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beware of letting them loose to seek their own play-mates; choose for them, and by training them to be good company, make other good parents not afraid to let your children be with theirs. If you mind not this duty, they will go with wicked companions, and make all you do of no effect.

It's all true that you say, Sir, and I thank you kindly for telling me my duty,

It is, you know, quite natural for a child to speak the language of its father, Now, remember, you have to seek for them to be made the children of God, and when they are His sons and daughters, they will no more make your heart fearful by a blaspheming Guilty Tongue, but will speak the language of Zion, and their conversation will be seasoned with that salt which will make it acceptable in the sight of God.

Whilst we were engaged in this conversation, her husband came in sight, returning from the fields. He saw us, and looked very uncomfortable; but he seemed to feel he could not make his escape without appearing to run away, and he came forward very reluctantly. He said something like Good day, and casting his dark and surly looking eyes

over the faces of each of his family, he went slowly into his house.

His wife looked frightened, and said, Good day gentlemen, I must attend to my husband.

Come here, Tom, said my friend to the boy-Go in and tell your father that as we are no strangers, I wish he would kindly let us sit down a few minutes.

Tom went in with great alacrity, and we heard him say, Do father, they're kind gentlemen, I like to hear 'em talk.

They're like then, was the answer. Tom came back with his message, You're like to come in then, father says. We accepted the permission. He got

up without bidding us welcome, and leaving his chair as if for our use, he sat down on the corner of the table under the window.

I would not disturb you, said Charles, but I thought you would not refuse me hospitality; and as you know my heart is full of the best interest for you, I wish to take the opportunity of saying a few words-Tell me now honestly if you do not think they are your best friends who would wish to turn you from a way of danger, to the paths of safety and peace. I dare say ye mean it well.

I do indeed, and it would be dreadful, if I who know the dreadful sentence of God on the Guilty Tongue of blasphemers, should not warn you.

If I saw a sword hanging over your head, and ready to drop on you, I should be a monster if I did not tell you, that you might seek an escape. And if I saw great riches, and pleasure, and delight within your reach, and yet because your back was towards them you did not see them, should I not be cruel and uncharitable not to say, Turn Jem, turn, and see the blessings that are there, and take what is so freely offered to you. If I went away and said, Let him go without or let him die under the sword-you would have reason to think me an enemy: but if I say, Beware of death, and seek for happiness-you ought to think me your friend.

Now we know "God is angry with the wicked every day." every day." If he turn not, He will whet his sword; He hath bent His bow, and made it ready; He hath also prepared for him the instruments of death."O then, I beseech you, flee for your life; turn, and think, and look upon the love of Jesus, who has shewn His great love to your brother John, and to

seeing the man listened, and evidently carried his mind along with the chain of reasoning. He waited a little, and then resumed the subject.

Now, I beseech you, think well of what I have stated. You must have heard in a country like this that Jesus Christ died to save us from the curse. He knew that the curse is what we cannot endure, and what must for ever shut us out from God. He came to save us from this awful condition. He came to remove all curses from off our heads, by bearing the curse for us. He did bear it for us in His own body on the tree! And yet, the blasphemer throws all these mercies back, as it were, in God's face, and refusing to accept His love and mercy continually RECALLS the curse. He acts as if he would wrest his own share of the curses out of the hand of Jesus, who is Mighty to redeem us from it; and the blasphemer determines in mad and devilish rebellion to bind them on his own head, and overwhelm his own soul with them, that the Law of God may be executed upon him, and that he will not be held guiltless, but chooses to have the full weight of God's vengeance on his body and soul for ever. He chooses the

bed of Hell, and the torment which is told by the gnashing of teeth-he chooses to be given over to the worm that never dies and the fire that is never quenched-he every day and every hour says, I WILL BE CURSED!! "Oh put off blasphemy out of your mouth"!!!

The boy was intently engaged in listening to all that was said; looking earnestly in our faces, and sometimes glancing towards his father.

My friend ceased, and after a short silence, I said, Come here Tom. Take care you do not learn to curse and swear and take God's holy Name in vain, breaking the Law of God, but pray to be taught the Love of Jesus, and to have the Holy Spirit given you. Pray that God may not hearken to the curses your poor father has used, but that He will wash them away in His own blood. I think your father will one day be sorry, and will grieve to think that he has ever desired an evil thing to fall on you, and your sister, and your poor mother, and he would be sorry to think that God should cut him off, and leave you without a father. The little girl came up to my knee and attended to all I said whilst the mother holding her apron to her eyes

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