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Bion comforted.


9. 11

The churches redemption. Palin me lo, they all hall rwax old as a he may be loofed, and that he fhould 102.26. gar nent': the moth fhall eat them up. not die in the d pit,nor that his bread Zech. Mal. To Who i, among you that feareth fhould fall. 3.16. the LORD,that t obeyeth the voice of 15 But I am the LORD thy God, Ifai. John his fervant, that walketh win darkness, thate id d f fea,whofe waves roar-+9. 12. 10.4. & hath no light?let xhin truft in the ed: the LORD of hofts is his Name.Jerem. Ifai. name of Lord,& y fay upon his God. 16And I have f put my word in thy 3.21. 8. 22. 11 Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, mouth, and have covered thee in the Jer. 2 Chhat compafs our felvs about with fhadow of mine hand, I may g Plant 3.1 35. A 20. 20 fparks: walk in the light of your the heavens, and lay the foundations John 1 l'etre and in the sparks that ye have of the earth, and fay unto Zion, Thou 3-3 5.7. kindled. This fhail ye have of mine art my people. zfal hand, ye fhall lie down a in fecrow. 20. 74 Pfalm 16.4. CHAP. LI.

Eph. 176 Awake awake, ftand up, O Je-1. 10. rufalem,which haft drunk at the hand bicor. of the LORD the cup of his fury thou 15. 3+ An exhortation to trf in God. haft drunken the k dregs of the cup of Gal. Earken to me, ye that follow trembling, and wrung them out. 4.26. Phil. Lafter a righteoufners, ye that fe k 18There none to guide her among k 1Pet. 3.9. the LORD: look unto the rock all the fons whom the hath brought . 17. Rom. whence ye are hewen,and to the bhole forth; neither is there any that taketh Matt. 4.19 of the pit whencey are digged. her by the hand, of all the fons that .36. the hath brought up.

and Rom. Look unto c Abraham your father, 15.4. and unto Sarah that bare you for I 19 m Thefe two things are come unto 15. 14. 4 Gen. d called him alone and e bleed him, thee who fhall be forry for thee? de-m Ifai. I. 2. and increafed him. folation, and deftru tion, and the fa- 7.9. min, and the fword: by whom fhall job comfort thee?


Acts For the LORD fhall fcomfort Zion: 2.39. he will comfort all her g wafte places, falm and he will make her wilderness like 20 Thy fons have o fainted, they loo Lam. 102. 3. Eden, and her defatt like the garden at the head of all the streets, as a wild 1. 11, Rom. of the LORD; joy and gladness fhail bull in a ner; they are full of the fury 12. 11.11. be found therein, thanksgiving, and of the LORD, the rebuke of thy God. Ifai. b Ifai. the voice of melody. Therefore hear now this, thou 9. 19. 2.3. 4 Hearken unto me, my people, amited, and drunken, but g not with q Lam. Luke and give ear unto me, my nation wine. 3.15. 2.32. for b a law fhall proceed from me, & 12 Thus faith the Lord, te Lord,andr jer. k2 Th.will make my judgment to reft for thy God that pleadeth the cause of 52.34. alight of the people. his people, Behold, I have taken ifa. 1 Thef.5 kMy righteoufnets is near:my falva-out of thy hand the cup of trem- 42. 6. 5.24. tion is gone forth,and mine arms fhall bling, even the dregs of the cup of my Jer Rom. judge the people: the ifles fhall wait fury thou shalt no more drink it again. 2. 26. 1. 16. upon me, and on mine arm thall 2 And I will put it into the hand Prov. m 2 Pet. they truft. of them that afflict thee: which have 11.S. 6 Lift up your eyes to the m heavens, faid to thy foul, u Bow down, that we and 3.10. n Ifai. and look upon the earth beneath: for may go over and thou haft laid thy 2. IS. 59.9. the heavens fhall vanish away like body as the ground, and as the street u Ifai. John Imoke, and the earth fhall was old to them that went over. 3.16. like a garment, and they that dwell




therein hall die in like manner bue

The churches redemption."

10. 29. my falvation fhall be for ever,& my
Pfalm righteoufn fs tball not be abolished. O Zion, put on thy beautiful gar- 51.9.

Wake,awake,a put on thy ftrength, 4 Ifai.

Hearken unto me ye that know

7.31. Luke 12.4. At



righteoufnefs, the people in whofe inents, O Jerufalem, the holy city:tor Revel o heart is my law, fear ye not the re- henceforth there fhall no more b come 15.6. proach of men, neitherbe ye afraid of into thee the uncircu neifed, and the b Pfal. their revilings. unclean. Z2. J. 8 For the moth fhall eat them up 2 Shake thy felf from the duft: arife, Revel fai like a garment, & the worm fhall car and fit down, O Jerufalem: d loofe 21. 27. 50them like wool: but my righteoufnefs thy felf from the bands of thy neck, Ifai. 35. S. hall be for ever, and my falvation O captive daughter of Zion. GG. 24. from generation to generation. 3 For thus faith the LORD, Yet Rev. Pfalm 91 Awake,awake, put on itrength, have e fold your felve for nought: and 3.21 44:23. O arm of the LORD; awake, as in ye fhall be redeemed fwithout money. d Zech. RV the ancient days, in the generations of 4 For this faith the LORD God, My 2. 7. 1117 old. Act thou not it that hath cut people went down a foretime ginto Revel. * EXO. Rahab and wounded the dragon? Egypt to fojourn there, and the Afly- 15.5. 14.21 10 Are thou not it hath x dried rian oppreffed them without caufe. elfal. H.b. the fea, the waters of the great deep, that had made the depths of the fea a *Exod way for the ranfomed to pass over? 14.27. Therefore the y redeemed of the 7.Rev. LORD fhall return and come with 14.3. finging unto Zion, and everlafting joy Ifai. fball be upon their head: they fhalt 35. 10. obtain gladness and joy and sorrow and and mourning fhall fee away. 43. 16. 121, even I am he that a comforteth 2 Ti. you: who art thou that thou fhouldeft 7 How beautiful upon the moun- k Ma tains are the feet of him that bringeth 2.17. good eidings, that publifhedh peace, faim that bringeth good tidings of good 9. 16. that publifheth falvation, that faith m fai. unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! 42.9. 8 The q watchmen Thall lift up the Rom. voice, with the voice together hall 10. 15. they fing: for they fhail feef eye to eye, o Luke when LORD fhall bring again Zion. 2. 10,

5 Now therefore, i what have I here, 54. 13. faith the LORD, that my people is f1 Pet. taken away for nought? they that rule 1. 1S. over them, make them to howl, faith & Ifai. the LORD, and my name continually 16. 6. every day is k blafphemed. b Lam 6 Therefore my people fhall know 3.52. my name: therfore they shall Rasm fal. in that day, that m I am he that doth 10. 10 fpeak, behold, it is I.


be afraid of a man that fhall die, and
4 2Cor of the fon of man which shall be made
1.3. as bgrafs
90. 5.

13 And forgetteft the LORD thy
maker, that hath ftretched forth the
1 Pet heavens and laid the foundations of
1. 24. the earth? and haft feared continually
'fal. every day, because of the fury of the
9.5.6.oppreflour, as if he were ready to
deftroy? and c where is the fury of the
7. 10. oppreffour?
1fal. 14 The captive exile hafteneth that



9 Break forth into joy, fig to- 14. the LORD hath comforted his peo- 4.7. gether ye wafte places or Jerufalem:for Mie. ple, 9 Eze. 3.17. Rev. 14.7. 1 Joh. 1.1.

1 Cor. 1. 20, Ifa.37-35,36. Job 21,

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Chrifts paftion.

The glory of the church.

a Gal.

bi Pet

* Rev. the of our God.


Chap. liij.liv, Iv. CHAP. LIV. ple he hath redeemed Jerufalem 10 The LORD hath made bare his The amplitude, fafety, 6 and de-4.27. liverance, of the Gentiles. Matt, holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, 28.14). and all the ends of the earth thall fee Sing 4 O barren, thou that did not 1.23. bear; forth into finging, and c Kom. 13. ፋ 11 Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out cry aloud thou that didit b not travail9. 26, Rev. from thence, touch no unclean thing, with ch id:tor e more are the children 27, 30. go ye our of the midst of her; be ye of the defolate, than the children ofd Pfal. Exod. x clean, bear the veffels of LORD. the married wife, faith the LORD. 75-8. 12. 33. 1 For ye fhall not go out with y hafte, Enlarge the place or chy tent, and Dan. Exo. nor go by flight for the LORD will let them aftretch forth the curtains of 7. 14. 121. go before you:and the God of Ifrael dine habitations: fpare not,lengthen 27. thy cords, and itrengthen thy Rakes fal. 4 Jer. 1. be your r reward. 2345. 13 T Behold, ry fervant fhall deal For thou fhalte break forth on the 2.2. Phil. apruently, he fhall be 6 exalted and right hand and on the left; and f thy fifai. feed fhall inherit the Gentiles and 61.9. make defolate ciies to be inhabited.g joha 4 Fear not, for thou shalt not be afha-16. 31. med: neither be thou confounded, forHeb. dou shalt not be put to thame: for11.36,

extolled, and be very high.

2.9. C-Matt. S. 20. 22.6.

14 As many were e aftonied at thee, (his vifage was fo marred more than Pfal. dany man and his form more than

the fons of men:)

e Acts 15 So fhall he efprinkle many nations, thou shalt & forget the shame of thy37. 2.35. the kings fall hut their mouths at youth, and fhalt not remember the Hof. fRom. hin: for which had not been told reproach of thy widowhood any more 2.19. For dhy maker is thine b husband: Obad. 15.20, them thall they fee; and that which 21. they had not heard,fhall they confider. (the LORD of hosts is his name) and thy redeemer the Holy One of Ifrael, Dan. the God of the whole earth fhall be 2. 44. be called. k Hof


11. 1.

The Prophet complaineth of incredu
lity. 4 The benefit of Chrifts pafian.
Ho hath believed our report
a Rom.
and to whom is the 4 arm of the
1. 16. LORD

6 For the LORD hath k called thee as
a woman forfaken and grieved in fpi- pet
Wanda wife of youth, when thou 2.9.
wall retufed, faith
I for.


7 For am fmal! moment have I for-2.2 faken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee.





I Cor. For he fhall grow up before him as 1. 19. a tender plant, and as a root out of 27.39. comliners: and when we fhall fee him, from thee, for a moment but with al Matt. dry ground: he hath no form nor 9 In a little wrath w I hid my face 16.3. Luke there is no beauty that we should defire 19. 14. him o everlasting kindness will I have π Deue. Heb. 3He's defpifed and e rejected of men, mercy on thee, faith the LORD thy 4.15 a man of forrow, & acquainted with John grief and we hid as it were our faces 9 For this is as the waters of Noah Jer. 1. 10. from him; he was defpifed, and we unto me: for as I have worn that 31.3. the waters of Noah fhould no more? Gen. 7.24. 4 Surely he hath born our fgriefs go over the earth; fo have I fworn 2.11. Pet and carried our forrows: yet we did that I would not be wroth with thee, Ifa. 2.24. efleein him fricken, mitten of nor rebuke thee. Acts God, and afflicted. 10 For the mountains fhall depart, fa 245 But he was wounded for h our tranf- and the hills be removed, but my kind 51. 6. b Rom. grellions, he was bruifed for our ini- ther thall the covenant of my peace nefs fhall not depart from thee, nei-Tit. quities: the chaftifement of our peace be removed, faith the LORD, that Ephef 1 Pet. 2 upon him, and with his ftripes bach mercy on thee. 2.15. we are healed. Jam. 5.20.

efteemed him not.


2.4.5. 110 thou afflicted, coffed with Rev. tempeft, and not comforted, behold,1 12.6. will lay thy x itones with fair colours, x Per. & lay thy y toundations with faphirs. 2.5. of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, 21. 19. fa And I will make thy windows Rev. and all thy borders of pleafane ftones. Jer.

9. 14.

6All we liked theep have gone aftray: we have turned every one to his own Heb. way, and the LORD hath k laid on him the iniquity of us all. 1 Pet. He was oppreffed, and he was afflict3. 19. ed, yet he opened not his mouth Rom. he is brought as a m lamb to flaugh5.9. ter, and as a fheep before her fhearers Acts is dumb, fo he opened not his mouth. 8.32. I bet. from judgment: & who fhall declare 9 He was taken from prifon and 2.-23. his generation for he was cut off out Joh. of land of the living: for the o tranfJ. 19. greffion of my people was he fricken. Я Rev. 9 And he made his grave with the wicked,& with the rich in his dead, Cor. because he had done no violence, nei ther was any q deceit in his mouth.

13. And all thy children fhall be 31-34. taught of the LORD, & great shall a Pial be the a peace of thy children.


ftablished: thou fhale be tar from op- Pfal. 14 bin righteousness fhale thou be 165. preflion, for thou thale not fear; and III.7. rom terrour, for it shall not come Matth

near thee.




16. 18. 15 Behold, they fhall furely e gather Rev. thall gather together against thee, fhall 4 John but not by me : whoioever 16-13. together, 5.7. ? Acts 10 Yet it pleafed the LORD to fall for thy fake. bruife h, he hath put him to grief: 16 Behold, I have d created the fmith Ifai. q1 let. when thou shalt make his foulan that bloweth the coals in the fire, and 10.5. 2. 22. offering for fin, he fhall fee his feed, he his work, and I have created the waf 8.9. that bringeth forth an inftrument for Macch. John fhall prolong his days,and the pleature 3.17. of LORD hall profper in his hand. ter to destroy. 2001. ri He fhall fee of the travel of his 5.21. foul, and fhall be fatisfied: by his Col knowledge fhall my righteous fer2. 15. vane juftifie many tor he hall bear Revel their iniquities. 7.14. 12 Therefore will I divide him a Ifai.y portion with great, &t he fhall x di 449.4. vide the fpoil with the ftrong: because 5.6. he hath poured out his foul unto John death: and he was numbred with the 17.4. tranfgreffours, and he bare the fin of Pfal. many, and made a intercelion for the 2. S. sranfgreffours.

Pfalm 17 No weapon that is formed a- 2. 1, 2. aint thee, fhall profper; and every Rom. tongue thas shall rife avainst thee in g. 33. Judgment thou shalt condemn. This the heritage of the fervants of the 11. LORD and their righteousness is of Matth. me, faith the LORD.



The Prophet calleth se faith, 6 repentance. JO, every one that thirfteth, come Joha H Tye to the 4 waters,& he that hath 410, no money;come ye, c buy & cat,yea. Ats coing. 20. chat. I fe


1. 15. Luke $3.34.

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26.60. Ifai. 50. 8.

Idolatry reproved.




g Hof.

buy wine and milk without LORD, to be his fervants, every one m Th. Comfortable promifer money, and withour price. keepeth the fabbath from polluting 5. 21. Phil. : Wherefore do ye spend money (t, & m takech hold of my covenant: Matt. for that which is d not bread? & your 7 Even then will I bring to iny 15.9.. Matt Labour for that which fatisfied not? holy mountain, and make mem joy-Rom. 11. 28. hearken diligently unto me, and eat ful in my houfe of prayer: their 12. 1. Rom. ye that which is good, and let your o burnt-offerings and their facrifices Matt. 11. 29. foul delight it felt in fatnefs. Shall be accepted upon mine altar; 21. 13. 3 Encline your ear e and come unto for mine houfe fhall be called pan q Mal. me: hear, and your foul fhall live, houfe of prayer forg all people. I. II. John and I will make an feverlasting co- 8 The LORD God,which gathereth Tef 7.16. venant with you, even g the fure mer- the out-cafts of Ifrael, faith Yet will 1. 1. Mact. cies of David.or Ir gather others to him, befides thofe f John 4 Behold, 1 have given him for a that are gathered unto him. b witness to the people, a leader, 9 All ye beafts of the field, come, Rev. and commander to the people. to devour yea,allye beafts in 9 foreft, 19. 19.. Behold, thou shalt call a nation 10 His watchmen are u blind: they Matt. Eph. that thou k knoweft not, and nations are all x ignorant, they are all dumb 15. 14.. 2.11. that knew not thee, hall run unto dogs, they y cannot bark; fleeping, ly-x Hof. thee because of the LORD thy God, ing down, loving to flumber. m Pfal. and for the holy One of Ifrael; for 11 Yea, they are greedy dogs, which Mic.. 32. 6. he hath glorified thee. can never have enough, and they are Mch. 6 Seek ye the LORD m while he shepherds that cannot understand they Mic 11. may be found; call ye upon him while all look to their own way, every one 3. 11.. Ifai. he is near. od for his a gain, from

10:10. 16.


/ Rom.



1. 16.

7 Let the wicked forfake his way, 12 Coine ye, fay they will b ferch 16. 18. Rom. & the unrighteous man his o thoughts: wine, and we will fill our felvs with Mic. and let him return unto the LORD, ftrong drink, and to morrow fhall be . II. and he will have mercy upon him as this day,d much more abundant. 1.Cor. and to our God, for he will pabunWALL 45.32. d Luke 12. IS.




Jer. 4.14. Zech.

8. 17. dantly pardon.

Pfal. 6:31 8 For my thoughts are not your 130-7 thoughts, neither are your ways my Jer ways, LORD, faith heavens are higher than Jam. the earth, fo are my ways higher than 317. your ways,& my moughts than your Rom. thoughts.

CHAP. LVII. The blessed death of the righteous. man haveus 41 to heart He righteous a merciful men are taken away; confidering that the righteous is taken Mich. away from the b evil to come. 7.2.

and a Pfal. no none 12.1.



10 For as the train cometh down, He fhall enter into c peace: they fhall 62Kin. and the fnow from heaven, and re- reft in theird beds, each one walking 22. 20. curneth not thither, but a watereth the in his uprightnefs. 1 King carth, and maketh it bring forth and 3 But draw near hither, ye e fons 14. 12. Jer. Tower, and bread to the eaters that it may give x feed to the of the forcerefs, the feed of the adul- c Luke terer, and the whore. 29.11. 11 So fhall my word be that goeth 4 Againft whom do ye ffport your 4 Eccl. Deut forth out of my mouth it fhall not felvs against whom make ye a wide 12.7. 32. return unto me vold, but it thall ac mouth, and draw out the tongue? John complish that which I pleate, and it are ye not children of tranfgreflion, 8.49. 6.7% fhall profper in the thing whereto I a feed of talfhood? x2COL fent it. 9. 10.


2 Ti.

4411. not be cut off.

a Ifai. 55. 12.


5 Enfilaining your felvs with Idols 5. 19. 12 For ye hall go out with joy,and under every green tree laying the & Hof. be led forth with peace: the moun- children in the valleys under the clifts 7.4, 6. tains and the hills fhall break forth be- of the rocks? Pfal. Ifai. fore you into finging, and all the trees 6 Among the i fmooth ftones of the 106.35. 35.10 of the field fhall clap their hands. ftream is thy portion; they, they arel Jer a Pfal. 13 In ftead of the b thorn fhall comes thy lot even to them haft thou pou 2.23. 96. 11. up the fir-tree, and in flead of the red a drink-offering, thou haft offer. Ifai. Ifai. brier fhall come up the myrtle-tree : ed a meat-offering. Should I receive 66.3. 41. 19. and it fhall be to the LORD for cak comfort in thefe? Jer, 7 Ifai. name, for a debate shaft thou fet thy bed: even thither Ezek. fign thar fhall 7 Upon a lofty and high mountain 9, 10. CHAP. LVI. Slowenteft thou up to offer facrifice. 20.39. An exhortation to fanctification. 8 Behind the doors alfo and the pofts Ezek. Hus faith the LORD, Keep ye halt thou fet up thy m remembrance: 16. 24. TH a judgment, and do juftice: for for thou hall difcovered thy felf m Deu. Rom. my falvation is near to come; and to another n than me, and art gone up: 6.9. my brighteousness to be revealed.dou haft enlarged thy bed,and o made Jer. Bleed is the man that cloth this, a covenant with them thou lovedft 2. 13. and the fon of man that layeth hold their bed where thoup faweft ic. d Jer on it; that d keepeth the fabbath from And thou wentelf to the king with 7. 2. 7.21. polluting it, and keepeth his hand q ointment, and didft increafe thy per- Eze. Acts from doing any evil. fumes, and didft fend thy meffengers 16. 28. 10. 34. 3 Neither let the fon of the far off and did debate thy self even 9. Eza. ficor. franger,that hath joyned himself to unto hell. 1. 27. the LORD speak,faying, The LORD 10Thou art r wearied in greatnefs of Jer 16.33. Acts hath utterly feparated me from his thy way yes faidft thou not, Thereis no 2.36. 11.2. people: neither let the eunuch fay, hope: thou haft found the life of thine Jer. g Acts Behold, I am fa dry tree. hand; therefore thou waft not grieved. 2.25. 8.37.4 For thus faith the LORD unto 11 And of whom haft thou been afraid Hof. b Mic. the geunuchs that keep my fabbaths, or feared, that thou haft lied,& haft 5. 13. 7.8. and chufe the things that b pleafe me, not remembr.d me, nor laid it to thy f Ifal. iTim. and take hold of my covenant: heart?have not 14 held my peace even 59. 13. 3.15. 5 Even unto them will I give in mine of old, and thoufeaceft me not? Matth.houfe,and within my walls, a place 12 I will declare thy righteouf- 50. 21. #Pfal. 16. 19. and a name k better than of fons & of nefs, and thy works, for they fhak x Ifai. A John daughters: I will give them an ever- not y profit thee.

c Palm 15

o Deut..

12. latting naine, that fhall not be cut off. 13 When thou crieft, let 1 John 6 Alfo the fons of the ftranger that Panies deliver thee: but 3.1. joyn themfelvs to f LORD to ferve carry them all away svanity Acts him and so love the name of the


3.31. Matth. 13.18. Pfal.

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1. 12.

thy com- y Rom. wind thall 6. 21. fhall take Pial.

them: 18.41. Judg. 10.

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Chap. Iviij.lix.)

Hypocrifie reproved. The nature of fin. b Jet. Them: but he that putteth his truft bin And the LORD hall y guide thee yal. 17. me thall c poffefs the land, and fhall continually, and fatisfi chy foul in 25.5. cPfal. inherit my holy mountain:


drought, and make fat thy bones: Pfal. and thou shalt be like a 4 watered 17. 19. garden, and like a spring of water, a john whofe waters fail not.

4. 14.


14 And fhall fay,Caft ye up,caft ye up, d11i. prepare the way,take up the ttumbling 1. 16. block out of the way of my people. e Pfalm 15 For thus faith the high and lofty 12 And they that shall be b of theeb Acts 34. 18. One that dinhabited eternity, whofe fhall build the old c wafte places:theu 2. 41. fGen. Name is Holy,I dwell in the high and fhalt raite up the foundation of many cital. 6.3. holy place; with him alfo that is of a generations; and thou thalt be called, 61. 4. 'fal. contrite and humble fpirit, to revive the repairer of the breach, the drefto- and 61. 2. the fpirit of the humble, and to revive ter or paths to dwell in. 49.8. -Jer. the heart of the contrite ones. 139 If thou e turn away thy foor from Mart. 6.-13.16 For I will not f contend for ever, the fabbath, from doingf dy ple fure 17. 11. iifai neither will I be always wroch: for on my holy day, and call the fabbate Ezek 9.-13. the fpirit fhouldg tail before me, and a delight, the holy of the LORD, 22.26. Ajer. the fouls which I have made. honourable, and fhalt honour him, fRom. 3.22. 17 For the iniquity of his covetouf not doing thine own ways,not finding 12 1,2, 1 Ez k. nefs was I wroth, andfmote him:I hid thine own pleasure,nor ipeaking thing Pfal. me,and was wroth, & he i went on fro- own h wards: 9.4. 42.4. Mitth. wardly in the way of his heart. 14 Then fhalt thou delight thy felth Maft. 5:4 181 have kfeen his ways, and will heal in the LORD and I will caufe thee 12. 56. Ifai. him: will lead him alfo, and restore to ride upon the high places of thei Job G1. 2. comforts unto him, and to his mour- earth, & feed thee with the heritage 22. 26. of Jacob thy father; for the mouth k Deur. Heb. ners. 19 I create the m fruit of the lips; of the LORD hath spoken it. 13.15. 32. 13. Ephef. peace Peace to him that is far off T'falm 214. & to him that is near faith the 1.5, 11, 12. Ats LORD, and I will heal him. 2.39.20 But the wicked are like the n trou. I The nature of fin. 3 The Jews fins, aNum # Job bled fea, when it cannot reft, whole Bhold, the LORDS hand is a nottr. 23. 15.20, Waters caft up mire and dire. it cannot fave; neither • Ifai. his car heavy, that it cannot hear: 50.2. 48. 22. 2 But your iniquities have & separate db Jof. between you and your God, and your 7. 11. fins have chid his face from you,that c Jer. he will not hear. 3.3, 4. Ford your hands are defiled with d Ifal. Ry a aloud, fpare not, lift up my bloud, and your fingers with iniquity, 1. 15. voice like a trumpet, and fhew my your lips have spoken e lies, your e Jer. Eze. people their tranfgreflion, and the tongue hath muttered perverfenets. 9.3. 3.17, house of Jacob their fins. 4f None calleth for justice,nor any fEccl. 21. 22 Yet they feek me daily,and delight g pleadeth for truth, they truft in 41. c Mal. to know my ways,as a nation that did vanity,and fpeak lies they conceiveg Jer. 3. 14. righteoufnefs, and forfook not the mifchiet, and bring forth iniquity. Luke ordinance of their God: they ask of They hatch i cockatrice eggs,ard Mich 18.9, me the ordinances of juftice:mey take weave kfpiders web: he that eateth 2.1. 10, 11, delight in approaching to God. of their eggs dieth; and that which ist Matt. d Eze. 3 Wherefore have we fatted,fay crushed breaketh out into a viper. 35-39. they and thou feeft not? wherefore Their webs fhall not become gar-k Pfal. Amoshave we afflicted our foul, and thou ments, neither fhall they cover them- 10. 9. 44. takelt no knowledge? Behold, in the felvs with their works: their works are Mich Kind day of your faft you find pleasure, & works of iniquity, and the act of 7.2 21.9, exact all your labours. violence is in their hands. 13. 4 Behold, ye falt for e ftrife and Theirm fect run to evil,& they make 28. 15. Luke debate, and to ffmite with the fift of hafte to fhed innocent blood: their and 20. 47. wickednefs ye thall not faft as ye do thoughts are thoughtsor iniquity,waft-39. 12. & Matt. this day, to make your voice to be being are their Pio. 8 The way of peace they know not, 1. 16.

11 There is o no peace,faith my God, to the wicked.

Hypocrifie reproved. 8 Premifes due
uis godliness.

a Rev



616. heard on high.
bikin.5 g Is it fuch a faft that I have chofen? and there is no judgment in their Rom.
21.29. a day for a man to afflict his foul? is goings:they have made mem o crooked 3. 15.
i Mich is to bow down his head as a bulrulh, paths: whofoever goeth therein fhall Mich.
6. 10. and to spread fackcloth & afhes under not know peace.


but it is far off us.


A Neh. him? wilt thou call this a faft, and an 9 Therefore is judgmert far from Pfalm
S10, acceptable day to the LORD?
us, neither doth juftice overtake us: we 125.5.
11. 12. 6 Is not this the fall that I have wait q 10r light, but behold obicurity; Hab.
7 Mich.chofen? i to loofe the bands of wicked- for brightnets, but we walk in dark-1. 13.
3.2.3.nefs, to undo the k heavy burdens, nets.
q Ifal.
m. Acts and to let the I oppreffed go free,and to Wer grope for f wall like blind,3.9.
10. 2. that ye break every yoke?"
and we grope as it we had no eyes:we jerem.
Heb. 7 is if not to m deal thy bread to the ftumble at noon-day as in the night; 15.
11. 37. hungry, and that thou bring the poor we are in defolate places as dead men. Deut.
Job that are caft out, to thy house? when 11 We roar all like bears, and mourn 23. 29.
31. 19. thou feelt the naked, that thou o cover fore like doves; we look for judg-Jam.
71Joh. him, and that thou hide not thy felf ment, but there is none;for falvation,+ 14
3.17. from thine P own fleth?
.ER. 8 Then thall thy g light break forth 12 For our tranfgreifions are mul-7. 16.
16. as the morning, and thine health fhall tiplied before thee, and our fins Hof
Pfaim fpring forth fpeedily and thy righte- teftifie against us: for our tranfgrelli-7, 14.
37.6. oufnefs fhall go before thee, the glory ons are x with us, and as for our ini-rifl.
ifal. of the LORD fhall be thy rereward. quities, we know them:
30. 19. 9 Then thale thou call, & the LORD 13 In tranfgreffing and lying again' Pal.
7.1 The thall anfwer thou lhalt cry,and he fhall the LORD, and departing away from go. 8.
5. 12. fay,Here I am:if thou take away from our God, fpeaking oppreflion and Exo.
Pfal. the mid of diee y yoke,the putting volt, conceiving and attering from 34.9.
12. 2. forth off finger,& fpeaking vanity: the heart words of faithood.
x Pfal. 10 And if thoux draw out thy foul to 14 And judgment is turned away9.5.
112. 5. the hungry,& fatisfic the afflicted foul; backward and juftice ftandeth afaly Jam
2 Cor. then fhall thy light rife in obfcurity, of: for truth is fanen in the street,andi. Bis
8.1,12. and thy darkness be as the moon day. equity cannot enter.
V 2
15 Yea, a


The glory of the church.


Ifa'ah. Chrifts office Pfal. 15 Yea, erath a faileth,& he depar-thee the forces of the Gentiles, and tål. 11. 1,2.teth from evil maketh himself a prey: that their kings may be brought. 2.8. Gen. and the LORD faw it, & it difpleafed 12 For the nation and kingdom that Luke 7. ". hin that there was no judgment. will not ferve thee, fhall & perifh: yea, 19. 14. I Pet. 16 And he faw that there was no thofe nations fhall be utterly waited. Rev. 4.4. man, and wondered that there was no 13 The glory of Lebanon thall come 14. 16. Eze. Interceffour therefored his arm unto thee, the Gr-tree, the pine-tree, ciTini. 22. 30. brought falvation unto him, and his and the box together, to beautifie the 2. S. Ifai. nightecuinets, it fuftained him, e place of my fanctuary, 8c I will make 4 Rev. 17 For on as my glorious. Pfal. breft-plate, & an helmet of falvation 14 The fons alto of them that afflicted? Hab. 93. 1. upon his head and he put on the gare thee, thall come d bending unto thee; 12.22. fifai ments of vengeance for clothing,and and all they that defpifed thee fhall f Lam. 63.3. was clad with Zeal as a cloke. bow theinielvs down at the foles or 1. 1, 2. 1.ai. 18 According to their f deeds, accor-thy feet and they shall call thee. Theg Ifal. 41. 1. dingly he will repay,tury to his adver-city of the LORD, the Zion of the 63.12. and faries recompence to g his enemies,to holy One of Ifrael. b Pet. 49. 1. the lands he will repay recompence.15 Whereas thou hast been ƒ forfaken 2.2. Mal. 19 So fhall they tear the name of the & hated,to that no man went through Ifai. 1.11. LORD from the b wett,and his glory thee, I will make thee an g eternal ex-66. 11. Ifai. from the rifing of the fun when the cellency, a joy of many generations. Rev. 8.7, Senemy thall come in like i a flood, the 16 Thou ale alto b fuck the milk of 21.24. Zech.k fpirit of the LORD fhall lift up a dhe Gentiles,and fhalt uck the breafts 1 Tim. 4.6. ftandard against him.. of kings. & thou fhalt know that I the 2. 14. ifai. 20 And the / Redeemer fhall come to LORD am thyaviour and thy re-k Cor. 10. 19. m Zion,and unto them turn from deener, the mighty One of Jacob. 12. 28. Rom.tranfgrellion in Jacob,faith § LORD. 17 For brafs I will bring gold, and Rom. 21 As for me, this is my o covenant for iron will bring filver and for 10. 15. Ifai. with them,faith the LORD. My fpirit wood brafs, and for fones iron: 1 m Pfal. is upon thee,& my words which I will alfo make thy k officers peace, 72.7. Acts have put in thy moun, fhall not depart and thine exactours righteousness. Ifai. 3.16. out of thy mouth, nor out of the 18 m Violence fhall no inore be heard 11.9. Heb. mouth of q thy feed, nor out of the in thy land, waiting nor deftmction n Rer. 10. 16. mouth of thy feeds feed, faith the within thy borders, but thou shalt call 21. 12. 2Cor. LORD from henceforth and tor thy wails Salvation, and thy gates o Rev. 3.6. ever. Pratie. 21.2j. Joh. 6.36. Rom. 9. 6, 8. 19The o fun fhall be no more thy light p Rev. by day,neither for brightnefs fhall the 22, 4. moon give light unto thee: hur the q ifal LORD fhall be unto thee an everlaf- 61.2. Rev. ting light, and thy God thy glory.




The glory of the chuch in the abundant
acc fs of the Gentiles.

a Ifal.

20 Thy tun fhall no more ? go down, 21.27. neither hall thy moon withdraw it Ifai.


A Role Rife 4 fbine, or b thy light is and the glory of the John LORD is rifen upon thee. 1.9. 2 For behold, the d darkness fhall cover felt for the LORD fhall be thine 11. 1. Cor the earth, and grofs darkness the peo-everlasting light, and the days off Eph.. Luke Ple:bur LORD thall arise upon thee, thy a mourning fhall be ended. 1.79. and his glory thall be feen upon thee. 11 Thy people alfo fall be rall righte-Eph. And the Gentiles hall come to ous: they fhall inherit the land for ever, 1.11. Acts e thy light, & kings to the brightness the branch oimy planting the work ICor. of my hands,that may be glorified. 15.9.. Rev. of thy rifing. 4 Lift up thine eyes round abour, A little one fhally become thou-y Acts 2124 and tee; all they gather themfelvs fand, and a fmall oneftrong nation:2. 41. flCai. together, they come to theef thy fons 1 the LORD will haften it 4 in his z Hab. Ifai. fhall come from far and thy daughters time. 2.3. a Acts 1. 6. 7.

26. 18.


fhall be g nurfed at thy fide.


49.22. Then thou fhalt fee and b flow toge
Macther, and thine heart fhalli tear, and 1 Chrifts Office. 4 The forwardness,
8. 11.
7 and blessings of the faithful.

Hof. be kenlarged, because the abundance
of the fea fhall be converted uneo

3.5. 2Cor. 6. LI,

thee, the / forces of the Gentiles fhall


THe fpirit of the LORD God is a unto upon me,because the LURDhath 1.33. The multitude of camels fhall banointed me to preach good tidings Pal. 12. cover thee the dromedaries of anto the meek, he hath sent me to bind 45.7. and they Luk: 21.26 m Sheba fhall come: they fhall bring liberty to the c captives, & opening 4. 19. sk Pial gold and incenfe, and they fhall fhew of the prifon to them that are bound: d2Cor 72, 10 forth the praifes of the IORD. To proclaim the d acceptable year of 2. the LORD,&e day of vengeance of Luke our God,ro comfort all that inourn: To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion to give unto them beauty for Heb. athes,the foyl of joy for mourning, 19 & garment or praife for fpirit of he Rev. vines, that they might be called b trees 3.4. of righteousness, the planting of the Johns LORD, that he might be glorified. 18. 4 T And they thall build the i olaf Rom.

Mat. 7 All the flocks of Kedar fhall be 2. 11. gathered together unto thee, the rams RemofNebaioth hall minifter unto thee; 12. 1. they thall come up with acceptance on Mal mine altar, and I will glorifie the 1. q houte of my glory.


ag. Who are thefe that lie as a cloud, 2. S9 and as the doves to their windows r Heb. 9. Surely the ifles fhall wait for me,& 12. 1. the hips of Tarfhifh firft,to bring thy Song Tons trom far, their filver and their waites, they thall raise up the former 11.25. 2.1. gold with then, unto the name of defolations, and they thall repair the A Eph. Gal. the LORD thy God, and to the ho- wafte cities, the defolations of many 2. 13. 4.26ly One of lirael, because he hath generations. 7 Acts u Acts glorified thee. 5 And kftrangers fhall ftand and feed 20.28. 9.15. 10 And de fons of x firangers fhall your Hocks, and the fons of the alien miCor. Afts y build up thy walls, & their kings fhall fhall be your m plowmen and your 3.9. 2.9.10.minifter unto thee for in my wrath vinedreffers. Rey. 6But ye thall be named the priests of 1. 16, the LORD:men fhall call you the mini- Rom. fters of our God:ye fhall eat the riches 12. I. of the Gentiles, and in their glory Heb. hall you boat your felvs. 13.156

iCor.1 fmote thee, but in my favour have had mercy on thee. ERO. Therefore thy 4 gates fhall be open 11.23. continually, they fhall not be shut day Rev. nor night, that men may bring unto 21. 25.

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