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Containing the Old and New



Newly Tranflated our of the
Original Tongues, and with
the former Tranflations dili-

gently Compared and

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With Marginal Notes,




Aalto A

The Scripture to the best Interpreter

of Scripture.



Printed by Charles Bill, and the Executrix of homas
Newcomb deceas'd, Printers to the King and moft

Excellent Majefty. Anno Dom. 1698.


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To the Reader.

Tis a Truth acknowledged by all, of all perfuafions, viz. THE SCRIP
TURE. To this Ifhall add a few things.


1. Such is the Fuiners and Perfection of the holy Scripture, as it hath enough, and fufficiency in it felf for the explanation and opening the fence. and meaning of it.

II. That this Explanation and Opening of Scripture by Scripture,is attaina. be; and (by Gods blefling) may be done, and with fuch fulness of matter, and clearness to the truth of the fence, as there will be little need for other Interpreters; much lefs for men to impofe their private Interpretations and bold Glofles upon the Text.

III. I do not know any way whereby the word of God (as to the Alajesty, Authority, Truth, Perfections &c. of it) can be more honored and held forth: and the Adverfaries o it (of all forts) fo thoromy convinced, and fenced, as to have the Scripture to be its own Interpreter. This I am fure did men in their Expofitions on the Scriptures fpeak lefs them felves, and the S.ripture: more, the Scripture would have more honours and thenfe es lefs.


IV. That the genuine and proper fignification of the original words be truly opened, and explained: for this is of great ufe and furtherance to the work I mention.

V. The doubts and feeming differences be carefully heeded, and by Parallel Scriptures reconciled.

VI. That fome words which are in the original Tongues left untranflated be tranflated, and their fignification opened, For how foever fuch words to fome may seem unfruit ful and afford not much matter in the letter yet according to the manifold wifdem of God, (and as the fpiritual man judgeth) there is an excellent meanin, of the Spirit in them.

Laftly, The original particles are to be minded and special notice taken of them, as athing of great concernment, to fhew the Connexion of the Text and Context.

There are other particulars befides thefe, to have an exact and full SCRIPTURE. INTERPRETER, but I fhall refer them to another time, and place more proper. What I bave done concerning this works the thing it felf will fhew when it cometh forth: and therefore I will say nothing of it more or less: but only as Chrift faid of the woman, I have done what I could.

Something I will freak of the Reafons and Grounds whereby I have been encouraged in this kind of labor

I The sweetness and great content which I have had all along in this Scripture work, bath caused me to account other fludies and readings (which I formerly used) very low in comparison of it. Is it faid of Jacob, that he ferved feven years for Rachel, and they feemed but a few days for the love he had to her. I can truly freak it, I have ferved the Lord in this work more than thrice feven years, and the time hath not feemed long, neither bath the work been any way a burden to me, for the love I have bad to it.

But II. That which hath more encouraged me, hath been a perfuafion and good hope, that many will have much foul good, and fpiritual comfort by it. For

1. Some people will be the more willing and forward to read and fearch the Scriptares; having by them a guide and help: as when they meet with any place which is dark and they understand it not then by direction to fome other Text of Scripture immediately to be informed and fatisfied, without looking into Commentaries which it may be they have not. 2. A Scripture Interpreter will encourage men to exercife themJelves in the meditation and ftudy of the Scriptures: as when a man hath a light carried before bim, he goeth more cheerfully, then if he were in the dark, and groped for bis way. 3. By this means not only the knowledge of God and his truth will grow and inTease: but the Scriptures will be unto people more familiar and more their own (as I may (ay) than they were before: for those things which we hear from others, or have out of Books usually foon come, and foon gone: whereas fuch truths as are gotten by our own fearching the Scriptures (the Lord giving a bleffing to it) do abide and continue

with u.

4. Seeing it is the Spirit of God, that inlivens and breathes in the Scriptures, where can we expect the prefence of this good Spirit, if not in the fearch and meditation of the Scriptures? I speak not to the derogation of Commentators and other works of godly men: yet this I fay, we making our prayer to the only wife God, may expect the pouring out of the Spirit, as to be guided into the truth of the fence of the Scriptures in reading and fludying them, more than in reading other Books.

5. That the Scriptures every where, are fo much neglected fo little honoured and regarded amon men, one reafon is, their ignorance of them: to have therefore this ignorance removed, and the word of God loved and delighted in; there can not be (as I bmbly conceive) a better way and meanes than a Scripture felf-Interpreter.

6. It is not the Scripture that leadeth men into errours and by-wayes, but the misInterpretations, and falfe Gloffes impofed upon its as when men by perverting tim

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To the Reader.

Scripture to their on principles and purposes will make them freak their fence, and private interpretation. Laying therefore afide mens interpretations, and only follo wing the Scripture interpreting it felf, it must needs be the best way and freeft from



But III. That which hath most encouraged me is the honour and glory of God: which I hope and defire will redound to his holy Name by. And therefore whosoever hall reap any benefit either by this, or what followeth, beg of bim for Chrifts fake that "Be give pratfe unto God alone.

For conclufion. Thefe Scripture-References, they are FEW to thefe I could bave produced.

But I have made it a great part of my work to comprise much in a little room, and therefore have viewed over all my larger Notes, and with my own hand from the beginning to the end, verfe after verfe, have chefen the most principal and proper Texts fo far as the margin could contain. Besides I have used what care and diligence I could, to avoyd all mistakes in the Notes, and to bang them placed in a right and due order.

Moreover (Reader) I intend God affifting with health and life, to fet forth an Edition of the Bible in a large and fair character, withlarge annotations (a work, I have been many years upon) and to make what freed I can. But the work will be heavy and require care and time.

For Ipurpose therein to fet forth all that I have done concerning a Scripture Interpreter: Whether I shall live to fee it finished, God only knows: how foever it is ready and prepared for the prefs: fo that if the Lord take me away before it be published, what remains of the Copy unprinted I shall leave in fuch bands as will (I doubt not) be borb carfull and faithfull in accomplishing my intentions; which that it may be to the glory of God, and good of his people every where is my earnest prayer.

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#1 Joh.

21 And God created great whales, m Gen. The crea ton of beaven and earth.c.and every living creature that moveth, g.17. 26 Of man in the image of God.19 The which the waters brought forth abun- PL118. appointment of food. dantly after their kind, and every N the beginning a God winged fowl after his kind and God Biov.. created the heaven, & faw that it was good. ARO 22 And God m bleffed them,faying,Be 10.22. And the earth was fruitful, and multiply, and fill the wa nijo. without form, and ters in the feas, and let fowl multiply falah 5:7:1 void, and darkness was in the earth.

the earth.1

Prov. 16.4. b Col. 1.16. upon the face of the 23 And the evening and the morning job is. 17. c Job deep and the e Spirit of God moved were the fifth day. 26.13. upon the face of the waters. 24 And God faid, Let the earth bring 'fal.



3 And d God faid, Let there be light: forth the living creature after his kind, 1 Tim. and there was light. 6.16. cattel and creeping thing, and beaft of 149.4. o Col. 4 And God faw the light, that it was the earth after his kind and it was fo. d Pfal 33.69 the darkness. good:and God f divided the light from 25 And God made the beaft of the earth after his kind, and cattel after f Heb. Jepara- And God called the light, Day, and their kind, and every thing that creep- 1 Cor. the darknefs he called, Night: and the eth upon the earth after his kind: and 11.7. ted be+evening and the morning were the God faw that it was good. In twee the ligat first day. & the dark


26 And God faid, 'Let us make

t Heb.




6 And God faid, Let there be a fir- man in o our image, after our likeness, Ephef. mament in the midst of the waters, and and let them have p dominion over the 4.24. let it divide the waters from waters. fifh of the fea, and over the fowl of the pl. 7 And God made the firmament, andair, and over the cattle, and over all 8.6. And divided the waters which were under the earth, and over every creeping Gen. 9. toreve the firmament, from the waters which thing that creepeth upon the earth. ning & were above the firmament: & it was fo.. 27 So God created man in his own Mat. 8 And God called the firmament, image, in the image of God created he 19.4. the Heaven and the evening and the him, male & female created he them. Mat. z. ing was morning were the fecond day. 28 And God bleffed them, and God 15. &c. 9 And God faid, Let the waters under faid unto them, Be fruitful, & multi-Gen. Job the heaven be gathered together unto ply and replenish the earth, and fub- 3.16. 37.18. fone place, & let the dry land appear: due it, and have dominion over the 1 Cor. and it was fo. fifh of the fea, and over the fowl of the 7 23. Heb. To And God called the g dry-land, air, and over every living thing that Heb. ExpanSion. Earth, and the gathering together of † moveth upon the earth. creepthe waters called he Seas and God 29 ¶ And God faid, Behold, I have eth. fJob 38.8. Law that it was good. given you every herb + bearing feed, Heb. •Prov. 11 And God laid, Let the earth bring which is upon the face of all the earth, feeding tforth grafs,the herb yielding feed,and and every tree,in the which is the fruit feed. 82 Pet. the fruit-tree yielding fruit after his of a tree yielding feed; f to you it shall Gen





kind, whofe feed is in it felf upon the be for mett. Heb. earth: and it was fo. 30 And to every beaft of the carth, Pfal 12 And the earth brought forth grafs, and to every fowl of the air,and to eve- 104. bud forth and herb yielding feed after his kind, ry thing that creepeth upon the earth, 14. thebud-and the tree yielding fruit, whofe feed wherein there is life, I have given Heb. was in it felf, after his kind: and God every green herb for mear: & it was fo. a liding 47 1 20gr And God faw ething that he ving grass. faw that it was good. b Luk. 13 And the evening and the morning had made: and beh was uvery foul 6.44. were the third day. 595 good. And the even and the mor- Lam. ¡Pal. 14 And God faid, Let there be ning were the fixth day POTREB 3.38. 74.16. i lights in the firmament of the heaven, CHAL II. Heb. to divide † the day from the night and The first fabbath. 8 The planting of Belet them be for figns, and for feafons, Eden. 17 The tree of knowledge. tween and for days, and years. 19, 20 The creatures 21 The the day, woman made,and marriage inftituted. finished, and all the a hoft of them. Hus the heavens and the earth were &c.


4 Pfal.



b Bxo. 20.21. John

is And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven, to give light Heb. upon the earth: and it was fo Bere16 And God made two great lights 2 And on the feventh day God ended 36.6faith, the greater light to trule the day, and his work, which he had made, and he 19. thar is, the leffer light to rule the night: be brefted on the feventh day from all his in the made the ftarsalfo. work, which he had made. begin17 And God k fet them in the firma- 3 And God c bleffed the feventh day, ning. ment of the heaven to give light upon and fanctified it, because that in it he his which t Heb. the earth, for the 18 And to 1 rule over the day, and over God + created and made. work. Whi rule of the night, & to divide flight from the 4 Thefe are the d.generations of the day, darkness: & God faw that it was good. the heavens and of the earth when 13. kJob 19 And the evening and the morning they were created, in the day that the + Heb. LORD God made the earth and the created 28.12. were the fourth day. to make 5 And every plant of the field, be-d Pfal jer. creature that hath flfe, and fowl that fore it was in the earth, and every herb 31.35. may ay above the earth in the open of the field, before it grew fHeb. fo. Job 41.21.

5.17. Neb. 14. Ifa. 58.

Pial. 3. 204 And God faid, Let the waters heavens,

bring moving

for the 30*2

A 34

Job 38.28.


3.10. James


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