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The Jews he hardened then in sin,
And then brought on their woe,
Till they were cast; and so did burst,
For he did so appear,

Just like Manasseh at the first-
But I shall answer here;

The Type in Man, I say was strong,
And strong shall be for all;
For like Manasseh he did come
To make my people fall.
Then I'll appear to answer here,
If I did not spare Man.

Which way the Tempter shall I clear?
These Kings you may command:
For as a king he does begin

To war against his God;

And from the judgment thou hast drawn
May now by all be draw'd.

For all may say, as well as thee,
Sin ever will abound,

While Satan is your enemy.

The hearts too strong are found,
Are drawn by he, you all may see,
If deeply you discern.

Sin in all nations you may see,
The hearts of men he'd turn
To make them here for to appear,
The Type stands deep for man.
From HEZEKIAH I shall clear,

The shadow first must come ;
Because the good you there allude
Did surely come the first;
And after him the evil came-

And see how this did burst.

Just so to man I now shall come,
And your forefathers see;

The way MY GOSPEL was brought in
In strong belief to be,

That I should come again to them,
My people to redeem.

This is the way they did believe-
My COAT without a seam.
If you see clear the shadow here,
It must go through for all;
This is the way they did believe
I should redeem the Fall:
But now is come Manasseh strong,
And from them to depart:

These are the sons throughout the land,
To wound your every heart,

That now will go, as he did do,
Against your Father rise.

So now, Manassehs all take care
'Tis time for to grow wise!


For every way I now do say,

I've plac'd the shadow here,
For men and devils now to see;
"Tis time for all to fear,

That will not stand by my command;
As David stood at first;

Though he did sin, to ME 'tis known;
But know his grief did burst:
He did repent, and did relent,
The crime that he had done.
And now, I say, with one consent,
If men like him return,

Their guilt I'll free, I now tell thee—

But I shall say no more,

I tell thee, till another day;

Then i shall answer here."

Here ends Tuesday night, Sept. 25, 1804.

Wednesday Morning, Sept. 26, 1804. We received Mr. Foley's books-and Joanna was deeply affected in reading from the twelfth page to the nineteenth, as it called all the past to her re membrance; and she thought on the dreadful horro 'that she felt at that time, that she would not g through again for the world: but in what powerfu manner the Spirit of the Lord broke in upon her that she blesses the Lord for his abiding presence to this day. She feels every happiness is centred in him

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee. The sha dow of that day is a warning to thee and to all, as came first from thy jealousy, fearing thou hads done wrong, by disobeying my command; an now I tell thee, and all men, wert thou now to dis obey my command, thy end would be more wretch ed and miserable, than it was for that hour; but b thy obedience thou shalt find my Spirit as strong t deliver, as it broke in upon thee that day.

So do not fear if danger's near,
For thou shalt safe go through;
My Bible by thee I shall clear,
And lay before their view.
So thou go on as thou'st begun,
To ponder through the whole;


And I'll appear to answer here,

And make the learned fall.
The ways of men inust all be known,
From Adam at the first;

Because his MAKER he condemn'd;
Then how can Man be plac'd,
The Promise claim that's not to Man?
No; there the Type stands deep;
For to the Woman it must come-
For I in her shall break;

And then you'll see the end to be→→→
For all a DAVID'S REIGN.
Tis not for ONE, I say to man,
But you must all see plain,

When I do come your PRINCE and KING,
Your SAVIOUR to appear;
You'll find the power is not in men

The WOMAN's guilt to clear.
No; 'tis in ME, all flesh will see,
For I shall free the whole;
And from the Fall, I tell you all,
The Serpent he must fall.

The Promise there shall now appear,
And I shall make it good;
So men with thee they join'd must be,
And judge ME as a Gon.

If I went on to punish Man,
That ME did disobey,

Shall I let Satan always stand,

When I before did say,

That he should not? I told his lot.→→→

Now trace my Bible through:

The different changes you forgot,
That lie before your view.

So I'll go on the whole to change
Until I've chang'd the whole;
And Satan's doom is nearly come
He like these Kings shall fall.
In them he swell'd, I do know well :
Shall I the Author free?

No! no! I say to thee this day,

My Bible true shall be;


For he shall fall, I tell you all,
As in my Bible penn'd;
And like these Kings, I tell you
He'll surely find his end.
So Joab here thou didst see clear
How he went on with man;
And yet what sins in him appear'd,
And how his end did come!
On man at first the whole did burst,
The judgments did appear.-
I know the ponderings of thy heart,
When thou didst read it there,



That Joab met his awful fate,

That he did just deserve;

Because his sins, thou seest, were great,
How he in vice did live.

The blood of men on him did come,
That he by arts did slay;

Yet still with David he went on,—
Pretend his friend to be.

A mystery here thou canst not clear,
But I shall clear the whole,
And tell thee plain of DAVID'S REIGN,
By man did surely fall;

But now by ME 't can never be;
I shall not act like man;
Nor with the Joabs will agree
In any murderous plan.

No, no! to men, I tell them plain,
In justice I'll appear,

When I bring in a DAVID'S REIGN,
'T shall be in SPIRIT here.
Then it shall stand by my command,
Though man did surely fall:
The greatness here that did appear,
1 now do tell you all,

To Solomon that did become,
Who built the House to ME,
It is a type that's deep to Man;
Though I the DAVID be,
It is by Man it must be done,
When I my sons do make
Like SOLOMON for to become,
The powers of Hell I'll shake.
Though he was cast, you know, at first,
"Twas but a shadow there;

But all shall see the end to burst,
The substance shall appear;


every land my sons shall stand, In wisdom great like he:

But not in sin for to begin-

No: I shall come, the type to man
That did from him appear,
When he the house had built to ME,

Mark thou the number there

That he did slay of beasts that day—
And I shall slay the whole;
Then the burnt offerings all shall see,
In peace and joy shall fall,
Always to stand by my command,
And men shall all possess;
I'll fill with GLORY every land,"
And I'll enthrone in PEACE;
Injoy below shall blessings flow;
But, was it done by Man


A Solomon, you all do know,

Did ne'er enrich his land;

No: 'twas to one the whole did come,

But I'll bring it to ALL

That do appear; my sons I'll clear,
When I have freed the FALL.


1 Kings, viii. 63. "And Solomon offered sacrifice of peace offerings, which he offered unto the Lord, two and twenty thousand oxen, and an hundred and twenty thousand sheep. So the king and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the Lord."

"Now I tell thee, this type goeth deep. The shadow of the Beast was slain by Man: but those beasts could tempt no one to sin; but when I come to establish my throne in righteousness, I shall slay the Beast, which is the Devil; therefore it is the number was so great."

After this Joanna went on reading her Bible: and from the last chapter of the second book of Chronicles, found the words of the prophets were perfectly fulfilled: And the vessels of the house of the Lord were carried into Babylon, and the children of Israel were made captives there and the house of Cod was burnt and totally destroyed. Yet in reading on, in Ezra, chap. i. Cyrus king of Persia, the Lord stirred up to build the house of God, and Jerusalem again; but when they were going on in the buildings, in the fourth chapter, see how the Devil stirred up the people, by subtilty and arts, that it might not be built. There the work was deferred, until the second year of the re gn of Darius king of Persia, and all their arts could not prevail.on him to prevent the work; for, in the 6th chapter, he commanded it to go on; and, in the 11th verse, whoever went to prevent the building was to be hanged. So the building was completed. Now the ponderings of Joanna were these: The different spirits that were in men shew plainly the different masters they are led by; and by sibtle arts the enemy

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