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VER. 21-26. Christ extendeth the pre

cepts against Murder.

Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill : and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment. But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment : and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council; but whosoever shall say,

ca ?


A. A vain and worthless fellow.

What is meant by being in danger of the council ?

A. Being in danger of a sentence to severe punishment from that assembly.

What is meant by cil ?”

A. The great assembly of the Jewish elders.

What is threatened to any one who shall say, 66 Thou fool ?"

What is here meant by a * fool ?"

Thou fool, shall be in danger

of hell fire. Therefore

person, a villain.

A. An exceedingly wicked

What are we admonished to do before we offer a gift unto God?

What did Christ mean if thou bring thy gift to the by “having aught against altar, and there rememberthee?

est that thy brother hath A. Any thing to complain aught against thee, leave of against thee.

there thy gift before the alWhat is meant by an tar, and go thy way; first " adversary ?"

be reconciled to thy broA. An enemy.

ther, and then come and Who is meant by our

offer thy gift. Agree with brother?

thine adversary quickly, A. Every body.

whiles thou art in the way What are we to do to- with him; lest at any time wards our adversary? the adversary deliver thee to Why?

the judge, and the judge deHow long shall we other- liver thee to the officer, and wise have to remain in pri

thou be cast into prison,

Verily I say unto thee, Thou What are we to learn from shalt hy no means come out this?

thence, till thou hast paid A. That we must live in the uttermost farthing. peace and love, if we hope to escape

God's wrath.
Ver. 27-32.

VER. 27–32.
What is the head of this

Adultery. section ?

Ye have heard that it was What was said by them said by them of old time, of old time?

Thou shalt not commit adulBut what rule does Christ

tery : But I say unto you, give ?

That whosoever looketh on According to this decla

å woman to lust after her, ration of Christ, what must hath committed adultery

with her already in his A. We must conquer all the lusts and evil desires of the heart.

If your right eye offend

son ?

we do?

you, what are you commanded to do?


What is meant by thy right eye offending thee?

heart. And if thy right eye A. Causing me to offend.

offend thee, pluck it out, If your right hand offend and cast it froin thee: for it you, what are you com

is profitable for thee that manded to do?

one of thy members should Why?

perish, and not that thy Did Christ really mean

whole body should be cast that we should pluck out a

into hell : And if thy right right eye, or cut off a right

hand offend thee, cut it off, hand ?

and cast it from thee : for A. No.

it is profitable for thee that What are we to learn then one of thy members should from this precept, respect

perish, and not that thy ing the right eye or right

whole body should be cast hand ?

into hell. It hath been said, A. That we should part

Whosoever shall put away with any thing that is most

his wife, let him give her a dear to us, if it is likely to

writing of divorcement; But lead us into sin.

I say unto you, That whoWhat had been said re

soever shall put away his specting putting away a

wife, saving for the cause of wife?

fornication, causeth her to But what does Christ say

commit adultery: and whoa man does, if he puts away

soever shall marry her that his wife, saving for the cause

is divorced, committeth adulof fornication ?

tery. What does he do, who marries her that is divorced? VER. 33–37.

VER. 33--37. What is the head of this

False Swearing section ?

Again, ye have heard What was said by them that it hath been said by of old time ?

them of old time, Thou shalt What is the meaning of not forswear thyself, but “ forswear ?"

shalt perform unto the Lord 1. To swear falsely. thine oaths: But I say unto

But what does Christ say you, Swear not at all; neiconcerning swearing ? ther by heaven; for it is


By what then may we not God's throne: nor by the swear ?

earth; for it is his footWhy may we not swear stool: neither by Jerusalem; by heaven?

for it is the city of the great Why not by the earth? Why not by Jerusalem ? Who is the great king? A. God himself.

Why may we not swear by our head?

What is meant by not King. Neither shalt thou being able to make a hair swear by thy head, because black or white ?

thou canst not make one A. We have no power

hair white or black; but let over the creatures of God.

your communication be, What kind of oaths are Yea, yea ; Nay, nay; for here forbidden ?

whatsoever is more than A. Oaths used in com

these cometh of evil. mon conversation.

How does this appear?

A. Because Christ speaks of our communication, which

common dis




In what place did not Christ mean to prevent persons from taking an oath ?

A. In courts of justice, or when required by the law for confirmation of the truth.

What should our common conversation or communication be ?

What do you mean by yea and nay

?" 1. Yes and no, plainly and truly, free from oaths of

any kind.

What is any thing more than these said to come of ?

VER, 38—42. Repeat the head of this ection,

VER. 38-42.
Christ exhorteth to suffer

wrong patiently.

an eye,

What was formerly said Ye have heard that it hath concerning the returning an been said, An


for injury?

and a tooth for a tooth: What do you mean by an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth ?

A. That injury should be returned for injury, and loss for loss. What do you mean by not

But I say unto you, That ye resisting evil ?

resist not evil : but whosoA. Not returning it. ever shall smite thee on thy

But what rules does right cheek, turn to him the Christ give us ?

other also. And if any man If any one smite you on will sue thee at the law, and the cheek, what are you not


away thy coat, let him to do?

have thy cloke also. Ana A. Not to return the blow.

What are you to do?
If any one goes to law


your coat, what are you to do?

How far did Christ mean that these directions were to be followed ?

A. That we should bear some injury rather than be guilty of revenge, and that we should return good for evil.

If any man ask you to go a mile, what are you to do? whosoever shall compel thee

What do you mean by to go a mile, go with him “ twain ?”

twain. Give to him that A. Two.

asketh thee, and from him What are you to do to that would borrow of thee, him that asks any thing of turn not thou away.

with you


Did Christ really mean that we should give to every one that asks?

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