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How men went on to live in sin:

My love and anger see;

Yet all have been alike to men-
Then can you answer ME,

The Fault is mine? No: man, resign

And plead a different way:
The enmity you plain do see,
Doth in the Serpent lay,
To work in Man for to go on
Against his MAKER here.
Then to the purpose I shall come,
And make MY PROMISE clear;
Though on these Kings I Curse did bring,
That disobey'd my word;
But Satan's Curse shall now be worse,
If you'll believe your Lord.

Rely on ME, you all shall see
My Promise I' fulfil

On Satan's head, where it was laid,

And my avenging heel

Shall there come on, I tell you, strong,

Till I have caus'd his fall.

But, like these Kings, I know he's come,
I now do tell you all;

To make you sin he doth begin,

By every art appears;

But I shall rid him from the land

Like Ahab he may fear;

And Naboth's vineyard he doth crave;
But I shall answer here:
NABOTH was cast when I did burst

But now, I tell thee, at the last

An Ahab's doom shall come;
On Satan's head it shall be laid,
Because the bow is here
That at a venture men did draw,
Then let the fool take care!
For Jezebel, the Type of Hell,
Affirm'd what she would do:
But like her words her end did fall;
And now I tell you true,

On Satan's head it shall be laid,

As he did say before

Mark in thy writings what is penn'd:

And let him now take care!

So all is plain, if you discern

How Jezebel did swell,

And in what manner I do warn.—

You know a Type of Hell

I placed in she, you all must see,

And now I'll place it strong;

Mark thou the words thou'st read this day,
That from her lips did come;

With Satan there you may compare-
For I'll compare the whole:

He said this Kingdom he would share
If he the votes could call

To vote for he, you all do see,
Or else he said he'd leave,

Thou knowest, all-behold his Fall-
Like Jezebel, believ'd

That he should come to conquer Man;
But this he could not do.

Like Jezebel, his crown doth stand-
Bring all before your view:

She said that she her end would be
Worse than her prophets there,
If she my prophet could not slay→
And so it did appear.

Then how can Hell in rage now swell,

To think they can get free?

For like her words, I now do tell,

Were Satan's words to thee.

So I'll go on in fury strong,

Till I've fulfill'd the whole,

And then a DAVID'S REIGN shall come,
I now do tell you all;

In love shall be, you all shall see,
And harmony unite.

What was alluded to of Jezebel is in 1 Kings, xix. 2. "Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the Gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time." This chapter Joanna does not remember she ever read before. But you may see, from the chapter, hov true Jezebel brought her prophecies uper own head, as she missed them that day conc ing Elijah. But in the 2d Book of Kings, sh. brought on worse fate upon herself, than upon her own prophets, whom she lamented. See 2 Kings, ix. 33.

"Now, Joanna, I shall answer the ponderings of thy heart. Thou sayest, how great was the house built unto ME, by Solomon, after the promise was made to David; and what was Solomon's Prayer and what promises the Lord made to Solomon, if he abided in the laws of the Lord; and the threatenings made to him, if he departed



from them; and how soon he did depart; and how soon the whole house was cut off! Now I shall answer thee of this mystery: Know it is written, the first is last, and the last is first. Now the great promises that were made to David and Solomon, in the fallen state of man; they soon went on in their fallen state, to fall from the greatest happiness to the greatest misery, by the subtle arts of the Devil, and by their own ingratitude. But now, I tell thee, the first shall be last, and the last shall be first: for, as it is written of Satan's head being bruised, before my heel; and I was first wounded for the transgression of Man, before Satan's head was bruised for the transgression of the Woman. So the last was first, and the first was last; and so it shall be now; for I will go on to cut off all the powers of the Devil, as I cut off the house of Ahab; and his fall shall be like the fall of Jezebel, and all that join with him shall fall, root and branch that wish to prolong his And then I shall come back to the GLORY of Solomon: and MY HOUSE shall be established in HTEOUSNESS, in PEACE, and in HAPPINESS, to inkind; for what was not accomplished by all now be accomplished by ME; and the the earth shall see the Salvation of the say that a GREATER than Solomon is w soon did it fall when established by STANDING shall be secure.


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All this taken from Joanna Southcott's mouth, by me,


And here we ended, Monday, Sept. 24th, 1801.

Tuesday Afternoon, Sept. 25,

Joanna has been reading through the first cond Books of Kings; and is astonished to h judgment men have drawn of their Bibles, ing David and Solomon; as she has fre heard the Bible taken to pieces on account men, that the Lord promised such great to, and they condemned them for the greatest But let them know how the promise stood entirely on conditions. Now, if David sin them see his repentance; which I have deeply. But now I shall come to Solomon. H the LORD said to Solomon, after he had b house. 1 Kings, ix. 4. The promise was "If thou wilt walk before ME, as David th walked."-Now go on to the 10th verse same words again in the 2 Chronicles, viil the end. Now let them read through the and see how the promises stood; and sel Solomon did afterwards, in the 1 Kings, xi. deeply the 9th verse" And the Lord was with Solomon, because his heart was turned fr Lord God of Israel, which had appeared un twice." Now weigh the chapter through; how the greatest part of the kingdom was rende Solomon, and given to Jeroboam; and see Rehoboam did, the son of Solomon these chapters my heart pondered deep ferent way from what I have heard men. The more I read the more I ad the goodness, and the condescen in all ages; how he trieth to win. mercy, and with blessings, if the other gods, to their hurt.-B seems lost in wonder, of the ingratitude of and the power and influence that the Devil has them!-That after Rehoboam saw the Lord



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kingdom was rendel from hin go on in the perver-eness of h his people against hia; and to war with the children of Israel, or prevented him by the PROPHET. A bom, after the Lord had made him what went on to do; and how the prophet to reprove him, in 1 Ã ̧ and how all the judgments, "that the Let: thread, came upon them; y ↑ bow sty stillen their hearts, to pull dwa pacze rown heads! See how of


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ed his miracles, his y had despised their of their kings bedid some of the om the fury of their Jews, when our Sasciples, and many the GOSPEL. Then wo different spirits ng as there are two POWER of GOD and are my observations. sent; for I see them spirits, that are now ar will never change lestroyed the power vs stand out through e truth of our Savierusalem destroyed, roughout the face of change their minds. ny heart, in reading nd meditating upon ns, that there is no Il established for the government that is is appeareth to me a ; that perfect peace when the fulfilment This is the ponderthe Bible, which I k, instead of men's reading their Bibles selves, seeing what of man; and they e, and see what pern. So whatthe world ooking glass for me, rs. My observation

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