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furnish matter for an interesting article in our next number, as we cannot do it justice in the small space to which we confine ourselves in this department. Of smaller works we may mention, The duty of offering to God, by the Rev. H. GOODWIN, M.A., a noble sermon, by & noblehearted son of the Church, to whom the thanks of all are due, for providing what did not exist in Cambridge, even in our own day, fourteen years ago, a weekly communion, and a development of the Church's system ; a characteristic sermon by the Rev. H. NEWLAND, entitled The Two-edged Sword ; and a republication of the great Bishop Andrewes' discourse on Deut. xxiii. 9.

Notices to Correspondents. A Servant is thanked most heartily for the postage stamps for “Kingskerswell Schools," which our publisher forwarded to us.

A STUDENT.-Photinus maintained that our Blessed LORD was a mere man, and denied that the Holy Ghost was God, or a person of the HOLY TRINITY. He was condemned first by a council held at Constantinople in 336, and in subsequent councils until he was deposed from his Bishopric in 351, Clinic Baptism was the Baptism of persons on a sick bed.

ELIZABETH M.-The canonical hours are the Third (nine o'clock;) the Sixth (twelve o'clock ;) and the Ninth (three o'clock.) The following from the Apostolical Constitutions may be useful to her :“Offer up your prayers in the morning at the third hour, at the sixth, and at the ninth, and in the evening ; in the morning returning thanks that the LORD hath sent you light, and brought you through the perils of the night; at the third hour, because at that hour the LORD received sentence of condemnation from Pilate ; at the sixth, because at that hour He was crucified ; at the ninth, because at that time all things were in commotion at the crucifixion of our LORD, as trembling at the bold attempt of the wicked Jews, and at the injury offered to their Master ; in the evening, giving thanks that He has given thee the night to rest from thy daily labours.”


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