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Ehold the Angels affembled in their Choirs, and the blessed Saints ready with their Hymns; behold the Church prepares her folemn Offices, and fummons all her Children to bring in their Praises.

Come, let us Adore our glorified Jefus.

The King of Heaven Himself invites us, and graciously calls us into his own Prefence; He bids us fufpend our mean Employments in the World, to receive the Honour of Treating with Him.

Come, let us Adore our glorified Fefus.

To Him we owe all the Days of our Lives; at least let us pay this one to his Service; a Service fo fweet and easie in its felf, and fo infinitely rich in its Eternal Rewards.

Come, let us Adore our glorified Jesus.

Let us chearfully afcend to the House of our Lord, the Place he has chosen for our Sakes to dwell in; Let us reverently bow before his holy Altars, where Himselfcomes to meet us and our Prayers.

Come, let us Adore our glorified Fefus.
Glory be to the Father, &c.

As it was in the Beginning, &c.
Come, let's Adore our glorified fefus.
Come, let's Adore our glorified Jefus,
B 2




Ehold, we come, dear Lord, to Thee, and bow before thy Throne :

We come to offer on our Knee,

our Vows to Thee alone.

Whate're we have, whate're we are,
thy Bounty freely gave,
Thou doftus here in Mercy fpare,
and wilt hereafter fave.

But O! can all our Store afford, no better Gifts for Thee?

Thus we confefs thy Riches, Lord, and thus our Poverty,

'Tis not our Tongue, or Knee can pay the mighty Debt we owe;

Far more we fhould, than we can fay, far lower fhould we bow.

Come then, my Soul, bring all thy Pow'rs, and grieve thou haft no more; Bring every Day thy choicest Hours, and thy Great God adore.

But, above all, prepare thy Heart,
on this his own bleft Day;
In it's fweet Task to bear thy Part,
and Sing, and Love, and Pray.


Glory to the Eternal Lord,
thrice blessed Three in One,
Thy Name at all Times be ador'd,
till Time it felf be done. Amen.


This is the Day the Lord hath made; let us be glad and rejoyce therein, Alleluja.


Welcome bleft Day, wherein the Sun

of Righteoufnefs arofe, and chafed

away the Clouds of Fear.

Welcome thou Birth-day of our Hopes, a Day of Joy, and publick Refreshment. A Day of Holinefs, and folemn Devotion; a Day of Rest, and Universal Jubilee.

Welcome to us, and our dark World; and may thy radiant Name fhine bright for


May all the Earth be enlighted with thy Beams, and every frozen Heart diffolve and fing.

This is the Day which our Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoyce therein.

This is the Day he hath fanctified to Him. felf, and called by his own most holy Name; That in it we may meet to adore his Greatness, and admire the Wonders of his infinite Power;

That we may remember his innumerable Mercies, and deeply imprint them in the very Center of our Hearts.

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That we may visit his holy Temple, and humbly present our Homage at his holy Altars.

Those Sacred Altars, where the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God is daily fhewn forth, and the Memory of our Saviour's Love continually renew'd.

Worthy,O Lord,art thou of all our Time, worthy the Praises of all thy Creatures.

Every Moment of our Life is bound to blefs Thee, fince every Moment fubfifts by thy Goodness.

Shall others labour fo much for Vanity, and fhall we not reft for the Service of our God?

Shall we employ the whole Week on our felves, and not offer in Gratitude one Day unto Thee?

To Thee, who bestoweft on us all we have, and wilt give us hereafter more than we can hope.

O gracious Lord, whofe Mercy accepts fuch flender Payment,as our Poverty affords. Whose Bounty grants fo liberally to us, and retains fo fmall a Part for thy Self:

O make us faithfully obferve our Duty, and render fo exactly the Tribute we owe to Thee,

That paffing still thy Days to thy Honour, we may end our own in thy Favour.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

As it was in the Beginning, &C.


Ant. This is the Day that the Lord hath made, let us be glad and rejoyce therein. Alleluja.

Ant. Thou haft created all Things, O Lord, for the Ufe of Man, and Man for the Enjoyment of thy Self.


When the Harvest Sun provides a Cloud,

and seems to reft his wearied Beams,

He feeks not to fave the Journey of his Light, but only fpares the Reaper's Head. Much less feekest thou, O Lord, who madeft the Sun the Shadow of thy Glory, and infpireft all Creatures to represent thy Bounty;

Much lefs feekeft thou, by the Reserve of a Day, to procure thine own Repose. Thou, who created'ft all Things by a Word of thy Mouth, and sustaineft them in thy Hand, without feeling any Weight;

Who governeft the whole World without perplexing thy Thoughts, and always remain't the fame unchangeable Fulness.

'Tis not to encrease thine own Eternity, that thus thou takest a Portion of our Time?

Thy Goodness friendly bears the Name, but intends for us all the Profit of the Day. That the wearied Hands may be reliev'd with Reft, and enabled to lift up themselves to Thee.

[blocks in formation]
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