Weapons of the U.S. Army Rangers

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MBI Publishing Company LLC, 2005 - 127 من الصفحات
As the spearhead of the Army's special operations forces, the Rangers are involved in the most dangerous and dirty business imaginable. Often operating in dangerous, close quarters fights, Rangers require weapons and equipment that allow them to travel light, be quick on their feet, and move with the greatest of stealth. Here are the weapons that help make the Rangers one of the U.S. Army's most effective fighting units: M4s, M16s, M240B machineguns, mortars of all calibers, grenade launchers, stun and flash grenades, Kevlar body armor, night vision equipment, and more.

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Russ Bryant is a veteran of the 1st Ranger Battalion and F/51 Long-Range Surveillance. Following his service, Bryant attended Savannah College of Art and Design and received a bachelor u2019s of fine art degree in photography. As a photographer, Bryant has traveled a great deal covering other, non-Ranger forces of the American military. His images have appeared the Army Times, Army Magazine, New York Times, Time Magazine, and at ArmyRanger.com. Bryant is the author/photographer of a number of other Zenith Press titles including 75th Rangers and USMC.

Susan Bryant became associated with the special operations forces community when she married then-U.S. Army Ranger Russ Bryant. Since that time, she and Russ have lived in Germany and Savannah, Georgia. She was a significant researcher and contributor for photographer Russ Bryant’s To Be a U.S. Army Ranger (MBI Publishing, 2003) and co-authored 75th Rangers and Weapons of the U.S. Army Rangers (both MBI Publishing/Zenith Press, 2005). Susan holds a bachelor’s degree from Furman University, and master of education and education specialist degrees from Georgia Southern University. Initially a special education teacher, she now spends her days as a public school psychologist and a writer for Savannah’s monthly magazine, Island Living.

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