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CHAP. this account we both labour, and I be honoured with a double reward, CHAP. suffer reproach, because our hope especially those who labour in The hope is in the living God, who is a sa- teaching the word : for the scripture Good miviour unto all men, especially those saith, Muzzle not an ox whilst who trust in him. These things he treadeth out the corn;" and double regive in charge and teach. "The workman is worthy of his ward. hire." Receive not an accusation against an elder without two or Lev. three witnesses. Rebuke offenders xix. 13. before all, that others also may 20 fear.

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XXV. 4.

be cautious

I charge thee before God,and the 21 Lord Jesus Christ, and the chosen Solemn inangels, that thou observe these junction to things without prejudice, doing no- in the apthing by partiality. Put thy hands pointment hastily on no man, and partake not in the sins of others: keep thyself pure.

Take care that no man despise Diligence thy youth, but be an example to bed the believers, in conversation, in behaviour, in love, in fidelity, in strongly purity. Till I come attend to mended. reading, exhortation, instruction. Neglect not thy gift which was 14 given thee agreeably to prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of 15 the elders. Exercise thyself in these things, give thyself wholly to them, that thy improvement 16 may appear to all. Attend to thyself and to thy teaching; for by doing this thou shalt both save thy-first, and go before them to judg- Danger of self, and those that hear thee. ment; but the sins of others follow being de. them thither; in the same manner the choice also the good works of some are of minismanifest at first; and those that are otherwise cannot be hidden.




was to be

of minis


Some mens' sins are manifest at 24

ceived in


Let those servants who are under CHAP. the yoke, esteem their masters worVI.

Rebuke not an older man, but advise him as a father; treat the younger men as brethren, older Timothy women as mothers, younger, as have to per- sisters, with all purity. Support sons of dif- widows that are widows indeed; but ferent ages if any widowhave children, or grand-thy children, let these show their piety, 4 especially to their own family, and requite their parents; for this is acceptable before God.

and sexes.




of all honour, that the name of Directions God and his doctrine be not evil about ser spoken of; and let not the servants of believers think lightly of their 2 masters, because they are no more than brethren, but rather serve them as believers and beloved, partakers of the same benefit, with a more hearty service.


Now, she that is a widow indeed, What wi- and left alone, hopeth in God, and should be, continueth in supplications and prayers, night and day: but she 6 that giveth herself up to pleasure, If any one teach otherwise, and 3 7 is dead whilst she liveth. These attend not to the wholesome com- False things also give in charge that they mands of our Lord Jesus Christ, 8 may be blameless. But if any one and is blind to the doctrine accord- ned. provide not for his own, and espe-ing to godliness, having no know- 4 cially for his own family, he de- ledge, but doating about questions nieth the faith and is worse than an and strifes of words,whence cometh unbeliever. envy, contention, evil speeches, wicked suspicions, perverse disput- 5

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xviii -37.

CHAP. ings among men of corrupt minds, testimony in that excellent decla- CHAP and destitute of the truth, suppos-ration which he made before Poning that godliness is gain; from tius Pilate, that thou keep this com- John. such withdraw thyself. mand, so as to be without spot and unblameable, until the appearance 14 of our Lord Jesus Christ, which 15 will be displayed in its proper time by the holy and only Potentate, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, who alone hath immortality, dwell- 16

ment recommended.

6 Now, godliness with content-
ment is great gain; for we brought
nothing into this world, and it is
certain we can carry nothing out of
8 it. Having therefore food and co-
vering, let us be therewith content.
9 But they that would be rich, falling in light inaccessible; whom no
into temptation, and a snare, and man hath seen or can see; to whom
into many foolish and hurtful lusts, be honour and power everlasting.
which sink men deep in ruin and Amen.
10 perdition. For the love of money
is the root of all evil; and through
an eagerness in this pursuit some
have strayed from the faith, and
pierced themselves through with
many sorrows.

ministers of

ought to act.

But do thou, O man of God! How good flee these things, and follow after the gospel righteousness, godliness, fidelity, love, patience, meekness. Strive in this honourable contest of the 12 faith; lay hold on that eternal life, unto which thou wast called, and madest an honourable declaration before many witnesses.


the rich.

Charge the rich not to be high- 17 minded with the things of the pre- Rules for sent life, nor to trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy: to do good, to be rich in good 18 works, generous in distributing, willing to bestow, laying up in 19 store for themselves a good provision against the time to come, so as to lay hold on eternal life.

O Timothy! keep that doctrine 20 which is committed to thy trust, Charge t avoiding those profane babblings, Timothy and oppositions of knowledge false


I charge thee in the sight of Godly so called, which some professing 21
have swerved from the faith. The
favour of Christ be with thee.

Their du who giveth life to all, and in the
sight of Jesus Christ, who bare

ty strongly enforced.

Is of no other use than to promote our worldly interests.

Will greatly promote our present and future happiness.






AUL, an apostle of Jesus own purpose in Christ Jesus before CHAP. PAUL Christ, by a divine appoint- the ages; but now made manifest Address to ment, according to the promise of by the appearance of our Saviour 10 Timothy life by Christ Jesus, to Timothy Jesus Christ, who hath destroyed 2 my beloved son: favour, mercy and death, and spread abroad the light peace be to thee, from God the Fa- of everlasting life by the gospel, in 11 ther and Christ Jesus our Lord. which I was appointed a preacher, 3 I thank God whom I serve as my and apostle, and a teacher of the Expresses forefathers did, with a pure con- Gentiles. For which cause I am 12 his grati science, that I have very great suffering these bonds; but I have recollection reason to make mention of thee in no misgivings; for I know whom I of Timo- my prayers, night and day, without trust, and I am persuaded that he is thy's sincerity and ceasing, longing to see thee, when able to keep what I have comaffection. I call to mind thy tears, that I mitted to him, against that great 4 may be filled with joy and recol-day. Hold forth, with faith and 13 5 lecting thy unfeigned faith, which love in Christ Jesus, a pattern of dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and in thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that it dwelleth in thee also.



worthily of his cha..



wholesome doctrines which thou
hast heard of me. Keep, through 14
the holy spirit which dwelleth in
us, that honourable trust which has
been committed to thee.


Wherefore I remind thee that thou stir up within thee that gift Thou therefore, my son! be CHAP. him to act of God, which thou hast through strong in the gracious gospel of Je- II. the putting on of my hands. For sus Christ, and what thou hast heard like a God hath not given us a spirit of in- from me amidst many witnesses, good on Jem 7 dolence, but of power, and love, and commit to faithful men, who will sus Christ; 8 of a sound mind. Be not therefore be able to teach others also. Do 3 ashamed of the testimony concern-thou therefore endure hardship like ing our Lord, or of me a prisoner a good soldier of Jesus Christ. because of him, but suffer afflic- Now, no soldier entangleth himself 4 tion together with the teachers of with the affairs of this life, that he the gospel, according to the power may please his general. And in the 5 9 given thee of God, who hath called games also, no man winneth a us unto salvation with a holy call- crown, unless he contend according, not according to our works, ing to the rules; and the husband- 6 but according to the kindness in his man must labour before he be par

I This epistle, which consists chiefly of affectionate advice to Timothy, and an earnest exhortation to be active in counteracting the mischief occasioned by false teachers, and in propagating the true doctrines of Christ, was written from Rome, A. D. 61, during the apostle's imprisonment there. Where Timothy was at the time of receiving this epistle does not appear, probably at Ephesus,

Paul was an apostle for the purpose of
announcing this promise to the world.
3 Shed at our separation, from regard to me
and my safety.

* Spiritual endowments.

5 Or supports which God affords.
6 My future hopes and happiness.
7 In the course of my public preaching



CHAP. taker of the fruits. Consider what | But in a large house there are not CHAP. I say, and the Lord give thee un-only vessels of gold and silver, but derstanding in all things.

bim of.

8 Remember that Jesus Christ, of Whose ex- the race of' David,was raised from ample he the dead according to the gospel which I preach, for which I suffer 9 hardships unto bonds as an evildoer; but the word of God is not 10 bound. Therefore I endure all things for the sake of the chosen Gentiles, that they also may obtain the salvation which is through Christ Jesus, with everlasting glory.

lead to


also of wood and earth, some for 20
honourable, and some for disho-
nourable purposes. If a man there- 21
fore purify himself from these
things, he will be a vessel unto
honour, clean, and serviceable to
the master, ready for every good

a Christian

Flee also youthful lusts, and fol- 22 low righteousness, fidelity, love, Requisite peace, with all who call themselves qualities of by the name of the Lord with a minister. pure heart. But foolish and un- 23 11 This is a true doctrine, If we learned questions avoid, knowing Sufferings have died with him, we shall also that they beget contentions. And 24 for religion live with him; if we suffer, we a servant of the Lord must not shall also reign with him; if we de- quarrel, but be gentle towards all, 13 ny him, he also will deny us; if we ready to teach, forbearing, with 25 be faithless, yet he continueth faith-meekness instructing the opposers: 14 ful; he cannot deny himself. Put since God may turn their mind to men in mind of these things, an acknowledgement of the truth, charging them before the Lord not and they may recover themselves 26 to contend about words to no pur-so as to perform his will, after bepose, but to the perversion of the ing rescued by the servant of the hearer. Lord out of the snare of the accuser.

tion to frivolous things, fends to

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15 Study to approve thyself before An atten- God as a workman who needeth Moreover, know this, that in CHAP. not to be ashamed, rightly 3 di- the last days difficult times will viding the word of truth. But come; for Christians will be sel- Degeneavoid profane babblings, for they fish, lovers of money, boastful, racy of impiety. that practise them, will increase to haughty, evil-speakers, disobedient foretold, 17 more ungodliness, and their doc- to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 trine will eat as a gangrene doth; without natural affection, coveof whom are Hymeneus and Phile-nant breakers, slanderers, intem18 tus: who have erred concerning perate, fierce, haters of good men, the truth, saying that the resurrec- treacherous, rash, infatuated, lov- 4 tion is already past, and overthrowers of pleasure more than lovers 19 the faith of some. The founda- of God, having a form of godliness 5 tion of God, however, standeth but casting aside the power of it: firm, having this inscription, "The from such turn away. Lord knoweth his own," and "Let every one who nameth the name of the Lord, depart from iniquity."

Of this kind are those who creep 6 into families, and lead captive men and further of effeminate manners, laden with described.


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him most

For to be ac

CHAP. sins, led away by various lusts, al- the dead, at his appearance in his CHAP. ways learning, but never able un-kingdom, preach the word; be ur7 der such instructors, to come to gent in season, out of season; con- Charges 8 the knowledge of the truth. Now fute, reprove, exhort with the ut- solemnly as Jannes, and Jambres are said to have withstood Moses, so do these also withstand the truth, men of corrupt minds, and deficient from the standard of the true Christian 9 faith. But they will not go on very far; for their folly will appear to all men, as that of the others also did,

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i. 50.

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10 But thou art fully acquainted recom- with my doctrine, manner of life, nds his purpose, faithful perseverance, longsuffering, love, patience, wrongs, II sufferings that befell me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra, what persecutions I endured; but out of all the Lord delivered me. Yea, all who 12 resolve to live religiously in Christ 13 Jesus, will suffer persecution; and evil men and seducers will grow worse and worse, deceiving others, and willingly embracing error themselves.

7 2.

6. 22.


most patience of instruction.
a time will come when men will tive and
not endure sound teaching, but earnest, in
having itching ears will heap to the gospel.
themselves teachers according to
their several humours, and will turn 4
away their ears from the truth, and
be turned to fables. But watch 5
thou on all occasions, endure hard-
ships, do the work of a preacher of
the gospel, fully execute thy minis-

of the pro

bable near

This is my last charge to you, 6 for I am ready to be poured out, Assures him and the time of my departure is at hand. I have maintained a good ness of his contest, I have finished my course, death. I have been faithful to my engagements. There is now reserved for 8 me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me in that great day: and not me only, but all those likewise who love his appearance.




him of the

and de

14 But do thou hold fast the things d reminds which thou hast learned and been At my first defence no one stood 16 m of the convinced of, knowing from whom by me, but all utterly forsook me : ucation thou hast learned them; and that may it it not be laid to their charge! fearful hich he from a child, thou hast known the But the Lord stood by me,and gave conduct of d enjoy holy scriptures, which are able to me strength, that the preaching of his friends, make thee wise unto salvation, the gospel might be fully known, ares his through the faith which is in Christ and that all the Gentiles might hear; confidence 16 Jesus. Every writing inspired by and I was delivered out of the li- in God. God is useful for doctrine, for re- on's mouth. And the Lord will de- 18 proof, for correction, for instruc-liver me from every danger, and 17 tion in righteousness, that the man preserve me unto his heavenly of God may be complete, perfectly kingdom: to whom be glory for fitted for every good work. ever and ever. Amen.



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