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Sennacherib's infion. Chron. The Affyriams deftroyed. zacht. Levice was ruler, and Shimei his is with him for there be more with Kin. 28. 20. brother was the next. 7 cus, than with him. 6.16.

13 And Jehiel,and Azaziah,and Na- 8 With him is an arm of Aefh, but / Jer. hath, and Afhahel, and Jerimoth, and m with us is the LORD our God, to 17.5. Jozabad,and Eliel,and ffmachiah,and help us,and to fight our battels. And 2Chr. Mahath, and Penaiah, were overfeers the people refted themfelvs upon the 13.12.7 under the hand of Cononiah and Shi- words of Hezekiah king of Judah. Rom. mei his brother at the command- 9 After this did Sennacherib king S. 31. ment of Hezekiah the king, and A- of Allyria fend his n fervants to Jeru-n Kin. zariah the ruler of the house of God. falemtbut he himself laid fiege against 19.17. 14 And Kore the fon of Imnah the Lachith, & all his power with him) Heb. Chr. Levite, che porter coward the a eaft, unto Hezekiah king of Judah, and are was over the free-will-offerings or unto all Judah that were at Jerufa- ting. 1 King God,co diftribuce theoblations of the lem, faying. LORD, and the f moft holy things.



2 Sam.

4% 24

10 Thus faith Sennacherib king of 2. 13. 15 And next to him were Eden, nd Allyria,whereont do ye truft, that ye Gen. Miniamin,and Jefhua,and Shemajah,, bide in the fiege in Jerufalem? Amariah, and Shecaniah,, in the ci 11 Doth not Hezekiah perfwade you Jof. 1. ties of the priests, in their fer office, to give over your felvs to die by fa- 14. to give to their brethren by courfes,as min and by thirt, Lying, The o Pfa', well to the great as to the small. LORD our God fhall deffver us our 115.2.

16 Befide their genealogy of males, of the hand of the king of Alyria? Jer m. from three years old and upward, 12 Hath not the fame Hezekiah taken 3.23even unco every one that entrech into away his p high places, and his alcars, P2Kin. Heb. the houfe of the LORD, this daily and commanded fudeh and Jerufalem, 18.22. for the portion for their fervice in their faying, Ye fhall worship before one 92Kin. 18.34. tings charges according to their courfes: altar, and burn incenfe upon it? Both to the genealogy of the priests 13 Know ye not what I and my fathers Pfalm by the house of their fathers, and the have done unto all the people of 115.3. Levices from twenty y ars old & up- othe, lands were the gods of the na- 45. Die day, ward in their charges by their courtes: tions of thofe lands any ways rable to Deut. Exoo. 18 And to the genealogy of all their deliver thei: lands out of mine hand? 32.31. 5.13. little ones, their wives, & their ions, 14 Who was there among all the Deut.

the day, #Ton

Chr. and their daughters, through all the gods of thofe nations, that my fa- 2.34. 9.22. congregation for in their fer office chers utterly deftroyed, that could 2 King, 2Kin. they fanctified themfelvs in holiness. deliver his people our of mine hand, 19.12. 20.3. 19 Alfo of the fons of Aaron the that your God thould be able to de- 12Kin. 42Kin. Priests, which were in the fields of liver you out of mine hand? 18.29: 2.4. the fuburbs of their cities in every 15 Now therefore let not Hezekiah Heb. eti. feveral city, the men that were expref-deceive you, nor perfwade you on ow 4.8. fed by name, to give portions to all this manner,neither yet believe him, much Matth. the males among the priests, and to for no god of any nation or kingdon re 633. all that were reckoned by genealogies, was able to deliver his people out of hall Prov. among the Levites. mine hand and out of the hand of Jour 3.941 my fathers;t how much less thall your God Mal. God deliver you out of mine hand? or be

And his fervats fpake yet more able to againit the LORD God, and against deli his fervant Hezekiah. 1 ye VIT.



10 And thus did Hezekiah throughout all Judah and wrought 10. that which was good and right, and Hag. truth before the LORD his God. 1.5.6, 21 And in every work that he began 7. in the fervice of the house of God, 17 He wrote alfox letters to rail on Excd. Neh. and in the law, and in the command- the LORD God of Ifrael,and to speak 2 9.20, ments, to feek his God, he did it against him, faying, As the gods of Dan. 21, 22. d with all his heart,and profpered, the nations of other lands have not 3.15. CHAP. XXXII. delivered their people out of mine Revel Sennacherib invadesh Judah.21 An hand;fo fhall not the God of Hezekiah 13.6. angel dereyeth the Affyrians, deliver his people out of mine hand. Fr. Im 2Chr. Am Fier a thefe things,and cftablish- 19 Then they y cryed with a loud 29.30, Ament thereof, Sennacherib king of voice in the Jews fpeech unto people John 3I. Affyria came, and entred into Judah, of Jerufalem that were on the wall, to Chap. and encamped against fenced cieles, affright them, and to trouble them, & thought to 6 win them for bimfels, that they might take the city. And when Hezekiah faw that Sen Ifai. nacherib was come, and that he was 37. 24,t purpofed to fight againft Jerufalems ES. 3 He took counfel with his prin tHeb. ces and his mighty men, to e ftop the waters of the fountains, were without the city and they did help him, ple together, who topped all foun 2 Kins the midft of the land faying, Why Catns,and d brook that ran through 12.17. mould the kings of Affyria come,and



Gen. 32. 1.


19 And they fpake against the God 18.17. of ferufalem as against the gods of and che people of the earth, which were 12.9. the work of the hands of man. 22Kin. 20 For this caufe Hezekiah the king, and the prophet Ifaiah the fon of AS moz, prayed and cryed a to heaven. 17.8. the fent an 18.41. which cut off all the mighty men of fo he returned with fhame of face to 6.9. valour, and the leaders and caprains.2, 3. in the camp of the king of Affyria a Matt. his own land. And when he was comes a

87.4. Ifai.

find much water?


22.95 Alfo hee ftrengthned himself, and into the house of his god, they that hep* Kingbulle up all the wall that was broken, came forth of his own bowels, flew herd 0.20, and up to the him with the 4v. 30. another wall without and repaired 32 Thus the LORD faved Hezekiah, flock. I Kin. Millo in the city of David and and the inhabitants of Jerufalem from pfalm 1.33. made darts and fhields in abundance. the band of Sennacherib the king of 23, 1. And he fet caprains of war over other and guided them on every fides 77. 20. ezkin. and from the hand of all and 18. 14. the people, and gathered them toge f2Chr, ther to him in the street of the gate 23 And many brought gifts unto the 2Chr. 25.23. of the city, and fpake comfortably, LORD to Jerufalem, & 6 prefents to 17.5. 2Kin, them, faying, 5 Hezekiah king of Judah fo that he .25. 25.22. 7 Beb ftrong and couragious,be not was c magnified in the fight of all na dakia. 26. 13. Affyria,nor fer all the multitude that Cor.afraid nor difmayed for the king of tions from thenceforth.

20. 1.

to the death and prayed unto me 38.
24 d In thofe days Hezekiah was fick f. 1.




↑ Heb. bolt nefes of most les. Lev.


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Manaffehr wickedness.

Chap xxxij.

His prayer.

ePfal. LORD: and he fpake unto him, and And be fee a carved image (the 78. 11. he gave him a fign. idol which he had made) in the haufe b Plat and 25 But Hezekiah'e rendred not again of God, of which God had faid to 156. according to the benefit done unto David, and to Solomon his fon bin 132. 13. and him for his he. re was lifted up, this houfejandin Jerufalem,&I have 13. 116. therefore there was wrath upon him, chofen before all the tribes of Ifrael, Jerem. 12, 13. and upon Judah and Jerufalemn. will I put my name for ever. 2 Sam 32.24 FHB. Notwith tan ing Hezekiah hum- 8 Neither will I any more i remove 7.10. 2.4. bled hafelf for the pride of his thefoot of Ifrael from out of the land k Matt. 2S. heart (both he and the inhabitants of which I have appointed for your fa- 18, 20 24.1. Jerufalem) fo the wrath of the fo co Ifai. Gen. LORD c me not upon them in the do kall that I have commanded them, days of Hezekiah, according to the whole law, and the 9: 16. 27 And Hez.kich had exce:ding ftatutes and the ordinances by the 21,24, much riches, & honour and he made hand of Mofes,Indah anda Dances and she

mckin 21.9. n Zec. 11.7.

10, 11.

i Prov. himself treasuries for filver, and for 9 So. Manaffeh made 10. 22. gold,and for precious ftones,and for inhabitants of Jerufalem / co err Neh. Pfa in pices, and for fhields, and for all to do m worfe than the heathen, 127. 1. manner of pleaf. nt jewels; whom the LORD had deftroyed be-932 1 Chr. 18 Store-houfes alfo for the increafe fore the children or Ifrael. Pitam 13. G 29. 12. of corn, and wine,and oy!, and ftalls to Andthe LORD fpake to Ma Deat K2K in. for all manner of beafts, and cores naffeh, and to his people: but they 2c. 36. 20. 12. for flocks. would not hearkenr /Gen. 29 Moreover, he provided him 9 Pial. 11wherefore the LORD brought 107. 22. 1. cicies, and poffellions of flocks, and upon them the captain, of the hoft Deut. herds in abundance; for i God had of the king of Affyria, which took Tv. 10, 8. I. given him fubitance very much. Manafeh among the thorns and Mich. Jab 30 This fame Hezekiah alfo ftop. bound him with q fetters,and carried 6.9. 1.12. ped the upper water-courfe ofGihon, him to Babylon. Job ani and brought it ftraight down to the 11 And when he was in affliction, 36.8. 3,6. weft-fide of the city of David. And he befought the LORD his God, Luke Joh. Hezekiah profpered in all his works. and humbled himfelf greatly before 15. 16, 2.242 31 Howbeit in the business of the the God of his fathers. Perikles 17, 18. 25. emballadors of princes of Babylon, 13 And prayed unto him, and he was fai Juf. who fent unto him to k enquire of y entreated of him,&heard his fuppli-1.19 » 22.2. wonder that was done in the land, cation,& brought him again to Jeru 1 Time Gen. God left him to try him, that he falem,into his kingdom. Then Ma- 1.13. 22: 12. might m know all that was in his naffeh knew that Lord he w God. 1 Cor. Heb. hearte 14 Nowafterthis, he built a wall 6.117 kind- 31 Now the reft of the acts ofHeze. without the city of David, on the r Dan. wees. klab, and hist goodnefs, behold they weft fide of x Gihon,in valley,even 4.25. Chro. are written in the vifion offfaiah to the entring in at the y fifh-gate,& Pfalm 28.29, prophet,the fon of Amoz, and in the compaffed about Ophel, and railed 94. 12. 30. book of the kings ofJudah and Ifrael. it up a very great height, and put Chr Chap. 33 And Hezekiah lepe with his fa- captains of war in all the fenced ci- 33.5. Ifal. ther and they buried him in the ties of Judah, ads Exceed XxIKin. 6. to chiefeft of the fepulchres of the fons took away the z. ftrange 11 9.Ch. of David: and all Judah and the in- gods and the idol our of the houley Neh. That habitants of Jerusalem did him ho- of the LORD, and all the altars that 3.5. is for nour at his death:and Manaffeh his he had built in the mount of the v.3, getting fon reigned in his ftead. houfe of the LORD, and in Jerufa 557. Or,maalem, and caft them out of the ciry. Palm 16 And he repaired the altar of the 119. LORD, and facrificed thereon peace- 6,7.

king to forget Philip. 3. 13.

1 Manalleh his wicked reign.11 He is offerings, and thank-offerings, and 4 v. 9.)
carried into Babylon. 12 Upon ha commanded Judah to ferve the Luke
prayer he is released.
LORD God of Ifrael.


17 Nevertheless, b the people did bikin. facrifice ftill in the high places, yes 15.14. unto the LORD their God only.. 2 King 18 Now the rest of the acts of Ma-3-2, 3But did that which was evil in naffen, and his prayer anto his God, Deut the fight of the LORD, like unto and the words of the feer that fpake 18. 19. the babominations of the heathen, to him in the c Name of the LORD d2Chr. Heb. whom the LORD had caft out be- God of Ifrael,behold they are written 32-33return fore the children of Ifraef. in the book of the kings of Ifrael:

Kin. Man Anaffeh was a twelve years old when he began to reign, and he 21.1,2. regaed fifty and five years in Jeruof t falem & Deut. 18. 9,


IKin. ed and 3 For he built again the high 19 His prayer alfo, and how God 2.10. built. places which Hezekiah his father was entreated of him, and all his in, That Numb, had broken down, and he reared up and his trefpafs, & the places where-is, 7201


altars for d Baalim,and made groves, in he built high places and fet up riber Ec:1. and worshipped all the e hoft of hea- groves, and graven images, before Plaim 2, 19. ven, and ferved them.. he was humbled behold they are 55-23. I King Alfo he built altars in the houfe written among y fayings ofy dreers, Job 15. LI.4. of the LORD, whereof the LORD 20 So Manaffeh eflepe with his 32. 33. and bad faid, In Jerufalem fhall my name fathers and they buried him in his V-24. 12. 14. be forever, own house and Amon his fon fv.2

Kin. And he built altars for all the reigned in his fread the 134 18.4. hoft of heaven,in the two courts of 31 Amon was two and twenty Ephef. Judg. the houfe of the LORD, years old when he began 6-1. 2.11. 6And he caufed his g children to pats and reigned two years in Jerufalem. Ezek. Deut. through the fire in the valley of the 22 But he did that was evil in the fo. 18 4.5 fon of Hinnom alto he obferved fight of the LORD, as did Manaffeh Heb. # Ikin. times, and ufed enchantments, and his father: for Amon facrificed unto maiti 6.36. ufed witchcraft, & dealt with a fami. all the carved images which Manafeh flied andliar fpirit, and with wizards he his father had mide,& ferved them; the 7.9. trought much evil in y ght of the 23 And humbled not himself be-&uilt. 2Kin. LORD, to provoke his to anger, fore the LORD as Manaffeh his fa- V.6. ther had humbl d himself: but Amon 2 Tim. crefpaded more and more. on 3.13. DE BUNA METEOUS 24 And



b verf.


Hb. multiplied to do evil. Amos 4. 4.
Chro. 30. 14


own house.




Fafiah's good reign. 11 Chron. PasThe book of the law. Kin. 24 And his fervants & confpired prieft found a book of the law of r2Kin. 22. S. 21.23. against him, and flew him in his the LORD given by Moles. 15 And Hilkiah anfwered and faid Deut. 25 But the people of the land to Shaphan the fcribe, I have found 31. 24, flew all them had confpised against the book of the law in the houfe of 26. king Amon,& the people of the land the LORD. And Hilkiah delivered † Heb. caff, cr, made Jokah his fon king in his ftead, the book to Shaphan: CHAP. XXXIV. 16 And Shaphan carried the book melted. 170fiah his good reign, 3 He deftroy- to the king, and brought the king 2 King eth idolatry 8 He repaireth the temple. word back again, faying, All that was 22.9 [Cfiah was eight years old when he committed to thy fervants, they do it. f Heb. began to reign, and he reigned in 17 And they have † gathered together in it be Jerufalem one and thirty years. the money that was found in the fore the 2 And he did char which was right houfe of the LORD,& have delivered face of Kin. b in the fight of the LORD, & walk- it into the hand of the overfeers,and the Ling 15.26. ed in the ways of David his father, to the hand of the workmen. Deut. and declined neither to the right 18 Then Shaphan the fcribe told 17.19. 5.32 hand,nor to the left. the king, faying, Hilkiah the priest Pfalm Prov. For in the eighth year of his hath given me a book. And Shaphan 119. 4.37. reign, while he was yet dyoung, het read it before the king. That began e ro feek after the God of Da- 19 And it came to pafs when the 28.99. e vid his father: and in the tweltch king had heard the words of the law, Joi-1.3 ing 16. year he began to fpurge Judah and Je- that he rent his clothes. years fufalem from the high places, and.20 And the king commanded Hil- 31.11. af age. the groves, and the carved images and Abdon the fon of Micah, and 66. 2. kiah,and Ahikam the fon of Shaphan, faj. ver. 1. & the molten images. Fcc4 And they brake down the altars of Shaphan the fcribe, and Afalah a fer-Or for the 1. Baalim in his prefence, & the ima vant of the kings, faying, 2 Tim ges that were on high above them he 21 Go enquire of the LORD forremnant 3.15 cur down, and the groves, & the car- me,& for them that are left in Ifrael,in Ifra 15. ved images,and the motren images he and in Judah,concerning the words ofel, and 1.24 brake in pieces,& madeg duft of them, the book that is found:for great is the for all Pro and trewed it upon the graves of wrath of the LORDthat is pour.d out Judah. 22.6. them that had facrificed unto them. upon us becaufe our fathers have 2 King And he burnt the bones of the not kept the word of LORD, to do 22. 13. 434 priests upon their alrars,and cleanfed after all that is written inthisbook. and 22 And Hilkiah,and they that the 17.6 Judah and Jerufalem. 119.96 And fo did he in the cities of king had appointed, went to Huldah 2 Chr. 2Chr. Manalfehand Ephraim,and Simeon, the fon of Tikvath,the fon ofHafrah, Amos the propherefs, the wife of Shallum, 33. 11. 15.2. even unco Naphtali, with their mat keeper of the wardrobe (now the 3.6. Kin, tocks round about.. 13-27 And when he had broken down dwelt in Jerufalem in the colledge) Ifa 5.5. 82K in the altars and the groves, and had and they fpake to her to that fed. 2Ch.36 33.6beaten graven images kinto pow23 And the anfwered them. Thus 6, 17.





Kinder and cut down all the idols faith the LORD God of Ifrael, Tellu Dan., 2.12. 33.16. throughout all the land of Ifrael, ye the man that fert you to me 12 Chr. he returned to Jerufalem. 71 24 Thus faith the LORD, Behold, Lev.26 30.11. 8. Now in the eighteenth year I will bring evil upon this place, and 16. 2. land, and the houfe, he fent Shaphan the book which they have read before 16. Dut of his reign, when he had purged the upon the inhabitants thereof, even Deut. re all the curfes that are written in 29. 15, 11Kin. ton of Azaliah, & Maafiah the go- the king of Judah: Jan Best Kill 2Chr. 22.28. vernour of the city, and Joah the and fon of Jaah z recorder, to in repair and have burned incenfe unto other and 25 Because they have x forfaken me, 12. 2 23. the house of the LORD his God. mach.. 9 And when they came ro Hilkiah 24. the high priest, they z delivered the Ch money that was brought into the 45 houfe of God, which the Levites that 2 King kept the doors had gathered of the 22.4 hand of Manaffeh and Ephraim, and Thi ip-of all the remnant of Ifrael, and of 4. S. all Judal and Benjamin, and they re o And they put it in the hand of 2KL the workmen, that had the overfight 22.5 of the houfe of the LORD, and they 72Kin gave it to the workmen that wrought 22. 11, in the houfe of the LORD, to re12. pair and mend the houfe: H.b. In ru 28.20. Neb.

gods,that they might provoke me to 15.2. anger with all the y works of their Rev. hands, therefore my wrath fhall be 9. 20. poured out upon this place, and fhall Pfalm 1158.

not be quenched. 26 And as for the king of Judah, Jer. 10 who fent you to enquire of the Lord, 3, 4, 5. the LORD God of Urael concerning Jero fo fhall ye fay unto him, Thus faith 2 King 22. 17. the words which thou haft heard:

Rom 2. 12.

& thou didst humble thy felf before 1 Sam. 17 Becaufe thine heart wast tender, 15. 1. God,when thou heardeft his words a-15-29% gainft this place, & againft the inha-The bitants thereof, and humbledft thy hebr felf before me,&didft rend thyclothes, word and weep before me, I have even for the

11 Even to the artificers and build-
ers gave they it, to buy hewen tone,
Hoor the houses which the kings of
Judah nad deftroyed.

18 Behold, I will gather thee to thy fast f fathers,& thou shalt be a gathered to nifieth

And the men did thef work faith- thy grave b in peace, neither fhall a weak 2 fully and the overfeers of them were thine eyes fee all the evil that I will ne/se of 2Tin 212. Jahath, and Obadiah, the Levites, of bring upon this place, and upon the the heart the fons of Merari,and Zechariah,and inhabitants of the fame. So they arifing from King Mefhullam, of the fons of the Koha- brought the king word again. 4215 thites, to fet it forward and other af 29. Then the king fent, and fear. ga-J the Levites, all that could fkill of thered together all the elders of fu- Deut. dah and Jerufalem. inftruments of mufi k.

and 22.7. Sa 23.1.


30 And the king went up Into the 2 King

13 Also they were over the bearers of hurthens and were overfeers of all houfe of the LORD,& all the men of 22 19. that wrougheche work in any manner Judah, and the inhabitants of Jerufa-a Hai. offervice and of the Levites there fem,& the priefts, and the Levites,& 57. 1. were feribes,and officers, and porters, all the people great and fmall: and he Pfal. 14 And when they brought out read in their ears all the words of the 37. 37. the money that was brought into the Saufe of the LORD, Hilkiah the

book Jer. 34.5. 2° King 32. 10. 2 Kin.23.1.2

2Kin. 22. I.

He is pain. as it is written in the book of Mofes : and fo did they with the oxen.



31 And the king food din his 23.3. Place, and male a covenant before the LORD,to walk after the LORD, and 11. 14. to keephis commandments, his ceftimonies, and his itatures, with all his heart and with all his foul, to Kin. perform the words of the covenant which are written in this book.

13 And they rafted the paffoverz with Exod fire, according to the ordinance: but 12.8.9. other holy offering, fod they in pots, Deur. & in cauldrons, & in pans,& divided16. 8. them fpee ily among all the people.

commandment of David, & Afaphs Chr and Heman, and Jeduthun the kings 25.1. feer; and porters waited at t everytHeb. gate; they might not depart from ate their fervice for their brethren the and Levires prepared for them. cate.

14. And afterward they made ready for themfelvs, and for the priests 11,5. a because the priests the fons of Aarona Acts t.Heb. 32. And he caufed all that were pre-mis bufid in offering of burnt-of-6.23. from fent in Jerufalem and Benjanin to ferings,and the fat until night; there.v. 12. after. ftand to it. And the inhabitants of fore Levites prepared for themfelvs, King Jerufalem did according to the cove and for the priests the fons of Aaron. 9.6. nant of God,the God of their fathers. 15 And the fingers the fons of Afaph, Joh. 33 And Jofiah took away all abo- were in their place, according to the 24-31. minacions outof all the countreys that Judg. pertained to the children of lirael, 2.7. and made all dat were prefent in IfRe.. rael to ferve, even to ferve the 2. 10. LORD their God. And all his days Matth. they departed not from following 10. 22. the LORD, the Gol of their fathers. CHAP. XXXV. 1 Lofiah keep th afolemn vaffover a Exod Oreover, Jonah kepeda pa lover 1 Cor. and they b killed the paffover on the 5.7.sc fourteenth day of the first moneth. Nun. 2 And he fer the priests in their 9.11. dcharges, and e encouraged them to c Exod the fervice of the house of the Lord, 12.6. 3 And faid unto the Levites that Num. f caught all Ifrael, & were holy an18.5. to the Lord,Put the g holy ark in the 2 Cro. house which Solomon the fon of Da23.6. vid king of Ifrael did build; it ball e2Chr. not be ha burthen upon your fhoul 31.4 ders: ferve now the LORD your Mal. God, and his people Ifrael, 4 And prepare your fetvs by the

16 So all the fervice of the LORD 1 Chro was prepared the fame day, to keep 9. 17. pallover, and to offer burnt-offerings nd upon the altar of LORD, according 26. 14.

17 And the children of Ifrael diat were prefent,kept the paffover at that time, and the feaft of c unleavenede Exod. bread feven days. 12. 15.

18 And there was no paffover like 1 Cor. to that kept in Ifrael, from the days. 8. of Samuel the prophet: neither did 2Chr all the kings of lfrael keep fuch a 30.6. paTover as Jofiah kept, and the 2 Kin. priests and the Levites, and all Ju-23.22. dah and Ifrael that were prefent and Kin the inhabitants of Jerufalem.


19 In the eighteenth year of the He reign of Jofiah, was this pallover kept. what is


16. 10.

1 Tim. k.houfes of your fathers, after your 20 After all this when Jofiah had it to 5.17. courfes, according to the writing of prepared the remple, Necho king of me and Ley. David king of Ifrael, and according Egypt came up to fight againft Car-thee 16.4. to the writing of m Solomon his fon. chemifh by Euphrates and Jofiah 2 Sam. h Num. And ftand in the o holy place,ac went out against him. 7.2 cording to the divifions of the fami- 21 But he fent einbaufadors to him, t Heb. Chr. lies of the fathers of your brethren faying,What have 1 to do with thee, an 23-27, the people and after the divifion thou king of Ju lah 1 come not a-house 28. of the families of the Levites.gainst thee this day, but against the of my kChr. So kill palov.r,&p fanctifie your houfe wherewith I have war for God war. 9 felvs, and prepare your brethren, that com nanded me to make hafte fer-Ifai.

Jofiah keepeth the passover.

Chap. xxv, xxxvi.

book of the covenant,that was found
in the houfe of the LORD.


r. 9. of the LORD, by the hand or Mofes, with me, that he deftry thee not. 2 S.m. 26.ch. And Jofiah q gave to ther people,of 22 Nevertheless, Jofiah would not 3. 23. m2Chr. the Hock, lambs and kids, all for the turn his face from him butg difguifedf2Kiné S. 14 paffover-offerings, for all that were himf If that he might fight with him, 18. 25. Pal prefent,to the number of thirty dou- and hearkned not unto th words of Ikin. 134.1. and, and three thoufand bullocks: Necho from the mouth of God, and 22. 30. • Lev. thefe mere of the kings fubftance. came to fight in valley of b Megiddo.b Zec. 16. 16. 8 And his princesgave willingly un- 13 And the archers thot at king Jo-12. 11. P2Chr. to the people, to the priests, and to fiah,and the king faid to his fervants; Kin. 29:5. the Levites: t Hilkiah,andZechariah. Have me away,forl am fore wounded 9.15. 9.v.8. and Jehiel, rulers of the houfe of 24 His fervants therefore took himf Heb. 2Chr. God gave unto the priests for the paf- one of that charlots and put him ingrown 30.24 over-offerings two thousand and the fecond charlor that he had, and fick. Lev fix hundred fmall cartel, and three they brought bim to Jerufalem, & her King 7.14 hundred oxen. i died,& was buried in one of the fe-22. 34. 2 Chro Conaniah alfo,and Shemaiah, and pulchres of his fathers, and all Judahi Ecc. 30.24 Nethaneel his brethren, and Hatha- and Jerufalem k mourned for Jofiah.9. 2. biah,and fehiel, and Jozabad chief of 5 And Jeremiah lamented tor1 Sam. in all the Levites gave unto the Levites lohah, and all the finging men and 4. 18. 3800. for paffover-offerings, five thousand the finging women fpake of Jofiah in Palm their lamentations to this day and36.6. Bu fmall cattel and five hundred oxen. 10 So the fervice was prepared, and made them an ordinance in Ifrael k Zec. locks and the priests food in their place, and and behold, they are written in the 12. 11 37600 the Levites in their courfes accord lamentations. mall ing to the kings commandment. eattle, 11 And they killed the paffover, and and his goodness, according to that $m Rev. Mic. prieftsx fprinkled the bloodsrom their was written is the law of the LORD, 2.19. 6.7,8. hands, and the Levites flayed them. 27 And his deeds m firft & laft, be-2 Tim. Pfalm 12 And they y removed the burnt-of- hold, they are written in the book of 17.10. 51. 10, ferings, that they might give accord- the kings of Ifrael and Judah. 17. ing to the divifions of the families of

12Kin. 23.4.

Lam 26 Nov the reft of the acts of Jofiah, 4. 20.

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8.hr. 30. 16. x Lev. 4.9, H b.9.21. 2Chr. 29. 22. Lev. 3. 4, 10. Hb. of the fons of the People. r., 7, 13. Gal. 3.28. As 10. 34 Tim. 5. 21.

King the people,to offer unto the LORD, Jehozhaz made kin. 3 He is depofed. a 1Chr. Hnth people of the land Ta Jeboah, he son of Jofiah took 3.13. made him b king in his fathers ftead 22. 11. in Jerufalen.

baKin 2 Jea23-304

Zedekiah relelleth,

1. Zech.

#2 Ki. Jehoahaz was twenty & three years minacions of the heart en,and pollut. Jer. Ezra.Chap.. Jerufalem difroyed. 23.33. old when he began to reign, and he the houfe of the LORD, which he 25.3. Ki.reigned three moneths in Jerufalem, had hallowed in Jerufalem. 43. 34. 3 And the king of Egypt c put him Jer. 22. down at Jerufalem, and condemned 12. the land in an hundre! talents of filPfal. ver, and a talent of gold.

15 And the LORD God of their fa- 1.4. thers fent to them by his t meffengers, Ifal. arifing up betimes, and fending, he- .34 people, and on y his dwelling place. 11. 8. caufe he had x compaflion on his x Joh. 16 But they mocked the menengers y Pfal. of God,and a defpifed his words, and 74. 7. 6 mifufed his prophets, until the 2 Mat. wrath of the LORD arofe against his 21 35. people, till there wt no remedy. 2 Chr. 17 Therefore he brought upon them 30. 10. king of the Caldees, who flew their 4 Jer. young men w the fword, in the house 44. 16. Ki6 Againft him came upg Nebuchad. palion upond young man or maiden, Mate ofcheir fanctuary,and had c no com- 17. 24. 1 nezzar king of Babylon,& bound him old man, or him that ftooped for 23.34 In fetters to carry him h to Babylon, age: he gave them all into his hand. Heb. Nebuchad-nezzar alfo carried of Jer the i veffels of houfe of the LORD of God,great & mall, & the treasures ling 18 And all the veffels of the house no bra1. 18 to Babylon,and put them in his toms of the houfe of the LORD, and the 2.Chr. Dan Now the relt of the acts of Jehola, ces; all the fe he brought to Babylon: Ifai. 1. Se treafures of the king,and of his prin- 21. 18. 2. kim, & his k he Kin. ld, that which was found in him, God, and brake down the wall of Je-cu 19 Andthey burnt the houfe of 5 6. behol, they are written in the book rufalem, and burnt all the palaces 32. 22, 41. of the kings of Ifrael St Judah & Is thereof with fire, and d ftroyed all 24. 3.2+ hojachin his fon reigned in his ftead, the goodly vellels thereof.

107. 4 And the king of Egypt made Elfa31, 12. kim his brother, king over Judah & 2 Sam. Jerufalem,and turned his name to Je 2. 9. holakim. And Necho took Jehoahaz and his brother & carried him dto Egypt. 12. 25.5 Jehol.kim was e twenty and five 2 Ki-years old when he began to reign,and 23.36. he reigned eleven years in Jerufalem, 2 Ki.and he did that which was evil in 14.1 the fight of the LORD his God..

Dan. 1. 1.

ple at Babylon,

4 Ezra

9.Jehojachin was m eight years old

Jer. m2 Ki. 74.8. Matta

22. 24. when he began to reign,and hereign the word, carried he away to Baby-v6. 2. And themthat had escaped from 9.55 6. ed three moneths and ten days in lon, where they were fervants to Jerem. Or, Jerufalem, and he did that which was him and his fons until the reign of 77. evil in the fight of the LORD..the kingdom of Perfia: Dan. t niah. o And when the year was expired, 11 To fullfil the word of the LORD 51. by Jer mjer goodly veffels of the houfe of the as long as the lay defolate, the b kepe and brought him to Babylon, with the land had g enjoyed her fabbaths: for 25.9. Jer. 27.2.. LORD,and made Zedekiah his bro fabbach to fulfil threefcore and 29.10. o Jer. ther, king over Judah and Jerufalem, ten years. 1.7.

& Kin.


Zedekiah was one and twenty 32 Now in the first year ofCyrus 22. Jer. years old when he began to reign, king of Perfia (that the word of the Lev 52.3.5 reigned ely ven years in Jerufalem. LORD,poken by the mouth ofJere-26. 34. 17. 16, in the fight of the LORD his God 12 And he did that which was eril miah might be accomplished) then L and a humbled not himself before je king of Perfia,that het made a procla LORD i ftirred up spirit of Cyrus 23-33. Acts remiah the prophet, peaking from nation throughout all his kingdom. 44 If



tho o

7.41. Deut.


2.35. who made hath s And he alio rebelled against king 3 Thus faith Cyrus king of Perfia, atce Exod. his LORD totals 33. 9. neck, and hardened his hears from & he hath m charged me to build him

& house 17. 14. 14 Moreover, all the chiet of Judah: who is there among you ofk Dan. the priests, and the people tranf- all his people? the LORD his God 4:37. greffed very much, after all the abo- be with him, and let him go up.


2:21. Ezra 1. 2.


·R A.



1. 70.

16.7. Pfalm

The proclamation of Cyrus for the with gold, and with goods, and with lift him Hof his place help him with filver, &t Heb. builing of the temple. 5 The people beafts, Hefides 7 free-will offering for u provide for their verurn the house of God that is in Jerufalem, Thef Ow in y Get year of a Cyrus Then rofe up the m chief of the 5.14. king of Perfia, (that the word fathers of Judah and Benjamin Lev. of the Lord by y mouth of and the priests and the Levites, with 5-6. Jeremiah might lee fulfilled) all them whofe n fpirit God had rai, m2ch. Dan. LORD dftirred up & fpirit of Cy- fed to go up, to build the house of 9. 2. 5.30. rus king of Perfia, he made a pro- the LORD which is in Jerufalem Joh 4 Prov. clamation throughout all his king- 6And all o they that were about them, 15.5. dom and pus italfo in writing, faying, ftrengthned their hands with veffels o Rev. 2 Thus faith Cyrus king of Perfia, of filver, with gold, with goods, and 12. 16. 106. The LORD God of heaven hath given with beafts, and with precious things, me all the kingdoms of the earth, and befides all that was willingly ofc-? Pfal. Rev. he hath charged me to build him an red. 50g bang the we 12. 16. houfe acferufalem, which in Judah. 110. 3. f Dan. 6. 26. his people? his God be brith him, & LORD, which Nebuchadnezzar had 38 Who is there among you of all forth the veffels of the houfe of the 8.21. 7. Alfo Cyrus the king brought Zech. Jer. ler him go up to Jerufalem, which brought a forth out offerufalem, & qa Ki. 25. 12. is in Judah and build the houfe of had put them in the house of his 24. 13. Deut. the LORD God of Ifrael, he is the r gods: 20. 5. God which is kin Jerufalem. Zech. 16.7 place where he fejourneth, let men thredath reafurer & nunbred them 1. 14. And whofrever remaineth in any Perfia bring forth by the hand of Mi-Hag. 8 Even thofe did Cyrus king of 5. 2. 3.31 2 Cor. 13.9.i Deu.32. 31. Mic. 7. 18. 9And this is tnumber of them thirty 3.-16. unto /Shehbazzar y prince of Judah, z Mal. Dan. 2. 47. and 3. 27. k Pfal. 48. 1. Ezr.6.1ă.


r Dan



44 28.


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