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tance, lest they should see or hear any thing that is improper. Children are generally fond of pictures; if therefore you buy any thing to please them, let it be such pictures as you can explain to them, such as will yield some important lesson of instruction. Birds or Beasts, these you can describe to them. Scripture pictures will afford you an excellent op portunity of explaining to them a few of the plainest and most interesting parts of the Bible. As they grow older, pictures with a short description underneath, will be very suitable. In teaching them their letters, should that be a part of your office, tell them that these letters are the beginning of the names of things which they have seen and are well ac quainted with. Either the names of their parents, themselves, their brothers and sisters, or friends. That these letters stand for certain Birds or Aminals with which they are acquainted, or of certain things which they love. Thus you will make a pleasure for them to learn, and an easy and delightful work for you to teach. See that you are industrious and as


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busy as Bees. Deborah means a Bee. If any young person of the name of Deborah should read this Lecture, let them try to imitate Rebekah's Nurse, and then they will live respected and beloved, and die lamented by those who have been the objects of their care.

Let parents take heed of trusting too much to the Nati ve Nurses of India. They have an awkward way of carrying Children in this country, their Bangles and Jewels are apt to hurt the children when they carry them in their arms. They are apt to neglect children and treat them ill, when the parents of the children are not present.* They sometimes sit down on the damp grass and ground with the children when they go out for a walk with them of an evening. I have often seen them myself. Children learn many bad words and bad practices from their Ayahs. Let your children be as little with them as possible.-Keep a watchful eye ou them.



* There is a little book called the Lady and her Ayah, which I would recommend to all Mothers in India to peruse. See the story on the 7th Command.

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For Nurses to sing when the Child is going

to sleep.

HUSH my dear, lie still, and slumber,
Holy Angels guard thy bẽ,
Heavenly blessings without number,
Gently falling on thy head.

Sleep, my babe; thy food and raiment,
House and home, thy friends provide;
All without thy care or payment,
All thy wants are well supplied.
How much better thou'rt attended,

Than the Son of God could be,
When from heaven he descended,
And became a child like thee.

Lo, he slumbers in a manger,

Where the horned oxen fed; Peace, my darling, here's no danger, Here's no ox a near thy bed.


Twas to save thee child from dying,
Save my dear from burning flame,
Bitter groans and endless crying,
That thy dear Redeemer came.

May'st thou live to know and fear him,
Trust and love him all thy days;
Then go dwell for ever near him,

See his face and sing his praise,

I could give thee thousand kisses,
Hoping what I most desire,
Not a Mother's fondest wishes,
Can to greater joys aspire.






GEN. 35. 22. Now the Sons of Jacob were twelve.



THERE are many parents to whom God has given as many children, as he did to the patriarch Jacob. Children are an heritage of the Lord. Parents who have a numerous family, have also much care and anxiety about them. A person once observed to a Minister of the Gospel, that he had as many Children as Jacob. Yes, said the good man, and I have Jacob's God to provide for them. In the verses following the text, we have a complete list of Jacob's sons. This is the first time that we find their names mentioned altogether; afterwards we find them often mentioned together as the heads of the tribes of Israel. I shall notice a few things concerning the character and history of each of Jacob's sons. The prophecies of Jacob just before his death concerning his sons, as heads of the tribes of Israel, will give us some insight into their personal

personal character and history. I shall notice them in the order in which they are mentioned in the 49th Chapter, because in this Chapter they are not mentioned according to the order in which they were born.

Jacob had one daughter, and her name was Dinah, she was the daughter of Leah. Her name Dinah means judgment, or one who judges. When she was about 15 or 16 years of age, she was the cause of great pain and sorrow to her parents. She occasioned the murder of the Shechemites and the plunder of the city. She went out to see, and be seen, and sad indeed were the consequences of her going out to see the daughters of the land. She being the only daughter was no doubt a favo rite with all the family, the darling of her mo ther. Her vanity was her ruin, and this has been the ruin of many others besides Dinah, the daughter of Jacob. There is nothing good recorded of Dinah. She occupies one whole chapter with the mischief cruelty, deceit and murder, of which she was the sole cause. As we cannot say any thing in her commendation, We shall say no more about her now.

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