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8. From the Wesley Brotherhood.

9. From the Golden Cross Society.

II. Question. Can anything more be done to strengthen and build up the Church in the community and to advance the cause of Christ?

$111. Ans. 5. If the observance of this order of business is likely to protract the session beyond a reasonable limit, the President may, from time to time, select the most important matters and bring them forward.

$112. Ans. 6. Let the Church Conference be opened and closed with religious service and conducted in a devout and prayerful spirit.

q113. Ans. 7. The Secretary of the Church Conference shall present, for inspection by the third Quarterly Conference, his Church Register and the Records of Church Conferences.






Question. How shall we try those who profess to be moved by the Holy Ghost to preach? ¶114. Ans. Let the following questions be asked, namely:

1. Do they know God as a pardoning God? Have they the love of God abiding in them? Do they desire nothing but God? And are they holy in all manner of conversation?

2. Have they gifts (as well as grace) for the work? Have they (in some tolerable degree) a clear, sound understanding, a right judgment in the things of God, a just conception of salvation by faith? Do they speak justly, readily, clearly?

3. Have they fruit? Are any truly convinced of sin and converted to God by their preaching?

As long as these three marks concur in any one, we believe he is called of God to preach. These we receive as sufficient proof that he is moved by the Holy Ghost.



Question 1. How is a Bishop to be constituted?

9115. Ans. By the election of the General Conference, and the laying on of the hands of three Bishops, or at least of one Bishop and two elders.

Ques. 2. If by death, expulsion, or otherwise, there be no Bishop remaining in our Church, what shall we do?

$116. Ans. The General Conference shall elect a Bishop; and the elders, or any three of them, who shall be appointed by the General Conference for that purpose, shall ordain him according to our form of ordination.

Ques. 3. What are the duties of a Bishop? $117. Ans. 1. To preside in the General, Annual, and District Conferences.

¶118. Ans. 2. To fix the appointments of the preachers in the Annual Conferences (¶¶672, 712): provided, that, before the official declaration of the assignment of the preachers to their charges, he shall announce openly to the cabinet his appointments, except those made during the interim of the sessions of an Annual Conference: and provided, further, that he shall not allow any preacher to remain in the same circuit or station more than four years successively

(but an unexpired term of less than six months shall not be counted), except the connectional officers, the supernumerary and superannuated preachers, missionaries among the Indians, and on foreign stations, or in the employ of the Annual Conference Board of Missions, chaplains to the state prisons and military posts, preachers that may be appointed to labor for the special benefit of seamen, for the American Bible Society, for the Sunday League of America, for any institution having the care of orphan and homeless children, and the presidents, principals, or teachers of seminaries under our superintendence (¶672); and, when requested by an Annual Conference, to appoint a preacher to any seminary of learning not under our care; also a Sunday School Field Secretary to travel within the bounds of the Conference for the purpose of establishing and aiding Sunday schools; an agent or agents for the benefit of our literary and benevolent institutions; a general colportage agent or general colporteur, and the editors of Annual Conference organs. When requested by an Annual Conference, a Bishop may appoint a preacher on trial, or a member of an Annual Conference, to engage in temperance work, or as Secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association, and provided that any member of an Annual Conference or a preacher on probation who serves in the Army or

Navy of the United States may be appointed by the Bishop as war worker, so that he may retain his Conference relation; or as a student in any of our institutions of learning, or in any university for strictly university work (¶686): provided, however, that the time thus spent in school shall not count on the time required for trial in the Annual Conference (¶¶165, 171, 190): provided, further, that when a majority of the Presiding Elders shall concur by ballot, the Bishop may appoint a preacher to a pastoral charge for more than four consecutive years. (¶708.)

9119. Ans. 3. To choose the Presiding Elders, fix their stations, and change them when necessary: provided, that he shall not allow any elder to preside in the same district more than four successive years: and provided, further, that an unexpired term of less than six months shall not be counted.

¶120. Ans. 4. To change, receive, and suspend preachers in the intervals of the Conferences, as necessity may require, and as the Discipline directs.

¶121. Ans. 5. To ordain Bishops, elders, and deacons; and to see that the names of the persons ordained by him be entered on the journals of the Conference. (¶¶190, 742.)

¶122. Ans. 6. To decide all questions of law coming before him in the regular business of an Annual or District Conference (¶¶677, 709

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