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The minifters duty,

Chap. Nii,siil.

• Rom.


Who Chrift is, what his victory,
7, 10, and mercies dre.

Chrifts victory. For youro thame you fball have 12 And they hall call them, dThe 4liai. 11.15. doublesand for confufion they fhall re- holy people, the redeemed of the 60. 21. jovce in their portion therefore in LORD: and thou fralt be called De t. 3.4. their land they fhall poffefs double: Sought out, a city not forsaken. 28.64. Pfal. everlasting joy fhall be unto them. 11.7. 8 For the LORD love judge q Mart ment, I hate robbery for burnt28. 20. offering, and I will direct their work Acts in truth, and I will make an everlaft 15.13. Ing covenant with them. Gen. 9 And their r feed fhall be known among the Gentiles and their off-pring Lai among people:all that 'ee them thall 65.23 acknowledge them, that diey are the oufnefs, mighty to fave. tIfai. feed which the LORD hath bleffed. 2 Wherefore art thou red in thine 66.10.01 will greatly rejoyce in LORD, apparel, and thy garments like him my foul, fhall be joyful in my God: that treadeth in the wine-fat? for he hath clothed me with the u 31 have d troden the wine-prefs Rev. Bar rents of falvation, he hath cove alone, and of the people there was 1.3.14 red me with the robe of righteou nefs, none with me: for I will tread them Rev. 10 as a bridegroom decketh himself with in mine anger, and trample them in 14.20. ornaments, and as x a bride adorneth my fury, and their e blood fhall beffai. her felf with her jewels. fprinkled upon my garments, and 161.2. g Ifai. will ftain all my rafment.

Ho 4 this that cometh from E-a Rev. dom with died garments from. 2. Bozrah? this that is 6 gloricus in his Reve apparel, travelling in the greatness 19. 12. of his frength that fpeak in righte-e Rev.


11. 17.

Gal. 3.27. Rom.




fai her bud, and as the yg rden canfeth
11 For as the earth bringeth forth
58. 11. the things that are own in it to fpring
Ifai. forth fo the LORD God will cause
60. 18. righteoufnefs and praife to fpring
P.alm forth before all the nations.

4 For the f day of vengeance is in 59 16
b Rev.
redeemed is come.
mine heart, and the year of my 19.

And I looked, and there was none 123. to help; and Ig wondred that there #Judg 10. 16. was none to uphold therefore mine Zech. own arm brought falvation unto me, 2.3. and my fury, it upheld me.

and $5. 11, 12. Num. 24. 6. CHAP. LXII.


a Rev. 14. I.

Afte The Prophets defire to confirm the 6 And I will tread down the peochurch in Gods promifes.. ple in mire anger, and make them 2.4. drunk in my fury and I will bring k Exo. down their frength to the earth. 23.20. Pfal. For Zions fake will Inot bhold my 122.6. peace and for Jerufalems fake I will kindneffes of the LORD, and te7.7, S 7.Twill mention the loving Deug. Palm not reft,until the righteoufnefs there- praifes of the LORD, according to Deu. 37.6. of go forth as brightnefs, & the al- all that the LORD hath betowed on 32.4. Phil. vation thereof as a lamp that burneth. us, and the great goodness towards Exod. And Gentiles fhall feed thy righte- the houfe of Ifrael, which he hath 19:4 2 Cor. oufnefs,& all kings thy glory:& thou beftowed on them, according to his Epi


fha't be caled by fa new name,which mercies, and according to the multi

Rev. the mouth of the LORD fhall name, tude of his loving kindneffes. Acts 3 Thou shalt alfo be a crown of 8 For he faid, Surely, they are my 7:51. 2. 17. glory in the hand of the LORD, people, children that will not lie: fo Ifai. Kal. 65.15. and a royal diadem in the hand of he was their faviour. g Rom.- thy God.


43.24. In all their affiction he was Judg. 4Thou shalt no more be termed,k For- afflicted, and the angel of his k pre-2 14. h Zech. Taken; neid er fhall thy land any more fence faved them in his love and? Exo. be termed Defolate: but thou shalt be in his pity he redeemed them, and 32. 11. John called Hephz-bah, and thy land Bet hem bare them, and carried them all 91'fal. 10.23. lah:for LORD delighteth in thee, the days of old. 77.20 Hor. and thy land fhall be m inarried. For as a young man marriedh a vir'faim gin, half thy fons marry thee:& as then bridegroom rejoyceth over the bride, fo fhallo thy God rejoyce over thee.

1. 15.

16.3. m 200. II.2.

10 But they rebelled, andz vexed 21. his holy spirit: therefore he was Exod. turned to be their enemy, and he 14.19. o fought against them. r Neh. 11 Then he remembred the days 9.25. of rld, q Mofes and his people, Exod. faying, Where is he that brought 15.6.

n John 3.39. • Rom. 1.3. pICor. 13.28. 9 Rev. 21. 12. r Gen.

6pI have fet watchmen upon thy gwalls,O Jerufalem, which fhall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make re tion of the LORD, keep not filence;

em up out of the fea, with the Exo. fhepherd of his flock where is he 14. 21. that put his holy fpirit within him? Rom.

And give him no reft, till he eftablith, and till he make Jerufalem a praife in the earth.

12 That led them by the right hand9. 17. of Mofes, with his glorious arn, Hab. dividing the water before them, to 3.15. 3 That led them through the deep x 23. 1. make himfelf an everlafting name? 'fat. as an horfe in the wilderness, that 25a. they fhould not ftumble?



8 The LORD bath fworn by his t right hand, and by the arm of his 32.26. ftrength " Surely, will no more Din. give thy corn to be meat for thine 2.44. 14 As a beaft goeth down into a 1Kin. ene nies, and he ton of the tranger the valley the spirit of the LORD 8.32. Luke fhall not drink thy wine, for he which caufed him to reft: fo didft thou Pfalm 22.69. thou haft laboured: и Deut 9 But they that have gathered glorious name y lead thy people, to make thy felf a 80. 14. 25.30, ie, fhalt eat it, and praife the 154 Look down from heaven, 7.5. 33 LORD; and they that have brought and behold from the habitation Deut. Ifai. it together, fhall drink it in the courts of thy holiness and of thy glory, 26.15. 40.3. of my ho'inefs. where is thy zeal and thy, rength Lam. y Rom. 10 T Go through go through the the founding of dyb bowels, and of 350. gates, prepare you way of the pet thy mercies towards me! are they 5 Hof 10. 18. le caft up call up de high wav, reftrained 11.8. gather out they ftones, lift up aftan- 16 Doubtlefs thou art azech. dard for the people. our fa-Jerem. ther, though Abraham be c ignorant 3 1. 20. 9.9. II Behold, the LORD hath of us, and Ifrael acknowledge us not: Job Matth. proclaimed unto the end of the thou, O LORD, art our father, 14. 21. 21.5. world. Say ye to the a daughter of our redeemer, thy name is from 4 Mal. Matt. Zion,Behold,thy b falvation comed; deveriafting.

14. 12. z Roz.


I. 21.
c Rev.
22, 12.

behold,his c reward is with him,and 17 O LORD,why haft thou made Pfalm
his work before him.
us to err from thy ways? and barde-31. 12
V 3

- ned

Gode power and mercy.


Ifajah. The Gentiles called. Pfalmned our heart from thy fear? Return and broth of gabominable things is frg Rom. 90. 12. for thy fervants fake, the tribes of their veffels: Pfal. thine inheritance. SWhich b fay, Stand by thy felf,Ifai. 72. 13. 18 The g people of thy holinefs have come not near to me, for 1 am 66.3. Lam.poffeffed it but a little while: our holier then thou: thefe are a fmoke Tit. 1. 10. adverfaries have b troden down thy in my nofe, ak fire that burneth all 15. Ifai. fanctuary. the day. b Luke 28. I. 19 i We are shine,thou never beareft 6 Behold, it is / written before me.5.30. Jer. rule over them, they were not called I will m not keep filence, but will re- Kom. 10. 15. by thy name. compenfe even recompenfe into 2.17. Dan. CHAP, LXIV. their bofom, k.Mar. 9.9. 7 Your iniquities, and the iniquities 2:45of your fathers together (falth the Exod. LORD) which have burnt incenfe 17 14. upon the mountains, and blafphe- Pfal. med me upon the hills: therefore 21. will I measure their former work into Exod. their bofom. 30.6.

The church prayeth for the illuftration
of Gods power, 5 maketh confeffion
of their na urat corruptions, 9 and
complainerh of affliction.

Pfal. 144.5.

H! that thou wouldeft a rent the

O heavens,that thou wouldeftb come John down, that the mountains might c flow 6.33. down at thy prefence..

Judg. 2 As when the melting fire burneth, 545.the fire causeth the waters to boil, to Plal. make thy dnane known to thine ad9.16 verfaries, that the nations e may trem Pfalm ble at thy prefence. 99. T. 3 When thou didft terrible things which we looked not for,thou cameft Habe down,the f mountains flowed down at thy prefence.

8 Thus faith the LORD, As theo new wine is found in the cluster, Rom. and one faith, Deftroy it not, erp a 11. 5. blefling is in it: fo will I do for typ joh. fervants fakes, that may not 3.9. deftroy them all. i


Dan. waltech for him.



12. 12. 5 Thou k meeteft him that rejoyceth, k. Gen. and I worketh righteoufnefs, thofe that 22. remember thee in thy ways: behold, 7 Acts thou art wroth, for we have finned 20.35. In thofe is continuance,and we fhall Rom. be faved.

Mal. And I will bring forth r a feed out 3. 7. of Jacob,and our of Judah an inheri-r Rom. tour of my mountains and mine elect 9. 29. fhall inherit it, and my t fervants Deur. Cor. 4 For fince the beginning of the fhall dwell there. 1.S. 2.9. world men have not heard, nor 10 And Sharon fhall be a foldt Acts Rev. perceived by the ear, neither hath of flocks, and the valley of x Achera. 47. 21. 22. the g eye feen, O God, befities thee, a place for the herds to lie down Ti. chap. mhai he hath prepared for him that in, for my people that have fought 4. S. * Hof. IIT But ye are they that forfake 2.15. the LORD that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for that y troop, & that furnish the drink-y Jer. drinkoffering unto that number. 8.2. 12 Therefore will I number youand to the fword, and ye fhall all bow down 19. 13. to the flaughter becaufe when Zech called, ve did not answer; when 17.7. fpake, ye did not hear, but did evil Matth. before mine eyes, and did chufe that 23. 34. wherein I delighted not. a Pfal. 13 Therefore thus faith the LORD 37. 11, God, Behold, my fervants fhall a eat, 19, 20. but ye fhall be hungry: behold, my Dan. fervants fhall drink. bur ye fhall be 7. 27. thirty behold, my fervants fhall Rev. rejoyce, but ye fhall be afhamed. 19. 1,2

14 Behold , my fervants fhalle Luke & fing for joy of heart, but ye fhall 13.29 cry for forrów of heart,and fha!! Matth. howl for c vexation of fpirit. 25.41. 15 And ye fhall leave your name for d'G.n. curfe unto my chofen for the LORD 32. 28. God fhall flay thee,and call his fervants Ifai. by d another name: 62.2.


16 That he who bleffeth himself Acts In the earth, fhall blefs himself in the 11. 26. God of truth and he that fweareth John in the earth, fhall fwear by the God 1. 12. of t truth; becaufe the former troubles + Heb. are forgotten, and because they are Amen. hid from mine eyes. Rev. 17 For behold, I create new 3. 14. heavens and a new earth and the Rev. former fhall not be remembred, nor 21. 1. come into mind.. 2 Pet.

19 But be you glad and refoyce for 3.13. ever in that which I create for Acts behold, I create Jerufalem fa tejoycing, and her people a joy.

3.21. Rom.

CHAP. LXV. The calling of the Gentiles. The Tews rejected. 17 The bleffed fate of the new Ierufalem Ezek Am a fought of them that 6 asked 36.37. not for me: I am found of them 19 And I will rejoyce In Jeru 8. 20, Joh. that fought me not: 1 fald, Behold falem and joy in my people, and 21. 4. 1o. me, behold me unto a nation that the voice of weeping fhall be no fial. Rom- was not called by my name. more heard in her, nor the volce 62.7. 9° 24. 2 I have fpread out my hands all of crying. Ifai. the day unto a rebellious people 20 There fhall be no more thence & Pfal. which walketh in a way that was not an Infant of days, nor an old man 102. Palm good, after their e own thoughts: that hath not bled his days:for the 19: ST. 12. 3A people that provoketh me child fhall dief an hundred years old, Job Acts to anger continually to my face; but the finner being an hundred years 2.51. that facrificeth in gardens and old fhall be accurfed. burneth incenfe upon altars of brick :

3 23.

17 And they fhall build houses and inhabit them; and they fhall Ecct. 4 Which remain among the Plant vineyards, and eat the fruit 8. 12, graves, and lodge in the inonu of them. 13. ments which eat wines fleth

22 They

2.4. 6 But we are all as an unclean thing,
Phil. & all our orighteoufneffes are as filthy
rags, and we all do fade as a leaf and
our iniquities, like the wind, have
taken us away.
Rom. 7 And there is none that p calleth
10. 13. upon thy name, that firreth up
Gal. himself to take hold of thee: for
3. 12.
thou haft hid thy face from us,
and haft confumed us because of our
Rom. iniquities.
8.15. 8 But now, O LORD, thou art q our
Ifai. father: we are the clay, and thou our
45.9. r porter, and we all are the work
Eph. of thy hand.

2. 10. 9¶Be nott wroth very fore,OLORD,
Hab. neither remember iniquity for ever:
3.2. behold,fee,we beseech thee, we are all
Rom. u thy people.
11. 29. 10 The x holy cities are a wildernefs,
Pial. y Zion is a wildernefs, Jerufalem a
74.8. defolation.

Mich. Our holy and our beautiful houfe,
3.1. where our fathers praifed thee, is
2Kin. burne up with fire and all our a plea
25.9. fant things are laid wa'te.
42Chr. 12 Wilt thou retrain thy felf for
35. 19. thefe things, LORD wilt thou
Pfal. hold thy peace, and amict us very
$3.1.2. fore?

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5.36. Pfalm 90.9.

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God will be ferved, Jeremiah. Chap. Ixvi. The bumble comforted. k. Dan. They fhall not build,and another That ye may x fuck, and be ff. f. 2.44, inhabit they shall not plant, and fatisfied with the breafts of her 60. 16. 45. another eat: for as the days of a tree, confolations: that ye may milk out, 1 Pet. 71 Cor. are the days of my people ; and mine and be delighted with the y abundance 2. 2... 15.58. elect fhall k long enjoy the work of of her glory. ylfai. Hag. their hands. 13 For thus faith the LORD, 60.5. Behold, I will extend a peace to her 1 Cor. like a river, and the 4 glery of the 1.4, 5. Gentiles like a flowing ftream: Rom. then hall ye fuck, ye fhall be born 5.1. upon her fides, and be b dandled 4 Rev. upon her knees. 13 As one whom his mother comfort- b 1 Th. ech c fo will I comfort you and 2.7. ye fhall be comforted in Jerufalemn. Ifai. 14 And when ye fee this your d heart 40. 11. fhall rejoyce, and your e bones fhall & John flourish like an herb: and the hand 16.22. of the LORD fhall be known towards Prov. his fervants, and his indignation 17.22, towards his enemies.


1. 6. 23 They shall not labour in vain, mDent nor bring forth m for trouble for 28.32, they are the feed of the bleffed of 41. the LORD, and their off-fpring Hof. with them. 9. 12. T 24 And It fhall come to pafs Pfal. that n before they call, I will answers 3245 and whiles o they are yet fpeaking, 1 Dan. will hear. .9.20, 15 The wolf and the lamb fhall feed together, and the lion thall eat ftraw Ifai. like the bullock and duft tall be 11.6. the ferpents meat. They fhall not hure qv. 11. nor deftroy in all my qholy mountain. ffai. faith the LORD. CHAP. LXVI. 1 God will be ferved. comforted. 7.48. Thus faith LORD, The a beaven my drone, and the earth is my and footitool where is the houfe that 17. 14 ye build unto me? and where is the bRev. place of my reft?



The humble

15 For behold, the LORD win come with f fire and with his chariots Ezek. like a whirlwind,to render hisg anger 38.22. with fury, and his rebuke with flames Mal. of

a Acts

21. 22.

4.7. 16 For by fire, and by his hfword g Rey. will the LORD plead with all Hefh: 14. 20. and the flain of the LORD fhall be Pralin k many. 50.1.3. 17 They that fanctifie themfelvs, blfai. and purifie themfelvs in the gardens, 27. 1. behind one tree in the midft, eating Joel fwines flesh, and the abomination, and 3.12 the moufe,fhall be confumed togemer, kRev. faith the LORD. 19.17. 18 For I know their works and Ezek. their thoughts: it fhall come that I 39.9. will gather m all nations and tongues, Rev. 29-78 as if he offered fwines blood: he and they fhall come and fee my 2.2. Pfal. that burneth incenfe, as if he bleffed 50.21 an idol : yeas they have chofen their b Matt. own ways, and their f foul delighteth 24.49 in their abominations.

2 For all thofe things hath mine hand made, and all thofe things have been, faith the LORD: but to this e Ifai. man will I look, even to him that is 57.15 poor and of a contrite fpirit, and Ezra treinbleth at my word. 9.4

3 He that kineth an e ox, is as if .Tit. he flew a man: he that facrificeth 1.15. a lamb as if he cut off a dogs Ezek. neck he that offereth an oblation,

2 l'et. I alfo will chufe their g delufions, 3.34 and will bring their fears upon John then becaufe when I called, nose 9:34 did anfwer; when I fpakes they did Ifat. not hear; but they did evil before 5.12 mine eyes, and chofe that in which - 2Th. I delighted not.

1. 10. SI Hear the word of the LORD, ..Tit. ye that tremble at his word, Your 2.13b brethren that i hated you, that k cat Jer. you out for my names fake, faid, Let 51.54 the LORD be glorified but he Rev. fhall m appear to your joy, and they 19. 1. fhall be ashamed.

19 And I will fet n a fign among 11. 11.
them, and I will fend thofe that Rev.
o efcape of them, unto the p nations, 7.3.
to Tarfhish, Pul and Lud that draw and
the bowe, to Tubal and Javan, to 14.
the ifles afar off that have not Rom.
heard my tame, neither have feen my 11.5.
glory; and they fhall declare any and
glory among the Gentiles.
20 And tey fhall bring all your bre- Matt.
thren for an offering unto LORD, 28. 18.
out of all nations, upon horfes and q Rom.
in chariots, and in litters, and upon 12.10
mules, and upon fwift beafts to myr Afte
holy mountain Jerufalem, faith the 16. 2.
LORD, as the children of Ifrael Ital
bring an offering in a clean veffel 61.6.
into the houfe of the LORD. r Ifai.
21 And I will alfo take of them for 65. 17.
prielts, and for Levites, faith the Col.
2. 16,
the new earth which I will make, 4.43.
aa For as the new heavens, and John
hall remain before me, faith the Zec.
LORD, fo fhall your feed and your 14. 16.
naine remain.

Rev. 6 A voice of noife from the n city,
19.4. a voice from the temple, a voice of
Rev. the LORD that rendreth recom-
pence to his enemies..

7 Before the travelled, he brought 2.26, forth before her pain carne, fhe was 27. delivered of a q man-child. John 8 Who hath heard fuch a thing? 16.21 who hath feen fuch things? fhall the Ifai. earth be made to bring forth in one 60.22. day? or tha a nation be born at Dan. Once for as foon as Zion travailed, 12. 2. the brought forth her children.

Ifai. 9 Shall I bring to the birth, and

37.5. f not caufe to bring forth? faith the risam, LORD fhall I caufe to bring forth, 3.12. and fhut the wumb? faith thy Got. Pfalm To Reioyce ye with Jerufalem, and 115.3. be glad with her all ye that love her: I al. rejoycetor toy with her,all ye that 61. 10. ourn for her:

23 And it frall come to pafs, that 39.9, from one u new moon to another, and 11, 12. from one fabbath to another, fhall Reve all flefh come to worship before me, 19, 17. faith the LORD. A Mar. 24And they fhally go forth,and look 9. 44. upon the carcafes of the men that ifas. have tranfgreffed against me: for 47.20. their 4 worn fhall not die,neither fhall Rev. their b fire be quenched,and they fhall 14. 10. be an abhorring unto all flesh. Matthe

3.316 **

Ifal. 2.1. bakin. 22.3. C-Jor. 21.18.

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The Book of the Prophet JEREMIAH.

To whom the word of the LORD

CHAP. 1.5

The time, and calling of Teremiah: came in the days of e Jofiah the fondJer. 11 His vifion, 15, and meffage against of Amon king of Judah, in the thir- 26. 15. Judah 17 God encourage him. teenth year of his reign.


He a words of Jeremiah fon 3 It came alfo in the days of Je 22.1
of b Hilkiah, of the priests hoiakim the fon of Jofiah king of
that were in CArathoth in the
land of Benjamin :



Yeremiah saked and encouraged.

Jeremiah. The Jews unthankfulness. It was Judah,unto the end of the eleventh thine efpoufals, when thou wentelt about Year of Zedekiah the son of Jofiah dafter me in the wilderness,in aland dDeut. 40. king of Judah,unto the carrying away that was not fown. 2.7. of Jerufalem captive in the fifth Ifrael was holiness unto thee Exod. LORD, and the ffirft-fruits of his 19. 4. 43.44. 4 Then the word of the LORD Increafe: all that devour him, fhall Jam, Shap came unto me, faying, offend; evil thall come upon them, 1. 1S.

years. Jer.



> dict


Ifai. Before I ftormed thee in the beily, faith the LORD. 64. S. & I knew thee and before thou cameft 4 Hear ye the word of the LORD, O 4.23. Rom. forth out of the womb, I b fanctified houfe or Jacob, and all the families 3.29. thee, and I ordained thee a prophet of the house of Ifrael. b Rom. unto the nations.. ST Thus faith the LORD, E What hMich. 3. 1. 6 Then faid I, Ah LORD God, Iniquity have your fathers found in 6.3, 4. Exod. behold kl cannot fpeak, for I am me, that they ate i gone far from me, i 2Kin. 3.11. al child. and have walked after kvanity, and 17. 15. k.Exo. 7 But the LORD faid unto are become vain? k2kin. 3.4. me, Say not, I am a child for thou 6 Neither faid they, Where is the 16. 15. Tim. fhalt go to all that I fhall fend dee, LORD that brought us up out of / Hof and whatfoever I cominand thee the land of Egypt, that led us 7.7. Acts thou shalt fpeak. through the wilderness, through a 26. 16. Be not atraid of their faces: for land of defarts, and of ples, through n Matt. I am with thee to deliver thee, faith a land of drought, nd of the shadow 29. 20, the LORD. of death, through a land that no Ezek. 9 Then the LORD put forth his man m paffed through, and where no m Jer. 3.9. hand, and q touched my mouth, man dwelt. Gen. and the LORD faid unto me, 7 And I brought you into a plenti- Deu. 21. 22. Behoid, I have put my words in ful countrey, to eat the fruit there- g. 7. Ifai. thy mouth. and the goodness thereo.s 6.7. To See, I have this day fet thee over but when ye entred, ye o defiled my o Pfalm Jer. the nations, and over the kingdoms, land, and made mine heritage an 78.58. 5.14. to root out, and to pull down, and to abomination. Jer. Cor. deftroy, and to throw down, to build, 8 The p priefts faid not, Where is 3.1. 32. 29. and to plant. the LORD and they that q handle Mal 11 Moreover the word of the the law, knew me not: the paltors 2.7. LORD came unto me, faying, Je-alfo tranfgreffed against me and 7 Num. remiah what feeft thou? & I faid,I fee the prophets prophesied by Baal 15.9 17.8. a x rod of any almond-tree. and walked after things that do Rom.

9. 12.


Ifal. 30.5.

9 Mat.

12 Then faid the LORD unto me, f not profit.

2. 20.

Deut. .5.28. Amos 8.2.

Thou haft z well feen: for I will a haf- 9 Wherefore, I will yet t plead Hab.
ten my word to perform it.
with you, faith the LORD, and 2. S.

1. 10.

13 And the word of the LORD came with your childrens children will Ifai. anto me the fecond time, faying, I plead. Ezek. What feeft thou? & 1 faid, I fee a 10For pafs over the wifles of Chietim, Gen. o feething pot, and the face thereof and fee; and fend unto x Kedar, and 10. 4. 24.4.5. Was towards the c north. confider diligently, and fee if there x Gen. Jer. 6.22. 14 Then the LORD faid unto be fuch a thing. 25.13I Hath a nation y changed their Palm Out of the north and evil fhall Jer. break forth upon all the inhabitants gods, which are yet no gods? but my 106.20. 4.6. of the land. people have changed their 4 glory, z Pfal.


15 For lo, I will call all the familles for that which doth not profit.

115.4. of the kingdoms of the north, faith 11 Be b afton thed, Oye heavens. a Rom. the LORD, and they fhall at this, and be horribly afraid 1.23. come, and they fhall ffet every one be ye very defolate, falth the Deut. his throne at de entring of the gates LORD. of Jerufalem, and against all the


13 For my people have com- 4. 25. walls there fround about, and againft mitted two evils they have forall the cities of Judah.


16 And I will utter my judgments waters, and hewed them our dci-John g against them touching all their tterns, broken cifterns that can hold 4.14. wickedness, b who have forfaken me, no water.




& Jer.


1. 4.

and have burnt incenfe unto other 14 Is Ifrael a fervant? is he fa 2. 17. gods, and worshipped the works of home-born fave: why is he fpoiled Exod. their own hands. 15 The young lions roared upon 4. 22. 17 Thou therefore gird up him, and yelled and they made his Gen. 1235 thy loins, and arife and fpeak land wafte: his citles are burnt b with- 15.3. Exod. unto them all that I command out inhabitant. 12. 1. thee: Be not difinayed at their 16 Alfo the children off Noph and 4.7. 1Cor faces, left I k confound thee before Tahapanes have broken the crown of Zep. 9. 16. them. thy head. 7 Jer. 18 For behold, I have made 17 Haft chou not kprocured this unen i Jer. 15:19 thee this day a defenced city, and dy felf in that thou haft forfaken the 43.7. Ifai. an iron pillar and brazen walls LORD thy God when he led thell k. Ifai. 50.7 against the m whole land, against by the way. Ezek. the kings of Judah, against the 18 And now what haft thou to /Exod. Princes thereof, against the priefts do in the m way of Egypt, to drink 13. 21. Acts thereof and against the people of the waters of # Sihor? or what mlfal. 18.9. the land. haft thou to do in the way of Af-30. 1. Jer. 19 And they fhall fight against the fyria, to drink the waters of the Joi. 20. 2. but they shall not prevail against river? 13.3. Acts thee: for I am with thee, faith the 19 Thine o own wickedners fhallo Hof. 839. LORD, to deliver thee. correct thee, and thy back-fliding. 5. 5. CHAP. II. fhall reprove thee: know therefore I'rov. and fee that it is an evil thing and 5. 22. bitter that thou haft forfaken the LORD thy God, and that my fear faith the LORD God? Deut.


Moreover, the word of the LORD is not in thee,

came to


of hosts.

Pfal. 79. 8. Ezek. Go, and cry in the ears of Je- 10 For of old time I have bro-Exod. 16. S. rufalem, faring, Thus faith the ken thy yoke burst thy bands, and 19.8, Obad. LORD I remembra thee, the thou faidft, I will not tranfgrefs: Jer. Ver. 10.6 kindness of thy youth, the love of when upon every r high hill,& under 3.6.

Jer. 5.15. Jer. 39.3. & Jet. 4.12. and


Jez 37. 13. Deut.

29. 20. it Pet.

Gods kindness, and the Jews caufefs
revolt, beyond any exemple:14 They
cafe their own calamities.

The fins of Judah.

Chap. ij.

The Gospel promised. every green tree thou wande teft, man his Deute playing the harlor. wife, and the go from him anu24.4. Exod. 21 Yet I had planted thee a become another mans, thall he recurno Lev. 15. 17. noble vine, wholly a right feed unto her again? thall not that land 18. 17. how then art thou turned into thebe greatly b polluted? bur thou haft e Jer. Ifai. t degenerate plant of a ftrange vine played the harlot with many lovers;2. 20, yer d return again to me, faith the 31,36 Zech LORD.

1. 21.

unto me?

Lift up thine eyes unto the high 1.3.

her ways..

22 For though thou wash thee with Job #nitre, and take thee much fope, yet 9.30. thine iniquity is a marked before Places,& fee where thou haft not been Jer. liai. me, faith the LORD God. lien with: in the ways haft thou 2. 20, 3.9. 13 How canfty thou fay, I am notf fat for them, as the Arabian in the 23. 2 Prov. polluted, I have not gone after wilderness, and thou haft polluted Gen. 30.12. Baalim! fee thy way in the valley, the land with thy whoredoms, and 38. 14. & Lev. Jer know what thou hait done: thou with thy wickedness. 3.2. art a fwife dromedary, traverfing, 3 Therefore the g fhowrs have 26. 29. been withholden, and there hath b jet. 24 A wild afsaufed to the wilder-been no latter rain, and thou hadit 5.3. 10. 11. nefs, that fnuffeth up the wind ath awhores forehead, thou 1 refufedft i Jer. 44.16 bEzek her pleafure, in her boccafion to be ashamed. 16:33. who can turn her away? all they 4 Wilt thou not from this time cry 17, c Ezek chat feek her, will not weary unto me, k My father, thou art the kJer. 31. 18. 22.10. themfelvs:in her c moneth they fhall guide of my youth? 4 Prov. find her. s Will herefervehis anger m forever? Prov. 6.26. 25 Withold thy d foot from being will he keep it to the end? Behold, 2. 17. Jer.unfhod, and thy throat from thirft: thou haft fpoken and done evil things Pfal. 18.20. but thou faidft, There is e no hope, as thou couldelt.

a Hof.


103.8 No, for I have loved (trangers, and 6 The LORD faid alfo unto men jer. 47.27 after them will I go. in the days of o Jofiah the king, Haft 2.25. g Ifai. 26 As the thiet is fafhamed when thou feen that which back-fliding If-02Kin. 40. 20. he is found: fo is the house of Ifraelrael hath done? fhe is gone up upon 22. 23, bExod afhamed; they, their kings, their every high mountain, and under 26, 27. 32.9. Judg prophets, princes, and their priests, and their every green tree, and there bath? Jer. played the harlor. 10. 10. 27 Saying to a flock, Thou art 7 And I faid after the had done all 2Kin. k2King my father; and to a ftone, Thou thefethings, q. Turn thou unto me: 17.13, rEzek. 313 haft brought me forth for they but the returned not, and her trea-1 16.46. Ifai. have b turned their back unto me, cherous filter Judah faw it. 45.20 and not their face: but i in the time 8 And 1 faw, when for all the caufe/ Ezek. Je of their trouble they will fay, Arife, whereby backiliding Ifrael commit-23.5. 11.3 and fave us. ted adultery, I had put her away, Kin. that and given her a bill of divorce:yet her 17.6. thou haft made thee? / let them arife, treacherous fifter Judah u feared not, Jer. Ifai. if they can fave thee in the time but went and played the harlot alfo.44.10. J of thy trouble for according to 9. And it came to pass through the XEzek. 2Kin.

21 Jer. 18 But where are k thy gods


23. 29.


I'. 12. -1 Cor. 4. S. 1 Deut. 32.15. Eccl. 8. 11. forget her ornaHof. ments, or a bride her attire? yet my 3. 14. People have forgotten me days with

23.11. a2Kin. 17.6.


16. 10. the number m of thy cities, are thy x lightness of her whoredom, that the 16.46. defiled the land, and committed adul-Jer. Matth. gods, O Judah. 29 Wherefore will ye z plead with tery with y ftones and with itocks. 2.27. I Thef. me? ye all have tranfgrefled against 10 And yet for all this, her treache-Pial. rous fifter Judah hath not turned un-78.36. 2 Chro 2.15. me,faith the LORD. 300 In vain have 1 fmitten your to me with her whole heart, but 36-14q Mich. children, they received no cor-feignedly, faith the LORD. 6. 9. Fifi. rection: your own fword hath de- ri And the LORD faid unto Heb. voured your prophets, like a deitroy-me, The back-liding Ifrael hath, foul. 5.4. juftified her felf more than trea- Ezek. Hof. inglion. 10 generation, a fee ye the cherous Judah. word of the LORD: r'have I been 12 Go, and proclaim thefe words 16.51 a wilderness unto Ifrael? a land of toward the a north,and fay, Return darknefs? wherefore fay my people, thou back-fliding Ifrael, faith the We are flords, we will come t no LORD, and I will not cause mine mone unto thee? anger to fall upon you: for I am 32 Can a maid merciful, faith the LORD, and I will not keep anger c for ever. 13 Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou haft tranfgreffed a- 36.15. gainst the LORD thy God, and haft e fcattered thy ways to the ftran- 14. 2. gers under every green tree, caught the wicked ones y thy ways. and Ii. y Eze. 34 Alfo in thy fkirts is found the ye have not obeyed my voice, faith 50.12. 16. 49. blood of the fouls of the poor inno- the LORD. Ezek. Cents: I have not found it by fecret 7.23. fearch, but upon all thefe. Ezek., 35 Yer thou faveft, Becaufel am 17.20. innocent, furely his anger fhall Prov.turn from me; behold, I will a plead 28. 13. with thee,becaufe thou fayeft, l'have c Hof. b not finned. 5. 13. 36 Why e gaddeft thou about fo much and to change thy way? thou alfo fhalt be 12. 1. afhamed of d Egypt, as thou waft a2Kin.lamed of Allyria.

Pfal. 103. S, 2. ePfalm


out number.

106.21. 33 Whyx trimmeft thou thy way * Jer. to feek love? therefore haft thou alfo

d Hof.



Ezek. 14 Turn, back-liding children, 16. 24. faith the LORD for lam fmarried and unto you, and I will take youg one of 23.5.6. city,and two of a family, and I will ƒHof bring you to Zion. 15. And I will give you b paftors Ron. according to mine heart, which fhall 11.5. feed you with knowledge and under. Eph. ftanding.



4. 11.


16 And it fhall come to pafs when Acts ye be k multiplied and increafed in 20.28. in 7 thofe days, faith the Robi. 37 Yea, thou fhair go forth from the land 2Kin.him, and thine hands upon thine LORD, they fhall fay no more, The ver. 5, 17. 6. head: for the LORD hath rejected mark of the covenant of the LORD: 19. 20. 2 Chro.thy confidences, and thou shalt not neither shall it come to mind neither Hof thall they remember it, neither fhall 28. 20. Profper in them. they vifit it, neither fhall that be done any more.

3.5. mjoh. 17 At that time they fhall cl 2 Rev. Jerufalem the throne of the LORD, 21.3




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1 Gods mercy in Judahs whoredom.
12 The promises of the gospel

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