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10 Which things when Judas perceived, he comnded the multitude to call upon the Lord night and 7, that if ever at any other time, he would now also p them, being at the point to be put from their law, m their country, and from the holy temple:

11 And that he would not suffer the people, that had en now been but a little refreshed, to be in subjection the blasphemous nations.

7:12 So when they had all done this together, and be1ght the merciful Lord with weeping and fasting, d lying flat upon the ground three days long, Judas, ving exhorted them, commanded they should be in

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13 And Judas, being apart with the elders, deterined, before the king's host should enter into Judea, d get the city, to go forth and try the matter in fight the help of the Lord.

14 So when he had committed all to the Creator the world, and exhorted his soldiers to fight manlly, even unto death, for the laws, the temple, the y, the country, and the commonwealth, he camped by odin:

15 And having given the watchword to them that ere about him, Victory is of God; with the most liant and choice young men, he went into the king's nt by night, and slew in the camp about four thousand en, and the chiefest of the elephants, with all that ere upon him.

16 And at last they filled the camp with fear and mult, and departed with good success. 17 This was done in the break of the day, because protection of the Lord did help him.

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18 Now when the king had taken a taste of the manness of the Jews, he went about to take the holds by olicy,

19 And marched towards Bethsura, which was a rong hold of the Jews: but he was put to flight, failed, ad lost of his men:


20 For Judas had conveyed unto them that were in it such things as were necessary.

21 But Rhodicus, who was in the Jews' host, disclosed the secrets to the enemies; therefore he was sought out, and when they had gotten him, they put him in prison.

22 The king treated with them in Bethsura the second time, gave his hand, took theirs, departed, fought with Judas, was overcome;

23 Heard that Philip, who was left over the affairs in Antioch, was desperately bent, confounded, entreated ditions, agreed with them, and offered sacrifice, honoured the Jews, submitted himself, and sware to all equal conthe temple, and dealt kindly with the place,

24 And accepted well of Maccabeus, made him principal governor from Ptolemais unto the Gerrhenians; 25 Came to Ptolemais: the people there were grieved for the covenants; for they stormed because they would make their covenants void :

26 Lysias went up to the judgment-seat, said as much as could be in defence of the cause, persuaded, pacified, made them well-affected, returned to Antioch. Thus it went touching the king's coming and departing.


6 Alcimus accuseth Judas. 18 Nicanor maketh peace with Judas: 39 He seeketh to take Razis; 46 who, to escape their hands, killeth himself.

Atrius, the son of Seleuces, having entered by the three years was Judas informed that Demehaven of Tripolis with a great power and navy,

2 Had taken the country, and killed Antiochus, and Lysias his protector.

3 Now one Alcimus, who had been high priest, and had defiled himself wilfully in the times of their mingling with the Gentiles, seeing that by no means he could save himself, nor have any more access to the holy altar,

4 Came to king Demetrius in the hundred and one and fiftieth year, presenting unto him a crown of gold, and a palm, and also of the boughs which were used solemnly in the temple: and so that day he held his peace.

5 Howbeit, having gotten opportunity to further his foolish enterprise, and being called into council by Demetrius, and asked how the Jews stood affected, and what they intended, he answered thereunto:

captain is Judas Maccabeus, nourish war, and are seditious, and will not let the realm be in peace.

6 Those of the Jews that he called Assideans, whose

7 Therefore I, being deprived of mine ancestors' honour, I mean the high priesthood, am now come


8 First, verily for the unfeigned care I have of things pertaining to the king; and secondly, even for that I intend the good of mine own countrymen: for all our nation is in no small misery through the unadvised dealing of them aforesaid.


II. MACCA BEES, XIV. 9 Wherefore, O king, seeing thou knowest all these ordained Judas, a traitor to his realm, to things, be careful for the country, and our nation, which successor, is pressed on every side, according to the clemency that 27 Then the king being in a rage, and thou readily showest unto all.

the accusations of the most wicked man, 10 For as long as Judas liveth, it is not possible that nor, signifying that he was much disple the state should be quiet.

covenants, and commanding him that he 11 This was no sooner spoken of him, but others of Maccabeus prisoner in all haste unto Anti the king's friends, being maliciously set against Judas, 28 When this came to Nicanor's her did more incense Demetrius.

much confounded in himself, and took it g 12 And forthwith calling Nicanor, who had been he should make void the articles which master of the elephants, and making him governor over upon,

the man being in po fault. Judea, he sent him forth,

29 But because there was no dealin 13 Commanding him to slay Judas, and to scatter king, he watched his time to accomplish them that were with him, and to make Alcimus high policy. priest of the great temple.

30 Notwithstanding, when Maccabeuss 14 Then the heathen that had filed out of Judea from nor began to be churlish unto him, and Judas, came to Nicanor by flocks, thinking the harm treated him more roughly than he was wo and calamities of the Jews to be their welfare.

that such sour behaviour came not of good 15 Now when the Jews heard of Nicanor's coming, together not a few of his men, and with

from earth upon their heads, and made supplication to him 31 But the other knowing that he wa that had established his people for ever, and who vented by Judas' policy, came into the g always helpeth his portion with manifestation of his temple, and commanded the priests, that presence.

their usual sacrifices, to deliver him the m 16 So at the commandment of the captain they re- 32 And when they sware that they moved straightways from thence, and came near unto where the man was whom he sought, them at the town of Dessau.

33 He stretched out his right hand tow 17 Now Simon, Judas's brother, had joined battle ple, and made an oath in this manner : with Nicanor, but was somewhat discomfited through the deliver me Judas as a prisoner, I will lay sudden silence of his enemies.

God even with the ground, and I will bry 18 Nevertheless, Nicanor, hearing of the manliness altar, and erect a notable temple unto Back of them that were with Judas, and the courageousness 34 After these words he departed. Th that they had to fight for their country, durst not try lifted up their hands toward heaven, and the matter by the sword.

that was ever a defender of their nation, 19 Wherefore we sent Posidonius, and Theodotus, manner : and Mattathias, to make peace.

35 Thou, O Lord of all things, who 20 So when they had taken long advisement there- nothing, was pleased that the temple of thi upon, and the captain had made the multitude acquainted should be among us : therewith, and it appeared that they were all of one

36 Therefore now,

O holy Lord of all ! mind, they consented to the covenants,

this house ever undefiled, which lately was 21 And appointed a day to meet in together by them- stop every unrighteous mouth. selves : and when the day came, and stools were set for 37 Now was there accused unto Nicad either of them,

one of the elders of Jerusalem, a lover of 22 Judas placed armed men ready in convenient men, and a man of very good report, who places, lest some treachery should be suddenly prac- ness was called a father of the Jews. tised by the enemies : so they made a peaceable con- 38 For in the former times, when they ference.

themselves with the Gentiles, he had beer 23 Now Nicanor abode in Jerusalem, and did no Judaism, and did boldly jeopard his body hurt, but sent away the people that came flocking unto all vehemency for the religion of the Jews bim.

39 So Nicanor, willing to declare the hat 24 And he would not willingly have Judas out of unto the Jews, sent above five hundred me his sight: for he loved the man from his heart.

take him : 25 He prayed him also to take a wife, and to beget

40 For he thought by taking him to children: so he married, was quiet, and took part of much hurt. this life.

41 Now when the multitude would bay 26 But Alcimus, perceiving the love that was betwixt tower, and violently broken into the oute them, and considering the covenants that were made,

bade that fire should be brought to burn came to Demetrius, and told him that Nicanor was ready to be taken on every side, fell upon not well-affected towards the state: for that he had 42 Choosing rather to die manfully, th





tra, the hands of the wicked, to be abused otherwise

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a beseemed his noble birth:

3 But missing his stroke through haste, the multie also rushing within the doors, he ran boldly up to wall, and cast himself down manfully among the

kest of them.

4 But they quickly giving back, and a space being le, he fell down into the midst of the void place. 5 Nevertheless, while there was yet breath within 24, being inflamed with anger, he rose up; and though blood gushed out like spouts of water, and his inds were grievous, yet he ran through the midst of throng; and standing upon a steep rock,

f his m

6 When as his blood was now quite gone, he cked out his bowels, and taking them in both his ds, he cast them upon the throng, and calling upon Lord of life and spirit to restore him those again,

thus died.

Nicanor's blasphemy.

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8 Judas encourageth his men by his 28 Nicanor is slain.

UT Nicanor, hearing that Judas and his company were in the strong places about Samaria, resolved hout any danger to set upon them on the sabbath

Nevertheless the Jews that were compelled to go h him, said, O destroy not so cruelly and barously, but give honour to that day, which he, that h all things, hath honoured with holiness above er days.

Then the most ungracious wretch demanded, if were a Mighty One in heaven, that had comaded the sabbath-day to be kept.


And when they said, There is in heaven a living d, and mighty, who commanded the seventh day to kept:

Then said the other, And I also am mighty upon th, and I command to take arms, and to do the king's iness. Yet he obtained not to have his wicked will


So Nicanor in exceeding pride and haughtiness denined to set up a public monument of his victory

r Judas and them that were with him.

17 But Maccabeus had even sure confidence that the d would help him:

3 Wherefore he exhorted his people not to fear the aing of the heathen against them, but to remember help which in former times they had received from ven, and now to expect the victory and aid, which uld come unto them from the Almighty.

And so comforting them out of the law and the phets, and withal putting them in mind of the battles at they won afore, he made them more cheerful. 10 And when he had stirred up their minds, he gave m the charge, showing them therewithal the falsehood the heathen, and the breach of oaths.


11 Thus he armed every one of them, not so much with defence of shields and spears, as with comfortable and good words: and besides that, he told them a dream worthy to be believed, as if it had been so indeed, which did not a little rejoice them.

12 And this was his vision: That Onias, who had been high priest, a virtuous and a good man, reverend in conversation, gentle in condition, well-spoken also, and exercised from a child in all points of virtue, holding up his hands, prayed for the whole body of the


13 This done, in like manner there appeared a man with gray hairs, and exceeding glorious, who was of a wonderful and excellent majesty.

14 Then Onias answered, saying, This is a lover of the brethren, who prayeth much for the people, and for the holy city, to wit, Jeremias the prophet of God.

15 Whereupon Jeremias holding forth his right hand, gave to Judas a sword of gold, and, in giving it, spake thus,

16 Take this holy sword, a gift from God, with the which thou shalt wound the adversaries.

17 Thus being well comforted by the words of Judas, which were very good, and able to stir them up to valour, and to encourage the hearts of the young men, they determined not to pitch camp, but courageously to set upon them, and manfully to try the matter by conflict, because the city and the sanctuary and the temple were in danger.

18 For the care that they took for their wives, and their children, their brethren, and kinsfolks, was in least account with them: but the greatest and principal fear was for the holy temple.

19 Also they that were in the city took not the least care, being troubled for the conflict abroad.

20 And now, when as all looked what should be the trial, and the enemies were already come near, and the army was set in array, and the beasts conveniently placed, and the horsemen set in wings,

21 Maccabeus, seeing the coming of the multitude, and the divers preparations of armour, and the fierceness of the beasts, stretched out his hands towards heaven, and called upon the Lord that worketh wonders, knowing that victory cometh not by arms, but even as it seemeth good to him, he giveth it to such as are worthy:

22 Therefore in his prayer he said after this manner, O Lord, thou didst send thine angel in the time of Ezekias king of Judea, and didst slay in the host of Sennacherib an hundred fourscore and five thousand:

23 Wherefore now also, O Lord of heaven, send a good angel before us for a fear and dread unto them;

24 And through the might of thine arm let those be stricken with terror, that come against thy holy people to blaspheme. And he ended thus.

25 Then Nicanor and they that were with him came forward with trumpets and songs.

26 But Judas and his company encountered the enemies with invocation and prayer.

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27 So that fighting with their hands, and praying by pieces unto the fowls, and hang up the unto God with their hearts, they slew no less than thirty madness before the temple. and five thousand men : for through the appearance of 34 So every man praised toward the God they were greatly cheered.

glorious Lord, saying, Blessed be he that 28 Now when the battle was done, returning again own place undefiled, with joy, they knew that Nicanor lay dead in his har- 35 He hanged also Nicanor's head

ur an evident and manifest sign unto all of

Lord. 29 Then they made a great shout and a noise, praising the Almighty in their own language.

36 And they ordained all with a comi 30 And Judas, who was ever the chief defender of

no case to let that day pass without sok the citizens, both in body and mind, and who continued

celebrate the thirteenth day of the twelfth

in the Syrian tongue is called Adar, the d his love towards his countrymen all his life, commanded

docheus' day. to strike off Nicanor's head, and his hand with his

37 Thus went it with Nicanor: and fi shoulder, and bring them to Jerusalem.

forth the Hebrews had the city in their 31 So when he was there, and had called them of

here will I make an end. his nation together, and set the priests before the altar,

38 And if I have done well, and as he sent for them that were of the tower,

story, it is that which I desired: but if 32 And showed them vile Nicanor's head, and the meanly, it is that which I could attain un hand of that blasphemer, which with proud brags he 39 For as it is hurtful to drink wine o had stretched out against the holy temple of the Al. and as wine mingled with water is plea mighty.

lighteth the taste : even so speech fine 33 And when he had cut out the tongue of that un- lighteth the ears of them that read the sto godly Nicanor, he commanded that they should give it shall be an end.



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