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or condemned at the Great Day? For where there is no Law, there can neither be Obedience nor Tranfgref fion.

It is indeed an unspeakable Advantage which we who are Chriftians do enjoy, both in refpect of the more clear and certain Knowledge of our Duty in all the Branches of it, and likewise in regard of the powerful Motives and Affiftance which our bleffed Saviour in his Gospel offers to us, to enable and encourage us to the Discharge of our Duty. But yet it is neverthelefs very useful for us to confider the primary and natural Obligation to Piety and Virtue, which we commonly call the Law of Nature; this being every whit as much the Law of God, as the Revelation of his Will in his Word; and confequently, nothing contained in the Word of God, or in any pretended Reve

lation from Him, can be interpreted to diffolve the Obligation of moral Duties plainly required by the Law of Nature. And if this one. thing were but well confider'd, it would be an effectual Antidote against the pernicious Doctrines of the Antinomians, and of all other Libertine - Enthufiafts whatfoever: Nothing being more incredible, than that Divine Revelation fhould contradict the clear and unquestionable Dictates of Natural Light; nor any thing more vain, than to fancy that the Grace of God does releafe Men from the Laws of Nature.

This the Author of the following Difcourfes was very fenfible of, and wifely faw of what Confequence it was to establish the Principles and Duties of Religion upon their true and natural Foundation; which is fo far from being a Prejudice to Divine Revelation, that


that it prepares the way for it, and gives it greater Advantage and Authority over the Minds of Men.

Thirdly, To perfuade Men to the Practice of Religion, and the Virtues of a good Life, by fhewing how natural and direct an Influence they have, not only upon our future Blessedness in another World, but even upon the Happiness and Profperity of this prefent Life. And furely nothing is more likely to prevail with wife and confiderate Men to become Religious, than to be throughly convinced, that Religion and Happiness, our Duty and our Intereft, are really but one and the fame thing confidered under several Notions.


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