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We have now to congratulate our Readers on the completion of another volume of the Magazine, and to thank them for the support and assistance they have rendered thereto.

The year has been full of many and important events, controversies, and changes, deeply affecting, for good or for evil, the Chureh of Christ, and the interests of Religion in various parts of the world. Of many of these, notices have been placed on record in our pages; these, and others yet unnoticed, are likely to call for attention in future. The primary object of the Magazine, however, has been, not so much to present a monthly record of Ecclesiastical events, or to enter largely into every passing controversy, for which the pages of a still larger publication, if exclusively devoted to such a monthly digest, would scarcely suffice-as to present a varied supply of matter, fitted to inform and strengthen the mind of Churchmen, as to the great principles of the Church's constitution, in days when those principles are assailed on all sides. Some have deemed its pages too controversial, yet the topics have been handled rather defensively, than offensively; and we trust that we have not greatly failed in fulfilling the promise of our Prospectus, and of our Preface last year, to treat such subjects “ with all plainness of speech, with the meekness of charity, and with the earnestness of conviction, and as fully and comprehensively as our limits allowed.” It would, however, be a pleasure to us to devote its pages, more than we have done, to practical application of the doctrines, motives, and precepts of our “most holy faith," so scripturally and faithfully taught by the Church. We have received many valuable suggestions, but to attempt to realize them all, or even most of them to any satisfactory extent, it would be necessary greatly to increase the size of our professedly little and cheap periodical. We have wished not to make any material change hitherto; but the approach of a new year reminds us that it will be well to consider how the plan can be modified to be more varied and comprehensive. To this we will give our best attention, and shall do our best to carry out our own matured decision, modified as may

be by such snggestions as we have already received or with which we may be favoured. We had prepared to contiuue the pictorial illustrations; and, if even totally unaided by others, had at our command abundant resources for the


But we did not


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