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TOBIT, I. 45 And therefore they that labour, labour in vain : made all things, and searcheth out all hidden

46 For strangers shall reap their fruits, and spoil the secrets of the earth, their goods, overthrow their houses, and take their chil- 63 Surely he knoweth your inventions, an dren captives, for in captivity and famine shall they get think in your hearts, even them that sin, e children.

hide their sin. 47 And they that occupy their merchandise with rob- 64 Therefore hath the Lord exactly search bery, the more they deck their cities, their houses, their your works, and he will put you all to shame. possessions, and their own persons ;

65 And when your sins are brought forth, 48 The more will I be angry with them for their sin, ashamed before men, and your own sins sia saith the Lord.

accusers in that day. 49 Like as a whore envieth a right honest and vir- 66 What will ye do? or how will ye hide tuous woman :

before God and his angels ? 50 So shall righteousness hate iniquity, when she 67 Behold, God himself is the judge, fear! decketh herself, and shall accuse her to her face, when off from your sins, and forget your iniquities, he cometh that shall defend him that diligently search- no more with them for ever: so shall God lead eth out every sin upon earth.

and deliver


from all trouble. 51 And therefore be ye not like thereunto, nor to the 68 For behold, the burning wrath of a st works thereof.

tude is kindled over you, and they shall take 52 For yet a little, and iniquity shall be taken away tain of you, and feed you, being idle, with this out of the earth, and righteousness shall reign among unto idols. you.

69 And they that consent unto them shall 53 Let not the sinner say that he hath not sinned : derision and reproach, and trodden under feat. for God shall burn coals of fire upon his head, which 70 For there shall be in every place, and i saith before the Lord God and his glory, I have not cities, a great insurrection upon those that fear sinned.

71 They shall be like mad men, sparing 54 Behold, the Lord knoweth all the works of men, still spoiling and destroying those that fear th their imaginations, their thoughts, and their hearts : 72 For they shall waste and take away the

55 Which spake but the word, Let the earth be made; and cast them out of their houses. and it was made : Let the heaven be made; and it was 73 Then shall they be known who are ni created.

and they shall be tried as the gold in the fire. 56 In his word were the stars made, and he knoweth 74 Hear, () ye my beloved, saith the Lord the number of them.

the days of trouble are at band, but I will de 57 He searcheth the deep, and the treasures thereof; from the same. he hath measured the sea, and what it containeth.

75 Be ye not afraid, neither doubt; for G 58 He hath shut the sea in the midst of the waters, guide, and with his word hath he hanged the earth upon the 76 And the guide of them who keep my waters.

ments and precepts, saith the Lord God: let 59 He spreadeth out the heavens like a vault; upon sins weigh you down, and let not your iniquiti the waters hath he founded it.

themselves. 60 In the desert hath he made springs of water, and 77 Wo be unto them that are bound with pools upon the tops of the mountains, that the floods and covered with their iniquities, like as a field : might pour

down from the high rocks to water the earth. over with bushes, and the path thereof core 61 He made man, and put his heart in the midst of thorns, that no man may travel through! the body, and gave him breath, life, and understanding. 78 It is left undressed, and is cast into the

62 Yea, and the Spirit of Almighty God, which consumed therewith




2 Who in the time of Enemessar king of 1 Tobit's stock, and devotion in his youth: 9 Ilis marriage, 10

rians was led captive out of Thisbe, wbich is att and captivity : 13 llis preferment, 16 alms and charity in bury- hand of that city, which is called properly Nap ing the dead, 19 for which he is accused and fleeth, 22 and after Galilee above Aser, returneth to Nineve.

3 I Tobit have walked all the days of my la THE book of the words of Tobit, son of Tobiel, the way of truth and justice, and I did many alu-son of Ananiel, the son of Aduel

, the son of Gabacl, my brethren, and my nation, who came with of the seed of Asael, of the tribe of Nephthali; neve, into the land of the Assyrians,

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my brother Anael's

4 And when I was in mine own country, in the land | and over all his affairs, Achiacharus Israel, being but young, all the tribe of Nephthali My father fell from the house of Jerusalem, which was paosen out of all the tribes of Israel, that all the tribes hould sacrifice there, where the temple of the habitaon of the Most High was consecrated and built for all ges. 5 Now all the tribes which together revolted, and the -ouse of my father Nephthali, sacrificed unto the heifer

22 And Achiacharus entreating for me, I returned to Nineve. Now Achiacharus was cup-bearer, and keeper of the signet, and steward, and overseer of the accounts: and Sarchedonus appointed him next unto him: aud he was my brother's son.


6 But I alone went often to Jerusalem at the feasts, it was ordained unto all the people of Israel by an verlasting decree, having the first-fruits and tenths of crease, with that which was first shorn; and them wve I at the altar to the priests the children of Aaron. 7 The first tenth part of all increase I gave to the ns of Aaron, who ministered at Jerusalem: another nth part I sold away, and went, and spent it every ar at Jerusalem:

8 And the third I gave unto them to whom it was eet, as Debora my father's mother had commanded e, because I was left an orphan by my father.

9 Furthermore, when I was come to the age of a man, married Anna of mine own kindred, and of her I bet Tobias.

10 And when we were carried away captives to Nive, all brethren and those that were of my kindred


d eat of the bread of the Gentiles.

11 But I kept myself from eating;

12 Because I remembered God with all my heart.
13 And the Most High gave me grace and favour be-
re Enemessar, so that I was his purveyor.

14 And I went into Media, and left in trust with Ga-
el, the brother of Gabrias, at Rages, a city of Media,
1 talents of silver.

15 Now when Enemessar was dead, Sennacherib his
1 reigned in his stead; whose estate was troubled, that
could not go into Media.

16 And in the time of Enemessar I gave many alms
my brethren, and gave my bread to the hungry,
17 And my clothes to the naked: and if I saw any
7 nation dead, or cast about the walls of Nineve, I
ried him.



1 Tobit leaveth his meat to bury the dead, 10 and becometh blind. 11 His wife taketh in work to get her living. 14 Her husband and she fall out about a kid.


NOW when I was come home again, and wife Anna was restored unto me, with my son Tobias, in the feast of Pentecost, which is the holy feast of the seven weeks, there was a good dinner prepared me, in the which I sat down to eat.

2 And when I saw abundance of meat, I said to my son, Go and bring what poor man soever thou shalt find out of our brethren, who is mindful of the Lord; and lo, I tarry for thee.

3 But he came again, and said, Father, one of our nation is strangled, and is cast out in the market-place. 4 Then before I had tasted of any meat, I started up, and took him up into a room until the going down of

the sun.

5 Then I returned, and washed myself, and ate my meat in heaviness,

6 Remembering that prophecy of Amos, as he said, Your feasts shall be turned into mourning, and all your

mirth into lamentation.

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10 And I knew not that there were sparrows in the wall, and mine eyes being open, the sparrows muted warm dung into mine eyes, and a whiteness came in mine eyes; and I went to the physicians, but they helped me not moreover, Achiacharus did nourish me, until I went into Elymais.

18 And if the king Sennacherib had slain any, when was come, and fled from Judea, I buried them privi; for in his wrath he killed many; but the bodies re not found, when they were sought for of the


19 And when one of the Ninevites went and comined of me to the king, that I buried them, and hid self; understanding that I was sought for to be put death, I withdrew myself for fear.

20 Then all my goods were forcibly taken away, ther was there any thing left me, besides my wife na and my son Tobias.

21 And there passed not five and fifty days before › of his sons killed him, and they fled into the mounis of Ararath; and Sarchedonus his son reigned in stead; who appointed over his father's accounts, 138

11 And my wife Anna did take women's works to do. 12 And when she had sent them home to the owners, they paid her wages, and gave her also besides a kid.

13 And when it was in my house, and began to cry, I said unto her, From whence is this kid? is it not stolen? render it to the owners; for it is not lawful to eat any thing that is stolen.

14 But she replied upon me, It was given for a gift more than the wages. Howbeit I did not believe her, but made her render it to the owners: and I was abashed at her. But she replied upon me, Where are thine alms and thy righteous deeds? behold, thou and all thy works are known.







husbands are already dead; and why should I 1

if it please not thee that I should die, comm: 1 Tobit, grieved at his wife's taunts, prayeth. 11 Sara, reproach- regard to be had of me, and pity taken of v ed by her father's maids, prayeth also. 17 An angel is sent to

hear no more reproach. help them both.

16 So the prayers of them both were heard ! WHEN I being grieved did weep, and in my sorrow majesty of the great God. prayed, saying,

17 And Raphael was sent to heal them both 2 O Lord, thou art just, and all thy works and all to scale away the whiteness of Tobit's eyes, an thy ways are mercy and truth, and thou judgest truly Sara the daughter of Raguel for a wife to T and justly for ever.

son of Tobit; and to bind Asmodeus the er 3 Remember me, aud look on me, punish me not for because she belonged to Tobias by right of in! my sins and ignorances, and the sins of my fathers, who The self-same time came Tobit home, and ent have sinned before thee :

his house, and Sara the daughter of Raguel ca 4 For they obeyed not thy commandments : where from her upper chamber. fore thou hast delivered us for a spoil, and unto captivity, and unto death, and for a proverb of reproach to all

CHAPTER IV. the nations among whom we are dispersed.

3 Tobit giveth instructions to his son Tobias, 20 and td. 5 And now thy judgments are many and true: deal

money left with Gabael in Media. with me according to my sins and my fathers': because that day Tobit remembered the money whi


any of them.

walked in truth before thee.

2 And said with himself, I have wished for 6 Now therefore deal with me as seemeth best unto wherefore do I not call for my son Tobias, tb thee, and command my spirit to be taken from me, that signify to him of the money before I die?

may be dissolved, and become earth : for it is profita- 3 And when he had called him, he said, My ble for me to die rather than to live, because I have I am dead, bury me; and despise not thy ni heard false reproaches, and have much sorrow : com- honour her all the days of thy life, and do th mand therefore that I may now be delivered out of this shall please her, and grieve her not. distress, and go into the everlasting place : turn not thy 4 Remember, my son, that she saw many di face away from me.

thee, when thou wast in her womb; and we 7 It came to pass the same day, that in Ecbatane a dead, bury her by me in one grave. city of Media, Sara the daughter of Raguel was also 5 My son, be mindful of the Lord our Go reproached by her father's maids ;

days, and let not thy will be set to sin, or to t 8 Because that she had been married to seven hus- his commandments : do uprightly all thy life bands, whom Asmodeus the evil spirit had killed before follow not the ways of unrighteousness. they had lien with her. Dost thou not know, said they, 6 For if thou deal truly, thy doings shall pro that thou hast strangled thine husbands ? thou hast had succeed to thee, and to all them that live justis already seven husbands, neither wast thou named after 7 Give alms of thy substance; and when th

alms, let not thine eye be envious, neither turn 9 Wherefore dost thou beat us for them? if they be from any poor, and the face of God shall not k dead, go thy ways after them, let us never see of thee

away from thee. either son or daughter.

8° If thou hast abundance, give alms accordi 10 When she heard these things, she was very sor- thou have but a little, be not afraid to give an rowful, so that she thought to have strangled herself; that little: and she said, I am the only daughter of my father, and 9 For thou layest up a good treasure froz if I do this, it shall be a reproach unto him, and I shall against the day of necessity: bring his old age with sorrow unto the grave.

10 Because that alms do deliver from death, 11 Then she prayed towards the window, and said, fereth not to come into darkness. Blessed art thou, O Lord my God, and thine holy and 11 For alms is a good gift unto all that give glorious name is blessed and honourable for ever: let all sight of the Most High. thy works praise thee for ever.

12 Beware of all whoredom, my son, and chi 12 And now, O Lord, I set mine eyes


face a wife of the seed of thy fathers, and take not: towards thee,

woman to wife, which is not of thy father's to 13 And say, Take me out of the earth, that I may we are the children of the prophets, Nne, .! hear no more the reproach.

Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that ou 14 Thou knowest, Lord, that I am pure from all sin from the beginning, even that they all married

their own kindred, and were blessed in their 15 And that I never polluted my name, nor the name and their seed shall inherit the land. of my father, in the land of my captivity: I am the only 13 Now therefore, my son, love thy bret). daughter of my father, neither bath he any child to be despise not in thy heart thy brethren, the bis heir, neither any near kinsmen, nor any son of his daughters of thy people, in not taking a wifi alive, to whom I may keep' myself for a wife: my seven for in pride is destruction and much truubli.

with man,

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is decay and great want: for lewdness is the me, that I may kuow of what tribe be is, and whether famine.

he be a trusty man to go with thee. not the wages of any man, which hath wrought 9 So he called him, and he came in, and they saluted tarry with thee, but give him it out of hand : one another. u serve God, he will also repay thee: be cir- 10 Then Tobit said unto him, Brother, show me of my son, in all things thou doest, and be wise what tribe and family thou art. conversation.

11 To whom he said, Dost thou seek for a tribe or that to no man which thou hatest: drink not family, or an hired man to go with thy son ? Then Toiake thee drunken: neither let drunkenness go bit said unto him, I would know, brother, thy kindred in thy journey.

and name. re of thy bread to the hungry, and of thy gar- 12 Then he said, I am Azarias, the son of Ananias them that are naked; and according to thine the great, and of thy brethren. e give alms; and let not thine eye be envious, 13 Then Tobit said, Thou art welcome, brother; be u givest alms. ir out thy bread on the burial of the just, but thy tribe and thy family; for thou art my brother, of an

not now angry with me, because I have inquired to know ing to the wicked.

honest and good stock : for I know Ananias and Jona5 counsel of all that are wise, and despise not thas, sons of the great Samaias, as we went together to el that is profitable.

Jerusalem to worship, and offered the first-born, and the ss the Lord thy God always, and desire of him tenths of the fruits; and they were not seduced with ways may be directed, and that all thy paths the error of our brethren: my brother, thou art of a sels may prosper : for every nation hath not good stock. but the Lord himself giveth all good things, 14 But tell me, what wages shall I give thee? wilt imbleth whom he will, as he will; now there thou a drachm a day, and things necessary, as to mine ion, remember my commandments, neither let

own son ? jut out of thy mind.

15 Yea, moreover, if ye return safe, I will add somed now I signify this to thee, that I committed thing to thy wages. s to Gabael the son of Gabrias at Rages in

16 So they were well pleased. Then said he to To

bias, Prepare thyself for the journey, and God send you d fear not, my son, that we are made poor : a good journey. And when his son had prepared all tast much wealth, if thou fear God, and depart things for the journey, his father said, Go thou with in, and do that which is pleasing in his sight. this man, and God, which dwelleth in heaven, prosper

your journey, and the angel of God keep you company. CHAPTER V.

So they went forth both, and the young man's dog with

them. obias seeketh a guide into Media. 6 The angel will go , 12 and saith he is his kinsman. 16 Tobias and the

17 But Anna his mother wept, and said to Tobit, part together. 17 But his mother is grieved for her Why hast thou sent away our son ? is he not the staff arting.

of our hand, in going in and out before us? S then answered and said, Father, I will do

18 Be not greedy to add money to money, but let it ings which thou hast commanded me:

be as refuse in respect to our child. how can I receive the money, seeing I know with, doth suffice us.

19 For that which the Lord hath given us to live

20 Then said Tobit to her, Take no care, my sister; a he gave him the hand-writing, and said unto is thee a man which may go with thee, while I

he shall return in safety, and thine shall see him."

eyes and I will give him wages: and go and receive

21 For the good angel will see him company, and y.

his journey shall be prosperous, and he shall return safe. refore when he went to seek a man,

22 Then she made an end of weeping.

he found that was an angel.

CHAPTER VI. he knew not; and he said unto him, Canst thou me to Rages ? and knowest thou those places 4 The angel biddeth Tobias to take the liver, heart, and gall out of

a fish, 10 and to marry Sara the daughter of Raguel : 16

and teacheth how to drive the wicked spirit away. whom the angel said, I will go with thee, and I : way well : for I have lodged with our brother AND as they went on their journey, they came in the

evening to n Tobias said unto him, Tarry for me, till I tell 2 And when the young man went down to wash him.

self, a fish leaped out of the river, and would have den he said unto him, Go, and tarry not. So he

voured him. ind said to his father, Behold, I have found one 3 Then the angel said unto him, Take the fish. And ill go with me. Then he said, Call bim unto the young man laid hold of the fish, and drew it to land






4 To whom the angel said, Open the fish, and take the heart and the liver and the gall, and put them up


11 Raguel telleth Tobias what had happened to his d 5 So the young man did as the angel commanded and giveth her in marriage unto him. 17 Ske i 3 him; and when they had roasted the fish, they did eat

chamber, and weepeth. 18 Her mother comforlek it: then they both went on their way, till they drew


ND when they were come to Ecbatane, near to Ecbatane.

to the house of Raguel, and Sara met: 6 Then the young man said to the angel, Brother after they had saluted one another, she bru Azarias, to what use is the heart and the liver and the into the house. gall of the fish?

2 Then said Raguel to Edna his wife, How 7 And he said unto him, Touching the heart and the young man to Tobit my cousin ! liver, if a devil or an evil spirit trouble any, we must 3 And Raguel asked them, From whence : make a smoke thereof before the man or the woman, thren? To whom they said, We are of th and the party shall be no more vexed.

Nephthali, which are captives in Nineve. 8 As for the gall, it is good to anoint a man that hath

4 Then he said to them, Do ye know Tobi whiteness in his eyes, and he shall be healed.

man ? and they said, We know him. Then 9 And when they were come near to Rages,

he in good health? 10 The angel said to the young man, Brother, to-day 5 And they said, He is both alive and in ga we shall lodge with Raguel, who is thy cousin ; he also and Tobias said, He is my father. hath one only daughter, named Sara; I will speak for 6 Then Raguel leaped up, and kissed hiu her, that she may be given thee for a wife.

7 And blessed him, and said unto him, TI 11 For to thee doth the right of her appertain, seeing son of an honest and good man : but whe thou only art of her kindred.

heard that Tobit was blind, he was sorrowful, 12 And the maid is fair and wise : now therefore hear

8 And likewise Edna his wife and Sara li me, and I will speak to her father; and when we return wept. Moreover, they entertained them cheer from Rages we will celebrate the marriage : for I know after that they had killed a ram of the fire that Raguel cannot marry her to another according to store of meat on the table. Then said Tol the law of Moses, but he shall be guilty of death, be phael, Brother Azarias, speak of those things cause the right of inheritance doth rather appertain to thou didst talk in the way, and let this busin thee than to any other.

patched. 13 Then the young man answered the angel, I have 9 So he coinmunicated the matter with R heard, brother Azarias, that this maid hath been given Raguel said to Tobias, Eat and drink, and ma to seven men, who all died in the marriage-chamber. 10 For it is meet that thou shouldest marry

14 And now I am the only son of my father, and I ter: nevertheless, I will declare unto thee the am afraid, lest, if I go in unto her, I die, as the other 11 I have given my daughter in marriage before : for a wicked spirit loveth her, which hurteth men, who died that night they came in unto di nobody, but those which come unto her: wherefore I theless, for the present be merry. But Tol also fear lest I die, and bring my father's and my mo- will eat nothing here, till we agree and swi ther's life, because of me, to the grave with sorrow : another. for they have no other son to bury them.

12 Raguel said, Then take her from her: 15 Then the angel said unto him, Dost thou not re- cording to the manner, for thou art her cousii member the precepts which thy father gave thee, that is thine, and the merciful God give you gund thou shouldest marry a wife of thine own kindred ? all things. wherefore hear me, O my brother; for she shall be given 13 Then he called his daughter Sara, and thee to wife; and make thou no reckoning of the evil to her father, and he took her by the hand, spirit: for this same night shall she be given thee in her to be wife to Tobias, saying, Behold, take marriage.

the law of Moses, and lead her away to thy fat 16 And when thou shalt come into the marriage

he blessed them; chamber, thou shalt take the ashes of perfume, and

14 And called Edna his wife, and took page shalt lay upon them some of the heart and liver of the write an instrument of covenants, and sealed i fish, and shalt make a smoke with it:

15 Then they began to eat. 17 And the devil shall smell it, and filee away, and 16 After Raguel called his wife Edna, ant never come again any more : but when thou shalt come her, Sister, prepare another chamber, and bri

thither. to her, rise up both of you, and pray to God which is merciful, who will have pity on you, and save you : fear

17 Which when she had done as he hath not, for she is appointed unto thee from the beginning; she brought her thither: and she wept, and and thou shalt preserve her, and she shall go with thee. the tears of her daughter, and said unto her, Moreover, I suppose that she shall bear thee children. 18 Be of good comfort, my daughter: the Now when Tobias had heard these things, he loved her, heaven and earth give thee joy for this tbs ay and his heart was effectually joined to her.

of good comfort, my daughter.

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