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Amaxials good reign. Chap. xxvi Duty Hie pride. 2 Kimneach an Ammonitefs, and Jehozabad they gods of the children of Selt,and y2 Sai 12. 19. the son of Shimrith a Moabitefs.fee them up to be his gods, & bowed's. 21. = 0, 27 Now concerning his fons,and down himfelt before them, and burned i Chr. Com- 9 greatness of the burthens laid upon incenfe unto them. 14.12. menta- him,and the repairing of the house of 15 Wherefore the anger of the LORD Exo. ry,hi GOD, behold, they are written in the was kindled against Amaziah, and 20. 2. ftorytory of the book of the kings. And he fent unto him a prophet, which Heb, Amaziah his fon reigned in his ftead. faid unto him, Why haft thou fought www fearby Lulla lagged safter the gods of the 4 people, which a Pfal. rich of gathering together, 2 Ch.1. 13.22. could not deliver & their own people 141. T At 20. 16 And it came co pafs as he talked bv. 1 with him, that the Ring faid unto him Art thou made of the kings counfels c forbear; why shouldeft thous 2 Th and God a 1 be smitten 3. Then the prophet for-4.3.





Amazian beginneth to reign well.
Having hired an army of Ifrae
Lites difmiffeth them again.
42 K. he
Maziah was a twenty & five years

14. 1.

24. 19% 17 Then Amaziah king of Judah and took advice,&fent to Joafh the fon 36. 16. of Jehoabaz, the fon of Jehu king of 2 Che Ifrael, laying, Come, let us fee one 10. 9. another in the face.


62 Ki.he reigned twenty and nine years in determined d to deftroy thee, becaule 2. 25. 14.3, 4. Jerufalem and his mothers name thou hast done this, and haft nota Chi Hof. Das Jehoadan of Jerufalem. hearkned unto my counfel. 102.. And he did that which was righe Ifai. in the fight of the LORD, but b not 27. 13. with a perfect heart. 34 Jam. 3 Now it came to pass, when the 1. 8. kingdom was eftablished to him, that 2 Kin 2 Kin. he cflew his fervancs, that had d killed 18 And Joash king of Ifmel fent 14.8.9 15. 10. the king his father.arudu (1-co Amaziah king of Judah, faying, or Kin. 4 But he flew not their children,but The thistle that was in Lebanon, fent he sent 18 21. did as its written in the law, in the co the cedar that was in Lebanon, mellin 2 Ch.book of Mofes, where the Lord com- faying, Give thy daughter to my fongers to 24. 26. manded,laying,e The fathers fhall not to wife and there paffed by a wild yeah. d2 Ch. die for the children, neither fhall the beaft that was in Lebanon, and trode 2 Kin. 24.25.children die for the fathers, but every down the chiftle. 14.9. e Deur, man fhall die for his own fin. A 19 Thou fayeft,Lo,thou haft fmit- Prov. 24. 16. Moreover, Amaziah gathered ja ten the Edomites, and thine heart 20. 3. fi Ch.dah cogether, and made them cap- lifreth thee up to boaft abide now + Heb. 13. 1. tains over thousands, and fcaptains at home, why fhouldeft thou meddle a beast Exod. over hundreds according to hou- co thine hurt, that thou fhouldeft fall, of the 6. 12. fes of their fathers,throughout all Ju- even thou, and Judah with thee? field. Nu. dah & Benjamin : & numbred thein 20 But Amaziah would not hear, Pfalm 1. 18. from twenty years old and above, & for g it came of God, that he might 15. 4. 12 Ch. found them three hundred thousand deliver them into the hand of their f2 Ch. 11. 12. choife men, able to go forth to war, enemies, because they fought after 26. 16. k2 Ch. that could handle spear and fhield. the gods of Edom. 6 He hired alfo an khundred thou-asso Joath the king offfrael went up, 12. 15. g1 Ki. Ich fand mighty men of valour out off and they faw one another in the face, Joh. 13-322. 14. rael, for an hundred talents of filver. bath he and Amaziah king of Judah,at 19. 38. Exod. 7 But there came m a man of God to Beth-themesh, belongeth b toJudab. Judg. 25.39. him, faying, O kingslet nor the army 12 And Judah wast puc to the worfe 1. 33. miki of Ifrael go with thee; for LORD before Ifrael,and they fled every man fHeb. 11. is not with lfrael, to wit, with all the to his tent.. fmitKi.children of o Ephraim.pheno 23 And Joath the king of Ifrael took ten. 12. 28.8 But if thou wilt go, do it,be ftrong Amaziah king of Judah the fon of 12 Kl. 2 Chr. for the battel: God thall make thee Joafh, the fon of Jehoahaz at Beth-fhe-14. 13. 15. 2. fall before the enemy: for God hath meth, and brought him to Jerufalem,f Heb Amos 9 power to help and to caft down. and brake down the wall of Jerufa- The 3.3. And Amaziah faid to the man lem, from the i gate of Ephraim to gate 2 Chr. of God, But what fhall we do for the the corner gate, four hundred which 24. 20. hundred talents which I have given cubics. Ifai. to the army of Ifrael? And the man of 17. 3. God anfwered, The LORD risable and to give thee much more than this. 28. 1. To Then Amaziah feparated them, Hef. 5.1 wit, the army that was come to 13. him out of Ephraim to go home a and gain wherefore their anger was 6. 4. greatly kindled against Judah, and 71 Ki. they returned home in great anger. 22. 9. 11 And Amaziah ftrengthned himes, 08 Eccl. felf and led forth his people, and 26 Now the reft of the acts of A Power 11. 9. went to the valley offalt,and Imote maziah, firft and laft, behold, are 2 Kin. 92 Ch. of the children of Seir ten thousand. they not written in the book of the 14 14. .14. 11. 12 And other ten thousand left a kings of Judah and Ifrael? 72 Ch. Judg. live, did the children of Judah carry 27 Now after the time that Ama 12. 13. 7.7 away captive and brought them unto zlah did turn away from following and F2 Ch. the top of the rock, and calt them the LORD, they made a confpiracy 16. 11. 2. S. down from the top of the rock, that against him in Jerufalem, and he fled and Prov. they were broken all in pieces, to Lachith but they fent to m Lachith 20. 34 10. 22. 13 But the foldiers of the army satter him, and flew him there. miki. Pfalm which Amaziah fent back, that they 18 And they brought him upen 14. 19. 127. 1. fhould aor go with him to battel, fell horfes, and buried him with his fa


24 And he took all the gold and looking the filver, and all the veffels that were out found in the houfe of God k with 2 King Obed-edom, and the treatures of the 14. 13. kings houfe, the + hostages alfo, and .1 Ch. returned to Samaria. 26. 15. 25 And Amaziah the fon of Joafh Heb. king of Judah, lived after the death fons of of Joalh fon of Jehoahaz king of If-fledg rael, fifteen years.

1 ki. 14. 20.

Sa. upon the cities of Judah, from Sa-ther in the city of Judah. 19. 42. maria even unto x Beth-horon, and sa 12 Sa.fmore three thoufand of them, and 13. took much spoilage

2 Kin. t 14 Now it came to pafs,after that 14. Amaziah was come from the laughM2 heter of the Edomites, that he brought 20, 20. C

A:Chro. 18. 13. ≈ 1 lk 9. 17.


1UZziah fucceeding. 16 and invading
is smitten
deprofe. 23 and dieth: Josliam (us-
serdesh him.


b Am.



Istham's good reign. Tivat Hen an the people of Judah took the pricfts; the leprofie even rose up Is the Uzziah, who was fixteen years in his forehead before the pricfts, I. I. power old, and made him king in the room In the houfe of the LORD, from be-Zec. of the of his father Amazfah, ovu otsonifiddle the incenfetalrar, apesar 14. 5. Lord: He buile Elom,and restored it toJu 20 And Azariah the chief prieft, and Num. salleddah after the king lept his fathers. all the priests looked upon him, and 12. 10. allo 43 Sixteen years old was Uzziah behold, he was leprous in his fore- Efth. And when he began to reign,and he reign- head, and they thrust him out from 6. 12 rahed fifty and two years in Jerufalem: thence, yea,kimfelf Chafted alfo to go 4 Lev that is his mothers name alfo was Jecoliah our because & Lord had mitten him. 13. 46. Num. thes of Jerufalem. INTE 1015021 And Uzziah the king was a leper Lord 4 And he did that which na right unto y day of his death,and dwelt in 5. 2. bath in the fight of LORD, aacccording d'a feveral houfe,being a leper forher, Lev. bolpen. to all that his father Amaziah, did. was cut oft from boufe of Lord: 13:46. 2 Km. "And he fought God bin the days and Jotham his fon was over, kings 2 Ki. 14. 21.of Zechariah,who had understanding houie, judging the people ofy land 155, wering the vifions of God and as long 22 Now the teft of the acts of f 16, 11.as he fought the LORD, GOD made Uzziah, firft and laft, did g Ifaiah the 22 Ch. him to profper. 5400 dike pub prophet the fon of Amoz write. (2. 10.4 25. 14: 6 And he went forth and warred a 13 So Uzziah klept with his fathers, A&s Chgainst the Philiftins and brake down and they buried him with his fathers, 7.60. 24. 2. the wall of Gath,& the wall of Jabneh, in the field of the burial & belonged to Dan. & the wall of Afhdod, and built cities the kings;for they faid, He is alper: 1. 17.1 about Afhdod,& among the Philiftins & Jotham his fon reigned in his ftead. Gode helped a. 19. Aftins's and against the Arablans that and dwelt inGur-baal,and the Mehunims: ro. 1. And Ammontres ggave gifts to Gen. Uzziah, and his name fpread abroad 41. 15. even to the entring in of Egypt sifor Ch. be ftrengthned him felf exceedinglya 21. 11:9 Moreover, Uzziah built browers In 1.Sam. Jerufalem at the corner gate, and at 2.30.1 the k valley-gate, and at the thrning

I. I.! biki.



4.2 KI!

Jotham reigning wellsprofpereth 5 He fubdnéth the Ammonites. Otha was a twenty and five years old when he began to reign, and 5 335 he reigned fixteen years in Jerufa 26. 4. tem his mothers naine allo was Jem pr. ruthah, the daughter of Zadok. 119. fight of the LORD,according to all Acts 5. And he did that which was bright in 120. that his father Uzziah did: howbeit. 13. he centred not into the temple of the 2 Chr. Lord. And the people did yet d cor- 26. 16. ruptly. d2 Ki He e built the high gate of the 15-33 houfe of the LORD, and on the wall 35. of g Ophel he built much. cá Ch


4 Moreover he bullt cities in the mountains of Judah,and in the forrefts he built bcaftles and towers

FI. 5. f2 Kb 15 35

2.Chr. of the and 11. 13. 10 Alfo he built towers in defart, And and lgged many wells, for he had 15. 2. much cattel,both in the low countrey, Ch. and in the plains: husbandmen alfo, 520. &vine-dreuers In the mountains,and f2 Ch. In Carmel: for he loved husbandry 20.1. Moreover, Uzziah had m an hot gz Ch. of fighting man that went out to 17. fr.war by bands, according to the num 62 Ch. ber of their account, by the hand of 25. 23. Jeiel the fcribe,and Maafiah the ruler, 15 He fought alfo with the king Neh. $2 K under the hand of Hananiah,one of of the Amanonices, and prevailed a-3. 26. the kings captains. 14.13. madamina gainft them. And the children of Ame and kNeh. The whole number of the chief of mon gave him fame year, i an hun- 11. 21. 13. fathers of the mighty men of valour, dred talents of filver and ten thou-h2 Ch. and were two thousand and fix hundred. fandt meatures of wheat, & ren thou 17. 12 3.13. 13 And under their hand was an fand of barley. So much did the chil-1 Kl. 2 Ch. army, three hundred thousand and tren of Ammon pay unto him, both 16. 24. 21. 16. feven thousand and five hundred, that the fecond year and the third. + Heb. m2Ch. made war with mighty power,to help 6 So Jotham became mighty, be- Cor 17. 14. the king against the eneiny. caufe he prepared his ways before 1 Kin. and 14 And Uzziah prepared for them the LORD his God. 2 Ch throughout all the hoft, fhields, and 27.1. 1 Sa, fpears, and belmets, and habergeons, 19. 3 17. 49. and bowes and a flings to caf tones. lo they are written in the book of Gen. Judg. And he made in Jerufalem engins the kings of Ifrael and Judah. 6. 12. 20. 26. invented by cunning men, to be on y 8 He was five and twenty years old That Pfal. towers, & upon the bulwarks,to fhoot when he began to reign, and reigned is the 18.30, arrows and great ftones wimal: & his fixteen years in Jerufalem. Lord is Deut. name fpread far abroad, for he was o 32. 15. marvellously helped till he was ftrong. Pro. 16 But when he was p ftrong, qhis 23. heart was up to 4. Chr. for he tranfgrefled against the LORD 25. 19. his God, and went into the r temple Num. of the LORD, to burn incenfe upon 19. 6. the altar of incenfe.

7 Now the rest of the acts of Jotham,and all his wars, and his ways,

And Jotham fept w his fathers, & perfect. they buried him in the city of David, 2 Kin & Ahaz his fon reigned in his fhead. 15. 32. SCHA P. XXVIILTON

hag reigning wickedly, is afflicted by the Syrian. 22 He groweth more idolatrous. 16 He dieth



Heb. 17 And Azariah the priest went in 5.4. after him,and w him fourfcore priefts Num. of the LORD,that were valiant men: 16.40. 18 And they withstood Uzziah the

Haz was a twenty years old when a 2 Kh he began to reign, and he reigned. 16.12. fixteen years in Jerufalem:but he did b. Ki. not that which was right in the fight 11. 9. of the LORD,b like David his father.d2 Ch.

I Kin. king, and faid unto him, Iiu arper-2 For he walked in the cways of the 21. 6. 9.25. taineth not unto thee, Uzziah,ro kings of Ifrael,and made alfo molten d jud 'and' burn incent unto the LORD, but images for d Baalim, serait sa .2.11. 13. 1. to the x priefts the fons of Aaron,that 3 Moreover he burnt incenfe ineval-2 Kt. Jey off fon of Hinnom,&f burne his 16. 32. children in the fire,after abomina-f Mic.. tions of heathen,whom die Lord had 6. 7. caft out before the children of Ifrael.g Lev.

1 Ch. are confecrated to burn incenfe go 6. ro out of the fanctuary, for thou haft #Nu. trefpaffed,neither hall it be for thine 18.7. y honour from the LORD GOD. * Exo. 19 Then Uzziah was wroth, and He facrificed alip, and burntin. 26. 30. 30.7. had a cenfer in his hand, to burn in-scenfe in the g high places, and on the b Deut, I Sa. cenfe, and a while he was wroth with hills, and under every hgreen tree. (12.2. 2.3. 15 Wherefore the LORD this Godde-1 Mic

jam. 4.6. 4 Num. 11. 33. Dan.4 31.

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Fudahs captivity Ahag is wickedness k2 Ki. livered nim into the hand of thecus of the houfe of the LORD, and kking of Syria, and they fiore him.out of the houfe of the king, and of 16.5. liki, and carried away a great mulcicudey princes,and n zave it unto the king 2Kin. 15.29. Of them captives, and brought them of Affyria, but he helped him not. 16.8. Heb. to Damafcus:and he was alfo deliver- 12 And in the time of this diftrefs Second ed into the hand of the king of Ifrael,did he trefpafs o yet more againit o Rev.

to the king.


verf 11.15.

who finore him a Ahaz. 16. IT 6 For Pekah the fun of Renaliah 13 For he q facrificed unto the gods 2 Tim. Gen. flew in Judah an hundred and twenty of Damafcus, which fmore him: and 3.13. thousand in one day, which were alhe fald, Because the gods of the kings Ifai. 41.40, vallant men, because they had forfa- of Syria 7 help them, therefore will 1.5.. 43, 44. 2Ch. Ken the LORD God of their fathers. Ifacrifice to them, that they may help? Pf.. And Zichri a mighty man of E- me: but they were the ruin of him 52.7. 11. 4. phraim flew Maafeiah the kings fon,& and of all Ifrael, Prov Azrikam the governour of the houfe, 14And Ahaz t gathered together the 10.7 2Chr. & Elkanah that was next to f king. vellels of the house of God,& cut in 92Kia. 8 And the children of Ifrael carried pieces the veffels of the houfe of God, 16. 12. verf. away captive of their m brethren, two and thut up the doors of the houfer Pfal. hundred thoufand women, fons and of the LORD, and he made him al- 115.3. 2,34 daughters, and took alfo away much tars in every corner of Jerufalem. Hab. 1. 6. fpoil from them, and brought the 25 And in every feveral city of 1.11. Gen. fpoil to Samaria, Judah he made high places to burn Judg. 9 Burn a prophet of the LORD was incenfe unto other gods.&provoked 16.23. there whef name was Oded: and he to anger the Lord God of his fathers, Jer. went out before the hoft that came to 26 Now the reft of his acts, and 44.17. Hold, because the LORD God of they are written in the book of the 16.8.7 Samaria, and faid unto them, Pe- of all his ways, firft and last, behold, Kin gour fathers o was wroth with Judah, kings of Judah and Ifrael.



11.4. R-vel. 18.5. q Lev. 25.39, 42. 71 Pet. 4.17,

Gen. 35 2



2. 13.

Hezekiahs good reign.12 The house of
God cleaned. 20 Sacrifices offered.
HEzekiah began to reign when he
14 was five and twenty years old,&

2 Chro.


21 A



hath them Ahaz with his hand, and ye have flain them in a and they buried him in the city, evea rage that preacheth up unto heaven. in Jerufalem: but they brought him 10 And now ye purpofe to keep under, not into the fepulchres of the kings Jerem. the children of Judah & Jerufalem for of Ifrael:and Hezekiah his fon reign25.29. ii. bondmen, & bondwomen unto you: ed in his ftead. 58.6. bus are there not with you,even with J.m. you, fins againity Lord your God? 11 Now hear me therefore, and deu verf. liver the captives again, which yehave 14. caken captive of your brethren: for ty fierce wrath of God is upon you. he reigned nine & twenty years in je 20.18. a Era 25.12. 11 Then certain of the heads of the rufalem : and his mothers name was izra children ofEphraim, Azariah fon of Abijah the daughter of Zechariahe 10. 14. Johanan,Berechiah fon of Mefhille- And he did that which was right 2 King moth, and Jehizklah fon of Shallum, in the fight of the LORD, according 2. 23.26. and Amala the fon ofHadlai, stood up to all that David his father had done. 23. 24. Kin. 4gainst them that came from the war, 3 He in the a Srft year of his reign, 2 King 14.24. 13 And faid unto them. Ye hall in & first moneth, bopened the doors 16.14. Rom. not bring in the captives hither for of the houfe of the LORD, and re- c Deuc. 12.19. whereas we have offended against the paired them. 2 King LORD already, ye intend to add 4 And he brought in the priests,and Chr. G. 22. more to our fins and to our trefpafs: the Levites, and gathered then coge- 15. 12. Luke for our trefpafs is great, and there is ther into the caft-ftreet, 6. 27. fierce wrath against Ifrael. ars And fald unto them, Hear me, ye 19. 10. Prov. 14 So the armed men left the cap- c Levites,d fanctifie now your felvs, + Heb. 25. 21, tives and the fpoil before the princes and fanctifie the house of the LORD ar God of your fathers, and carry forth in 1 Cor. 15 And the men which were expreffed the filthiness out of the holy place, f 4.12. by name, y rote up, and cook the cap 6 Fore our fathers have trefpaffed, 59.2. Luke tives,& with the spoil clothed all that and done that which was evil in the Pe 23.34. were naked among them, and arayed eyes of the LORD our God,and have 1.18. Alts them,& fhod them, & gave them to forfaken him, & have turned away fler 7.60. eat and to drink, & a anointed them, their faces from the habitation of the 2. 27. Job: and carried all the feeble of them up. LORD, and curned their backs. Fzek. 31.29. on affes,and brought them to Jericho, Alfo they have y fhur up the doors 3. 16. a Luke the city of palm-trees, to their bre- of the porch, and pue out the lamps, & 2Chr. 10.34. thren: then they retuned to Samaria. and have not burne incenfe, nor of 28. 24. 2kin. 16 At that time did king: Ahaz fend fored burnt-offerings in the b holy bikin. 6.557, Anto 6 kings of Affyria to help him, place, unto the God of Ifrael. 8. 64. Batth. 17 For c again the Edomites had 8Wherefore the wrath of the LORD Levit. 27.44. come and fmlecen Judah, and car was upon Judah and Jerufalem, and 6. 16. Lev. tied away captives. he hath delivered them tot trouble, 12Cht. 26.18.18 The Philiftins alfo had Invaded to aftonishment, and to hifling, as ye 28.5 Pfalm the cities of the low countrey and fee with your eyes. 18.26. of the fouth of Judah, and had taken 9 For lo,our fathers have fallen by Beth-fhemeth Bee Ajalon,&f G.de-k fword; & our fons,& our daughters, car Kin roth, and Shoco with the villages & our wives are in captivity for this. teringa 2.Chr. thereof,& b Timnah with the villages 10 Now it is in mine heart to make Deut mancovenant with the LORD God 28.24. of Ifrael that his fierce wrath may King turn away from us. BER98

and all the congregation.


Heb. 17.08.


thereof, Gimzo alfo and the villages Jof thereof and they dwelt there 1541. 19 For the Lord brought Judah low SA. because ofAhaz king off Ifrael for he 17.1 made Judah & naked and tranfgreffed bjofh, fore against the LORD, 20 And / Tilgath-pilnefer king of 12Chr. Ayria came unto him,and m diftref 21.2 fed him, but ftrengthned him not. 21 For Ahaz took away a portion. k Exod 1 BRARY MANU 32.25. King 12.30. 12 Kin. 15.29. m Léal.7-20. and 30. 1 and 3 115 26.30 60.

11 My fons be not now negligent: Lev. for the LORD hath a chofen you to 26.7. an ftand before him, to ferve him, and 1Kine that you fhould minifter unto him, g. 17 and burn incenfe. m2Kin



2 Then the Levices arofe, Mahath 11.4 the Ors be not deceived: Or, go not afry: Or erre 0, 1 Cop 16% 19, 27. 8. 14. De 10.3.


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av. 17.


The temple clean fed.

If Chron. The pallover Proclaimed. the fon of Amafat, and Joel the fon peters foun fed: andall this continued of Azariah, of the ions of the Keha- until the burnt-offering was finished. thites and of the fons of Merari Kish 29 And when they had made o an? verf. the fon of Abdi, and Az.riah the fon end of offering, the king and all that 27. 28. of Jahalelel and of the Gerfhonites were prefent with him, bowed themNum. Joah the fon of Zimmah, and Eden felvs and worshipped. 3.30. the fon of Joah: PIChr.



P 30 Moreover, Hezekiah the king, Pfal. 13 And of the fons of o Elizaphan; and the princes commanded the Le-50.it. Shimri and Jehiel; and of the fons et vites to fing praife unto the LORD, 9 Exod Afaph; Zechariah, and Mattaniah: with the words of David, and p of 12.27. Exod 14 And of the fons of Hemen: Jehiel Afaph the feer: and they fang praifes Levit. and Shimei and of the fons of Je- with gladnefs and they bowed their 33.20. duchun; Shemaiah, and Uzziel. heads and worshipped. 1 King 2.37.



Deut. 15 And thy gathered their brethren, 31 Then Hezekiah anfwered and faid,3 38. and fanctified themfelvs, and came, Now ye have confecrated your felvs LiKin. according to the commandinene of the unto the LORD, tome near & bring 6.3. King, by the words of the LORD, to q facrifices, and thank-offerings inte IKin cleanfe the houfe of the LORD, the houfe of the LORD.And the on- 8.63. 7.48. Exod 16 And the priests went into the q in- gregation brought in facrifices, and v 25.30. ner part of the house of the LORD, thank-offerings, and as manyes wer #2Chr. to cleanfe it, and brought out all the of a free heart, 7 burnt-offerings. Levit. uncleannefs that they found in the 32, And the number of the burnt-37.. Chro. temple of the LORD into the court offerings which the congregation. 1.5, 6.

1. G.


2.4. * Dan. 5.3.4. 2 Chro 28.24.

119. 60.

they fanctified the houfe of the Lord,
In eight days,and in the fixteenth day

of the house of the LORD. And the brought, mas f threef ore and ten Levites took it,tocarry it out abreac bullocks an hundred rams, and Pral into the brook Kidron. two hundred lambs: all thefe were? 10. 17 Now they began on the first day for a burnt-offering to the LORD. y Lev. of the first moneth to fantifie, and 23 And the confecrated things were fixod on the eighth day of the moneth came fi indred oxen,& three thousand fheep 29.13. Pfal. they to the porch of the LORD:fo 24 ut the prlefts were too few, To Lev. they could not flay all the burnt-23. 13. offerings: wherefore their brethren Numb, - of the first moneth they made an end Levices did u help them till work 15.5, Exod. 18 Then they went in to Hezekiah was nded, and until the other priests 7, 10. the king, and fald, We have cleanfee had fan&tified themfelvs for Levites Gen. 24-4all the houfe of the LORD, and the were more x upright in heart to fan-35. 14. Gen. 22.3. a Num. Ikin. veffels thereof, and the x fhew-bread 35 And alfo burnt-offerings were in 28.7. abundance,with the y fat of the peace-b icht. 21.8. IChr. 19 Moreover, all the vellels which offerings,& the drink-offerings, tor 29. 9. 15.26. kingAhaz in his reign did x caft away a every burnt-off ring. So fervice, of Thef. Lev. In his tranfgreffion, have we prepared houfe of the LORD was fer in ord 1.2. 19, and fanctifed, and behold, they are36And Hezekiah brejoyced,and all y 2c. 4.14.

Jer. Z.3.

altar of burnt-offering, with all the lie themfelys, than the priests.

with all veffels


Heb. before the altar of the LORD. people that God had prepared the 2 Cor. 201 Then Hezekiah f king rofe y car-people:for thing was done fuddenly. 12. 2. 9.2.1. and ly and gathered rulers of the city, 10, 10. and went up to the houfe of the Lord Leylt. 21And they brought a feven bullocks 8.14 and feven rems, and feven lambs and Lev. feven he-goats for b a fin-offering fer the kingdom, and for the fanctuary and for Judah and he commanded & Ephraim and Manaffeh, that they 2Chro. 415. the pricfts the fons of Aaron to offer fhould come to the houfe of the Lord 15. 25. Col. them on the altar of the LORD. e at Jeruflem, to keep the d paffoverb 2Kin.

Hezekiah proclaimeth a filemn pass-
over. 13 the feast is kept fourteen
day 17 The people bleed.

Nd Hezekiah fent to a all Ifrael S2KIA.
Judah and wrote letters alfo to15. 25.


22 So they killed the bullocks, and unto the LORD God of Ifrael.

1.20. Gal.



the priests received the blood and For the king had e taken counfel,e Deut. 3.13. e fprinkled it on the altar: likewife and his princess and all the congrega-16.5.6. John when they had killed the rams, they rion in Jerufalem, to keep the paf-d 1Cor. 3.16. Sprinkled the blood upon the altar:fover in f the fecond moneth. Ephef they killed alfo the lambs and they 3 For they could not keep is at that Levit. 1. 10. fprinkled the blood upon the altar. time,h becaufef priests had not fanc-23.5. fRom. 13 And they brought forth the he-tified themfelvs fufficiently, neithere Pfal. 3.25. goats for the fin-offering, before the had the people gathered themfelvs112. 5. icht. king and the congregation, and they together to Jerufalem. OfExod 26.4 d laid their hands upon them: 4 And the thing pleafed the king, 11.2,3. 24 And the prieftskilled them,& they and all the congregation. Numb. 25.6.made é reconciliation with their blood s So they eftablished a decree,to make 9. 10, Chr. upon. altar, to make an fatonement proclamation throughout fall Ifrael,11. 21.9. for all Ifrael for the king commanded from Beer-fheba even to Dan, theyg 2Chr. and that the burnt-offering and the fin- fhould come to keep paffover unto 29. 17. 29.29. offering should be made for all Ifrael. LORD God of Ifrael at Jerufalem, Num. iChr. And heg fet the Levites in houfefor they had not done it of a long 9. 10. 23.5. of the Lord with cymbals, with pfal-time in fuch fort as it was written. Kin. Num. teries, and with harps, according to 6 So the polts went with the letters 15.20. 10.3. the commandment of David, and offrom the king and his princesk Judg. 1 Chr. b Gad the kings feer, and Nathan the throughout all Ifrael and Judah, and 20.1. 15.24. prophet: for fo was the command- according to the commandment of Ezek. and ment of the LORD by his prophets, the king,laying,Ye children of Ifrael,33.17. 26.6. 26 And the Levites food with the I turn again unto the LORD God of Jerem. Palm Inftruments of David,& the priests Abraham, Ifaac, and Ifrael,and m he 4. 1. 36.1. k with the trumpets. will return to the remnant of you,Joel M2Chr. 27 And Hezekiah commanded to that are n efcaped out of the hand of2. 12. 23. 18. offer the burnt-offering upen altar; the kings of Affyria.24 m Pfal.

Chr. & when the burnt-offering began, the And be not ye o like your fathers, 90.3. 20. 18. I fong of & LORD began affe with the and like your brethren, which tref-1 Sam. Heb. trumpets, and with the inftrumenes paffed against the LORD God of2.30. they ordained by m David king of Ifrael, their fathers, who therefore p gaven 2Kin. fangthe 8 And all congregation worthlp them up to defolation, as ye fee. 15.19. fped, & the fingers fang,and ftrum. 8 Now 29. a Chr. 28. 29. Ezek.30.18.7 2Chr. 29.3.


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The pallover kepr

may turn away from you.

Chap. xxxj. raelatry deftroyed. Exed 8Now be ye note ftiff necked as your And all the congregation of Ju-02Chro 32.9 fathers were but yield your felvs un dah,with the priests and the Levites, 13.9. 2Chro. to the LORD, and enter into his and all the congregation that came 10. 36. 13. fan&tury, which he hath fan&ified out of Ifrael, and the ftrangers that 2Chr. 2Chr. for ever: and ferve the LORD your came out of the land of Ifrael, and 29. 20. 7.14. God, that the fiercenefs of his wrath that dwelt in Judah, rejoyced. Num, 6 So there was great joy in Je-6.23, D For if yer turn again unto the rufalem for fince the time of Solo-27. LORD,your brethren, and your chil- mon the fon of David king of Ifrael,Heb. Pfalm dren ball find compaffion before there was not the like in Jerufalem.In the them that lead them captive, fo they 27 Then the o priefts the p Leviteshtita fhall come again into this land: forarofe,and q bleffed & people:nd theirtion of the LORD your God is gracious and voice was heard and their prayer his hom merciful, and will not turn away his came up to his holy dwelling place, linefse Plaim face from you, if ye return unto him, even unto heaven. to So the pofts pafled from city to CHAP. XXXI. 63.5 city through the countrey of Ephraim 1 The people is forward in destroying but they? laughed them to fcorn, and Nal that were prefent, went 21.3. and Mananch, even unto Zebulun: ofidclairies In offering and tithes. Ow when this was finished, a Prov.


mocked them.

u Acts 17.33 x Jam. Nevertheless,divers of Afher,and out to the cities of Judah, and brake jo 4. 10. J Pfal. Manatleh,and of Zebulun x humbled the images in picces, and cut down o. 11. themfelvs, and came to Jerufalem, the b groves, and threw down high Ezra 110.3. Acts 12 Alfo in Judah,thay hand of God Places and the altars out of all Ju-10.1,2. 4.32. was to give them one heart to do y dah and Beniamin, in Ephraim alfo 62 Kia. Exod commandment of the king and of the and Manaffeh, une:1 they had utterly S-4 12. 6. princes, by the a word of the LORD. deltroyed them all. Then all the chil-Chro 62 Chr. 13 And there affembled at Je- dren of Ifrael returned every man to 14.3. 29. 20. rufalent much people,to keep the feaft his poffeffion into their own cities. e2Chr. of unleavened bread in the fecond 24 And Hezekiah appointed the 28. 24. moneth a very great congregation. courtes of the priests and y Levites,erchte 42Chr. 14 And they arofe, & cock away the after their courfes every man ac-23 6 29.34. altars that were in Jerufalem, & all cording to his fervice, the pricfts and and Exod he altars for incenfe took they away, d Levices for burne-offerings, & for 24. 1. 12.3. and cft them into the brook Kidren. peace-offerings to minister, and to Nume ICor. 15 Then they killed the passover give thanks,and to praife in the geces 11.28. on the fourteenth day of the fecond of the scenes of the LORD. Num. Numb, moneth:& the priests and the Levices 3 He appointed alfo kings portion 4.3. 19. 20. were d afhamed, and fanctified them of his fubftance, for the burnt-off-r-Ch Chr. felvs, and brought in the burne- Ings to wit, for the g morning and 26.26 offerings into the house of the Lord. evening burnt-offerings, and the and Pfalm 16 And they stood in their place af- burnt-offerings for the h fabbaths, & 29.3. 51. 15, ter their manner, e according to the for new noons,& for the ffet feafts Exod 16. law of Mofes the man of God: the as it is written in law of the Lord.29.38. 1 Cor. priefts fprinkled the blood,which they 4 Moreover he commanded the peo- Nu 11.30. received of the hand of the Levites. ple that dwelt in Jerufalem, to give 2.9. and the 10, 1 Exod 17 For there were many in the con- the k. portion of the priests 12. 15. gregation that were not fanctified: Levites, that they might be encoura-12. 1 Cor. therefore the Levites had the charge ged in the m law of the LORD. Lev. 5.7. of the killing of the paffovers, for ST And as foon as the command- 23.2. Luke every one that was not clean, to ment came abroad, the children of If-Neh. 12. 1. fanctifie them unto the LORD. rael brought in abundance the n first- 13.10. Match. 18 For a multitude of the people, fruits of corn, wine, and oyi, and com 16. 6. even many of Ephraim & Man. Heh, honey, and of all the increafe of the 9. 14. Pfalm Ifachar & Zebulun,had not cleanf- field and the o tithe of all things mMatt. 71.4ed themfelvs, yet did they eat the brought they in abundantly. 13.52. and paffover otherwife than it was writ- 6 And concerning the children of Mal 73-4. ten:bur Hezekiah prayed for them, Ifrael and Judah, that dwelt in the ci-2.7. Levic. faying,good Lord pardon every one, ties of Judah, they alfs brought in fai. 23.5 6, 19 That g prepareth his heart to feek the tithes of oxen and fheep, and the 8.20. 7.8- God, the LORD God of his fathers, tithe of holy things, which weren Exo. Deut. though he be not clean fed according confecrated unto the LORD their 23.9. o Lev. 16.5. to the b purification of fanctuary. God, and laid them † by heaps.




20 And the LORD hearkned to 7 In the g third moneth they began 27.30. to the Hezekiah, and healed the people. to lay the foundation of the heaps,&p Delite 21 And the children of Ifrael that finished them in ther feventh moneth.14.28. were prefent at Jerufalem, kept the 8 And when Hezekiah, and the prin- Hebe 40. 2. feaft of kunleavened bred feven days ces came and faw the heaps, they blef-beaps. Or with great gladnefs: and the Levites, fed the LORD and this people Ifrael.heaps bad and the priefts praifed the LORD 9 Then Hezekiah queftioned with Gen. under- day by day, finging wid loud in- the priests, and the Levites concern- 14. 14 Band- ftruments unto the LORD, ing the heaps. Judg. ing in 22 And Hezekiah fpaket comfor-fo And Azariah the chief prieft of 15. 16. the tably unto all the Levites, taught the houfe of Zadok, anfwered him,q2Chr. good. the 7 good knowledge of the LORD: and faid, Since the people began to 15. 10. Ifai. and they did eat throughout the bring the offerings into the houfe oir Lev. 56. 10. feat,feven days, offering peace-offer- the LORD,we have had u enough to 23. 14. 2 Tim. ings, and making a confeffion to the eat and have left plenty: for the Gen ion to the L 4.2. LORD God of their fathers. LORD hath x bleffed his people,and 14, 20. Matth. 23 And the whole aflembly took that which is left, is this great ftore. Gen. 15.14. counfel to keep other feven days:and 11 Then Hezekiah commanded 31,35Ecc. they kept other feven days wgladnefs. To prepare y chambers in the house off Heb. 12. 10. 24 For Hezekiah king of Judah did, the LORD, and they prepared them, the Rom. give to the congregation a thousand 12 And brought in the offerings ref 12.3, Bullocks, and feven thoufand fheep: and the tithes,and the dedicate things the m Pial and the princes gave to the congregat faithfully: over which Cononiak the heat, 02 50.23. tion a thousand bullocks, and fen MIK in. thousand fheep and a great number 25. 18. 2 Chron. 24.6. u Mal. 3, 10, 11 x Gen. 12. 2. 1 King 6. 5. 1 Tim. 6. 8.63. of priefts LnAlfied themselvs, Heb.infaithfulness.

Levite a Kin



36. 16.

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