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Whom doth God love to


What are we to do?

What should not be in our mind?

Who sees us, and all that we do?

What must we do if we wish God to love us?


What does God know? What ought we to take care not to say or do? Why not?

What shall we lose by lying and stealing?

What is it to tell lies? What does one lie frequently draw on ?

What will make a crime worse?

What do you mean by taking God's name in vain? A. Cursing or swearing by it, or naming it in common talk.

By whom is it forbidden?
A. By God.


A. In the third commandment.

What is as soon said as a bad word?


What day in the week is it, in particular, that we ought to go to church?

Which is the Lord's Day?
A. Sunday.

What may we not do on that day?

do. If you will have God to love you, walk in his law, and he will keep you.


There is not a thought in our hearts but God knows it, we ought to take care not to say bad words, or do ill things, lest we lose the love of God. You must take care not to lie or steal, for God does not love those who do so. It is a sad mean thing to tell lies, and one lie draws on more. Do not lie to hide a fault, for that will make the crime worse. Do not swear, nor take God's name in vain, nor call ill names: a good word is as soon said as a bad one.


There is one day in the week to go to church, and that is the Lord's Day. No one should work or play on that day, but should learn to serve God, and do what will please him. Those who will

What should we learn to do?

What must those do who will serve God?


What must we do besides praying to him?

Which is the house of God?

A. The Church. What do we go to the house of God for?

Where do we find his Word?

A. In the Bible.

Where is God always, though we cannot see him?

What does God know concerning those who are there?

In what posture should we be when Psalms are singing?

What do some folks do?
In what manner should

you go out of Church?

How does it look to see a boy run in the street in a rude way?

serve God must pray to him at home as well as at church, and give him thanks for the good things they have had. When they go to the house of God, they must pray there too, and hear his word. God is in his house, though no eye can see him, and he knows who prays to him and who does not. When Psalms

are sung you should stand up, and not sit, as some folks do. When you are to leave church, you should not crowd or push; but walk back to school in your place, for it has a bad look to see a boy run in the street in a rude way.


In what way was Tom Bowles brought up?

What were all the days in the week to him?

What day ought he to have considered different from the rest?

A. Sunday. Why?


Tom Bowles was a poor boy, who was brought up so bad, that he did not know what a church was for, and all the days in the week were the same to him; he did not know how to serve God, he had not thought of God, and yet he

A. Because it is the Lord's Day.

Whom did he not know how to serve?

Whom had he no thought of?

For what wicked purpose only did he use the name of God?

Who met Tom Bowles while he was going on in this sad way?

What did the good man say to him?

What did Tom answer? What did he show by that?

A. That he did not understand the question. What did the good man do upon that?

What did the boy then


What was the next question the man asked?

For whom did he think the church was intended? What is the church for ? A. For people to meet in to pray to God, and to hear his Word.

Whose house did the good man tell him the church was?

What did he tell him God does not mind?

What does God look at? If the heart of poor people is right, what does God care for their dress?

What did Tom then say to the good man?

took the name of God in his mouth, but it was to swear and curse by. In this sad way Tom Bowles went on, till one of the good friends of the poor said to him one day, Do you know who God is, my lad? What? said Tom. I ask you, said the good man, If you know the God that made you? Not I, said the boy. Have you not been to church? said the man. No, said the boy, what should I go to church for? the church is not for poor folks; they cannot dress fine. The church is the house of God, said the man; do think that the great you God minds the dress of folks? No, my boy, God looks at the heart. If a poor man's, or a poor boy's heart is right, God does not like them the worse for a mean dress. I do not know what to say at the church if I go there, said Tom.

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What question did the good man, upon this, ask him?

What could not Tom do? Was not that a sad thing? What did the good man tell him it was not too late to do?

What did he say he would do for him?

What did Tom say to this offer?

Whither did the good man take him?

What did he there learn to do?

What did he wish when he was told how good God is? What was he when he went to church?

What did he soon learn to do?

What did he leave off? What did he become? What is the lesson learnt from this story?

A. How thankful every child ought to be, who has any good friend to put him to school.


When did Jack begin to talk to Tom?

What did he say to him?
What did he hope?

What did he say they would not then think more of?

What did he say they should do?

How long did Jack say he would play with Tom?

Can you not read then? said his friend; do you not know how to pray? No, said Tom. That is a sad thing, said his friend. Well, it is not too late for you to learn ; I will take ,you to a place where you may be taught to know God, and serve him; and what to do and say at church, and a great deal that will do you good to know. Will you go, my boy? Yes, that I will, said Tom, if you will show me the way, and get me in. So the man took Tom to school. and there he learnt to read; and when he was told how good God is, he did so much wish he had known it when he was quite young. And when he went to church he was so glad: and he soon learned to pray to God, and praise him for all things; and left off all his bad words, and bad ways, and was one of the best boys in the whole school.

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How did they set off? At what sort of games did they play?

How long did they play at them?

Whither did Tom then go with Jack?

For what purpose ? What did Tom think when they played together? But which played best? Why did it not vex Tom?

When they ran a race, which beat?

When they spun a top, whose top stood firm, and made a loud hum, and kept up a good while?

What happened to Tom's top?

When they drove a hoop, what happened to Jack's?

What could not Tom do to his hoop?

What happened to it then?

What did Tom ask Jack to tell him?

What had he thought about Jack?

What was Jack's reply?

they set off full of mirth and glee, to play at all such sorts of games, as are fit for good boys, till it was time to go home for the night; but as they had long been friends, and dwelt in the same street, Tom went home with Jack, to spend half an hour, and have some more chat. Do you know, Jack, says he, that I thought, when we left school, and went to play, that though you beat me out and out at book, yet I should have my turn at play; but I own it made me stare, and if you had not been my friend it would have vexed me, to find that you beat me quite as much at play as at book. When we ran a race, your speed was such, that I had no chance to keep up with you: when we spun our tops, yours stood firm, and made a loud hum, and kept up a long while; but mine was weak on its leg, and fell down in less than half the time; and when you drove your hoop, it went round a tree, or a stone, as if it had life in it, while mine ran from me, and I could not rule it, nor keep it up, so down it fell at the end of the street; for I could not make it turn down the next, as you did yours, and yet you scarce had need to touch it. How is this, Jack? for I did not think you could

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