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goodness in giving you life; by his kindness in crowning your days with comforts; by his patience in bearing with you, when he might justly have spurned you to hell; by his pity in offering you salvation; by his love in giving his beloved Son to death, for your transgressions, and frowning on him, that he might for ever smile on you; by all this, and by all that goodness of the Lord's, which, if you had ten thousand hearts, would claim them all, I beseech you give him that one poor heart you have. As you would not be basely ungrateful, and infernally wicked to your best friend, I entreat you no longer yield to vanity, sin, and Satan, that health and youth which God demands.

By all the compassion and love of the Son of God, I beseech you, make his service your sincere and lasting choice. By his deep humiliation and poverty; by his poor manger, and his life of sorrows; by his tears and sighs for wretched men; by his bloody agony, and his thorny crown; by his bitter cross, and all his sufferings there; I entreat you give him yourself. Love like his demands your all for ever. By his enduring all this. to save you from the dreadful pains of eternal death, I entreat you to accept his offers of mercy. As you would ever have an interest in his love; as you would have


him receive you to his eternal abode, O receive him now as your Saviour, your Lord, your all!

By every feeling of pity for yourself, and compassion for your own soul, I beseech you embrace early religion. Will you not have pity on your own soul; that deathless soul, which, at another day, you will want God and Christ to pity? You love your body, would you hate your soul? You love ease, O pity yourself! and rush not forward to eternal pain. You love happiness, O be wise! and choose eternal happiness. As you would not have all your hopes end in despair; as you would not have all your pleasures end in sorrow; as ever you would find pity at the bar of God, and mercy at his hands, pity yourself, and make his love your portion.

If you would not abuse the grace of God to your own destruction; if you would not be the wilful murderer of your own soul; I beseech you embrace the gospel. Had some one the power of offering you the whole world, and of saying, "I will give you all the happiness of this world, all its wealth, and all its honours, if you will give up all hope of heaven, and now consent to dwell with the devil and his angels through all eternity" would you not tremble at the very thought of accepting such an offer? O then

do not do in reality, what you would not do by such an agreement! Most persons lose their souls as completely as if they bargained for the loss. It comes to the same at last, whether you profess that you hate religion, or live careless of the blessed Son of God. To despise serious religion would sink you to hell, and to live without embracing humble piety, and obeying the gospel, will do the same: and where, in the end, is the difference?

By all the sorrows of the ungodly, be persuaded to make your instant choice. By the fire that never shall be quenched; by the worm that never dieth; by the utter darkness which shall never be cheered with one gleam of light; by the misery that shall never know one moment's ease; by all the horrors of an eternity in hell, I beseech you flee from the wrath to come.

By the eternal difference between those who love the Lord, and those who love him not, I beseech you, embrace the gospel. All other distinctions will shortly vanish for ever. My young friend, when you see a person oppressed with poverty and gloom, covered with rags, and worn out with the burden of fourscore years, while you feel vigorous and gay, young and bealthy, you. perhaps, think with pleasure how different

is your lot from his! A little time, and that difference will be over.

It will be all over


when you meet your God; health, and youth, and vigour, will have fled away; nothing but an interest in Jesus will avail you then. the next world no distinction will remain, but that which springs from true religion; and that will last for ever. Here the difference between those who love Christ, and those who slight him, is not always perceptible; but it will be most fully seen in the eternal world. Here the religious and the irreligious meet together. They dwell in the same houses; they engage in the same business. In the house of God they sit in the same seats, and hear the same truths; but hereafter they will be parted far asunder. The last great separating day is hastening on; and then shall they mingle together no more. No more shall they occupy the same seats; nor dwell in the same houses; nor pursue the same employments. All this will be for ever done with; and a distance, wide indeed, will part them for eternity. O! as you would then have the distinction of belonging to Jesus, embrace his gospel now. As ever

you would share the happiness of those who meet in glory, I beseech you, by coming to Christ, secure it now. How happily will they meet there, who have trodden the same

path of humble religion here! How happily will the pious child meet his parents! the faithful pastor his flock! relations join relations again! and friends unite with friends!

Have you chosen early religion? or are you still for putting it off a little longer? O! if you are, be assured that delay is one of the most successful of Satan's infernal stratagems, for ruining immortal souls. Hell, it is to be feared, is filled with delayers. Multitudes, that did not intend to live and die neglecting Christ, yet have been persuaded to delay a little longer, and still a little longer, till death overtook them unprepared.

Many are eternally shut out of heaven, and eternally shut up in hell, through delaying to turn to God. Some years back, I knew a person that once seemed much in earnest in inquiring for spiritual blessings; but, ah delay! after a time he grew compa ratively careless. God now visited him with a painful affliction. I saw him at that time, he seemed sensible of his sin and folly, and penitent for it. When health returned, the serious impressions that he appeared to have in illness fled away. Again he grew careless of his God. Again he delayed; but, ah! not for a long period; illness soon returned. IIis soul was now filled with fear and

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