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Ir has been recently remarked, that there is no reason why, in a state of war, the arts and sciences should not be cultivated and advance. With far greater reason may we look with confidence to the progress of the Church, under any and all circumstances; depending upon the promise of Him Who is ever with her, and walks amidst the golden candlesticks. The review of the past half year cannot but fill the hearts of all true Churchmen with joy and gladness. God hath done great things for us. He has given the most timid ground for hope, and the valiant-hearted reason for still greater confidence. It has been a half-year of real, practical work. Much of clashing controversy has been spared us; (though here and there the cry of opposition has been raised:) and we have seen on all hands the Church and her system brought to bear more fully upon the people. Who, for instance, remembers such a Lent, leading on to so glorious an Easter? Had such been the case in the Metropolis, or large towns alone, there had been much reason for rejoicing; but when in most remote country villages labouring Priests meet with the same reward, then may we still more loudly raise the song of praise, and chant the anthem of thanksgiving. Who, too, knows not how attention to outward ceremonials is going on hand in

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hand with the restoration of the kingdom of GOD within the heart, and how choral services are being restored, old decayed churches clothed in their ancient beauty, and new ones rising up on every hand that may well vie with the noblest structures of other days? Truly the Church is going on from conquering to conquer. We have only to gird ourselves to the work, and wait and see the salvation of our GOD. There are signs that at home and abroad great things are reserved for that branch of the Catholic Church to which we belong. Many of her past victories have been recorded in our pages: we hope to record many more; and trust long to enjoy the co-operation of a noble band of contributors, and the confidence of our readers, whose efforts we would enlist in obtaining additional support for a Magazine which, we believe, has faithfully adhered to the principles with which it set out, and in which we have endeavoured to maintain and defend the old things of the Church of England.

Parsonage, Kingskerswell,

May 16th, 1854.

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