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help thinking, the old prophet should have died as well as the young one; as, in her opinion, he appeared the greatest transgressor; because he deceived the other with the lie.

"Now Joanna I shall answer thee. Thou sayest thou fearest in thy heart, thou hast committed sin; because thy judgment was not like the judgment that I sent at that time. But as thou sayest in thy heart, the old prophet seemed moft to blame, by telling the lie knowingly; and the young one did it innocently; yet he suffered for his disobedience, and the other's lie. Now I shall answer thee this from the Fall for this is the way I shall clear all my Bible. Therefore I will not blame the anger that arose in thy heart against the old prophet, for deceiving the young one; and let no one blame the anger that ariseth in thy heart, to condemn Satan for betraying the Woman: for all thefe things stand in my Bible, to shew the likeness of the Fall, in men and devils. For as the old prophet deceived the young one, so did the old serpent, which is the Devil, deceive the Woman. But know, MY COMMAND was given to the young prophet; and my command he disobeyed; therefore my honour couldnot save him, though the other lied unto him. But dost thou think nothing followed the old prophet after, to punish him for what he had done? I tell thee, Yes; but should I have slayed them both in one day, then I could not bring it to the Type of the Fall. But now I shall bring it close to the Fall; for in perfect manner Satan betrayed the Woman, and lied unto her; therefore I do not blame thy an ger at all. And now I shall go on with the Fall.

Just as the man to him did come

The prophet did appear.
That told the lie unto the man;

But Satan's arts were there,

For to betray, I now do say,

And then the man did blame:

For I do tell thee, every way
He tries for to condemn.


So at the first he there did burst,
Like the old prophet stood,
And then the Woman did condemn;
And this I shall allude,

The fault on him, as thou hast done-
The Woman felt the blow,
And so did Man in sorrow stand;
But now you all shall know,
My anger here doth now appear,
I tell thee, just like thine:
The old prophet thou canst not bear,
And this is now MY MIND;
Though on the first my fury burst,
As man did disobey;
But now at last he shall be cast,
That did with lies betray.
So do not fear thy pondering here,
That thy thoughts run to sin,
Because in anger thou didst appear
To see what he had done
For to deceive; though he believ'd
The words he spoke were true,
And so that day he fell away;
His death before your view
Did surely come that day to man,
The shadow of the Fall:
But Adam's life I did prolong-
For now I tell you all,

Had he died then, just like that man,
Satan would ME defeat;
Therefore his life I did prolong,
Though dead to knowledge great
Adam came first; so men did burst
In knowledge dead to ME.
That like the Fall, I tell you all,
The prophet there did die;
So I'll go on, from Types, to man,

Till I have plac'd all through;

Thy pondering heart they must command
For all's before my view;

What's in thy mind, they all shall find,
Is strongly work'd be ME;
Therefore the ponderings of thy heart
They all must hear and see.
So I'll go on from man to man,
As thou didst ponder here:
The ways of all thou didst condemn
That did in vice appear;
Ungrateful men to thee were seen,
Thou judgest, from the first,
What Promise great I made to Man,
From David at the first;

Yet he began to fall by sin,

But sorely did repent;



Yet Solomon did after come,

That was in wisdom sent;

And yet that man thou didst condemn,

In falling so from ME,

After such Blessings I had sent.

I now shall answer thee,
That every way, I now do say,
I surely have tried Man
In Blessings great without deceit,
But now the whole discern.
Did he abide; did he confide,
Strong in his MAKER there?
Though at the first in prayer did burst,
A house he built ME there;
But see the man, how soon he came
To fall away from ME.

And wisely here thou dost discern,
These things would always be,
While Satan reigns, thou dost maintain,
And I'll maintain it too;

See every Blessing of the men,
Bring all before thy view.

When Blessings there they did appear,
They did not ME obey;

When Judgments sent they'd ne'er relent,
But still in sin did lie;

Then how can Man the trial stand,
Bring all before their view?
To judge my KINGDOM is at hand,
And Satan rule men so,

His power so strong to work in Man,
What Kingdom could it be?—
The Woman's Promise you condemn,
But now my Bible see;

I tell you plain, ye sons of men,
You've plac'd my Bible wrong;
And, from the judgment you do draw,
You never do discern

How Man at first in sin did burst,

And how he did go on;

And how I tried them every way,

To see if they would turn.
My Blessings first I there did place
To David, all may see;

And Solomon the same did come,
But wander'd soon from ME;
Then Judgments next I soon did fix,
Yet Man went on the same.
So love or anger would not do,
For men despis'd my Name,
Whatever way I them did try;
But now I'll try once more,
I know the Evil where't doth lie,
I'll rid him from the shore.


Then I'll try Man, what he'll become,
And how he will appear;

I'll send my Blessings o'er the land—
But now I'll tell thee here,

That from the Kings that thou hast seen,
And in thy heart did blame,
Them with the Prophet I'll compare,
And so put all to shame;

For, as the man like Satan stands,

That did deceive at first,

So all these Kings you may command,
Like Satan they did burst.

Because, by him they were led strong-
And strong I'll lead the whole;,
For now I say the time's near come,
He like these Kings shall fall;
Because, like them, he'th surely been,
For to make sin appear;

And if that Men I did not screen,
Shall I their Tempter clear?

I tell thee No.-I now shall go,
As I did go before,

When all these Kings I did destroy,

And sent my prophets there

To warn them all that they should fall,
If they would not repent.

And now I tell you one and all,
My mind is fully bent

To come again the same to Men,
And tell them what I'll do,

If Satan's ways they'll all condemn-
Bring all before their view;

My Bible here let men judge clear,
But let them judge like thee,
That Satan's arts are every where,
And they do plainly see,

No peace in Man can ever come,

While Satan's power does reign-
"Then why our God shall we condemn?

"For now we do see plain

"The fault's in Men, they so did stand,

"All ways the Lord did


"To see if they would turn to him

"Our Bibles so did lie.

"Can we blame God in what he said,

"Or what he does for Men,

"If they'd obey, what he did say?

"No: there we cannot stand,

"Our GOD to blame, 'tis Man we shame,

"When he made Promise great;

"And yet, that Man from him should turn,

"Then where lies the deceit ?

"It is in Man: we cannot stand,

"Or Satan us destroys.

"We wish our God would send the rod,
"That foe for to destroy;

"For we see plain from ancient men,
"What mischief he did do;

"We see all lands the same do stand

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Bring all before our view:

"Where grandeur here in men appears,
"Like Solomon they be;

"Their hearts are roving every where
"From God, we plain do see;
"Then how can men the trial stand,
"If we blame men before?.

"A Solomon men do condemn

"But ne'er discern it here,


"The Promise then unto the man

"Was if he did obey.

"If he did not, we see his lot;

"Hear what the Lord did say: "The whole shall fall, was then the call, "Of GOD unto the man;

"The House that he had built, we see,


He said should never stand.

"And it did fall, 'tis known to all,

"As Solomon acted wrong,

"He took the kingdom then from all,
"Which in the end did come,

"When he'd tried men by different reigns
"In placing judgments there.
"We see no way that God did lie-
"No: it was Man did err.

"Then can we blame our Maker's Name,

"To try with cords of love

"The hearts of men for to inflame,

"That he their hearts might prove

“In every way, mankind to try—
"And all we see in vain?

"How dare we give our God the lie,
"Our Bibles to condemn ?
"Because that men in vice would stand,

"And now they stand the same;
"We see it strong in every land,
"Then man we sure must blame;
"And plainly see our destiny,

66 The root that caus'd our Fall

"He will bring on our sorrows strong;

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It now is plain to all.

"So men in vain do here contend,

"If they'll keep Satan up; "We sure shall see our destiny "In Sin, till he doth drop."So now see plain, ye learned men, The way I've plac'd the whole; And with my Bible this contend, And shew from Adam's Fall,

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