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what was the consequence? The Lord bles sed the Egyptian's house for Joseph's sake, and the blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had in the house and in the field.

9. What is here said of Joseph's person? And Joseph was a goodly person and well favored.


Joseph's Brethren stripped him of his coat of many colours, but could not take away from him the wisdom and grace which God gave him. You may be separated from your parents, but none can separate you fromth presence of your heavenly Fath.r. If God is with you, you will be happy and contented in every situation. It is God alone that can prosper what we do. We can do nothing without him. If he withholds his blessings, what we do will be a curse and a loss to us. Industry and honesty is the way to thrive and get forward in the world. It is the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich. We ought to shew favour to those, with whom we behold the presence of God. He that is faithful in little, will be faithful in much. It a great relief to men in business when they have

have trusty servants. Good servants may be blessings in the places which they fill. Here is a wicked family blessed for the sake of a good servant. Let all servants imitate Joseph's prudence, faithfulness and humility. Let not beauty become a snare to you.

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For a Servant.

LET Servants who their Master love

Be humble, just and kind,

And know that all must serve the Lord,
Who would his favour find.

Yet I would bless thy holy name,
And do thy holy will;

For thou for ever art the same,
Thou wilt be with me still.

Prosper my way and keep my heart,
From ev'ry thought that's vain ;
Help me to act a faithful part,
That I may favor gain.

Bless thou the Master whom I serve,
And let him share thy grace;
And let my fellow servants learn,
To seek the Saviour's face.

May I remember thou art near,
My actions thou wilt spy;

Help me to keep my conscience clear,
And fear to tell a lie.

For Christ assumed a servant's form,
That he for man might die;
The pious servant may rejoice,
His Master lives on high.

R. M.




GEN. 39. 20. And Joseph's Master took him and put into the prison, a place where the King's prisoners were bound: and he was there in prison.

THERE are many changes in this world. It was but a little while ago that you heard that Potiphar made Joseph overseer over his house and all that he had, and now we read that he put him in prison. How is this; surely Joseph has not robbed his Master. Surely he has not beat his fellow servants. No, he was falsely accused of breaking the Seventh Commandment; and Lecause he would not do it, he was accused of a crime which he had not committed, and when enticed to sin, he had nobly replied, "How can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God." Did you ever say so when you were enticed to commit sin. Hear the words of Solomon: My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. Joseph would not consent to sin.

I. The PLACE where Joseph was put in prison, in the state prison, "a place where the king's prisoners were bound." A prison is a dismal doleful place. It is a very strong place. There are generally two kinds of prisoners in a prison, debtors and felons. That is, persons confined for debt, and persons confined for robbery and murder. Joseph was not in debt. Joseph had not robbed his master. Joseph had not killed any of the servan ts. The walls of a prison are very strong, many cubits thick, generally of stone. The windows are made of iron, that the prisoners may not break through; yet some times they make their escape. They sleep on iron bedsteads, and if they are thieves or murderers, they have heavy irons put on their legs, like those which you see the convicts wear that mend the roads. It is supposed that Joseph had irons put on. him at first, but they were afterwards taken off.

* II. The PERSON who put JOSEPH in PRISON. "And Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison." By the tongue of falsehood his master was prevailed to cast this

* See Psalm 105. 18.


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