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and 9.

The plague of hee and flies, Exodus. Murrain and blains. Pfal. that thou mayett know, that there is out from thee, and I will intreat the 83. 10. none like unto the LORD our God. LORD, thar the fwarms of Alles may 11 And the frogs fhall depart from depart from Pharaoh, from his fer16. thee, and from thy houses, and from vants, and from his people to morkExo. thy fervants, and from thy people: row:but let not Pharaoh z deal deceit-21 KL 32. 10. they fhall remain in the river only. fully any more, in not letting the peo- 18. 27. Ezek. 12 And Mofes and Aaron went out ple go to facrifice to the Lord. Galat. 36. 37. from Pharaoh,and Mofes k cried unto 30 And Mofes went out from Pha- 6.7. Jam. 5. the LORD, becaufe of the frogs which raoh, and intreated the Lord. Job 13. 17. 18. he had brought against Pharaoh. 31 And the Lord did according to 9. I'v.9, r3 And the LORD did laccording to the word of Mofes: and he removed Pfalm 10, 11. the word of Mofes and the frogs died the fwarms of Alles from Pharaoh, from 78.34. Heb. out of the houfes, out of the villages, his fervants, and from his people: 36,37. Heaps, and out of the fields. there remained not one. v. S. heaps. 32 And Pharaoh hardned his heart Mar. at this time alfo, neither would he let 6.40. the people go.

14 And they gathered them together upon + heaps, and the land m ftank. 15 But when Pharaoh faw that m Exo. there was n refpite, he thardned his heart, and hearkned not unto them; as the LORD had faid.


The murrain of beafts. 8 The plague
of boils and blains: 22 and of hail.
35 Pharaoh is yet hardned.
Hen faid unto

16 And the LORD faid unto Mo-

TaGo in unto Pharaoh,and tell him, 4 Exo.
Thus faith the LORD God of the 8. I.
Hebrews, Let my people go, that they Galat.

2 For if thou refufe to let them go, Am. 7.


2. 20. o rod, and fmite the duft of the land, Revel. that it may become lice throughout 16. 13. all the land of Egypt. n Eccl. 17 And they did fo for Aaron may ferve me. S. 11. ftretched out his hand with his rod. " +Heb. and fimote the duft of the earth, and it and wilt hold them ftill, made became plice, in man and in beaft: all 3 Behold, the & hand of the Lord is bExo bis the duft of the land became lice upon thy cattel which is in the field, 8. 19. beart throughout all the land of Egypt. upon the horses, upon the affes, upon beavy. 18 And the magicians did fo with the came's, upon the oxen, and upon Exod. their inchantments to bring forth lice, the theep: there fhall be a very grievous 4. 14. but they could not:fo there were lice e murrain. Ifa. 26. upon man, and upon beaft. 4 And the LORD fhall d fever between 5.3. 10. 19 Then the magicians faid unto the cattel of Ifrael, and the cartel of 4 Exo. 8.22. ov. 17. Pharaoh, this is the r finger of God: Egypt; and there fhall nothing die of Mart. Pfal and Pharaohs heart was hardned, and all that is the childrens of Ifrael.


LORD had faid.
20 And the LORD faid unto Mo-

Eccl. 3.1, 11. Exo.

he hearkned not unto them; as the 5 And the LORD appointed a fet 6. 22.
time, laying,f Tomorrow the Lord
fhall do this thing in the land.
fes, Rife up early in the morning, and 6 And the Lord did that thing on
stand before Pharaoh: lo, he cometh the morrow; and g all the carrel of E-
forth to the water, and fay unto him, gypt died but of the cartel of the
Thus faith the LORD, Let my people children of Ifrael died not one.
go, that ferve me.
And Pharaoh and behold,




7. 14.

19. Luke 10. 18. 21 Elfe if thou wilt not let my peo- there was not one of the cattel of 78. 50. Luke ple go, behold, I will fend fwarms the Ifraelites dead. And the heart of 11. 20. of Ates upon thee,, and upon thy Pharaoh wash hardned,and he did noth Exo. with fervants, and upon thy people, and let the people go.. Matt. into thy houfes and the houfes of g And the Lord fald unto Mofes, 12. 28. the Egyptians fhall be full of fwarms and unto Aaron Take to you i hand-i Exo. Or, 4 of files, and alfo the ground whereon fuls of athes of the furnace, and lerg. 16. mix- they are. Mofes fprinkle it towards the heaven Am. 4. ture of 22 And I will fever in that day the in the fight of Pharaoh: infects. land of Gothen, in which my people And it fhall become fmall duft in Pfalm dwell, that no fwarms of Alles fhall be all the land of Egypt, and fhall be a 78.45. there, to the end thou mayeft know, kboil breaking forth with blains upon k Lev. Exo, that I am the Lord in the midst of the man, and upon beast, throughout all 3. 18, 3. 18. earth. the land of Egypt. 19, 20.


to And they took afhes of the furnace,& ftood before Pharaoh and Mo- /Dens. fes fprinkled it up toward heaven: and 28. 27.

2 Cor. 23 And I will put a divifion between 6. 14. my people, and thy people: to morrow t Gen. fhall this fign be. 43 32 24 And the LORD did fo: and there it became a boil breaking forth with Revel and came a grievous fwarm of flies into the blains, upon man, and upon beaft. 16, 2. 46.34 houfe of Pharaoh, and into his fervants 11 And the magicians m could not Deut. houfes, and into all the land of Egypt: ftand before Mofes, becaufe of the m2 Ti. 3.919. 7.5. the land was corrupted by reafon of boils: for the boil was upon the magi- Exod. and 12, the fwarm of flies. cians, and upon all the Egyptians. 7.11a 30,31. 25 And Pharaoh called for Mofes, 12 And the LORD hardned the 12. Ifaiah and for Aaron, and faid, Go ye, facri- heart of Pharaoh, and he hearkned and 8. 44. 19. fice to your God in the land. not unto them; as the LORD had 18, 19, Ezr. 26 And Mofes faid, It is not meet fo fpoken unto Mofes. Revel. 9. T. to do: for we fhall facrifice the aboml- 13 And the LORD faid unto Mo- 16, 2 Gen. nation of the Egyptians to the Lord fes, Rife up early in the morning, and Exe. 4.7. our God: Lo,thall we facrifice tabo- ftand before Pharaoh, and fay unto 4.21. and 13. mination of the Egyptians before their him, Thus faith the Lord God of the Revel eyes, and will they not ftone us? Hebrews, Let my people go, that they 16. 11. Exo. 27 We will go three days journey into may ferve me. o Mic 10. 26. wilderness, & facrifice to the LORD 14 For I will at this time fend all my 6. 13. and 5. our God, as he fhall x command us. plagues upon othy heart, and upon 1 Kin 1,328 And Pharaoh faid, I will let you thy fervants, and upon thy people: 9.38. and 3. go, that ye may facrifice to the that thou mayet know that there is Ifalah 18. LORD your God in the wilderness: none like me in all the earth. Matt. only you fhall not go very far away: 28. 20., Vintreat for me. Ats 5. 29 And Mofes faid, Behold, I go



15 For now I will stretch out my pv. 3. hand, that I may fmite thee and thy 6 16 people with peftifence, and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.

16 And


Tra. 34-3.

105. 35.



16. 18,

7 'vi 8, 29. Aft. 8. 24. Ezr, G. 19,

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Of Hail.

Of Lockfis.


Rom. 16 And in very deed q for this cause ness. 27 Pharaohs hardness Chap. X. have I + raised thee up, for to fhew in Heb. thee my power, & that my name may A in the Lord fald unto Mofes, Go 4 Exo. be declared throughout all the earth. unto : thee 17 As yet exalteft thou thy felf his fervants, that I might thew thefe 7.11. hardned his heart, and the heart of Pfalm for I have 7.14. ftand againft my people, that thou wilt not my figns before him. up, or, let them go? conftituted and fet thee.

18 Behold, to morrow about this ears of thy fon, and of thy fons fon, 13.8. 2 And that thou mayeft tell b in the Exo. time, I will caufe it to rain a very what things I have wrought in E-Pfalm grievous hail, fuch as hath not been gypt, and my figns which I have done 44. 1. In Egypt, fince the foundation there amongst them, that ye may know how Ephef that I am the LORD. 6.4.

of, even until now.

to Pharaoh, and faid unto him, Thus 2.4
3 And Mofes and Aaron came in un- c Rom
faith the LORD God of the Hebrews, Ifaiah
How long wilt thou refufe to c humble 1.5.
thy felf before me? Let my people go, d Prov
that they may ferve me.
30. 27.


4 Elfe, if thou refufe to let my peo- Y. 17. ple go, behold, to morrow will I bring † Heb.


16.4. 19 Send therefore now, and gather
TEXO. thy catrel, and all that thou haft in the
field for upon every man & beaft which
Gen. fhall be found in the field,and fhall not
6. 20.
be brought home, the hail fhall come
Pfalm down upon them, and they fhall die.
83. 17,
20 He that u fea ed the word of the
18. LORD amongit the fervants of Pha-
raoh, made his fervants and his cattel the d locufts into thy coast.
flee into the houses.

21 And he that regarded not the
word of the LORD, left his fervants
and his cartel in the field.

the earth, that one cannot be able to Exo. S And they fhall cover the + face of v. 15. fee the earth; and they shall eat the 2.32. e refidue of which is efcaped which Joel

10. 11.

22 And the LORD faid unto Mo- remaineth unto you from the hall; and 1:4 fes, Stretch forth thine hand toward thall eat every tree which groweth for Exo. heaven, that there may be hail in all you out of the field. the land of Egypt, upon man,and upon beat, and upon every herb of the field, ý houfes of all thy fervants,&f houfes 23. 13. 6 And they fhall fill thy houfes, and Joshua 23.33. throughout the land of Egypt. Exod. 23 And Mofes ftretched forth his fathers, nor thy fathers fathers have 18. 21. of all the Egyptians; which neither thy I Sam. 19. 16. rod toward heaven and 20, fent x thunder and y hail,& fire ran the earth,unto this day. And he turned 29. 6. and the LORD feen, fince the day that they were upon Prov. 19. along upon the ground, & the LORD himself, and went out from Pharaoh. Pfal 7 Jof rained hall upon the land of Egypt. 24 So there was hail, and fire ming- How long fhall this man be fafnare 34 7 And Pharaohs fervants faid to him, 107. Job38. led with the hail, very grievous, fuch unto us? Let the men go,that they may Heb 22,23. as there was a none like irinally land ferve the LORD their God: Knoweft who z Pfal. of Egypt,fince it became a nation. 78.47. 25 And the hail fmote throughout thou not yet that Egypt g is deftroyed? av. 23. all the land of Egypt, all that was in Pfalm the field, both man and beaft: and the 105. hall fmote every herb of the field, and 32. brake every tree of the field. 6 Exc. 26 Only in the land of Gothen, 8.22 where the children of Ifrael were, was Ifaiah there 6 no hail. 32. 19. 27 And Pharaoh fent, and called must hold ka feait unto the LORD. Exo. for Mofes and Aaron, and faid unto 10. 16, them, c I have finned this time: the Lord be / fo with you, as I will let you 10 And he faid unto them, Let the 54 1 Sam. LORD is righteous, and I and my go, and your little ones: m Look to it, 1230 26, 21. people are wicked. for evil is before you.

8 And Mofes & Aaron were brought EccL again unto Pharaoh: and he faid unto 12. 1. them, Go ferve the Lord your God: butt who are they that shall go? Eph. young,& with our old, with our fons, 24, 15 9 And Mofes faid,We will go with our Joh. 6.4. & with our daughters with our? Blocks Prov. and with our herds will we go: for we 3.2.

k Exo.


4 Exo. 28 4 Intreat the LORD (for it is 11 Not fo: go now ye that are men, S. 28. enough) that there be no more mighty and ferve the Lord, for that x you did Jer. 31.and Heb. tthunderings and hall; and I will let defire: and they were driven out from 18.8. 13.21. voyces you go, and ye fhall stay no longer. of Gel 29 And Mofes fald unto him, As foon Pharaohs prefence. Pfalme as I am gone out of f city,I will fpread Stretch out thine hand over the land 69. * Pfal 12 And LORD faid unto Moles, 119 29.3.4. abroad? my hands unto the Lord, and of Egypt for the locufts, that they may 52.3. x. 33. the thunder fhall ceafe, neither fhall come up upon the land of Egypt, and Gen. 2.Chr. there.be any more hall: thou mayeft ear every herb of the land, even all 4. 13. know, how that the fearth is Lords. that the hall hath left. Pfalm 30 But as for thee and thy fervants, 13 And Mofes ftretched forth his 105 143. 6.I know that ye will g not yet fear the rod over the land of Egypt, and the 3435 7 PAL fffal LORD God. 24. 1. 31 And the flax, and the barley was land all that day, and all that night: Lord brought o an eaft-wind upon the Deut. 1 Cor. fmitten: for the barley was in the ear, and when it was morning, the east28. 38. 10, 26, and the flax was bolled. Rev. 2. Deut. 32 But the wheat & the rle were not 10. 14. fmitten: for they were not grown up. land of Egypt, & refted in all coafts Joel & wind brought thep locufts. 3,5,7 14 And locufts went up over all fV-5 Pfalm 33 And Mofes went out of the city of Egypt: q very grievous were they: be- 23. 135. 6. from Pharaoh, and fpread abroad his fore them:there werer no fuch locufts as Prov. hands unto the LORD: and the they, neither after them shall be fuch. 11.6. 16.6. thunders and hail b ceased, and the rain Kin, was not poured upon the earth. 15 For they covered the face of the 1942 34 And when Pharaoh faw that the darkned; and they did eat every herb whole carth, fo that the land was Pfal. Heb. rain, and the hall, and the thunders of the land, & all the fruit of the trees, dark were ceafed, he finned yet more, and ? which the hall had left; and there re78. 46 Or hardned his heart, he and his fervants. mained not any green thing in & trees, and bid- 35 And the heart of Pharaoh was or in the herbs of the field, through den. hardned, neither would he let the all the land of Egypt. b Jam. children of Ifrael go as the Lord had 5:17. Spoken by Mofes. 18. Exod. 10. 18. 19. i Exod. 7. 14. 2 Chr. 28. 32, and 36. 13. Exod. 4. 21.



16 Then Pharaoh called for Mofes 9.27.
finned against the Lord your God,
and Aaron in hafte: and he faid, I have 26. 21
I sam
и again if you.
ux Sa
17 Now therefore forgive, I pray Num
15. 24
shees 21, Za



sa The plague of locusts 2x of dark wo

a. 26. 11. x Jon. 3.6. Heb. Jet not tis


unto. Rev. 6. 1.

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Thick darkness.

Exodus. The pafchallamb *1 Kl. thee, my fin only this once,& intreat know how that the LORD aoth put? Ifa. 16.6. the LORD your God, that he may difference between the Egyptians 49. 29. + Heb. Exod. take away from me this y death only. and Ifrael. 8 And all thefe thy fervants fhall come Heat 8.28. 18 And he went out from Pharaoh, down unto me, and i bow down them- of anand y, and z intreated the LORD. 28. 19 And the Lord turned a mighty felves unto me, faying, Get thee out,& ger Rom. ftrong welt-wind,which took away the all the people that follow. thee; and Num. 15.30. locuffs, and caft them into the a Red after that I will go out and he went 12. 3. 72K fea: there remained not one locuit in out from Pharaoh in a great anger. Mar. 99 And the Lord faid unto Mo.es, 3.5. 440. all the coafts of Egypt. Mat. 26 But the LORD hardned Pha- Pharaoh thall not hearken unto you; Rem. 5.44 raohs heart, fo that he would not let that k my wonders may be multiplied 9. 16. in the land of Egypt. 7Rom. Exod. the children of Ifrael go. 10 And Moles and Aaron did all 2. 5. 8.28. 21 F And the LORD faid unto Mos a Heb. les, Stretch out thine hand toward thefe wonders before Pharaoh: and the and 11. 29. heaven, that there may be darkness Lord / hardned Pharaohs heart, fo that 9. 22. Exo. over the land of Egypt, even darkness he would not let the children of lfrael Job.12. go out of his land. 37, 39. 4.21. which may be felt.


Rev. 22 And Mofes ftretched forth his 16. 10. hand toward heaven: and there was Job thick darkness in all the land of Egypt 24. 13. three days. Mat.

23 They a faw not one another,neither

5. 14. rofe any from his place for three days;

2 This 4 moneth fhall be unto you the 4.19. Joh. beginning of moneths: it fhall be the 12. Is firit moneth of the year to you.

Job of Ifrael hade light 19.5. In their dwellings. <Exo. 24 And Pharaoh called unto Mo9.26. fes,and faid, Go ye, ferve the LORD; 3 Speak ye unto all the congrega. 12. V. Exo. only let your Ho ks and your herds Je 6. be stayed: flet your little ones alfo go tion of Ifrael, saying, In. the b tenth 617 day of this moneth they fhall take to 18, 19. &Lev. with you." c Joh. 9. 22. 25 And Mofes faid, Thou must give us them every man ca lamb, according to alfog facrifices,& burnt-offerings, we the houfe of their fathers, a lamb for 16.9. may facrifice unto the LORD our God, an houfe.

I. 29.


I Cor.

26 Our cattel alfo fhall go with us, And if the houshold be too little 5.7. Exod. a Mat. there fhall not an hoof be left behind: for the lamb, let him & his neighbour 26. 18. 29.36, 32, 41, for thereof mult we take to ferve the next unto his houfe, take it according Gen. Lord our God; and we know not with to the number of the fouls;d every man I Per. fhall make I. 19. 31. 18. what we must ferve the Lord, until according to his eating, Mal. your count for the lamb. Deut. we come thither. 17. 16. 27 Bar the LORD i hardned Pha-Your lamb fhail bee without blemish, I. 14. Hof. raobs heart, and he would not let a male of the firit year: ye fhall take Lev. 23.5 out from the sheep or from the goats. 9.3. them go." i Exo. 28 And Pharaoh faid unto him, Ger. 6 And ye fall keep it up until the &2 Ch. 4:21. thee from me take heed to thy felf, ffourteenth day of the fame moneth:& 30 15. b Joh. Heb. fee my face kno more: for in that day 7 whole affembly of the congregation 11.9. of Ifrael fall kill it in the evening. Mar. 11. 27. thou feeft my face, thou shalt die. 7. And they fhall take of the blood: 15. 25, Rey. 29 And Mofes faid, Thou halt fpoken 16. 10, well, I will fee thy face again no more. and i ftrike it on the two fide-pofts, and 1 33-34on the upper door-poft of the houses, Heb. wherein they thall eat it.

9. 13.

8 And they fhall eat the flesh in that night, roft with fire, and/unleavenedo, 29. bread, and with m bitter herbs they 11 COL.

thail eat it.


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11.and 9. 20.

Excd. 11. 4.


1 Gods me ffage to the Ifraelites to bor-
row their neighbours jewels. 4 The
death of the firft-born thre.itned.

CHAP. XII. The paffeover is inftituted. 20 The 31 The Ifrae firft-born are flain. lites driven out of the land. ANd the LORD Ipake unto Mofes 4 Exo.

fayinnd Aaron, in the land of Egypt, 13




LORD not of it



with water, but roft with fire
head with his legs, and with the pur-
tenance thereof.

m Exo.
1. 14.
n Joh.

10 And ye fhall let nothing of it remain until the morning & that which 3. 11. remaineth of it until the morning, ye Col


1.2.. ePfal. 106:



32. 31 A Yet will I bring one plague more Exo. upon Pharaoh; and tipon Egypt ; after3.22. wards he will let you go hence: When and 12, he shall let you go, he thall furely thrult you out hence altogether. 2Speak now in the ears of the people, and let every man b borrow of his thall p burn with fire. 11 And thus shall ye eat it; with q 1Per neighbour, and every woman of her Exod. neighbour, jewels of filver, and jewels your loins girded,your shoes on your 1. 13. wegend £1 feet, and your ftaff in your hand: &yer Mat. shall eat it in hafte: it is the LORDS 11. 12. 12 For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will fimite all Joh. of Egypt, both man and beaft & against all the i Thef gods of Egypt I will execute judge 1. 10. Heb. ment: I am the LORD.




13 And the blood thall be to you for For a

A&.2. And the Lord gave the people cfavor in the fight of the Egyptians. paffeover. $7 Exod. Moreover, the man Moles d was very 3.21. great In the land of Egypt, in the fight and in the 39. 21. of the people.st d2 sa 4 And Mofes faid, Thus faith the .7.9. LORD, eAbout midnightwill I go out Eft.9.4 Into the midst of Egypt. Exo. And an the tri-born in the land a token upon the houfes where you deftru. 12.23.of Egypt fall die, from the fairft-born are, and when I lee the blood. I will con. Amos of Pharaoh,that fitteth upon his throne, t pals over you, and the plague thall Exo. 5. 17. even unto the firft-born of the maid- not be upon you to deftroy you I Deut. Exo. fervant that is behind the mill, and when I fmite the land of Egypt. 14 And this day fhall be unto you 16. 11. 12 29. all the first born of beafts. & Exo. 6 And there fhall be a great cry for a memorial and you shall keep Neh. 12. 29. throughout all the land of Egypt, fuch it a feast to the LORD, throughout 8.9,12, Mat as there was none like it, nor fhall be your generations: you thall keep it ux I Co. 5-7, S. 24. 41. ke it any more dimukade jangka feaft by an ordinance x for ever.. heJoth. 7-But against any of the children of 15y Seven days thall ye eat unleaven- Deut. 10. 21. Ifrael fhall for a dog move his tongue, Job 5. agathit man or bealt: that ye may

ed 16.1. y Lev.


23.5 6,7,8. Deut. 16.35 5 S

TA-born flain.

Chap. xij. The ordinance of the pallover. 1 Co. ed bread,even firft day yez fhall puc 32 Alfo take your flocks, and your Exo. 7. away leaven out of your honfes: for herds, as ye have fald: and be gone, 9. 28. Luke whofoever eateth leavened bread, from and t blefs me alfo. and y. 12.1. the first day until the feventh day, that 33 And the Egyptians were u urgent 28. Mat. foul fhall be a cut off from Ifrael. upon the people that they might end u Exo. 16. 12. 16 And in the first day there fball be them out of the land in hafte: for they 11. 1. Gen. 6 an holy convocation,& la the feventh fald, We be x all dead men. Pal 17. 14 day there fhall be an holy convocation 34 And the people took their dough 105. Lev. to you: no manner of work thalle be before it was leavened their y knead- 33. 23.2. done in them, fave that w every man ing-troughs being bound up in their Genef. 37, muft ear, only may be done of you. clothes upon their fhoulders. 20.3. 21, 24, 17 And ye shall obferve the feat of 35 And the children of Ifrael did Exo. 27.35 unleavened bread: for in this felflame according to the word of Mofes and 8. 39. Exo. day have I brought your armies out of they z borrowed of Egyptians jewels Exe. 20.5 the land of Egypt: therefore hall ye of filver, and jewels of gold, and 3.21 23, 29. obferve this day in your generations, raiment.

a Prov.

Nu by an ordinance forever. 20. 16.

15. 14

36 And the Lord gave the people 16.7. 18 In the firit moneth, on the 4 favor in the fight of the Egyptians,fe Exo. V. 1. fourteenth day of the moneth at even, that they & lent unto then Juch things 3.21. ye shall ear unleavened bread, until as they required: and they ipoiled the Gen. the one and twentieth day of the Egyptians. moneth at even. 37 And the children of Ifrael jour- Gen. 19 Seven days fhall there be no neyed from e Ramefes to Succoth, 47. 11. .15. leaven found in your houfes for abourd fix hundred thousand on foot d Pfal. whofoever eateth that which is lea that were men, betides children. 105.7 vened, even that foul fhall be cut off 38 And at mixed multitude went up 37. from the congregation of Ifrael, whe- alfo with them; and focks, and herds, Genef. ver.ther he be a g ffranger or born in the even very much cartel. 15.5. 43.49. land.



39 And they baked unleavened cakes + Heb. 20 Ye hall eat nothing leavened: in of dough, which they brought forth great all your habitations fhall ye eat un- out of Egypt, for it was not leavened: mix leavened bread. because they were thruft out of E-ture. 21 Then Mofes called for all the gypt, and could nor rarry, neither elders of Ifrael, and faid unto them, had they prepared for themselves any Exo. Draw our and take you a lamb, ac- victuals. cording to your families, and kill the 40 Now the ffojourning of the chil- 6.1. by Co. b paflover. dern of Ifrael, who dwelt in Egypt, JA&s 22 And ye fhall take a bunch of i hyf was g four hundred and thirty years. 13. 17. 10. 4. Hebr. Heb. fop, and dip it in the blood thar is in 41 And it came to pafs at the end 11.9.1 9. 19. the bafon, & ftrike the lintel and the of the four hundred and thirty years, g Gen. k1Pet. two fide-pofts with the blood is in even by felf-fame day It came to país, 12. 13 bafon: & none of you thall/go out at that all the hofts of the LORD went Heb. door of his boufe until the morning. out from the land of Egypt. 2,3. and 9.14. 23 For the LORD will pass through 42 It is a night to be much obferved 15. 18 Mat. to fmite the Egyptians, and when he unto the Lord, for bringing them out Gal.34 26. 30. feeth the blood upon the lintel, and from the land of Egypt: this is night 163.17% on the two fide-polts, the LORD will of the Lord to be oblerved of all the b Hab 2. 47. país over the door,and will m not fuf- children of Ifrael in their generations. 2.3.4 m Het fer the deltroyer to come in unto 43 And the LORD faid unto Mo- Pálm 11. 28. your houfes to fmite you. fes and Aaron, This is the ordinance 102. Num. 24 And ye shall obferve this thing of the paffover: there fhall no stranger 13. 20. 16 for an ordinance to thee and to thy eat thereof. fons forever.



44 But every mans fervant that is k bought for money when thou haft circumcifed him, then / fhall he eas thereof.

25 And it fhall come to pafs when ye be come to the land, which the LORD will give you, according as he hath promiled, ye fhall keep this fervice. 26 And it thall come to pafs, when Exo, your children fhall fay unto you 13. 49. What mean you by this fervice?

of obTervain. iGen. 17. 12. Num.

43 m A forreigner, and an hired fervant fhall not eat thereof,

thou shalt not carry forth ought of Gen. 46 In one houfe fhall it be eaten, 5. 2,3.


Pfalm 27 That ye thall fay, it is the fa- the fleth abroad out of the houfe: 17. 12, 78.6. crifice of the LORDS paffover, who neither hall ye break a o bone thereof. 13. Jof. paffed over the houfes of the children 47 All the congregation of Ifrael Num. 6. of Ifrael in Egypt, when he fmote the fhall keep it. Deut. Egyptians, and delivered our houfes. 48 And when ga ftranger fhall fojourn Lev. 32-7. And the people bowed the head and with thee, & will keep the paffover to 22, 10. Hebr. worshipped. the Lord, let all his males be circumci- Num. 21. 25. 28 And the children of Ifrael went fed, and then let him come near and 9. 12. PITA away and did o as the LORD had com- keep it: and he fhall be as one that is Job.. 1.2, 3. manded Mofes and Aaron, fo did they, born in the land: for z no uncircum- 19. 33. Job34. 29 And it came to pafs that pat cifed perfon fhall eat thereof. 36. 20. midnight the LORD fmote all the 49 One law fhall be to him that is Num. Exod. firit-born in the land of Egypt, from home born, and unto the ftranger 9. 13. 11.4 the firft-born of Pharaoh, that fate on that fojourneth among you.


9 Acts

Pfal. his throne, unto the firft-born of the So Thus did all the children of If-2 10. captive that was in the dungeon, and rael: as the LORD commanded Mofes r Mat. all the firft-born of cattel. and Aaron, fo did they.

26. 19

105. 36. Hebr. 30 And Pharaoh rofe up in the And it came to pass the felffame Gena 12. 23. night, he and all his fervants, and all day, that the LORD did bring the 17. 12, Pfalm the Egyptians; and there was r a great children of Ifrael out of the land of 13. 14. 78. 51, cry in Egypt for there was not a Egypt, by their armies.


Exo houfe where there was not one dead. 44.. Gal. 3.28. Acts 15. 9. Num. 15.15 11.6. 31 And he called for Mofes and WECHAT XIIIASOV Prov. Aaron by night, and fald, Rife up, and 1 The firft-born are fantlified to God. 21. 1. get you forth from amongst my peo- 3 The memorial of the pallover Jam. ple, both you and the children of commanded. is God guideth them 13. Ifrael: and go, ferve the LORD, as by a pillar of a cloud, and a pillar fExo, ye have taid. of fire to be ba

The firft-born fanElified.


The Ifraelites purfved.


• Exo. Nd the LORD fpake unto Mofes, 19 And Mofes took the b bones of & Gen. $2. 13. faying, Jofeph with him: for he had ftraitly 50, 24. Num. a Sanctifie unto me all & firft-born, worn the children of Ifrael, faying, Num. 18. 15. whatfoever c openeth the womb among God will furely vifit you; and ye 14. 14. Exo. the children of Ifrael, both of man and fhall carry up my bones away hence I Cor. 4. 22. of beaft: it is mine. with you. 10.9.


1 Cor. 10. 2.


Pharaohs purfuit. 10 The Ifraelites
murmur. 21 They pass through the A Num.
Red fea. 23 The Egyptians drowned.

3 And Mofes faid unto the people, 20 And they took their journey Praim 23. 15. d Kemember this day,in which ye came from Succoth, and encamped in E-78. 14. and out of Egypt, out of the houfe of tham, in the edge of the wilderness. Judg. 12. 42. bondage: fore by ftrength of hand the 21 And the Lord e went before them, 20. 40. Exo. Lord brought you out from this place: by day in d a pillar of a cloud, to lead Pfalm 6.1. there fhall no fleavened bread be eaten. them the way, and by night in a pil- 22. 6. ffalah Luke 4 This day came ye out, in the lar of fire, to give them light; to go IT. 21. moneth Abib. by day and night. 4.5, 6. fExo. 22 He took not away the pillar of the Exo. 72. S. cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by 14. 19. Mart. night, from before the people. 16. 12. CHAP. XIV. 1 Cor. 5.8. g Lev. 23. 8. b Exo. 12. 26. ed bread, and in the feventh day fhall Palm beg a feaft to the LORD. 44. T. Unleavened bread fhall be eaten and feven days: and there fhall no lea78.3. vened bread be feen with thee, neither it fhall ye encamp by the fea. Deut. thall there be leaven feen with thee in 6.8. all thy quarters. Pro. 3.21. and 7.23. Revel. 14. 1. Deut.


6 Seven days fhalt thou eat unleaven. ANd the LORD fpake unto Mofes, pfalm

A faying,

2 Speak unto the children of Ifrael, 106. 6. "Num that they turn and encamp a before Pihahiroth, between Migdol and the 253. cPfal. fea,over against & Baal-zephon: before 37.32. 3 For Pharaoh will fay of the chil-4471. dren of Ifrael, They are e intangled in. 1 the land, the wilderness hath thut, them in.

4 Exo. 14.21. e v. 175 19.





Jof. 1.8. MV. 2.

thee out of Egypt.


8 And thou shalt b fhew thy fon in that day, faying. This is done because of that which the LORD did unto me, 4And I will d harden Pharaohs heart, when I came forth out of Egypt. that he thall follow after them, and I 9And it shall be for a fign unto thee will be honoured upon Pharaoh, and k upon thine hand,and for a memorial upon all his hoft: that the Egyptians 23. between thine eyes; that the LORDS may know that I am the LORD. And law may be in thy mouth: for with they did fo. a ftrong hand hath the LORD brought And it was told the king of E-3.19. gypt, that the people ffled: and the & Exo. 12. 33. 10 Thou shalt therefore keep this heart of Pharaoh and of his fervants b Exo. Deu. ordinance in his feafon from year to was turned against the people,and they 28.4. year. faid. Why have we done this, that we 25. •Exc. 11 And it fhall be,when the LORD have let Ifrael go from ferving us? 34. 20. fhall bring thee into the land of the 6 And he made ready his charlot, 36. 16. EXO. Canaanites, as he fware unto thee and and took his people with him. Exo. 12.3. to thy fathers, and fhall give it thee, 7 And he took ix hundred b chofen Deu. 13. 16 12 That thou fhalt fet apart unto chariots, & all the chariots of Egypt, k Jof. 24.4. the Lord m all that openeth the matrix, and captains over every one of them. 21 16. Num and every firitling that cometh of a S And the LORD hardned the heart Exod. 18. 16 beaft, which thou haft, the males fall of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he pur- 15. 9. tHb. be the LORDS. fued after the children of Ifrael; and Mat. to morthe children of Ifrael went out with an 8. 26. Now. ihigh hand. Deut. 6. 10.


r redeem.

13 And every firstling of an eafs thou fhalt redeem with p a lamb; and if thou iJohn. wilt not redeem it then thou shalt 9 But the Egyptians k purfued after 4.18. q break his neck: and all the firft-born them (all the horfes and chariors of m Pfal. Jof. 4 of man amongit thy children fhalt thou Pharaoh, and his horfemen and his 106.7 army) and overtook them encamping 8. 14 And it shall be when thy fon by the fea, befide Pi-hahireth before 7 Exo. asketh theet in time to come, faying, Baal-zephon. What is this? that thou shalt fay unto 10 And when Pharaoh drew nigh, Pfal. him. By ftrength of hand the LORD the children of Ifrael lift up their eyes, 47. 14. brought us out from Egypt, from the and behold the Egyptians marched 72 Ch. 1.27. house of bondage." after them,and they werefore afrald: 20, 17. Hof. 15 And it came to pafs when Pharaoh and the children of Ifrael cried out Gen 12. would hardly let us go,that LORD unto the LORD.

22. Exod. 12. 26. Efai. 66. 6.



49. 18.

7.3.4. Job 9. 4 Mat. 23.5. Deut.

EXO. flew all the firit-born in the land of E- 11 And they fald unto Mofes, Be- Palm gypt, both the firft-born of man, and cause there were m no graves in Egypt, 3.S. the first-horn of beaft; therefore I fa- haft thou taken us away to die in the fa. 43. crifice to the LORD all that openeth wilderncis? Wherefore haft thou dealt 11 the matrix being males; but all the thus with us, to carry us forth out Hol firft-born of my children I redeem. of Egypt?


6.8. y Num. 14. 25. Ich.



16 And it fhall be for a token upon 12 Is not this the word that we did - Neh. thine hand,and for x frontlets between tell thee in Egypt faying, Let us a- 9.9. thine eyes: for by ftrength of hand lone,that we may ferve the Egyptians? y.30. the LORD brought us forth out of For it had been better for us to ferve Pfalm Egypt. the Egyptians, than that we fhould die 104. 17 And it came to pass when Pha- in the wilderness. 1 Chr. raoh had let the people go, that God 13 And Mofes fald unto the peo-Exo. 113 led them not through y the way of the ple,o Fear ye not, ? ftand still, and fee 15.3. Pfalm 103. land of the Philiftins, although that the falvation of the LORD which he x 25.5 was near: for God faid, Left perad- will fhew to you to day: for the Egyp- Judg. Genef. venture the people repent when they tians whom ye have fren to day, ye 5. 20. 19. 20. z fee war, and they return to Egypt. fall r fee them again no more forever. Pfal v. 20. 18 But God led the people about, 14 The LORD fhall fight for you, 83. 1. Num. through the a way of the wilderness of and ye fhall hold your peace.



33.8. the Red-fea; and the children of Ifrael 15 And the LORD'aid unto Mo- 50.3. Heb. went up tharneffed out of the land of wed. Egypt.

Ifai. 30. 15.

And it fhall be, when the LORD fhall bring thee Into the land of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Hivites, and the Jebufites, which he fware unto thy Fathers to give thee, a land flowing with milk and honey, that thou fhalt keep this fervice in this moneth.


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