The Lost 13th Tribe: America in Prophecy

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AuthorHouse, 01‏/11‏/2005 - 484 من الصفحات
The Lost 13th Tribe: America in Prophecy by Dr. Marlin Kime is the first volume of a multi-volume work that, for the first time, answers the most important questions about America. Who are we in history? Where did we come from? What does the future hold for us? For the first century and a half of America's existence, it was invincible as it achieved unprecedented heights of power, wealth, and greatness. And it did all of this in the face of daunting, hopeless and impossible obstacles arrayed against it. These volumes show exactly how and why this was accomplished. Conversely, why was America able to achieve such overwhelming and incredible victories against its powerful Axis foes of World War II and yet fail miserably against the third rate Third World nations of Korea and Vietnam? These volumes thoroughly explain the hidden reasons behind these enigmas of history. Centuries ago, all of this was foretold in the most intricate, precise, and accurate detail in the pages of the ancient prophets of the Bible. What great purpose awaits America? Does the future hold the promise of an even greater destiny than ever before imagined for this nation? Or perhaps an ominous foreboding looms on the horizon?

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Dr. Kime received his doctorate in history and a degree in psychology from the University of Nebraska. He has researched Bible prophecy and history for thirty years and is presently pursuing a degree in religious studies. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, he has been a professor of history at Texas A&M University and at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Omaha.

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