keilah.

ballap, and Tobiah and th: Arablans, 110.3. Neh. 19 And next to him repaired 2 Ezerand the Ammonicçs , & the: Ando-Neh, i 12. 42. the ion of Johan, the ruler of Miz- Hites heard thac.che

walls of Jerufa-2, 19, Or, pah another piece quet agà inft the len wererade up, and thac the brea-9 nebo at the going up, to the armoury art the then-ches - began to be itopped, then they 2. 19.

r Amos 2 Chr. 28 Afeer him Baruch the son of Zab-8 And conspired t all of them together, 3.9. 26.9: bai , t carneAly.repaired the other to come and 50 light against Jerusa- X'geni

3. 15. kinde inco the door of the boule of Eltathibo. Neverthelels, we made our prayer Plal.. ved. the high prietta

utro dur. God, & * [et a watch against 3-3. Rom. Ir After him repaired m Merimoths thont day and nigheapecoure of them, Rere 1. 11. son of Urijah,y,con of * Kozanother so And Judah fálat, They streagth of 16. 170 en Ezr. pieceFrom the door of the house of the bearers of burcheine decayed 2 Ghr. * Eir. of

; Elia in, even to the girl of the house and rhere is much rubbin, co this we 20. La 1. 61. And after him repaired the r And

our alvorlaries bid, they 5.91 • 2 Sa. priests, the men of the o plain. W.79. 3. Afrer him repaired Benjainix , & coine in the miatt among them, and,

50 Neli.

Hafhub,over again their house: afrerllay them and cause the work to cealer Mac 13: 29. him repaired Azariah the son of Madhy And it came to pass that when 31,

16. 13. 10.

Selah, the son of Ananiah by his house, the Jews which a dvelt hy them,came; Jer. 24 After him repaired 'Binnui' the

Num. 32.9.< Nä13:31. Teo17. ir.


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1. 21.

tv.7 and the 18.8.


even x lal.

Ofury reforme?


Sariballats prattider: they, said unto us tex elmes , Froin lets, and said unto them,m You ex, et m Esr

all places, whence ye thall recurn unto usury, Tery one of his brother. And I 22. 12. Heb.us, they will be upon you.

fet a great asembly again them. n Mat. From 131 Therefore set ! f in the lower 8 And I said unto them, We, after 18. 15:

places behind the wait', and on the our ability, have o redeemed our bre-o Luv. power higher places, even fet the people thrun the Juws , which were fold unro 25. 57. arts after their families with their words, the heathen : and will you even

fel! of the their spears, and their bowes. your brethren of thall they be fold? Mac

. I , peace, a proce Palm unto the publes, and to the rulers,& anily found nothing to answer 112. 5.90 che rift of people, pe nut ye - Alro I Lald;lt i q not good that yo 24; 23. 'fraid of them: remember the LORD do: ou the ye notr to walk in the

feat Gene 23. 29. which is seat and currible, and fight of ons God, because of the reproach Rom. b Num. for your brethrin, your fons & your of the heathen our enemies 14.9. daughters ► your e wives and your 10 I lik.wife, and my brechren

and 2 27: Deut. houles.

2 San. 15. And it came to puls when our mony and corn . I pray you let us Gen.4. 12 Sa. enemies heard that it was known unto leave of t this ufury.

13. 7. 10. 12. 45, & God had brought f their coun. !Refore I pray you,to thein,even Ernd rel'co nought , that se returned all of this day, their lands, their vineyards, 2. in: 15-3. us to y wall, every on: unto his work. their olive-yards, and their houses Ifai. 16 And it came to pass from that also the hundredth Part of the mon.y. Ezek 52. 12. tim: forth, that the half of g my fer- and of the corn, the wine Pral. vants wrought in the work, and the oythat ye xexdet of them.

Palm (Eph. the thicles, and the boves, and the them and will y require nothing of Lake 122. 8. other half of them bheid bocí spears, i Then said they. We will restore 13.5 1:23. habergeons and the rul.rs were be-them to will we do as thou sayet: 19.... 19. 14. 12. They which buitiled on the walls oach of them, that they hould do ac- 22, 25. Job and they that barę burthens with those cording to this promife. 13, that laded, wery one with one of his 13 Alio I a thook my lap

and said, 6: 146 14. bands wrought the work, and wid So God Thake our every man from Nant Rom. the other hand held a weapon. his house, and from his

labour, char 5. 6, 7, 12 17.

18 For the builders, every one had performeth not this promife, Plan' his fword girded by his fide, and thus be he shaken out, and emptied. 59. 2. 144. 1. bunded and he that founded the And all y congregation fald, Amnen, y Lake 1tai. truinpet was by ine.

and praife:t the LORD.

And the peo- 6. 35: 28. 26. 19 1 Agil I laid unto the nobles and ple d aid according to this promife. iki 1 Exo. to the rulers, & co the rest of the peo 14 41 Moreover, from the cime that f. 31. 14. 25. ple, The work i zrear and large, and I was appointed to be direit gover- Num. Deut. we are feparated upon the wab, one nour in the land of Judah, from the 5. 19. 1. 30, far from another,

twentieth year,even unto the two and jerem. 4n4

20 In whac place therefore ye bear chire leth year of Arraxerxes the king: 38.10. 28. 7. the sound of the trumpet, retort ye that

is, e'twelve years,

I and my bre a Acts Rom. thidered us : our-God Mall I fight thren have not eaten the f bread of 13. 5. . 8:21. for us.

the governour.

450 * Mat. So k. pe laboured in ý work:& half 1. But the former governours thar 18.6. 11. 38. of them held pears, from the riling bad been before me , were chargeable Mar. i Jud. of the morning till the stars appeared unto the people, and had caken of IC. If 9.43 2: Likewile at the same me laid them bread and wine, besides forty b zich. or unco the people, Let every one with thekels

of filver , yea even their fer-2.4, 5, every his fervane lotge within Jerufalein , vant, bare rule over the people: burc Nu.

that in the night they inay be a guard to did nor , & because of the fear 5. 22.
to us, and labour on the day:
of God.

.. Plal. puitte

23 So neither 1, nor my brethren, 16 Yea, alfo 1 h continued in the work 50.17

nor my fervants, nor the men of the of this wall, neither i bought we anyé Nebo bis wear. guard' which followed me z gone of land and all my servancs were ga 26. on jo us I put off our clothes, Paving that thered thither yınco the

work. fi Ch. water. every one put them off for washing. Iy Moreover, there were k at my table 9. 43 CHAP. V.

an hundred & ffey of the Jews & ru. 15. The Femos complain of their debt, mor. lers, besides thole came unto us from Pro. alfal. sage and bondage.

among the heathen that are about us. 16. 6. ! 5 A

Na there was a great cry of the 18 Now that which was prepared for b2 co.

1 people, and of their wives, against me daily was one oxs and fix choice 4.26. 18. 25. their brethren the Jews. 3 Jam

For there were that said, We, our & once in ten days, store of all sorts ofzo, 33. 2,5,15. fons, and our daughters are many wine : yet for all this required not ik i Ki. Levit. therefore we take up c corn d for them, the bread of the governour, becaufe the . 22. 25.35. that we may eat, and live.

bondage was beavy upon this people, l 1. Ki. Deut.

3 Some afro there were thar faid,we 19 m Think upon m., my God, for 4. 21. 15:7. have

morgaged our lands, vineyards, good , n according to all that I have in Neh.. CHág. and houses, that we might buy corn, done for this people.

'13.22 because of the dearth, dv. 15. 4 There were also that said, We have

CH A P. v.

* Psal. 25. IX 2 Kin. borrowed money for f kings e cribuce, Samballat practifeth

to terrife Nehea and that upon ourlands & vineyards. mich. Is The work is fini foed. 27. Ezra 5 Yet now four Aelh is as the desh of Secret inschigence between the chien 4. 13. our brethren, our children as their mier and the stables of Judah

Hat das Tons hand our daughters to be Newas, and roblah, and Selber Let. fervants, and some of our daughcers the Arabian, and the rest of our enema Nek: * 4: them: for other men have i our lands wall, & host there was a no breach lele • Neh.

Lev. neither is it hin our power to redeemi mias heard that I had balldan het meeste IHC and vineyards. 4.1. 6 | And I was very k angry when I b noc fec up the doors upon the gat:s) & Pfir. k. Mar.her their cry and the words.

? Then sanbalar, and Gefhem c funt 26. 270 2. Then I confulted with my felf, unto me faying, Come, let us meet to 25: Gal. & 1 I rebuked the nobles, and dic ruigctur in some or of the villages in Ecal..

One wont

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